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Abu Bakr was born two years after the Prophet (SAW) (There was no calendar till Umars
He was called Abdul Kabah because he was born in the Kabah and he was the greatest
honor for the Quraish


Father of Abu Bakr- Uthman Abu Quhafa
Mother of Abu Bakr- Salma Ummul Khair
7th generation above him from dads (Uthman) side (?)
Uthman was connected to the Prophet (SAW); from the Quraish tribe
His entire family embraced Islam


He had the lightest complexion
He was not too heavy nor was he lightweight
He had a big forehead
People were attracted to sit with him because of his eyes and personality (even before
Islam his presence was loved)

Abu Bakrs acceptance of Islam:
Early Time- When Abu Bakr screamed the Shahada at the Kabah:
Enemies ran and jumped him
Abu Bakr was a person of great honor and lineage
He became unconscious
He gained consciousness later and the first thing he did was inquire about the Prophet
He wouldnt eat till he knew about the Prophets wellbeing
Umme Jameel assured him the Prophet was okay and led him to the Prophets place
Abu Bakr told the Prophet he was okay as long as the Prophet (SAW) was okay however,
his face was hurt
He asked (SAW) to make duaa that his mom received hidaayah
After Abu Bakr embraced Islam, his father accepted as well
Year of Fil- after the birth of the Prophet (SAW) (?)
They were all caretakers of the Kabah
Abu Bakrs past was as pure as his life after Islam- he never drank, comitted shirk;
worshipped idols, he was pure and clean
He knew lineages and genealogies of all people
Victory of Makkah (?)
Year of Prophethood- Miraj- Story of how Abu Bakr accepted Islam and earned his title-
Siddique & Ittique (?)
After trip to Masjidul Aqsa and the seven heavens- went to Abu Jahl
Abu Jahal asked- How many windows?
He answered- because Allah gave knowledge that the people of caravana re coming (with
Surah Nisa: Ayat 69
At 38 years old, he was the first man to accept Islam
He was the Prophets best friend
Abu Bakr and Khadijah gave everything for the sake of Allah and they were the only two
individuals given SALAAM OF ALLAH (SWT)

v Quran: From the clay that We made you, then raised you, We will return you to the same clay
(paraphrased)- Proof For- The clay that was left over from the creation of the Prophet (SAW)
was used to make Abu Bakr and Umar (RA)(A little confusing look over notes)
v Love for the Sahabahs is having love for the Prophet (SAW)

3 Favorite Things of the Prophet (SAW):

1. Fragrance
2. Salah
3. The women of his marriage

3 Favorite things of Abu Bakr (RA):

1. Sight of Rasul (SAW)
2. Wealth
3. His daughter

Abu Bakr had four great qualities:

1. Husn- Beauty
2. Jamal- Best Manners
3. Good family
4. Sahibul Khair- Everyone benefited from his life

v Abu Bakr was the only Sahabah told he would enter jannah from any door (Also for the wives
who please their husband)

Imam Ghazali said a teacher is like a wick of a candle that burns itself out to benefit others- Abu
Bakr was a teacher

HIJRA: After hukm (revelation), Abu Bakr asked Ali (RA) to caretake his home:
There were 100 people with swords out waiting to kill him
He immediately went to Abu Bakr and said we have to go
Abu Bakr had two camels fed and prepared for a long time
He said he had an idea as to when people started migrating
If the Prophet didnt have wealth, wealth must be fitnah- it is not good except for those Allah
has rahmah upon

(What is this about?) Khalil= Abu Bakr said- But Ive given this heart to Allah
I love Aisha (RA) and her father
Umar (RA) said- Id exchange my entire life for one day and night that you, Abu Bakr (RA),
have spent with Rasul (SAW) in the cave
One night of Abu Bakrs is more than the the entire life of Umars and his lineage
Abu Bakr had 6 silk stores at the time of Quraish and he gave them all to the Prophet
(SAW) to the point that he found himself in a state of poverty
His clothes were in patches
Allah told Jibrail to ask Abu Bakr if he was happy in this condition and Abu Bakr replied
crying- I am happy with my Rabb
The Prophet (SAW) said- I have fulfilled the rights of everyone, but only Allah can fulfill the
rights of Abu Bakr
Abu Bakr and Umar will be raised on the right side of the Prophet (SAW) on the Day of
Judgment when the trumpets are blown
When direct Salaam came to Abu Bakr from Allah, Abu Bakr asked- did Allah say my
name? The Prophet (SAW) replied- Yes.
We care about stars and celebrities who are unaware of our existence, but for the
Prophet and Sahabahs who sacrificed their lives, made duaa for us, and acted with
remembrance for us, how do we treat and respect them?

Mention of reason as to why Ali prolonged in giving bayah to Abu Bakr- nothing else
mentioned- look over

Death of Abu Bakr:
Abu Bakr was ill for two weeks (?) before he died at the age of 63
This was 2 years, 3 months, and 10 days after the death of the Prophet (SAW)
Abu Bakr , Uthman, and Umar (RA) died as martyrs
Innallaha maaana (Translation- indeed Allah is with us- what does this have to do with the
following sentence?)= no one in this earth can take the life of Abu Bakr