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The Menu “But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the

he blind and you will be blessed.

Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous” Luke 14:13-14
Newsletter of the UCC Social Justice Team Issue 8 “Welcome Week Edition”

What is the Social Chef’s Special:

Justice Team? Catholic Social Teaching 101
SJ Team Mission statement: Catholic social teaching is the body of social principles and moral teaching that have
The UCC Social Justice Team developed over the history of the Church on matters of social life. It is articulated in
connects what we experience at Mass the papal documents since the late 19th century dealing with the economic, political
to how we live. We serve the and social order.
common good through works of
Life and Dignity of the Human
mercy for the poor and
vulnerable. We also work to eliminate
Belief in the inherent dignity of the
the conditions that create the need for
charity by advocating for just socialhuman person is the foundation of all
policy and education of the Catholic social teaching. Human life is
community. sacred and the dignity of the person is
the starting point for a moral vision for © J.S. Paluch Co., Inc.

Join us for meetings: society. The person is made in the image The Dignity of Work
Every other Mon., 6:30-8PM in of God. The economy must serve people, not the
the Basement at the UCC. Our first Call to Family, Community and other way around. All workers have a
meeting will be Sept. 17 and there Participation right to productive work, fair wages and
will be free food & fellowship! safe conditions. They also have the right
We realize our dignity and rights in to organize and form unions.
Upcoming fall calendar: relationships with others in community,
Sept. 30: “Catholic Social Teaching where humans grow and achieve Solidarity
101” Come to this workshop to fulfillment. How we organize our society We are one human family. Our
discuss how our faith calls us to directly effects human dignity and responsibilities cross national, racial,
action in today’s world. 1PM in the everyone has a responsibility to economic and ideological differences.
Library, upstairs at the UCC. Please contribute to the common good. We are called to work globally for justice.
RSVP to Rights and Responsibilities Care for God’s Creation
Oct. 3: Activist musician Sara Every person has a fundamental right to The goods of the earth are gifts from
Hickman will be kicking off the life and a right to those things required God, and they are intended by God to
Music for Life tour at First United for human decency—starting with food, benefit everyone. There is a “social
Methodist Church (1201 Lavaca), all shelter and clothing, employment, health mortgage” that guides our use of the
proceeds to benefit Texas Coalition care and education. Corresponding to world’s goods and we have the
to Abolish the Death Penalty. Info at these rights are duties and responsibility to care for these goods, responsibilities—to one another, families not as mere consumers.
Oct. (TBA): Film screening & and society. Source: Office of Social Justice, Archdiocese of
discussion with a speaker from the Option for the Poor and Vulnerable St. Paul Minneapolis,
Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death
Penalty The poor must have the most urgent
moral claim on the conscience of the What does scripture say?
Oct. 28, 1PM: Talk by Ken Hays of
School of the Americas Watch.
Nov. 15-18: SOA/WHINSEC protest
nation. We are called to look at public
policy decisions in terms of how they

If anyone wishes to be first,
affect the poor. The option for the poor he shall be the last of all and
is an essential part of society’s efforts to t h e servant of all.
at Ft. Benning, Georgia (contact
Jenn at achieve the common good. Mark 9:35 ”
To Serve and be Served
The UCC is represented in many communities by students and alumni serving the common good around the globe. In this
issue we invite some leaders to share their stories. Chris Babb, UCC staff and Class of ‘05, recently returned from serving
two years in Belize with Jesuit Volunteers International. Jenn Svetlik, senior, spent the summer as a Catholic Worker at Casa
Juan Diego in Houston. Christina Mechler, senior, staffed Catholic Heart Workcamp and did mission work in Guatemala.

Trabajando por la justicia who began the first Catholic Worker

house in NYC in 1933, believed in a
by Jennifer Svetlik philosophy of personalism, which

P ope Paul VI’s famous words, “If

you want peace, work for justice,”
are quoted on many walls at Casa Juan
stresses human dignity and creates a
“creative and free population.” This
philosophy dictated our service and led
Diego Houston Catholic Worker. This to great diversity in our days. At Casa,
summer, my search to learn about peace workers live with the people they serve,
movements and pacifism led me to and there are no salaries, because they
work for justice for undocumented believe that all work should be given as
immigrants. Casa’s guests are economic a gift. And there seems to be no end to
refugees that come from Central the abundant gifts that God lavishes Jenn with the founders of Houston Catholic Worker,
America and Mexico, seeking a better upon Casa, through a variety of talents Mark and Louise Zwick, and their granddaughter Naomi
life for their families. I lived in Casa’s in the volunteers or the much-needed
house of hospitality for battered women donation that shows up just in time. women at Mass and in our nightly
and children, and it was a challenging I was able to work for peace and meetings, but the greatest opportunity
and beautiful experience.
So what did working for justice look
like at Casa? A “typical” day could
“ justice in a radical way

to share my faith was when they would
ask, “Why would you choose to live
In the midst of this abundance, here?” and I could explain a little about
consist of: making a plaque to create however, life for our guests was my desire to learn to love better and
dentures for a guest, helping a woman difficult. Many women came who had work for justice.
get a protective order, praying La been raped by their coyotes during their This summer, I neither converted
Liturgia de las Horas, sorting through journey to the U.S., men arrived with anyone nor changed immigration policy
never-ending piles of donations, one leg (the other caught under a train for the 12 million undocumented people
teaching a woman to read, planting on the way), and children cried at night living in the U.S. But through food, I
sweet potatoes in an organic garden, to go back to their abusive fathers. could offer a little hope, through a smile,
putting puzzles together with children, Sometimes I felt helpless to do anything a little love. I was able to work for peace
laying out our house newspaper on large to alleviate their pain. But we could and justice in a radical way, one that
sheets of cardstock (no computers offer love without condition, a worshipped Christ in community and
needed!), doing many loads of laundry sympathetic ear, or medicine for a taught trust in the One who made us.
or getting my thoughts clarified in a wound. In this sense, we were
For more info about Casa Juan Diego, go to
discussion with Casa’s founders. missionaries who spoke about Christ and to learn more about the Catholic
Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, through our actions. We prayed with the Worker movement, go to

Volunteer at Casa Marianella A Universal Family of service. Participants work in the com-
munity on tasks such as building wheel-
chair ramps for the elderly, assisting in
Casa Marianella is a refugee & by Christina Mechler
homeless immigrant shelter in East social service agencies, and painting
Austin that provides housing, food,
clothing, ESL classes & job T his summer I had the opportunity
to spend time with different people
in cities across the U.S., as a staff mem-
homes. As the youth serve, the program
throughout the week allows them to
opportunities. Its sister house reflect on God’s call to serve in every
Posada Esperanza provides refuge ber for Catholic Heart Workcamp, and aspect of life, challenging them to take
for immigrant women & children. in Guatemala, as a member of a mission up this call.
Casa always needs people to trip delegation. Every person and ex- During my first week as a staff
prepare dinner & both houses are perience that I encountered taught me member we were blessed to have a visit-
always interested in new volunteers about myself, my faith and the connec- ing musician from Rwanda speak about
to work in the office or teach ESL tion we all have as members of Body of his own call. Ezra told about his mission
classes. For info visit Christ and the Universal Church. to help rebuild Rwanda, a divided coun- or call 385.5571 Catholic Heart brings youth from try. He runs an orphanage and has a
across the country together for a week (article continues on next page)
recording label that inspires and brings family and the entire village. Almost all The mosaic vase
people together. The people he serves of the adult men and were killed made by both
are predominantly Hutu, while Ezra is between 1981 and 1985, including Juan’s symbolic of
Tutsi. The division between Hutu and father. The children and women slept in brokenness and
Tutsi is deeply rooted in the Rwandan trees out of fear. All the homes and unity.
people, and Ezra told us that his family farms had been burnt, leaving nothing.
considers his service to the Hutu people When they rebuilt their community an mosaic vase
a betrayal. He serves, though, because entire generation of men was missing. that both our
God has called him, placing him as a The names of those who were killed communities
servant to the Hutu. were placed on a plaque in the church, cons t r uct ed
The story of Ezra’s service and remembering them as witnesses of the together. The
sacrifice revealed to me how God truly faith. Eucharist is
calls us to be one in the Body of Christ. After hearing the tragic history, I what brings us together as the Universal
This was also the central message of the walked into the church to read the Church, binding us to those we have
delegation I traveled with to Guatemala. names and saw Juan’s father, the third never met and whose stories we have
We visited the people of the village of one on the list. There were also photos never heard. The Mass in La Puerta
La Puerta, who share our Catholic faith, of the funeral services. Looking at these reminded me of the awesome power of
and simply talked about ways we express names and images I felt like I was a part the Eucharist and how infinite my
that faith through prayer and life. One of the community. community is as part of Christ’s
man, Juan, asked if he could tell the The next day we celebrated the Mass community.
history of their community. He told us together and prayed for those witnesses For more information about Catholic Heart Workcamp
how the war in Guatemala that took of the faith, remembering them with a please visit For information about
place in the 1980s had affected his Sending Out Servants mission trips, visit .

and sadness. Since I’ve returned, I’ve day at work I was complaining to my
Receiving in abundance said many times, “JVI was the hardest coworker Mrs. B, a Belizean saint, who I
by Chris Babb and best thing I’ve ever done.” In this always knew could cheer me up. She
article I want to recount one of the last listened to my problem intently. When I
L iving in Belize taught me more
about myself and life than I ever
thought possible. Before I left for
experiences I had in Belize, just a couple
of weeks before moving away from the
finished, she said, “Don’t you worry
Chris Babb. We’ll have a Boil-Up and
country which had changed me forever get you that money.”
Belize, I knew what kind of program and had become my home. A Boil-Up is exactly what it sounds
and worldly experience I wanted. I I joined the Belize Choral Society like. You cook a bunch of food–fish,
wanted to expand my mind and shortly after arriving and sang with them pigtails, veggies, bread, potatoes, etc.–
understand what everyday life was for for 2 years. I loved the group and was throw it into a pot, boil it up and sell it.
people who didn’t grow up in the states. cheerily accepted from the beginning; And it’s delicious.
I wanted challenges and opportunities to being the only white guy in the choir Mrs. B worked so hard to help me
do new things. When I joined Jesuit only seemed to be a concern to me. But with that Boil-Up. She got people from
Volunteers International, I knew what I I quickly forgot I was not Belizean as we the community to donate all the food
wanted. And once I lived in Belize, I sang together several times a week. and supplies so that whatever we sold
realized I was getting far, far more than The choir was excellent–the best in was profit. Then the day came to sell the
I could ever have wanted... the country (it’s a very small country, food, and Mrs. B, her friend and I were
There are countless experiences I but nonetheless, terrific). And so in July, up at 6 am slicing, peeling and boiling.
could tell. I have stories of incredible we were given the opportunity to We sold enormous plates of boil-up for
jubilation as well as of intense difficulty perform in Panama at their international six dollars (US$3) each, and by the end
choral festival, which brought of the day, I had made well over half the
outstanding choirs from almost every money I needed to go to Panama.
country in Central America. The Mrs. B never questioned helping me.
downside was we needed to raise the I wasn’t even asking her for a solution
money to go ourselves, meaning each of to my problem; I just wanted to talk to
us needed to pay about a thousand her. But she took me under her wing. I
Belize dollars (US$500) to make the trip. will never forget that sense of
Now, in Belize, a Jesuit Volunteer’s community that Belizeans feel. In the
stipend is US$60 a month, so I knew I states, it is easy for a man to become an
had to do some serious fundraising if I island; in Belize it is impossible.
wanted to go–but a thousand dollars For more info about the Jesuit Volunteers, go to
seemed downright unreachable. So one or visit Chris at the UCC.
Chris and Mrs. B get ready for the Boil-Up
The Menu Newsletter of the UCC Social Justice Team
“But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you,
you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.” Luke 14:13-14

Join the Catholic Notable Quotable:

Movement for Peace “Prayer begets faith; faith
Pax Christi (the Catholic peace begets love; love begets
Searching for: Community? Spirituality? movement) Austin meets at 7PM on service on behalf of the
Challenge? Prayer? Deeper understanding of the 3rd Sunday each month at Fr. John Payne House poor.”
at St Ignatius Church (Oltorf & S. Congress). Please —Mother Teresa
Catholic social teaching? contact for more info.
Consider joining JustFaith as it begins its 6th
year at St. Austin Parish. This 30-week social Austin City Council Approves SweatFree Ordinance!
justice education experience will meet On June 21 the Austin City Council unanimously approved a sweatfree ordinance,
Mondays 7-9:30PM beginning Sept. 17. “The Procurement Code for Humane Workplace Conditions.” This policy will
ensure that the City of Austin will not purchase goods from suppliers who benefit from
This year's class is forming now and space is exploitive practices. Such conditions include below-subsistence wages, excessive working
limited to 15 participants. To reserve your hours, unsafe working environments, child, indentured, or prison labor, disregard for
space or for more information, contact JustFaith labor laws and workplace regulations, disregard for fundamental women's rights and
facilitators Gabriel Ornelas, repression of workers’ rights. Austin has become the first government in Texas to pass a or Mark Ranus, sweatfree ordinance, joining more than 170 other cities, counties, states and school districts that have sweatfree policies. To learn more or join the Austin campaign, email release from
Franz Jägerstätter, conscientious objector and martyr to be beatified Catholic Charities Yard Sale
r a n z
was born in 1907
advised that, because of his state in life as a
husband and father, he should not risk
being executed and, therefore, he should
Sept. 29, 8AM -12PM
Catholic Charities Office
1817 E. 6th St.
in a small join the military. He also was told that he
Austrian village. should not feel guilty aiding the Nazi cause Proceeds benefit Catholic Charities
© St. Andrei Rublev Icons

Though he was since moral responsibility for commands food pantry & emergency assistance.
given to resided with Nazi officers and not with him To donate items contact Martha
rebelliousness in or other soldiers following orders. Against Jasse at 651-6126 or email to martha-
his youth (he almost all of the advice he received,
may have Jägerstätter became a conscientious
fathered a child objector. He explained his faith, saying, “I
during this time believe God asks me to live by my Upcoming Texas Executions
of his life), he conscience.” Jägerstätter felt that
married a refusing to cooperate with the Nazis
8/28 Daroyce Mosley
devout woman named Franziska had three was the best thing he could do for his 8/29 John Amador
daughters. Jägerstätter became a member family. He would rather his children
of the Third Order of Saint Francis and an have a father martyred for following
8/30 Kenneth Foster
active participant in the village parish, Christ than a Nazi for a father. 9/05 Tony Roach
working as a church sexton. On August 9, 1943, Jägerstätter was
9/13 Joseph Lave
In 1938, when the German annexation, taken to the Nazi’s Brandenburg-Havel
of Austria commenced, Jägerstätter openly facility and was beheaded. Jägerstätter 9/20 Clifford Kimmel
opposed the takeover and the ideology of knew, as he had written, that he “could
National Socialism. Jägerstätter saw that change nothing in world affairs” but that at
even though dealing with the Third Reich the very least—or the very most—he might
Like what you see? Want to
was inevitable, cooperation was not. “be a sign that not everyone let themselves become a part of it?
Following the Anschluss, Jägerstätter be carried away with the tide.” A group committed to promoting justice
openly denounced Adolf Hitler and even On June 1, Pope Benedict XVI around the UCC & in the community
refused Nazi government cash allotments approved a series of decrees, issued by the produces this newsletter, looks for
offered to each family. Congregation for the Causes of Saints, opportunities to do charity and justice,
Jägerstätter was drafted in 1940 and that attributed martyrdom to Jägerstätter, leads workshops and hosts events. If
reported for six months of training. After and on Oct. 26, 2007 he will be beatified you would like to help with planning,
this, he returned to St. Radegund vowing in Linz, Austria. have ideas to add, or have a submission
disobedience to future military conscription for the newsletter, just send an email to
letters. He sought the advice of family, Article from the Catholic Peace Fellowship,
friends, a priest and a bishop. He was