Truth or Dare with the Cullens =D BPOV Renesmee and Jacob had gone down to the la push beach

for the day which left me, Edward and our sisters and brothers. Esme and Carlisle had gone hunting leaving us alone. “Want to go to the main house?” Edward said, I just giggled and said “ok, but what will we do there?” I asked battering my eyelashes, “you’ll see” he said with a smug look on his face. When we got there Alice was so excited you could see that she was making herself and Jasper jump with excitement as well, “ok what’s going on?” I asked suspiciously “we have 3 games to play” Alice screamed, oh dear games and Emmett was here, what have I got my self into “what games?” I sighed, while Edward chuckled, “first spin the bottle, then 7 minutes in heaven then TRUTH OR DARE!!” she practically screamed “ok well how do you play spin the bottle cos different people play it differently” I said curious “we play it Cullen style so, when you first spin its hug, then kiss on cheek, then snog, then tongues, then it starts again but if at any point the bottle land on your mate AFTER tongues then before it restarts you have to go to bed with them for 10 minutes” she said laughing a bit, 10 minutes wouldn’t be enough but oh well, we all sat down in a circle and Jasper ran and got a bottle. “I’ll spin first” Emmett yelled, “ok” we all murmured in unison, he spun the bottle round and what a surprise it landed on me “great” I murmured, everyone laughed, oh well at least its just a hug, Emmett came towards me and gave me a huge hug that knocked me over – even though I was already sitting down- I had to push him off in the end. After a while no one had landed on there mate yet and I had to do tongues with Jasper which neither me, Jasper, Edward or Alice enjoyed, it was my turn to spin and mine was just restarting, suddenly it landed on Edward and we both had a huge grin on our faces, we ran up to his old room –which stayed the same- and started ripping each others clothes off, Alice had obviously seen this and after 10 minutes she came up and said “it’s been 10 minutes you guys and here’s some clothes” she said chucking them at us. We got dressed and joined them “truth or dare next” Alice said with a big grin, then I realised she had me dressed in a revealing mini skirt and boob tube –great- what next? “I will go first this time” Alice said “Bella” she looked at me evily “truth or dare?” I didn’t want to be a chicken “dare” I said, then she looked at Edward –who was growling- but Alice had a huge grin on her face “I dare you to take Edward to the strip contest at the night club” she said evily, that would be why she gave us these clothes and underwear –god she’s evil. We got to the club it looked a bit packed but there was the competition and I went to sign me and Edward up “ummm… we would like to sign up for the competition” I said politely “sure baby cakes, names?” he said while looking at his paper “Bella Cullen and Edward Cullen” I stopped mid thought “and also my sister Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale” I said –now I was the evil one. I was sure that she hadn’t hear me sign her up but then again this was Alice and she probably saw herself on stage or something “hey Bella it’s your dare not mine!” she exclaimed, but I just chuckled and so did Edward “well you cant chicken out your all signed up” I giggled. EPOV We were at the club still, just waiting for the competition, I can’t believe I'm doing this, I just got to remember not to rip her clothes off and to not go further than her underwear, good luck bro Emmett thought, you could hear his big booming laugh, “thanks” I murmured to him, are you ready Bella thought, I still couldn’t get over the fact I could hear her thoughts when she let me, I smiled at her “I was born ready” I

said and chuckled with her. The competition was about to start, “all contestants to the stage please” the man said, and we did just that, can’t wait to see him strip a few girls thought wish I was that guy wait a sec is that Emmett? Ok that’s a bit weird. The competition started I hate Bella right now Alice thought, it seemed Jasper was giving everyone on stage –including Alice- some lust, Bella jumped on me and wrapped her legs around my hips, she then started unbuttoning my shirt, once it was off before she got off I took her top off as well, it was only fair if we were both topless, then she slowly went down, removing my trousers, I started kissing her then I removed her skirt, now I really wish I was him I heard two people think, wait is that still Emmett? That girl is soooo lucky I heard another girl think, but my and Bella were still making out, in our underwear, it seemed Jasper was still sending waves of lust to us. We won the contest, Alice and Jasper were second “it’s only cos we didn’t want to do it” she used as an excuse. APOV We got back to the house, when they were finally dressed; it was Bella’s turn, let’s see who she will pick, great she picks Emmett, but what she dares him, hmmm… OMG she is a genius, “truth or dare Emmett?” she asked mischievously, “DARE” Emmett boomed, “yeesh em no need to yell” I said “I dare you to go and get drunk and you have to stay drunk for the rest of the night” she giggled out, Edward and I were giggling as well. EMPOV I went to the liquor cupboard, I don’t know why we had one but I grabbed the lambrini, apparently it gets you drunk fast, I went back to the circle and sat next to Rosie, I finished the bottles in no time and went to get another so I could stay drunk, when I came back all of a sudden I tripped up, but Alice caught the lambrini, great, hehe “Rosie your really pretty” I said in a 5 year old voice “wasn’t I pretty before you were drunk?” she said “you were amazing but now your perfect, I went and gave her a huge hug, then I ran her upstairs to our room. JPOV Ok Emmett is officially drunk; he took Rose upstairs so I thought I would send a bit more lust to both of them. “I’ll take Emmett’s turn” I offered, they all nodded, “Edward, truth or dare” I said challenging “dare” he replied “I dare you to not kiss Bella for 3 days” I said smiling “wait what? No!” he replied “ok she’s aloud to kiss you” I said winking at Bella, she winked back “Jasper I can see what your doing” he said, stupid vampire mind reader, shoot he heard that as well, “yeah I'm not stupid either” he replied, hehe love you eddie, “jas that is a bit creepy” he said, I laughed, then I thought of him kissing Bella, mwhahahaha I really want to make this hard, “it’s my turn?” Edward said calmly, “yes it is” I said BPOV “Alice, truth or dare?” Edward said, “dare” she replied excited “I dare you not to kiss Jasper for a whole week, and he’s not aloud to kiss you” Edward said evilly, Alice replaced her big grin with a pout “fine” she huffed then she thought of something, “ Bella, truth or dare?” she said suddenly smiling at me “dare” I wasn’t going to be a wimp now, “I dare you to be my barbie doll for the whole week that I can’t kiss Jasper” she said almost jumping while sitting down “oh no” I groaned groggily, “atleast I'm aloud to kiss Edward” I said sticking my tongue out at her.

RPOV When I got back downstairs, probably after and hour they were still playing truth or dare oh well I didn’t care me and my em bear got to have fun and I giggled at the thought, shoot Edward heard me, I can hear him laughing, oh well better ask them what there doing, “so what dares did you do while we were ummm… busy?” I asked when we got to them, “nothing much apart from I’m not aloud to kiss Bella but she can kiss me, jas and ali aren’t aloud to kiss at all and Bella has to be ali’s babrie doll while she can’t kiss jas.” Edward replied, wow we missed quite a bit then “yes you did” he chuckled, stupid vampire mind reader “for the last time I'm not stupid” Edward yelled, what? I started laughing, who called him stupid? “Jasper and Alice and now you, at least Bella hasn’t said anything” he said, hmmm I could make that change “no you couldn’t” he murmured “your stupid but you’re my stupid vampire” Bella murmured and that just got us all laughing, wait he didn’t say Emmett called him stupid? “oh wait he did while he was drunk… and he still is” he smirked

Sorry cant think of much but I will try make a second part just for you guys =D

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