 Quality Passing Terms : By Buyers appointed controller at Spot or Port in India.
We do A.T.I.R.A. HVI Cotton Testing Report for Quality selection purpose.

 Weight Terms : Indian Port Weight will be consider as final by third party
controller. In NLWF or CIQ Condition add 0.50% extra in offer Price.

 Payment Terms : 100% Irrecovable Letter of Credit from Prime Bank which must
be negotiable in any Bank in India. We accept Usance LC up to 180 days
period with additional interest on buyers account. We accept T.T. also (25%
Advance, 75% against BL Scan Copy)

 Bale Packing : As per International Standard Full Pressed Bale Packing with
Plastic Strap. Bale weight will be 160 to 170 Kg. which will marked with
identification Lot No. & Press No.

 Delivery : Buyer have to lift cotton bales within 7 to 8 days. If buyer want to get
late delivery or need warehousing than buyer have to inform in advance. After
15 days additional storage charges applicable at actual bases.

 Quality / Weight Claim : If Quality or Weight Claim arrive at Buyers destination
port seller can appoint controller to recheck quality or weight at their own cost.
Third party controller report will be considered as final for both parties. Claim will
settle within 10-12 working days.

 Other Terms :

- LC to be opened within 7 working days after sales contract.

- Partial Shipment & Trans-shipment should allow.

- Weight tolerance of +/- 5% should allow.

- Shipment from reputed Shipping Line only with single transshipment base.

- Fumigation / Phyto.Certificate will issue from competent authority in India.

- Full Marine Insurance of 110% of total invoice value will be covered by us.

- 14 days free Detention allowed. If free Demurrage required than we may
charge additional as per shipping line tariff.

- All Charges within India will be borne by us and outside India all charges like
Buyers Destination THC + Import Duties will be in buyers account only.

- China CIQ & China Tax Rules and regulation accepted.

- ICA, Liverpool Rules and Regulation R/ A.

- Subject to DGFT & Govt. of India Rules regulation. In case of Govt.of India
banned cotton export than contract will be treated cancel at par.

**Our Offer is subject to reconfirmation base**

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