1)The condition for reciprocity of a two port network is AD-BC=1 2)The internal impedence of an ideal current source is zero 3)In a transistor

when base-width decreases with increasing collector to base voltage, this phenomenon is called Early Effect 4)The polar radiation pattern of a loop aerial is Figure of Eight(8) 5)A J-K master slave flip-flop could be converted into a T flip-flop by making clk = 0 6)The bridge used for measurement of inductance is Anderson bridge 7)A three and half digit voltmeter could measure a maximum voltage of 1000 volts 8)Lissajou's figures are used in a CRO while measuring frequency 9)The type of transmission used for sound in TV transmission is FM 10)A wired AND gate uses Common Emitter configuration 11)NOR gate is universal gate 12)The memory unit using only gates is RAM 13)A commercial superheterodyne radio receiver has its intermediate frequency chosen as 455khz 14)noise figure = (snr)i/(snr)o 15) SCR- four layers with three junctions 16)If the bandwidth of each R F amplifier is 80 KHz the bandwidth of three such stages cascaded is 240khz 17)Wein bridge oscillator is not used as a RF oscillator 18)The amplifier is which current is proportional to the signal voltage, independent of source load resistance is called Transresistance amplifier 19) emitter follower has high input z and low output Z 20)To eliminate ghosts in the picture change antenna orientation 21)The effective area of isotropic radiator is (L^2)/4P 22)vswr = 1+p/1-p where p = reflection coefficient 23) p = Zl-Z0/Zl+z0 ; Zl = load impedance , Z0=char.impedance 24)Semi-conductor diode time constant is equal to value of majority carrier life time 25)Most commonly used materials as photo cathode for the photoelectric emmission are Arsenic and boron 26)To prepare a P type semiconducting material the impurities to be added to silicon are boron,gallium 27)FET is a good signal chopper because It exhibits no offset voltage at zero drain current 28)In Bipolar Junction transistors, the type of configuration which will give both voltage gain and current gain is CE 29)The (V^d) - (I^d) characteristics of an FET are similar to that of Pentode 30)The transformer utilization factor for a bridge rectifier is given as 0.812 31)To increase the input resistance and decrease the output resistance in negative feedback, the type used is Voltage series 32)The coupling capacitance of a bipolar transistor amplifier must be 500 times that of FET amplifier 33)The loop gain of an amplifier employing feedback (with feedback ratio of B) is 1/B 34)The value of a resistor creating thermal noise is doubled. The noise power generator is therefore unchanged 35)In every practical oscillator the loop gain is slightly larger than unity 36)Alternatively the characteristic impedance is called Surge impedance

37)For any uniform and symmetrical life the characteristic impedance is GM of open and short circuited impedances 38)he gain bandwidth product of the transistor amplifier is usually denoted as f^y 39)In crystal oscillators, the valuable properties of a crystal are High Q and L/C ratio 40)Thevenin's theorem cannot be applied to a network which contains non linear impedances 41)A series capacitance used in a filter circuit represents High pass 42)The reflection coefficient on a lossless line with a short circuit load, is given by -1 43)A pulse amplifier is basically an amplifier with Narrow band 44)Linearity of time base waveforms can be improved by using large time const. 45)For harmonic gerneration the amplifier used is class C tuned amplifier 46)Which of the following equation represent field strength H produced by a conductor carrying current I, at a distance r ? 1/2*pi*r 47)The relative permeability is considered as unity for cobalt 48)brewster angle , theta = arctan(n2/n1) 49)Absolute Permeability is equal to 4pix10^-1 H/m 50)The absorption of radio waves by the atmosphere depends on which of the following ? Their frequency 51)Plasma is a gaseous medium 52)Circular polarization is said to take place when magnitude is same and phase difference is 90 53)For different loads the range of the values for VSWR is 1 to infinity 54)When the distance between two charges is doubled, the force between them will be equal to one fourth 55)the reason for CB configuration having very small input impedance is that That input is applied between emitter and base and emiiter junction is always forward biased for operation 56)The power handling capability of a given transistor, is dependent upon which of the following Maximum junction temperature and expected ambient temperature. 57)H-parameters of a transistor depend on collector current 58)High frequency response of a transformer coupled amplifier is generally limited by Transformer's leakage inductance and distributed capacitance 59)Low frequency response of a transformer coupled amplifier is limited by primary inductance 60)Which coupling produces the minimum interference with frequency response ? Direct coupling 61)Voice signal frequency lies between 15hz-15khz 62)A sawtooth waveform is made up of all odd and even harmonics 63)A square wave form applied to a differentiator circuit gives positive and negative spikes 64)Transmission of a wave in a closed wave guide is possible only when The frequency of operation is less than a certain critical value 65)An intergrator circuit should have large time constant 66)Modulation index in Fm is given by Freq. deviation in KHz / 75 Directly proportional to frequency deviation and inversely proportional to the modulating frequency. 67)Ripple frequency of full wave rectifier working on 50 Hz supply will be 25Hz 68)The form factor for half-wave rectifier sine wave is 1.57 and 1.11 for full wave rectifier 69)At absolute zero temperature a semi-conductor behaves as Insulator

70)EG for silicon is 1.12 eV and for germanium is 0.72 eV thus it can be conducted that Less number of electron hole pairs will be generated in silicon than in germanium at room temperature 71)Before doping semiconductor material is generally purified 72)At room temperature when a voltage is applied to an intrinsic semiconductor electrons move towrds positive terminal while holes move to the negative. 73)When reverse bias exceeds a certain value, avalanche breakdown occurs in a semiconductor 74)Maximum forward current in case of signal diode is in the range of few milli amps. 75)The D.C output voltage from a power supply ncreases with higher values of filter capacitance and decreases with more load current 76)The reverse resistance of a PN juction diode Is given by breakdown voltage / reverse leakage current 77)In a transistor the region that is very lightly doped and is very thin is base 78)n a NPN transitor, when emitter junction is forward biased and collector junction is reverse biased, the transistor will operate in active region. 79)A transistor will operate in inverted region if Emitter junction is reverse biased and collector junction is forward biased 80)Which of the following is essential for transistor action ? The base region must be very narrow 81)In a transistor, current ICBO flows when emitter is open circuited and reverse DC voltage is applied to collector. 82)ICBO is proportional to temperature 83)Thermal runway of a transitor occurs when there is excessive leakage current due to temperature raise. 84)The typical squelch circuit cuts off the audio amplifier when carrier is absent. 85)For a signal amplitude modulated to a depth of 100% by sinusoidal signal, what is the power ? 3/2 times power of unmodulated carrier 86)In FM, the frequency deviation is generally proportional to amplitude of the modulating signal. 87)Maximum undistorted power output of a transmitter can be expected when its modulation is 100% 88)An FM signal with a deviation a is passed through a mixer, and has its frequency reduced six fold. The deviation in the output of the mixer will be equal to a 89)The percentage saving in power of 100% modulated suppressed carrier AM signal is 662/3 90)The final power amplifier in an FM transmitter generally operates as Class C 91)Quantizing noise takes place in PPM 92)If all three elements of a given Delta-connected network are pure inductive reactance, the three elements of the corresponding star connected network are purely inductive 93)Which of the following laws of electrical network is used in the node voltage analysis of the networks ? KCL 94)As compared to a CB amplifier, a CE amplifier has higher current amplification 95)Typical radar antenna has beam width of 1degree 96)In Indian T.V the width of one channel is 7MHz 97)As one moves away from transmitter, ground wave eventually disappears because of tilt in the wavefront 98)UHF signals normally propagates by means of space wave 99)In a low level A.M transmitter, the stage following the modulator shall be linear amplifier 100)Armstrong modulator generates FM 101)Commonly employed filter in SSB generation is Mechanical filter

102)Tropospheric scatter is used in the following range VHF 103)The function of padders in radio receiver is to improve tracking 104)The fidelity of a receiver is primarily dependent upon Audio amplifier 105)In communication, noise is most likely to affect the signal in the channel 106)The F.M signal is passed through frequency tripler, the resultant modulation index will change by a factor of 3 107)Blind speed problem in a radar can be effectively overcome by using variable PRF 108)If the antenna diameter in a radar system is increased by a factor of 4, the range will increase by a factor of 4 109)To measure high Q inductors, the bridge preferred is Hay's bridge 110)The voltage gain of an amplifier used with Boolstrap sweep theoretically shall be +1 111)A 1000 KHz carrier is simultaneously modulated with 300 Hz, 800 Hz and 2 KHz audio sine waves. The frequencies present in the output will be 998 KHz, 999.2 KHz, 999.7 KHz, 1000.3 KHz, 1000.8 KHz, and 1002 KHz 112)For a FM wave carrier modulating frequency is 10 KHz and bandwidth is 2 MHz. If the modulating signal amplitude is doubled, the bandwidth will be 4 MHz 113)In AM receiver the oscillator frequency is always higher than signal frequency 114)In grid bias modulation system the power needed for modulating amplifier Is small as compared to that for plate modulation 115)Which of the following is the fastest switching device ? MOSFET 116)In order to have the impulse response of a control system apporaching zero with the time tending to infinity the poles should be on the left half of the s-plane 117)For an ideal noise free amplifier, the noise figure is 0dB 118)When a junction is formed between a metal and a semiconductor, the depletion layer is Less on the side of the metal 119)In the negative feedback amplifier with gain A / K, the noise generated in the amplifier is reduced by a factor of 1/K 120)A good current amplifier has the following property : low Rin and high Rout 121)A lossless transmission line with characteristic load of 100 ohms. The standing wave ratio will be 1/3 122)Bootstrap sweep circuit generally employs emitter follower 123)The condition for a distortionless transmission line is LG=RC 124)Crystal oscillators are preferred to LC oscillators due to their Frequency stability 125)In class B push pull amplifier, the cross-over distortion is eliminated by using class AB operation 126)The radiation resistance of a half wave dipole antenna in free space 73ohm 127)To transform any resistance at the termination of a transmission line to an impedance with magnitude equal to R of the line, the line length must be L/4 128)In the radiated far filed of a dipole antenna, electric and magnetic fields will not exist together 129)Under 100% amplitude modulation of a 10 KW carrier power, the total power required is 15kw 130)An antenna that is circularly polarised is Helical antenna 131)Which of the following circuits does not require a coupling capacitor ? Transformer coupled 132) LED is A PN junction which emits light when current passes in the forward direction 133)A decade counter needs 4 flip flops 134)A low Q factor has lower losses 135)If a zero appears on the first column of the Routh table, the system is unstable 136)The D.C gain of the system represented by the transfer function P(s) = (1 / s)

mproving the low frequency response higher Cc is used 129) If a NPN bipolar transistor is connected to a circuit using a common-emitter configuration, what we can say about the relationship of its currents? Correct Answer: IC = IB + IE 130)The current gain of a transistor is defined by a parameter called: Correct Answer: Beta on common-emitter configuration or alpha on common-base configuration. 131) What is the average voltage of an AC power grid with a nominal voltage of 110 V? 0V nominal voltage= rms voltage peak voltage = (rms voltate)x(1.414)

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