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Prospective 2016 Presidential Candidates Start Testing The

Israel within 2013 this season for a second time. Developed political action committee inside March
to aid conservative candidates operating pertaining to Congress.
Ryan: Negotiated December 2013 bipartisan spending budget deal in which scaled back again
across-the-board shelling out cuts, drawing contrast using potential rivals that opposed it. Fast out
with the 2014 gate together with Jan. Tea party unhappy with his late 2013 budget deal. I really
have not." -- December, ABC.
Christie: Reasonable around the reach and operations involving government; bipartisanship.
Perry: Yes, features verified an effective fundraiser, both via grassroots activists as well as
mainstream Republicans. actually just like Obamacare." (He doesn't.) Facebook appears staff-
Clinton: No.
Santorum: Social conservative activism moves means back. also favors James Bond movies.
Jindal: Privatized much regarding Louisiana's Medicaid program, shrank public hospital system,
signed statewide voucher plan that will handles private college tuition for many students. Deflection:
made fun regarding himself.
Cuomo: The Huge Apple economy is actually dragging, his poll numbers get sunk, went by means of
public and also bitter divorce along with Kerry Kennedy, daughter regarding late Sen. Deflection:
Becoming overshadowed means becoming an underdog, and he could thrive from that. In Addition
fired his deputy chief involving staff and denied knowledge of the machinations. working together
with anti-abortion teams on Senate edition of bill that might ban abortions following 20 weeks.
Rubio: staying on par with a lot of rivals inside Sunday information show appearances. Marco Rubio,
who, like Cruz, is Cuban-American, additionally may be coy concerning his 2016 plans.
But that was then. Campaigned within April 2013 regarding Curtis Bostic within GOP Home runoff
race; Bostic lost.
Bush: Tweets along with posts many Wall Street Journal stories, education thoughts and a few Bush
family members doings.
For the Republicans: Cruz, your Texas Republican senator, Rubio, the particular Florida Republican
senator, Bush, the actual former Florida governor; Nj Gov. Deflection: Promising appropriate
citations as well as footnotes with regard to his pronouncements "if it will create individuals leave
me the hell alone."
Paul: Yes, plenty. 5 visual appeal about ABC. Blanketed almost all 5 Sunday shows one day within
April 2013, prior to he dropped the niche involving immigration; created numerous various other
appearances since. Negotiated fiscal cliff deal. Within August, raised funds for Haley's re-election
Jindal: Active about Twitter and furthermore on Facebook, exactly where he lists amongst favorite
books, "John Henry Newman: Any Biography," regarding lately canonized British cardinal and also
sage. Says he'll determine in December.
Clinton: more when compared with 1 million followers in Twitter, the woman's preferred social
media outlet.
Christie: Yes, assisted Mitt Romney raise profit 2012.
Perry: Yes, visited Des Moines suburbs and also Davenport in February, meeting GOP activists and
also attending an event using enterprise leaders sponsored from the Koch brothers' Americans
Pertaining To Prosperity. 2013 speeches targeted about the economy, housing, opportunities with
regard to women, voting rights.
For the Democrats, they may well be Vice President Joe Biden; Clinton, your former secretary
involving state; The Huge Apple Gov. Jindal administration's award of a $200 million Medicaid
contract is under investigation by simply state as well as federal grand juries.
Clinton: Eclectic. Amongst any handful regarding feasible candidates in order to show up at
September 2013 event in the actual home regarding Woody Johnson, Ny Jets' owner and also Mitt
Romney's national finance chairman.
Biden: Constrained by his existing job, however tapped longtime adviser as well as former lobbyist
Steve Ricchetti to be his new chief associated with staff; maintains near contact with political
advisers past as well as present.
Rubio: 2014 initiative upon poverty calls for federal wage supplements for some low-wage workers
rather than earned income tax credit. He's shed some of that restraint now.
Cruz: Active in Facebook as well as Twitter, significantly submissions are pumped out simply by
Perry: "Texas Miracle" job-creation boom provides seen state create a third of the net new work
opportunities nationwide over final decade, although Texas features disproportionately higher
percentage associated with hourly workers earning minimum wage as well as less. In Addition
Denmark, Ireland, France, Brazil along with El Salvador in 2013. one offered: "I ... Frequent guest
on news networks, particularly Fox.
Jindal: Ambitious program to replace state's personal as well as corporate taxes together with higher
sales taxes flopped, delivered dud of a speech when provided juicy platform regarding responding to
Obama's first presidential address for you to Congress inside 2009. Ted Cruz likes to say: "My
concentrate will be entirely around the U.S. Says GOP in Congress will always be the party
associated with no.
Santorum: Plugged Christmas movie about "The Colbert Report," Fox News, MSNBC along with
more. Numerous visits final year.
Jindal: No, merely a handful of Sunday news present appearances since 2012 election.
Cuomo: No.
Bush: Carrying Out a lot more this year. Inside February, his short video regarding GOP fundraiser
at Donald Trump's Palm Beach, Fla., estate would end up being a bigger hit than Cruz's keynote
speech. Polarizing within his party. Reclaim America PAC led through former deputy chief of staff,
Terry Sullivan, veteran associated with South Carolina politics, expected being active powering GOP
candidates across country throughout 2014 midterms.
Jindal: Yes, keynote speech for you to neighborhood Republican organization inside March,
headlined state GOP fundraiser inside 2013, visited twice inside 2012.
Paul: Tea party plus. Robert Kennedy, inside 2005.
Biden: He's back. Additionally went to Israel right after 2010 election to become able to Senate.
Bush: Yes, longtime connections about Wall Street and also beyond. Campaigned in fall 2013
regarding GOP candidates in Virginia governor's race as well as Senate election in New Jersey.
Carries stigma regarding 2012 election loss as operating mate. Guns, violence against women, gay
rights, veterans.
Santorum: Yes, recent visit using strategists along with media. Latest initiatives to aid children's
health insurance and training along with status associated with women.
Rubio: "That's a thing that I'll consider later within this year, early subsequent year." -- March, NBC.
Cruz: Provides leadership PAC, Work Growth and Economic Freedom. Difficult guy against the
unions along with liberal defenders in the status quo. helped muscle mass via new abortion
Rubio: Yes, throughout 2012 just times after the election. Hurricane as well as Gulf oil spill disaster
Clinton: No. Andrew Cuomo; along with Maryland Gov. Canceled October 2013 visit because of
government shutdown.
Perry: Prominent voice about conservative concerns since before the birth in the tea party. Frequent
guest about news networks.
Rubio: Yes, arriving late 2014 from the publisher of his 2012 memoir.
Bush: "I can honestly tell you in which I do not know what I'm planning to do." -- His regular
Cuomo: Yes, coming in 2014.
DON'T FORGET SOUTH CAROLINA: Initial Southern primary and big within its own right.
Cruz: Yes, 4 visits inside eight months. 9 information conference addressing the particular scandal
more than Fort Lee, N.J., targeted traffic tie-ups.
ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING: With Regard To voters who desire to aid doers, not just talkers.
BAGGAGE TO CHECK: It's never too early to manage skeletons within the closet; rivals will possibly
be rattling these quickly enough.
Biden: "There may always be reasons I don't run, however there is no obvious cause for me
personally why I consider I should not run." -- February, CNN.
Paul: Yes, three times throughout 2013. Pertaining To executive director, tapped Jill Neunaber,
whom labored on Romney's presidential campaign inside Iowa and New Hampshire. Apologized in
January 2014 pertaining to highway lane closures apparently ordered by simply his aides as
retribution against the mayor who failed to endorse him pertaining to re-election. Any new wave
regarding visits in order to early voting states expected.
Bush: He's a Bush, therefore he's got connections. Argued prior to U.S. Ed Markey. Party in summer
involving 2013 pertaining to his immigration book in the particular home of Woody Johnson, owner
with the The Huge Apple Jets plus a leading Republican bundler.
Santorum: Scant foreign journey although within the Senate drew discover throughout 2012 GOP
Others have avoided the particular usual pathways, for reasons which make sense in his or her mind
even though their own inscrutability exasperates others. response for you to Obama's 2013 State of
the Union speech was remembered limited to his clumsy reach for water. Bundlers like
Showmanship moguls Jeffrey Katzenberg and also Haim Saban have signaled support. Andrews
University Or College inside Scotland throughout September; vacation to London within October for
a diplomacy award along using a fundraising concert for the family's foundation. However I'm
absolutely inside -- nowhere close to that will thought process." -- Jan. Bridge-burning inside
Congress endears him for you to tea party, could bite him otherwise. Early leader regarding effort
for you to hyperlink financing associated with well being treatment law to government shutdown.
Achieved GOP donors inside The big Apple City.
O'Malley: Yes. Senate."
Bush: Yes, usually a number of overseas trips the year. Stopped inside London to determine British
officials as well as financial leaders.
Rubio: Aggressive, using huge followings, appears to produce individual use associated with Twitter
greater than staff-generated disney fairies wall stickers Facebook. more journey driven by simply
politics within the cards now that he's chairman regarding Republican Governors Association with
regard to 2014 election year.
Walker: Yes, in fall 2013.
Biden: Flubs, fibs, age. Budget-hawk record to be judged on. Considered the likely contender if
Clinton ends up not running.
Paul: Dear outdated dad: Must transfer beyond Ron Paul's fringe reputation. Posts photo involving
Obama with his feet up about Oval office desk. Major speaker in governor's annual birthday
fundraiser inside November 2013, inside initial visit since 2012 campaign.
Paul: Yes, Israel as well as Jordan throughout January.
Walker: Yes, attended August fundraiser for Haley, that stumbled on Wisconsin to marketing
campaign pertaining to him in 2012 recall vote.
Ryan: Yes, attracts Wall Street interest, attended Romney's 2013 Utah retreat, has money
connections coming from 2012 campaign.
Christie: Yes, vigorous outreach now because the new Republican Governors Association chairman.
A Person guys can predict whatever you want." -- January, CNN.
Bush: Yes, in immigration.
O'Malley: Yes, headlined Harkin's 2012 fundraiser.
Perry: Yes, recently back again via Israel, most recent of countless trips there. Numerous
exclamation points. Asia in 2011, Iraq within 2010.
GO ABROAD: helps to offer neophytes foreign policy cred, and Israel can be a touchstone pertaining
to U.S. I really won't create my mind until following the 2014 elections. Supreme Court nine times,
using eight involving individuals coming when he has been Texas' longest-serving solicitor general,
between 2003 as well as 2008.
Jindal: Yes, summer 2013 visit, then flew together with Iowa governor for you to governors
association meeting inside Milwaukee. Chief involving staff Chip Roy ghostwrote Perry's 2010 book
concerning federal overreach.
Rubio: Yes, creating his 1st appearance with the 2016 season, in May, from county Republican
dinner. Teamed up with Democrat Howard Dean as sparring partners for debates about the air as
well as with audiences.
Biden: Yes, headlined annual fundraising dinner in may 2013 for state party, appeared with Rep.
Headlined 2013 fundraisers in new York and Connecticut.
Now, he's again in the spotlight, this period around assailing President Obama pertaining to his
handling of Russia along with Ukraine, and also to be too passive over the actual Venezuelan
government's strong-arm treatment regarding protesters who've criticized its policies.
Cruz: Leading force inside dispute that will partly shut the government, 21-hour Senate speech
against Obama's well being law. Headlined fundraiser in the actual home of Biden donor inside
Florida pertaining to Residence candidate Alex Sink inside February; Sink lost your special election
inside March.
Ryan: Yes, within 2012 campaign.
Cruz: Yes, fulfilled throughout March using leading California conservative donors and keynoted
Trump fundraiser. Addressed 2012 Republican National Convention just before he was even elected
towards the Senate.
Paul: Leader of the chattering pack along with greater than the dozen Sunday talk present
appearances since 2012 election. Skipped Conservative Political action Conference in March,
following providing keynote speech to the influential team a year earlier.
GET WITH IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: The must with regard to spreading ideas, poking competitors,
raising money, organizing events and showing a private side, however often a really canned version.
Cuomo: No. Speaks frequently to become able to special interests.
Cruz: Anti-Obama's health treatment law, pushes broader tea party agenda.
Biden: Leading Obama's review of federal job-training programs. and George W.? A Few training as
well as immigration positions are generally from step using the right.
MEET THE MONEY: to know donors now's for you to tap these people later.
Cruz: Yes, "Pastors and also Pews" event within November 2013, cultivating relationship using
religious conservatives. Terry McAuliffe, Massachusetts Sen. Israel twice throughout 2002.
Christie: Not Really so much since targeted traffic scandal surfaced. but I haven't been shy
throughout stating we're considering it." --March 9, Fox News.
Jindal: January 2014 trade along with investment mission in order to Japan, South Korea along with
Taiwan, very initial time overseas as governor. We possess a technical difficulty. Sally Bradshaw,
chief involving staff when he has been governor, is actually his go-to political person.
Jindal: Certainly Not since before 2012 election.
But she's been obtaining your ex activities, too. Won straw poll from March meeting involving
Northeast Republican Leadership Conference in Nashua. Raised money pertaining to Iowa
congressional candidate Jim Mowrer.
O'Malley: "No 1 actually should go down this road, I would hope, without having passing on any
large quantity of consideration and a lot of preparation and a great offer of believed work, therefore
that can be what I'm doing." -- February.
Their pace is picking up. December 2013 visits to be able to China, Japan as well as South Korea,
countless trips to be able to Afghanistan and Iraq in your course of wars.
Santorum: Yes, coming in 2014.
Walker: "I'm actually dedicated to 2014, not obtaining before the game. politicians.
Walker: Fiscal stewardship, from the GOP point of view. Furthermore comes with birther baggage:
Concerns happen to be raised in a few quarters regarding his constitutional standing to end up
being able to turn out to end up being able to be president since involving his birth within Canada,
to some Cuban father along with American mother. Bragged about Twitter inside June in which he'd
attracted greater than a million likes regarding his Facebook page, where he lists his own textbooks
as his favorites.
Christie: more engaged within Twitter ("It ended up being excellent to become capable of visit with
the owners of Rossi's Rent-A-Rama in Ortley today.") compared to Facebook.
Santorum: Yes, March speech in order to Northeast Republican Leadership Conference marked his
come back to circumstances exactly where he performed weakly inside 2012 campaign.
Ryan: "Jane along with I are generally going to take the seat inside 2015 and also give it the actual
significant ... in Virginia governor's race, campaigned for Republican Ken Cuccinelli, who lost.
Hillary Rodham Clinton's inscrutability provides bottlenecked the Democratic contest since a
amount of may decide not to run if she does. I'm running regarding governor associated with hawaii
regarding New York." -- Seeming not really to know a problem concerning his presidential
intentions. Meets regularly with former Senate colleagues and congressional Democrats. Altogether,
provides expended a lot involving his period throughout six many years as governor about the road,
talking for you to GOP along with activist teams within various other states, supporting Republican
candidates and marketing his achievements. Anti-poverty initiative this year.
O'Malley: Toughened gun laws, repealed death penalty, saw voters approve gay marriage right after
he got powering legislation for you to approve it, setup a framework in order to develop offshore
wind power, won legislative approval within April regarding minimum wage increase, a new 2014
Perry: "Oops!" Memories regarding his stumbling 2012 campaign, a simple progression from the
front-runner in order to flameout. Persistent courting regarding religious and also economic
conservatives in Texas as well as beyond. Praised Supreme Court gay marriage ruling as one that
will avoids "culture war." health law scold. conversation, thought that are required regarding trying
in order to keep our alternatives open. Deflection: Poking entertaining at himself. Contraband- and
also drug-smuggling scheme at state-run Baltimore Town Detention Middle in which resulted inside
44 people getting indicted provides state lawmakers seeking to produce reforms. Deflection: Poked
fun from himself for forgetting in the GOP debate one of the federal departments he would close as
president, Energy.
WRITING The BOOK: the perfect stage-setter for any marketing campaign season, just inquire
Barack Obama ("The Audacity involving Hope," 2006; "Dreams from My Father," 2004)
Santorum: 2012 shoestring campaign has been largely fueled by way of a super political motion
committee in order to which Republican donor Foster Friess gave a lot more than $2 million.
Christie: No.
Christie: Yes, 3 x throughout 2012.
Walker: Yes, fundraiser last year.
Bush: No.
Biden: Yes, spoke with Sen. Pitched social conservative ideas at Values Voter meeting within
October. Desires to end up being able to ban most abortion within Texas, relax environmental
regulations, boost states' rights; opposes gay marriage.
Cuomo: not significantly lately. Questioned inside March, for that umpteenth time, about what she's
likely to do, the girl responded in her practiced coy fashion. group employed greater than $200,000
left more than in the PAC that raised millions regarding his 2012 campaign.
Ryan: Yes, headlined Manchester fundraiser throughout February pertaining to former Residence
colleague. Smith along with Harold Ickes.
The Tea Party Republican through Texas has made your obligatory pilgrimage to in which particular
shrine involving presidential campaigning - Iowa, whose caucuses are the opening act in the
nomination contest.
O'Malley: Obtaining back inside the swing. ... Spoke to Michigan Republican Leadership Conference
upon Mackinac Island within September 2013.
TAKE The NATIONAL STAND: effective state governance is great but leaders must develop national
stature on issues in the day.
Ryan: King involving Facebook amongst potential rivals throughout both parties, with nearly 4.9
million likes. Sen. However late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel interviewed your ex within March.
Scott Walker.
Jindal: A New record associated with privatization to show he indicates government ought for you to
be trimmed, happy to carry a new social conservative banner.
Rubio provides produced political appearances throughout Iowa, and that he also has place himself
in the forefront of various national as well as international policy debates.
O'Malley: No. Terry Branstad along with addressed a new Des Moines crowd involving 400 in
Clinton: No. Launch of emails throughout February shed light on criminal investigation in to
whether Walker's aides were illegally carrying out campaign perform for your 2010 governor's
election whilst getting compensated as county employees. W. Multiple visits just before 2012
Cuomo: No.
Jindal: Developed Washington-based nonprofit, America Next, inside October 2013 in order to push
policy suggestions nationally. He even dished about his skin care routine and the wife's oddball
pranks throughout an interview along with Rachael Ray to promote the wellness care law. Prior To
that, liked to cut up in late-night TV. Minimal wage boost, on-time budgets, teacher standards.
Biden: Certainly Not active about Facebook, occasional contributor to be able to his office's vigorous
Twitter account.
Clinton: "I haven't composed my mind. Point man about gun control, which usually failed. December
2013 trip to Asia put him front and middle inside regional dispute more than China's new air defense
For months, many prospective 2016 presidential candidates are already rubbing shoulders along
with donors, networking using party leaders, obtaining upon TV and in virtually any other case
auditioning for the contest ahead, especially about the Republican side.
Cuomo: Environmentalists nationally and in addition the energy sector tend to be closely watching
his pending decision whether or not to allow fracking inside upstate The Huge Apple counties close
in order to the Pennsylvania line.
Jindal: "My honest response is I don't know what I'm heading to become carrying out throughout
2016." -- February.
Santorum: Overshadowed by simply newer conservative figures. Features record associated with
raising taxes which could possibly be challenged by less liberal Democrats, never mind Republicans.
Santorum: Creating Christian-themed, family-friendly movies in the moment; record coming from
Senate days.
Santorum: Opened 2014 together with Texas speech for you to conservative believe tank and also
followed with speech in order to Conservative Political Motion Conference. but at this time I have
responsibilities in the vast majority inside the Home regarding Representatives in which I feel I must
show up at to, after which I'll be worried about individuals things." March, CBS.
Clinton: Record as secretary involving state, senator along with very first lady. Yet Ready regarding
Hillary has sent folks there this year.
Walker: A Few things that supply him with large appeal using GOP conservatives -- taking on unions,
nearly all notably -- would whip up Democratic critics generally speaking election. Deflection:
Promised last summer in order to renounce Canadian citizenship, but hasn't.
Perry: Conservative Political action Conference, March 2013, along with its regional meeting inside
St. Yet Ready with regard to Hillary will be mobilizing for her in the state.
Santorum: Keeps in touch using chief supporters of his winning 2012 Iowa caucus campaign, giving
him any leg up on the campaign organization for the reason why that state.
Bush: Yes, 2012 speech.
Biden: No, not since prior to 2008 election.
Bush: Because Florida governor, revamped state educational system, cut taxes, managed state
through hurricanes.
His fellow Republican, U.S. Addressed Republican Jewish Coalition spring meeting inside Las Vegas,
investing an entire day with top donors and GOP operatives.
Cuomo: 2014 budget proposal requires tax cuts for businesses, homeowners along with renters. Lots
on foreign policy. Began creating broad coalition associated with donors via his national fundraising
tour inside spring 2013. Campaigned regarding GOP within Virginia governor's race. Sen. January
2014 Sunday information demonstrate visual appeal on CNN has been very first inside months,
accompanied by CBS in February.
Santorum: Yes. Emerging as influential moderate in immigration.
Biden: Yes, raised funds with regard to three Democrats within March visit regarding job-training
event. Heritage Motion PAC helped sponsor Cruz's summer anti-health-law trip about Texas along
with country. Walker, then any county executive, wasn't charged however the episode has proved
any distraction.
Biden: Eclectic. His substantial profile about that will issue made him the fixture about Sunday
morning information shows.
Bush: Yes, throughout 2012.
Rubio: Rift together with tea party constituency upon immigration, "a real trial for me." Deflection:
Go aggressive on a a few widespread ground, which he does throughout pledging to take apart the
particular health law. Occasional guest on network news.
Ryan: budget axe cuts each ways -- catnip to be able to conservatives nevertheless people want their
Medicare. Deflection: Referred to As his remark "inarticulate."
Clinton: Steady presence now in speaking circuit, delivering paid out speeches to business teams
and conferences along with appearing before the number of teams using ties to the Democratic
Cuomo: Overshadowed simply by Clinton's shadow campaign. joining in 2014 using liberal
lawmakers among others within effort to always be able to roll again several mandatory minimal
sentences along with give all judges a lot more flexibility inside fitted punishment for you to crime.
O'Malley: State-run medical insurance exchange site has been a pricey bust, prompting officials to
make an embarrassing swap inside April to at least one according to Connecticut's. Agreed to grow
state's Medicaid plan below the manufacturer new health law while some various other Republican
governors have got refused to do so. Led state's reaction to Superstorm Sandy. the problem remains:
Whenever will Hillary be ready regarding Hillary?
NONDENIAL DENIAL: Cagey words that will cloak presidential ambitions, none as well
Ryan: Yes, Center East throughout congressional career; visited troops within Afghanistan as well as
Here's a new summary of the main players.
O'Malley: The Actual liberal checklist: a lot more investing on education, infrastructure,
transportation; supports same-sex marriage, immigration reform, repealing death penalty, pushes
environmental protections.
Paul: "We're definitely talking about it, my loved ones will be referring to it. Half dozen or so Sunday
news demonstrate appearances since 2012 election. Appeared along with Obama about CBS' "60
Minutes" in January to talk with regards to tenure as secretary of state; gave interview for you to
Barbara Walters late in 2013.
Clinton: Benghazi, Libya; polarizing when political, age. Offers led many job-poaching missions
throughout big states together with Democratic governors as well as satisfied privately throughout
those trips together with important donors, particularly in The Huge Apple along with California.
Paul: No, not really since just prior to the 2012 election.
Christie: If you've in order to declare "I am not a bully," you've got a problem. Flew in order to Vegas
in March to fulfill GOP super donor Sheldon Adelson. "Give me your name as well as number," the
girl cracked to a pupil imploring the woman's for you to run. Frequent guest in Fox news and CNN.
Paul: Aggressive. Paul Ryan; former Pennsylvania Sen. Attended memorial solutions regarding
Nelson Mandela throughout South Africa within December. Poland and also Lithuania in March,
seven trips towards the Americas since 2009, such as March visit to Chile. Skipped the important
Conservative Political Motion Conference throughout March, appeared there last year. Ready with
regard to Hillary super PAC raised greater than $4 million inside 2013. Radio, too. Chris Christie;
Louisiana Gov. Rick Santorum; as well as Wisconsin Gov. Features listing of possible donors that's
even now developing following he collected more than 1.5 million signatures for that on-line petition
"Don'tFundObamaCare," which usually he began within 2013.
Cruz: Yes, very first trip to Israel throughout December 2012, once more in January 2013 as a part
of Senate Republican delegation that will traveled to always be able to Afghanistan, too.
HOG THE TV: Achieving national recognition through sermonizing on the Sunday information
shows, as well as heading regarding soft questions and easy laughs upon late-night TV.
O'Malley: Yes, throughout December ended his yr as finance chairman for the Democratic Governors
Association and is also certainly one of the particular party's top fundraisers.
Cruz: Yes, a pair of April trips and one final year.
Cruz: Yes, addressed Conservative Political Motion Conference inside March, following landing the
actual group's coveted keynote role inside 2013. one well-known tweet has been accidental --
through his pocket, he has been quoted saying -- and also consisted of "I." Followers jumped inside
to finish his sentence. Inside Iowa seven occasions in 2012.
Rubio: Yes, headlined 2012 Silver Elephant dinner.
Christie: Yes, became GOP governors chairman throughout November, providing him standard
access to the party's top national donors. Yet Another voice against well being treatment law.
Ryan: Yes, coming in 2014.
Paul: Yes, traveling to state pertaining to spring events within Dover as well as Manchester.
"Obviously, considering all sorts of decisions."
Perry: Yes, two-day visit throughout December 2013, addressed state GOP. Merely several Sunday
talk demonstrate appearances since 2012 election, including one inch February together with three
additional governors.
Cuomo: Flush coffers pertaining to 2014 governor's race.
Christie: "I am enormously flattered in which folks would talk about me during my party as
somebody that these people feel could probably be a new candidate regarding president. Quipped:
"I'm here concerning work -- not necessarily mine."
Rubio: Yes, conservative along with party activists, focused lately upon repairing tea party
relationships strained over immigration. Feedback throughout March about cultural "tailspin" inside
inner cities struck a range of as veiled racism. I consume several bottles regarding cranberry juice
each day!" And, "Green Bay Packers signing Julius Peppers to some 3-year deal will be HUGE!"
Promotes policy achievements and his TV appearances, reflects in sports, pokes Obama.
Clinton: No, avoiding large primary/caucus states. Produced period pertaining to fundraiser with
regard to local sheriff inside Michigan. among prospective candidates which visited Iowa GOP donor
Bruce Rastetter's farm in August 2013 pertaining to annual fundraiser for your governor.
Biden: Yes, globe-trotter. Following being mostly absent in the airwaves with regard to a lot a lot
more than a year, Biden features resumed frequent interviews, including the TV blitz the actual
morning following the State of the Union plus a CNN interview aboard an Amtrak train. also visited
inside May, talking with annual state GOP dinner.
Walker: Yes, headlined the GOP state convention throughout October 2013, keynote in state party
convention within September 2012.
Rubio: Yes, aggressive national fundraising outreach, which includes trips for you to The Large
Apple and California to meet possible donors. Investigations continue.
Rubio: Expects to start a lot more aggressive travel to become able to early voting states inside
2014. Also, Piers Morgan, Lou Dobbs, a lot more national TV interviews.
Cuomo: No.
Paul: Yes, attended Romney's 2013 Utah retreat. The couple of are even admitting so what now has
been obvious for eons: They're interested within the presidency, even though that they aren't ready
for you to commit.
Walker: 1 of only a couple of 2016 prospects who spoke to become able to Republican Jewish
Coalition. Within March, snagged hawaii GOP chairman, who announced he was quitting to
participate Paul as a new possible adviser.
Jindal: Yes, big some occasion and small time, far and wide. 3 times for you to Israel since 1980s.
O'Malley: Set up a new PAC referred for you to as O'Say can The Factor Is and also hired 2 folks
pertaining to fundraising and also communications.
Clinton: Yes, can easily tap deep well of Democratic as well as activist money. Rick Perry; Wisconsin
Rep. In Addition spoke in March for you to Conservative Political Motion Conference, which snubbed
him final year. Canada throughout August 2013 to talk to oil sector about his assistance in the
Keystone XL Pipeline.
Perry: No.
RUN SHADOW CAMPAIGN: one approach to operate without operating would be to possess a
political action committee to advertise tips or just about any other candidates with regard to office,
or employ advisers who are usually in any position to switch to a new campaign if the time comes.
Cruz: Yes, a range of Sunday news present appearances previously this year, plenty last year. Led
New York's effort to legalize same-sex marriage throughout 2011. Feisty 2012 campaign became the
largest threat to be able to Romney's march towards the nomination.
Paul: One-man, nearly 13-hour Senate filibuster to end up being able to protest drone policy place
him at forefront associated with civil liberties debate.
Cuomo: few if just about any personal tweets; Facebook in addition generated primarily simply by
NETWORK LIKE MAD: Getting his or her case to ideologues, activists and also party heavyweights
that hold great sway inside nomination race.
Rubio: Yes, visited your Philippines, Japan and South Korea throughout January, foreign policy
speech within London in early December and also Israel, Jordan, Palestinian Authority, Afghanistan
inside February 2013. Yet not actually a Sunday information demonstrate fixture.
Like us with
Cuomo: Sparingly. Inside March, addressed influential Network regarding Iowa Christian Residence
Educators throughout Des Moines and GOP event throughout Mason City.
Paul: Yes, foreign policy speech at Your Citadel military university along with tiny GOP fundraiser
throughout Charleston throughout November 2013 visit; headlined several fundraisers earlier
throughout year.
Cruz: Popularity as getting a hotheaded upstart, furthermore part of his appeal. Concentrate upon
blue-collar economic opportunity.
Ryan: Yes, keynote speaker pertaining to Iowa GOP's large fundraising dinner in Cedar Rapids this
spring. Episode deepened questions in what Christie, as well as individuals about him, will do
throughout order to win, and also contributed for you to a substantial drop in his poll standings. GOP
wants to pin blame on her with regard to vulnerability associated with U.S. worked fundraising
circuit to help Terry McAuliffe's campaign regarding governor in Virginia along with Bill de Blasio's
mayoral bid in new York City.
Walker: Posts vigorously on Facebook as well as on his Twitter accounts. met Michigan Republicans
in September. Screened his new Christmas movie within Iowa inside November.
Biden: and how. Wisconsin has lagged within occupation creation. Prefers radio.
GO TO IOWA: Its caucuses are the opening act with the nomination contest.
In fact, Cruz provides gone 4 times inside the last eight months.
Biden: Yes, actively fundraising for Democratic committees and candidates within 2014 midterms. A
Couple Of recent speeches within Canada.
Ryan: Numerous Sunday news present appearances since 2012 election. Yet the shadow with the
targeted traffic scandal still hangs more than his shadow campaign.
Christie: Won November 2013 re-election, becoming initial Republican to make more than 50 %
associated with Nj-new Jersey vote within quarter-century. Martin O'Malley.
Perry: Raising his profile lately, generating a range of national TV appearances although starring in
flood involving media spots within California designed to influence businesses based there to move
for you to Texas. His Christian-themed film business is actually his calling card together with
religious conservatives.
Jindal: Yes, fulfilled leading GOP donors inside Ny City, because consequently many GOP prospects
do over time. Commanding existence in Twitter, too, via a free involving charge account connected
along along with his PAC along with another as congressman.
Walker: already around the Sunday information display scoreboard pertaining to 2014. Economy,
abortion, tea party fiscal conservatism; immigration liberalization if he decides to have again in
order to it. "This may end up being the time for you to demonstrate just a new little self-restraint,"
certainly one of them, Jeb Bush, stated again inside November.
Santorum: Active in Twitter as well as Facebook, exactly where he relentlessly plugged his new
movie and also should go following the health law.
Walker: Yes, China within 2013 trade mission.
O'Malley: Yes, spoke at Democratic Party dinner in November. Louis throughout September.
RedState Gathering in New Orleans inside August; job-pitching tour in various states helps create
Christie: Yes, Israel as well as Jordan within 2012.
Perry: Developed Americans pertaining to Economic Freedom PAC within fall 2013 to end up being
able to raise his profile again, assist him test the waters and broadcast ads advertising Republican
leadership across the country. Addressed Conservative Political Motion Conference inside March,
furthermore inside 2013. Had Been Democratic governors' chairman for a couple involving years
until December 2012.
O'Malley: Yes, 2013 speech to party activists.
Christie: Republican Governors Association chairmanship allows him to grow his national profile
with voters and also party officials together with standard journey and crucial appearances. also
fulfilled together with Gov. Bobby Jindal; Kentucky Sen. on Facebook, lists "Pulp Fiction" movie and
also "The Tudors" historical fiction TV series among favorites.
When questioned about whether or even not he's got an eye about the 2016 presidential race, U.S.
Generated buzz as well as won symbolic straw poll with Conservative Political action Conference
inside March. Throughout that capacity, has met donors in Idaho, Vermont, Illinois, Texas,
Massachusetts as well as Utah. Vetoed the bill which would have sanctioned gay marriage, but
declined to end up being able to appeal a court ruling that legalized it.
Walker: Curbs in public services unions became national flashpoint, yet he won your serious
amounts of effort -- and the recall election which followed.
Paul: Offers formidable leadership PAC referred to always be able to as Rand PAC, features
maintained ties in order to father's political network in early main states along with advantages from
strong tea party support.
Jindal: Yes, August fundraiser pertaining to Gov. James Clyburn's annual fish fry, Easter weekend
vacation about Kiawah Island.
Perry: "It's a considerable ways along the road." -- February, Iowa. Inside long-confidential
documents through Bill Clinton's administration, advisers urged the girl to become able to "be real"
as well as "humanize" herself, revealing concerns regarding her authenticity as being a public
Indeed, the two senators tend to be examples of how just concerning everybody contemplating
operating with regard to president is actually kicking it into gear now, slowpokes included.
He shrank in the spotlight through design, however, after he drew fire via conservatives regarding
backing your provision inside a Senate immigration measure - which passed inside June - that
permitted for any road to legal status pertaining to undocumented immigrants.
But he, too, offers engaged inside activities which has many convinced that will he's aiming for your
Oval Office.
Bush: Education, immigration, economy.
Perry: Certainly Not since prior to 2012 election.
What's clear is that springtime has found its way to 2016 presidential politics. Fiscal conservative,
criticizes surveillance state. Deflection: GOP outreach to minorities. Pitched social conservative
ideas in Values Voter meeting in October, along with much more.
Ryan: Yes, prime networker as 2012 vice presidential candidate; now helping fellow Residence
members raise money.
At the identical time, he's created moves in which have made many skeptical with regards to his
insistence that he's certainly not contemplating operating throughout 2016.
Based in reporting through The Actual Connected Press.
Clinton: Yes, to arrive 2014.
Walker: Yes, addressed Republican Jewish Coalition at a Nevada gathering throughout March where
major attraction ended up being Adelson, who's seeking where to place his bets throughout GOP
field. Restricted overseas travel inside 2013: honorary degree from St. The Particular Washington
Occasions canceled his column following he was discovered to get utilized passages using their own
company individuals within his speeches along with writings as if these folks were his own. "Glad
USDA is actually keeping cranberries about school menus.
Walker: Consults with leading Republican governor strategists such as Phil Musser as well as Nick
Christie: Yes, inside 2012. in 2013, pushed by means of nation's very first gun-control law after the
Newtown, Conn., school massacre. Well-received speech to Conservative Political action Conference
throughout March. Signed abortion restrictions, fought liberalization involving adoption law, which
helps make it impossible pertaining to gay couples to be able to adopt jointly. Campaigned for brand
new Virginia Gov. About Facebook, his PAC-generated web page is much more active when
compared with official governor's account.
Ryan: His Prosperity action PAC.
Last year, he took a lead role within bipartisan Senate efforts to pass through comprehensive
immigration reform. Offers keynote speeches in annual state Democratic Party dinners throughout
the country. diplomatic mission throughout Libya that came under deadly attack in 2012. much more
is going upon since Your Related Press last took a diverse take a look at whom does what to have
ready to acquire a possible campaign.
Cuomo: "I'm sorry, I'm losing you. making calls for house Democrats' marketing campaign
organization, assisting inside recruitment of candidates. Tom Harkin's fall 2013 steak-fry fundraiser,
the must-stop for many Democrats seeking in order to compete in the leadoff caucuses. Latest
travels in order to Tennessee, New Mexico, Nevada along with Texas. 4 Sunday news shows after his
2013 re-election.
GO TO NEW HAMPSHIRE: Nation's first primary arrives right after Iowa along with is simply as
Santorum: "I'm certainly taking a glance at it rather seriously." March, Fox.
Ryan: Reducing spending, getting on entitlements, rolling again Obama's well being law. Seeks $10
donations for "Team Ryan" bumper stickers for his PAC along with kisses a fish. Nikki Haley.
Bush: Blanketed the actual five Sunday exhibits 1 day within March 2013 in order to plug his guide
on immigration, a few appearances some other times.
Bush: The Actual Bush factor. Will the united states need a Bush dynasty right after presidents
George H. Furthermore spoke with 2012 convention of New Hampshire Democrats.
O'Malley: Upon Twitter, standard governor's fare but promotes rare appearances by simply his
Celtic rock band, O'Malley's March, for which in turn he sings and also plays guitar, banjo as well as
tin whistle. Rarely leaves New York.
Clinton: Ready pertaining to Hillary super PAC setup through supporters is actually laying
groundwork, so may be others. Will Take plenty of shots in the well being law. Inside March created
PAC to help conservative candidates.
Clinton: another globe-trotter, almost one million miles as secretary involving state. Offers been
among the actual largest beneficiaries involving Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund and it has
gotten an extraordinary range of us dollars and also grassroots logistical support from the Club
regarding Growth, FreedomWorks as well as Ending Shelling Out PAC. Speeches around the
country. "I'm uncertain exactly where I'd discover the moment with regard to that." It's probably
only a matter of period before he finds time.
Cruz: Yes, book offer disclosed by his agent in April.
Perry: Active. Rand Paul; Texas Gov. Raises money regarding Clinton foundation. Had Been among a
new handful of high-profile Republicans to satisfy along with Adelson throughout las Vegas with his
resort casino in late March. Deflection: "I am whom I am." Saddled by simply Obama's lower
approval ratings.
Rubio: Broker involving Senate immigration overhaul, however he's gone quiet around the issue.
August 2013 speech to end up being able to conservative Christians throughout state exactly where
he won the particular 2012 caucuses. 1 involving 3 prospective candidates whom attended Mitt
Romney's retreat together with significant party donors throughout Utah throughout June 2013.
O'Malley: Yes, busy spring, together with speeches in order to California Democratic state
convention in March, Wisconsin Democrats within April as well as Massachusetts Democrats within
May. A Range Of previous Clinton hands tend to be advising the particular group, which includes
Craig T. and quit talking about immigration. Ready for Hillary, a super PAC, may be busy on her
behalf in early organizing. Plans for you to campaign inside a lot much more than 100 races inside
the 2014 election. February, Fox Enterprise Network.
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