ACTION: Notice of Availability of the Mid City East Small Area Plan Draft for Public
SUMMARY: The Mid City East Small Area Plan (Draft Plan!" is a frame#or$ %lan& the
result of an intensive '(&month lon) community&based %lannin) %rocess. The Draft Plan
provides a framework for conservation, development, sustainability
and connectivity in Mid City East* #hich includes the nei)hborhoods of
+ates,Tru-ton Circle* +loomin)dale* Ec$in)ton* .anover* /eDroit Par$* and Sursum
Corda* as #ell as sections of Ed)e#ood and Stron)hold. 0urther* the 1223 DC
Com%rehensive Plan Action MC&1.4.A: North Ca%itol 5evitali6ation Strate)y! s%ecifies
the %re%aration of a small area %lan for the North Ca%itol,0lorida Avenue business
The vision for the Mid City East Small Area Plan is to improve quality of life
and enhance neighborhood amenities and character while supporting a
community of culturally, economically, and generationally diverse
residents. The Draft Plan incor%orates the )oals from the Com%rehensive Plan as #ell
as the )oals develo%ed throu)h the community and sta$eholder %rocess.
The Small Area Plan #as also informed by technical analyses includin) an E-istin)
Conditions analysis* a .istoric and Cultural 5esources re%ort* and a Mar$et Study. The
%lan also incor%orates recommendations from the District De%artment of Trans%ortation7s
Mid City East /ivability Study* #hich #as conducted in collaboration #ith the 8ffice of
Plannin) (8P" and #as com%leted in 8ctober 12'9.
The 8ffice of Plannin) (DC8P" has %ublished for %ublic revie# and comment the Draft
Plan for Mid City East. The DC8P is %rovidin) a 92&day %ublic comment %eriod on the
Mid City East Plan. Comments must be submitted to the office by the closin) date*
Tuesday* Se%tember 1* 12':.
The Draft Plan conveys a shared vision* records the )uidin) %rinci%les that #ere
develo%ed throu)h the community&based %lannin) %rocess* and includes $ey
recommendations for nei)hborhood character* commercial revitali6ation* redevelo%ment*
%ublic realm* %ar$s,)reen s%ace and connectivity. ;t includes an im%lementation strate)y
to serve as a roadma% for im%lementin) %lan recommendations includin) %ro<ected
timeframe and res%onsible entity. The Draft Plan %rovides residents* land o#ners*
develo%ers* city officials and District a)encies #ith a frame#or$ to )uide future
develo%ment in the study area.
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The DC8P* #or$in) in collaboration #ith the coo%eratin) a)encies* #ill consider all
%ublic comments on the Draft Plan and ma$e its final recommendations on the %ro<ect to
the Mayor of the District of Columbia. Subse=uently* the Mayor #ill submit to the
District of Columbia City Council for consideration a 5evised Draft Plan. The Council
#ill %rovide additional o%%ortunities for %ublic comments* and #ill ma$e its final
decision re)ardin) this %ro<ect and any modifications and conditions it mi)ht im%ose on
the %lan. The Mayor* throu)h the coo%eratin) a)encies #ill im%lement the %lan.
FOR FURTHER INFOMRATION CONTACT: Chelsea /iedstrand* City#ide Planner
by mail ''22 :
Street S>.* Suite E3?2* >ashin)ton* DC 1221:@ by %hone (121" ::1&
4322@ fa- (121" ::1&439( or email at: /iedstrand* Chelsea (8P"
The Draft Plan is available for revie# at the follo#in) locations:
.arry Thomas 5ecreation Center:
'4:9 /incoln 5d NE*
>ashin)ton* DC 12221
>al$er Bones /ibrary:
'?? / St N>
>ashin)ton* DC 1222'
Martin /uther Cin) Br. /ibrary:
D2' E Street* N>
>ashin)ton* DC 1222'
8ffice of Plannin):
''22 :
Street S>* Suite E3?2
>ashin)ton* DC 1221:
The Draft Plan is also available online at the DC 8ffice Plannin) >eb site:
###.%lannin).dc.)ov or ###.midcityeast.com
Please clic$ on lin$ for Mid City East Draft Small Area Plan!.
Public Comment
>ritten comments on the Draft Plan must be submitted by Se%tember 1* 12':. Comments
must include a name* address and any or)ani6ation for #hich the comments re%resent.
Please send all comments to:
Chelsea /iedstrand*
City#ide Planner
''22 :th Street S>.* Suite E3?2*
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>ashin)ton* DC 1221:
(121" ::1&4322 (%"
(121" ::1&439( (f"
M!o"l He"in#
;n addition to receivin) #ritten comments on the Draft Plan* DC 8ffice of Plannin) #ill
host a Mayoral .earin) on $ul! %&' %()*' +"om ,-.(/0-.(1m at T2e Summit t St3
M"tin45 locte6 t )), T St"eet' N3E3' Secon6 Floo"' 752in#ton' DC %(((%3 Please
note that comments can be submitted until Se1tembe" %' %()*. At the hearin)* DC 8ffice
of Plannin) #ill %rovide boards #ith visual re%resentation %ertainin) to the
recommendations set forth #ithin the Draft Plan and res%ond to any =uestions relative to
the )ra%hic dis%lays. 0ollo#in) this* members of the %ublic #ill have an o%%ortunity to
offer comments for the %ublic record.
Submitte6 b!- Chelsea /iedstrand* City#ide Planner* by mail ''22 :th Street S>.* Suite
E3?2* >ashin)ton* DC 1221:@ by %hone (121" ::1&4322@ fa- (121" ::1&439( or email at:
/iedstrand* Chelsea (8P" Chelsea./iedstrandAdc.)ov
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