Wanted for murder, child abuse, fraud: Where are they?

Two are usually accused involving slaughtering their families. one is a harmful youngster molester
whom escaped via custody. Yet Another allegedly posed as a religious leader thus he could assault
girls. These People are one of the thousands of fugitives who steer clear of criminal prosecution
within the United States Regarding America each and also every year. Locate out much more about
these fugitives along with be part of John Walsh inside his quest to track these down and produce
these to justice on "The Hunt."
Miller's loved ones was found dead within their
Shingletown, California home. His truck has been
discovered days later on throughout Petrolia,
concerning 200 miles away. Miller spent my
youth within the nearby town associated with
On Could 7, 2013, a 911 dispatcher got a contact
in the residence involving Shane as well as Sandy
Miller in Shasta County in northern California. on another line, your sounds regarding breathing and
also crying, then loud bangs prior in order to the line went dead. Any time police arrived at the
Millers' house, they will located your bodies regarding Sandy Miller as well as the couple's two
daughters - Shelby, age group 8, and Shasta, grow older 5 - with multiple gunshot wounds. Shane
Miller, his truck and also the family dog had been just about all missing. He rapidly took over as lead
suspect inside the case. The Particular next day, he and the truck had been spotted 200 miles away
throughout Petrolia, California. Miller ditched his truck and also authorities believe he fled in foot in
to the mountainous forests of California's "Lost Coast," an area he is aware of well. Investigators
believe Miller will be able to survive in the wilderness for as well long periods of time, as well as
which his old contacts from your marijuana trade may be helping him.
On the actual run:Since Could 7, 2013
The crime:Prime suspect within the deaths of his wife and two youthful daughters
Where could he be:In the particular mountainous forests close to northern California's Lost Coast,
Oregon or even Alaska
Former U.S. soldier Kevin Patrick Stoeser pleaded guilty throughout 2003 to always be able to
youngster pornography charges and ended up being sentenced in order to 13 years in Fort
Leavenworth, Kansas. He premiered in 2011, and a month or even two later, ended up being
remanded in order to custody following engaging in electronic communications along with underage
girls. in August 2013, Stoeser was transferred for the Austin Transitional Center, any halfway
residence in Texas. Inside October, workers caught Stoeser employing a smart phone to look in
pictures involving underage girls. Stoeser immediately fled the facility through an emergency door
exit and has certainly not been seen since.
Stoeser, who was born in Hughes County, South Dakota inside 1972, entered active duty within
Butte, Montana in 1994. Inside December 1996, he married Tina Troy and 2 a few months later, the
girl gave birth to their daughter, Kayla. in the particular army, Kevin served as an infantryman along
with received numerous awards regarding his excellence like a rifle marksman. He ended up being
posted in order to Fort Hood, Texas, in the late 1990s using the 1st Cavalry Division. in May, your
U.S. Marshals Services added Stoeser for you to its 15 most wanted fugitives.
On your run:Since October 2013
The crime:Sex-based offenses involving minors
Where could he be:Authorities believe Stoeser is nevertheless in Texas. He is famous to use aliases
such as Patrick Kevin Stoeser, Patrick Stoeser, Mark Johnson, Kevin Johnson and also Jason
On June 4, 2012, Charles Mozdir's friend and his awesome friend's wife questioned him to be able to
watch their own 7-year-old son. the next morning, the boy told his mother which Mozdir had handled
his penis. Mozdir ended up being arrested in June 8, booked in for you to the North Park County jail,
before posting bail the actual subsequent day. He has been final seen in North Park by his sister
with his dog, the black lab named Lucky. In June 15, 2012, he failed to appear in his arraignment.
His roommate informed police that Mozdir threatened to always be able to kill himself and kill his
victim's father. The Actual Coronado Police Department and the U.S. Marshals service searched with
regard to Mozdir throughout California, your Mexican state regarding Baja California, along with
Georgia. on June 20, 2012, Coronado police found Mozdir's vehicle away from coastal Georgia city of
Darien. There ended up being simply no symbol of Mozdir nor any information on his whereabouts.
Investigators think which Mozdir may have got sexually assaulted other victims within the past.
On your run:Since June 15, 2012
The crime:Suspected little one molester
Where could he be:San Diego, or Darien, Georgia close to Brunswick
After Foreign service officer Brad Bishop discovered which he have been passed over for a
promotion, he left his occupation in the State Department early upon March 1, 1976. He obtained a
tiny sledgehammer along using a gas can easily before heading for you to his house inside Bethesda,
Maryland. that evening, police say, Bishop fatally bludgeoned his mother, his wife in add-on to their
three young sons with the hammer. He loaded their own health to the family's station wagon along
with drove with regards to 5 hrs south to the Outer Banks throughout North Carolina, authorities
say. There, in a heavily wooded area, that they claim, he dumped their very own health into a
shallow grave and hang these about fire. Rising smoke alerted any ranger along with authorities
soon discovered your bodies. Yet, with the deficiency of DNA and the Internet, it took a great deal of
previous fashioned detective perform in order to trace the particular bodies again to end up being
able to Bethesda.
When investigators finally entered your Bishop home times later, your bloody crime scene confirmed
your gruesome murders. Though there have been many achievable sightings more than the actual
years, Bishop has been about the operate since that day throughout 1976. This kind of year, the FBI
extra him to its listing of the extremely best 10 the majority of wanted fugitives.
On the run:Since March 1976
The crime:Wanted within the deaths involving his mother, wife and three sons.
Where could he be:Anywhere. A New former diplomat, Bishop has ties to Europe and also Africa, yet
he could additionally maintain Maryland, North Carolina, or even elsewhere within the United
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