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Sheldon Nidle
In 1961 science discovered, by means of satellites, a photon belt encircling the Pleiades. This photon
belt circles the Pleiadian system at an absolute right angle to its orbital planes. As our sun (and e ith
it! orbits the Pleiades once every "#,$6% years, it reaches the midpoint of the photon belt appro&imately
every 1",#%% years. It re'uires some ",%%% years to traverse it, meaning that after departing this realm,
another 1%,#%% years pass before our (olar (ystem enters it again.
)efore going any further, e should be mindful of the fact that this particular cycle is nestled ithin a
number of greater cycles. *hat distinguishes this particular cycle from all its previous occurrences is
that it culminates, together ith all the other cycles of hich it is but a part++including the overall cycle of
"%6 million years, in one single point of convergence. This is also called the ,armonic -onvergence.
In 196" e entered the sphere of influence of this photon belt. -alculations appro&imate the year of the
actual entry into its mainstream to be "%11. This correlates ith the time hen the universe reaches its
point of ma&imum e&pansion. The .ast familiari/es us ith the contraction and e&pansion rhythm ofthe
universe as the Inbreath and 0utbreath of 1od++each breath covering a time span (in this density! in the
vicinity of 11,%%% years. It is no coincidence that this time frame corresponds ith the 1rand -ycles, the
orbit of our sun around the central sun Alcione.The transition into superconsciousness, 2also called3 the
second -oming of -hrist, is to occur at the precise moment of suspension of movement beteen
e&pansion and contraction, going parallel ith the entry into the radiation of the photon belt. This energy
is also referred to as the 4anasic 5ibration or 6adiation. Astrophysical calculations, based on the sun7s
speed traveling through space ("9 8m9s!++and .arth7s on movement++indicate that e ill enter the
photon belt at a speed of "%$,$%% 8m9h. The actual entry of .arth into the 4anasic 5ibration ill occur in
the tin8ling of an eye.
The energy of the photon belt is of etheric and spiritual nature, not physical, but it interacts ith and
affects the physical. The 1%,#%% years of dar8ness beteen the "%%%+year periods of light afford
incarnating 4an repeatedly his spiritual evolution. As the ma:ority of humans become forgetful of their
;ivine source and purpose during these .arthly so:ourns, the periods of <ight serve a dual purpose.
They represent a sorting+out process, gathering matured souls into the <ight of the (pirit and affording
the ea8er, :ust maturing souls a stabili/ation period of respite and an opportunity for further spiritual
The individuals ho could not or ould not ac8noledge ;ivine <ove as the essence of their being
during the l%,#%% year period of incarnations are given another chance again. In this sense ++and in this
sense only++it is The ;ay of =udgment, for it is 4an ho :udges himself.
The entry of .arth into the 4anasic 6adiation constitutes the fulfillment of the deepest hopes of the
human soul. 4uch scare has been generated since the time of ;avid, prophesying the coming transition
into <ight. This may have been :ustified in order to sha8e the apathy from 4an, inciting him to loo8
ithin. Today7s generations, hoever, are less in need of pressure induced through fear of coming
events than an enlightening approach addressing their intelligence.
The Photon )elt
(helton >idle, 0ctober9>ovember 199"
An Analysis
In the 199%7s, our solar system is being threatened by the arrival of an unusual energy belt. It is the
purpose of this article to describe this danger and ho it ill affect us.
,istorical )ac8ground
This belt of photon particles as first discovered in the 196%7s in vicinity of the Pleiades by satelite
instrumentation. A photon particle is the result of a collision beteen an anti+electron or positron and an
electron. These split second collisions cause the charges of the particles to cancel and the resultant
mass is converted into energy in the form of photons. In the first 'uarter of this century, the .nglish
physicist Paul ;irac had postulated that for every particle an anti+particle ill e&ist. In 19?", -arl ;avid
Anderson discovered the first anti+particle+the positron.
)y the 19#%7s the anti+proton and the anti+neutron had been discovered. The importance of these
discoveries as not :ust the fact that ;irac7s theory had been proven. 4ore importantly, a ne and
unprecedented from of energy had been discovered. This energy of mass annihilation is 8non as
photon energy and it promises to be a ma:or source for our energy re'uirements in the very near future.
The photon belt7s discovery as due to a series of studies of the Pleiades that began in the days of the
famous )ritish Astronomer, (ir .dmund ,alley (16#6+1@A"!. ,alley discovered that at least three of the
stars in this star group ere not in the same positions recorded by the 1ree8s. The difference as so
great that it as impossible that either the 1ree8s or ,alley ere rong. ,alley concluded tht the
Pleiades moved itin a prescribed sytem of motion.
This concept as proven by Bredric8 *ilhelm )essel ith his discovery that the stars in the Pleiades
had a proper motion of #.# seconds of arc per century.(=* *e are then referred to a chart that I can7t
sho you!. =ose -omas (ola further postulated that the Pleiades and a number of other stars formed a
distinct system and that all apparently had their on planetary systems. Paul 0tto ,esse also studied
this system and descovered at absolute right angles to the movement of the stars, a photon belt or
manasic ring ith a thic8ness of appro&imately "%%% light years. Cp to this time, scientists have been
unable to recreate this phenomena in the laboratory.
If the results of the observations of =ose -omas (ola and Paul 0tto ,esse about the Pleiades are
correct, our star (the (un! is in a "A%%% year cycle ith the Pleiadean Photon )elt. At present e are
poised to enter the belt and pass through the "%%% light year manasic ring before the end of this century.
The 'uestion to be as8ed is hat is the significance of this event to our planetary civili/ationD
*hat is happening noD
)efore e anser that 'uestion let us describe some of the fore running events and allied phenomena
that occur before e enter the belt. At the edge of the belt is a null /one. As e have crept closer, the
planet has become sub:ected to an increase in seismic activity and volcanism.
Burther, e have seen an alteration of traditional eather patterns that permits the formation of
e&tremely severe typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes. There is also the added stress placed on the
upper atmosphere hich could have aided the formation of the o/one holes. The (un has responded by
an increase in solar flare activity and in a general stellar cooling. It must be remembered that the null
/one is the place here the photon energy in the belt is created. It is a place here all particles of matter
and anti+matter are annihilated. ,ence, there is a vast pressure on our solar system. This pressure
builds up graadually and does not climb in an e&ponential manner until e pass into the /one.
*e are no in the position of near entry into the belt (entry ill occur sometime before the end of this
decade!. To aid us in this shift, the Bederation has commissioned to pro:ects. Birst the Bederation
altered the basic polarity of the (un. This feat ill allo the (un as it enters the belt to maintain the
integrity of the (un7s planetary system. (econd, the Bederation has put into posituon ships that are
designed to lessen the effects of the belt on our atmosphere and to help repair any passive 0/one
breaches that may occur in the first fe hours of entering this belt.
;escription of Photon )elt
The Photon belt consists of three ma:or elements. (=* ,e refers us to Bigure " of hich e don7t have
in this posting!. Birst, there is the aforementioned null /one. This /one is here the particles of matter
and antimatter collide to form the belt7s immense photon streams. This area is also here the
electromagnetic fields of this star system ill be nullified. 1ravitational fields and related photon energy
fields ill be altered. This alteration ill cause all atoms and molecules in this star system to be
unusually e&cited. This process ill alter our state of consciousness and force us to loo8 at our universe
in ne and uni'ue ays. The ne&t segment is a flu& field beteen the photon stream and the inner edge
of the null /one. ,ere, e ill encounter a space9time distortion that has the possibility to hurl our
system into another and higher dimension. After e have entered the photon stream proper, e ill be
able to utili/e photon beam energy and inter dimensional space travel of all types imaginable ill
become possible. It could ell be the E1olden AgeE that the )ible and other religious tracts have spo8en
about. )iblical and various tribal myths throughout this planet tal8 of a period in hich men ere different
than they are no and e had a bridge to the stars. (uch a time of vast change is upon us. This period
of change ill last for about "%%% years.
*hat to e&pect
,ere7s hat e can e&pect hen e enter the belt. The first phase is the phenomena associated ith
the null /one. 4uch of hat happens here is relatively sift in occurring. The pro:ected time is about 11%
to 1AA hours (# to 6 days! in duration. The first noticeable event is the alteration of the type of body that
e inhabit. This alteration of our body type ill cause an effect similar to putting ones hand in an
electrical outlet. This sudden shoc8 ill last about a tenth of a second and ill be over before one really
notices that it occurred. At present researchers believe that there are three types of bodies in the
creative universe. The first type is purely corporeal ith the solid mass structure that e are presently
used to. A second type is less corporeal but ith an altered mass structure that allos the body to do
more unusual things such as easily al8ing through a solid three dimensional all. A third type is a
purely ethereal body ith no mass at all (a spiritual being!. In our entry into the null /one, our bodies and
the matter around us ill be altered into the second type described. *e shoudl ta8e on ne capabilities
such as telepathy and tele8inesis. (ince e are entering a place here the electromagnetic grid
collapses, a second simultaneous event ill be the fact that electromagnetic e'uipment ill cease to
funciton. In addition, e ill also encounter a brief period of dar8ness (roughly ?6+@# hours! that ill
gradually give ay to a period of e&treme light. It is a time that the )ible and other documents have
described as hen one ill be changed to immortality in the tin8ling of an eye. ,oever, there is
another potential disaster of e&tremely fatal proportions for us to ponder.
The coming fire stormD
As the atmosphere is compressed and then rapidly e&panded and e&cited by the photon belt, our
atmosphere has the possibility of suddenly e&ploding if it is e&posed to large amounts of nuclear
radiation. This radiation is a natural by product of the nuclear reactions produced daily by nuclear
poered electrical generation plants and nuclear eaponry. This possibility could e&plain the vast
interest that e&traterrestrial space craft have shon in such poer plants and in the vast stoc8piles of
nuclear eaponry in various parts of this planet. It is essential that such nuclear stoc8piles be
dismantled as 'uic8ly as possible. In addition, e must establish emergency plans to either shut don or
permanently decommission these facilities. A firestorm in the the atmosphere could ell doom our planet
and prevent us from achieving our glorious destiny.
Another facet of the passing into the null /one ill be the cooling of the (un7s atmosphere and the
resulting lesser amounts of radiant energy sent to us. This event could signal a temporary inter li8e
effect throughout the globe. It means that for a short period of time our planet ill return to an ice age.
This cooling period should last about ? to # days and ill end hen e start to enter the period of
complete daylight. This unbelievable period of seemingly eternal light ill characteri/e the formal entry
into the main segment of the photon belt. *hen e enter this aspect of our :ourney, the photon energy
ill not only give us lightF but also the heat and subtle radiation re'uired to run our bodies at ma&imum
efficiency. This effect ill also apply to the various plants and animals that presently occupy this planet.
*e may ell not need very much sleep nor re'uire hardly any food to e&ist. It could ell be most
remar8able period in our history.
)enefits of being in the )elt
The arrival into the main part of the photon belt also gives our planet to additional benefits. Birst, e
ill obtain a ne and unlimited source of energy + photon energy. The energy source ill enable our
orld to easily abandon the fossil fueled industrial age. In a short period of time, our civili/ation can
begin to rid itself of those technologies that have polluted our planet for the past to and one half
centuries. Photon energy ill not only provide our bodies ith a ma&imum efficiency of energy use, it ill
also do the same for our homes and factories. *e ill enter a ne and ondrous energy age. There is
also an additional benefit to this event. (pace travel ill become simple and the preferred mode of
transportation. In aboriginal mythology it is often stated that men ere different then than they are no
and that they had a bridge to the stars.
In the photon belt, e ill be different and ith the poer provided by the photon beam as a propulsion
system the planets and the stars ill become 'uite near. (oon, it ill be as easy to travel to (irius or
-appella as it is no is to travel to >e Gor8. In addition, there is the possibility of meeting inhabitants
from earlier civili/ations ho fled to the stars. Bor e&ample, the ancient <emurians and 4ayans ere
supposed to have left ith the promise that at the right time they ould return. 5arious petroglyphs
around the orld mention this phenomenon and its relation to the star Alcyone in the Pleiades.
Interpretations of these glyphs indicate that the time of return is no very li8ely. There are also additional
benefits to be curried by entering the belt.
0ur present ;ilemma
*e must go beyond presently defined borders of reality and learn to accept nely redefined ones. This
process is usually a slo and painful operation encompassing many generations. ,oever, e presently
lac8 such a time frame. All our options are being compressed into a series of paradigm shifts that our
present generation of scientific and spiritual leaders are urging us to address. Get e seem unable to do
so in a ay that benefits our survival.
This dilemma is e&acerbated by the fact that e are unable to understand the full meaning of our
predicament. A large part of our political leadership still attempts to loo8 at the problems in the traditional
terms of bygone realities. *e are presently in need of a series of advocates that can e&plain or at least
ma8e some sense out of the ne realities and accompanying that surround us. It is not an easy tas8 that
stands in front of us.
In its unseen potential, there lies a most promising and bright future for our civili/ation and for 1aia. *e
must be able to see that a ne paradigm is about to ta8e shape before us faster than it ever has in our
history. *hat before too8 several generations of trial and error ill no be on us in full force before the
end of this decade. The environmental movement, the modern scientific revolution, and the ne spiritual
aareness are :ust symbols of a much larger movement that is shifting human consciousness and its
aareness of the cosmos.
As an old -hinese proverb reiterates, Ee have been cursed to live in interesting times.E >o is the time
to evaluate these interesting times and see that they are not a curse but a blessing.
The need for advocates
*hat e desperately need are a number of advocates that can overcome the incompetence of the
present political system. These advocates must be persons and9or groups that understand the problems
no facing us. *e need to establish the political, social, economic and scientific forums that this
planetary civili/ation needs to assure its survival. These groups can later serve as places for rational
interaction beteen this orld and the un8non phenomena that surround us. Bor too long our culture
has irrationally relied on economic and sociopolitical systems that are presently proving unable to
overcome a series of 'uite severe problems. 0ur society is in dire need of a vast overhaul that meets
the needs of our diverse population. This overhaul must ta8e into account the ne realities of the
environment and the modern scientific and spiritual revolution that e are in the midst of. All of these
changes are an important aspect of the ne paradigm that is presently forming before our eyes.
A summary (tatement
As e have stated, e are in the midst of a complete regeneration of human consciousness. This
dramatic shift in our reality did not snea8 up on us. It as born in the laboratories, classrooms, and vast
scientific comple&es that dot our planet. It as also born in those ho 8ne of the meaning of dremtime
and hen its meaning ould become important. These elements ere strung together hen the
environment became a significant issue ith the young. In their e&uberance, they laid the first rungs in
the ladder that leads to the ne paradigm. It is to them and their delightful innocents that our ne
paradigm is dedicated. Bor if the orld must change, is it not a :oy to do it for the benefit of our youth and
all the good that such a measure represents.
6ole of Inter1alactic Bederation
The most important benefit is for this planet and its star system to enter into membership in the 1alactic
Bederation. )y so doing, e ill finally ta8e our rightful place as an assocated member of the gala&y. *e
ill open up the means to obtain advanced technologies and have the use of trained personanel that
can allo our civili/ation to rapidly transform itself. *ith the Bederation7s help, e ill be able to fashion
the societal and economic structures necessary to sustain our nely evolved civili/ation. 4oreover, e
ill have the benefit of their millennias of change to fall bac8 on. 0ur tendency toard greed and
violence can be purged from our civil/ation. Get the entry into the Bederation offers another advantage.
*e ill no have access to the true history of our planet and can for the first time find ansers to the
'uestions about ho e are and here e came fromF ansers to 'uestions that the great minds of our
orld ide civili/ation have as8ed from time immemorial. <i8e an orphan ho suddenly discovers taht he
still has a family, e ill be able to learn about our origins and ho early human civili/ations came to be.
Csing the advanced technology from the various member star systems of the Bederation ill also allo
an even greater possiblity. *e ill be able to learn ho to best utili/e the ne spatial relationship (the
fifth dimension! that the photon belt ill give us access to.
*hat it means to us
As e enter the main segment of the photon belt, e ill be raised to the fifth dimension of e&istence.
*e ill be transformedH This ne dimension ill permit us to travel throughout this immediate segment
of the gala&y ith relative ease. *hat e need to 8no from our ne friends in the Bederation is ho to
best utili/e our ne abilities. *e ill ant to e&plore and discern the meanings of our ne environment.
*ith the ne psychic ability that e ill possess and the ne bodies that e ill dell in, e ill
temporarily be confused and ill need some guidance. The mutual education process that comes from
first contact ill enable our star system to ta8e its place in the Bederation.
.ventually, e ill become a glactic civili/ation that at some time in the future ill be able to share our
8noledge ith other star systems.
*hat e should do about it
0ur society sits on the edge of a possible golden age that various religious prophecies have forecast
over the past to millenia. *e need to implement an action plan that ill acheve this golden destiny.
This plan should consider the folloing criteria. Birst, before this event occurs, each of us needs to feel
personally responsible for our planet7s future and to aid in the formation of advocate groups. (econd, e
need to evaluate our economic, societal, and environmental problems in light of hat is no fast
approaching. <astly, e as ell as our duly appointe advocate groups should begin to prepare for this
emergency. This nesletter invites all ho read this article to comment on it and set up a netor8 for
change. 0ur program should be in operation before e reach the belt7s null /one and not hen it is upon
us. The future of our planet7s human civili/ation could ell depend on our actionsH
(ource of InformationI )eyond *i/dom 5ol.1, >o. ". 0ct9>ov. 199". P.0. )o& $11, ,alf 4oon )ay,
-alif. 9A%19. Phone J A1#+@"6+"$"@ A1#+@"6+"$"@ .
)oyd 4artin (! # =an 199# postedI
The folloing are e&cerpts from channeled readings regarding the coming Ephoton belt.E 0ne recently
published boo8 in particular focusses on the phenomenon, EGou Are )ecoming a 1alactic ,uman.E
0ther channels have also addressed the sub:ect, ith more to come. *or8 is also underay to add hard
scientific evidence to these intuitive observations ith comments from astronomers, physicists and
astrophysicists. These findings ill be added to this ongoing study. It is hoped others ill see8 out more
information on hat apparently is the most significant cosmic event in human history. Perhaps there are
poers that be that are suppressing 8non scientific information on this vital sub:ect. If all the folloing
is soon to be an actuality, e might as ell bag our plans for the ne&t several months and concentrate
on putting our affairs in order...
Gou Are )ecoming A 1alatic ,umanI The Photon )elt
(.&cerpted from EGou Are )ecoming a 1alactic ,umanE by 5irginia .ssene and (heldon >idle,
channeling (irian -ouncil members!I
The photon belt, a huge torroid shaped ob:ect composed of photon light particles, as first discovered
by your scientists in 1961 near the vicinity of the Pleiades by satellite instrumentation. The reality is that
your solar system and the photon belt are moving toard each other 2and ill merge sometime beteen
4arch, 199#, and the end of 19963.
Paul 0tto ,esse discovered that at an absolute right angle (9% degrees! to the movement of the stars in
the Pleiades, there as a photon belt shaped li8e a torroid or huge doughnut ith a thic8ness of
appro&imately ",%%% solar years or @#9,$6A billion miles. Gour earth is no completing a "A,%%%+"6,%%%+
year cycle ith this photon belt.The photon belt can be divided into three sections. Gou ill first enter
through hat is called the null /one. This procedure ill ta8e roughly five to si& days to complete
including three days of total dar8ness. Bolloing this action, you ill move into the main part of the belt
itself and e&perience unending daylight ("A hours a day!. This :ourney normally lasts around ",%%% years
and ends hen your solar system e&it at the other end of the belt by going through the null /one e&it for
the same five to si& day period.
,oever, in this cycle, the (upreme -reator Borce (1od! has arranged for your solar system to enter an
interdimensional rescue bubble that ill thrust it out of the photon belt through the #th dimension and
into a position about three light years from the (irius star system (at present (irius is appro&imately $.?
light years from .arth!. This bubble ill be reached around the years "%1"+"%1? A;. At the end of that
period of appro&imately 1@ years (1996+"%1?! ill mar8 the end of your "A+hour daylight e&perience and
bring the return of an appro&imate 1"+hour daylight91"+hour nighttime schedule.
*hen the photon belt is fully manifested, it ill not allo any electrical device to function. (uch a
development ill mean that neither batteries nor electrical circuits ill operate hen .arth is in the
photon belt 21@ years3. Gou ill re'uire a ne form of energy++photon energy++to operate your former and
soon+ to+be altered electrical devices.
Another ma:or development that is e&pected to occur as you approach the null /one is an increase in
pressure on the planet7s atmosphere and upon its surface. This aspect is also beginning to happen as
noted by the increase in seismic activities that stretch from the 196%s to the present time. .arth is
presently in a period in hich seismic activities across the planet have increased. The same thing can
be said for volcanism. There has also been a dramatic change in your planetary eather patterns that
put pressure on the tradition ater cycle.
Gou on .arth ill be entering the photon belt and losing the electromagnetic fields hen they are
nullified. And as e have e&plained, this means that hen you enter the photon belt you on7t be able to
utili/e electrical e'uipment anymore. There fore, yo must being to prepare for this ma:or change in your
lives as ne forms of gravitational and electrical fields are established. *hat appears to you as a loss
ill actually be a benefit that allos photon energy fields to be altered at the subatomic level and
become the basic energy drivers of your solar system. A( all atoms and molecules are changed, you
.arth humans ill be vastly modified in your very nature. Gou ill become something 'uite different++
e&citingly improved++from hat you presently are.Therefore, let7s go over the entire scenario of the
photon belt e&perience and get an idea of hat is about to happen. As mentioned it ill li8ely occur
sometime beteen 4arch of 199# and ;ecember of 1996. Gour planet ill e&perience a great field of
dar8ness as it approaches the null /one and your solar system becomes immersed in the /one.
(uddenly, the tilight level of dar8ness ill be replaced by complete dar8ness. It ill be as though the
entire planet has been thron into an incredibly huge closet and the door closed behind you. The sun
ill have disappeared from vie and you ill be unable to see stars in the pitch blac8 s8y. ;ay ill have
suddenly turned to night as the null /one7s compression of solar and stellar light ill blot out the sun and
even the stars.
Gou ill 8no by the total dar8ness that you have no entered the null /one and begun the transformation
process. As you begin to accept the shoc8 of this utter dar8ness, you ill find that something else has
happened. >ot only are you in the dar8 but none of your electrical devices ill or8 anymore. 0nce the
pumps 'uit and ater tan8s are empty, ater ill not run and toilets ill not flush. <ights cannot be
turned on. -ars ill not start. ,ence, you are no in a hole ne orld. ;espite these incredible
difficulties, something has happened to your bodies, something onderful.
*hen the collapse of the planet7s electrical and magnetic fields occurs, it ill also allo all atoms on
.arth to be changed. The atoms in your body ill be modified to form a ne body++a body that is semi+
etheric++and the veil of consciousness around you ill be removed. Gou ill no longer be living in the
limited ?rd+dimensional reality. Gou ill no have physical and psychic gifts that you ere meant to have
ever since the time you humans first left the <yran constellation to spread your 8noledge and
guardianship throughout this gala&y. Gou ill have begun the process of Ecoming homeE to the #th
*hen the atmosphere begins to compress by the second day, you ill e&perience the sensation of being
compacted by the pressures from the null /one on .arth7s gravitational field and you ill fell bloated.
This bloating ill only last for about to days, hoever.As your atmosphere is compressed and all
materials become denser, the big danger ill be from nuclear materials since there is the possibility for
either nuclear chain+reactions or huge and deadly radioactive e&plosions of fissionable materials. This
compression of nuclear energy could possibly cause massive fire storms in addition to e&plosions
around the planet, or nuclear chain reactions. Therefore, to avoid these dangers, the 1alactic Bederation
ill allo a special landing of technical ships and personnel so that these potential nuclear dangers can
be alleviated.
The ne&t change that you ill feel is coldness caused by the complete absence of the sun. (This
temperature drop ill be profound++li8e an Ice Age type of cold!. This ill occur because the sun ill be
undergoing a change in its interdimensional polarity hich ill prevent the sun7s heat from reaching
planet .arth7s surface.
)y the third day of change, hoever, you ill begin to see a dan+li8e glimmer surrounding your planet.
Gou ill then have the beginnings of the Ephoton effect.E This photon effect is very important because it
ill allo you to have a ne energy source. This ne energy source ill permit the end of your planet7s
fossil fuel dependency. It ill also allo the capability for space travel since photon drive technology is
the poer system for all starships operated by the 1alactic Bederation. )y the third and fourth day, then,
you ill have reached the time for your first introduction to photon energy, ea8 though it may be.
As the fourth day 'uic8ly dras to an end and the fifth day no begins, the climate ill begin to arm
and bright light ill return. The photon effect hich began toard the end of the third day ill no be in
full effect. Gou ill no be able to use photon+beam poer e'uipment. .very living thing ill no be
invigorated by the photons streaming in from the main part of the photon belt. Gou ill have entered a
ne age ith a ne body. Gou ill no be ready for the ne&t phase in hich your psychic abilities ill be
heightened by the photon effect. These photon energies ill not only provide your bodies ith ma&imum
efficiency of energy use, but they ill also be used for energi/ing your homes and your industries. Gou
ill have entered the photon ageH (pace travel ill no become 'uite simple and a preferred mode of
0ne you begin living in the photon belt you ill be in a fully reali/ed space age. *ith the poer provided
by photon beam energy, the stars and other planets ill soon seem to be as near as a trip across ton.
*ith this ne energy, it ill be as easy to travel to (irius, or any other nearby star, as it is no to travel
from -alifornia to >e Gor8. In addition you ill no have in your midst those you have long called the
e&traterrestrials ho are your elder brothers and sisters and your counselors and guides during the
transitional period.
The ne ondrous times that you are about to enter ill allo the reclamation of your fully
consciousness potential. This fact is forecast in the biblical revelations, and it is an age hen you ill
tal8 and al8 ith all ho have lived on your planet. It is a time hen you ill be one ith the .arth7s
spiritual hierarchy. It is also a time hen you ill return to or8 cooperatively ith your planet7s
cetaceans to be co+ guardians of .arth, and eventually ith your rehabilitated solar system as ell.
<ucius 4ind 1roupI The Photon )elt
(.&cerpted from =an. 199# E(edona =ournal of .mergence LhttpI99.sedona:o.com9M,E The <ucius
4ind 1roup and =ean 1erson+1reer!I
0ver and over, channelers are bringing forth that all the changes are not going to be part of the Edoom
and gloomE horror ith the Bour ,orsemen in the lead. They are telling you that .arth ill be going
through some mighty terrible upheavals, and to prevent you getting caught in this, you ill be lifted up,
and hen you return, .arth ill be completely reneed.
<adies and gentlemen, this is all going to happen ith much occurring ithin your on mindsets only if
you let it happenH *hen ill you put everything you7ve been receiving together and reali/e that yes,
everything is in motion, but it is you ho have the final say as to the best ay to bring in the pristine
poer from the photon belt to revitali/e .arth and all that lives therein and thereon.The ne radiation or
radiance from the photon belt ill penetrate your atmosphere at a gentle rate, healing that hich is
8non as nature, thereby stabili/ing the turbulent eather systems. This ill be completed by the end of
your 1996, the original year "%%%. Gou ill as a planet go through a minimali/ed three days of dar8ness
and cold and then three days of light and mello armth, for this is necessary to bringing aareness to
everyone, but there ill be no fear. All dream states ill have been permeated ith calm, peace and
understanding, as it as in the beginning. 6est assuredI All consideration has been ta8en under
e&treme advisement. >o part of life ill be upset. -all upon your angelic and ;evic forces to be ith you
continuously once again as it as in the beginning, for they too have no been nely instructed. All ill
understand. If you do no believe, if you feel you need the conflicting points of vie ithin your
consciousness to stimulate you++fine, don7t orry about it. Bor those ho are still ary, begin observing
all animal and insect behavior. Gou ill find it completely normal as e approach the days involved. 2The
original times given by a ide variety of sources ere in 4arch 199#. The current .TA ill being ith the
ne&t solstice (inter, 199A! or, if deemed necessary by human mind9human mind reaction, put off until
the summer 199# solstice.3
*e must tell you that in the interim beteen no and the completion of the photon belt changes, there
ill be .arth changes similar to hat you have been e&periencing over the past decade. And there ill
be the natural reactions by animals and insects to them. And yes, these upheavals too ill pass. It is
nely ritten because you have as8ed for it to be so. And so it is.6uss -onsaulI The Photon )elt
(.&cerpted from =an. 199# E(edona =ournal of .mergence LhttpI99.sedona:o.com9M,E The (amuel
1roup through 6uss -onsaul!I
To thin8 about this ascension process, let us begin ith the .arth. Gour blessed home has begun a
process hereby it ill become more energy than matter. This is indeed a process and not something
that ill happen overnight. (*o, ouldn7t it be a surprise to everything living on the .arth if it did
happen overnightD! )e assured it ill ta8e some time. Also, be assured that this evolution ill happenH
*e suspect that a complete shift of the .arth from a third+dimensional reality (one of height, idth and
depth! to a fifth+dimensional reality (one beyond space9time, height, idth and depth! ill be completed
by the year "%11.
As e approach that date, the .arth ill go through myriads of energy shifts. These energy shifts
correspond to a great e&tent ith celestial cycles, one of hich is the rotation of the .arth around the
sun, or your calendar year. ,ence, each succeeding year ill play a part in creating changes in
electromagnetic and geomagnetic energies that ill result in a repatterning of the .arth7s molecular
structure. This restructuring ill ultimately allo the .arth to vibrate its subatomic particles so fast that it
ill evolve into energy, or, in other ords, shift into the fifth dimension.
-osmic AarenessI The Photon )elt
2.&cerpted from =une 199? reading of -osmic Aareness LhttpI99.te/cat.com9-osmic.AarenessM,
Paul (hoc8ley interpreter, 0lympia, *A3
This Aareness indicates that these shifts are very subtle and very slo in changing, and this movement
through a photon belt ill ta8e 'uite a long period of time, several years before great changes are
actually recogni/ed. It ill be 'uite gradual so that entities ill not even recogni/e that changes are
occurring, but consciousness and energies and vibrations ill be undergoing certain changes.There may
come certain momentary events that create sudden changesI polarities may shift and change, at first
lightly, then later suddenly and ith great force. This Aareness indicates that it ill be a period of time
reaching into the ne&t century, here the energies ill gradually build and change and affect the nature
of the earth and the e&perience in this material plane.
This Aareness indicates that it ill be a time in hich spiritual light as ell as physical light, in terms of
the increase in antimatter, affects the physics of earth. The antimatter increase, hich is essentially the
merging of the spiritual photon light and the material light, or material matter on earth, ill create a
different vibration in the mass of matter, but it is not something that you can simply a8e up and open
the indo and see.
It is something that ill appear very subtly as a change in matter and as change in consciousness,
here consciousness begins to have more effect on matter and on the material realm. This Aareness
indicates that there ill be some changes over time in regard to gridor8, electrical fields of energy, the
electromagnetic spectrumF all of these things ill be affected in some degree as time passes so that
some of the e'uipment that entities find very durable and or8ing in today7s society may not be
or8able in a future time because of the change in the electrical fields.
Photons, .nergy and <ight
by EArmendeusE Ale& T. Gamane (ale&! posted on -onfederation of <ight <ist
A photon is defined by us as the smallest divisible unit of light energy. That7s hat a 'uantum is, and
that7s hat Nuantum Bield 4echanics deals ith. (ame for gravi+ton, posi+tron, elec+tron. These are
definitions e have constructed to help place a label on hat e define as the smallest divisible unit of
anything observable through ?rd dimensional physicality.
In 'uantum field mechanics, and Nuontic Psychology, it has been generally accepted that the model of
7consciousness7 perfectly describes the scientific observations of particle movement on this level. A
'uar8, or energy particle can e&ist in to spaces at the same time ithout travelling through the
intervening space. Burthermore, the particle that is observed is only at that point in space hen it is
being observed. In other ords, this particle isn7t there hen e ta8e our conscious attention to it.
(o *hatD
*ell, as you 8no, your mind O soul is beyond the Ath dimension because the ?rd and Ath are intricately
related from our perspective. Gou cannot travel from point a to point b ithout ta8ing some time to get
there. ,oever, you can e&perience the flo of time ithout doing any change in physical space. Gou
can :ust float in still space for e&ample, theoretically, and :ust e&perience 1 minute passing hile staying
I (till ;on7T 1et It.
08ay, as you 8no, your mind, your conscious aareness determines hat you perceive in this reality.
(o, you decide for e&ample, ho you ant to react to time. Gou can spend ?% minutes ith a loved one
about to depart and feel li8e it7s only been # minutes, or spend ?% minutes under the drill getting a root
canal done and feel li8e it7s been over an hourH In other ords, our consciousness is beyond time, the
Ath dimension, so that conscious aareness can e&ist at to points in space ithout traversing the
intervening space and time.
Gou76e <osing 4e.
,ang in there. 1oing bac8 to the photon particles. (ay e are all of a sudden in a region of space here
there are e&cess positrons. That is, the smallest particle ith a positive charge. .lectrons are the
smallest divisible negative charge, but because the negative (+! charge is a 7lac87 of the charge, it needs
to fill it7s void. =ust li8e a blac8 hole suc8s in everything, even light.
0ur civilli/ation and technology is still based on .<.-T6I-ITG, hich uses the movement of 7electrons7
to try to fill their void, to poer all our machines. Therefore, all our cities are in .P-.(( of electronic
signals hich are .4B electro+magnetic+fre'uencies such as those emitted from television, radio,
computers, you name it. This stuff is bad for us as e need 7positrons7 to 8eep our moledules spinning in
the direction of the sacred geometry of the universe and all of creation. (cience is :ust recently starting
to reali/e the damaging effects of .4B aves from technology, and this is documented in 4edical
=ournals orldide.
*hen e hit the photon belt, it ill be a sort of cleansing period because the e&cess photon energy ill
re+balance the e&cess negative electron energies that e have built up in our technologies, thus the
arning that some electricity ill not or8.
,appiness And .nergy
*hen e are happy and in a state of love, our brain ave patterns are high. *hen depressed, lo. In
other ords, the emotion or e&perience of love, is a8in to an overflo of this positive energy. ,ence,
hen e enter the photon belt, there ill be e&cess postive light energy that our bodies ill nourish, and
the e&cess photon energy ill become 78inetic7 energy hich is energy in motion. *e ill finally,
naturally, be able to e&tend the limits of our consciousness don to the third dimensional physical level,
hich is :ust energy particles moving at their sloest spin.