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Make beautiful bracelets for you

and your friends.

How to make your Friendship Bracelets
Whats in the box?
4 Coloured Yarns
Assorted Beads
Silver Coloured Heart
Shaped Charms
Safety Pin
Bracelet Clasps
Bracelet Rings
In this kit there are enough threads and beads for you to make the
four bracelets shown on the packaging and there should be plenty
of threads left over for you to make some additional ones too. If you
have any beads of your own you could add these and make your
own designs for you or your friends. Bracelets one, two and three are
based around a simple plaiting technique and bracelet four is even
simpler, just by tying one simple knot. Have fun!
What else do you need?
A pair of safety scissors
Bracelet Rings
How to make your Friendship Bracelets How to make your Friendship Bracelets
Carefully slip the safety pin through the fastener
and pin it onto a cushion to help hold the
threads rm while you work. Plait together pairs
of the same coloured thread by folding the right
hand pair over the middle pair, then the left
hand pair over the middle pair and so on.
Repeat this process until you
have plaited about 2cms in length.
Take a pink round bead and thread
it onto the middle two threads, then
push the bead right up to the knot
and continue plaiting.
Continue to plait another 2cms and then thread on
a green coloured bead, then do another 2cms and
thread on a lilac bead. Repeat this process until you
have threaded 2 beads of each colour, or reached
a plaited length of about 18cms (try it around you
wrist to make sure it ts before nishing). Your
bracelet should now be long enough to tie all the
threads onto the separate bracelet ring really tightly
and knot them twice. Using a pair of safety scissors,
carefully trim the excess threads.
1. Bracelet One:
To start, take the pink, purple
and green threads and use a pair
of safety scissors to carefully cut
a length of each about 80cms long.
Thread them all through the small hoop
of the bracelet fastener, pulling them
half-way through, until all three threads
on either side measure 40cms each.
Follow the same instructions as
Bracelet One, but this time use
purple, yellow and green threads
instead. Thread alternate lilac beads
and silver coloured heart charms.
3. Bracelet Three:
Follow the same instructions as Bracelet one, but use only the purple
thread. This time, thread three beads (pink bead, purple crystal bead, pink
bead) after you have plaited about 3cms or purple yarn. The three beads
should be threaded onto the two pieces of thread you are going to plait
next and pushed up into the knot. With the remaining four strands, hold
two of them taught and wrap the other two round them several times until
you reach the bottom of the three beads and then continue plaiting them
all again until you have plaited another 3cms. When you have attached
three sets of beads onto the bracelet, continue
for about 3 more cms and then nish o
as in bracelet one.
2. Bracelet Two:
Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking & strangulation
hazard small parts & long cords and functional sharp points.
Adult supervision required.
1. Occasionally it can be tricky working with embroidery threads as they can
easily separate into lots of strands. If this happens when you are trying to
thread them through a bead, wet the ends of the threads and trim with a
pair of safety scissors, so they are all exactly the same length.
2. When tying the nal knot on the bracelet ring, make sure its really tight,
so it cant work its way loose later on.
3. If you nd it too di cult to push any of the threads through a bead by
hand, twist the threads to a point and thread them through the needle,
then push the needle through the bead.
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Use just the pink thread and cut two lengths
of each about 60cm long and thread them
through the small hoop of the bracelet
fastener. Tie a knot around the threads and
attach the safety pin as you have done
before on the other three bracelets. Thread a
turquoise bead followed by a pink bead then
another turquoise bead onto the threads and
tie another knot. Repeat this process until
your bracelet is long enough to t comfortably
around your wrist and then attach the silver
ring. Trim any excess threads.
4. Bracelet Four: