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R AT E C A R D 2 0 0 6
Established in 1988, Monterey County Weekly Most ads can be designed and produced
is the largest circulation newspaper in Monterey within one hour at no charge to the advertiser.
County. Each Thursday, 40,000 copies are There is a $50 charge per hour for ads that
distributed free at nearly 1,000 locations require additional work.
throughout the Monterey Peninsula and the
Salinas Valley, including retail, convenience ELECTRONIC AD SUBMISSION
and grocery stores, shopping centers, office Monterey County Weekly utilizes leading
buildings and restaurants. edge technology in all aspects of publishing
The Weekly’s editorial product covers including digital file transfers and gladly accepts
local news, arts and entertainment. The Weekly electronically submitted ads from clients and
has received over 50 national, state, regional and agencies. The Weekly production department is a
local awards for its editorial and advertising in Macintosh environment and works predominantly
the past 15 years, from the California Newspaper in Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Full
Publishers’ Association, the National Newspaper electronic ad submission specs are available
Association, Association of Alternative from your account executive at 831.394.5656 or
Newsweeklies, the California Teachers’ at
Association, AMBAG and the Hospital Council
of Northern and Central California. THE CLASSIFIEDS
Monterey County Weekly Classifieds are an excellent vehicle to advertise your help-wanted needs and place business services ads.
Online display advertising and homepage links Updated daily on the Web. For information
are available to our advertisers. Please ask call our classified department at 831.393.3939.
your account executive for details. The advertising deadline is Tuesday at 10am.


All ads must be pre-paid by noon Monday until Space reservation and ad copy are due by
credit is established. Pre-paid ads include new 5pm Friday for the following week’s
and out-of-county customers, concert and publication. Ads requiring proofs must
political promotions. Incorporated nonprofit be received seven days prior to publication.
organizations with tax ID number are eligible Proofs are available for corrections only.
for our 13x rate. Rates are commissionable from Changes will be billed at $50 per hour.
our gross rates for accredited advertising
agencies. Ad rates are subject to adjustment 30 SPECIAL POSITION
days after notice of a rate change. Terms: net 10 Desired position will be given whenever
days for advertisers with approved credit. possible. Guaranteed placement is charged
at a 20% premium.
Charges are: four-color $299, two-color $199, EDITORIAL PRINCIPLES
one color (cyan, yellow, or magenta) $99. The publisher reserves the right to revise
Color is available only on certain pages and or reject any advertisements deemed
guaranteed page placement cannot be assured unsuitable for publication.
until the Friday preceeding any issue.


SIZE 52x 39x 26x 13x 6x 1x

Full Page 1258 1418 1578 1567 1898 2145

Full Page 3/4 Page (H) 3/4 Page (V)
60p x 73p / 10" x 12.167"

3/4 Page 981 1107 1233 1239 1470 1587

(V) 44p8 x 73p / 7.444” x 12.167” (H) 650p x 54p5 / 10” x 9.069”

2/3 Page 895 995 1101 1199 1302 1414

60p x 48p2.666 / 10" x 8.037"

2/3 Page 1/2 Page (H) 1/2 Page (V)

1/2 Page 680 749 820 903 969 1142
(V) 29p4 x 73p / 4.889" x 12.167" (H) 60p x 35p10 / 10" x 5.972"

1/3 Page 457 503 552 590 648 817

(V) 29p4 x 48p2.666 / 4.889" x 8.037" (H) 60p x 23p5.333 / 10" x 3.907"

1/4 Page 370 403 436 475 513 670

(S) 29p4 x 35p10 / 4.889" x 5.972" (V) 14p x 73p / 2.333" x 12.167"
1/3 Page (H) 1/3 Page (V) 1/4 Page (S)

1/6 Page 257 283 309 342 373 467

29p4 x 23p5.333 / 4.889" x 3.907"

1/8 Page 207 223 240 260 278 349

(V) 14p x 35p10 / 2.333" x 5.972" (H) 29p4 x 17p3 / 4.889" x 2.875"

1/12 Page 163 176 191 207 221 246

14p x 23p5.333 / 2.333" x 3.907" 1/4 Page (V) 1/6 Page 1/8 Page (V)

1/16 Page 127 141 150 172 189 217

14p x 17p3 / 2.333" x 2.875"

V=Vertical H=Horizontal / Measurements are width by height

1/8 Page (H) 1/12 Page 1/16 Page


Advertise weekly and save over 30% off our Standard size inserts are $75 per thousand
831.393.3939 Classifieds
one-time rate. Advertisers who fail to meet the for the full press run. Reduced rates are available
831.394.0499 Classifieds fax
frequency requirements of their contract will be for frequency programs. Please ask your
831.394.0409 Sales fax
re-billed for the gross rate according to the terms account executive for details.
of the Weekly‘s Advertising Insertion Agreement.