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Assistance from the Gods - part 1

We can use all the help we can get in and on this physical plane, especially with regard to the daily
difficulties and minor mishaps and nuisances we face in life. It is observable and I have been told
in time of great crises, natural calamities and facing catastrophic or major proportions, that people
rise to heights of courage and great valor. It is only in the day-by-day experiencing of life's little
grindings that we get played out over and over.
Ophiel has some helpful ideas for you; he can offer this help to you because he does not deal in
pie-in-the-sky stuff as churches do 'Heaven when you die' or 'Initiations' etc. That stuff is all very
well in its long drawn out place but what most of us need is 'Help right now TODAY' when we ask
for it.
If you have some 'Occult Knowledge' and some training (See Ophiel's other books and writings.)
you must have become aware that 'Out There?' and 'Over There' are 'Forces' in existence which
play on and over in and out of this Earth Plane at all times. These Forces were/are equated with the
Gods and Goddesses in olden times because such personalization was easier to deal with and to
understand by the untrained, uneducated minds of the masses through the past thousands of years.
Now, today, even though you might say/feel that you know better, is still possible to work with
these 'God' - like forces and get results, which is after all, all that really matters. Therefore here is
the way to get help: When bogged down in daily living stuff, first stop and consider what is going
on. In what connection is the activity? This 'Connection' then, is the 'CONNECTION' you must
contact or 'CONNECT UP' with.
Suppose you are having trouble getting out a letter but the 'letter' just won't write! Letters you
think/reason are ruled by Hermes/Mercury. You must have seen pictures of Hermes or even statues
of him. Recall them to mind-memory and once you get a clear mental image: Then address him by
name: Speak to him as if he were real! A real person! Tell him vigorously and with attention, 'Hey
you, I want some help here. This letter writing is in 'YOUR SPHERE' of action/rule. Give me a
this, and you'll get the help.
How the help will come, the exact way, I cannot tell. That is your frame of reference. It will be
different than my frame of reference I know. Ophiel wrote a book called 'The Art & Practice of
Clairvoyance.' In this book many cross-references were made to different Gods and different
objects and workings you can 'USE.' You may find this book of great help in forming the memory
connections required.
If you will take up this idea and follow it for the rest of you life you should receive some powerful
assistance from now on in your life/living and don't ever give up, ever. Things can and do change
overnight. See Ophiel's other writings. They are for your benefit.
Edward C. Peach.