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Vol. XVI No.V The University Communitv's Feature Paper November 7. 1994

On The Inside I d I I· I

ita 'Cok h AnnePageFrank
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-- -~IP~1--- ~L~ -- ·
I~ - - ~~- ~PL-·III~e~YI - -C- s--F-P--~-..l"---s~sI -C~L -PIP~LL~L~IS~ ~-L -

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The Stony Brook Press page 2
to the hearts of USB students. The crowd that fell as the crowd realized they'd have to wait even
"The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the developed around him as he talked seemed to be the longer: Chris Cuomo was the first to speak.
security of all." very people he was speaking against. Green haired, Emphasizing his father's achievements and character -
-John F. Kennedy, May 18, 1963 multi-pierced punks stood next to jocks wearing shocking endorsements coming from someone who
baseball caps and taunted the preacher in the spir- would be a complete non-entity if his Daddy wasn't
There is something in the air at Stony Brook. Can you it of universal brotherhood. governor- Cuomo spoke for an excruciating fifteen
sense it? It's not quite a sense of civic pride. minutes before leaving the podium. The crowd
It doesn't seem to be renewed hope and vigor. began to murmur in expectation as the Cuomo
Nor does it resemble any sort of electoral fer- stepped down from the mike- only to be crushed
vor. In fact, the new Stony Brook smell is a once again as a woman who was definitely not
fetid one, an odor that reminds one of a ceme-
Billy spoke for five minutes, extolling the
tery or morgue. Has something died here'? virtues of candidate Cuomo.
In the last few weeks, it has certainly Finally the moment the crowd had waited for
seemed so. Low voter interest and participa- arrived. Billy Baldwin, voter activist and least
tion may have killed Stony Brook's activist talented Baldwin brother stepped up to the
pride- if there ever was any. Several voter microphone to thunderous cheers and whistles.
events held in the weeks before this Tuesday's Before beginning his speech, he stopped and
election were dismal failures at best. regarded the Pataki supporter with the hand-
On October Twenty-sixth, Student Polity scrawled sign, who had by now made his way
(motto: "We sent out for pizza with your up to the front of the crowd. Telling him he
activity fee") held what was supposedly a should keep quiet or else the tall and muscular
"Get out and Vote Rally" at the Fine Arts Cuomo supporter next to him would beat him
Plaza. Flyers for the event touted guests up, Baldwin won the crowd over and proved
"Billy Baldwin and Chris Coumo" (sic). One- that this was a most decidedly unpartial rally.
thirty at the plaza -the time when the event While lucid, Baldwin's speech was nothing
was supposed to begin- found an over- worth note- just the same Cuomo propaganda
whelmingly female crowd waiting anxiously the first two speakers had offered. The crowd
around the stage. At first glance, the sight seemed to note this- one got the feeling that they
was quite inspiring- "Look at that- educated would rather Baldwin shut up and took off his
people concerned with their rights taking part shirt. Soon, however, it was over, and young
in the democratic process!" Upon closer Billv retired to the front of' the Staller rCnte-r to
examination, however, that assessment proved false. Returning to the voter rally, students found the crowd shake hands and meet all the fawning fans.
Soon after the scheduled beginning of the rally, Polity considerably enlarged and the guests still missing. Two So what does this exhibition tell us about the political
President Crystal Platti stepped to the microphone set in or three hundred people stood or sat all over the plaza, atmosphere at Stony Brook? It tells us it smells funny.
the middle of the stage. Platti announced to the crowd waiting tor something to happen. his election sea-
that the guests had been held up at C.W. Post, but would Some students held signs; all of them son little to no
arrive shortly. Shrill cries of "BILLY!" arose from read CUOMO/ LUNDINE. It would attention was
those assembled. Apparently the educated people were appear Polity's "non-partisan get out given to anything
more concerned with a second-rate movie star than tak- the vote party" was quickly becoming a but Democratic
ing part in the democratic process. Cuomo rally. The only Pataki support- candidates- and
Irritated by the delay, many students wandered over er evident out of hundreds of students while ignoring
to the Union, where an altogether different kind of stood sheepishly on the edge of the Republicans is a
rally could be found. Standing by the front of the crowd, holding a Cuomo sign on the worthwhile
building was a gaunt man wearing a sweater vest, a back of which he had scrawled "WE hobby it is irre-
tan suit and a sandwich board. "GOD HATES SIN" WANT PATAKI" in barely legible pen- sponsible when
read the placard. Below that incredible revelation were cil. In fact, the only sign that was not on perpetrated by a
written a multitude of sins, presumably so the casual of the distributed CUOMO/ LUNDINE signs was a student representative body. A University, ideally, is a
observer could decide if God hates him. "WHORES," homemade poster held by a female student right in front place where all ideas can be expressed and considered
it said in big red letters, "LIARS, POT SMOKERS, of the stage: "BILLY VOTE NAKED!". fairly- not ignored. Stony Brook voters shouldn't just
HOMOSEXUALS, ATHEISTS, ASTRONOMERS, At fifteen minutes after two, well past campus lifetime, laugh at conservative ideas- they should consider them
ROCK & ROLLERS." the guests of honor finally showed up. The previously with an open mind, and then laugh.
Unfortunately for the besuited evangelist, his list of inanimate crowd began to cheer and whistle as Billy

Where Are The Rights Of The Students At Stony Brook?

by Judah They also want to instill fear with their threats. of students economically. We have no protection
BITCHES! Every year they send me a letter stating that against authority and where there is no protection,
I have been attending Stony Brook for three years and if I don't pay my bill that they will change the lock on rules, or regulations, then the people in power can do
am so fed up with the dirty, underhanded tactics and the door. I have a friend who didn't sign up for room on what they want. Hitler changed laws to take away peo-
methods used by the higher ups in authority against stu- time and it actually happened to her and she has-a child. ples' rights. You might say is it that dramatic. I say
dents like myself. I am talking about being black- Where are my rights as a student against these threats'? hell yes, the problem here is that dramatic. If it's not,
mailed, threatened and blocked by the various divisions I want to be protected as a student from these people in think again. Ask yourself how many people complain
at Stony Brook such as Financial Aid, Office of administrative positions who run this school in a dicta- at this school about needless aggravations they
Campus Residence and Chapin Apartments. torial fashion. I want to be treated with respect as a stu- encounter frequently at Stony Brook. Why don't stu-
For example, I am a single student mother, and I dent because if it wasn't for students, these people in dents have rights at Stony Brook? Why don't we have
depend on my grants and loans to help me with my power with all their fret perks and exorbitant pay- a voice? Why aren't we respected and taken seriously'?
tuition, rent, and other expenses, which is killing me. checks they wouldn't be in power. I want rights to pro- Who is there to protect us from being exploited eco-
The people in Campus Residence know this, and yet tect me and my child from being jerked around by these nomically, academically and in all the divisions that
when it's time to register for classes or for housing, they bullies in positions of authority who abuse their author- we have to deal with? Who is there to fight for us and
continually put a block on my bill. So every year I have ity by exerting it manipulatively against students. I am help us ? We don't need another snobby bourgeoisie
to go to Al Devries with financial aid documentation to tired of it, and I know I am not the only one. I am tired who kisses "the man's" ass. We don't want any sell-
let him know I will be getting enough money to cover of being blocked and then having to scurry like a little outs or shallow, stupid people to represent or fight for
for my expenses. He then gives me approval via his mouse all over the place to get my bill cleared. us. We need someone who genuinely cares about our
computer to register. The higher ups not only have Students at Stony Brook are ready for a new admin- well-being at this godforsaken place.
devised a controlling, oppressive system against poor istration to make student's life easier, happier, and a Why don't students at Stony Brook have rights?
students but they have the nerve to threaten me also. thousand percent better. This school sucks the blood
November 7, 1994 page 3
Guest Editorial -9~1~8~11B-as1888~Al~Bb~


I've been a student at Stony I am not the only student they

Brook for three years, and it is have purposely overstepped their
three years too long. They have boundary with. This type of dis-
the authority to barge in my respectful treatment have got
room for emergencies, inspec- to stop . If it wasn't for the
tions and any other type of situa- students'there would not be a
tion. I have had it with these Stony Brook. The student
people who abuse their poer and make the school, and we
infringe up on my rights. should not be slighted in any
They want me to come in my way. I want rights to protect
apartment for one reason of the m from trespassing upon
another, but do not give me my property and it is mine as
notice, and if I question them long as I am paying rent for it.
about it as Tom Acuri Assistant They are not paying my rent.
Director of the Chapin I am sick of these low-lifes
Apartments quotes, " We can who deal in a dictatorial fash-
come in anytime we want to ." If ion with me, and expect me to
that is so then what are my rights take it, I say hell no, I am not
as as a tenant who pays an enor- going to take this because I
mous amount of rent? I need know my rights. I am sick and
respect and deserve respect.The tired of Stony Brook, especial-
idiots/dolts do not respect me ly the division of housing and
because I am a student and a operations who just like to
.minority. I am being taken advan- flaunt their authority, regard-
tage of and it pisses me off. less if they break the law,
These people in power in which is what they are doing if
Chapin and operations are you tell them not to come into
infringing on my right to priva- your apartment/ room without
cy. They have never asked when arranging a time that is conve-
is a good time to meet because I nient for them. They have the
know you want to be there when audacity to tell me that they
we come to your apartment. won't work around theirs! I
Instead they say we can come in, am a customer/student.
if you like it or not .They abuse Who are these dolts in
their power and disrespect me in authority in the housing divi-
the process , I am fucking mad, sion? I detest them and I am
and I am not the only fucking not the only one that feel this
one that they have done this to! way because they think they

"P· b---- - -~--·-- -- s I-r~ -L -I-----·--·~a~·~gX~-~DI-a~----- ~- --C·

Letters E not have anywhere near as much control over ed, as a punishment and living reminder to ego, but rather little more the unusual
the criminals running their country as we have the West about financing dictators. thought processes of an alien mind. The
To the editor: over the criminals running ours. I could also go on about all the children much ballyhooed "Gulf War Syndrome",
The "struggling student" who wrote the Ask yourself this question: would it be suffering from hunger and sickness in the sometimes attributed to Hussein's use of
piece on Saddam Hussein in your October OK for U.S. cities to be bombed and U.S. who are under another sort of sanc- chemical weapons, is in fact the side
24 issue should struggle a little harder: tHe American children to sicken and die as pun- tions, but it would be better if Struggling effect of exposure to toxic chemicals
or she omits certain details: ishment for the multitudinous sins of our Student acquainted him/herself with the excreted from the skin of alien worker
1) Hussein's military power is largely the corrupt government? People who think it's Geneva Conventions and also contact Dr. drones. Of course. I have absolutely no
creation of the United States and its allies. acceptable to do this to others should shed Viola's Medicine For Peace Organization to
proof for this, but it would explain a lot,
Even while gassing Kurdish villages and no crocodile tears when someone blows up go get a good uncensored look at the human
wouldn't it? Tariq Aziz made his vitriolic,
running a repressive police state, the West a planeload of Americans or bombs the costs of Bush's feel-good war. Citizens of a
enemy-making speech to the UN last
kept supplying him. Iraq was to be our World Trade Center, for it is done on the country that saturation bombs populated
regional enforcer against Iran, another areas and attempts to economically strangle month not because he thought he could
same principle: punish the leaders by hurt-
country alienated by the morally bankrupt ing innocent people. This must stop, no millions of people have no right to call any- intimidate his way past the sanctions but
u.s.. policy of supporting dictators and matter who is doing it. one else terrorists. because his reasoning was off since he
tyrants. Hussein is just one of many antide- Don't you think if the U.S. mandarins had not received the amount of Barium in
mocratic leader fed on U.S. aid. It is quite : wanted Saddam Hussein gone for real, they Sincerely, his diet that is so essential to alien mental
possible that he wouldn't have stayed in would have 'gotten' him long before this. Chris Sorochin well-being. Of course, I have absolutely
power but for U.S. support. Personally, he's still in the employ of the no proof for this. but it would explain a
2) U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie told the CIA. He plays a very important role: being lot, wouldn't it?
Iraqis that the U.S. doesn't involve itself in the demonic enemy needed to justify our The Author responds: And as for your suggestion that Saddam
inter-Arab conflicts. If our government was continued aspirations as world policeman. "be allowed to continue unmolested" as a
so opposed to an invation of Kuwait:,why He came in quite handy after the Berlin Wall Your letter alleges, amongst other punishment to the West: I'm sure the
would our have said this'? came down and it looked as if peace might things, that Saddam Hussein is in the people of Kuwait and Israel would quite
3) War could have been averted through break out-good-bye "peace dividend." And employ of the CIA. In fact, Saddam is vehemently disagree with that plan. For
diplomatic channels, but George Bush clear- how convenient that his latest misbehavior neither an independent dictator or a CIA someone who pays so much attention to
ly wanted a war and made sure there was one. coincided with certain embarrassing revela- stooge; he's the commander of the first how the West has unfairly punished the
4) Sanctions don't punish governing elites; tions about CIA funding the FRAPH, the wave of an alien invasion. Of course, I Iraqi people you seem to forget Hussein's
they punish the most vulnerable members of Haitian para-military thug organization. Of have absolutely no proof for this, but it crimes against his neighbors. Gee, I
society: children, the old and the poor, as well course, I have absolutely no proof forthis,
would explain a lot, wouldn't it? cuess when Saddam murdered innocent
as other Iraqi civilians who have little or noth- but it would explain a lot, wouldn't it'?
Saddam's erratic behavior is not the prod- Israelis with his SCUD missiles he was
ing to do with Hussein's regime. Remember Maybe Saddam Hussein should be allowed
that Iraq is a dictatorshipand its citizens do. to continue unmolested, with sanctions lift- uct of a demented, vengeance obsessed really just crying out for help!
i I -- C

The Stony Brook Press page 4

8 .C . ,

o•tjuitr. i uy · un t tl yuu maLt incII poiupuocu LaA a ;uoluIIIIiis lur Lne nlartoro LTourant comment aoout
Political pundits are credit for children would provide absolutely nothing to North : "There's a Norman Bates sort of thing going on
already trying to explain families too poor to owe taxes. No wonder the New in his eyes".
why the Republicans York Times editorialized that the Republicans' What explains the popularity of Ollie North, as well
should make significant "Contract With America" was a little more than "duplic- as other extremist candidates who promise much but can
gains in the Senate, House itous propaganda". deliver little? The backlash against the Democrats is
and gubernatorial races For demagoguery, we might turn to the dangerous fueled not by logic but fear and frustration. Since the
throughout the country. A alliance brewing between Republicans , the Radical mid-1970's, the real standard of living for most middle
net swing of 40 seats Right and extremist elements in the religious fundamen- income Americans, adjusted for the rate of inflation , has
would eive the talist movement. The 1992 Republican convention in declined. Families today are working at two ,three or
Republicans control of the House of Representatives for Houston featured the voices of intolerance and bigotry, more jobs , and aren't getting ahead. Their sacrifices to
the first time since 1954. Many attribute the rebirth of led by reactionist like Patick Buchanan. Now, state by send their children to college and to set aside something
the GOP's prospects to the unpopularity of President state , the Radical Right has seized control of the GOP for their own retirement seen unrewarded and even
Clinton. But I would characterize the elements of the state apparatus in Virginia, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon, futile. The decline of the American dream creates fertile
Republican's advancement as the product of the "three Washington , and other states. In Texas this summer , ground for the politics of fear , deception and dema-
D's" : deception, demogoguery , and the decline of the the Radical Right purged the state's GOP Chairman goguery.
American dream. These three Ds symbolize the politics Fred Meyer, ousted the state executive committee, an We cannot hope the Radical Right by offering a pale
of fear which is at the heart of the Republican agenda. drafted the most reactionary state party platform in the imitation of its conservative program to voters under the
For deception, we may observe the recently announced country. Among the Texas Republican Party's dogmat- ambiguous banner of "new Democrats'". IIgiven a
Ten Point Program, the "contract With America", which ic tenets are demands to repeal the minimum wage, to choice between imitation vs. the "real thing " , voters
more than 300 Republican candidates, challengers and outlaw a woman's constitutional right to choice for will choose he real thing every time. We can only
incumbents alike, announced on the steps of the Capitol reproductive freedom, to wihtdraw the U.S. from the reverse the politics of fear with the vision of democratic
building. The Republicans took an excursion down United Nations and return its monetary system to the empowerment , greater equality and multicultural
memory lane to the era of "Reaganism", promising mas- gold standard, and to eliminate bilingual education pro- opportunity , bringing millions of disillusioned and
sive reductions in individual and corporate taxes, a con- grams. Droves of moderate Republicans and even some alienated Americans into the political process. This
stitutional amendment requiring a balanced Federal hardcore Reaganites have begun to shudder at this level requires an affirmative vision of job creation, quality
penalty, increased expenditures for the military, deeper of demagoguery. health care , transportation, improved education and
cuts in welfare, and much more. The Republicans tell us The worst example is the Senatorial race in Virginia , other human needs . Instead of retreating into the past,
that all their new programs would only cost an extra matching Oliver North against incumbent Senator riding backward with Reaganism in our rearview mirror,
$150 billion over the next five years. Chuck Robb. Conservative Republican Senator Charles we need to move forward toward a multicultural politics
However, the Congressional Budget Office says that it Grassley of Iowa has describe North as perhaps " a of hope and human development.
would take another $700 billion in cuts during the next nut". North 's entire campaign for public office has
five years just to balance the current budget-even been a series of lies, innuendoes and smears, including Dr. Manning Marable is Professor of History and
before the Republican proposals to increase military the assertion that the U.S. military "does not have the Political Science , and Director of the Institute for
spending and to cut taxes. The Republicans don't tell us forces " to halt an invasion by Saddam Hussein into Research in African-American Studies , Columbia
that reducing the capital gains tax would largely benefit Kuwait, and that "Bill Clinton is not my commander in University, New York City. "Along The Color Line"
high income households. The Republicans don't Chief'. One observer who has witnessed the North appearsin over 275 publicationsand is broadcastby 75
explain that their programs would conservatively campaign describes him as potentially " the most pre- radio stations internationally
require slashing about 20 percent of the Federal bud- posterous U.S. Senator since the notorious racist
I - I I · I II I L I _ _ _ I I I I I

.8...... KABLOOEY byBLUE










Vfii u A\lc
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< r1
1 '7

eJ page


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A 8l>ON Et PPE Z' plt E ;AD
DES cR IT Vr PP o4A<. E. 'AL

c V•
c~J/c^^ 7AG-7

November 7, 1994 page 7


reviews, and features should be *ADVENTURE TouRS

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between 500 and 1500 words. 148 WEST 4TH ST

NEW YORK, NY 10012

Rll hate mail

Hand written submissions will Should be Sent to
The PreoS.
8tudent Union
be covered in sperm. the heading 'We
room 060. With

Hate oYou' and

od2I2L Slipped under the
door, but if "w
cv oat h •jou, we mill
The Stony Brook Press page 8
-- -- -- -- ----------------- --- ----Shoot --
to kill.
Hey, Azazel: iearzazz
I'm having trouble making distinctions between morals, ethics and
Well I thought you'd get a little kick outta my reject letterhead, picked up
law. Seems to me that they are all pretty much related, but I'm
off the back porch of a print shop. Got me a little better stuff this week. They
beginning to wonder lately. See, two or three times a week I buy
sure do waste a lotta paper down there. Kind of a tradition here, ain't it-
myself lunch at the University Club and charge it to my depart- killing lotsa trees, I mean. Now of course I di'n't expect you to believe that
mental account. You know- taxpayer money. Usually I make it into
I am really the president of this little-ol' university. Why would a person of
a "business lunch" by inviting someone else along too. I think that
my talents want to waste their time in a dead-end job like that? You can just
makes it legal, OK? You gotta watch your ass.
consider me a sorta alter ego for the real thing.
Well, it might be legal, but it sure ain't ethical, right? I mean, gross
Now this week-I gotta worry about the professional vehicle. The old one
abuse of privilege and all that, but hell (sorry) this is Stony Brook!
ain't nothing but a wreck. The engine is shot, the transmission skips, the
You know, LONG ISLAND. OK, so I think I know where I stand, tires are just about shredded and the back seat- well, I'd better not say what
pretty much, on law and ethics, but is it moral? Is there a simple condition that's in. That ol' boy Marburger sure must have carried some
answer, or does it depend on who you have lunch with? Does it
heavy bags in there or let his kids have the keys a little too often or some-
matter whether you have a drink with lunch? Watching your ass thin'. Anyway, I'm gettin' a new one. Something with a little style, and
here on earth is one thing, but as the death
space for a decent gun rack in the back window.
threats begin to stack up- me being an
Plus I'm getting me a chauffeur. Don't want nobody
administrator and all that- I'm beginning to ik- kL
IcnllLa Jot s.l adout women drivers me rirst time 1
worry about my soul's ass, too.
have a fender-bender or mow down an undergrad-
By the way. Do you think I should declare
uate or somethin like that. Give me a chance to start
the free lunches as earned income? Or how
on that new 'Firmative Action program, too. You
about unearned? I don't want to go the
know any good drivers who might want the job?
way of the great administrative genius Al
Your ever lovin'
Starving until you answer,
Miz Shirl
Suit 'n' Tie

Suit 'n'Tie; DearestShirl;

people have been trying I think you underestimate the skill
to figure out morality, ethics, of women drivers,
4 ake, for instance,
and law since they first started $usan Smith.She seems like just the
banging rocks together. 7here sort of chauffeur you might be inter-
seems to be this notion out there ested in. She has driving experience,
that there is some universal she is from the Southb (o. Carolina,
code of behavior which can be to be specific), and she has your sense
applied to life everywhere. of humor, As soon as she's done fac-
Well, one of the best things ing charges that Abe drove her two
about this universe is that no children into a lake, 7'm sure she
such code exists. 7n fact, 7 would be more than happy to send Uou
believe the driving force behind a resume. Jf, however, you are set
moral inquiry in general to be upon having a male chauffeur, think
insecurity. people want to be about Sen. Ted KJennedy. je has
sure about what they can get similar qualifications, without ever
L -, A- M
M-.- - __ _A,- _,,- .... -- ... .. . ...
away with and what they must aoeen convictce; just muae sure
feel guilty about. One would he keeps his pants on.
think this would lead to a fairly open and accept- f the price is right, I might even
be willing to give you a ride. Znfortunately/, don't
ing moral, ethical, and legal system but these
self-same philosophical mortals also want to have a license, I.don't take orders, and 7 don't brake
know for what and when they can righteously for anything.
lynch their friends and family.
Mtly advice to you is thus: settle upon a code,
be it chivalrous, devious, or ambiguous, then do
Please send all correspondence to:
whatever the hell you want. 7here is no inherent
morality in the universe, so the only people one Arcane Answers
has to worry about are the ones with more power.
Lastly, remember this: if you don't get caught/
you didn't do it.

f-S. Let's have lunch sometime.

The Stony Brook Press
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,• 1994
,i, / :• ' .• ....
page 9
by Rachel S. Wexelbaum because he was cute and fuzzy, that's One day it was Peter Rabbit's turn to
why! Cute and fuzzies get away with be dropped into Orca's tank. Unlike his
for C.S., who fishes for salmon everything, that's why...well, not in my brethren, however, Peter was not versed
(Free Willy! Free Willy!). stories they don't! in the ways of other animals because he
Anyway, an aquarium owner won- never studied or lived among other
Well, dear reader, fairy tales don't come dered what would happen if he fed his creatures. In fact, this bunny couldn't
true but frustrated scientists must write charges on storybook animals instead of even read.
such pedantic trash in order to gain noto- real fish in order to save some money. When Peter Rabbit saw an enormous
riety. I just found out yesterday that Most of the simple aquatic creatures pink mouth studded with many sharp
Beatrix Potter, creator of Aunt Jemima, died, but the more complex ones teeth, he panicked immediately. As quick-
Paddle-Duck and Miss Tiggly-Winkles, seemed to thrive on this diet and begged ly as possible he tried to splash toward the
was really a serious naturalist. for more. One particular fan of this fare tank's edge to escape. Unfortunately for
Unfortunately, none of the royal British was an enormous Orca, but the aquari- him, Orca completely blocked his path.
naturalist societies would allow Potter to um owner did not understand why she She was insulted at his refusal to pet her
present her research papers to the public was growing thinner. tongue, and wanted an explanation...
merely because she was not male. As a Orcas, otherwise known as 'killer Of course, the illiterate land-lubbing
result Potter became famous for her chil- whales', are gentle, highly social crea- Peter could not speak her language or
dren's stories about cute and fuzzy ani- tures who love to play and have their- even care to understand. After one great
mals. Her best-known character, Peter tongues petted. Tongue-petting might spurt of adrenaline the rabbit leaped out
Rabbit, has lost his clothes and sickened seem gross or kinky to some people, but of the tank, and the power of his hind legs
on too many vegetables in garden patches it is one of the few things that an orca overturned Orca's only home.
around the world for more than a centu- will ask of anyone. If an orca
ry-yet everyone still loves him. But offers you an itchy tongue anc
(what's so great about Peter Rabbit? He you give it a few friendly slaps
didn't listen to his mother, and his sisters you will soon have a loyal. life-
Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail got their long friend.
blackberries and mink after dinner as a Storybook creatures know all ol
reward for doing their chores and study- the lore which surrounds theii
ing AP Calculus. Meanwhile their irre- people. The ones tossed into thE
sponsible, no-account brother continually Orca's tank knew full well that it
gets into trouble and endangers his fami- they pet her tongue, she would let
ly's life ("You'll end up just like your them escape. She never regretted
father," sighs Mother Bunny, "in Farmer her decisions not to eat them; she
MacGregor's pie!"), so why has the world preferred a little company to a full
transformed this bunny into a hero? Just stomach.


Nw~v EDn T
cn Kenny's best
One Minute- Yolk has not set. selling guide
If opened, the whites are to global
cloudy in appearance. domination
TWO MinuteS- Egg has not been suf is now
ficiently heated to ensure safety available on
from salmonella bacteria. Cr
Three Minutes- Your Egg is now z
ready to eat, add salt or pepper
if desired.
Alternatives to Boiling
Scrambled Eggs, Fried Eggs,
Eggs Benedict, Shirred Eggs,
- 9-N-%
I Nature'srOm 10
erfect Ireakfast Egg Drop Soup, Poached Eggs PIRATE PRODUCTIONS, INC.

'-I' ---
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Anne Frank: Just There I
By Aaron Swartz However there were some fine overall perfor- edy, receiving laughs in all the right places. She
mances and some even finer individual moments, had no moments that shown brighter than others;
The Diary of Anne Frank, directed by Farley Tammi Petrie,who plays Anne Frank, delivered an instead, Petrie gave a strong performance that
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ThursdayJ night
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with a solid, well-rehearsed perfor- plays Anne's father, also gave a
mance. While no mountains were believable performance as the quiet,
moved, there were several excellent kind-hearted Mr. Otto Frank. What I
moments that drew me away from believe to be the play's finest
my college reality, plunging me into moment as Zeaman, in the final
the mixture of despair and happiness scene, lamenting the loss of his fam-
that existed in the reality of Anne ily in the concentration camps . This
Frank's last years of life. is the only moment in the play that I
The cast members, which are a felt an honest depiction of the horrfic
mixture of students and non stu- effects of the Holocaust on its victims.
dents, each gave confident yet care- Other fine performances came
ful performances. The players are from Robert Sarvina as Mr. Dussel,
not yet testing the boundaries and playing the role of an irritant with
limits of their character's reality; clever sarcasm; Ilisa Soshnick, Anne's
instead, they gave the audience a mother, had her finest moment in the
safe opening night performance. he scene where she orders the Van
Making The Diary of Anne Frank a Daans out of the apartment. Here,
truly believable and outstanding Soshnick, who through most of the
piece of theater is a difficult task to play exists in the margins, thrust for-
undertake. The lives of its characters ward and gave a captivating perfor-
are far removed from the life of any mance, The rest of the cast include
actor by the elements of Holocaust Rose Cohen Brown, as Mrs., Van
and World War II terror. This is not to
Daan, who at times was exaggerated
say that the impossible exists in this
but still had some truly comical
play's production, only that 50 years
moments; Donald Graham as Mr..
ago what was considered the
unimaginable now must be imagined Van Daan, a seasoned actor who com-
and believably reproduced in the plimented Brown's high energy with
stage. For example, when the Franks clam believability; Mark Wilson, as
Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel heard Peter Van Daan, playing the awkward
the sirens and the marching Nazi and shy teenage boy well; Kim Roiy,
soldiers outside their hiding place, as Margot Frank, was true to her char-
the fear they showed seemed flat acter as the quiet older sister;
and lacking the utter terror I would Marisa Long as Miep and
imagined existed in these people. Jonathan Karavolias as Mr.
Even when they were finally discov- Kraler, both supported the Arst of
ered by the Nazis, it looked more the cast with aplomb.
like students who just received a poor grade The Diary of Anne Frank has performances
in an exam rather than Jews being dragged off honest and believable performance of the innocent November 10 at 10 am, 10-12 at 8 pm, and closes on
to the "death camps". an precocious Anne. Petrie also has a flair for com- November 13 at .2 pm.
Nirvana the biggest treat was yet to come. and finishing with "Lake of Fire," one of the
DGCr Rpcrrcr \M4,n -D ,,4,- c -,,7x,v The; v,
IviatL r UppetlSl VtLer. Illeir ren-
dition of "Dumb" was especial-
by Scott J. Lusby ly outstanding; for some reason,
The much-anticipated release of that song has always been one
Nirvana's entire "MTV: Unplugged" of my favorites. The delicate
performance from November 1993, cello rhythms (performed by
hit record stores on Tuesday, guest musician Lori Goldstein)
November 4. The album, entitled make the song so depressing, so
Unplugged in New York, treats melancholy that you can't help
Nirvana fans to a fourteen-song, 58 but revel in its mire.
minute tribute to the musical genius I think "Lake of ,Fire" was
that was Kurdt Cobain. probably the most enjoyable
Only eight of the fourteen songs song on Unplugged, simply
were written by Cobain; the other because it's a work that I'm not
six were renditions of a few Meat too familiar with. "Lake of Fire"
Puppets songs, a David Bowie tune isn't simply melancholy, it's
and a couple of songs by unknown downright evil, and fits beauti-
artists (at least to me, anyway.) This fully with the rest of the disc's
hardly matters, however; Cobain's repertoire.
then-unique nihilistic style shines Unplugged ends with "All
clearly through these interpreta- Apologies" and the other
tions of "foreign" material. 'unknown' work, "Where Did
The disc opens with (unfortunately) You Sleep Last Night." When the
one of the most overplayed songs on disc ends, you almost feel like
the radio today, "About a Girl," fol- leaping up out of your Barca
lowed by another favorite, "Come As Lounger and screaming approval
You Are." Both tracks lend themselves along with the audience.
extremely well to acoustic guitars; the Actually, that's not true- you
addition of Meat Puppets guitarist Pat would rather just get up and hit
Smear (the strange guy sitting behind "play" again on the CD player.
Cobain during the show) allowed Unplugged in New York could
Nirvana to reproduce the power found likely be the last release by
on the studio versions of these songs Nirvana, unless the recording
despite the lack of distortion. sessions of Cobain and R.E.M.
After "Come As You Are," frontman Michael Stipe are
Unplugged follows with "Jesus uncovered. What this means is
Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam" that Unplugged is to be cher-
(I don't recognize the lyricist) and ished- because it may be the
"The Man Who Sold the World," an old After "The Man Who Sold the World," last new stuff we ever see from Nirvana.
David Bowie composition. While performing Nirvana rips off eight consecutive utterly amaz-

Live Through This My first impression of Courtney Love and Company mixed the album save for the album's penultimate
Hole was that they are basically a female Nirvana. Now, number "Gutless"; this was mixed by guitar guru
DGC Records this normally would not be such a terrible thing (if J Masics of Dinosaur Jr. It's a pity Masics didn't
you're going to copy somebody, you may as well mix the entire album; "Gutless" is one of its best
by Scott J. Lusby copy the best I always say); considering Love's con- offerings. Other highlights include "Doll Parts,"
nection to Nirvana, however (for those of you who which offers perhaps the most frightening combi-
In their most recent issue, Spin Magazine rated live under a rock, Love was Cobain's wife before he nation of music and lyric on the album, and
Hole's sophomore release Live Through This as its offed himself), this fact becomes magnified. I remem- "Plump," which just simply jams.
"Album of the Year," as well as naming its first ber listening to Live Through This' first three tracks Despite the fact that it closely resembles In Utero,
single, "Miss World," as one of its "Top Twenty ("Violet," "Miss World" and "Plump") and thinking Live Through This is a quality effort, one which is def-
Songs of 1994." Numerous other critics from vari- "Oh lord, you've got to be kidding me!" Love really initely worth buying. My problem is in placing it at
ous magazines have anointed Hole as heir-appar- should have attempted to "carve her own path" and the top of 1994's albums and calling Hole "The
ent to the title of "World's Greatest Rock Band" distanced herself from that Nirvana style- it almost World's Greatest Band." They aren't. They aren't the
vacated by Nirvana upon frontman Kurdt seems inappropriate. But, then again, I could be mak- "Greatest Grunge Band." Nor are they the "Greatest
Cobain's death. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but ing a big deal about nothing- maybe through com- Women's Band"-L7, Liz Phair and PJ Harvey top
they're wrong. Just plain wrong. mon rock tastes is how they hooked up in the first Hole in that category..And numerous other albums,
This isn't to say that Live Through This is a bad place. But I get the distinct impression that this sound including Soundgarden's Superunknown, place high-
album. Quite to the contrary, it's actually a good was designed rather than a natural development. er than Live Through This. Why? Originality and
album, deserving of a place on Spin's top albums That being said, let's move on to Live Through imagination. Soundgarden tries new things without
list. As far as it being the top album of '94 (let This' more positive aspects. Despite my bashing, it compromising their identity; Hole hasn't been
alone Hole being the "World's Greatest Rock is a quality release. And not every song sounds like around long enough to gain an identity yet. To release
Band"), however...sorry, but no. Nirvana from a composition standpoint. The cur- an album that sounds so much like the lead singer's
Live Through This has almost every cool element rent single, "Doll Parts," as well as "Miss World" late husband's band (which happened to be the best
a good band should have: They write dark, and "Softer, Softest" differ sufficiently in sound band of its time) is dangerous when trying to find
noisy, impassioned (and downright scary) songs; and structure. However, it is undeniable that said identity. Because of this, Hole may forever be
they are musically talented; they can jam. There Cobain's lyrical style is present on Live Through known as Nirvana sound-alikes with a chick singing.
is one small problem, however: Hole (at least on This; "Asking For It" is almost an exact rip-off of But alas, they may be known as such anyway-
this album) is neither imaginative nor diverse "Rape Me" (as the title would suggest). regardless of what they sound like.
concerning musical styles. Scott Litt, the man who produces R.E.M.'s work,
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