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ommur v's Feature Paner : October ;

Vol. 13, No. 4 :The University Cm 1991


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USB: Masteing New Ground - Water 90
The video, though short in time, was long
in information. Written, directed and edited
by John J. Stevens, and produced by
Elizabeth Irwin (both his business partner
and wife) as the end product of the
collaborate effort of the USEPA New
York, New Jersey Harbor Estuary
Program, part of the National Estuary
Program. Stevens, an alumnus of USB,
had, up until his union with J. R. Schubel,
Dean and Director of MSRC been involved
in producing educational and industrial
videos. After a successful documentary
about the restoration of a colonial ship,
Stevens and USB joined forces producing
"How Sound Is The Sound" a documentary
about the Long Island Sound. In his latest
venture, MSRC had the lead in content,
and Stevens in production.
Following the film a panel of experts led,
by Schubel, and including such
illuminaries as Henry Bokuniewicz,
Professor of MSRC, Peter Woodhead,
Research Professor MSRC, R.L. Swanson,
Director, Water Management Institute of
John J. Stevens in his film MSRC, answered questions of the forty
invited guests. Incidentally, the audience
by Robert Berger hatching gull eggs. offender cited in the video was floatable too was made up of such notables as,
The harbor estuary is the area of water waste, especially plastic dumpers. It has Representatives of the DEP and the EPA,
In what was dubbed a sneak preview, the from the Tappan Zee Bridge to Sandy been estimated that nearly 77 million as well as Don Smith, Chief
University of Stony Brook's Marine Hook, New Jersey, including such water candy wrappers were skimmed from the Environmentalist of the Meadowlands
Science Research Center's (MSRC) ways as the Hudson River, the East River, harbor estuary last year alone. This is Region, most of whom appeared in the
Institute for Urban Ports and Harbors the Western Long Island Sound, Lower apparently an indication of two things: 1) film. Brought to light in this forum, was
unveiled a video last week, depicting the New York Bay, the Kill Van Kull, and all The New York-New Jersey area is the problem of non point sources of
New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary as the bodies of water both fresh and salt who comprised of some of the laziest slobs any petroleum leakage into our water ways.
an ecologically improving waterway ,in feed and/or interact in this area. where on the planet. 2) Additionally they This problem, apparently, supersedes in
what seems to be an ever worsening In an optimistically laid out format, the must be a collection of real health kings. magnitude even the largest single spill on
ecological world. The video, second video presents before us a quick fly by of Plastics, such as packing straps and six record. Also addressed, was the CSO
venture between John J. Stevens our successes, showing that there is now an pack rings were shown to be some of the abatement system, where holding tanks
Productions and the MSRC has once again abundance of life where there once was deadliest waste around. They kill by would capture CSO overflow during rain.
proven USB to be of paramount status not. It also enlightens the viewer proving ensnaring and or asphyxiating the victims. In a separate exclusive interview with
among research institutions. Though a that life too exists in places at one time Even degradable plastics are only broken Schubel and Stevens, a message of
mere 28 1/2 minutes in length this thought to be incapable of supporting life. down into smaller constituent parts of the persistence in the education of young and
production brings forth a beam of sunlight The viewer is then taken on a quick but same material, thereby rendering them no old alike was echoed. According to
through a cloudy sky. informative tour, pinpointing some of the safer. In case the world does not know, fish Schubel, he and Stevens are already in the
Produced in conjunction with WLIW more seriously scathed areas of the harbor and turtles do not eat plastic, and when process of developing a series of five films
Channel 21, the video enriches the viewer estuary as well as some of the more serious they do, it is not a pretty sight. concentrating on different aspects of Long
with a look at the beginnings of a offenders. In an on screen interview with Finally, the viewer is again brought to Island Sound. Schubel was overjoyed with
successful clean up campaign, including R. Lawrence Swanson, director of the optimism in a snappy musical review about the Press' presence. He went on to say, that
returned and new species of once Waste Management Institute of MSRC, our beginnings of success. We are shown a joint effort of the Cold Spring Harbor
indigenous flora and fauna, the institutions CSO's (Combined Sewer Output) are that areas such as Jamaica Bay and the Kill Lab, Brook Haven National Lab, and Stony
of such new facilities as CSO abatements, indicted as one of the worst offenders. Van Kull, where the Coney Island Brook's MSRC, is anxiously awaited as a
and physical cleanup efforts including the CSO's are a resultant of the antiquated Whitefish once thrived, are now havens for further stepping stone toward increasing
use of an U.S. army core of engineer's combination of storm and septic sewers. a more respectable species. Despite the the research power presently enforced.
skimmer boat; all the while, mindful that Because of this set up, 1/34 of an inch of optimism projected, we are never lead to On a separate note, John Stevens told me,
much more must be done. The viewer is rain in a 24 hour period causes our believe that we are even near where we as a student he never realized the incredible
taken from the macro; a flight over the treatment facilities to overflow and bleed should be in the cleanup. The video is amount of resources and power within the
entire harbor-estuary, to the micro; a stop untreated human waste directly into our scheduled for release on WLIW Channel confines of the Brook.
by Shooters Island for a look at newly local waters; not cool. Another chief 21, sometime next year.
I - 111 · · - r II

stabbed, this time in the back of the head. paramedic looked at the injured players,
Stony Brook Hockey Team Assulted The surrounding attackers began to strike
the bus with bats and pipes and threw
and the police came to take statements.
Many of the players felt the attack was
objects at the windows. Every window on racially motivated, because all of the team
the bus was shattered, and small pieces of members are white and the attackers yelled
The names of the individuals involved are As team members unloaded their
glass covered the seats and team members, racial slurs and appeared to be of Hispanic
not mentioned to secure their safety. equipment from the bus, the alleged
who were crouched down on the floor descent.
vandals began to approach them. In an
trying to avoid further injures. The bus "We made their night," said one player
The Stony Brook ice hockey team was attempt to avoid trouble some of the team
drove away leaving several pieces of who felt, as many of the team members
attacked by roughly one hundred youths on members grabbed their sticks and stood in
equipment behind and pursued by the did, that the attackers were just looking for
Saturday night A few minor injuries were front of the bus, hoping to scare away the
attackers who continued to do damage. a fight.
sustained and the team's rented bus was group of about a dozen youths that were
The bus stopped at the nearby gas station A new bus came to get the team and the
destroyed in an unprovoked assault. The approaching them. The youths, however,
to pick up the team members who had fled police escorted the bus back to the Park
hockey team was returning late Saturday continued to approach the bus, and
there. Upon pulling up to the station, the and Ride where the players had left their
night from a game against Seton Hall when suddenly dozens more began to run in out
team saw their coach being attacked by one cars. The bus finally returned to campus at
the incident occurred. Members of the of the fog , as well as, the several cars
of the youths. A few team members left the 3:30 am, almost 12 hours after it had left
team who have been picked up earlier in filled with youths that began to surround
bus to get their coach. One player was hit for the team's first game of the year.
the day by the bus were being dropped off the bus.
in the arm with a baseball bat, but Team members and girlfriends (also on
in the park and ride at exit 54 of the L.I.E. Within seconds one team member was
otherwise every one made it back safely to the bus) were visibly shaken by the
Upon leaving the bus, one team member attacked; he was stabbed in the back with a
the bus. incident, but joked that road trips always
discovered that his car had been broken knife. The team fled back onto the bus,
In a state of panic, the coach had the seemed to bring them closer together as a
into and that the driver's side window had while two more members were shot with
team execute a roll call. It was discovered team. Ironically, as the Hockey team stood
been smashed in. A bystander notified the b.b. guns in the back. A few of the team's
that one team member was missing, but out side the Sheraton where they were
team that a group of High School aged kids players ran to a nearby gas station to call
later that night the team found out that he being attended to, they looked up at the bus
on the other side of the parkin lot had the police. As the team desperately tried to
had made it home safely. The bus drove to and saw the light up sign across the front
broken into the car earlier that night. get on the bus, the same player was again
the nearby Sheraton Hotel. The hotel that read, "have a nice day."
The Stony Brook Press page 2
Learning To Make a Dierence
by Shari Nezami However, they cannot do it alone. The
Alliance needs more volunteers and, as
Have you ever been sitting in Javits 100 with most non-profit organizations, more
listening to one of those boring lectures funds. Groups like the Learning Alliance
and all of a sudden this strange, very un- don't come about very often, we all know
American, extremely anti-capitalist, that. That is why all of us have a duty to
thought pops in to your head? You know, see to it that these organizations not only
the idea that maybe there's more to life stay active but continue to expand.
than just making money? Maybe you We can no longer allow our fellow
should try to help people less fortunate human beings to stay homeless or
than yourself? Maybe you should try to uneducated, we can no longer afford to
make a difference ? If that's ever happened stand still as other human beings fight for
to you (and I know most of you have never their right to self-determination, it is time
had this experience), then the Learning that we take action. One by one our rights
Alliance is the place for you. Founded in are slowly being taken away from us, Civil
1985 by David Levine, the Learning Rights, free speech, reproductive rights,
Alliance is dedicated to helping teach everything we have fought for during the
people to make a difference. They offer past three decades the present
over 1,000 programs which are "designed administration is planning to take away.
to provide people with access to Are you willing to let that happen ? Did
information, ideas, and solutions you know that one of the first things that
concerning issues that affect their lives, Reagan did during his first term in office
communities, and the world as a whole." was to allow the CIA to carry on both overt
Over the last 6 years, their attendance has and covert operations within the US ?
increased ten-fold, from 1,800 to 10,000 That's right he made it legal for them to do
participants annually, which shows that the same things right here in America that
many people are starting to realize that they do in Third World countries all around
education is an extremely valuable tool for the world; now they can torture, kill,
social change. kidnap, imprison, who ever they want
The Learning Alliance is dedicated to cut whenever they want. So what are you
across all class, race, and gender lines in an going to do about that ? Are you going to
effort to bring socially conscious people wait, as most Germans did during the Third
together. This policy is reinforced by the Reich, until they come knocking at your
fact that the Learning Alliance never turns door ? Doesn't anyone remember the
anyone away due to their inability to pay concentration camps that we built for the
(wish I could say the same thing about Japanese-Americans during WWII ? Don't
SUNY ). This policy, according to the think it'll happen to you ? Think again.
Alliance, has made it possible for Think Bush is a nicer guy than Reagan,
hundreds of homeless and low-income then you better think again ! Part of George
people to participate in their workshops, Bush's proposed Anti-Crime/Anti-Terrorist
seminars, and conferences. The Learning Bill was a proposal to allow the FBI the
Alliance also works in bringing various ability to arrest and detain anyone
groups and organizations together in order suspected of terrorism or supporting
to strengthen individual efforts to bring terrorist activities. Seems okay ? Well get
about social change. Their main purpose is this one, when they come to take you away
to help educate the population and inform they don't even have to tell you what
them of the needs of society as whole, you're accused of AND they can convict
while remaining sensitive to the needs of you through a secret tribunal WITHOUT
the community. While many organizations your presence. Thanks George. Well lucky
for us, under pressure from activists around
offer educational opportunities and try to
the country these proposals were dropped-
bring people from diverse backgrounds
together, what makes the Learning Alliance but don't think that the administration is
going to give up this easily. These people
effective is that their main objective is
education, incorporated in their workshops space to helping them develop educational Alliance organized a job training and want to take away every right you have -
and training programs, their programs help placement program for the homeless. This the only think you can do is FIGHT
and various seminars. The Learning
Alliance offers something for everyone. to provide stability and growth for various was a 26-week training program in BACK!
public service organizations. Finally, by construction and building maintenance, For more information on the Learning
They have workshops on issues ranging
networking with other organizations across supplemented by workshops in parenting, Alliance call, write, or stop by their office
from "Is Rock Dead ?" to "Columbus,
the country, the Learning Alliance has been physical education, vocational counseling, at 494 BRADWAY, NEW-YORK,NY
Indians, and 1992".
The Learning Alliance has worked to able to bring together the power, expertise, job development, math and reading. The 10012 (212) 226-7171.
and experience of many different groups, Alliance also has a program on informing
realize their goals in four specific ways.
thus building links that bridge different the public on Native American issues. This
The first is through their education and
action programs. These programs are
designed to provide the public with up-to-
date information on women's issues,
homelessness, environmental concerns,
ways to combat racism, and Native
American issues. What makes these
programs unique are that they focus on
helping participants link up with others
interested in working on the same issues as
they are. The second method is to help From NEW YORK round trips starting as
form organizations where one does not LONDON $350
exist and a pressing community issue calls LENINGRAD 610
for one. The Learning Alliance has assisted
in the formation of the Women's Health CARACAS 410
groups and give all of these a chance to program has been extremely successful in GUATEMALA C.390
Education Project, an organization that is informing the public on Native issues and
dedicated to bringing self-health care to
The Learning Alliance has been actively helping Native American people fight for BANGKOK 939
women in shelters. They have also helped res-AUCKLAND 699
low-income New Yorkers battle the involved in a campaign to provide land rights. They have also established an Ls HGa
education and training for the homeless. "economic development project to support Taxes & surcharges not included.
dumping of toxic wastes in their Native American Crafts and their Fares subject to change
neighborhoods by helping form the New Their work has involved training,
education, and organization conferences respective reservations." 0BOOK OUR LOW FARES HO9 FOR
York Coalition for Environmental Justice. In the past six years the Learning THANKSGMNG!!
and workshops. They have also provided
The Alliance has also formed the Homeless
Movement Group brings together various
organizations that are working to end
homelessness in New York City. Thirdly,
invaluable information to the homeless and
other homeless advocacy groups. They
have organized information sessions to the
Alliance has grown to become one of the
most effective vehicles for social chane in
New Yory City. With the help of a small
CounWi TraFl New York
205 East 42nd Street 64 - 1450
public in order to inform them on the plight dedicated staff and a host of volunteers, the 356 West 34th Street 643-13 65
the Alliance provides technical support for
of the homeless and what to do to change Alliance has been helping to solve some of 35 West 8th Street 254-2525
a variety of organizations which grow out
this growing problem. In 1987, the our city's most pressing problems.
of their programs. From providing office
October 28, 1991 page 3
Ara ian K ights:
The Neglect of a Language
by MJXII Politically and economically the Arabic language Greek wisdom through Western contact with Arab
is important due to recent events in the Middle East. To a speaking peoples, and Western medicine and mathematics
There is a world language which many Stony very large degree the West is very dependent on Arab oil, also owe a great deal to Arabic.
Brook professors feel is being neglected despite it's world and more and more political science and economics Arabic used to be taught through the Department
importance. That language is Arabic and several students are becoming literate in Arabic. Recently an Intro of Linguistics by a Graduate Student who left the
important members of the faculty are pressing to have an to Arabic course was offered at Columbia University and University and the administration failed to find a
Introductory course taught in the Spring '92 semester. 80 students signed up which was a sharp increase in a replacement. Professor Elizibeth Stone who is one of the
"The situation in regards to non-European class size which was traditionally only 10 or 12 students. proponents of drive to get Administration to fund an Intro
languages is shameful...the administration has totally Professor Chittick the Associate Professor of Religious course has been increasing the pool of students who are
neglected this very important need-to provide the Studies here at Stony Brook first became exposed to the interested in taking Arabic. She and Professor Badr who
necessary resources to teach the major world languages..." Arabic Language at the American University of Beirut is a Computer Science Professor and also the Director of
remarked Linguistics Professor S.N. Sridhar. The Arabic which used to be known as "the Paris of the Middle East," International Studies feel that teaching Arabic would be
language is especially important because it is the Holy and it was here on the lovely shores of the Medeterrainian "an important step towards solving the enormous neglect
Language of almost one quarter of the world's people, the that he studied Arabic and Islamic thought and philosophy. of Middle Eastern studies", here on campus.
Moslems. The Sacred Language of Islam, Arabic,is also He says that Arabic is an "extremely important language Students who feel that they need to learn Arabic
the most widely spoken of the Semitic languages, which of what is known as the Third World and given the or who have an inherent interest in seeing Middle Eastern
include Hebrew. There seems to be no shortage of Hebrew changing nature of the world we live in it is going to be studies increased on campus should sign a petition
studies on this campus, and many feel this is breeding a more important." hanging on Professor Badr's door in the Computer Science
pervasive condition which leads to an ignorance and He also point out that historically Western office. Try to do this by Wednesday as there is a meeting
miscommunication with the rest of the Middle Eastern thought and science was heavily influenced by the Arabic with Administration about this and the support of the
peoples. Language. During the Renaissance there was a rebirth of students needs to be accurately documented.

I ~c -- I I r I
- i ' I ' I ' ' I I I I 9~~11CL
II-4Bl ~' ,
e Press Law Center notes that "altho ugh
Americans are celebrating the 20 tOth
Distinguished Professor at Stony Brook. Also
on the bill are Vince Clemente, Maxwell
R oden berry anniversary of the Bill of Rights, tomorrc)W's
professional journalists report that those who
run schools have no idea what theF irst
Wheat, and Adam Fisher.
The Museums will also celebrate Veterans
Day, with free admission to all Veterans, and
is D ead S *o*
Amendment is all about" Thank God wee do
not have to worry about that on this campu s. The Best of the Comics Exhibit. The
Museums are also interested in an exhibit for
Creator and producer of the hit T.V series and women in-the military, and are asking women
movies Star Trek, has boldly gone. t veterans from the Korean, Vietnam, and
The impact he has had on science fiction, H l the omputer Operation Desert Storm wars, to bring
however, will always be felt We hope he has * t * O uniforms, journals, and photographs for
gone where no man has gone before. Bye
is Taking Over...,. display.
Journalist, playwright, author and educator

ARA Gets the O.K.... Barbara Garson, whose work has appeared in
Harpers, Newsweek, Ms., and The New York
Que Pasa?
The new campus food service has been rated Times, as well as her own books, will lecture John Beverly, Professor of Hispanic
as slightly better than the old one, but not at on the problems of the computerized Languages and Literatures at University of
Stony Brook. At USB, the results have still not workplace. The program, entitled, "The Plattsburgh will be speaking on "Cultural
come in, but at the University of Delaware, Electronic Sweat Shop: How Computers are Poloticsin Latin America on Thursday, at
polls have indicated that students think the Transforming the Office into the Factory of the 4:30pm , room E-4341 in the Main Library.
dining service is slightly better. This, as it is Past," will be at 8 p.m. on November 14 in the Also Andreas Huyssen Professor of German
known from previous experiences with Staller Center Recital Hall. For more info. call and Comparative Literature at Columbia will
DAKA, does not necessarily mean anything. 632-7000. be speaking on "The Museum as Mass
Long lines, overuse of Styrofoam products, Medium" Thursday, Nov. 7.
and overall slow service, were the major
complaints by Delaware students. According
to the Delaware Undergraduate Student
Samosa Rules..... Yo! Home Boyz...
Music, food, lights, and tales, are all part of an
Congress, who asked students to rate the evening of fun and joy in the New Graduate "Hanging with the Home Boys" will be shown
appearance of the dining halls, the variety of Commons. On November 9, at 5 p.m., the Monday October 28th at 8PMat The Village
the food, the taste of the food, the speed of Diwali party will begin and students are urged Cinema in Port Jefferson, call 2-7765 or 928-
service, availability of nutritional information, to come on down and tell stories. Children are 9100 for ticket info.
staff and management, the students either rated sure to enjoy the mythology and tales of the
the service very high, or very low. Also
according to DUSC, "ARA is very receptive to
significance of Diwali in different parts of
India. Contact Hira Dath 689-2726 or Prateek Contemporary
the student voice." Misha 632-8450 for more information.
The following Saturday at 3:30 in the Earth Chamber
Freedom of and Space Sciences Building, the 102nd
birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru will be Players...
the Press commemorated. A special talk by the former
vice-chancellor of Meerut University, Ramesh
will be presenting this season's first concert on
Wednesday, October 30th at 8:00 pm at the
in Danger..... Moham, will be the featured attraction. For
more info. call 751-1810.
Staller Center for the Arts. Premieres of new
works by graduate students will be performed.
1990 was a busy year for the Student Press
Law Center. 929 college and high school news For more info call 2-7330.
Also November 3rd you can catch an Organ
organizations went there for help, marking a
51% increase over the previous year. In only Art, Poetry, Wine concert by Russell Stinson at 8pm in the Main
Recital Hall.
the first six months of this year, more than 700
student journalists have needed the center's
and Cheese at the
help in fighting censorship and restrictions on
access to government information. Student
That's the
Brezhnev's Children
Stony Brook Museum. On Stony Brook Theater presents "Brezhnev's
editor Tracy Bauer of Southwest Missouri November 3, Pulitzer Prize writer, Louis Children" on October 31, November 1,2 at
State University won the right to see campus Simpson, who is the author of 12 books of 8pm and Nov.1,3 at 2pm tickets are available
security reports held by her school, in the poetry, a novel, an autobiography, and five at the Staller Center Box office for $8 for
groundbreaking federal court decision Bauer works of literary criticism, will read selections students.
vs. Kincaid. Executive Director of the Student of his work. Simpson was recently appointed

- '1

TI SI-tft A l
Cvo' Drtg r- Ammo
_ I II MMHillillHIAR

THE Al J>L" IRun
1? un RuI?
NO Will He or
For President?
ZEALOT by Dave Suarez
Within two weeks, the hopes of
Our next President?
consequently are supportive of Cuomo's greatest challenge could
many Democrats throughout the candidates whose stances are the most come from Bob Kerrey currently the
Overshadowed by the race for County nation may be fulfilled. That's part liberal. Bill Clinton, former Democratic front runner. The
Executive is the contest between Democratic because Mario Cuomo, who emerged chairman of the Democratic freshman Senator is a compelling
incumbent, Steve Englebright, and his as one of the parties' brightest stars Leadership Council (an organization speaker and stands out in the
Republican challenger, Tony Moncayo, in after his stirring speech at the 1984 of moderate to conservative Democratic field because of a
the fifth legislative district. This pivotal Democratic Convention, will Democrats who believe that the party distinguishing because of a
district encompasses the areas of Port announce within that time period is not mainstream enough), is a distinguished military record in the
Jefferson Station, Port Jefferson, Belle Terre, whether or not he will throw his hat in charismatic speaker, but shares views Korean War. Upon closer
Old Field, Stony Brook, Setauket and East the ring for President of the United that may be too conservative for the examination though, Kerry's stock
Setauket. Englebright has represented this States. SHOULD Cuomo decide to average Democratic Primary voter. might start to plummet on numerous
district since 1982. run, he will join a field of candidates Ditto for Paul Tsongas and Doug issues, most memorable a provocative
Moncayo, who was unsuccessful in his that includes former Massachusetts Wilder. Tsongas' insistence that the speech against the proposed American
1989 bid for the legislative seat, still Senator Paul Tsongas, Virginia Democratic party needs to be more Flag Amendment in 1990 in the
contends that the incumbent is a one-issue Governor Douglas Wilder, Iowa pro-business has yet to strike a Nebraskan has had no success in
candidate. He further says that Englebright's Senator Tom Harkin, Nebraska responsive chord and probably won't, getting legislation he's sponsored
concept of environmentalism excludes the Senator Bob Kerrey, Arkansas while Wilder, the only African- through Congress. Kerry has the
total picture. To the challenger, Englebright Governor Bill Clinto, and former American to be elected governor, makings of a future leader of the
would have the taxpayers saddled with tax California Governor Jerry Brown. stresses his fiscally conservative Democrats, perhaps in 1996, but next
increases in order to buy additional Cuomo, who is already talking like a record as chief executive of Virginia year may be a litti - early for him to be
environmentally sensitive land, which would candidate with his incessant bashing but need more of a message to his party's standard bearer.
never be revenue producing. Moncayo in recent weeks of President Bush's distinguish himself form the pack. In all likelihood, a Cuomo
favors a balance between development and domestic policy, would instantly be Challenging Cuomo from the liberal candidacy would win the Democratic
conversation. considered the Democratic fringes of the party are Brown and nomination. It doesn't take a great
Fortunately, Steve Englebright possesses frontrunner. Harkin. Brown, a maverick Democrat, stretch of imagination to envision the
the sophisticated and broad vision to realize Cuomo holds several advantages denounces both major parties for New York Governor winning the New
that the economy and the environment are over the other Democrats officially being corrupt and non-ideological and Hampshire Primary, (which is almost
intrinsically linked to Suffolk County. He campaigning. One clear-cut advantage is campaigning on a pledge to accept always a barometer of how successful
understands that there is a move to increase is name recognition. Other than donations nc greater than $100. a candidate will be) and continuing to
tourism in Suffolk, and that tourism depends Brown, who has twice unsuccessfully Sincere in his conviction, Brown, gather momentum all the way to the
on the picturesque, clean vistas which sought the Democratic nomination, dubbed as "Governor Moon-beam" Democratic National Convention in
remain. Englebright suggests that increased none of the Democratic hopefuls are when he was California governor, is New York City. Provided he wins the
tourism attracted by secluded coves, tree- known beyond by the electorate dismissed by political experts as a nomination, Cuomo faces an uphill
lined country roads, limpid ponds, and outside of their beyond by the man on a crusade but not a serious battle against Bush. Keep in mind
flower-bedecked meadows, can generate electorate outside of their region, like candidate due to his radical views. though that peace and prosperity are
enough tourist dollars to offset the need for the governor is. Cuomo also dwarfs Harkin, nearly as fiery and components that get presidents re-
increased taxes. the opposition in fund-raising ability. charismatic an orator as Cuomo is a elected and it's anyone's guess if the
He has little patience with those who fail So far, Tsongas leads all candidates in shoe-in to win the Iowa Caucus (after economy will be out of the recession
to see that pure ground water is absolutely funds raised even though he has failed all it's his home state), but could come November of 1992. Even
essential to the future of any kind of the $1 million mark. Cuomc, on the rapidly fade thereafter. A particularly Republican pollsters concede that
enterprise in Suffolk County. He is opposed other hand, has $3.8 million left from stinging attacker of Republican Bush will be in for a close race with
to such schemes as cluster zoning, which his gubernatorial race last year and federal policies, Harkin's Achilles Cuomo or any other Democrat for that
poses a threat to the water table by creating would be able to use most of it in the heel is that he is known to offend matter if the recession persists. Also
potential sources of pollution, and disruption primaries. Additional funds are on the audiences with off-color remarks. keep in mind that Cuomo thrived in
of the natural flow patterns. way too, as the governor is sootn Commenting on Bush's employment the role of underdog once before. In
Among his accomplishments are his having a $1,000 a plate fund raiser. of troops during the Persian Gulf 1982, the then lieutenant Governor
support of the plastics law, the nation's first Perhaps the greatest advantage conflict, Harkin compared it to teen Cuomo was given virtually no chance
such law. His support of land acquisitions Cuomo would have over the other sex, commenting that it was "too of winning the states governorship
resulted in wetlands and parklands in the S. candidate is that nine years as quick in and too quick out." The because New York City's popular
Setauket Pine Barrens. Most recently, he governor of the country's media Iowan senator also could face a Mayor Ed Koch was a roadblock in
succeeded in having New York state capital have made Democrats credibility problem, as he has been the Democratic Primary. Cuomo,
designate the barrens and Peconic River throughout the country aware that he known to exaggerate his exploits in though upset the pundits with a
estuary as the "Pine Barrens Maritime victory over Koch and bested

is a liberal. While this revelation the U.S. armed services. While this
Preserve." His efforts have earned him the could be a hindrance in the general was not an issue in his senatorial Republican Lew Lehrman in the
Iendorsement of the Sierra Club. election, Democratic primary voters races, it's guaranteed to be in the race general election.
for the nation's biggest seat.
IL -- tend to be the parties ideologues and


Don't Be a Fascist,
---- I ---- II- I wVQtqQI
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The arsaw Ghettos

provoking the opposite block and groups" (like the 5 million Croatians into more extreme nationalism and
by Darko Mrakovcic jeopardizing its own security. (Many third whose 11 century old kingdom ceased to economic autarky as a means of asserting
world countries were seen as either siding exist only in 1918) from gaining their unrecognized political sovereignty.It
openly with Eastern block or pursuing non- independence. By now the inevitability of is quite clear that the West is now finally
aligned and accordingly anti-western creation of new states has become quite changing its attitudes towards Eastern
The Serbian aggression of Croatia has policies.) obvious along with possibly disastrous Europe. That has even been accompanied
entered its final phase in a way that seemed Thus, when the communist block consequences of western short-sightedness: with a gradual change of policies. But
rinrrrneivshbl tn mnrt PwectPrn Ruseqia
LU aLaI, % 1 aL ,r
TUkrain elonrussia
% % & and unless this process is accelerated Europe's
observers.The post cold war Kazakhstan could become independent slide toward a new catastrophe could
Europe, so confident about states with strategic nuclear potential, become irretrievable.
becoming a paragon of the almost bitter disputes over territories and
utopian new world order, prosperity minority rights, and a defiance towards
and social justice is now faced with the western countries which for so long EVOLUTION
a real large scale genocide taking refused to recognize their legitimate
place within 300 km from Vienna right of political sovereignty.The West OF WESTERN
or Venice. Since the Oct 1 issue of could have prevented the imminent new
The Press the Croatian tragedy has world disorder by recognizing this right PERCEPTIONS
assumed even greater and by decisively setting up new rules
proportions.E.g,. the battle of by which the international community OF CROATIA
"Croatian Stalingrad" (i.e. the city would severely restrict the
of Vukovar) has now also become independence of the new countries (and Croatia presents a clear case of how
reminiscent of the siege of not only theirs) in order to prevent their ominous the classification of a nation as
Leningrad: in the shelters and territorial disputes from escalating into "non-western" can be. If the ongoing
cellars of this obliterated city at wars. It is quite likely that the only destruction and genocide were happening
least 2000 starving children and instrument needed to accomplish this only 100 km westward in Austria and Italy,
many more civilians are seeking objective would have been economic Americans would certainly not enjoy such
refuge from the incessant heavy pressure, i.e. conditions on aid or at an extensive coverage of Supreme Court
bombardment by the frenzied worst total embargo and isolation of nomination hearings. Instead, there would
"federal" i.e. Serbian army. That is countries not willing to settle their be the same dismay and alarm which
how the latest cease fire looks like disputes with neighboring countries dominates the media in Poland, France and
in many towns of Eastern Croatia. peacefully. (The military option would all those countries where the idea that
Before the cease fire the army had have been required only in case of unlike Kuwaitis Croatians are not
launched an all-out attack across distinctly fascist regimes.) In fact, the westerners sounds absurd. The lack of a
Croatia. In spite of the predictions political leaderships of most of the unified western attitude towards aggression
of many western reporters that independence minded peoples were not of Croatia can be explained by, among
Croatian defenses would melt like irrationally nationalist as reported in other things, the fact that few Americans
butter, no major Croatian town has western media, but reasonable enough are aware that the Venetian republic,which
been taken. But, of course, the to be nrenared to eive un the full was probably the most affluent, the most
"federal" army did manage to inflict The brother and wife of a Croatian independence by subordinating to the civilized and certainly the most democratic
heavy losses on the civilian population killed in fighting authority of the international state of Europe in 16th and 17th century,
by using even the forbidden cluster community. E.g. as long as two years included most of Southern Croatia, i.e.
bombs and, according to Croatian sources, suddenly and unpredictably (according to ago Croatian and Slovenian leaders clearly Eastern Adriatic coast. (Those Croatians
napalm bombs in their indiscriminate CIA) collapsed there have been stated they would not have minded joining voluntarily joined the Venetian republic
bombardment of many besieged Croatian announcements of creation of a new world a political union on European level. Their because of its material support in their
cities. From the military aspect the crucial order characterized by world-wide single "irrationality" consisted only in refusal to continuous wars against Turks.) It is not
question now is whether Croatia has market and concerted actions of the remain in a totalitarian Balkan "modern generally known in the US that among the
amassed enough weapons to withstand this international community (led by the only federation" with Serbian domination. It Croatian scholars of that time there was
all-out assault.The very fact that in the superpower left) in preventing local was the present Croatian president who had Martin Luther's collaborator and cofounder
crucial moment the army high command conflicts and overthrowing aggressive then come up with the now generally of protestantism theologist Matthias
accepted the Croatian offer of a cease fire totalitarian regimes.(The protection of the accepted (even by the West) formula of a Flacius (Vlacic) Illyricus, or the leading
indicates that the army has reached such a right of self-determination for the half a confederation df sovereign states. humanist of the counter- reformation era
conclusion. But it is also possible that the million Kuwaities was referred to as a In conclusion, the fall of communism Marco Marulich, or the first continental
army is again just regrouping and trying to model for dealing with aggressions.) But resulted in a situation in which the most physicist who became familiar with
deblockade by negotiations its huge the new world order could now be powerful countries (like those belonging to Newton's "Principia Mathematica"
potential in the barracks besieged by transforming into a disorder much worse G7) had a common ideology that implied Ruggero Boscovich. (He also wrote his
Croatians. than the cold war. The US does not seem to realization of their economic and strategic own "Principia Mathematica" which were
have quite successfully overcome the idea interests by methods more efficient and later described by Nietzsche as the
of a sharp division between the "western more acceptable than military conquest.
THE NEW world" and "non-western world", i.e. Thus it was not unrealistic to expect the
philosophical foundation of theoretical
physics. As an illustration, Boscovich was
between first-class nations and second- emergence of a reasonably stable world
WORLD class nations. Eastern European peoples order characterized by a more or less
the first philosopher who overcame the
idea of atoms being particles with a certain
DISORDER have automatically been classified as "non-
western" and thus no international
voluntary acceptance of quite centralized
international community. Unfortunately,
shape, colour, density and other
macroscopic properties.) Of those few
These days the American public is being mechanism has been created which would the West was reluctant to undertake radical Americans who have heard of Croatia, a
served by the mainstream media elaborate prevent the turbulent events in the measures with such an objective because of majority knows knows only that Croatians
assessments of the possibility of release of collapsing "multiethnic" (more correctly the assessment that it could turn a blind eye are an "ethnic group" in the Yugoslav
another western hostage, in depth analysis multinational) communist empires from on suppression of national and human "nation" which, like the rest of the
of virtues of Supreme Court nominees and getting out of control. The only interest the rights in the "non-western" world and thus Balkans, was for five centuries occupied by
similar selected topics. On the other hand, West has shown in its former formidable preserve a sufficiently stable peace without Turks, and is thus oriental, i.e. non-
tragic events in Sudan,Liberia or Brasil adversary (i.e. Eastern Europe) is due to its any effort. (That is why Saddam Hussein western.(In reality, even Serbians could not
involving lives of millions hardly get any huge markets and to the concern that managed to suppress the Kurdish rebellion be classified as an oriental people although
coverage. Although multinational potential conflicts could affect the and politicians like Gorbachov or Yugoslav they actually were under Turkish rule, and
companies have established quite close ties neighboring western countries. prime minister Markovic were supported it left idelible consequences in their
between many of these countries and the In order to ensure stability of peace with by the West long after they had lost any mentality. Indeed, before the Turkish
Western world, transparent arguments like the least possible effort the West has substantial influence in their disintegrating conquest they had a culture quite
"it does not affect us" or "it does not adopted policies inconsistent both with the countries.) But it has turned out that such comparable to that of Byzantium, and they
involve vital American interests" have proclaimed new-world-order ideal of self- policies were much more adventurous than kept their orthodox Christianity throughout
been sufficient to make an average determination and with the realities of the alternative, i.e. establishment of the Turkish occupation.) Those Americans
American more interested in the plight of Eastern Europe. More precisely, it was universal criteria for basic rights of peoples would probably be surprised if they found
one "westerner" than in events determining wrongly assessed that an orderly and individuals would have been.The out that the Berlin scenes from "The
destinies of whole "non-western" disintegration of the Soviet Union or double standards according to which Winds of War" were actually shot in the
nations.(This argumentation has been so Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia was either Kuwaitis are a people and Croatians are an streets of Croatian capital Zagreb.
efficient because it exploits latent racism or impossible or would require an enormous ethnic group have not only led to a full Although most Europeans agree
at least superiority feelings characteristic of effort of the western countries (including a scale war and destruction in the heart of that according to cultural and even
all relatively prosperous societes.) A more military presence) to prevent wars between Europe, but also created an extremely economic criteria Croatia belongs to the
credible argument was that during the cold emerging independent states. Thus the volatile situation in the East. Even the West, the resulting concern of the public
war the West could not afford to meddle West has persistently supported centralist economic goals of the West have been has not yet translated into actions by the
and exert a positive influence in the affairs forces in those countries in their futile missed: the emerging states in the former governments. It seems that such actions
of the third world without the risk of attempts to prevent the oppressed "ethnic Soviet Union have been literally pushed have so far been obstructed by Britain.

The Stony Brook Press page 6

I · _ __ _ _ HMMMIIM

of Croatia
concern (suggested by the Serbian media historians held a conference with the
and their anti-German hysteria) that objective to give a credible version of the
Germany is again attempting a subtle complex and tragic Yugoslav wartime
Drang nach Osten and Croatians are again history. Of course, this should imply an
playing the role of fifth columnists among admission by the British historians that a
the South Slavonic peoples. It was argued long time after the war they played down
that if Europe helps Croatia in repelling the the British (inadvertent) complicity in the
Serbian aggression, the resulting massacre of a huge number (probably over
disintegration of Yugoslavia "in German 100,000) of conscripts in the puppet
interest" would make Russians side with Croatia's army in June 1945 by
their Slavonic brethren, and the scenario of suppressing this massacre. Similarly, their
the first world war would be played again assesssments of the war crimes against the
(see "Time", Sept.30). The absurdity of Croatian population committed by the
this theory became apparent when the British-supported (until 1943) Serbian
Russian support for Serbia disappeared Nazi-colaborationists ("cetniks") should be
with Yeltsin's victory and the definitive
fall of totalitarian communism in Russia.
reexamined. One of the first air raids on the Croatian capital of Zagreb
So far the Croatian authorities have been
After that France became as vociferous as quite inefficient in refuting the accusations imposed arms embargo, and that the troops besieged cities of Vukovar and Dubrovnik
Germany in its support for Croatia, and of the fascist character of the new Croatian from those barracks were about to deal it might end in deaths of tens of thousands of
even the British attitude shifted slightly. In state. Since the "federal " administration the final blow, this statement was their defenders and civilians. (Not even
connection with this theory of Croatians as and diplomacy is by and large acting on incredibly cynical. It was tantamount to women and children were allowed to
traditional allies of German expansionism, behalf of Serbian nationalism using very blaming Poles for waging war against evacuate these cities with populations of
it is interesting to note that in a Stony successfully the Yugoslav disguise, it took Germany in 1939. Until a month ago some 60000 and 70000 respectively. In Vukovar
Brook history course last semester it was very long even for some obvious and EC leaders tried to justify their passivity by every single building has been rased to the
said that "Croats have problems with their incredible lies to be refuted. E.g. it was suggesting even that the Balkans belong to ground and the supplies of food are
Slavic identity". It is an indication of how considered for a long time in the US that Europe only geographically and genocides running out.) Given the enormous Serbian
successfully the official Serbian only the (very sparsely populated) "Serbian are of a common and inevitable occurence losses in persistent attacks on these cities
historiography presented its version of dominated areas" were contentious, while there. Although this was a predictable and a large number of Serbian fascist
modern South Slavonic history in the in reality the fiercest battles are being suggestion, the public did not agree that it ("cetnik") units among the attackers,
Anglo-Saxon world. The basic idea was to waged for invaluable industrial and urban saves the "highly civilized" Western Geneva conventions would most likely be
identify the Croatian people with the areas with a distinct Croatian majority. Europeans from responsibility.(After all, temporarily suspended in case of Serbian
marginal fascist ("ustase") party brought to Thus the aggression of Croatia by Serbia the notion of genocide is not so victory. (Incidentally, that would not be
power by the German Nazis in1941. This was cast as a suppression by Croatia of a incompatible with western civilization- the without precedent in this war.) But much
party indeed promoted a "theory" of the rebellion by the "existentially threatened" conquest of the Americas or the Drang more is at stake than these two cities:
Gothic origin of Croatians. Their Serbian minority. Furthermore, Croatia nach Osten in this century were not carried although elsewhere the situation is not so
arguments were the fact that Ostro-Goths was accused of introducing legislation out exclusively by means of persuasive critical, at least four more cities and many
had spent about half a century on the denying even the cultural rights of the power of a superior culture.) On the smaller towns are being fiercely attacked.
territory of the present day Croatia, and the Serbian minority, while in fact an contrary, if Europe does not act urgently There are even indications that the
proportion of blond people among unlimited cultural autonomy had been and decisively to stop the Croatian tragedy, "federal" army could make one more
Croatians. (Of course, this proportion is offered from the very beginning. its political leaders will undoubtedly be attempt to overrun the whole of Croatia, in
about the same as with most Slavonic or Fortunately these succesesof Serbian condemned by future historians as direct spite of the remarkable resistance put up by
Germanic peoples.) Needles to say, this propaganda are not comparable with those accomplices in this genocide against one of the embryonic lightly armed Croatian army
theory was laughed at by mainstream it achieved in Serbia itself: there massacres the oldest European peoples.This by no during the last offensive two weeks ago,
Croatian historians and a huge majority of of Serbians by Croatian police were means sounds like an overstatement if one and although now even the western
Croatians. Still, the efficiency of the reported at the same time when the western is aware of how counterproductive those observers do not have doubts that such a
Serbian propaganda is such that during his reporters could not hide their surprise at few measures undertaken by the EC have bloodbath would eventually result
recent visit to Moscow the Croatian Croatia's refraining from any actions to been. inSerbian defeat.
president felt compelled to remind Yeltsin quell the ten months long open rebellion. What has so far prevented the EC from The above mentioned inertia in
that it was the 16th century Croatian taking the obvious steps that would Europe's actions in spite of the fact that the
scholars like Juraj Krizanic and Mathias immediately reduce the scale of the war "peace conference" in the Hague obviously
Flacius Illyricus who founded the pan-
Slavonic movement and that Slavonic
An aggression and perhaps even bring about the lasting
solution of the crisis? Of course, one
hardly have anything to do with situation
on the ground, can only be explained as an
identity of Croatians has never been in
question. (E.g. Flacius considered the
inadvertently should distinguish between the above cited
absurd arguments presented to the public in
attempt by the EC to play down its
unspeakable blunders in the past. Its
Croatian language as "the mother of all
languages" since it was spoken from
sponsored by EC order to justify the actions of the
governments and the real reasons which
abbandonment of further "negotiations"
with Serbia would mean an open admission
Moscow to Adriatic, and Latin and German When other international factors which direct those actions. By now it has become of those blunders. The repercussions on the
looked like its simplified versions. In other could have influenced the course of events clear to everyone (including the architects domestic political scene of Western
words, he confused Croatian with the Indo- (like USA and UN) authorized the of the EC policies) that those real reasons European countries would clearly be
European proto-language two centuries European Community to act on their behalf actually consist of a series of incredible negative. Thus, in order to make the
before the idea of Indo-European family of in defusing the Yugoslav crisis, the misjudgements, namely an overestimation reversal of its policies less conspicuous, the
languages appeared in Western Europe.) European leaders gladly assumed the of the true federalist faction in the Serbian Community carries it out very gradually,
It should also be said that the above responsibility. But when it turned out that politics, an underestimation of Croatian continues to "negotiate" and calls each of
mentioned Serbian version of history, quite contrary to their predictions and preparedness for war and an overestimation Serbia's meaningless concessions "a
which is so widespread in the Anglo-Saxon expectations Yugoslavia was doomed to of effectiveness and military power of the modest progress". Similarly, media like the
world, includes denigration of Croatians disintegrate and the events took an federal army. BBC World Service justify their
for all that happened in Yugoslavia during ominous turn, they even failed to show Despite this realization there is an governments' actions by reporting that
WWII.For instance, the number of Serbian enough flexibility to reexamine their amazing inertia in Europe's actions. Community has already used "all the
victims of Croatian fascists is probably analysis, admit their miscalculations and Although very recently the EC has finally means at its disposal", but with little or no
exaggerated tenfold and the fact that publicly identify the side which perpetrated condemned the Serbian regime and effect. That notwithstanding, it is quite
Serbian Nazi-collaborationists committed a aggression and genocide. Instead of unambiguously sided with Croatia, it has likely that for instance one of the key
genocide against Croatians of possibly isolating Serbia and helping Croatia to neither recognized its sovereignty, nor issues in the the upcoming election
greater proportions is never mentioned, just defend itself, the EC politicians were only lifted the arms embargo of Croatia, nor campaign in Britain will be the EC's
like the fact that many more Croatians able to give hypocritical statements like arranged an oil embargo of Serbia, nor persistence in absurd negotiations and an
were fighting against the Nazis than with "There is not much the world can do" or completely isolated Serbia diplomatically incredible passivity in spite of the ongoing
them. (Churchill referred to the free even "The situation is so complex that only and economically. Instead, there have only bloodshed and destruction. Thus the longer
territory in Croatia as "Croatian miracle".) Yugoslavs can really understand it". been announcements of recognition of the EC officials refuse to admit their
Very few westerners are aware of how Unfortunately, this was not an open Croatia in two months provided the blunders in the past and to offer Croatia
hnany of the present Croatian leaders admission of incompetence, but rather a negotiations don't bring an end to the more than just declarative support, the
(including the president) were wartime face saving explanation intended to conflict. Thus, Europe's policies are even greater could be the actual political damage
commanders of the Croatian anti-fascist appease the public and suggested to them now in perfect agreement with Serbian suffered by the parties in government.
guerrillas ("partisans") and thus protected by the Yugoslav (i.e. disguised great- leaders' expectations. Indeed, after its
the same Serbian minority which they Serbian) diplomats. When Croatians in intentions became transparent, Serbia's ED. Note: More information on the Serbo-
allegedly plan to exterminate now. Given early September escalated the war by strategy is clearly to buy time by Croatian conflict will appear in PartII of
the fact that large segments of Serbian besieging and attacking the "federal" army pretending to negotiate and to this story in the next issue of the Press.
population are manipulated by such barracks in Western Croatia, a high British simultaneously conquer as much of
Serbian misrepresentations of history, the official concluded "We can't impose peace Croatian territory as possible before
war in Croatia could certainly be brought on them if both sides are so eager to fight". Europe finally introduces sanctions. If the
to an end more easily if impartial foreign Given the facts that prior to this escalation Community indeed waits one or two
Croatia was losing the war due to the EC- months, the ongoing fierce battles of the
October 28, 1991 page 7
I I I . MIm

Ticket Meister

with Bob Beakman

They've Got Us By Our Lower Loge
It is not often one gets the opportunity My frustration had grown quite a bit, overall Java man vocabulary, I decided to Knowing that this was unlikely in this age
to see a great concert like the upcoming and I was ready to give up when take my frustrations one step further and of self interest, I queried Emos, "are you
Walden Woods benefit starring Don suddenly, it happened-the bull horn in my search for further evidence of this so livid over this because you feel the
Henley, Billy Joel, and Sting. Nor is it ear was extinguished, the phone began to debacle. public is being ripped off?" His reply was
likely an individual would have the spare ring. A feeling of liberation and victory Believing that the monopolist's goal is of course the most selfless I could have
month required to wait on line at the box had overcome me. Was I about to get to screw the world made me think of the expected, "you (reference to a male
office to obtain tickets. It is for this very gratification.....of course not. I do not Brook, where (like colleges across the reproductive organ), forget the public,
reason, that we as a species are forced to know if the rest of the population loves country) the government (king of the those crooks jipped me out of money on
use the courteous and helpful services of electronic voice answering machines, but monopolists) iron handedly removes all my paychecks."
the Ticket Meister. boy do I. In the hour that I listened to it monies from the pockets of students for Following my great adventure through
After a recent attempt to acquire tix to mumble, it told me how glad it was I the betterment of causes that are far more the arena of the ticket world, I have
the above mentioned show, I realized that called 156 times. It also succeeded in needy-for instance, any small rebellious compiled the following list of earth
taking a sabbatical from my job and driving my bowels to eruption. In an militant group who needs guns. Also at shattering suggestions for the ears of
waiting on line might be the prudent thing astonishingly agile maneuver, I left my the Brook, I was sure I would find some T.M. (all recommended by Emos
to do next time. My odyssey began at plastic funding, along with instructions to poor soul, who in the never ending search Prickstein and my mother, who never
9:00 a.m., along with 57 zillion other order two tickets, with my partner, as I for any butt-sucking job that could be used T.M.. but has an opinion on
sloths, too lazy to wait on line. With made my way to relief. scrapped up, might have stumbled upon everything):
receiver pressed between head and neck, Mounting the throne is generally one of the Meister. Sure enough I did-A second 1. Actually paying your employees
my dialing finger busily operated the the highlights of my day. I relish the year senior (what a surprise) Emos with a salary above a fraction, might
keys. Being adept with the redial key, I solace found in porcelain silence. After Prickstein. entice someone with say, a brain, to be in
believed I stood a chance at but a minute of colon cleansing, a Emos, who asked to remain anonymous your employment.
success.....wrong. Though we are in the clangorous knock came down upon the in fear of becoming popular, was himself 2. It might be nice if you install a
era of high technology, fiber optics, and door some 20 feet away from me. It was an aspiring ticket agent. According to third or fourth phone to compliment the
canned luncheon meat, the New York followed by "come out, there is a Emos, T.M. was an organization run by, paltry two that you presently have.
City phone system is advanced as a problem." Realizing this was the voice of "the most anally oriented meat bags to 3. If you note that an employee is as
hollerin' yodeler. Apparently the 14 my partner, I dropped what I was doing ever roam the face of the planet." It was bright as a corn flake, try placing him or
bazillion simultaneous calls, common at (so to speak) and darted retentively to the quite obvious by Mr. Prickstein's positive her in a position less exposed to the
the commencement of the ticket race, are door. My, what a pleasant sensation. My demeanor that he had only feelings of public, like P.R. spokesman.
slightly too much for the two receiving partner looked laughingly at me and said, warmth and compassion to convey about Finally, we must, as we do in the
phones at T.M. to handle. Instead of "only single seats remain." Taking the his former employer. Emos went on to Administration building, grit our teeth
hearing the expected, soothing sounds of phone, and believing that the ticket agent say, " Those money hungry bastards, not and prepare for the worst. If you can
a busy signal, I heard what seemed to be a might fall higher on the food chain than a only scalp 90% of all tickets sold today, avoid the whole mess by going directly to
Pratt and Whitney BGE986y-560 jet marshmallow, I asked if any seats were but they do so under the aegis of the law." the box office, do it.
engine.....DIRECTLY IN MY EAR. But available one in front of the other. Mr. I, as a reporter of the news, thought I was
this only went on for about an hour and a Mental Health replied, "we don't have observing a man who felt that an injustice
half, so it was not that bad. that." Impressed with his helpfulness and was perpetrated against the public.

Federal Dining Hall

4".,, ,

more from the boy with the beak

by Bob Beakman Gratin like a fine wine.
At this point, my hardest choice was
As I was meandering through the historic deciding between laughing and puking. My
foyers of the inauguration site at the great friend though, who we will call Marvin,
George Washington Federal Hall, I noticed threw himself in direct danger (of being hit
through the archaic window, an unusual with vomit and oral ejections), just to speak
shanty-like structure. It seemed that on the with chef tell about her fine dining habits
rooftop of the much smaller, adjacent (all for the sake of journalism).
building, a homeless woman had built a Upon asking her why she ate the cigarette
makeshift shelter of wood and plastic. As I soup she replied, "Don't knock it 'till you
scanned this Wall Street "Hilton," I was try it" In a show of literary genius, Marvin
surprised to see the tenant scrubbing her replied, "oh." She continued, "want some?"
feet in a large water filled bowl. Intrigued Marvin, again displaying his journalistic
by her preening preciseness, I observed like skill, replied "oh no!"
a child watching an ant farm. She Realizing the futility of listening to the
meticulously picked and prodded until all chit chat of Julia Child and Marvin (the
jams, cheeses and the like were sufficiently wordmaster), I returned to work, puzzled
loose to be rinsed. Her hygiene was most about today's society. I realized that in this
impressive. Those living in the street must great city we have a split homeless
have a difficult time maintaining a good population. We have the abjectly poor
cleanliness level. A regular reminder of this family people whose needs overpoweringly
is evidenced in the baseball cap donning by outweigh their means. There also exists a
the Sunday morning crowds in the school wandering colony of misplaced college
cafeterias. My impressions were soon students, who much like their dead-head
brought to a screeching halt. cousins use disgust, dirt, filth and vileness,
In a bowl wrenching move, our glamour in an attempt to gain pity.
gal hostess took the ashes and butts from Always remember, when dominoes is
her ash tray and tossed them into her toe- closed............there's always Federal Hall.
funk vicheysois. Seeing how appetizing
this delicacy must be, she traded in her P.S. Marvin is an ex-Broker, who was at
pedicure kit for a place setting for one. Ms. one time an English major, though you
Vagabond began sipping the Marlboro au could probably tell.

The Stony Brook Press page 8

The Agony and the ECSTASY
Make an Informed Choice.
"3 -4 -methylenedioxymethamphetamine: a synthetic drug at marketing it as such. Then in the early 60's problems, hypertension, asthma, seizural
related structurallyto both the stimulant amphetamine and psychotherapists started to prescribe the drug to alcoholics disorders,diabetes, no long-lasting mental problems, or
the hallucinogen mescaline. Taken in doses of 75 to 175 and had a modest amount of success treating them. people not on medication, MDMA has very little risk of
mg., by mouth, to produce intensification of feelings, self- Experiments done in the eighties, as well as bad press serious short term effects. But what of the damage done to
exploration, relaxation, heightened self-esteem, and better given to the drug,sparked government investigation and the nervous system? A paper published in January of 1987
relationswith others..." subsequent outlawing of MDMA as well as potential showed that nerve damage was present in rats at four times
'analogs' or alternate forms of the drug. This action the normal human dosage. In The Journal of
The Psychiatric Dictionary. 6th. ed. Robert Campbell resulted in much criticism of the Drug Enforcement Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics in the
1989 p.431 Administration as the law effectively outlawed alternate article "Neurotoxicity of the Psychedelic Amphetamine
states of consciousness as well as the drugs that produce Methalenedioxymethamphetamine," Dr.Schmidt wrote
"I literally got rid of a lot of negative material I had them, possibly ruling out experimental psychiatric "The possibility that humans might likewise be sensitive to
carried around with me, forever...I"m continually getting therapies. MDMA-induced neurotoxicity must not be overlooked."
better, brighter, happier,clearer, and more grounded." MDMA reached a peak of recreational use in England The evidence does show that damage may be done at
This woman was part of a 1985 study of 29 subjects and the U.S. in 1987-88 after the release of the futuristic higher or long-term use, but at a moderate recreational
exposed to the enactogen MDMA, often referred to as 'e', and hypnotic recording "Acid Trax" by the Chicago band usage the effects are negligible. Furthermore, most users
'x', or 'ecstasy'. The euphoric effects of MDMA are well Phuture, which emerged from the underground to report that chronic usage has the tendency of causing bad
documented. Every subject who participated in this study influence a growing sub-culture of what The New trip after bad trip, therefore the drug has a way of
experienced some benefit from MDMA during their Statesman and Society.called "a new youth crusade." discouraging addiction, long before irreparable damage
session, which was reported in The Journal of Acid-houses opened like Shoom, Spectrum, Love and The has been done to the nervous system. The rumors of
Psychoactive Drugs after a 2-day conference on May 17- Trip, and became centers of LSD and MDMA's draining your spinal fluid are totally mythical, and may
18, 1986 on the clinical implications of MDMA. recreational use. One of the first promotional 'hypes' was stem from the typical jaw-clenching or soreness that users
Typically people felt closer and more intimate with anyone in the underground magazine Wet in 1981 where one of experience. And interestingly enough MDMA has been
present. "All 29 subjects reported positive changes in their the earliest uses of the word 'ecstasy' to refer to MDMA consistently excluded from the Drug Abuse Warning
attitudes and feelings," they felt "warmer, fresher, more appeared. Network's list of lethal recreational drugs.
alive...euphoric or loving feelings." Feelings of greater Several deaths were rumored to have been linked to the By far the positive effects of the drug outweigh the
self-confidence and acceptance were reported, as well as use of MDMA. In 1987 The American Journal of Forensic perceived negative risks.
the majority reporting that they learned something about Medical Pathology reported on only 5 deaths that had a One study "concluded that the best use of MDMA is as an
themselves. One subject changed his negative feelings suspected connection to MDMA. One man ingested an adjunct to insight-orientated psychotherapy to facilitate
toward psychotherapy and sought much needed unknown quantity of MDMA, climbed a utility pole and intimacy and communication between people involved in
professional help for problems he had been dealing with at electrocuted himself. A 25-year-old man saw a doctor emotional relationships as well as the treatment of alcohol
work. All 9 with diagnosed Mental Disorders reported about chest pains after using MDMA and on the way home and other drug abuse." (The Journal of Psycoactive Drugs
significant relief from their problems. 18 subjects reported he jumped a curb with his truck and hit a telephone pole "The Background and Chemistry of MDMA" vol.18 1986)
positive emotional changes lasting from several days to and suffered a stress induced heart attack. MDMA has As far as concerns about the purity and safety of street
several weeks. 23 subjects reported positive attitude been known to induce cardiac arrest in people with a versions of the drug, several street preparations were
changes lasting from a week to two years. All of these history of heart disorders, and it can cause complications seized and tested by the Drug Enforcement Agency and
changes reflected more positive beliefs about themselves. in chronic asthmatics who are on strong medication. they were on the average 90% pure. Several other
While there have been reports of people having 'bad Further, mixed with any other substances, drugs or laboratories have produced similar results from random
trips', the majority of the anecdotal experiences of people alcohol, it has been lethal in rare instances of street testing. Much of the ecstasy sold on the streets is
who drop have correlated with the findings of this study. overconsumption. An article in the Journal of the 100% pure or contains slight inert chemical impurities.
People who use 'e' recreationally find that their American Medical Association said "Deaths directly and As far as ecstasy being an aphrodisiac, it appears that
perspective changes. They become more open to others, indirectly related to the use of MDMA do occur, however, MDMA does not increase sexual desire among most
and more in tune with themselves. They experience a they appear to be rare at this time." (March 27,1987) But individuals, but enhances the sensual experience of sex.
greater self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-control, or a the article "Ecstasy and Sudden Cardiac Death" from the This is probably due to the interpretation of increased
real appreciation of being alive. Many people who have a aforementioned journal of forensic pathology, clarified this emotional closeness with others.
history of multiple drug-use alcoholism, and negativity stating "The present cases involve a substance, that, like So fellow ravers, be responsible about your recreation.
find themselves casting these things aside and raving other drugs of abuse, have been misrepresented as being Be healthy if you drop, persons with serious health
positively as a way of life. The positive experiences of the harmless. Indeed,it is not. Furthermore, besides it's ability problems are at risk. Don't mix any of your substances,
raves are so overpowering that newcomers don't have to to cause morbidity by direct overdosage, it can lead to and don't drop and drive. Make sure that any intentional
drop, they are overwhelmed with the spiritual positively of sudden death in users with a pre-existing natural disease altered states of consciousness that you may enter, give
those frequent to the scene. In fact the 'oldtimers' often that is incompatible with the pharmacologic properties of you new insight into yourself and your relationships. No
encourage newcomers not to drop. the drug," but it also said that "it would appear that one should expect 'e' to solve their problems but it may
But what about the rumors that one hears about 'e'? preexisting cardiac disease may be one factor that allow open-minded people to learn more about themselves.
Does it drain your spinal fluid? Does it cause Altzheimers predisposed individuals to sudden death while using these Be as positive and open as the person who said 'e'
or Parkinson's disease? Is it a true aphrodisiac? drugs." (Vol.5#4 1988). And the study mentioned at the "dissolved all the useless structures within my mind," and
The drug MDMA was first patented as an appetite beginning of the article reported that MDMA "was let your body tell you how much is enough. Many who
suppressant in West Germany in 1914. Like other physically safe for all 29 subjects with no negligible side rave and who have dropped in the past no longer need to
amphetamines it does suppress the appetite but the West effects." drop at raves, and some have ceased all substance use.
German company who So it appears that for people with no severe heart

- A

ge 9

The ss Celerates
Drug andAlcohol Awareness Week
alcohol to be labeled non-alcoholic. The alcohol is

by ExtendigIt removed by evaporation boiling or by a mechanical

centrifuge process. Most varieties have an alcoholic
content around 0.1% and 50 to 70 calories.
Pale/Pilsener : clear, crisp, dry, light tasting beer golden in
Alt : clean tasting with reasonable maltiness and a
noticeable hoppy flavor. Generally reddish brown in color
with a moderate alcoholic content
Barley wine : bittersweet flavor with a dark brown color;

AnotherWeek color. Generally, what most people think of when they

think "beer." The name "Pilsener" comes from Pilsen,
Czechoslavakia where the product was first produced in
1842. The brewery is still in operation, producing the well-
alcoholic content approaches wine. Produced by
microbreweries in this country, particularly Anchor and
Sierra Nevada.
Porter : dark, full-bodied, and moderately hopped. Well-
by John Dunn known Pilsner Urquell. Budweiser, Miller, and most other roasted barley gives it the dark color and coffee-chocolate
popular American beers are Pilseners. taste.
Welcome to Beerology 101. During 1the next several Malt Liquor : comes in different varieties with a common Steam: actually a combination of ale and lager brewing
months, we'll be examining all aspects of the course topic: theme - a relatively high alcoholic content. American styles. The name is protected in the U.S. by Anchor
beer. Everything from reviews of new pro)ducts to how to brands concentrate on quantity in the bottle rather than Brewing of San Francisco. Steam beer is a full-bodied
brew your own will be covered. Exams are optional, so quality. Names of malt liquors generally play up the beer, golden in color with a hoppy taste. America's
there's no need to P/NC the course. contribution to the beer world.
Although there is no required text, Stout : darker, fuller-bodied, richer,

Ca in You Pa:
two books are required : The New maltier, hoppier and more bitter than
World Guide to Beer by Michael porter. Stout varieties are sweet,
Jackson ( not the chimp owner ) and oatmeal, dry, and imperial. Alcoholic
The Gourmet Guide to Beer by content is relatively low in spite of
Howard Hillman. You might find an stout's reputation. Guiness Extra Stout
older edition of Jackson's work in the (4.27%) contains less than Piel's Draft
USB library; the current one is better. S Style Beer (4.54%).
There are a wide variety of books and Wheat: although similar to lager, it is a
publications dealing with beer, some of top-fermenting beer. Often referred to
which will be discussed in future by its German names: Weisse,
columns. Weissbier, or Wiezenbier.
Like any course, we'll start at the
beginning : what is beer ? To be brief, it
is an alcoholic beverage made from a
fermentable cereal grain, a fermenting
agent, and . -.r. The famous German
purity law issued in 1516, the
Rheinheiysgebot, mandates that beer Each column will examine a different
can be made with only four ingredients
regional brewing company and its
: barley /wheat, hops, yeast, and water. products. This week its the Latrobe
Different cereal grains and other Brewing Co. of Latrobe, PA. The
additives can affect the taste as can the company has been in business since
type of hops and water. 1893 and is the ninth largest brewer in
Beer falls into two categories: top the country, controlling 0.37% of the
fermented and bottom fermented. market. In 1990, Latrobe sold 715,000
During the brewing process, yeasts tend barrels, a 10% increase over the
to float to the top (ales) or sink to the previous year. Throughout the 80's,
bottom (lagers). To create a common Latrobe had a 10 to 15% increase a year
vocabulary for the course, here are in production.
some basic definitions of beer varieties. The company's best known product is
Where possible, alcoholic content and Rolling Rock, a clean-tasting lager that
calories will follow brands in has a cult-like following, particularly in
parentheses. Naturally, we'll be taking Northeastern college towns. Although
a closer look at the different varieties in available in cans, it is the familiar green
weeks to come. bottles with the painted lettering that
enhance the beer's image, particularly
LAGER the long necks. The "Box of Rocks"
capitalizes on a new packaging method
BOCK/DOPPLE: full bodied, malty, which allows the consumer to add ice
hoppy, fairly sweet even syrupy in directly to the six pack packaging, thus
taste. Dark brown color from roasted keeping the product cold.
malts with a minimum alcohol content Adding to the Rolling Rock mystique
around 6%. Doppleblock ranges from 7 is the number "33" on every can and
to 13% alcohol. Formally a seasonal bottle. Exactly what "33" stands for
beer, it can now be found year round. will generally bring a variety of
Although uncommon in the U.S., suggestions from Rolling Rock
several brands are available. Hudepohl- drinkers. The most common idea is that
Scheling produces Christian Moerlin it stands for 1933, the year Prohibition
Bock while Samuel Adams recently ended. The Slight problem with this is
brought out its Double Bock. that the "33" appeared on Latrobe
Dark : richer, maltier, sweeter, fuller- products before Prohibition. When in
bodied, more aromatic, and darker than doubt, remember Latrobe's slogan
pale lager. Color and flavor comes from "Same as it ever was."
roasted barley or malt. Cheaper Attempts to diversify the company's
versions use non-maltose caramel or 0 line have not met with great success.
roasted barley malt extract.
Light: in America, a low-calorie, low-
B e 1|ILite N n' Low, a low alcohol lager, was
introduced several years ago but met
alcohol, low-taste beer. In Europe, the little success. The company knows
term distinguishes it from dark lage.r (i.e. Beck's alcoholic content: Maximus Super, King Cobra, Colt 45. enough not to tamper with its main product, but does
Light/Dark). American brands vary in allcoholic content Alcoholic content of U.S. brands range from Mickeys Fine produce Rolling Rock Light,
and calories: Anhueser-Busch's LA Pils<ener (2.16%) to (5.71%) to Haffenreffer (6.62%). We'll look at the The company is now owned by a subsidiary of LaBatt's,
Stroh's Light (4.69%) and Pabst Extra Light (2.51 %/67) controversy surrounding malt liquor in a future column. the Canadian brewing giant. No major changes are
to Michelob Light (4.53%/142) an d Piels Light planned, only to continue the widening distribution of
(4.49%142). There are European light beer s brewed for the ALE Rolling Rock with the slogan "Imported from Latrobe,
U.S. market. Amstel Light (3.85%/103) arid Molson Light Ales can be found with a variety of types : bitter, brown, Pennsylvania."
(2.41%/82) rank are the top of the imports. cream, India pale, mild, pale, Scotch, Trappist. We'll be
looking in depth at a variety of ales in future columns, but
Non-alcoholic: also known as "near-beer." Required by the here's a few quick definitions.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration to beSless than U.Y/5
OCTOBER 28,1991 page 10
eer re v


by Hank J.P. Stone suitcases in preparation for the event. there are additional rules. During the tease, the player near the fridge is the official
During the tease, each player gets a beer players that recognize the episode can call beer transporter chief.
You look up and see a field of stars. which he or she holds but does not yet for extra socials to occur at particular parts When you play Beer Trek and beam into
Then, after a moment, a familiar voice open. The tease is the time when players of the show. The possibilities are limitless. the state of inebriation you will always
utters just one word..."space." Suddenly, pick characters for which they will drink. You can call for a social for a particularly have a great time. It is only logical.
you hear the unmistakable sound of carbon For example, in a three player game, one memorable line, (Dammit, Jim I'm a doctor
not a bricklayer!) for an event, (Spock's
dioxide being released under pressure. Are player might pick the word "Captain,"
you in the E.O.B. during a nuclear another takes another takes "Spock" and neck pinches, or every time a red-shirted SHOT A MINUTE
explosion? No. Are you spacing at a the third might choose "Kirk." (or security guard gets vaporized) or even for a It's simple. Every minute drink one 1 1/2
Grateful Dead concert? No! You're playing whatever) Once the game has begun, a sound (the transporter noise, or the sappy ounce shot a beer. You might say, "I can do
Beer Trek, the best drinking game to hit the player will drink each time their character's love theme.) that without any problem," but before you
Stony Brook campus since George name is spoken on the show. Of course, players can choose more than do, do some small computations. One and
Washington was put on the quarter. The game starts after the tease, during the one character to drink on. For instance, a one half times sixty minutes divided by
Not for Trekkies only, Beer Trek is based opening credits. When William Shatner player can claim "all references to McCoy" twelve ounces equal seven and one half
on such favorites as "Hi,Bob," and "The announces the word, "Space..." all players and that would include "Doctor," beers per hour. Over an extended period of
Chug Boat." The rules to Beer Trek are open their beers in unison. Beer Trek has "Leonard," "Bones," and of course, time that could amount to quite a bit of
simple, but you will need a few definitions officially begun. "McCoy." A simpler name would be one foamy amber liquid.
to help clear things up. Don't think you get off that easy, though, like "Scotty" or "Sulu" (although they both According to Al Mayerhoff, the current
The Show. The show you are viewing on there's more ! Each time there is an have episodes where their names are called Langmuir D-1 shot a minute record holder,
your television is Star Trek, the 20 year old exterior view of the Enterprise (or any out almost continuously). Characters are -163 shots in 163 minutes - and fellow keg
science fiction/adventure program that other Federation starship) on the screen, all not assigned exclusively. If it is a many killer, "Never play that game if you want to
became more popular in syndication than players participate in a social drink. This player game, more than one player can go out later. You'll never know what you're
when it was originally aired. makes the start of the game interesting drink on "Kirk," for instance. doing!" Mayerhoff seemed not at all
The Tease. The tease to Star Trek is the since the Enterprise passes by about eight The amount of beer consumed per drink impressed with his feat of almost killing a
very beginning, opening action of the times. Also, when the ship goes by the is not strictly regulated although a healthy case, though.
show. Just before the opening credits, it is screen and you see it both coming and gulp is a general rule for most players. One Note: If you have to "go" you still have
written to keep you in suspense during the going, it is counted as two social drinks. In can expect to drink about half a beer (or to drink a shot a minute with no breaks.
commercial break. other words, You drink for each angle more) during the opening credits alone. You just have to go fast.
Here's how it works : All players shown. Starship battles, for this reason are Miscellaneous rules : 1) Runs to the
congregate around the television near a a blast. bathroom will not excuse you from
refrigerator that was stocked with beer For the more experienced Beer Treker drinking for the lines you missed, and 2)
I - · -
I _ , I I I II I··*P·r~Lr·rer~Llrr

HAPPY HOUR 1/2 price!
4pm - 7pm
$1.00 drafts
$2.00 bottles

$5.00 pitchers
during all NFL games
bar drinks
0 u


for Sports!
The Stony Brook Press page 11


I _
industrial complex on the people of America, socialism
I · _
lost. The legacy of Stalin, corrupting the ideals of
Marxism, facilitated the long and painful death of an idea
. Ilr*.,
, - •. '- a which could not withstand the power of capital.

a% The New Order:
Integrated World Capitalism

* ..

." .

..- -


· '.
* 1
SI of a new
The Gulf War has set the tone for the first phase
age. The leaders of the NSSA moved 500,000 troops into
the Middle East and carried out the relentless slaughter of
i . . ' *. . i -. \
hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children. The
I* ., . ,- -- , " ·i
war - continuing now in the form an economic blockade
- has been amazingly brutal, including the pinpoint
- a
I a. .. • i" "" - -
bombing of air-raid shelters, bridges, virtually all electrical
SK---..-...". , " " -- -
"'" - -. power generation systems, as well as sewage pumping
stations. And the totalizing logic of the "New World
m. .- • " . Order" was so great that no one dared question why raw
...- * - . shit would have to flow in the streets of Baghdad in order

a - U -
a for Iraqi troops to be "removed" from Kuwait. Perhaps the
most descriptive image yet to come out of the war
appeared recently in Newsday (Ref. 5): "The U.S. Army
-- division that broke through Saddam Hussein's defensive
frontline used plows mounted on tanks and combat
by Fred Mayer coming to a close. Let us examine some of its defining earthmovers to bury thousands of Iraqi soldiers - some
features. The Bolshevik revolution took place near the end still alive and firing their weapons - in more than 70
"They...brought us parrots and balls of cotton and of the greatest of all the great intra-capitalist wars. Capital miles of trenches, according to U.S. Army officials." Mass
spears and many other things, which they exchanged for immediately recognized the threat posed by a worker's death has only infrequently been more "orderly" than this.
the glass beads and hawks' bells. They willingly traded state. Only a short time after the Soviet Union and George Bush is now the single most powerful capitalist
everything they owned...They were well-built, with good Germany signed the treaty of Brest Litovsk in early 1918, leader since Adolf Hitler. What can we expect to see in the
bodies and handsome features...They do not bear arms, a military force including Czechoslovaks, Poles, Japanese, years to come? Fortunately, at least one social theorist has
and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they British, and American troops attacked Soviet shores, but anticipated the present situation. In June of 1979, a French
took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. were defeated and forced to retreat by Trotsky's Red thinker named Felix Guattari delivered a lecture in Namur,
They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane...They Army. This was to be the opening skirmish of a clash that France entitled "Plan for the Planet" (Ref. 6). In it, he
would make fine servants...With fifty men we could would last until August of this year. presented a most instructive analysis of world history. He
subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want." The first major response to the Russian revolution was predicted that the "old stratified, totalitarian-totalized
- Christopher Columbus, 1492 (Ref. 1). the emergence of fascism in the heart of Europe. In two systems of the past," i.e., the forces of capital, would
short decades, a totalizing logic - fueled by economic
"The discovery of America, the rounding of the Cape, depression and racism -
opened up fresh ground for the rising bourgeoisie. The fused nationalism and
East-Indian and Chinese markets, the colonization of capitalism to form the
America, trade with the colonies, the increase in the devastating killing machines
..the forces of capital...
means of exchange and in commodities generally, gave to of the Axis powers (see Ref.
commerce, to navigation, to industry, an impulse never 3). In Europe, World War II
before known, and thereby, to the revolutionary element in was fundamentally a struggle
concentrate their power,
the totteringfeudal society, a rapiddevelopment." between fascism and
socialism. While there can be
- Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels, 1848 (Ref. 2)- no doubt that Stalin had
miniaturize their instruments
corrupted the ideals of Marx
Historically, the overwhelming power of capital springs and Lenin, Hitler was
of coercion...and consolidate
from its synergistic relationship with the nexus of natural defeated, beginning with the
science and technology. The flowering of western
imperialism, for example, was sparked by the pursuit of a a
great battle of Stalingrad, by
socialist state,
a new structure called
mere hypothesis - "the world is spherical" - whose notwithstanding America's
confirmation both required and generated surplus value. late efforts beginning with the integrated world capitalism.
So, for example, when Columbus finally sighted land after Allied invasion of Normandy
a long and difficult voyage, his chief concern was where to on June 6th, 1944.
find the gold he needed to pay his creditors. Howard Zinn In the Pacific, the United States had managed to crush concentrate their power, miniaturize their instruments of
captures this moment in the following passage: "And so Japan by the middle of 1945. But then, science and coercion (viz., TV systems), and consolidate a new
Columbus, desperate to pay back dividends to those who technology (again) added a new complication. On July structure called integratedworld capitalism:
had invested, had to make good his promise to fill the 16th, the Trinity test was carried out in the deserts of New
ships with gold. In the province of Cicao on Haiti, where Mexico, and the world's first atomic explosion revealed "This new type of capitalism results from transformations
he and his men imagined huge gold fields to exist, they the awesome potential of nuclear power. President Truman and mutual adjustments between monopoly capitalism and
ordered all persons fourteen years or older to collect a had a decision to make: whether or not to drop the atomic the various forms of State capitalism. Within a single
certain quantity of gold every three months. When they bomb on Japan. Recently obtained evidence has made it world system, it integrates all the different elements of
brought it, they were given copper tokens to hang around clear that the reason Hiroshima and Nagasaki were class and caste societies based on exploitation and social
there necks. Indians found without a copper token had bombed was to send a clear message to the Soviets. In the segregation. With its tentacles spreading all over the
their hands cut off and bled to death." (Ref. 1) December, 1985 issue of The Bulletin of the Atomic world, its centres of decision-making tend to develop a
By the time we reach the last phases of the Scientist (Ref. 4), Gar Alperovitz integrates numerous certain autonomy in relation to the national interests of the
enlightenment, following its consummation in Newton's accounts from those summer months in 1945. He points great powers, and to constitute a complicated network that
Principia,the newly vindicated scientific method begins to out that General Eisenhower, undersecretary of the Navy can no longer be located in any one political area
be widely applied to the problem of man. Thinkers such as Ralph Bard, assistant to the Secretary of the Navy Admiral (networks of energy complexes, military/industrial
Voltaire, Rousseau, Hegel, and most importantly, Marx Strauss, and others, all attempted to convince Truman not complexes and so on). The modus operandi of this new
attempted to construct theories capable of explaining the to use the bomb, due to the widespread knowledge that type of capitalism involves a constant reinforcement of
historical dynamics underlying a rapidly evolving Japan was on the brink of surrender. Truman wound up control by the mass media."
Eurocentric world. Closely associated with such theorizing following the advice of Secretary of State Bymes, who
was the emergence of revolutionary movements whose was "concerned about Russia's postwar behavior" (this The last point here is quite significant. Capital has
surprisingly spirited coherence presented fresh challenges according to Leo Szilard, a key figure in the development learned, especially during the Vietnam years, that it can
to the power of capital. Simultaneously, capital itself grew of the bomb). benefit greatly by refining and streamlining the means of
by leaps and bounds as the self-organizing tendencies of With the defeat of the Axis powers, the center of social control. The classical methods of authoritarian
industrialism and urbanism (as usual, the results of science capitalist power resided in the United States. The flame of repression are difficult to manage, requiring political
and technology) solidified a newly poterit mode of fascism was kept alive here through the National Security bureaucracies and military castes that sometimes work
production and exploitation. Act of 1947 and the creation of the CIA and the NSA, against the trans-national and de-territorializing logic of
unheralded moves that in effect constituted a formal world capital. As Guattari states, it is "far better to have
abrogation of the U.S. Constitution. For the next 44 years,
Capital Defeats Socialism the National Security State of America (NSSA) carried out
economic coercion and proxy warfare against socialism
mutual surveillance, collective preparedness, social
workers, psychiatrists and a spellbinding TV than a
repression dependent on riot police!" Of course, this
Marx's analysis of capitalism inspired a social and, by association, the Soviet Union. Despite the defeat of notion is not entirely new. Noam Chomsky, in a recent
movement whose eventual realization in the events of U.S. imperialism at the hands of the Korean people, and article entitled "Force and Opinion" (Ref. 7), cites the
1917 determined the essential structure of the century now despite the crushing weight of the academic-military- Scottish philospher David Hume, who wrote that there is
The Stony Brook Press page 12
"nothing more surprising [than] to see the easiness with
which the many are governed by the few; and to observe -----
the implicit submission with which men resign their own
sentiments and passions to those of their rulers." -
' ~^ t -- --. "
The management of opinion has never before seen such a
high level of efficiency. A potent illustration of this fact .5 . .. .
..* • . • ,. *
can be seen in longitudinal polling data published on
October 20th in the New York Times (Ref. 8). Since 1985, C ,- .- r - - - ' -- " "-- , _-
" . I
...-. -

respondents in telephone polls have been asked, "What do

you think is the most important problem facing this
country today?" Respondents who answered "drugs" never
I - . - - -

exceeded 15% of the total, until January of 1989. Then, the --. .. .
*. .
* *' .**

percentage sky-rocketed, in less than eleven months, to %%o n *G -' -

65%. Immediately after that, in 1990, the percentage fell

'/'/ '
i' a
back to 10%. How can this spike in the data be accounted S .. ".- m
- - * I

for? Did the drug problem peak in 1989 and then suddenly
solve itself? No, of course not. The variance in the data is
completely explained by the fact that Bush needed support
for his invasion of Panama, in December of 1989.
• .
11 OII

I. -~ mm

Nonlinearity and Social . -i. -i

The most important challenge to integrated world
capitalism and its NSSA enforcer will be the achievement impending bankruptcy of the Federal Deposit Insurance
of stability on its periphery. In no place is this more Corporation (FDIC), following on the heals of the S&L References
strikingly evident than Eastern Europe, where the spectre bailout, will prove to be another major step forward in the
of disintegration and ethnocentric nationalism hangs collapse of the massive debt structures erected during the 1. Howard Zinn, A People's History of the United States
heavily in the air. For the first time since 1945 we are 1980s. Democrats and Republicans alike have become (New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1980).
witnessing open warfare not a day's drive from the heart of completely cynical about federal budget deficits. Instead of 2. Marx & Engels, The Communist Manifesto , Samuel H.
Europe. In Yugoslavia a vicious war is being fought stressing the need to reduce governmental interest Beer, Editor. (Northbrook, Illinois: AHM Publishing
between Serbian/federal and Croatian forces, claiming payments - so large that they will soon overtake defense Corporation, 1955).
thousands of deaths and injuries and hundreds of thousands spending - they are now talking about cutting taxes!
of refugees. The countries of the emerging European 3. Daniel Guerin, Fascism and Big Business Translated by
Community are frantically attempting to resolve the Frances and Mason Merrill. (New York: Pioneer
conflict - so far at least ten ceasefires have collapsed -
and there are no signs of compromise in the near future.
Adjusting to the Publishers, 1939).
4. Gar Alperovitz, "More on Atomic Diplomacy,"The
In the Soviet Disunion, inter-republic conflicts are
escalating weekly. Civil, ethnic, and religious antagonisms
New Metasystem Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist, Vol. 41, No. 11, December
are leaping out of the shadows in the wake of the collapse Apparently, the New Order will be unlike anything the
of Moscow's authority. And the stakes are high, as was world has ever seen. The world's small minority of 5. Patrick Sloyan, "Iraqis buried alive: U.S. plow attack
made evident by reports contained in last Friday's issue of liberation activists will be challenged in ways never before covered troops in trenches with sand," Newsday,
the FinancialTimes (Ref. 9): "A senior Ukrainian imagined. My sense is that the best chances for a break September 12, 1991.
minister yesterday accused Mr. Boris Yeltsin, the Russian with the status quo will manifest themselves after Bush is
president, of threatening the Ukraine with a 'preventive 6. Fe'lix Guattari, "Plan for the planet," in Molecular
elevated to a second term, one year from now. At that
nuclear strike' as relations between the Soviet Union's two Revolution: Psychiatry and Politics, Translated by
point he will have nothing to lose. His most retrograde Rosemary Sheed, (New York: Penguin Books, 1984).
largest republics continue to worsen." This perhaps best plans will be unleashed on the world stage, and all
explains some important details regarding the recent countervailing political pressures will cease to exist.
unilateral disarmament proposals exchanged by Bush and 7. Noam Chomsky, "Force and Opinion," Z Magazine,
Perhaps then a serious social movement will emerge August, 1991.
Gorbachev. After Bush presented his reductions in from the widening chaos and social dislocation. There
strategic and tactical nuclear weapons, Gorbachev upped must be limits to the power of centralized media control; 8. The New York Times/CBS News Poll, The New York
the ante and suggested that all tactical nuclear weapons be the question is, when will those limits will be breached, Times, October 20, 1991.
removed from the continent, including U.S: controlled and by whom. Until then, liberation activists will need to
airborn nukes in Western Europe. "Na gonna do it.." was hunker-down, gather strength, and most importantly, 9. John Lloyd & Chrystia Freeland, "Ukraine accuses
Bush's reply. After all, "Order" may need to be restored. survive. This alone will be difficult enough. When that Yeltsin of nuclear strike threat," FinancialTimes, October
Another significant destabilizing force is a steadily critical break in political continuity arrives, then will come 25, 1991
growing economic depression, focused in the United States the time for our voices to be heard.
(see "The Gates of Hell," Ref. 10). Many among us are 10. Fred Mayer, "The gates of Hell," The Stony Brook
beginning to realize that the cherished "recovery" we were Press, Vol. 12, No. 15, June 28, 1991.
told was just around the corner is in fact more distant. The

A Clothesline on Campus
MJXII culmination of the project will be the ceremonial or call the Center for Women's Concerns over in
hanging of the completed clothesline in the Spring Langmuir College. The Center provides a safe haven
A clothesline is being hung on campus, and it's Semester , and it will travel to each of the SUNY and guidance for women who are victims of
purpose is to dry the shirts hung on it, but not from schools. violence, and is staffed by women who are caring
wash-water, these shirts are wet from tears and The clothesline will contain symbolic colors and experienced and have access to many resources
blood. Tears and blood of many SUNY women who representative of the types of crimes perpretrated that can help women in trouble. Their number is 2-
for various reasons have been the victims of against women. White garments will be hung to 2000 and they have meetings Tuesday night at 8pm
violence. represent women who have died as a result of in room D-120.
The shirts and other personal items of clothing are violence, Red, Orange or Pink symbolize rape or The clothesline is a positive message that will
being collected from victims of abuse and are a sexual assault of women, Blue or Green represent bring needed attention to the growing numbers of
graphic representation of violence that has been survivors of incest or childhood sexual assault, women who suffer now at the hands of an often
perpetrated towards women. The idea of starting a Yellow, Beige, Tan, or Brown will represent apathetic society. Women of all backgrounds are
clothesline came from other tangible efforts such as Battered wives, domestic violence, or victims of encouraged to support this creative effort to bring
the now-famous 'Aids-Quilt' and was started by the abusive relationships. Purple or Lavender will this problem out into the open.
Cape Cod Women's Agenda, and is travelling represent women who were assaulted because they
around the country. are lesbians or bisexuals. Other personal items
The opening ceremony for the SUNY addition of ranging from stuffed animals to pictures have been
the Clothesline Project sponsored by USB's Center collected from victims and are representative of each
for Woman's Concerns and S.A.S.U. is on woman's personal trauma.
Wednesday at 8:30pm in the Fireside Lounge and Women who are interested in this project should
will take about five months to complete. The contact Desiree Petersen, SASU deligate at 2-9278

October 28, 1991 page 13


SEXISM IN THE 90'S The Stony Brook Press

Executive Editor
As we watched the Thomas Court everything that women woman is raped every five John Seatly
hearings the blatant sexism of have fought for over the past minute in this country (every
our society was broadcasted centuries would be lost. This minute in New York), Managing Editor
was her "hidden agenda." Greg Forte
into almost every living room pornography is a multi-billion
in America. From the very As America watched Ms.Hill, dollar business, and almost Associate Editor
beginning most of us knew it however, many of us became every corporation in the U.S. Shari Nezami
was a losing battle, we knew no keenly aware of the attitude of has no women in any executive
matter what we said about this country towards women. positions. So how far have Business Manager
Jeff Alter
Clarence Thomas he would For the first time in a long time women come, or rather how far
probably be voted in to the American women were has our society come ? And News Editor
highest court in the land. No smacked in the face with the how much longer must women Josh Gazes
matter how we spoke of his fact that we are still nothing in this country be subjugated Arts Editor
inadequacy, his lack of more than mere objects. by men? Unfortunately, women MJXII
experience, even his blatant America, to this day, refuse to cannot blame all their problems
hypocrisy, no matter how hard allow its women to gain an on this male-dominated society. Copy Editor
we tried to show the Senate identity. They are still the When American women Joe DiStefano
that this man was NOT object, the negated, the allowed the feminist movement Photo Editor
qualified, regardless of his negative, and even the non- to be reduced to women Walter Chavez
ideology (which sucks too by existent sex. The treatment of burning bras and wearing
the way) we knew he would be Anita Hill by the Senate proved pants, they stopped their fight Production
Valerie Berke
confirmed. this point over and over again. for self-determination, they Thoai Nguyen
However, at the eleventh She was attacked, not Thomas, helped end the struggle, and for
hour something happened that she had to prove he did this every woman in this STAFF
gave many Americans hope, something wrong, Thomas' country must take blame. Bob Beakman, Valerie Berke, Lily Eng,
that something, or rather only defense was that he had It is time that women say no Daniel Glasner, Robert V. Gilheany, Fred
someone, was Anita Hill. This been humiliated. What about more- no more will we be an Mayer, Chris Militscher, Laura Rosen-
woman put her reputation, Anita Hill? Does her suffering object, a toy for men to play berger, Robert Rothenburg, Jean
Rousseau, Trepp, Scott Warmuth
integrity, and self-esteem at and humiliation account for with and discard as they please.
stake in order to finally show anything ? Does that fact that The first change has to take
the country what kind of man three other former Thomas place with in the women's The Stony Brook Press is published bi-weekly
during the Academic year and intermittently
Clarence Thomas really is. She employees all handed in movement, it is time for during the summer session by The Stony
jeopardized her career and her affidavits supporting her women to realize that they are Brook Press Inc., a student run and student
funded not-for-profit corporation. Advertising
reputation to help stop this man allegations, account for being targeted for every type of policy does not necessarily reflect editorial
from getting on the Supreme anything ? Obviously not. degradation and commercial policy.
Court. Did she have an alterior What is the status of women manipulation that this society (516) 632-6451
motive ? A hidden agenda ? in America today ? Are women can come up with. As long as Suite 020, Central Hall
Yes. Her motives and her any better off now than 50 women wait for men to stop SUNY at Stony Brook
agenda were clear from the years ago ? It has become harassing them, or give them Stony Brook, NY 11794-2790
beginning- she realized that if a extremely difficult to say. equal pay, or equal nghts, they
man, such as Thomas, was Women only make 60%of the will never be free, they will I

appointed to the Supreme wages that men make, one forever remain an object.
AFFIRMATIVE family income of comparable white
couples. By contrast, the general
experience of Black working class, low
would eliminate the argument of "reverse
discrimination", because theoretically, all
benefits would be distributed in a color-
conditions of life for any African-
American or person of color, regardless of
income and education. My daughter or son
ACTION FOR income people and families on welfare, the
overwhelming majority of African-
blind manner.
Stuart E. Eizenstat, Carter's domestic
stands a much greater likelihood of being
harassed or arrested by the police, for
WHITES ? Americans, can be characterized by steady
deterioration. According to the recent
policy adviser, defends this economistic
thesis. More recently, Richard Cohen,
example, than the children of my white
colleagues at the university, solely due to
Affirmative action programs were report "African Americans in the 1990's," liberal columnist for the Washington Post, their racial identity. Through practical
initiated two decades ago to address the published by the Population Reference has embraced this argument as well : "If experience, African-Americans of virtually
legacy of racial discrimination which Bureau, the average annual income of the economic need, not race, became the basis every social class recognize this reality. To
permeated American society. But today, a African-American is only 56 percent that for what we now call affirmative action, argue that a shift in affirmative action
growing number of critics question of white income, significantly less than the most Americans would not object Whites, policies from race to class will benefit
whether so-called preferential employment 63 percent ratio between black/white in too, could be helped...After all, poor is them seems, at best, a gross distortion of
policies for African-Americans, Latinos, 1975. Black female-headed households poor, although a disproportionate number reality. At worst, it is perceived by blacks
women, and other minorities are still average less than $9,600 annually. of them are black." and other minorities that white liberals
necessary. Compounding the problem of poverty is But when African-American community have turned their backs on us, and that both
One reason for this criticism focuses on the continued growth of out-of-wedlock leaders, organizers inside the trade unions, political parties have little commitment to
economic evidence, indicating that there is births, increasing from 38 percent in 1970 teachers and professionals read these ending racial discrimination.
a growing polarization of incomes within to nearly two-thirds of all black families by statements, most cannot help but feel a American democracy is meaningless
the black community, which affirmative 1988. These "stark differences" in home sense of outrage and repudiation. The unless citizens are able to compete on a
action policies don't really address. On one ownership, income, and education indicate overwhelming majority of federal roughly equal playing field. Such equality
hand, the Black upper middle class grew that there are "two separate worlds government social programs were never for blacks, Hispanics, women and others
rapidly during the Reagan administration. inhabited by poor and middle-class black predicted on race, but on income. Poor simply doesn't exist. Given the fact that the
By 1989, one out of seven African- children," stated the report. This strongly whites already share substantial benefits average white household's net wealth is ten
American families had incomes exceeding implies that the "African American from the initiatives of the Great Society. times that of a black family's wealth, and
$50,000 annually, compared to less than population will become more polarized as Currently, more than one third of all that the overwhelming majority of leaders
$22,000 annually for the average black these children mature." students enrolled in the Upward Bound in business, government, banking and the
household. Black college-educated miaried Many white liberals have taken these program, designed to prepare low income media are upper class white males, the
couples currently earn 93 percent of i he statistics to mean that the source of students for college, are white. One third of argument that whites suffer "reverse
material and social inequities which the children who attend the pre-elementary discrimination" is absurd. Justice demands
separates the races, institutional racism, no school program Head Start are white. The affirmative action based on race and
longer exists--or at least in the words of majority of people living in public housing, gender to address continuing patterns of
influential Black sociologist William Julius or who receive public assistance, are white. inequality in America.
Wilson has "declined in significance." A The basis of affirmative action programs
shift in liberal governmental policy from is the recognition that systemic Dr. Manning Marable is Professor of
race-based remedies to economistic, class- discrimination exists within the society Political Science and History of Colorado,
based programs is therefore required. From which is grounded in the concepts of race Boulder. "Along the Color Line" appears in
the vantage point of liberal Democrats, this or gender. Despite the passage of the Civil over 200 publications internationally, and is
would solve the perception problem among Rights Act of 1964 outlawing also broadcast over radiostations throughout
millions of white males that the party's discrimination in public accommodations, the United States.
social agenda is being held hostage to the "race" as a social construction is a
interests of Blacks. Class-based programs powerful factor in determining the actual Continued on Page 15
The Stony Brook Press paae 14
I I · _ · I · _ I _ I EDITORIAL


This Halloween, beware of the character of racism that must be smashed. The aforementioned "Africanas income for other campus media and end
monsters roaming the Stony Brook You commuters have to ask yourselves, McFuck" used his position to embarrass Statesman's monopoly on the referendum
campus. They do not howl at the moon, are you happy with the way Dick is all present at the meeting, and to insult money. However, just as the
they do not suck blood, they don't wear representing you in the Polity Senate, if minority groups with his altered ego. representative from Blackworld was
make-up or costumes, and sometimes not do something about it. Unfortunately, "Africanas" is not a Mr. about to get the motion introduced, the
they don't wear shirts, but they usually The apathy of commuters on this Hyde, Dick was just as monstrous as ever "pack" of Senators walked out of the
wear ties. How will you recognize one? campus has allowed politically motivated when responding to the name his parents meeting dropping the attendance level
Probably by their names. No, not individuals like Dick, who have run for gave him. Throughout the meeting Dick below quorum, thus ending the meeting
Frankenstein or Dracula, but Africanas various other elected positions on visibly stiffened and reddened from the and forcing a situation in which
McFuck and the Republicans from hell. campus, to gain a few seats on the Polity emotional debate over freedom of the Statesman and USB Weekly will be put
That's right, McFuck (folks, if you got a Senate. Due to the fact that the job of a Press. He continued to swell into an on their own individual referendum and
beef with this one don't write the Press, Polity Senator is to represent his/her uncontrollable outlet of passion, in which the Press and Blackworld are lumped
write the Republicans at commuter constituency, it would seem that the he tried to penetrate the Press' rights, and together on our own referendum. The
college.) commuter college is a bunch of uptight did not end his pursuit until he burst out thinking behind this, of course, is that
Richard Cole is a white guy and a reactionaries, who are given to censoring of his clothing. since the Press and Blackworld are the
commuter college senator who quipped newspapers. Is that the case- say it ain't The last dastardly deed of this pack was most controversial papers on the campus
that his new name is "Africanas so! to stifle debates on the campus media we will have a greater chance of losing
McFuck." Think about what it means for At the last Polity Senate meeting referendums. Representatives of the Press the referendum together. Well, let's run a
a white male, Dick, to say something like senator Vincent Bruzzese made a motion and Blackworld want to put all the stake through their hearts and vote yes for
that at an official meeting. That joke is to defund the Press. The vote failed campus papers, the Press, BlackWorld, the Press, Tuesday October 29th !
designed to trivialize and mock African- miserably, 26 to 2, thanks to the sensible USB Weakly, and Statesman, on one
American self-identity. It is the type of minds of the other Polity Senators. media referendum ballot for the students
hateful statement that reflects the ugly Another monster. to vote on. This would help generate

Keeping the should encourage pride and self-initiative
as a way to get ahead in the world today.
consumption of alcohol to suddenly drop
into your wide open arms. Well keep
dreaming. The only possible way you can
Students Organization (CSO), Haitian
Student Organization (HSO), Hillel
Student Club, International students
This does not get across through handouts.
PRESSure on I propose a solution to the problem. Let's
introduce Affirmative Action programs
find an activity that fits this description is
if you get off your butt and find your way
to a few meetings.
Organization (LASO), Minorities in
Medicine, Special Olympics, UNITI
Cultural Center, and a lot more.
based on economics, not race. Let us
Dear Press Staff: remember that there are more white people Oh sure, it is too bothersome. But have For artistically inclined people there are
I thank God for you, the opposing on welfare than there are blacks and you gone to any? Or are you using your organizations such as the Drama Club,
viewpoint! I have held the Press in high hispanics combined. Let's give these fellow friends in laziness as a source of Gospel Choir, Performance Dance Club
regard for as long as I have been in Stony desperately poor whites the same judgement? Well for those of you who and Totally Unlimited Talent. Then we
Brook (Spring '89). I view "that other opportunities for advancement as our have actually attended a club meeting (yes, have sports organizations for those for
paper" as a Republican tool and a rag. The young blacks have. The poor of this nation it is clubs we are talking about) and found those health conscious individuals, some
fact that you printed the article "Did Bush are in desperate need of the same it to be quite disconcerting, then you need include the Fencing Club, Intramurals,
and Nixon Kill JFK?" is commendable. opportunities and assistance. Each to try again. Maybe the club you visited Patriettes Kickline, Table Tennis
Long live Paul Kongas! Probably not. American citizen, no matter what their was not for you, or when you attended it Association, Tae Kwon Do Club and
Bashers of Bush and his elite are indeed denomination deserves the right to the was a bad day for the club (hey, clubs have Women's Varsity Volleyball, and of
brave, but I digress. same programs. The government is bad days too). course, still others/.
supposed to provide each citizen with the Stony Brook has every organization that Hey, I can go on forever about how much
I just wanted to thank you for your
right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of you can think of (no they have not started there is to do, but it would not be of any
efforts in the past, and here's wishing the
best for the likes of the Press staff. happiness". Unrealistic? No, but quite the co-ed naked sports club yet, but if that help if YOU do not realize that it is your
possibly the one true challenge on is your type of club, go ahead and start one. decision to go out there and get involved.
Very sincerely yours, There is always room for one more.) If Think of the many hours you waste
government today.
William Lieblien I'm tired of hearing the argument that clubs are not to your liking, there are contemplating , doing nothing else. Those
whites have oppressed blacks for thousands various activities that you can become hours could be used for two things, 1)
of years. That's not my fault, nor the fault involved with. There are dozens of sleeping, or 2) getting involved in an
of my generation. Believe me when I say community service organizations on organization. Since you already do the first
Affirmative that I would have been the first white to die
for the North fighting the war against
campus. Big Brother, Big Sister,
Educational Research on Sexuality
in most of your classes then you have no
choice but to embrace the other alternative.
Action slavery. There is no doubt that the
institution of slavery is one of the country's
(EROS), Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual
Alliance (LGBA), Minority Planning
Board, New York Public Interest Group
Remember, for your graduate school and
job interviews, they always look for a well-
rounded individual. No, a senior semesters
Dear Editor: biggest shames, but let's get a grip people-
We can't forget it, and we should not (NYPIRG), National Organization for worth of belonging to an organization is
forget it, but we can and must try to put Womyn (NOW), Residence Hall not enough. You have got to put some
I can answer Mr. Caro's question
that behind us and go on-together. Association (RHA), and a host of others. more into it. And if all this is not incentive,
regarding why it is that people feel so
With Affirmative Action programs based For those individuals out there who are then you must remember that some of your
strongly about Affirmative Action Student Activity Fee goes to these various
programs. No one other issue can inspire on income, rather that race, we eliminate already aware of their interests and want to'
the problem of producing further hatred, focus their excess energy into specific organizations. If you're not involved with
such heated debate among the American
fear, and ignorant bias on the parts of areas, there are special interests and ethnic any of them, then you are not getting your
public today. money's worth. Hell, you know what you
blacks and whites alike. Quotas are not organizations available. African American
There are quite a few reasons for this can buy with $139!
what made this country great, but they Students Oreanization (AASO). Asian
type of reaction. I could write an entire
might very well be something that can tear Stu
book on the consequences alone of
prejudice programs like Affirmative this country apart. In closing, I use Mr.
Action, but for the purpose of this letter I Caro's argument; "As a society we need to
will contain my argument to the most remember where we have been and where
convincing reasons. we want to go." Amen to that, but let's get
First and foremost, Affirmative Action there together, not hating and fearing each
programs inspire more prejudice, hate, and other along the way.
fear than any other national program today.
Most whites are bitter towards minorities Sherryann Schomber
in the workplace in the competition for
higher learning because they are fearful of
not getting jobs or positions that they are
qualified for, or losing the jobs they
Do This
currently hold. Whether these fears are To All Students:
justified or not is not the issue, they are There is nothing to do at Stony Brook! It
still very real. The problem comes in when is so boring at this school. Hell, the only
minorities receive positions that they are thing to do at Stony Brook is to get blasted
qualified for, and whites look down on every Thursday night. Laughing? I guess
them because they assume they got where you have heard these comments before, or
they are because of quotas. You see, it's you have actually been one of those people
really a Catch 22 situation. who say it. Well, quite frankly, I am tired
Furthermore, what kind of message are of hearing it! What do you want? Do you
we sending to our young black students? expect something that occupies your time,
Oh don't worry guys, Uncle Sam doesn't is costless, fun, useful on your future
think that you're smart enough to do it on resume and does not include the
your own, so we'll get you the job. We
OCTOBER 28,1991 page 15
Greenpeace stickers,

Of the Pretzel Girl and Poetry and you can't keep it between dust jackets.
Erik Pihel
Color of the Azaleas
When I bring in the Azaleas
What's behind me begins to fade.
MJXI bedtime. The supple purple of a petal
This was a bad point in time to leave for is now my color
The Pretzel Girl reflects on her own anyone. Erik Pihel gave us the
Grandmother's hands as the stark moody rastapunkdub "Ode to The Red Hot Chili
lighting of the Poetry Center cast a grim I could, of course, look past
Peppers." He Included the audience in his the azaleas and watch
glow onto Suk-Hang Chin's reading of her spirited reading and actually had most of
poem about her sick grandmother. Last the dust in the sunray
his poems memorized. For the first time Or to write a memoir for the flower
Thursday everyone in the room was silent that night the audience was animated, and
and contemplative as this little girl once dropped next to my feet, on a
not a moment too soon. I still can't believe
regarded Suk-Hang with melancholy that in the middle of this energetic reading long journey when I had
interest. a real live fiesta broke outside of the Neither a home nor a vase
It seemed that The Pretzel Girl, who was I folded it between the pages of uncertanty
Humanities building disrupting and adding
undoubtedly the excess baggage of a to the lively spirit of Erik's poetry.The poor and roads that led to nowhere,
mother without a sitter, comprehended the Pretzel Girl missed a gifted and talented but I ended up everywhere
simple Asiatic imagery of Suk-Hang, but in unpredictable colors.
regarded this as too alien, too far away to At first I thought that Talin Seta
identify with. After distracting mom with Shahinan was going to bleed our hearts I picked no color, indeed
her fidgeting, she received a generous some more and I was about to leave was picked by the colors
handful of pretzels. because I couldn't take and more negative of forever changing seasons.
She assembled these pretzels as I suicidal vibes But she totally blew me I waited one season
contemplated suicide. Suk-Hang got more away with her precise imagrey, her in one country,
and more depressing, but the Pretzel Girl interesting subjects and characters and the and another season
entertained me with her coquettish self- sensitive emotional way she read such in another harbor.
feeding. home-hitting material. She showed a real
Suk-Hang introduced Kathleen Horan youth and freshness of approach to all of No harbor is a harbor.
Oxley, and somewhat mournfully the the sensitive subjects she tackled, No home is a home
Pretzel Girl gave her a sprite attentive and the song still runs through my head in permanant, except our eyes
relationships, the condition of women, the the morning
gaze. It wasn't too long however that the condition of women in love with women, forever searching for a color
the way the arc of a dolphin until the rain erases one color
suburban imagery, and the aging obesity, heartbreak.I don't think I will be leaves blue traces in the moon light. and begins another.
perspectives of her poetry incited the able to look at the lines in a parking lot in Erik Pihel
Pretzel Girl to fancy pictures in her pretzel quite the same way.
pieces. Maybe Kathleen was too maternal, Letter to Mario Cuomo on Why I Spray- My hands are full of colors
Then, as if we hadn't had enough, the Painted Some of My Poems on a NY
her poetry too authoritative to hold the show-stopper, jaw-dropper Carlos mingled with lips and hair
Pretzel Girl's attention. It's funny but in a Thruway Bridge that I grip and then splatter
Menjivar, totally slammed the audience
fresher semester, a much more with his hype,hype, self-stylin'. I never on a scroll of rice paper
When you drive under a bridge and see brought from a remote island
apperceptive and youthful Kathleen held knew there could be such rhythm to free "trees splash into the air like fountains" now discolored in the midst
the rapt attention of two other girls about verse. And Carlos pleased us and drove and of unbridgeable oceans.
the same age as the Pretzel Girl. home the most important aspects of some "the orange arc of basketballs hitting
Somehow knowing that the torture of the of the most pertinent of issues concerning chains", I tried to cross the oceans
tortured would continue straight through love, racism, war, politics, the homeless,
Robert Libbey's tribute to has been Jazz you'll snort these lines up your nose on a plane,
the "Third World", and things that whizzed and sneeze them out wherever you go,
'legends', the Pretzel Girl gingerly fed by me in the most enrapturing of ways. or on the blueness of an aerogram,
and when you try to wash them off more often, on a dry leaf or a petal
minute bits of her pretzels into her mouth Carlos single-handedly redefined what the the words will eat through your ears, in a book of poems lingering
occasionally pausing sinking into her chair American version of the English language hum in your head like a nest of hornets, with rootless colors.
peering at a kooky art's editor who was is, and he gave many the vocal ammunition and saw your head apart
making faces at her. I guess the moody to speak out in an unusually effective way. to see how all the pieces fit together My heart has been everywhere
uninspiring poetry was too much for mom The best part of it was he showed us
because as Robert finished his poetry, the like the Azaleas
through his soulful eyes and wide wide You can't keep poetry under book covers:
Pretzel Girl finished her pretzels and mom smile, how to laugh at it all. I have to say with no identity, no nationality,
There's poems in the drinking water, living one color in a moment
was finished with the Poetry reading. Or it I really needed Carlos to end this show, poems in banks,
might have been past the Pretzel Girl's and I believe everyone else had some fond in the hands of admiration
poems in public toilets, poems in Dodger and another moment under the feet.
memories of this reading due to this man. Stadium,
This was a well organized reading which and if youve got some hidden away in the
was sponsored by the fledgling Writer's Hold me
attic, Hold me for a moment
Club who plan on becoming a Polity Club the roots will tunnel through the floor
soon and are starting to have regular for holding the color
boards of Azaleas.
meetings. Any one interested should see like a swarm of pythons looking for food.
Suk-Hang at the Poetry Center. Upcoming
events include Diana Chang on November Suk-Hang Chin
Poetry is the way the wind italicizes the
12, and an open reading on November 21. trees,
the sound of water bubbling in a bong
selectionsfrom the reading: it's the taste of tomato juice on the lips of
the mandolin girl,
Ode to the Red Hot Chili Peppers poetry is biology notes on the bottom of
the bebop slap and pop the smell of tobacco leaves hanging in
hip hop rythm of the high-hat drop barns,
slingshots through that radio station it's the sound you make when you've had
and burns the anger of 10, 000 night mares too many hot dogs,
into electric twin reverb lightning rods poetry is saying whatever the fuck you
and the throat-sung shotgun the scribblings in the margins of history
red-walled open wind tunnel textbooks,
howls out the chorus it's the way thumbprints smear a police
over pumping bass strings report for posession of LSD,
that bounce off the Fm poetry is the smell of burnt flesh in
like bare feet on hot pavement Nicuragua.
the way we filled the Indians sacred
and the prison bar rattle mountains with telephone wires,
of the sticks against the snare it's the sound of billy clubs against the
pound backbeat feedback into the air skulls of children,
and sends the hot-wired powerline
poetry is the way shadows of sharks slide
richocheting through my head across seabed rocks,
like a caged panther enraged the magic markings on bathroom stalls,
it's putting up with 2 Live Crew even
and the gutar fires hot fuck notes
though their music is a pile of shit,
that zigzag through the rythm
and hit me like shots of bourbon
poetry is the chocolate chip smudges on the
pages of Moby Dick,
Photos by
round after round the sound of rain water gurgling through Walter Chavez
until the last notes burn themselves out--- downspouts,
it's the clouds pressed against the sky like
The Stony Brook Press page 16

,, Iill L .r
_ I sil 1 s3 1 L I I · L II I I i Ir~e IIIC1 I

Positions Available
ENIORSI!! On Election Board:
Board Members, Poll
Watchers. Call 2-6470
and 2-3634 and leave
irDorra 6=-he
LLI M- %/*.--'L
kl k- %, JL N.
name & phone number. I
irT A rTT TVA4"k "%
Polity Elections Are
-Coming On Oct. 29.
I 3-NOV 1 The positions open
are Treasurer,
DN or JAVIT6 LOBBIES Freshman Rep.,
i Judiciary Seats.
i I-

CONTACT MAXINE AT 632-6826/ 5071 BY OCTOBER 30TH. --


NYPIRG is holding elections to elect two representatives from SUNY Stony Brook to the NYPIRG State Board
of Directors.
All Student Activity Fee Paying Undergraduate and Graduate Students Are Eligible For These Positions.
To Be On A Ballot You Must Turn In A Letter Of Intent And A Petition With 100 Signatures To The NYPIRG
Office By 5 PM On Wednesday, October 23. Elections Will Be Held From 9-6 In The Union On October 30.
Petition Forms Are Available Now In The NYPIRG Office In Room 079 Of The Union.

If You Have Any Questions About The Elections Or Would Like More Information About NYPIRG Call Jeremy
Potter At 632-6457.

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-THE'%P.OLITY ~-The Stony Brook Press page i17
1 I

]FlR ------ BOOKV


by John T. Elliott play for the crowd. FM radio has found its
place and the listeners wanted it.
S READING A NEWSPAPER in This station and a few others following
Boston wheni an article suddenly step were "free form" radio. Free form
got my attenition. Jim Ladd, who allowed the disk jockeys to be creative
was the discc jockey that Billy choosing what they wanted to say and play.
chose to talk to in Roger Water's Sets of songs were played with themes
album Radio Waves, had written representing a social condition ora disk
a book aboutt the rise and fall of jockey's mood. They felt they were talking
"free form" FM radio. At the to people and the people were talking back.
time, I had listened to this album a million Free form radio was helping Ame-rica
times savoring the lyri cs, emotions and the understand itself, see new ideas and new
story it told and had also heard a radio areas to explore.
interview with Roger Waters. I remember a Jim Ladd was a lover of free form radio,
caller had asked why Sbut through

"I'm here to
he chose Jim Ladd as circumstances had
the DJ to mediate the M Htaken
ST a job at
Radio KAOS drama, KASHken aj(KLOS
but I didn't 95.5 FM in LA), a
remember Water's
answer. clean up your
cleanstation. big network owned
Radio Waves- claimed to be a
Life and Revolution
On the FM Dial is face and mess fpeople's radio
playing rock and
f m
the book Ladd has
written. Not many
books have made me
up you mind roll, but the songs
by THE
stay up till noon the FORMAT., a
next day to finish
them, but this was
-Tom Donahue preset list made by
someone 3000
one of them. I miles away. THE
laughed out loud a buinch of times, once FORMAT was based on things like
had tears come to my eyes and was struck demographics, sales figures and telephone
so hard by an incide nt involving Patty surveys, but not on the music itself. No
Hearst, that I had to stop and tell my themes were in these play lists and the end
roommates about it. of a slow Joni Mitchell ballad could be
There was once a t ime in the late 60's blasted into Black Sabbath's "Paranoid".
where FM radio was riew. AM talk shows KASH did become the #1 station in
and bubble gum pop st ations were the most Southern California and Ladd was-one of
popular things around..Tom Donahue who the highest rated jocks, but his integrity kept going and every time I was almost out and their listeners. He shows how once
was known as "Big Daddy" on one of these and restraint from creative freedom caused of earshot, I'd ride by someone else working at RADIO KAOS was an art the
AM pop stations had rrecently quit- he was him to break away. He joined a dying but listening to KAOS. I made it all the way to artists were in love their job. The book's
sick of playing musiicthat insulted his real free form radio station- KMET 94.7 my friend's place without stopping and I end killed me showing how money and
intelligence. Great miusic such as Dylan, FM or RADIO KAOS as he calls it in his heard the entire song." KAOS and its free corporate control ruined the subtle but
the Doors, the Dead ad the Stones was book. There he and a barrage of incredible form had response from their listeners that powerful force this station and stations like
heard only on album .s played on home of incredible radio talent took this station was unsurpassed. Margarita Mondaus, it had.
stereos. It was then t hat Tom asked his to #1 ratings higher than any FM station firecrackers on the microphones and Radio Waves is a must for anyone who
girlfriend Rachel a qtaestion that was to will probably ever get again. As a listener jamming all the telephones to the White has an interest in music, radio, and people.
change FM forever. "Wrhy in the hell aren't who called in put it, "...check this out. I House, some of the things this station The book isn't always easy to find (music/
we hearing this stuff on Sthe radio?" was riding on the bike path in Hermosa pulled off were hysterical. TV/movies section in book stores), but you
KFRE (not the realI call letters- reads Beach when I passed a couple laying on Ladd does an incredible job covering the can usually order it at the front desk. Out
Ladd's disclaimer) w;as created April 7, the sand listening to their transistor, and I emotions of the times FM radio/RADIO of four stars, its a definite five. One more
1967. It started wilth, "This is Tom heard you announce that you were gonna KAOS went through. The humor, tragedy, added enjoyment after reading the book is
Donahue. I'm here to clean up your face play something new from Steely and politics the station was involved in is getting a hold of a RADIO KAOS album.
and mess up your mined."This station was Dan...Steely Dan is one of my all-time unbelievable. He tells the adventure with Read the credits and listen to the whole
going to play song;s with meaning- favorite fund, so when I heard you were excellent stories, copies of DJ segues, cast of characters who were at the real
people's radio in supp<ort of and reflecting going to play their album, I pulled my along with lyrics from many bands RADIO KAOS play a part in the Roger
the day's changing tir nes. One year after bicycle over and stopped so I could hear including the Doors, the Dead, Dylan, Neil Waters drama. This includes "The Fish
starting, an air crew st trike, (due to a new the song. But then I realized that the house Young, and Lennon. John Lennon is the Report with a Beat". Radio Waves was a
dress code) caused KF-RE's trahsmitter to just up the path was blasting over their part that brought tears to my eyes; the moving experience- I now know why
be shut off at 3:00 A]M. The station had stereo., so I kept riding and two houses chapter is called December 8, 1980. Ladd Roger Waters picked Jim Ladd for the disc
become so popular thait its listeners began down from them some other people were captures the spirit and his love for radio jockey position.
to fill the parking lot at 3:15 and by 4 AM having a party and they were listening to and its ability to influence and represent
the Grateful Dead had arrived setting up to RADIO KAOS too! Well anyway, I just the issues that are so close to the musicians


"Brezhnev's Children," the Art of Glasnost
The Soviet Union, as everyone knows, first novel of Julia Voznesenskaya. stained gowns and receiving clean sheets relate, as many women can, to the
save those few who slept for the past four Voznesenskaya helped to form the Soviet only occasionally. Seven women, who frustrations of being a woman, especially
months, has undergone drastic changes Union's first independent woman's group, have just given birth in this unit, are in a society such as Russia, so obviously
over the last few months. Stony Brook Maria. In 1970, she was imprisoned for unexpectedly quarantined for ten days dominated by men. The women empathize
Theater took this opportunity to perform a her activities in this group and others, and because of their exposure to another patient with each other, cry and cheer for each
powerful play about the inner struggle of in 1980, she was forced to emigrate to with a mere allergy rash. The women are other, and most important, stand by each
the Soviet Union in the mid-80's. The play West Germany. This play was first treated like prisoners by the nurse, doctor, other. Even in their short time together,
is called "Brezhnev's Children" and it performed in London in 1989, and Stony and hospital orderly, all male actors they become bonded by their stories of
deals with the Soviet Struggle for personal Brook was lucky enough to secure rights to playing women, or shall we say, love, rape, birth, and marriage.
freedom, and on the more obvious level, this work in time for the season of Soviet "representatives of the oppressive regime." Stony Brook's production of this play,
the struggle of the Soviet woman to be change. Each of these women has a story to tell, although not quite as powerful as the script
treated as an equal with her male The setting of the play is March 1985 in which we hear in their effort to pass the allows, is nonetheless done very well.
counterpart. the maternity unit of a hospital in Moscow. time in this hellish ward. Each one has a
"Brezhnev's Children", adapted for The conditions of the hospital are different background and a different reason contiued on page 19
stage by Olwen Wymark, is based on the abominable; the women are wearing blood for being, but somehow, they are able to
October 28, 1991 page 18
i I -- r~-~ra2 ----- -~---- , I---~- II 1 3 1 r MIMilillllW

The India
Society brings
Classical Indian
Dance to
It is called "the most ancient and popular She opened with an abstract piece that
dance style in India." It is the exercised every muscle of her body which
Bharatanatyam, and members of the India signified devotion to her art. She then
Society and others were treated to a presented an offering of dance and mime
stunning performance by the world famous which gave her all the potential to express
"Sculptor of Space-Poet of Gesture," Mrs. herself. It was a testimony of the human
Shoba Sharma Sunday Oct. 20th in the soul as heroine.
Student Union Auditorium. She then moved on to some slow,
After a satisfying introduction by the expressive pieces which flowed around a
accomplished Guru Dhananjayan, who Kannadic Raga (a South Indian Song),
took his time to introduce Bharatanatyam about Krishna and Radha who were
to any newcomers without boring those promised to be married. Krishna had
familiar with one of the oldest forms of rejected Radha and because of this Radha
dance in the world, he began to explain in kept having an illusion that Krishna was in
detail the aspects of Bharatanatyam. It the clouds, so she hugged and kissed the
seems that the term Bharatanatyam is clouds, and that he was in the dark so she
synonymous with a style of dance in the embraced the dark. "I am Full of Love My
Southern states of India, deriving it's name Lord,"she cries unfulfilled, one of the most
from an ancient name of India 'Bharata.' tearjerking episodes of the performance.
The method of dance is precise and regular The musicians were also incredible.They
and communicates a language all it's own, were specially flown in from India for this
combining the best aspects of dance, the tour, and the authenticity and skill they
abstract, the communicative, and the played with was bourne only of natural
interpretive, a judicious combination of all talent and serious musicianship. I felt a
forms of dance in general. great deal of love flowing from them and
Mrs. Sharma derived her own special Mrs. Sharma, and it went around the whole
solo style from the ancient exuberant dance room.
combinations. She breathtakingly uses The India Society hosts a wide range of
stylized hand-gesture alphabets to interpret events, including the upcoming Diwali
classical stories of India. She was born into Party on Saturday, November 9th, at 5pm,
the tradition and the naturalness of her at the New Graduate Commons, where the
performance exhibited this. Her India Society will meet for music, food,
professional career spans more than 18 dance, and storytelling, especially food.
years, and she has performed with Everyone is encouraged to bring something
distinction for the Music Academy in characteristic of the region they are from so
Madras, The National Centre for there will be a hearty sampling of a variety
Performing Arts in Bombay, the American of dishes. And then on Saturday,
Museum of Natural History in New York, November 16th, at 3:30pm there will be a
performances on Canadien television, and lecture by Professor Ramesh Mohan on
on major tours of the United States and "Jahwaharlal as a Writer," which, judging
Canada. from past India Society Lectures, should be
But she is more than an entertainer. She quite stimulating.
emotionally connects with her audience in For those who missed the mystical and
a way that is unprecedented. The sheer beautiful Garland of Body Movements by
expressionism in her facial and bodily Mrs. Shoba Sharma, she is on tour and will
movements draw the viewer towards her be appearing Sunday November 17th, at THE SHOBA SHARMA
and into her. She accurately portrays the the World Music Institute in New York.
entire spectrum of human emotion. She
moved me in such a profound way that my
-- --
For more information ca! 212-545-7536.
of portraying the ugly-evil hospital staff, survive such dreadful conditions. Perhaps
reactions ranged from sheer elation to
continued from page 17 and the men that both loved and/or crushed then, director Tom Neumiller should get
unbelievable sorrow to the point of tears Many of the actresses (and actors) gave each of the women in some way. They the benefit of the doubt in this area.
during the performance. strong performances and emotions in the appeared in the womens' emotional Overall, however, Neumiller seemed to
It is no wonder that this incredibly play were flying high, as would be memories and remained a solid background inform the actors well of the situation in
beautiful person has won numerous awards expected from seven women locked in a for the play. the Soviet Union, and the performance was
including a special commendation from maternity ward with no personal freedom There is one thing I do feel necessary to without any hesitations.
Krishna Gana Sabha, Madras, as well as or even clean conditions. mention about Stony Brook's production. This play was designed to be an
many other honors. And it must have felt The character of Zina, played by Lori The sense of unity was missing from the eyeopener, not necessarily to the problems
like an honor to her as she was greeted by Horowitz, stood out in my eyes. Lori did cast. There were moments when each actor of women in Russia, we already are aware
the warmth and hospitality of our own an excellent job portraying a homeless seemed too involved in his or her own lines of that, but it seems to open one to see the
India Society. young woman who has been alone and and did not leave room for the others. long road that Russia must take to improve
But she more than just danced, although hurting for so long that she is unable to More pauses or even more concentration its inner conditions. The play is still
that would have been enough, she told recognize love until it hits her in the face. were needed by the actors to give the showing at Stony Brook Theater on
stories with her body. She told such Elena P. Sperling, though not as audience a chance to digest the situation of October 31, November 1 and 2, the Sunday
interesting stories with her body, that you emotionally touching, did play another each character. At some points, the action show beginning at 2 p.m., all others
couldn't take your eyes from the beautiful woman hardened by her environment, who seemed too rushed. The power of the play, starting at 8p.m. Tickets can be puchased
beads and shells that adorned the bright comes around after holding her originally in my opinion should have been in the at the box office. -Valerie Berke
saffron and orange costume she wore. unwanted baby boy. All of the actresses reactions to the other women. It is a play
Every part of her body was finely tuned seemed to hold their own in the production of women relating to women and the actors
and intricately motioned. She smiled and each seemed to really understand and needed to exaggerate this more.
brightly and widely and openly and you express her character so that the audience To some, however, this sort of
couldn't help but giggle in your seat. And could love each one. choppiness and rigidness might represent
when she arrived at a sad part in the story, Of course a word or two must be said the "Soviet" way and some may even see it
you felt so utterly dejected right along with for the men in the cast. They had the task as the emotional detachment needed to
The Stony Brook Press page 19
Hardcore Destruction Gone Undergroun d_
brought to you by Trepp I ~I r

The pressure was on, a lot of heavy shit

went down this weekend and VEN knew
he had it comin' to him. He looked out the
window, it was them; he was being
watched. But he was the king of the line, "I
gotta go bombin'," was his only concern.
The thought reverberated within his mind.
He realized they did not know he was
watching them. The harder they tried to
stop him, the more damage done. VEN
rode the elevator down to the basement and
exited the building through the back door.
He threw his bag of paint over the fence
and then proceeded to go over himself. He
was out
He walked two blocks to the station, and
then rode the train. He got off two stops
later and went to work. After he finished
his tag he left them a note, "Yo Vandal
Squad, Who's Watchin' Who?"

Contrary to popular belief and despite its

utter disappearance from the general
public's eyes, graffiti is alive and well in
New York city. Although the volume of
destruction has decreased, there are still
some hardcore maniacs who go on their
mad missions wreaking havoc on New
York city's MTA. The MTA fosters the
illusion that graffiti is nonexistent by
detaining the trains that have been
vandalized. This is more than likely an
attempt to deter vandalism, and granted it VEN HITS THE N TRAIN WHILE UNDER HEAVY SURVEILLANCE
has been somewhat successful. However, Between 197 strong, the "tags lasted as long as six years," twenty four hours to paint a wall, its about taking twenty
despite efforts to exterminate graffiti the damage commented the leader of the notorious ROCK IN cans of paint and going to do a train, wondering if you're
continues. STYLE. In 1984, however, the break dance scene was gonna get busted, or hit by a train; its more than actually
Exploitation has, perhaps, done the most harm to the commercialized, and, perhaps, because many breakers doing a piece, its such a head game, 'Am I gonna get over
graffiti subculture. In the mid eighties the hip-hop or break were writing their names on the trains many people made doin' this or am I gonna go to jail,' and the reward is
dance culture was propelled into the mainstream, and an incorrect association. But, "hip-hop culture wasn't what seeing your piece pull up on the platform when you're in
along with it went its surrounding environment. Despite graffiti was, the two scenes coincided," remarked the an entire different borough." When the breakin' scene died
popular opinion, graffiti is not inherently hip-hop culture, leader of ROCK IN STYLE. With the exposure of the out, due to an over exposure in the mainstream, many kids
but a self-existing entity which was established well break dance culture came the exposure of graffiti. Money deemed graffiti dead as well. However, when subjected to
before rap or break-beat music entered the scene. In fact, brought many graffiti artists up from the underground. this view VEN responded, "dead, nah shit ain't dead
graffiti was usually void of musical associations. Suddenly many unknowns were making money on youse don't know what you're talkin' about. All my
In the late sixties and early seventies graffiti went city graffiti. Kids who were never up on the trains were friends are bombin'." After a few months of, "that shit
wide. In 1969 there was basically no styled graffiti, capitalizing. Graffiti appeared on clothing and canvas, but goin' on, it started gettin' strong again. It started gettin'
graffiti was simply names scribbled with magic markers. that is not what graffiti is about. VEN, a former all city mad on the trains," commented the former all city king.
There was a slow evolution of style, and by 1976 graffiti king, believes graffiti is on a higher level than canvas, The penalties for vandalism went from misdemeanor to
artists like LEE and DONDI were doing whole car, top to because anybody can paint on a canvas, or even on a wall felony, and the MTA tried to eliminate graffiti all together
bottom, pieces that took several hours work to complete. for that matter. "Its not about having permission to take by "cleaning" the trains. What that means is vandalized
trains no longer left the yard if
detected. This, however, triggered a
response from the underground. Many
graffiti artists now had a new agenda,
"fuck the MTA," remarked one former
all city king. "Graffiti," he went on,
"was a beautiful thing. It was a tourist
attraction, it kept the youth off the
streets and off drugs, and it taught
many youths how to get by in this
aggressive city, and the MTA stopped
it." Many crews started out when the
trains went clean, and their mission
was total destruction.
"I loved to destroy. I was gettin'
these cops pissed off by doing these
pieces on the trains, and they said it
couldn't be done. I was not there for an
artistic reason, I was just going to do
this to piss the city off, because they
thought they had us in check, and they
were saying there was no longer any
graffiti; but every weekend we were
destroying so many trains. One night I
wrecked 130 brand new Q trains, the
greatest thing I ever did destruction
wise," remarked the leader of ROCK
This new breed of graffiti artists and
their agenda is unprecedented in the
world of graffiti. They work from the
heart keeping the graffiti subculture
alive. Their reward is not fame nor
financial gain; it is the sustenance of
hL~L~ULIZ ne rt eas
unc iUrLUtrC. niney write oecause it
A MESSAGE FROM THE UNDERGROUND means something to them, and that is
more than enough.