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Adobe technology platform

ActionScript™ Reference
Rich Internet Application Development
Adobe® Flash® Player 9 / Adobe® Flex® 3 / Adobe® AIR™

Class / Interface
● Adobe Air
■ Adobe Flex
p: Package
k Extends
Static Property
Static Method
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development Table of Contents : About This Guide : How to Use This Guide

Table of Contents About This Guide How to Use This Guide Understanding Where APIs can beused:

This guide provides a reference for all native ActionScript This guide can be used both as an API reference, as well as The Adobe technology platform contains two primary
2 About this guide runtimes. One, Adobe Flash Player is browser based, and the
APIs for the Adobe technology platform runtimes, Adobe a tool to quickly learn about the ActionScript apis available
3 How to use this guide Flash Player and Adobe AIR, as well as the Flex framework within Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR, and the Adobe Flex other, Adobe AIR is desktop based. Adobe AIR is built on top
APIs. The bulk of the reference guide contains an alphabeti- framework. of the Flash Player, so Flash Player APIs are available within
4 – 5 Adobe technology platform for RIAs cal listing of all of the ActionScript APIs, but also includes Adobe AIR. In addition, this means that Adobe AIR apis are
6 – 54 ActionScript Reference Guide a number of additional references and resources. To use the guide as a reference guide, just follow these steps: not available within the Flash Player. The Flex Framework is
built on top of Flash Player APIs, and thus it runs in both the
Back Quick URL Reference Before you get started, you should grab the latest version Step 1 : Find the Class player and Adobe AIR. However, a number of Flex APIs take
of the free Adobe runtimes and frameworks from: advantage of AIR apis, and thus only work within Adobe AIR.
All of the classes are included in alphabetical order, with the
Adobe Flash Player alphabetical range of each page shown in the top right of the Each entry contains icons to indicate where the API can be page. Simply leaf through the guide, using the Class/Inter- used. The icon shows where the API originates, and thus in
face name as a reference, to find the item you are looking for. which runtime the API will run.
Adobe AIR Step 2 : Read the information No Icon :
Originates in Flash Player, and is available in the Flash Player,
Adobe Flex Each item entry contains the complete API reference for that Adobe AIR and the Flex Framework. item. Each entry is formatted to make it easy to quickly scan
the item and view its information. Red Icon Only: ●
Originates in Adobe AIR, and cannot run in Flash Player.
The entry contains a wealth of information about the item
including name, type (class or interface), package name, Black Icon Only : ■
superclass, interfaces implemented as well as a complete api Originates in Flex Framework and runs in Flash Player
listing, including static and instance properties and methods. and Adobe AIR.

Black Icon and Red Icon : ■●

Class / Interface Flex API that only runs in Adobe AIR.
● Adobe Air
■ Adobe Flex Examples of classes from this guide:

p: Package FileReference
k Extends Originates in Flash Player and will run in Flash Player
Implements and Adobe AIR.

Property File ●
Static Property Originates in Adobe AIR, and will not run in Flash Player.
Method Fade ■
Static Method Originates in Flex Framework and will run in Flash Player and
Adobe AIR.
Lets look at the ArrayCollection entry:
FileSystemTree ■●
©2008 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. Action- ArrayCollection ■ Originates in Flex Framework, but uses Adobe AIR Apis. Will
Script™, Adobe® Acrobat® 9 Pro, Adobe® Flex® 3, Adobe® Media Player p: cd mx.collections
run in Adobe AIR, but not in Flash Player.
,Adobe® AIR™, Adobe® ColdFusion® 8, Adobe® Flash® Media Server k ListCollectionView
3, Adobe® Flex® Builder™ 3 Professional, Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS3, source: Array Step 3 : Find more information
Adobe® Flash® CS3 Professional, Adobe® Photoshop® CS3, Adobe® ArrayCollection()
Photoshop® Express, Adobe® Illustrator® CS3, Adobe® Premiere® Pro
CS3, Adobe® Premiere® Express, Adobe® After Effects® CS3 Profes-
If you still need to find more information about an API, you
This item is a Class named ArrayCollection, which extends
sional, Adobe® Fireworks® CS3, Adobe® Buzzword™, Adobe® Developer can either look at the API for the subclass of the
the ListCollectionView class, and implements the IExternaliz-
Connection, Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro Family, Adobe® Flash® This work is released under a Creative Commons item in the reference guide, or look up the API in the
able interface. It can be found in the mx.collections package,
Player 9, Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite, Adobe® Scene7® are either Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. online documentation. You can find the links to the online
and originates in the Flex Framework and runs in Flash Player
registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in documentation on the back cover of the reference guide.
the United States and/or other countries. and Adobe AIR.

Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development Adobe Technology Platform for RIAs

Adobe technology platform for RIAs

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DODC 8Zk`feJZi`gk
Adobe Flex Builder

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AXmXJZi`gk 8Zk`feJZi`gk
;\jbkfg 8[fY\8@I Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Flash
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Fg\iXk`e^Jpjk\dj DXZ#N`e[fnj#C`elo#\kZ%

:c`\ek ODC#AJFE#JF8G#IJJ#8KFD#8D=#\kZ%
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Premeire Pro
J\im\i ?KKG#?KKGJ#IXnJfZb\kj#IKDG


Adobe Scene7 Adobe ColdFusion Adobe LiveCycle Adobe‰ Flash‰ Media Adobe After Effects Adobe Acrobat Adobe Fireworks
Enterprise Suite Server 3 Professional Professional

8JG%E<K#G?G#AXmX# N\YJ\im`Z\j

Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development AbstractEvent – AdvancedDataGridItemRenderer

AbstractEvent ■ AbstractTarget ■ AccordionAutomationImpl ■ AddChildActionInstance ■ AdvancedDataGridBase ■ resizableColumns: Boolean visible: Boolean listData: BaseListData
p: p: mx.logging p: mx.automation.delegates. p: mx.effects.effectClasses p: mx.controls.advancedData sortableColumns: Boolean width: Number AdvancedDataGridGroupItemRen-
k MessageEvent k Object containers k ActionEffectInstance k AdvancedListBaseGridClasses absoluteToDisplayColumnIndex() : int wordWrap: * derer()
token: AsyncToken ILoggingTarget k ContainerAutomationImpl index: int columnMap: Object absoluteToVisibleColumnIndex() : int AdvancedDataGridColumn()
IMXMLObject AccordionAutomationImpl() position: String currentColNum: int absoluteToVisibleIndices() : Object clone() : AdvancedDataGridColumn AdvancedDataGridGroupItem
AbstractConsumer ■ filters: Array init() : void relativeTo: DisplayObjectContainer currentItemTop: Number addSortField() : void itemToDataTip() : String RendererAutomationImpl ■
p: mx.messaging id: String replayAutomatableEvent() : Boolean AddChildActionInstance() currentRowHeight: Number AdvancedDataGridBaseEx() itemToLabel() : String p: mx.automation.delegates.
k MessageAgent level: int currentRowNum: int clearSeparators() : void advancedDataGrid
resubscribeAttempts : int AbstractTarget() AccordionHeader ■ AddItemAction ■ headerHeight: Number colNumToIndex() : int AdvancedDataGridColumnGroup ■ k UIComponentAutomationImpl
resubscribeInterval : int addLogger() : void p: mx.containers.accordionClasses p: mx.effects headerInfos: Array createHeaderSeparators() : void p: mx.controls.advanced AdvancedDataGridGroupItemRenderer
subscribed : Boolean initialized() : void k Button k Effect headerRenderer: IFactory createItemEditor() : void DataGridClasses AutomationImpl()
timestamp : Number logEvent() : void IDataRenderer headerRowInfo: Array destroyItemEditor() : void kAdvancedDataGridColumn init() : void
AbstractConsumer():void removeLogger() : void data: Object AddItemActionInstance ■ headerWordWrap: Boolean displayToAbsoluteColumnIndex() : int children: Array
disconnect():void AccordionHeader() p: mx.effects.effectClasses itemRendererToFactoryMap: Dictionary drawColumnBackground() : void childrenDragEnabled: Boolean AdvancedDataGridHeader
receive():void AbstractWebService ■ k ActionEffectInstance MULTIPLE_CELLS: String drawHeaderBackground() : void AdvancedDataGridColumnGroup() HorizontalSeparator ■
subscribe():void p: mx.rpc.soap AccordionHeaderSkin ■ MULTIPLE_ROWS: String drawHorizontalLine() : void itemToData() : * p: mx.skins.halo
unsubscribe():void k AbstractService p: mx.skins.halo AdvancedDataGrid ■ NONE: String drawLinesAndColumnBackgrounds() k ProgrammaticSkin
DEFAULT_DESTINATION_HTTP: String k Border p: mx.controls selectionMode: String : void AdvancedDataGridDragProxy ■
AbstractInvoker ■ DEFAULT_DESTINATION_HTTPS: k AdvancedDataGridBaseEx showHeaders: Boolean drawRowBackground() : void p: mx.controls.advanced AdvancedDataGridHeaderInfo ■
p: mx.rpc String AcknowledgeMessage ■ anchorColumnIndex: int SINGLE_CELL: String drawSeparators() : void k UIComponent p: mx.controls.advanced
k EventDispatcher description: String p: mx.messaging.messages caretColumnIndex: int SINGLE_ROW: String drawVerticalLine() : void DataGridClasses k DataGridClasses
lastResult: Object destination: String k AsyncMessage cellSelectionTweens: Object sortItemRenderer: IFactory findSortField() : int actualColNum: int
makeObjectsBindable: Boolean endpointURI: String ERROR_HINT_HEADER: String displayDisclosureIcon: Boolean styleFunction: Function getFieldSortInfo() : SortInfo AdvancedDataGridEvent ■ children: Array
cancel() : AsyncToken headers: Array AcknowledgeMessage() displayItemsExpanded: Boolean visibleHeaderInfos: Array getSeparator() : UIComponent p: column: AdvancedDataGridColumn
clearResult() : void httpHeaders: Object ActionEffectInstance ■ firstVisibleItem: Object AdvancedDataGridBase() indexToColNum() : int k Event columnSpan: int
makeObjectsBindable: Boolean p: mx.effects.effectClasses groupedColumns: Array calculateRowHeight() : Number isColumnFullyVisible() : Boolean animate: Boolean depth: int
AbstractMessage ■ port: String k EffectInstance groupIconFunction: Function clearIndicators() : void isDataEditable() : Boolean column: AdvancedDataGridColumn headerItem: IListItemRenderer
p: mx.messaging.messages ready: Boolean playedAction: Boolean groupItemRenderer: IFactory createHeaders() : void moveFocusToHeader() : void COLUMN_STRETCH: String index: int
k Object rootURL: String ActionEffectInstance() groupLabelFunction: Function createLockedRows() : void removeSortField() : void columnIndex: int internalLabelFunction: Function
IMessage service: String getStartValue() : * groupRowHeight: Number drawVisibleItem() : void scrollToViewColumn() : void dataField: String parent: AdvancedDataGridHeaderInfo
body: Object useProxy: Boolean saveStartValue() : * HEADER_ICON_PART: String getHeaderRenderer() : IListItemRen- selectColumnHeader() : void dispatchEvent: Boolean visible: Boolean
clientId: String xmlSpecialCharsFilter: Function HEADER_TEXT_PART: String derer unselectColumnHeader() : void HEADER_DRAG_OUTSIDE: String visibleChildren: Array
destination: String AbstractWebService() ActionScriptVersion hierarchicalCollectionView: IHierarchi- getRowHeight() : Number visibleToAbsoluteColumnIndex() : int HEADER_DROP_OUTSIDE: String visibleIndex: int
DESTINATION_CLIENT_ID_HEADER: addHeader() : void p: flash.display calCollectionView isCellSelectionMode() : Boolean HEADER_RELEASE: String AdvancedDataGridHeaderInfo()
String addSimpleHeader() : void k Object highlightColumnIndex: int isRowSelectionMode() : Boolean AdvancedDataGridBaseSelection headerPart: String
ENDPOINT_HEADER: String clearHeaders() : void ACTIONSCRIPT2: uint itemIcons: Object makeListData() : BaseListData Data ■ item: Object AdvancedDataGridHeader
FLEX_CLIENT_ID_HEADER: String getHeader() : SOAPHeader ACTIONSCRIPT3: uint lockedColumnCount: int setVisibleDataItem() : void p: mx.controls.advanced ITEM_CLOSE: String Renderer ■
headers: Object removeHeader() : void lockedRowCount: int k Object ITEM_EDIT_BEGIN: String p: mx.controls.advancedData
messageId: String setRemoteCredentials() : void ActivatorSkin ■ movingSelectionLayer: Sprite AdvancedDataGridAutomation approximate: Boolean ITEM_EDIT_BEGINNING: String GridClasses
REMOTE_CREDENTIALS_CHARSET_ p: mx.skins.halo rendererProviders: Array Impl ■ columnIndex: int ITEM_EDIT_END: String k UIComponent
HEADER: String Accessibility k Border selectedCells: Array p: mx.automation.delegates. data: Object ITEM_FOCUS_IN: String IDataRenderer
REMOTE_CREDENTIALS_HEADER: p: flash.accessibility selectedColumnIndex: int advancedDataGrid rowIndex: int ITEM_FOCUS_OUT: String IDropInListItemRenderer
String k Object ActivityEvent sortExpertMode: Boolean k AdvancedDataGridBaseEx AdvancedDataGridBaseSelectionData() ITEM_OPEN: String IListItemRenderer
REQUEST_TIMEOUT_HEADER: String active: Boolean p: treeColumn: AdvancedDataGridColumn AutomationImpl ITEM_OPENING: String data: Object
timestamp: Number updateProperties() : void k Event treeColumnIndex: int automationTabularData: Object AdvancedDataGridColumn ■ itemRenderer: IListItemRenderer label: IUITextField
timeToLive: Number activating: Boolean tween: Object AdvancedDataGridAutomationImpl() p: mx.controls.advancedData localX: Number listData: BaseListData
AbstractMessage() AccessibilityProperties ACTIVITY: String visibleCellRenderers: Object init() : void GridClasses multiColumnSort: Boolean sortItemRenderer: IFactory
toString() : String p: flash.accessibility ActivityEvent() addCellSelectionData() : void k CSSStyleDeclaration opening: Boolean AdvancedDataGridHeaderRenderer()
k Object clone() : Event addIndicatorToSelectionLayer() : void AdvancedDataGridBaseEx IIMESupport reason: String getFieldSortInfo() : SortInfo
AbstractOperation ■ description: String toString() : String AdvancedDataGrid() AutomationImpl ■ dataField: String removeColumnFromSort: Boolean mouseEventToHeaderPart() : String
p: mx.rpc forceSimple: Boolean applyCellSelectionEffect() : void p: mx.automation.delegates. dataTipField: String rowIndex: int toolTipShowHandler() : void
k AbstractInvoker name: String AddChild ■ applyUserStylesForItemRenderer() advancedDataGrid dataTipFunction: Function triggerEvent: Event
arguments: Object noAutoLabeling: Boolean p: mx.states : void k AdvancedListBaseAutomation editable: Boolean AdvancedDataGridEvent() AdvancedDataGridHeaderShift
name: String shortcut: String k Object atLeastOneProperty() : Boolean Impl editorDataField: String Event ■
service: AbstractService silent: Boolean creationPolicy: String clearCellSelectionData() : void AdvancedDataGridBaseExAutomation editorHeightOffset: Number AdvancedDataGridEventReason ■ p:
AbstractOperation() AccessibilityProperties() position: String clearIndicators() : void Impl() editorUsesEnterKey: Boolean p: k Event
send() : AsyncToken relativeTo: UIComponent clearSelectedCells() : void init() : void editorWidthOffset: Number k Object itemAutomationValue : String
Accordion ■ target: DisplayObject collapseAll() : void editorXOffset: Number CANCELLED: String HEADER_RELEASE : String = “header-
AbstractService ■ p: mx.containers targetFactory: IDeferredInstance createChildren() : void AdvancedDataGridBaseEx ■ editorYOffset: Number NEW_COLUMN: String Release”
p: mx.rpc k Container AddChild() dragCompleteHandler() : void p: mx.controls formatter: Formatter NEW_ROW: String movingColumnIndex : int
k Proxy IHistoryManagerClient apply() : void dragDropHandler() : void k AdvancedDataGridBase headerRenderer: IFactory OTHER: String newColumnIndex : int
IEventDispatcher IFocusManagerComponent createInstance() : void drawVerticalLine() : void IIMESupport headerText: String oldColumnIndex : int
channelSet: ChannelSet contentHeight: Number initialize() : void expandAll() : void columns: Array headerWordWrap: * AdvancedDataGridGroupItem triggerEvent : Event
destination: String contentWidth: Number remove() : void expandChildrenOf() : void draggableColumns: Boolean imeMode: String Renderer ■ AdvancedDataGridHeaderShiftEvent()
operations: Object headerRenderer: IFactory expandItem() : void editable: String itemEditor: IFactory p: mx.controls.advancedData
requestTimeout: int historyManagementEnabled: Boolean AddChildAction ■ finishKeySelection() : void editedItemPosition: Object itemRenderer: IFactory GridClasses AdvancedDataGridItemRenderer ■
AbstractService() resizeToContent: Boolean p: mx.effects getParentItem() : * editedItemRenderer: IListItemRenderer labelFunction: Function k UIComponent p: mx.controls.advancedData
disconnect() : void selectedChild: Container k Effect initListData() : void headerInfoInitialized: Boolean minWidth: Number IDataRenderer GridClasses
getOperation() : AbstractOperation selectedIndex: int IOverride isItemOpen() : Boolean horizontalScrollPosition: Number rendererIsEditor: Boolean IDropInListItemRenderer k UITextField
logout() : void Accordion() index: int moveIndicators() : void imeMode: String resizable: Boolean IListItemRenderer IDataRenderer,
setCredentials() : void getHeaderAt() : Button position: String removeCellSelectionData() : void isKeyPressed: Boolean showDataTips: * IFontContextComponent IDropInListItemRenderer
setRemoteCredentials() : void loadState() : void relativeTo: DisplayObjectContainer selectCellItem() : Boolean itemEditorInstance: IListItemRenderer sortable: Boolean data: Object ILayoutManagerClient
saveState() : Object AddChildAction() selectItem() : Boolean lookAheadDuration: Number sortCompareFunction: Function disclosureIcon: IFlexDisplayObject IListItemRenderer
setItemIcon() : void minColumnWidth: Number sortDescending: Boolean icon: IFlexDisplayObject IStyleClient
treeNavigationHandler() : Boolean orderedHeadersList: Array styleFunction: Function label: IUITextField

Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development AdvancedDataGridItemRendererAutomationImpl – Automation

data: Object dataField: String lastDropIndex: int hideDropFeedback() : void Alert ■ Application ■ applyItemRendererProperties() : void push() : uint
listData: BaseListData depth: int lastSeekPending: ListBaseSeekPending indexToColumn() : int p: mx.controls p: mx.core AreaSeries() reverse() : Array
styleDeclaration: CSSStyleDeclaration renderer: IFactory listContent: indexToItemRenderer() : IListItem- k Panel kLayoutContainer commitProperties() : void shift() : *
AdvancedDataGridItemRenderer() rowSpan: int listData: BaseListData Renderer buttonFlags: uint application: Object invalidateData() : void slice() : Array
clearStyle() : void AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider() listItems: Array indexToRow() : int buttonHeight: Number controlBar: IUIComponent invalidateMapping() : void some() : Boolean
getClassStyleDeclarations() : Array describeRendererForItem() : void lockedColumnCount: int indicesToIndex() : int buttonWidth: Number frameRate: Number stack() : Number sort() : Array
getStyle() : * lockedRowCount: int initiateDataChangeEffect() : void CANCEL: uint historyManagementEnabled: Boolean stackAll() : Object sortOn() : Array
initProtoChain() : void AdvancedDataGridSortItem menuSelectionMode: Boolean invalidateList() : void cancelLabel: String pageTitle: String splice() : Array
notifyStyleChangeInChildren() : void Renderer ■ modifiedCollectionView: isItemHighlighted() : Boolean defaultButtonFlag: uint parameters: Object AreaSeriesAutomationImpl ■ toLocaleString() : String
regenerateStyleCache() : void p: mx.controls.advancedData offscreenExtraColumns: int isItemSelected() : Boolean iconClass: Class preloader: Object p: mx.automation.delegates.charts toString() : String
registerEffects() : void GridClasses offscreenExtraColumnsLeft: int isItemVisible() : Boolean NO: uint resetHistory: Boolean k SeriesAutomationImpl unshift() : uint
setStyle() : void k UIComponent offscreenExtraColumnsRight: int isRendererUnconstrained() : Boolean noLabel: String scriptRecursionLimit: int AreaSeriesAutomationImpl()
toolTipShowHandler() : void grid: AdvancedDataGrid offscreenExtraRows: int itemRendererContains() : Boolean NONMODAL: uint scriptTimeLimit: Number init() : void ArrayCollection ■
validateDisplayList() : void label: IUITextField offscreenExtraRowsBottom: int itemRendererToIndex() : int OK: uint url: String p: mx.collections
validateProperties() : void AdvancedDataGridSortItemRenderer() offscreenExtraRowsTop: int itemRendererToIndices() : Point okLabel: String usePreloader: Boolean AreaSeriesItem ■ k ListCollectionView
validateSize() : void getFieldSortInfo() : SortInfo rendererChanged: Boolean itemToDataTip() : String text: String viewSourceURL: String p: mx.charts.series.items IExternalizable
getFontStyles() : void reservedItemRenderers: Object itemToIcon() : Class YES: uint addToCreationQueue() : void k ChartItem source: Array
AdvancedDataGridItem rowCount: int itemToItemRenderer() : IListItemRen- yesLabel: String Application() fill: IFill ArrayCollection()
RendererAutomationImpl ■ AdvancedListBase ■ rowHeight: Number derer Alert() min: Number
p: mx.automation.delegates p: mx.controls.listClasses rowInfo: Array itemToLabel() : String show() : Alert ApplicationAutomationImpl ■ minFilter: Number ArrayUtil ■
k UITextFieldAutomationImpl k ScrollControlBase rowMap: Object itemToUID() : String p: mx.automation.delegates. minNumber: Number p: mx.utils
advancedDataGrid IDataRenderer runDataEffectNextUpdate: Boolean measure() : void AlertAutomationImpl ■ containers minValue: Object k Object
AdvancedDataGridItemRenderer IFocusManagerComponent runningDataEffect: Boolean measureHeightOfItems() : Number p: mx.automation.delegates. k ContainerAutomationImpl x: Number getItemIndex() : int
AutomationImpl() IListItemRenderer selectable: Boolean measureWidthOfItems() : Number controls ApplicationAutomationImpl() xFilter: Number toArray() : Array
init() : void IDropInListItemRenderer selectedData: Object mouseClickHandler() : void k PanelAutomationImpl init() : voidid xNumber: Number
IEffectTargetHost selectedIndex: int mouseDoubleClickHandler() : void AlertAutomationImpl() xValue: Object AsyncErrorEvent
AdvancedDataGridItemSelect actualCollection: ICollectionView selectedIndices: Array mouseDownHandler() : void init() : void ApplicationControlBar ■ y: Number p:
Event ■ actualIterator: IViewCursor selectedItem: Object mouseEventToItemRenderer() : ILis- p: mx.containers yFilter: Number k ErrorEvent
p: allowDragSelection: Boolean selectedItems: Array tItemRenderer AlertFormAutomationImpl ■ k Object yNumber: Number ASYNC_ERROR: String
k Event allowMultipleSelection: Boolean selectionIndicators: Object mouseMoveHandler() : void p: mx.automation.delegates. dock: Boolean yValue: Object error: Error
altKey:Boolean anchorBookmark: CursorBookmark selectionLayer: Sprite mouseOutHandler() : void controls ApplicationControlBar() AreaSeriesItem() AsyncErrorEvent()
columnIndex:int anchorIndex: int selectionTweens: Object mouseOverHandler() : void k UIComponentAutomationImpl clone() : Event
ctrlKey:Boolean cachedDataChangeEffect: Effect showCaret: Boolean mouseUpHandler() : void AlertFormAutomationImpl() ApplicationDomain AreaSeriesRenderData ■ toString() : String
dataField:String caretBookmark: CursorBookmark showDataTips: Boolean mouseWheelHandler() : void componentInitialized() : void p: flash.system p: mx.charts.series.renderData
headerPart:String caretIndex: int unconstrainedRenderers: Object moveIndicatorsHorizontally() : void init() : void currentDomain: ApplicationDomain k RenderData AsyncMessage ■
HEADER_RELEASE : String = “header- caretIndicator: Sprite value: Object moveIndicatorsVertically() : void parentDomain: ApplicationDomain element: AreaSeries p: mx.messaging.messages
Release” caretItemRenderer: IListItemRenderer variableRowHeight: Boolean moveSelectionHorizontally() : void AMFChannel ■ ApplicationDomain() radius: Number k AbstractMessage
itemAutomationValue:String caretUID: String visibleData: Object moveSelectionVertically() : void p: mx.messaging.channels getDefinition() : Object renderedBase: Number correlationId: String
itemRenderer:IListItemRenderer collection: ICollectionView wordWrap: Boolean prepareDataEffect() : void k PollingChannel hasDefinition() : Boolean AreaSeriesRenderData() SUBTOPIC_HEADER: String
shiftKey:Boolean columnCount: int wordWrapChanged: Boolean removeDataEffectItem() : void polling: Boolean AsyncMessage()
triggerEvent:Event columnWidth: Number addDataEffectItem() : void removeIndicators() : void pollingEnabled: Boolean ApplicationTitleBarBackground AreaSet ■
AdvancedDataGridItemSelectEvent() data: Object addDragData() : void scrollHorizontally() : void pollingInterval: Number Skin ■● p: mx.charts.series AsyncRequest ■
dataEffectCompleted: Boolean addToFreeItemRenderers() : void scrollPositionToIndex() : int protocol: String p: mx.skins.halo k StackedSeries p: mx.rpc
AdvancedDataGridListData ■ dataItemWrappersByRenderer: adjustListContent() : void scrollToIndex() : Boolean AMFChannel() k ProgrammaticSkin k Producer
p: mx.controls.advancedData Dictionary AdvancedListBase() scrollVertically() : void AsyncRequest()
GridClasses dataProvider: Object applySelectionEffect() : void seekPendingFailureHandler() : void AnimateProperty ■ AreaChart ■ ArgumentError invoke() : void
k DataGridListData dataTipField: String calculateDropIndex() : int seekPendingResultHandler() : void p: mx.effects p: mx.charts p: Top Level
depth: int dataTipFunction: Function calculateDropIndicatorY() : Number selectItem() : Boolean k TweenEffect k CartesianChart k Error AsyncResponder ■
disclosureIcon: Class defaultColumnCount: int clearIndicators() : void setRowCount() : void fromValue: Number type: String ArgumentError() p: mx.rpc
hasChildren: Boolean defaultRowCount: int clearSelected() : void setRowHeight() : void isStyle: Boolean AreaChart() k Object
icon: Class dragEnabled: Boolean collectionChangeHandler() : void showDropFeedback() : void property: String arguments IResponder
indent: int dragImage: IUIComponent commitProperties() : void unconstrainRenderer() : void roundValue: Boolean AreaRenderer ■ p: Top Level AsyncResponder()
item: Object dragImageOffsets: Point configureScrollBars() : void updateDisplayList() : void toValue: Number p: mx.charts.renderers callee: Function fault() : void
open: Boolean dragMoveEnabled: Boolean copySelectedItems() : Array updateList() : void AnimateProperty() k ProgrammaticSkin length: Number result() : void
AdvancedDataGridListData() dropEnabled: Boolean createChildren() : void IDataRenderer
explicitColumnCount: int dragCompleteHandler() : void AdvancedListBaseAutomation AnimatePropertyInstance ■ data: Object Array AsyncToken ■
AdvancedDataGridRenderer explicitColumnWidth: Number dragDropHandler() : void Impl ■ p: mx.effects.effectClasses AreaRenderer() p: Top Level p: mx.rpc
Description ■ explicitRowCount: int dragEnterHandler() : void p: mx.automation.delegates. k TweenEffectInstance k Object k EventDispatcher
p: mx.controls.advancedData explicitRowHeight: Number dragExitHandler() : void advancedDataGrid fromValue: Number AreaSeries ■ CASEINSENSITIVE: uint message: IMessage
k Object freeItemRenderers: Array dragOverHandler() : void k ScrollControlBaseAutomation- isStyle: Boolean p: mx.charts.series DESCENDING: uint responders: Array
columnSpan: int highlightIndicator: Sprite dragScroll() : void Impl property: String k Series length: uint result: Object
renderer: IFactory highlightItemRenderer: IListItemRen- dragStartHandler() : void automationTabularData: Object roundValue: Boolean IStackable2 NUMERIC: uint addResponder() : void
rowSpan: int derer drawCaretIndicator() : void AdvancedListBaseAutomationImpl() toValue: Number fillFunction: Function RETURNINDEXEDARRAY: uint AsyncToken()
AdvancedDataGridRendererDescrip- highlightUID: String drawHighlightIndicator() : void init() : void AnimatePropertyInstance() horizontalAxis: IAxis UNIQUESORT: uint hasResponder() : Boolean
tion() iconField: String drawItem() : void items: Array Array()
iconFunction: Function drawRowBackgrounds() : void AIREvent ■● AntiAliasType itemType: Class concat() : Array Automation ■
AdvancedDataGridRenderer itemRenderer: IFactory drawSelectionIndicator() : void p: p: flash.text minField: String every() : Boolean p: mx.automation
Provider ■ itemsNeedMeasurement: Boolean findKey() : Boolean k Event k Object renderDataType: Class filter() : Array k Object
p: mx.controls.advancedData itemsSizeChanged: Boolean findString() : Boolean APPLICATION_ACTIVATE: String ADVANCED: String sortOnXField: Boolean forEach() : void automationManager: IAutomation-
k Object iterator: IViewCursor finishDataChangeEffect() : void APPLICATION_DEACTIVATE: String NORMAL: String stacker: StackedSeries indexOf() : int Manager
IAdvancedDataGridRendererProvider iteratorValid: Boolean finishKeySelection() : void WINDOW_COMPLETE: String stackTotals: Dictionary join() : String automationObjectHelper: IAutomation-
column: AdvancedDataGridColumn keySelectionPending: Boolean getRendererSemanticValue() : Object AIREvent() verticalAxis: IAxis lastIndexOf() : int ObjectHelper
columnIndex: int labelField: String getReservedOrFreeItemRenderer() : xField: String map() : Array errorShown: Boolean
columnSpan: int labelFunction: Function IListItemRenderer yField: String pop() : * initialized: Boolean

Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development AutomationDragEvent – BubbleSeries

mouseSimulator: IAutomationMous- AutomationIDPart ■ heightLimit: Number BarSeriesItem ■ blurY: Number BitmapDataChannel BlurFilter BoxItemRenderer ■
eSimulator p: mx.automation highlightElements: Boolean k ChartItem distance: Number p: flash.display p: flash.filters p: mx.charts.renderers
recordedLinesCount: Number k Object horizontal: Boolean p: mx.charts.series.items highlightAlpha: Number k Object k BitmapFilter k ProgrammaticSkin
recordReplayLimit: Number labelFunction: Function fill: IFill highlightColor: uint ALPHA: uint blurX: Number IDataRenderer
restrictionNeeded: Boolean AutomationRecordEvent ■ labelRenderer: IFactory min: Number knockout: Boolean BLUE: uint blurY: Number data: Object
decrementRecordedLinesCount() : p: length: Number minFilter: Number quality: int GREEN: uint quality: int BoxItemRenderer()
Number k Event minorTicks: Array minNumber: Number shadowAlpha: Number RED: uint BlurFilter()
incrementRecordedLinesCount() : args:Array otherAxes: Array minValue: Object shadowColor: uint clone() : BitmapFilter BrokenImageBorderSkin ■
Number automationObject:IAutomationObject placement: String x: Number strength: Number BitmapFill ■ p: mx.skins.halo
isLicensePresent() : Boolean cacheable:Boolean ticks: Array xFilter: Number type: String p: BlurInstance ■ k ProgrammaticSkin
registerDelegateClass() : void name:String titleRenderer: IFactory xNumber: Number BevelFilter() k Object p: mx.effects.effectClasses
RECORD : String = “record” adjustGutters() : Rectangle xValue: Object clone() : BitmapFilter IFill k TweenEffectInstance BrowserChangeEvent ■
AutomationDragEvent ■ replayableEvent:Event AxisRenderer() y: Number offsetX: Number blurXFrom: Number p:
p: AutomationRecordEvent() chartStateChanged() : void yFilter: Number BindingUtils offsetY: Number blurXTo: Number k Event
k MouseEvent invalidateDisplayList() : void yNumber: Number p: mx.binding.utils originX: Number blurYFrom: Number APPLICATION_URL_CHANGE: String
action:String AutomationReplayEvent ■ invalidateSize() : void yValue: Object k Object originY: Number blurYTo: Number BROWSER_URL_CHANGE: String
draggedItem:IAutomationObject p: measure() : void BarSeriesItem() bindProperty() : ChangeWatcher repeat: Boolean BlurInstance() lastURL: String
DRAG_COMPLETE : String = “drag- k Event move() : void bindSetter() : ChangeWatcher rotation: Number url: String
Complete” automationObject:IAutomationObject setActualSize() : void BarSeriesRenderData ■ scaleX: Number Boolean URL_CHANGE: String
DRAG_DROP : String = “dragDrop” replayableEvent:Event updateDisplayList() : void p: mx.charts.series.renderData Bitmap scaleY: Number p: Top Level BrowserChangeEvent()
DRAG_START : String = “dragStart” REPLAY : String = “replay” k RenderData p: flash.display smooth: Boolean k Object
dropParent:IAutomationObject succeeded:Boolean AxisRendererAutomationImpl ■ labelData: Object k Display Object source: Object Boolean() BrowserInvokeEvent ●
AutomationDragEvent() AutomationReplayEvent() p: mx.automation.delegates.charts labelScale: Number bitmapData: BitmapData BitmapFill() toString() : String p:
k UIComponentAutomationImpl renderedBase: Number pixelSnapping: String valueOf() : Boolean k Event
AutomationDragEventWith AverageAggregator ■ AxisRendererAutomationImpl() renderedHalfWidth: Number smoothing: Boolean BitmapFilter arguments: Array
PositionInfo ■ p: mx.olap.aggregators init() : void renderedYOffset: Number Bitmap() p: flash.filters Border ■ BROWSER_INVOKE: String
p: k Object BarSeriesRenderData() k Object p: mx.skins isHTTPS: Boolean
k AutomationDragEvent IOLAPCustomAggregator Back ■ BitmapAsset ■ clone() : BitmapFilter k ProgrammaticSkin isUserEvent: Boolean
DRAG_COMPLETE : String = “drag- computeBegin() : Object p: mx.effects.easing BarSet ■ p: mx.core IBorder sandboxType: String
Complete” computeEnd() : Number easeIn() : Number p: mx.charts.series k FlexBitmap BitmapFilterQuality borderMetrics: EdgeMetrics securityDomain: String
DRAG_DROP : String = “dragDrop” computeLoop() : void easeInOut() : Number k StackedSeries IFlexAsset p: flash.filters Border() BrowserInvokeEvent()
DRAG_START : String = “dragStart” computeObjectBegin() : Object easeOut() : Number IBar IFlexDisplayObject k Object clone() : Event
AutomationDragEventWithPosition- computeObjectEnd() : Number barWidthRatio: Number measuredHeight: Number HIGH: int Bounce ■
Info() computeObjectLoop() : void BarChart ■ maxBarWidth: Number measuredWidth: Number LOW: int p: mx.effects.easing BrowserManager ■
clone():Event k CartesianChart offset: Number BitmapAsset() MEDIUM: int k Object p: mx.managers
AVM1Movie p: mx.charts BarSet() move() : void easeIn() : Number k Object
AutomationDPart ■ p: flash.display type: String stack() : void setActualSize() : void BitmapFilterType easeInOut() : Number getInstance() : IBrowserManager
p: mx.automation k Display Object BarChart() p: flash.filters easeOut() : Number
Base64Decoder ■ BitmapData k Object BubbleChart ■
AutomationError ■ AxisBase ■ BarSeries ■ p: mx.utils p: flash.display FULL: String BoundedValue ■ p: mx.charts
p: mx.automation k EventDispatcher k Series k Object k Object INNER: String p: mx.charts.chartClasses k CartesianChart
k Error p: mx.charts.chartClasses IStackable2 Base64Decoder() IBitmapDrawable OUTER: String k Object radiusAxis: IAxis
code: Number chartDataProvider: Object IBar decode() : void height: int lowerMargin: Number BubbleChart()
ILLEGAL_OPERATION: Number displayName: String p: mx.charts.series reset() : void rect: Rectangle BlendMode upperMargin: Number
ILLEGAL_RUNTIME_ID: Number title: String barWidthRatio: Number toByteArray() : ByteArray transparent: Boolean p: flash.display value: Number BubbleSeries ■
OBJECT_NOT_FOUND: Number unitSize: Number fillFunction: Function width: int k Object BoundedValue() p: mx.charts.series
OBJECT_NOT_UNIQUE: Number AxisBase() horizontalAxis: IAxis Base64Encoder ■ applyFilter() : void ADD: String k Series
OBJECT_NOT_VISIBLE: Number dataChanged() : void items: Array p: mx.utils BitmapData() ALPHA: String Box fillFunction: Function
AutomationError() describeData() : Array itemType: Class k Object clone() : BitmapData DARKEN: String p: mx.containers horizontalAxis: IAxis
registerDataTransform() : void labelField: String CHARSET_UTF_8: String colorTransform() : void DIFFERENCE: String k Container items: Array
AutomationEvent ■ unregisterDataTransform() : void labelFunction: Function insertNewLines: Boolean compare() : Object ERASE: String direction: String itemType: Class
p: maxBarWidth: Number newLine: int copyChannel() : void HARDLIGHT: String Box() legendData: Array
k Event AxisLabel ■ minField: String Base64Encoder() copyPixels() : void INVERT: String measure() : void maxRadius: Number
BEGIN_RECORD : String = “begin p: mx.charts offset: Number encode() : void dispose() : void LAYER: String pixelsToPercent() : Number minRadius: Number
Record” position: Number renderDataType: Class encodeBytes() : void draw() : void LIGHTEN: String updateDisplayList() : void RADIUS_AXIS: String
END_RECORD : String = “endRecord” text: String stacker: StackedSeries encodeUTFBytes() : void fillRect() : void MULTIPLY: String radiusAxis: IAxis
AutomationEvent() value: Object stackTotals: Dictionary reset() : void floodFill() : void NORMAL: String BoxAutomationImpl ■ radiusField: String
AxisLabel() verticalAxis: IAxis toString() : String generateFilterRect() : Rectangle OVERLAY: String p: mx.automation.delegates. renderData: Object
AutomationID ■ xField: String getColorBoundsRect() : Rectangle SCREEN: String containers renderDataType: Class
p: mx.automation AxisLabelSet ■ yField: String BaseListData ■ getPixel() : uint SUBTRACT: String k ContainerAutomationImpl verticalAxis: IAxis
k Object p: mx.charts.chartClasses applyItemRendererProperties() : void p: mx.controls.listClasses getPixel32() : uint BoxAutomationImpl() xField: String
length: int accurate: Boolean BarSeries() k Object getPixels() : ByteArray Blur ■ init() : void yField: String
addFirst() : void labels: Array commitProperties() : void columnIndex: int hitTest() : Boolean p: mx.effects applyItemRendererProperties() : void
addLast() : void minorTicks: Array createChildren() : void label: String lock() : void k TweenEffect BoxDirection ■ beginInterpolation() : Object
AutomationID() ticks: Array invalidateData() : void owner: IUIComponent merge() : void blurXFrom: Number p: mx.containers BubbleSeries()
concat() : AutomationID AxisLabelSet() invalidateMapping() : void rowIndex: int noise() : void blurXTo: Number k Object commitProperties() : void
equals() : Boolean stack() : Number uid: String paletteMap() : void blurYFrom: Number HORIZONTAL: String describeData() : Array
isEmpty() : Boolean AxisRenderer ■ stackAll() : Object BaseListData() perlinNoise() : void blurYTo: Number VERTICAL: String findDataPoints() : Array
parse() : AutomationID p: mx.charts pixelDissolve() : int Blur() getElementBounds() : void
peekFirst() : AutomationIDPart k DualStyleObject BarSeriesAutomationImpl ■ BevelFilter scroll() : void BoxDivider ■ getMissingInterpolationValues() : void
peekLast() : AutomationIDPart IAxisRenderer p: mx.automation.delegates.charts p: flash.filters setPixel() : void p: mx.containers.dividedBox styleChanged() : void
removeFirst() : AutomationIDPart axis: IAxis k SeriesAutomationImpl k BitmapFilter setPixel32() : void Classes updateData() : void
removeLast() : AutomationIDPart chart: ChartBase BarSeriesAutomationImpl() angle: Number setPixels() : void k UIComponent updateDisplayList() : void
toString() : String gutters: Rectangle init() : void blurX: Number threshold() : uint updateFilter() : void
unlock() : void updateMapping() : void
updateTransform() : void

10 11
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development BubbleSeriesAutomationImpl – ChartItem

BubbleSeriesAutomationImpl ■ ButtonBar ■ CalendarLayoutChangeEvent ■ hasAudioEncoder: Boolean addChild() : DisplayObject isWatching() : Boolean ChannelSet ■ invalidateData() : void
p: mx.automation.delegates.charts p: mx.controls p: hasEmbeddedVideo: Boolean addChildAt() : DisplayObject reset() : void p: mx.messaging invalidateSeries() : void
k SeriesAutomationImpl k NavBar k Event hasIME: Boolean addDataChild() : void setHandler() : void k EventDispatcher invalidateSeriesStyles() : void
BubbleSeriesAutomationImpl() IFocusManagerComponent CHANGE: String hasMP3: Boolean beginBitmapFill() : void unwatch() : void channelIds: Array legendDataChanged() : void
init() : void newDate: Date hasPrinting: Boolean beginFill() : void watch() : ChangeWatcher channels: Array positionAllDataTips() : void
ButtonBarAutomationImpl ■ triggerEvent: Event hasScreenBroadcast: Boolean CartesianDataCanvas() clustered: Boolean positionDataTips() : void
BubbleSeriesItem ■ p: mx.automation.delegates. CalendarLayoutChangeEvent() hasScreenPlayback: Boolean clear() : void Channel ■ connected: Boolean setActualSize() : void
p: mx.charts.series.items controls hasStreamingAudio: Boolean commitProperties() : void p: mx.messaging currentChannel: Channel showDropFeedback() : void
k ChartItem k NavBarAutomationImpl Camera hasStreamingVideo: Boolean curveTo() : void k EventDispatcher messageAgents: Array updateAllDataTips() : void
fill: IFill ButtonBarAutomationImpl() p: hasTLS: Boolean dataToLocal() : Point IMXMLObject addChannel() : void
x: Number init() : void k EventDispatcher hasVideoEncoder: Boolean describeData() : Array channelSets: Array channelConnectHandler() : void ChartBaseAutomationImpl ■
xFilter: Number activityLevel: Number isDebugger: Boolean drawCircle() : void connected: Boolean channelDisconnectHandler() : void p: mx.automation.delegates.charts
xNumber: Number ButtonBarButtonSkin ■ bandwidth: int language: String drawEllipse() : void connectTimeout: int channelFaultHandler() : void k UIComponentAutomationImpl
xValue: Object p: mx.skins.halo currentFPS: Number localFileReadDisable: Boolean drawRect() : void endpoint: String ChannelSet() ChartBaseAutomationImpl()
y: Number k Border fps: Number manufacturer: String drawRoundedRect() : void failoverURIs: Array connect() : void getLocalPoint() : Point
yFilter: Number height: int os: String endFill() : void id: String disconnect() : void init() : void
yNumber: Number ButtonLabelPlacement ■ index: int pixelAspectRatio: Number invalidateData() : void protocol: String logout() : void isDragEventPositionBased() : Boolean
yValue: Object p: mx.controls keyFrameInterval: int playerType: String invalidateDisplayList() : void reconnecting: Boolean removeChannel() : void keyDownHandler() : void
z: Number k Object loopback: Boolean screenColor: String lineStyle() : void recordMessageSizes: Boolean send() : void keyDownHandler1() : void
zFilter: Number BOTTOM: String motionLevel: int screenDPI: Number lineTo() : void recordMessageTimes: Boolean setCredentials() : void replayAutomatableEvent() : Boolean
zNumber: Number LEFT: String motionTimeout: int screenResolutionX: Number localToData() : Array requestTimeout: int toString() : String
zValue: Object RIGHT: String muted: Boolean screenResolutionY: Number mappingChanged() : void uri: String ChartElement ■
BubbleSeriesItem() TOP: String name: String serverString: String moveTo() : void applySettings() : void ChartBase ■ p: mx.charts.chartClasses
names: Array version: String removeAllChildren() : void Channel() p: mx.charts.chartClasses k DualStyleObject
BubbleSeriesRenderData ■ ButtonSkin ■ quality: int removeChild() : DisplayObject connect() : void k UIComponent IChartElement2
p: mx.charts.series.renderData p: mx.skins.halo width: int CapsStyle removeChildAt() : DisplayObject connectFailed() : void IFocusManagerComponent chart: ChartBase
k RenderData k Border getCamera() : Camera p: flash.display stripNaNs() : void connectSuccess() : void allElements: Array chartDataProvider: Object
setKeyFrameInterval() : void k Object updateDataChild() : void connectTimeoutHandler() : void annotationElements: Array cursor: IViewCursor
Button ■ ByteArray setLoopback() : void NONE: String updateDisplayList() : void disconnect() : void backgroundElements: Array dataProvider: Object
p: mx.controls p: flash.utils setMode() : void ROUND: String updateFilter() : void disconnectFailed() : void chartState: uint dataTransform: DataTransform
k UIComponent k Object setMotionLevel() : void SQUARE: String validateData() : void disconnectSuccess() : void clipContent: Boolean labelContainer: Sprite
IDataRenderer IDataInput setQuality() : void validateTransform() : Boolean flexClientWaitHandler() : void dataProvider: Object addChild() : DisplayObject
IDropInListItemRenderer IDataOutput CartesianCanvasValue ■ getMessageResponder() : Message dataRegion: Rectangle addChildAt() : DisplayObject
IFocusManagerComponent bytesAvailable: uint CandlestickChart ■ p: mx.charts.chartClasses CartesianTransform ■ Responder dataTipFunction: Function ChartElement()
IListItemRenderer defaultObjectEncoding: uint p: mx.charts k Object p: mx.charts.chartClasses internalConnect() : void dataTipLayerIndex: int chartStateChanged() : void
IFontContextComponent endian: String k CartesianChart k Data Transform internalDisconnect() : void dataTipMode: String claimStyles() : uint
IButton length: uint CartesianChart ■ HORIZONTAL_AXIS: String internalSend() : void description: String collectTransitions() : void
autoRepeat: Boolean objectEncoding: uint CandlestickItemRenderer ■ p: mx.charts.chartClasses pixelHeight: Number logout() : void dragEnabled: Boolean createDataID() : Number
data: Object position: uint p: mx.charts.renderers k ChartBase pixelWidth: Number send() : void dragImage: IUIComponent dataChanged() : void
emphasized: Boolean ByteArray() k ProgrammaticSkin computedGutters: Rectangle VERTICAL_AXIS: String setCredentials() : void dragMoveEnabled: Boolean dataToLocal() : Point
fontContext: IFlexModuleFactory compress() : void IDataRenderer dataRegion: Rectangle CartesianTransform() dropEnabled: Boolean describeData() : Array
label: String readBoolean() : Boolean data: Object horizontalAxis: IAxis invertTransform() : Array ChannelError ■ HORIZONTAL: String findDataPoints() : Array
labelPlacement: String readByte() : int CandlestickItemRenderer() horizontalAxisRatio: Number transformCache() : void p: mx.messaging.errors labelElements: Array getAllDataPoints() : Array
listData: BaseListData readBytes() : void horizontalAxisRenderers: Array k MessagingError legendData: Array localToData() : Array
selected: Boolean readDouble() : Number CandlestickSeries ■ selectedChartItems: Array CategoryAxis ■ mouseSensitivity: Number mappingChanged() : void
selectedField: String readFloat() : Number p: mx.charts.series verticalAxis: IAxis p: mx.charts ChannelEvent ■ selectedChartItem: ChartItem processNewDataProvider() : void
stickyHighlighting: Boolean readInt() : int k HLOCSeriesBase verticalAxisRatio: Number k AxisBase p: selectedChartItems: Array
textField: IUITextField readMultiByte() : String fillFunction: Function verticalAxisRenderers: Array IAxis k Event selectionMode: String ChartEvent ■
toggle: Boolean readObject() : * CandlestickSeries() CartesianChart() baseline: Number channel: Channel series: Array p:
Button() readShort() : int findDataPoints() : Array commitProperties() : void categoryField: String CONNECT: String seriesFilters: Array k MouseEvent
clickHandler() : void readUnsignedByte() : uint getFirstItem() : ChartItem dataFunction: Function connected: Boolean showAllDataTips: Boolean CHART_CLICK: String
mouseDownHandler() : void readUnsignedInt() : uint Canvas ■ getLastItem() : ChartItem dataProvider: Object DISCONNECT: String showDataTips: Boolean CHART_DOUBLE_CLICK: String
mouseUpHandler() : void readUnsignedShort() : uint p: mx.containers getNextItem() : ChartItem labelFunction: Function reconnecting: Boolean VERTICAL: String ChartEvent()
rollOutHandler() : void readUTF() : String k Container getPreviousItem() : ChartItem padding: Number rejected: Boolean addDragData() : void
rollOverHandler() : void readUTFBytes() : String IConstraintLayout initSecondaryMode() : void ticksBetweenLabels: Boolean ChannelEvent() applySeriesSet() : Array ChartItem ■
toString() : String constraintColumns: Array measure() : void CategoryAxis() clone() : Event ChartBase() p: mx.charts
ButtonAsset ■ uncompress() : void constraintRows: Array styleChanged() : void filterCache() : void createEvent() : ChannelEvent clearSelection() : void k EventDispatcher
p: mx.core writeBoolean() : void Canvas() updateAxisLayout() : void formatForScreen() : String toString() : String customizeSeries() : void currentState: String
k FlexSimpleButton writeByte() : void measure() : void updateDisplayList() : void getLabelEstimate() : AxisLabelSet dragCompleteHandler() : void DISABLED: String
IFlexAsset writeBytes() : void updateDisplayList() : void getLabels() : AxisLabelSet ChannelFaultEvent ■ dragDropHandler() : void element: IChartElement
IFlexDisplayObject writeDouble() : void CartesianChartAutomationImpl ■ invertTransform() : Object p: dragEnterHandler() : void FOCUSED: String
measuredHeight: Number writeFloat() : void CanvasAutomationImpl ■ p: mx.automation.delegates.charts mapCache() : void k ChannelEvent dragExitHandler() : void FOCUSEDSELECTED: String
measuredWidth: Number writeInt() : void p: mx.automation.delegates. k ChartBaseAutomationImpl preferDropLabels() : Boolean FAULT: String dragOverHandler() : void index: int
ButtonAsset() writeMultiByte() : void containers CartesianChartAutomationImpl() reduceLabels() : AxisLabelSet faultCode: String dragStartHandler() : void item: Object
move() : void writeObject() : void k ContainerAutomationImpl init() : void transformCache() : void faultDetail: String findDataPoints() : Array itemRenderer: IFlexDisplayObject
setActualSize() : void writeShort() : void CanvasAutomationImpl() : void update() : void faultString: String getAllDataPoints() : Array NONE: String
writeUnsignedInt() : void init() : void CartesianDataCanvas ■ rootCause: Object getFirstItem() : ChartItem ROLLOVER: String
ButtonAutomationImpl ■ writeUTF() : void p: mx.charts.chartClasses ChangeWatcher ■ ChannelFaultEvent() getItemsInRegion() : Array SELECTED: String
p: mx.automation.delegates. writeUTFBytes() : void Capabilities k ChartElement p: mx.binding.utils clone() : Event getLastItem() : ChartItem ChartItem()
controls p: flash.system dataChildren: Array k Object createErrorMessage() : ErrorMessage getNextItem() : ChartItem clone() : ChartItem
k UIComponentAutomationImpl ByteArrayAsset ■ k Object dataTransform: DataTransform canWatch() : Boolean createEvent() : ChannelFaultEvent getPreviousItem() : ChartItem
ButtonAutomationImpl() p: mx.core avHardwareDisable: Boolean horizontalAxis: IAxis ChangeWatcher() toString() : String hideData() : void
init() : void k ByteArray hasAccessibility: Boolean includeInRanges: Boolean getEvents() : Object hideDropFeedback() : void
IFlexAsset hasAudio: Boolean verticalAxis: IAxis getValue() : Object invalidateChildOrder() : void

12 13
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development ChartItemDragProxy – Container

ChartItemDragProxy ■ ChildItemPendingError ■ location: int concat() : void ColumnSeriesRenderData ■ labelFunction: Function CompositeEffect ■ Consumer ■
p: mx.charts.chartClasses p: mx.collections.errors oldLocation: int toString() : String p: mx.charts.series.renderData listData: BaseListData p: mx.effects p: mx.messaging
k UIComponent k ItemPendingError CollectionEvent() k RenderData prompt: String k Effect k AbstractConsumer
ColorUtil ■ labelData: Object rowCount: int children: Array selector:String
ChartItemEvent ■ CircleItemRenderer ■ CollectionEventKind ■ p: mx.utils labelScale: Number selectedIndex: int addChild() : void subtopic:String
p: p: mx.charts.renderers p: k Object renderedBase: Number selectedItem: Object CompositeEffect() Consumer()
k MouseEvent k ProgrammaticSkin k Object adjustBrightness() : uint renderedHalfWidth: Number selectedLabel: String
CHANGE: String IDataRenderer ADD: String adjustBrightness2() : uint renderedXOffset: Number calculatePreferredSizeFromData() : CompositeEffectInstance ■ Container ■
hitData: HitData data: Object MOVE: String rgbMultiply() : uint ColumnSeriesRenderData() Object p: mx.effects.effectClasses p: mx.core
hitSet: Array CircleItemRenderer() REFRESH: String close() : void k EffectInstance k UIComponent
ITEM_CLICK: String REMOVE: String ColumnChart ■ ColumnSet ■ ComboBox() addChildSet() : void IContainer
ITEM_DOUBLE_CLICK: String Circular ■ REPLACE: String p: mx.charts p: mx.charts.series itemToLabel() : String CompositeEffectInstance() IDataRenderer
ITEM_MOUSE_DOWN: String p: mx.effects.easing RESET: String k CartesianChart k StackedSeries measure() : void onEffectEnd() : void IFocusManagerContainer
ITEM_MOUSE_MOVE: String k Object UPDATE: String extendLabelToEnd: Boolean IColumn open() : void onTweenEnd() : void IListItemRenderer
ITEM_MOUSE_UP: String easeIn() : Number maxLabelWidth: int columnWidthRatio: Number onTweenUpdate() : void IRawChildrenContainer
ITEM_ROLL_OUT: String easeInOut() : Number CollectionViewError showLabelVertically: Boolean maxColumnWidth: Number ComboBoxArrowSkin ■ actualCreationPolicy: String
ITEM_ROLL_OVER: String easeOut() : Number p: mx.collections.errors type: String offset: Number p: mx.skins.halo CompressionAlgorithm ● autoLayout: Boolean
ChartItemEvent() k Error ColumnChart() buildSubSeries() : void k Border p: flash.utils borderMetrics: EdgeMetrics
Class ColumnSet() k Object childDescriptors: Array
ChartLabel ■ p: Top Level ColorMatrixFilter ColumnSeries ■ customizeSeries() : void ComboBoxAutomationImpl ■ DEFLATE: String clipContent: Boolean
p: mx.charts.chartClasses k Object p: flash.filters p: mx.charts.series describeData() : Array p: mx.automation.delegates. ZLIB: String contentMouseX: Number
k UIComponent k BitmapFilter k Series formatDataTip() : String controls contentMouseY: Number
IDataRenderer ClassFactory ■ matrix: Array IColumn k ComboBaseAutomationImpl Concurrency ■ creatingContentPane: Boolean
data: Object p: mx.core clone() : BitmapFilter IStackable2 ComboBase ■ ComboBoxAutomationImpl() p: mx.rpc.mxml creationIndex: int
ChartLabel() k Object ColorMatrixFilter() columnWidthRatio: Number p: mx.controls k Object creationPolicy: String
createChildren() : void IFactory fillFunction: Function k UIComponent CommandMessage ■ LAST: String data: Object
invalidateSize() : void generator: Class ColorPicker ■ horizontalAxis: IAxis IIMESupport p: mx.messaging.messages MULTIPLE: String defaultButton: IFlexDisplayObject
measure() : void properties: Object p: mx.controls items: Array IFocusManagerComponent k AsyncMessage SINGLE: String horizontalLineScrollSize: Number
updateDisplayList() : void ClassFactory() kComboBase itemType: Class arrowButtonStyleFilters: Object ADD_SUBSCRIPTIONS: String horizontalPageScrollSize: Number
newInstance() : * colorField: String labelField: String borderMetrics: EdgeMetrics AUTHENTICATION_MESSAGE_REF_ ConfigMap ■ horizontalScrollBar: ScrollBar
ChartSelectionChangeEvent ■ labelField: String labelFunction: Function collection: ICollectionView TYPE: String p: mx.messaging.config horizontalScrollPolicy: String
p: Clipboard ● selectedColor: uint maxColumnWidth: Number dataProvider: Object CLIENT_PING_OPERATION: uint k Proxy horizontalScrollPosition: Number
k Event p: flash.desktop selectedIndex: int minField: String editable: Boolean CLIENT_SYNC_OPERATION: uint propertyList: Array icon: Class
altKey:Boolean k Object showTextField: Boolean offset: Number imeMode: String CLUSTER_REQUEST_OPERATION: uint callProperty() : * label: String
CHANGE : String = “change” formats: Array swatchStyleFilters: Object renderDataType: Class iterator: IViewCursor CREDENTIALS_CHARSET_HEADER: ConfigMap() maxHorizontalScrollPosition: Number
ctrlKey:Boolean generalClipboard: Clipboard close() : void sortOnXField: Boolean restrict: String String deleteProperty() : Boolean maxVerticalScrollPosition: Number
itemAutomationValue:String clear() : void ColorPicker() stacker: StackedSeries selectedIndex: int LOGIN_OPERATION: uint getProperty() : * numChildren: int
selectionInfo:Array clearData() : void open() : void stackTotals: Dictionary selectedItem: Object LOGOUT_OPERATION: uint hasProperty() : Boolean rawChildren: IChildList
shiftKey:Boolean Clipboard() verticalAxis: IAxis text: String MESSAGING_VERSION: String nextName() : String verticalLineScrollSize: Number
triggerEvent:Event getData() : Object ColorPickerAutomationImpl ■ xField: String textInput: TextInput MULTI_SUBSCRIBE_OPERATION: uint nextNameIndex() : int verticalPageScrollSize: Number
ChartSelectionChangeEvent() hasFormat() : Boolean p: mx.automation.delegates. yField: String textInputStyleFilters: Object NEEDS_CONFIG_HEADER: String nextValue() : * verticalScrollBar: ScrollBar
setData() : Boolean controls applyItemRendererProperties() : void value: Object operation: uint setProperty() : void verticalScrollPolicy: String
ChartState ■ setDataHandler() : Boolean k ComboBaseAutomationImpl ColumnSeries() calculatePreferredSizeFromData() : POLL_OPERATION: uint verticalScrollPosition: Number
p: mx.charts.chartClasses ColorPickerAutomationImpl() commitProperties() : void Object POLL_WAIT_HEADER: String ConstraintColumn ■ viewMetrics: EdgeMetrics
k Object ClipboardFormats ● init() : void createChildren() : void collectionChangeHandler() : void PRESERVE_DURABLE_HEADER: String p: mx.containers.utilityClasses viewMetricsAndPadding: EdgeMetrics
HIDING_DATA: uint p: flash.desktop invalidateData() : void ComboBase() REMOVE_SUBSCRIPTIONS: String k EventDispatcher addChild() : DisplayObject
NONE: uint k Object ColorPickerEvent ■ invalidateMapping() : void downArrowButton_buttonDownHan- SELECTOR_HEADER: String IMXMLObject addChildAt() : DisplayObject
PREPARING_TO_HIDE_DATA: uint BITMAP_FORMAT: String p: stack() : Number dler() : void SUBSCRIBE_OPERATION: uint explicitWidth: Number attachOverlay() : void
PREPARING_TO_SHOW_DATA: uint FILE_LIST_FORMAT: String k Event stackAll() : Object itemToUID() : String SUBSCRIPTION_INVALIDATE_OPERA- id: String Container()
SHOWING_DATA: uint HTML_FORMAT: String CHANGE: String measure() : void TION: uint maxWidth: Number contentToGlobal() : Point
TEXT_FORMAT: String color: uint ColumnSeriesAutomationImpl ■ textInput_changeHandler() : void SUBTOPIC_SEPARATOR: String minWidth: Number contentToLocal() : Point
CheckBox ■ URL_FORMAT: String ENTER: String p: mx.automation.delegates.charts updateDisplayList() : void UNKNOWN_OPERATION: uint percentWidth: Number createBorder() : void
p: mx.controls index: int k SeriesAutomationImpl UNSUBSCRIBE_OPERATION: uint width: Number createComponentFromDescriptor() :
kButton ClipboardTransferMode ● ITEM_ROLL_OUT: String ColumnSeriesAutomationImpl() ComboBaseAutomationImpl ■ CommandMessage() ConstraintColumn() IFlexDisplayObject
p: flash.desktop ITEM_ROLL_OVER: String init() : void p: mx.automation.delegates. getOperationAsString() : String initialized() : void createComponentsFromDescriptors()
CheckBoxAutomationImpl ■ k Object ColorPickerEvent() controls toString() : String setActualWidth() : void : void
p: mx.automation.delegates. CLONE_ONLY: String ColumnSeriesItem ■ k UIComponentAutomationImpl executeBindings() : void
controls CLONE_PREFERRED: String ColorPickerSkin ■ p: mx.charts.series.items ComboBaseAutomationImpl() ComponentDescriptor ■ ConstraintRow ■ executeChildBindings() : void
k ButtonAutomationImpl ORIGINAL_ONLY: String p: mx.skins.halo k ChartItem init() : void p: mx.core p: mx.containers.utilityClasses getChildAt() : DisplayObject
CheckBoxAutomationImpl() ORIGINAL_PREFERRED: String k Border fill: IFill k Object k EventDispatcher getChildByName() : DisplayObject
init() : void min: Number ComboBox ■ document: Object IMXMLObject getChildIndex() : int
CloseEvent ■ ColorTransform minFilter: Number p: mx.controls events: Object explicitHeight: Number getChildren() : Array
CheckBoxIcon ■ p: p: flash.geom minNumber: Number kComboBase id: String height: Number globalToContent() : Point
p: mx.skins.halo k Event k Object minValue: Object IDataRenderer properties: Object id: String layoutChrome() : void
k Border CLOSE: String alphaMultiplier: Number x: Number IDropInListItemRenderer propertiesFactory: Function maxHeight: Number localToContent() : Point
detail: int alphaOffset: Number xFilter: Number IListItemRenderer type: Class minHeight: Number removeAllChildren() : void
ChildExistenceChangedEvent ■ CloseEvent() blueMultiplier: Number xNumber: Number data: Object ComponentDescriptor() percentHeight: Number removeChild() : DisplayObject
p: blueOffset: Number xValue: Object dataProvider: Object invalidateProperties() : void ConstraintRow() removeChildAt() : DisplayObject
k Event CollectionEvent ■ color: uint y: Number dropdown: ListBase toString() : String initialized() : void scrollChildren() : void
CHILD_ADD: String p: greenMultiplier: Number yFilter: Number dropdownFactory: IFactory setActualHeight() : void setChildIndex() : void
CHILD_REMOVE: String k Event greenOffset: Number yNumber: Number dropDownStyleFilters: Object updateDisplayList() : void
OVERLAY_CREATED: String COLLECTION_CHANGE: String redMultiplier: Number yValue: Object dropdownWidth: Number
relatedObject: DisplayObject items: Array redOffset: Number ColumnSeriesItem() itemRenderer: IFactory
ChildExistenceChangedEvent() kind: String ColorTransform() labelField: String

14 15
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development ContainerAutomationImpl – DataTransform

ContainerAutomationImpl ■ ContextualClassFactory ■ CSMSettings CurrencyValidator ■ minInterval: Number lockedColumnContent: ListBaseCont- DataGridColumnResizeSkin ■ DataGridHeaderSeparator ■
p: UIComponentAutomationImpl p: mx.core p: flash.text p: mx.validators padding: Number entHolder p: mx.skins.halo p: mx.skins.halo
kUIComponentAutomationImpl k ClassFactory k Object k Validator REQUIRED_BOUNDED_VALUES: uint lockedColumnCount: int k ProgrammaticSkin k ProgrammaticSkin
ContainerAutomationImpl() moduleFactory: IFlexModuleFactory fontSize: Number alignSymbol: String REQUIRED_MIN_INTERVAL: uint lockedColumnHeader: DataGridHea-
init() : void ContextualClassFactory() insideCutoff: Number allowNegative: Object REQUIRED_MIN_MAX: uint derBase DataGridDragProxy ■ DataGridItemRenderer ■
newInstance() : * outsideCutoff: Number currencySymbol: String REQUIRED_PADDING: uint lockedRowContent: DataGridLocked- p: mx.controls.dataGridClasses p: mx.controls.dataGridClasses
ContainerCreationPolicy ■ CSMSettings() currencySymbolError: String DataDescription() RowContentHolder k UIComponent k UITextField
p: mx.core ControlBar ■ decimalPointCountError: String lockedRowCount: int DataGridDragProxy() IDataRenderer
k Object p: mx.containers CSSStyleDeclaration ■ decimalSeparator: String DataEvent showHeaders: Boolean measure():void IDropInListItemRenderer
ALL: String k Box p: mx.styles exceedsMaxError: String p: adjustRow() : void ILayoutManagerClient
AUTO: String k EventDispatcher invalidCharError: String k TextEvent calculateRowHeight() : Number DataGridEvent ■ IListItemRenderer
NONE: String ConvolutionFilter defaultFactory: Function invalidFormatCharsError: String DATA: String clearRow() : void p: IStyleClient
QUEUED: String p: flash.filters factory: Function lowerThanMinError: String data: String createColumnItemRenderer() : ILis- k Event data: Object
p BitmapFilter overrides: Object maxValue: Object UPLOAD_COMPLETE_DATA: String tItemRenderer COLUMN_STRETCH: String listData: BaseListData
ContainerLayout ■ alpha: Number clearStyle() : void minValue: Object clone() : Event DataGridBase() columnIndex: int styleDeclaration: CSSStyleDeclaration
p: mx.core bias: Number CSSStyleDeclaration() negativeError: String DataEvent() drawVisibleItem() : void dataField: String clearStyle() : void
k Object clamp: Boolean getStyle() : * precision: Object toString() : String finishKeySelection() : void HEADER_RELEASE: String DataGridItemRenderer()
ABSOLUTE: String color: uint setStyle() : void precisionError: String itemRendererToIndices() : Point ITEM_EDIT_BEGIN: String getClassStyleDeclarations() : Array
HORIZONTAL: String divisor: Number separationError: String DataGrid ■ layoutColumnItemRenderer() : Point ITEM_EDIT_BEGINNING: String getStyle() : *
VERTICAL: String matrix: Array CubeEvent ■ thousandsSeparator: String p: mx.controls makeListData() : BaseListData ITEM_EDIT_END: String initProtoChain() : void
matrixX: Number p: CurrencyValidator() k DataGridBase makeRow() : Number ITEM_FOCUS_IN: String notifyStyleChangeInChildren() : void
ContainerMovieClip ■ matrixY: Number k Event doValidation() : Array columns: Array moveSelectionVertically() : void ITEM_FOCUS_OUT: String regenerateStyleCache() : void
p: mx.flash preserveAlpha: Boolean CUBE_COMPLETE: String validateCurrency() : Array draggableColumns: Boolean prepareRowArray() : void itemRenderer: IListItemRenderer registerEffects() : void
k UIMovieClip clone() : BitmapFilter CUBE_PROGRESS: String editable: Boolean removeExtraRow() : void localX: Number setStyle() : void
content: IUIComponent ConvolutionFilter() message: String CurrencyValidatorAlignSymbol ■ editedItemPosition: Object setRowInfo() : void reason: String toolTipShowHandler() : void
ContainerMovieClip() progress: int p: mx.validators editedItemRenderer: IListItemRenderer setupColumnItemRenderer() : ILis- rowIndex: int validateDisplayList() : void
CountAggregator ■ QUERY_PROGRESS: String k Object horizontalScrollPosition: Number tItemRenderer DataGridEvent() validateProperties() : void
ContainerMovieClipAutomation p: mx.olap.aggregators total: int ANY: String imeMode: String updateRendererDisplayList() : void validateSize() : void
Impl ■ k Object CubeEvent() : void LEFT: String itemEditorInstance: IListItemRenderer DataGridEventReason ■
p: mx.automation.delegates. IOLAPCustomAggregator RIGHT: String minColumnWidth: Number DataGridColumn ■ p: DataGridItemRenderer
flashflexkit computeBegin() : Object Cubic ■ resizableColumns: Boolean p: mx.controls.dataGridClasses k Object AutomationImpl ■
k UIMovieClipAutomationImpl computeEnd() : Number p: mx.effects.easing CursorBookmark ■ sortableColumns: Boolean k CSSStyleDeclaration CANCELLED: String p: mx.automation.delegates.
ContainerMovieClipAutomationImpl() computeLoop() : void k Object p: mx.collections adjustListContent() : void IIMESupport NEW_CsOLUMN: String controls
init():void computeObjectBegin() : Object easeIn() : Number k Object clearSeparators() : void dataField: String NEW_ROW: String k UITextFieldAutomationImpl
computeObjectEnd() : Number easeInOut() : Number CURRENT: CursorBookmark createItemEditor() : void dataTipField: String OTHER: String DataGridItemRendererAutomation-
ContextMenu computeObjectLoop() : void easeOut() : Number FIRST: CursorBookmark DataGrid() dataTipFunction: Function Impl()
p: flash.ui LAST: CursorBookmark destroyItemEditor() : void draggable: Boolean DataGridHeader ■ init() : void
k NativeMenu CreditCardValidator ■ CuePointEvent ■ value: Object drawColumnBackground() : void editable: Boolean p: mx.controls.dataGridClasses
builtInItems: ContextMenuBuiltInItems p: mx.validators p: CursorBookmark() drawHeaderBackground() : void editorDataField: String kDataGridHeaderBase DataGridListData ■
customItems: Array k Validator k Event getViewIndex() : int drawHorizontalLine() : void editorHeightOffset: Number bottomOffset: Number p: mx.controls.dataGridClasses
ContextMenu() allowedFormatChars: String CUE_POINT: String drawLinesAndColumnBackgrounds() editorUsesEnterKey: Boolean cachedHeaderHeight: Number k BaseListData
display() : void cardNumberListener: IValidatorListener cuePointName: String CursorError : void editorWidthOffset: Number cachedPaddingBottom: Number dataField: String
hideBuiltInItems() : void cardNumberProperty: String cuePointTime: Number k Error drawLinesAndColumnGraphics() : void editorXOffset: Number cachedPaddingTop: Number DataGridListData()
cardNumberSource: Object cuePointType: String CursorError(): void drawRowBackground() : void editorYOffset: Number dataGrid: DataGrid
ContextMenuBuiltInItems cardTypeListener: IValidatorListener CuePointEvent() drawSeparators() : void headerRenderer: IFactory enabled: Boolean DataGridLockedRowContent
p: flash.ui cardTypeProperty: String CursorManager ■ drawVerticalLine() : void headerText: String headerItems: Array Holder ■
k Object cardTypeSource: Object CuePointManager ■ p: mx.managers isItemEditable() : Boolean headerWordWrap: * leftOffset: Number p: mx.controls.dataGridClasses
forwardAndBack: Boolean invalidCharError: String p: mx.controls.videoClasses k Object placeSortArrow() : void imeMode: String needRightSeparator: Boolean k ListBaseContentHolder
loop: Boolean invalidNumberError: String k Object currentCursorID: int scrollPositionToIndex() : int itemEditor: IFactory needRightSeparatorEvents: Boolean measuredHeight: Number
play: Boolean noNumError: String addCuePoint() : Object currentCursorXOffset: Number scrollVertically() : void itemRenderer: IFactory rightOffset: Number DataGridLockedRowContentHolder()
print: Boolean noTypeError: String CuePointManager() currentCursorYOffset: Number labelFunction: Function topOffset: Number
quality: Boolean wrongLengthError: String getCuePointByName() : Object NO_CURSOR: int DataGridAutomationImpl ■ minWidth: Number clearSeparators() : void DataGridSortArrow ■
rewind: Boolean wrongTypeError: String getCuePoints() : Array getInstance() p: mx.automation.delegates. nullItemRenderer: IFactory createChildren() : void p: mx.skins.halo
save: Boolean CreditCardValidator() removeAllCuePoints() : void hideCursor() : void controls rendererIsEditor: Boolean DataGridHeader() k ProgrammaticSkin
zoom: Boolean doValidation() : Array removeCuePoint() : Object removeAllCursors() : void k ComboBoxAutomationImpl resizable: Boolean drawColumnDragOverlay() : void
ContextMenuBuiltInItems() validateCreditCard() : Array setCuePoints() : void removeBusyCursor() : void IIMESupport showDataTips: * drawHeaderBackground() : void DataTip ■
removeCursor() : void automationTabularData: Object sortable: Boolean drawHeaderIndicator() : void p: mx.charts.chartClasses
ContextMenuEvent CreditCardValidatorCardType ■ CurrencyFormatter ■ setBusyCursor() : void DataGridAutomationImpl() sortCompareFunction: Function drawSelectionIndicator() : void k UIComponent
p: p: mx.validators p: mx.flash setCursor() : int init() : void sortDescending: Boolean drawSeparators() : void IDataRenderer
k Event k Object k Formatter showCursor() : void visible: Boolean measure() : void data: Object
contextMenuOwner: InteractiveObject AMERICAN_EXPRESS: String alignSymbol: String DataGridBase ■ width: Number placeSortArrow() : void maxTipWidth: Number
MENU_ITEM_SELECT: String DINERS_CLUB: String currencySymbol: String CursorManagerPriority ■ p: mx.controls.dataGridClasses wordWrap: * updateDisplayList() : void createChildren() : void
MENU_SELECT: String DISCOVER: String decimalSeparatorFrom: String p: mx.managers k ListBase DataGridColumn() DataTip()
mouseTarget: InteractiveObject MASTER_CARD: String decimalSeparatorTo: String k Object IFontContextComponent getItemRendererFactory() : IFactory DataGridHeaderBackgroundSkin ■ measure() : void
clone() : Event VISA: String precision: Object HIGH: int columnCaretIndicator: Sprite itemToDataTip() : String p: mx.skins.halo updateDisplayList() : void
ContextMenuEvent() rounding: String LOW: int columnHighlightIndicator: Sprite itemToLabel() : String UIComponent k ProgrammaticSkin
toString() : String CrossItemRenderer ■ thousandsSeparatorFrom: String MEDIUM: int columnMap: Object DataTransform ■
p: mx.charts.renderers thousandsSeparatorTo: String fontContext: IFlexModuleFactory DataGridColumnDropIndicator ■ DataGridHeaderBase ■ p: mx.charts.chartClasses
ContextMenuItem k ProgrammaticSkin useNegativeSign: Object DataDescription ■ freeItemRenderersTable: Dictionary p: mx.skins.halo p: mx.controls.dataGridClasses k EventDispatcher
p: flash.ui IDataRenderer useThousandsSeparator: Object p: mx.charts.chartClasses header: DataGridHeaderBase k ProgrammaticSkin k UIComponent axes: Object
k NativeMenuItem data: Object CurrencyFormatter() k Object headerHeight: Number elements: Array
caption: String thickness: Number format() : String boundedValues: Array headerMask: Shape dataChanged() : void
separatorBefore: Boolean CrossItemRenderer() max: Number lockedColumnAndRowContent: Da- DataTransform()
visible: Boolean min: Number taGridLockedRowContentHolder describeData() : Array

16 17
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development Date – DRMErrorEvent

getAxis() : IAxis DateBase ■ DateField ■ filterCache() : void DeferredInstanceFromClass ■ alpha: Number DividedBox ■ setProgress() : void
invertTransform() : Array p: mx.flash p: mx.controls formatDays() : String p: mx.core blendMode: String p: mx.containers showDisplayForDownloading() :
setAxis() : void k Object kComboBase formatMilliseconds() : String k Object cacheAsBitmap: Boolean k Box Boolean
transformCache() : void dayNamesLong: Array IDataRenderer formatMinutes() : String IDeferredInstance filters: Array dividerClass: Class showDisplayForInit() : Boolean
dayNamesShort: Array IDropInListItemRenderer formatMonths() : String DeferredInstanceFromClass() height: Number liveDragging: Boolean
Date monthNamesLong: Array IFocusManagerComponent formatSeconds() : String getInstance() : Object loaderInfo: LoaderInfo numDividers: int DragEvent ■
p: Top Level monthNamesShort: Array IListItemRenderer formatYears() : String mask: DisplayObject resizeToContent: Boolean p:
k Object timeOfDay: Array data: Object reduceLabels() : AxisLabelSet DeferredInstanceFromFunction ■ mouseX: Number DividedBox() k MouseEvent
date: Number dayNames: Array transformCache() : void p: mx.core mouseY: Number getDividerAt() : BoxDivider action: String
dateUTC: Number DateChooser ■ disabledDays: Array k Object name: String moveDivider() : void DRAG_COMPLETE: String
day: Number p: mx.controls disabledRanges: Array DateValidator ■ IDeferredInstance opaqueBackground: Object DRAG_DROP: String
dayUTC: Number k UIComponent displayedMonth: int p: mx.validators DeferredInstanceFromFunction() parent: DisplayObjectContainer DividedBoxAutomationImpl ■ DRAG_ENTER: String
fullYear: Number IFocusManagerComponent displayedYear: int k Validator getInstance() : Object root: DisplayObject p: mx.automation.delegates. DRAG_EXIT: String
fullYearUTC: Number IFontContextComponent dropdown: DateChooser allowedFormatChars: String rotation: Number containers DRAG_OVER: String
hours: Number allowDisjointSelection: Boolean dropdownFactory: IFactory dayListener: IValidatorListener DefinitionError scale9Grid: Rectangle k ContainerAutomationImpl DRAG_START: String
hoursUTC: Number allowMultipleSelection: Boolean firstDayOfWeek: Object dayProperty: String p: Top Level scaleX: Number DividedBoxAutomationImpl() draggedItem: Object
milliseconds: Number calendarLayoutStyleFilters: Object formatString: String daySource: Object kError scaleY: Number init() : void dragInitiator: IUIComponent
millisecondsUTC: Number dayNames: Array labelFunction: Function formatError: String DefinitionError() scrollRect: Rectangle replayAutomatableEvent() : Boolean dragSource: DragSource
minutes: Number disabledDays: Array listData: BaseListData inputFormat: String stage: Stage DragEvent()
minutesUTC: Number disabledRanges: Array maxYear: int invalidCharError: String DeleteObjectSample transform: Transform DividerEvent ■
month: Number displayedMonth: int minYear: int monthListener: IValidatorListener p: flash.sampler visible: Boolean p: DragManager ■
monthUTC: Number displayedYear: int monthNames: Array monthProperty: String k Sample width: Number k Event p: mx.managers
seconds: Number firstDayOfWeek: Object monthSymbol: String monthSource: Object id: Number x: Number delta: Number k Object
secondsUTC: Number maxYear: int parseFunction: Function validateAsString: Object size: Number y: Number DIVIDER_DRAG: String COPY: String
time: Number minYear: int selectableRange: Object wrongDayError: String getBounds() : Rectangle DIVIDER_PRESS: String isDragging: Boolean
timezoneOffset: Number monthNames: Array selectedDate: Date wrongLengthError: String DescribeTypeCache ■ getRect() : Rectangle DIVIDER_RELEASE: String LINK: String
Date() monthSymbol: String showToday: Boolean wrongMonthError: String p: mx.utils globalToLocal() : Point dividerIndex: int MOVE: String
getDate() : Number nextMonthStyleFilters: Object yearNavigationEnabled: Boolean wrongYearError: String k Object hitTestObject() : Boolean DividerEvent() NONE: String
getDay() : Number nextYearStyleFilters: Object yearSymbol: String yearListener: IValidatorListener describeType() : DescribeTypeCach- hitTestPoint() : Boolean acceptDragDrop() : void
getFullYear() : Number prevMonthStyleFilters: Object close() : void yearProperty: String eRecord localToGlobal() : Point DockIcon ● doDrag() : void
getHours() : Number prevYearStyleFilters: Object DateField() yearSource: Object registerCacheHandler() : void p: flash.desktop getFeedback() : String
getMilliseconds() : Number selectableRange: Object dateToString() : String DateValidator() DisplayObjectContainer k InteractiveIcon showFeedback() : void
getMinutes() : Number selectedDate: Date open() : void doValidation() : Array DescribeTypeCacheRecord■ p: flash.display bitmaps: Array
getMonth() : Number selectedRanges: Array stringToDate() : Date validateDate() : Array p: mx.utils k InteractiveObject height: int DragManagerAutomationImpl ■
getSeconds() : Number showToday: Boolean k Proxy mouseChildren: Boolean menu: NativeMenu p: mx.automation.delegates
getTime() : Number yearNavigationEnabled: Boolean DateFieldAutomationImpl ■ DefaultDataDescriptor ■ numChildren: int width: int k UIComponentAutomationImpl
getTimezoneOffset() : Number yearSymbol: String p: mx.automation.delegates. p: mx.controls.treeClasses DiamondItemRenderer ■ tabChildren: Boolean bounce() DragManagerAutomationImpl()
getUTCDate() : Number DateChooser() controls k Object p: mx.charts.renderers textSnapshot: TextSnapshot init():void
getUTCDay() : Number k ComboBaseAutomationImpl ITreeDataDescriptor2 k ProgrammaticSkin addChild() : DisplayObject DownloadProgressBar ■
getUTCFullYear() : Number DateChooserAutomationImpl ■ DateFieldAutomationImpl() : void IMenuDataDescriptor IDataRenderer addChildAt() : DisplayObject p: mx.preloaders DragSource ■
getUTCHours() : Number p: mx.automation.delegates. init() : void addChildAt() : Boolean data: Object areInaccessibleObjectsUnderPoint() k Sprite p: mx.core
getUTCMilliseconds() : Number controls DefaultDataDescriptor() DiamondItemRenderer() : Boolean IPreloaderDisplay k Object
getUTCMinutes() : Number k UIComponentAutomationImpl DateFormatter ■ getChildren() : ICollectionView contains() : Boolean backgroundAlpha: Number formats: Array
getUTCMonth() : Number DateChooserAutomationImpl() : void p: mx.flash getData() : Object Dictionary DisplayObjectContainer() backgroundColor: uint addData() : void
getUTCSeconds() : Number init() : void k Formatter getGroupName() : String p: flash.utils getChildAt() : DisplayObject backgroundImage: Object addHandler() : void
parse() : Number replayAutomatableEvent() : Boolean formatString: String getHierarchicalCollectionAdaptor() : k Object getChildByName() : DisplayObject backgroundSize: String dataForFormat() : Object
setDate() : Number DateFormatter() ICollectionView getChildIndex() : int barFrameRect: RoundedRectangle DragSource()
setFullYear() : Number DateChooserEvent ■ format() : String getNodeDepth() : int DisplacementMapFilter getObjectsUnderPoint() : Array barRect: RoundedRectangle hasFormat() : Boolean
setHours() : Number p: parseDateString() : Date getParent() : Object p: flash.filters removeChild() : DisplayObject borderRect: RoundedRectangle
setMilliseconds() : Number k Event getType() : String k BitmapFilter removeChildAt() : DisplayObject DOWNLOAD_PERCENTAGE: uint DRMAuthenticateEvent ●
setMinutes() : Number detail: String DateRangeUtilities ■ hasChildren() : Boolean alpha: Number setChildIndex() : void downloadingLabel: String p:
setMonth() : Number SCROLL: String p: mx.charts.chartClasses isBranch() : Boolean color: uint swapChildren() : void initializingLabel: String k Event
setSeconds() : Number triggerEvent: Event k Object isEnabled() : Boolean componentX: uint swapChildrenAt() : void label: String AUTHENTICATION_TYPE_DRM: String
setTime() : Number DateChooserEvent() isToggled() : Boolean componentY: uint labelFormat: TextFormat AUTHENTICATION_TYPE_PROXY:
setUTCDate() : Number DateTimeAxis ■ removeChildAt() : Boolean mapBitmap: BitmapData Dissolve ■ labelRect: Rectangle String
setUTCFullYear() : Number DateChooserEventDetail ■ p: mx.charts setEnabled() : void mapPoint: Point p: mx.effects MINIMUM_DISPLAY_TIME: uint authenticationType: String
setUTCHours() : Number p: k NumericAxis setToggled() : void mode: String k TweenEffect percentFormat: TextFormat DRM_AUTHENTICATE: String
setUTCMilliseconds() : Number k Object alignLabelsToUnits: Boolean scaleX: Number alphaFrom: Number percentRect: Rectangle header: String
setUTCMinutes() : Number NEXT_MONTH: String dataInterval: Number DefaultListEffect ■ scaleY: Number alphaTo: Number preloader: Sprite originater: Object
setUTCMonth() : Number NEXT_YEAR: String dataUnits: String p: mx.effects clone() : BitmapFilter color: uint showLabel: Boolean passwordPrompt: String
setUTCSeconds() : Number PREVIOUS_MONTH: String disabledDays: Array k Parallel DisplacementMapFilter() targetArea: RoundedRectangle showPercentage: Boolean urlPrompt: String
toDateString() : String PREVIOUS_YEAR: String disabledRanges: Array color: Number Dissolve() stageHeight: Number usernamePrompt: String
toLocaleDateString() : String displayLocalTime: Boolean fadeInDuration: Number DisplacementMapFilterMode stageWidth: Number clone() : Event
toLocaleString() : String DateChooserIndicator ■ interval: Number fadeOutDuration: Number p: flash.filters DissolveInstance ■ visible: Boolean DRMAuthenticateEvent()
toLocaleTimeString() : String p: mx.skins.halo labelUnits: String growDuration: Number k Object p: mx.effects.effectClasses center() : void toString() : String
toString() : String k ProgrammaticSkin maximum: Date removedElementOffset: Number CLAMP: String k TweenEffectInstance completeHandler() : void
toTimeString() : String minimum: Date shrinkDuration: Number COLOR: String alphaFrom: Number createChildren() : void DRMErrorEvent ●
toUTCString() : String DateChooserMonthArrowSkin ■ minorTickInterval: Number IGNORE: String alphaTo: Number DownloadProgressBar() p:
UTC() : Number p: mx.skins.halo minorTickUnits: String DefaultTileListEffect ■ WRAP: String color: uint getPercentLoaded() : Number k ErrorEvent
valueOf() : Number k Border parseFunction: Function p: mx.effects targetArea: RoundedRectangle initialize() : void DRM_ERROR: String
requiredDescribedFields: uint k Parallel DisplayObject DissolveInstance() initProgressHandler() : void subErrorCode: int
DateChooserYearArrowSkin ■ unitSize: Number color: Number p: flash.display progressHandler() : void clone() : Event
p: mx.skins.halo buildMinorTickCache() : Array fadeInDuration: Number k EventDispatcher rslCompleteHandler() : void DRMErrorEvent()
k Border DateTimeAxis() fadeOutDuration: Number IBitmapDrawable rslErrorHandler() : void toString() : String
moveDuration: Number accessibilityProperties: Accessibility- rslProgressHandler() : void

18 19
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development DRMStatusEvent – FileSystemList

DRMStatusEvent ● relevantProperties: Array EffectTargetFilter ■ extendedData: Object dispatchEvent() : Boolean toString() : String FileMode ● FileSystemComboBox ■●
p: relevantStyles: Array p: mx.effects faultCode: String EventDispatcher() : void p: flash.filesystem p: mx.controls
k Event repeatCount: int k Object faultDetail: String hasEventListener() : Boolean File ● k Object k ComboBox
detail: String repeatDelay: int filterFunction: Function faultString: String removeEventListener() : void p: flash.filesystem APPEND: String COMPUTER: File
DRM_STATUS: String startDelay: int filterProperties: Array MESSAGE_DELIVERY_IN_DOUBT: willTrigger() : Boolean k FileReference READ: String directory: File
isAnonymous: Boolean suspendBackgroundProcessing: filterStyles: Array String applicationDirectory: File UPDATE: String indent: int
isAvailableOffline: Boolean Boolean requiredSemantics: Object RETRYABLE_HINT_HEADER: String EventPhase applicationStorageDirectory: File WRITE: String showIcons: Boolean
offlineLeasePeriod: uint target: Object defaultFilterFunction() : Boolean rootCause: Object p: desktopDirectory: File FileSystemComboBox()
voucherEndDate: Date targets: Array EffectTargetFilter() ErrorMessage() k Object AT_TARGET: uint documentsDirectory: File FileReference
clone() : Event triggerEvent: Event filterInstance() : Boolean BUBBLING_PHASE: uint exists: Boolean p: FileSystemDataGrid ■●
DRMStatusEvent() applyValueToTarget() : void EvalError CAPTURING_PHASE: uint icon: Icon k EventDispatcher p: mx.controls
toString() : String captureEndValues() : void Elastic ■ p: Top Level isDirectory: Boolean creationDate: Date k DataGrid
captureMoreStartValues() : void p: mx.effects.easing k Error EventPriority ■ isHidden: Boolean creator: String backHistory: Array
DropdownEvent ■ captureStartValues() : void k Object EvalError() p: mx.core isPackage: Boolean extension: String canNavigateBack: Boolean
p: createInstance() : IEffectInstance easeIn() : Number k Object isSymbolicLink: Boolean modificationDate: Date canNavigateDown: Boolean
k Event createInstances() : Array easeInOut() : Number Event BINDING: int lineEnding: String name: String canNavigateForward: Boolean
CLOSE: String deleteInstance() : void easeOut() : Number p: CURSOR_MANAGEMENT: int nativePath: String size: Number canNavigateUp: Boolean
OPEN: String Effect() k Object DEFAULT: int parent: File type: String COMPUTER: File
triggerEvent: Event effectEndHandler() : void EmailValidator ■ ACTIVATE: String DEFAULT_HANDLER: int separator: String browse() : Boolean creationDateColumn: DataGridColumn
DropdownEvent() effectStartHandler() : void p: mx.validators ADDED: String EFFECT: int systemCharset: String cancel() : void dateFormatString: String
end() : void k Validator ADDED_TO_STAGE: String url: String download() : void directory: File
DropShadowFilter filterInstance() : Boolean invalidCharError: String bubbles: Boolean Exponential ■ userDirectory: File FileReference() enumerationMode: String
p: flash.filters getAffectedProperties() : Array invalidDomainError: String CANCEL: String p: mx.effects.easing browseForDirectory() : void upload() : void extensions: Array
k BitmapFilter getValueFromTarget() : * invalidIPDomainError: String cancelable: Boolean k Object browseForOpen() : void uploadUnencoded() : void filterFunction: Function
alpha: Number initInstance() : void invalidPeriodsInDomainError: String CHANGE: String easeIn() : Number browseForOpenMultiple() : void forwardHistory: Array
angle: Number pause() : void missingAtSignError: String CLOSE: String easeInOut() : Number browseForSave() : void FileReferenceList modificationDateColumn: DataGrid-
blurX: Number play() : Array missingPeriodInDomainError: String CLOSING: String easeOut() : Number cancel() : void p: Column
blurY: Number resume() : void missingUsernameError: String COMPLETE: String canonicalize() : void k EventDispatcher nameColumn: DataGridColumn
color: uint reverse() : void tooManyAtSignsError: String CONNECT: String ExternalInterface clone() : File fileList: Array nameCompareFunction: Function
distance: Number stop() : void doValidation() : Array currentTarget: Object p: flash.external copyTo() : void browse() : Boolean selectedPath: String
hideObject: Boolean EmailValidator() DEACTIVATE: String k Object copyToAsync() : void FileReferenceList() selectedPaths: Array
inner: Boolean EffectEvent ■ validateEmail() : Array DISPLAYING: String available: Boolean createDirectory() : void showExtensions: Boolean
knockout: Boolean p: ENTER_FRAME: String marshallExceptions: Boolean createTempDirectory() : File FileStream ● showHidden: Boolean
quality: int k Event EncryptedLocalStore ● eventPhase: uint objectID: String createTempFile() : File p: flash.filesystem showIcons: Boolean
strength: Number EFFECT_END: String p: EXITING: String addCallback() : void deleteDirectory() : void k EventDispatcher sizeColumn: DataGridColumn
clone() : BitmapFilter EFFECT_START: String k Object FULLSCREEN: String call() : * deleteDirectoryAsync() : void IDataInput sizeDisplayMode: String
DropShadowFilter() effectInstance: IEffectInstance getItem() : ByteArray HTML_BOUNDS_CHANGE: String deleteFile() : void IDataOutput typeColumn: DataGridColumn
EffectEvent() : void removeItem() : void HTML_DOM_INITIALIZE: String Fade ■ deleteFileAsync() : void bytesAvailable: uint clear() : void
DualStyleObject ■ reset() : void HTML_RENDER: String p: mx.effects File() endian: String FileSystemDataGrid()
p: mx.charts.chartClasses EffectInstance ■ setItem() : void ID3: String k TweenEffect getDirectoryListing() : Array objectEncoding: uint findIndex() : int
k UIComponent p: mx.effects INIT: String alphaFrom: Number getDirectoryListingAsync() : void position: Number findItem() : File
internalStyleName: Object k EventDispatcher Endian LOCATION_CHANGE: String alphaTo: Number getRelativePath() : String readAhead: Number navigateBack() : void
DualStyleObject() IEffectInstance p: flash.utils MOUSE_LEAVE: String Fade() getRootDirectories() : Array close() : void navigateDown() : void
className: String k Object NETWORK_CHANGE: String moveTo() : void FileStream() navigateForward() : void
DynamicEvent ■ duration: Number BIG_ENDIAN: String OPEN: String FadeInstance ■ moveToAsync() : void open() : void navigateTo() : void
p: effect: IEffect LITTLE_ENDIAN: String REMOVED: String p: mx.effects.effectClasses moveToTrash() : void openAsync() : void navigateUp() : void
k Event effectTargetHost: IEffectTargetHost REMOVED_FROM_STAGE: String k TweenEffectInstance moveToTrashAsync() : void readBoolean() : Boolean refresh() : void
hideFocusRing: Boolean EOFError RENDER: String alphaFrom: Number resolvePath() : File readByte() : int
EdgeMetrics ■ playheadTime: Number p: flash.errors RESIZE: String alphaTo: Number readBytes() : void FileSystemEnumerationMode ■●
p: mx.core propertyChanges: PropertyChanges k Error SCROLL: String FadeInstance() FileEvent ■● readDouble() : Number p: mx.controls
k Object repeatCount: int EOFError() SELECT: String p: readFloat() : Number k Object
bottom: Number repeatDelay: int SOUND_COMPLETE: String Fault ■ k Event readInt() : int DIRECTORIES_FIRST: String
EMPTY: EdgeMetrics startDelay: int Error TAB_CHILDREN_CHANGE: String p: mx.rpc DIRECTORY_CHANGE: String readMultiByte() : String DIRECTORIES_ONLY: String
left: Number suspendBackgroundProcessing: p: Top Level TAB_ENABLED_CHANGE: String k Error DIRECTORY_CHANGING: String readObject() : * FILES_AND_DIRECTORIES: String
right: Number Boolean k Object TAB_INDEX_CHANGE: String _faultCode: String DIRECTORY_CLOSING: String readShort() : int FILES_FIRST: String
top: Number target: Object length: int = 1 target: Object _faultDetail: String DIRECTORY_OPENING: String readUnsignedByte() : uint FILES_ONLY: String
clone() : EdgeMetrics triggerEvent: Event message: String type: String _faultString: String file: File readUnsignedInt() : uint
EdgeMetrics() EffectInstance() name: String UNLOAD: String faultCode: String FILE_CHOOSE: String readUnsignedShort() : uint FileSystemHistoryButton ■●
end() : void Error() USER_IDLE: String faultDetail: String FileEvent() readUTF() : String p: mx.controls
Effect ■ finishEffect() : void getStackTrace() : String USER_PRESENT: String faultString: String readUTFBytes() : String kPopUpButton
p: mx.effects finishRepeat() : void toString() : String clone() : Event rootCause: Object FileFilter truncate() : void dataProvider: Object
k EventDispatcher initEffect() : void Event() Fault() p: writeBoolean() : void FileSystemHistoryButton()
IEffect pause() : void ErrorEvent formatToString() : String toString() : String k Object writeByte() : void
className: String play() : void p: isDefaultPrevented() : Boolean description: String writeBytes() : void FileSystemList ■●
customFilter: EffectTargetFilter resume() : void k TextEvent preventDefault() : void FaultEvent ■ extension: String writeDouble() : void p: mx.controls
duration: Number reverse() : void ERROR: String stopImmediatePropagation() : void p: macType: String writeFloat() : void kList
effectTargetHost: IEffectTargetHost startEffect() : void errorID: int stopPropagation() : void k AbstractEvent FileFilter() : void writeInt() : void backHistory: Array
endValuesCaptured: Boolean stop() : void clone() : Event toString() : String FAULT: String writeMultiByte() : void canNavigateBack: Boolean
filter: String ErrorEvent() fault: Fault FileListEvent ● writeObject() : void canNavigateDown: Boolean
hideFocusRing: Boolean EffectManager ■ toString() : String EventDispatcher headers: Object p: writeShort() : void canNavigateForward: Boolean
instanceClass: Class p: mx.effects p: createEvent() : FaultEvent k Event writeUnsignedInt() : void canNavigateUp: Boolean
isPlaying: Boolean k EventDispatcher ErrorMessage ■ k Object createEventFromMessageFault() : DIRECTORY_LISTING: String writeUTF() : void COMPUTER: File
perElementOffset: Number endEffectsForTarget() : void p: mx.messaging.messages IEventDispatcher FaultEvent files: Array writeUTFBytes() : void directory: File
resumeEventHandling() : void k AsyncMessage addEventListener() : void FaultEvent() : void SELECT_MULTIPLE: String enumerationMode: String
suspendEventHandling() : void FileListEvent()

20 21
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development FileSystemSizeDisplayMode – GroupingField

extensions: Array FlexContentHolderAutomation- keyEquivalentFunction: Function FlexSimpleButton ■ Font FormItemAutomationImpl ■ blurYTo: Number lineStyle() : void
filterFunction: Function Impl ■ keyEquivalentModifiersFunction: p: mx.core p: flash.text p: mx.automation.delegates. color: uint lineTo() : void
forwardHistory: Array p: mx.automation.delegates. Function k SimpleButton k Object containers inner: Boolean moveTo() : void
nameCompareFunction: Function flashflexkit labelField: String FlexSimpleButton() fontName: String k ContainerAutomationImpl knockout: Boolean
selectedPath: String k UIMovieClipAutomationImpl labelFunction: Function toString() : String fontStyle: String FormItemAutomationImpl() : void strength: Number GraphicsUtil ■
selectedPaths: Array FlexContentHolderAutomationImpl() mnemonicIndexField: String fontType: String init() : void GlowInstance() p: mx.utils
showExtensions: Boolean init():void mnemonicIndexFunction: Function FlexSprite ■ enumerateFonts() : Array k Object
showHidden: Boolean nativeMenu: NativeMenu p: mx.core hasGlyphs() : Boolean FormItemDirection ■ GradientBase ■ drawRoundRectComplex() : void
showIcons: Boolean FlexEvent ■ nestLevel: int k Sprite registerFont() : void p: mx.containers p:
clear() : void p: processedDescriptors: Boolean FlexSprite() k Object k EventDispatcher Grid ■
FileSystemList() k Event showRoot: Boolean toString() : String FontAsset ■ HORIZONTAL: String entries: Array p: mx.containers
findIndex() : int ADD: String updateCompletePendingFlag: Boolean p: mx.core VERTICAL: String GradientBase() k Box
findItem() : File APPLICATION_COMPLETE: String commitProperties() : void FlexTextField ■ k Font Grid()
navigateBack() : void BUTTON_DOWN: String display() : void p: mx.core IFlexAsset FormItemLabel ■ GradientBevelFilter measure() : void
navigateDown() : void CREATION_COMPLETE: String FlexNativeMenu() k TextField p: mx.controls p:flash.filters updateDisplayList() : void
navigateForward() : void CURSOR_UPDATE: String invalidateProperties() : void FlexTextField() FontStyle kLabel k BitmapFilter
navigateTo() : void DATA_CHANGE: String itemToKeyEquivalent() : String toString() : String p: flash.text alphas: Array GridFitType
navigateUp() : void ENTER: String itemToKeyEquivalentModifiers() : Array k Object FrameLabel angle: Number p: flash.text
refresh() : void ENTER_STATE: String itemToLabel() : String FlexVersion ■ BOLD: String p: flash.display blurX: Number k Object
EXIT_STATE: String itemToMnemonicIndex() : int p: mx.core BOLD_ITALIC: String k Object blurY: Number NONE: String
FileSystemSizeDisplayMode ■● HIDE: String parseLabelToMnemonicIndex() : int k Object ITALIC: String frame: int colors: Array PIXEL: String
p: mx.controls IDLE: String parseLabelToString() : String compatibilityErrorFunction: Function REGULAR: String name: String distance: Number SUBPIXEL: String
k Object INIT_COMPLETE: String setContextMenu() : void compatibilityVersion: uint knockout: Boolean
BYTES: String INIT_PROGRESS: String unsetContextMenu() : void compatibilityVersionString: String FontType FullScreenEvent quality: int GridItem ■
KILOBYTES: String INITIALIZE: String validateDisplayList() : void CURRENT_VERSION: uint p: flash.text p: ratios: Array p: mx.containers
INVALID: String validateNow() : void VERSION_2_0: uint k Object k ActivityEvent strength: Number k HBox
FileSystemTree ■● LOADING: String validateProperties() : void VERSION_2_0_1: uint DEVICE: String FULL_SCREEN: String type: String colSpan: int
p: mx.controls PREINITIALIZE: String validateSize() : void VERSION_3_0: uint EMBEDDED: String fullScreen: Boolean clone() : BitmapFilter rowSpan: int
kTree REMOVE: String VERSION_ALREADY_READ: String clone() : Event GradientBevelFilter() GridItem()
COMPUTER: File REPEAT: String FlexNativeMenuEvent ■● VERSION_ALREADY_SET: String Form ■ FullScreenEvent()
directory: File REPEAT_END: String p: p: mx.containers toString() : String GradientEntry ■ GridLines ■
enumerationMode: String REPEAT_START: String k Event FocusDirection ● k Container p: k ChartElement
extensions: Array SHOW: String index: int p: flash.display maxLabelWidth: Number Function k EventDispatcher p: mx.charts
filterFunction: Function TRANSFORM_CHANGE: String item: Object k Object Form() p: Top Level alpha: Number
nameCompareFunction: Function UPDATE_COMPLETE: String ITEM_CLICK: String BOTTOM: String measure() : void k Object color: uint GridRow ■
openPaths: Array URL_CHANGED: String label: String NONE: String updateDisplayList() : void apply() : * ratio: Number p: mx.containers
selectedPath: String VALID: String MENU_SHOW: String TOP: String call() : * GradientEntry() k HBox
selectedPaths: Array VALUE_COMMIT: String nativeMenu: NativeMenu Formatter ■ GridRow()
showExtensions: Boolean FlexEvent() nativeMenuItem: NativeMenuItem FocusEvent p: mx.flash Glow ■ GradientGlowFilter updateDisplayList() : void
showHidden: Boolean FlexNativeMenuEvent() p: k Object p: mx.effects p: flash.filters
showIcons: Boolean FlexHTMLLoader ■● k Event defaultInvalidFormatError: String k TweenEffect k BitmapFilter Grouping ■
clear() : void p: mx.core FlexNativeWindowBounds direction: String defaultInvalidValueError: String alphaFrom: Number alphas: Array p: mx.collections
closeSubdirectory() : void k HTMLLoader Event ■● FOCUS_IN: String error: String alphaTo: Number angle: Number k Object
FileSystemTree() IFocusManagerComplexComponent p: FOCUS_OUT: String resourceManager: IResourceManager blurXFrom: Number blurX: Number compareFunction: Function
findIndex() : int focusEnabled: Boolean k NativeWindowBoundsEvent KEY_FOCUS_CHANGE: String format() : String blurXTo: Number blurY: Number fields: Array
findItem() : File mouseFocusEnabled: Boolean WINDOW_MOVE: String keyCode: uint Formatter() blurYFrom: Number colors: Array groupingObjectFunction: Function
openSubdirectory() : void assignFocus() : void WINDOW_RESIZE: String MOUSE_FOCUS_CHANGE: String resourcesChanged() : void blurYTo: Number distance: Number label: String
refresh() : void drawFocus() : void FlexNativeWindowBoundsEvent() relatedObject: InteractiveObject color: uint knockout: Boolean Grouping()
FlexHTMLLoader() shiftKey: Boolean FormAutomationImpl ■ inner: Boolean quality: int
FlexBitmap ■ setFocus() : void FlexPrintJob ■ clone() : Event p: mx.automation.delegates. knockout: Boolean ratios: Array GroupingCollection ■
p: mx.core toString() : String p: mx.printing FocusEvent() containers strength: Number strength: Number p: mx.collections
k Bitmap k Object toString() : String k ContainerAutomationImpl Glow() type: String k HierarchicalData
FlexBitmap() FlexMouseEvent ■ pageHeight: Number FormAutomationImpl() : void clone() : BitmapFilter IGroupingCollection
toString() : String p: pageWidth: Number FocusManager ■ init() : void GlowFilter GradientGlowFilter() grouping: Grouping
k MouseEvent printAsBitmap: Boolean p: mx.managers p: flash.filters source: Object
FlexClient ■ MOUSE_DOWN_OUTSIDE: String addObject() : void k Object FormHeading ■ k BitmapFilter GradientType summaries: Array
k EventDispatcher MOUSE_WHEEL_OUTSIDE: String FlexPrintJob() IFocusManager p: mx.containers alpha: Number p: flash.display timer: Timer
p: mx.messaging FlexMouseEvent() send() : void defaultButton: IButton k UIComponent blurX: Number k Object cancelRefresh() : void
id: String start() : Boolean defaultButtonEnabled: Boolean label: String blurY: Number LINEAR : String = “linear” getParent() : *
getInstance() : FlexClient FlexMovieClip ■ focusPane: Sprite FormHeading() color: uint RADIAL : String = “radial” getRoot() : Object
p: mx.core FlexPrintJobScaleType ■ nextTabIndex: int inner: Boolean GroupingCollection()
FlexContentHolder ■ k MovieClip p: mx.printing showFocusIndicator: Boolean FormItem ■ knockout: Boolean Graphics refresh() : Boolean
p: mx.flash FlexMovieClip() k Object activate() : void p: mx.containers quality: int p: flash.display
k ContainerMovieClip toString() : String FILL_PAGE: String deactivate() : void k Container strength: Number k Object GroupingField ■
content: IUIComponent MATCH_HEIGHT: String findFocusManagerComponent() : direction: String clone() : BitmapFilter beginBitmapFill() : void p: mx.collections
FlexContentHolder() FlexNativeMenu ■● MATCH_WIDTH: String IFocusManagerComponent itemLabel: Label GlowFilter() beginFill() : void k Object
initialize() : void p: mx.controls NONE: String FocusManager() label: String beginGradientFill() : void caseInsensitive: Boolean
notifySizeChanged() : void k EventDispatcher SHOW_ALL: String getFocus() : IFocusManagerComponent required: Boolean GlowInstance ■ clear() : void compareFunction: Function
setActualSize() : void ILayoutManagerClient getNextFocusManagerComponent() : FormItem() p: mx.effects.effectClasses curveTo() : void descending: Boolean
setFlexContent() : void IFlexContextMenu FlexShape ■ IFocusManagerComponent measure() : void k TweenEffectInstance drawCircle() : void groupingFunction: Function
dataDescriptor: IMenuDataDescriptor p: mx.core hideFocus() : void updateDisplayList() : void alphaFrom: Number drawEllipse() : void groupingObjectFunction: Function
dataProvider: Object k Shape setFocus() : void alphaTo: Number drawRect() : void name: String
hasRoot: Boolean FlexShape() showFocus() : void blurXFrom: Number drawRoundRect() : void numeric: Boolean
initialized: Boolean toString() : String toString() : String blurXTo: Number endFill() : void summaries: Array
keyEquivalentField: String blurYFrom: Number lineGradientStyle() : void GroupingField()

22 23
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development HaloBorder –IAxis

HaloBorder ■ childrenField: String styleChanged() : void historyPosition: int getHistoryAt() : HTMLHistoryItem recordHeaders: Boolean IAutomationClass ■ IAutomationMouseSimulator ■
p: mx.skins.halo source: Object updateData() : void htmlHost: HTMLHost historyBack() : void TRACE_METHOD: String p: mx.automation p: mx.automation
k RectangularBorder canHaveChildren() : Boolean updateDisplayList() : void htmlLoader: HTMLLoader historyForward() : void url: String name: String getMouseX() : Number
getChildren() : Object updateFilter() : void htmlLoaderFactory: IFactory historyGo() : void HTTPRequestMessage() propertyNameMap: Object getMouseY() : Number
HaloColors ■ getData() : Object updateMapping() : void htmlText: String HTMLLoader() superClassName: String
p: mx.skins.halo getRoot() : Object updateTransform() : void JavaScriptWindow: Object load() : void HTTPService ■ getDescriptorForEvent() : IAutoma- IAutomationObject ■
k Object hasChildren() : Boolean listData: BaseListData loadString() : void p: mx.rpc.http tionEventDescriptor p: mx.automation
addHaloColors() : void HierarchicalData() HLOCSeriesBaseAutomation- loaded: Boolean reload() : void k AbstractInvoker getDescriptorForEventByName() : automationDelegate: Object
getCacheKey() : String Impl ■ location: String channelSet: ChannelSet IAutomationEventDescriptor automationName: String
HistoryManager ■ p: mx.automation.delegates.charts paintsDefaultBackground: Boolean HTMLPDFCapability ● CONTENT_TYPE_FORM: String getDescriptorForMethodByName() : automationTabularData: Object
HaloDefaults ■ p: mx.managers k SeriesAutomationImpl pdfCapability: int p: flash.html CONTENT_TYPE_XML: String IAutomationMethodDescriptor automationValue: Array
p: mx.charts.styles k Object HLOCSeriesBaseAutomationImpl() runtimeApplicationDomain: Applica- k Object contentType: String getPropertyDescriptors() : Array numAutomationChildren: int
k Object initialize() : void init() : void tionDomain ERROR_CANNOT_LOAD_READER: int DEFAULT_DESTINATION_HTTP: String showInAutomationHierarchy: Boolean
createSelector() : CSSStyleDeclaration register() : void userAgent: String ERROR_INSTALLED_READER_NOT_ DEFAULT_DESTINATION_HTTPS: IAutomationEnvironment ■ createAutomationIDPart() : Object
init() : void save() : void HLOCSeriesItem ■ cancelLoad() : void FOUND: int String p: mx.automation getAutomationChildAt() : IAutoma-
unregister() : void p: mx.charts.series.items getHistoryAt() : HTMLHistoryItem ERROR_INSTALLED_READER_TOO_ destination: String getAutomationClassByInstance() : tionObject
HaloFocusRect ■ k ChartItem historyBack() : void OLD: int ERROR_DECODING: String IAutomationClass replayAutomatableEvent() : Boolean
p: mx.skins.halo HitData ■ close: Number historyForward() : void ERROR_PREFERRED_READER_TOO_ ERROR_ENCODING: String getAutomationClassByName() : IAuto- resolveAutomationIDPart() : Array
k ProgrammaticSkin p: mx.charts closeFilter: Number historyGo() : void OLD: int ERROR_URL_REQUIRED: String mationClass
IStyleClient k Object closeNumber: Number HTML() STATUS_OK: int headers: Object IAutomationObjectHelper ■
chartItem: ChartItem closeValue: Object reload() : void method: String IAutomationEventDescriptor ■ p: mx.automation
HBox ■ contextColor: uint fill: IFill HTMLUncaughtScript Exception request: Object p: mx.automation recording: Boolean
p: mx.containers dataTipFunction: Function high: Number HTMLHistoryItem ● Event ● requestTimeout: int eventClassName: String replaying: Boolean
k Box displayText: String highFilter: Number p: flash.html p: RESULT_FORMAT_ARRAY: String eventType: String addSynchronization() : void
distance: Number highNumber: Number k Object k Event RESULT_FORMAT_E4X: String name: String getAutomationComposite() : IAutoma-
HDividedBox ■ element: IChartElement highValue: Object isPost: Boolean exceptionValue:* RESULT_FORMAT_FLASHVARS: String getArgDescriptors() : Array tionObject
p: mx.containers id: Number low: Number originalUrl: String stackTrace: Array RESULT_FORMAT_OBJECT: String record() : Array helpCreateIDPart() : AutomationIDPart
k DividedBox item: Object lowFilter: Number title: String UNCAUGHT_SCRIPT_EXCEPTION:* RESULT_FORMAT_TEXT: String replay() : Object helpResolveIDPart() : Array
x: Number lowNumber: Number url: String clone() : Event RESULT_FORMAT_XML: String isAutomationComposite() : Boolean
HeaderEvent ■ y: Number lowValue: Object HTMLHistoryItem() : void HTMLUncaughtScriptExceptionEvent() resultFormat: String IAutomationManager ■ replayClick() : Boolean
p: HitData() : void open: Number : void rootURL: String p: mx.automation replayClickOffStage() : Boolean
k AbstractEvent openFilter: Number HTMLHost ● url: String automationEnvironment: Object replayKeyboardEvent() : Boolean
HEADER: String HLOCChart ■ openNumber: Number p: flash.html HTMLWindowCreateOptions ● useProxy: Boolean recording: Boolean replayKeyDownKeyUp() : Boolean
header: Object p: mx.charts openValue: Object k Object p: flash.html xmlDecode: Function replaying: Boolean replayMouseEvent() : Boolean
createEvent() : HeaderEvent k CartesianChart x: Number htmlLoader: HTMLLoader k Event xmlEncode: Function beginRecording() : void
HeaderEvent() xFilter: Number windowRect: Rectangle fullscreen: Boolean disconnect() : void createID() : AutomationID IAutomationPropertyDescriptor ■
toString() : String HLOCItemRenderer ■ xNumber: Number createWindow() : HTMLLoader height: Number HTTPService() createIDPart() : AutomationIDPart p: mx.automation
p: mx.charts.renderers xValue: Object HTMLHost() locationBarVisible: Boolean logout() : void decrementCacheCounter() : int asType: String
HierarchicalCollectionView ■ k ProgrammaticSkin HLOCSeriesItem() updateLocation() : void menuBarVisible: Boolean send() : AsyncToken endRecording() : void defaultValue: String
p: mx.collections IDataRenderer updateStatus() : void resizable: Boolean setCredentials() : void getAutomationClassName() : String forDescription: Boolean
k EventDispatcher data: Object HLOCSeriesRenderData ■ updateTitle() : void scrollBarsVisible: Boolean setRemoteCredentials() : void getAutomationName() : String forVerification: Boolean
IHierarchicalCollectionView HLOCItemRenderer() p: mx.charts.series.renderData windowBlur() : void statusBarVisible: Boolean getChildren() : Array name: String
hasRoot: Boolean k RenderData windowClose() : void toolBarVisible: Boolean HTTPService ■ getChildrenFromIDPart() : Array
length: int HLOCSeries ■ renderedHalfWidth: Number windowFocus() : void width: Number p: mx.rpc.http.mxml getElementFromPoint() : IAutomation- IAutomationTabularData ■
openNodes: Object p: mx.charts.series renderedXOffset: Number x: Number k HTTPService Object p: mx.automation
showRoot: Boolean k HLOCSeriesBase HLOCSeriesRenderData() HTMLLoader ● y: Number IMXMLSupport getParent() : IAutomationObject columnNames: Array
source: IHierarchicalData p: flash.html IMXMLObject getProperties() : Array firstVisibleRow: int
addChild() : Boolean HLOCSeriesBase ■ HorizontalList ■ k Sprite HTTPChannel ■ concurrency: String getRectangle() : Array lastVisibleRow: int
addChildAt() : Boolean p: mx.charts.chartClasses p: mx.controls authenticate: Boolean p: mx.messaging.channels showBusyCursor: Boolean getTabularData() : IAutomationTabu- numColumns: int
closeNode() : void k Series k TileBase cacheResponse: Boolean k PollingChannel cancel() : AsyncToken larData numRows: int
contains() : Boolean IColumn contentHeight: Number polling: Boolean HTTPService() incrementCacheCounter() : int getAutomationValueForData() : Array
createCursor() : IViewCursor closeField: String HRule ■ contentWidth: Number pollingEnabled: Boolean initialized() : void isSynchronized() : Boolean getValues() : Array
getNodeDepth() : int columnWidthRatio: Number p: mx.controls hasFocusableContent: Boolean pollingInterval: Number send() : AsyncToken isVisible() : Boolean
getParentItem() : * highField: String k UIComponent height: Number protocol: String recordAutomatableEvent() : void IAxis ■
HierarchicalCollectionView() horizontalAxis: IAxis historyLength: uint HTTPChannel() HTTPStatusEvent replayAutomatableEvent() : Boolean p: mx.charts.chartClasses
openNode() : void items: Array HScrollBar ■ historyPosition: uint internalPingComplete() : void p: resolveID() : Array k IEventDispatcher
removeChild() : Boolean itemType: Class p: mx.controls htmlHost: HTMLHost k Event resolveIDPart() : Array baseline: Number
removeChildAt() : Boolean legendData: Array k ScrollBar loaded: Boolean HTTPRequestMessage ■ HTTP_RESPONSE_STATUS: String resolveIDPartToSingleObject() : IAuto- chartDataProvider: Object
xmlNotification() : void lowField: String location: String p: mx.messaging.messages HTTP_STATUS: String mationObject displayName: String
maxColumnWidth: Number HSlider ■ manageCookies: Boolean k AcknowledgeMessage responseHeaders: Array resolveIDToSingleObject() : IAutoma- title: String
HierarchicalCollectionView offset: Number p: mx.controls paintsDefaultBackground: Boolean CONTENT_TYPE_FORM: String responseURL: String tionObject unitSize: Number
Cursor ■ openField: String k Slider pdfCapability: int CONTENT_TYPE_SOAP_XML: String status: int showInHierarchy() : Boolean dataChanged() : void
p: mx.collections renderData: Object runtimeApplicationDomain: Applica- CONTENT_TYPE_XML: String clone() : Event filterCache() : void
k EventDispatcher renderDataType: Class HTML ■ ● tionDomain contentType: String HTTPStatusEvent() IAutomationMethodDescriptor ■ formatForScreen() : String
IHierarchicalCollectionViewCursor verticalAxis: IAxis p: mx.controls scrollH: Number DELETE_METHOD: String toString() : String p: mx.automation getLabelEstimate() : AxisLabelSet
afterLast: Boolean xField: String k ScrollControlBase scrollV: Number GET_METHOD: String name: String getLabels() : AxisLabelSet
beforeFirst: Boolean beginInterpolation() : Object IDataRenderer textEncodingFallback: String HEAD_METHOD: String IAbstractEffect ■ returnType: String invertTransform() : Object
currentDepth: int commitProperties() : void IDropInListItemRendererIListItem- textEncodingOverride: String httpHeaders: Object p: mx.effects getArgDescriptors() : Array mapCache() : void
view: ICollectionView describeData() : Array Renderer useCache: Boolean method: String record() : Array preferDropLabels() : Boolean
HierarchicalCollectionViewCursor() formatDataTip() : String IFocusManagerComponent userAgent: String OPTIONS_METHOD: String IAdvancedDataGridRenderer replay() : Object reduceLabels() : AxisLabelSet
getElementBounds() : void contentHeight: Number width: Number POST_METHOD: String Provider ■ registerDataTransform() : void
HierarchicalData ■ getItemsInRegion() : Array contentWidth: Number window: Object PUT_METHOD: String p: mx.controls.advanced transformCache() : void
p: mx.collections getMissingInterpolationValues() : void data: Object cancelLoad() : void describeRendererForItem() : void unregisterDataTransform() : void
k EventDispatcher HLOCSeriesBase() historyLength: int createRootWindow() : HTMLLoader update() : void

24 25
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development IAxisRenderer – IMEConversionMode

IAxisRenderer ■ getObjectsUnderPoint() : Array setChildIndex() : void deleteReferenceOnParentDocument() localToGlobal() : Point IHierarchicalCollectionView ■ IList ■
p: mx.charts.chartClasses removeChild() : DisplayObject startDrag() : void : void IEffectTargetHost ■ move() : void p: mx.collections p: mx.collections
k IUIComponent removeChildAt() : DisplayObject stopDrag() : void executeBindings() : void p: mx.effects setActualSize() : void k ICollectionView k IEventDispatcher
axis: IAxis setChildIndex() : void swapChildren() : void registerEffects() : void addDataEffectItem() : void k hasRoot: Boolean length: int
gutters: Rectangle swapChildrenAt() : void getRendererSemanticValue() : Object IFlexModule ■ openNodes: Object addItem() : void
heightLimit: Number ICollectionView ■ IDropInListItemRenderer ■ removeDataEffectItem() : void p: mx.core showRoot: Boolean addItemAt() : void
horizontal: Boolean p: mx.collections ID3Info p: mx.controls.listClasses unconstrainRenderer() : void source: IHierarchicalData getItemAt() : Object
minorTicks: Array k IEventDispatcher p: Implements the listData property IFlexModuleFactory ■ addChild() : Boolean getItemIndex() : int
otherAxes: Array filterFunction: Function k Object listData: BaseListData IEventDispatcher p: mx.core addChildAt() : Boolean itemUpdated() : void
placement: String length: int album: String p: create() : Object closeNode() : void removeAll() : void
ticks: Array sort: Sort artist: String IDynamicPropertyOutput addEventListener() : void info() : Object getChildren() : ICollectionView removeItemAt() : Object
adjustGutters() : Rectangle contains() : Boolean comment: String p: dispatchEvent() : Boolean getNodeDepth() : int setItemAt() : Object
chartStateChanged() : void createCursor() : IViewCursor genre: String writeDynamicProperty() : void hasEventListener() : Boolean IFocusManager ■ getParentItem() : * toArray() : Array
disableAutoUpdate() : void songName: String removeEventListener() : void p: mx.managers openNode() : void
IBar ■ enableAutoUpdate() : void track: String IDynamicPropertyWriter willTrigger() : Boolean defaultButton: IButton removeChild() : Boolean IListItemRenderer ■
p: mx.charts.chartClasses itemUpdated() : void year: String p: defaultButtonEnabled: Boolean removeChildAt() : Boolean p: mx.controls.listClasses
barWidthRatio: Number refresh() : Boolean writeDynamicProperties() : void IExternalizable focusPane: Sprite k IDataRenderer
maxBarWidth: Number IDataInput p: flash.utils nextTabIndex: int IHierarchicalData ■
offset: Number IColumn ■ p: flash.utils IEffect ■ readExternal() : void showFocusIndicator: Boolean p: mx.collections ILogger ■
p: mx.charts.chartClasses bytesAvailable: uint p: mx.effects writeExternal() : void activate() : void k IEventDispatcher p: mx.logging
IBitmapDrawable columnWidthRatio: Number endian: String k IAbstractEffect deactivate() : void canHaveChildren() : Boolean k IEventDispatcher
p: flash.display maxColumnWidth: Number objectEncoding: uint className: String IFactory ■ findFocusManagerComponent() : getChildren() : Object category: String
offset: Number readBoolean() : Boolean customFilter: EffectTargetFilter p: mx.core IFocusManagerComponent getData() : Object debug() : void
IBorder ■ readByte() : int duration: Number newInstance() : * getFocus() : IFocusManagerComponent getRoot() : Object error() : void
p: mx.core Icon ● readBytes() : void effectTargetHost: IEffectTargetHost getNextFocusManagerComponent() : hasChildren() : Boolean fatal() : void
borderMetrics: EdgeMetrics p: flash.desktop readDouble() : Number filter: String IFill ■ IFocusManagerComponent info() : void
k EventDispatcher readFloat() : Number hideFocusRing: Boolean p: hideFocus() : void IHistoryManagerClient ■ log() : void
IBrowserManager ■ bitmaps: Array readInt() : int isPlaying: Boolean begin() : void setFocus() : void p: mx.managers warn() : void
p: mx.managers readMultiByte() : String perElementOffset: Number end() : void showFocus() : void loadState() : void
k IEventDispatcher IConstraintClient ■ readObject() : * relevantProperties: Array saveState() : Object ILoggingTarget ■
base: String p: mx.core readShort() : int relevantStyles: Array IFlexAsset ■ IFocusManagerComplex toString() : String p: mx.logging
fragment: String getConstraintValue() : * readUnsignedByte() : uint target: Object p: mx.core Component ■ filters: Array
title: String setConstraintValue() : void readUnsignedInt() : uint targets: Array p: mx.managers IImageEncoder ■ level: int
url: String readUnsignedShort() : uint triggerEvent: Event IFlexContextMenu ■ k IFocusManagerComponent p: addLogger() : void
init() : void IConstraintLayout ■ readUTF() : String captureEndValues() : void p: mx.controls hasFocusableContent: Boolean contentType: String removeLogger() : void
initForHistoryManager() : void p: mx.containers.utilityClasses readUTFBytes() : String captureMoreStartValues() : void setContextMenu() : void assignFocus() : void encode() : ByteArray
setFragment() : void constraintColumns: Array captureStartValues() : void unsetContextMenu() : void encodeByteArray() : ByteArray Image ■
setTitle() : void constraintRows: Array IDataOutput createInstance() : IEffectInstance IFocusManagerComponent ■ p: mx.controls
p: flash.utils createInstances() : Array IFlexDisplayObject ■ p: mx.managers IIMESupport ■ kSWFLoader
IButton ■ IContainer ■ endian: String deleteInstance() : void p: mx.core focusEnabled: Boolean p: mx.core IDataRenderer
p: mx.core p: mx.core objectEncoding: uint end() : void k IBitmapDrawable mouseFocusEnabled: Boolean imeMode: String IDropInListItemRenderer
k IUIComponent k IUIComponent writeBoolean() : void getAffectedProperties() : Array accessibilityProperties: Accessibility- tabEnabled: Boolean IListItemRenderer
emphasized: Boolean buttonMode: Boolean writeByte() : void pause() : void Properties tabIndex: int IInvalidating ■ data: Object
callLater() : void creatingContentPane: Boolean writeBytes() : void play() : Array alpha: Number drawFocus() : void p: mx.core listData: BaseListData
defaultButton: IFlexDisplayObject writeDouble() : void resume() : void blendMode: String setFocus() : void invalidateDisplayList() : void Image() : void
IChartElement ■ doubleClickEnabled: Boolean writeFloat() : void reverse() : void cacheAsBitmap: Boolean invalidateProperties() : void
p: mx.charts.chartClasses dropTarget: DisplayObject writeInt() : void stop() : void filters: Array IFocusManagerContainer ■ invalidateSize() : void ImageSnapshot ■
k IFlexDisplayObject focusManager: IFocusManager writeMultiByte() : void height: Number p: mx.managers validateNow() : void p:
chartDataProvider: Object focusRect: Object writeObject() : void IEffectInstance ■ loaderInfo: LoaderInfo k IEventDispatcher kObject
dataTransform: DataTransform graphics: Graphics writeShort() : void p: mx.effects mask: DisplayObject focusManager: IFocusManager ILayoutManager ■ contentType: String
labelContainer: Sprite hitArea: Sprite writeUnsignedInt() : void className: String measuredHeight: Number systemManager: ISystemManager p: mx.managers data: ByteArray
chartStateChanged() : void horizontalScrollPosition: Number writeUTF() : void duration: Number measuredWidth: Number contains() : Boolean k IEventDispatcher defaultEncoder: Class
claimStyles() : uint mouseChildren: Boolean writeUTFBytes() : void effect: IEffect mouseX: Number usePhasedInstantiation: Boolean height: int
collectTransitions() : void mouseEnabled: Boolean effectTargetHost: IEffectTargetHost mouseY: Number IFocusManagerGroup ■ invalidateDisplayList() : void MAX_BITMAP_DIMENSION: int
describeData() : Array numChildren: int IDataRenderer ■ hideFocusRing: Boolean name: String p: mx.managers invalidateProperties() : void properties: Object
findDataPoints() : Array soundTransform: SoundTransform p: mx.controls.listClasses playheadTime: Number opaqueBackground: Object groupName: String invalidateSize() : void width: int
mappingChanged() : void tabChildren: Boolean propertyChanges: PropertyChanges parent: DisplayObjectContainer selected: Boolean isInvalid() : Boolean captureBitmapData() : BitmapData
tabEnabled: Boolean IDataRenderer ■ repeatCount: int root: DisplayObject validateClient() : void captureImage() : ImageSnapshot
IChartElement2 ■ tabIndex: int p: mx.core repeatDelay: int rotation: Number IFontContextComponent ■ validateNow() : void encodeImageAsBase64() : String
p: mx.charts.chartClasses textSnapshot: TextSnapshot data: Object startDelay: int scale9Grid: Rectangle p: mx.core ImageSnapshot()
k IChartElement useHandCursor: Boolean suspendBackgroundProcessing: scaleX: Number fontContext: IFlexModuleFactory ILayoutManagerClient ■
dataToLocal() : Point verticalScrollPosition: Number IDeferredInstance ■ Boolean scaleY: Number p: mx.managers IME
getAllDataPoints() : Array viewMetrics: EdgeMetrics p: mx.core target: Object scrollRect: Rectangle IGroupingCollection ■ k IEventDispatcher p: flash.system
localToData() : Array addChild() : DisplayObject getInstance() : Object triggerEvent: Event stage: Stage p: mx.collections initialized: Boolean k EventDispatcher
addChildAt() : DisplayObject end() : void transform: Transform kIHierarchical Data nestLevel: int conversionMode: String
IChildList ■ areInaccessibleObjectsUnderPoint() IDeferredInstantiationUI finishEffect() : void visible: Boolean grouping: Grouping processedDescriptors: Boolean enabled: Boolean
p: mx.core : Boolean Component ■ finishRepeat() : void width: Number cancelRefresh() : void updateCompletePendingFlag: Boolean doConversion() : void
numChildren: int contains() : Boolean p: mx.core initEffect() : void x: Number refresh() : Boolean validateDisplayList() : void setCompositionString() : void
addChild() : DisplayObject getChildAt() : DisplayObject k IUIComponent pause() : void y: Number validateProperties() : void
addChildAt() : DisplayObject getChildByName() : DisplayObject cacheHeuristic: Boolean play() : void getBounds() : Rectangle IHierarchicalCollectionView ■ validateSize() : void IMEConversionMode
contains() : Boolean getChildIndex() : int cachePolicy: String resume() : void getRect() : Rectangle Cursor p: flash.system
getChildAt() : DisplayObject getObjectsUnderPoint() : Array descriptor: UIComponentDescriptor reverse() : void globalToLocal() : Point p: mx.collections IllegalOperationError kObject
getChildByName() : DisplayObject removeChild() : DisplayObject id: String startEffect() : void hitTestObject() : Boolean kIViewCursor p: flash.errors ALPHANUMERIC_FULL: String
getChildIndex() : int removeChildAt() : DisplayObject createReferenceOnParentDocument() stop() : void hitTestPoint() : Boolean currentDepth: int k Error ALPHANUMERIC_HALF: String
: void IllegalOperationError()

26 27
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development IMEEvent – IUIComponent

CHINESE: String IMXMLSupport ■ InvalidCategoryError ■ findDimension() : IOLAPDimension addMember() : void IRepeater ■ ISOAPDecoder ■ isFontFaceEmbedded() : Boolean
JAPANESE_HIRAGANA: String p: mx.rpc.mxml p: mx.logging.errors refresh() : void addSet() : void p: mx.core p: mx.rpc.soap isTopLevel() : Boolean
JAPANESE_KATAKANA_FULL: String concurrency: String k Error addTuple() : void container: IContainer forcePartArrays:Boolean removeFocusManager() : void
JAPANESE_KATAKANA_HALF: String showBusyCursor: Boolean InvalidCategoryError() IOLAPCustomAggregator ■ count: int headerFormat:String
KOREAN: String toString() : String p: mx.olap IOLAPResult ■ currentIndex: int ignoreWhitespace:Boolean ItemClickEvent ■
UNKNOWN: String IOError computeBegin() : Object p: mx.olap currentItem: Object multiplePartsFormat:String p:
p: flash.errors InvalidChannelError ■ computeEnd() : Number axes: Array dataProvider: Object resultFormat:String k Event
IMEEvent k Error p: mx.messaging.errors computeLoop() : void query: IOLAPQuery recycleChildren: Boolean wsdlOperation:WSDLOperation index: int
p: IOError() kChannelError computeObjectBegin() : Object getAxis() : IOLAPResultAxis startingIndex: int decodeResponse():SOAPResult item: Object
k TextEvent computeObjectEnd() : Number getCell() : IOLAPCell executeChildBindings() : void ITEM_CLICK: String
IME_COMPOSITION: String IndexChangedEvent ■ InvalidDestinationError ■ computeObjectLoop() : void initializeRepeater() : void ISOAPEncoder ■ label: String
clone() : Event p: p: mx.messaging.errors IOLAPResultAxis ■ p: mx.rpc.soap relatedObject: InteractiveObject
IMEEvent() k Event kChannelError IOLAPDimension ■ p: mx.olap IRepeaterClient ■ ignoreWhitespace:Boolean ItemClickEvent()
toString() : String CHANGE: String p: mx.olap positions: IList p: mx.core wsdlOperation:WSDLOperation
CHILD_INDEX_CHANGE: String InvalidFilterError ■ k IOLAPElement instanceIndices: Array encodeREquest():XML ItemPendingError ■
IMenuBarItemRenderer ■ HEADER_SHIFT: String p: mx.logging.errors attributes: IList IOLAPSchema ■ isDocument: Boolean p: mx.collections.errors
p: mx.controls.menuClasses newIndex: Number k Error cube: IOLAPCube p: mx.olap repeaterIndices: Array IStackable ■ k Error
k IDataRenderer oldIndex: Number InvalidFilterError() defaultMember: IOLAPMember cubes: IList repeaters: Array p: mx.charts.chartClasses + responders: Array
menuBar: MenuBar relatedObject: DisplayObject toString() : String hierarchies: IList createCube() : IOLAPCube initializeRepeaterArrays() : void stacker: StackedSeries + addResponder(IResponder) : void
menuBarItemIndex: int triggerEvent: Event isMeasure: Boolean getCube() : IOLAPCube stackTotals: Dictionary + ItemPendingError(String) : void
menuBarItemState: String IndexChangedEvent() InvalidSWFError members: IList IResourceBundle ■ stack() : Number
p: flash.errors findAttribute() : IOLAPAttribute IOLAPSet ■ p: mx.resources ItemResponder ■
IMenuDataDescriptor ■ InstanceCache ■ k Error findHierarchy() : IOLAPHierarchy p: mx.olap bundleName: String IStackable2 ■ p: mx.collections
p: mx.controls.menuClasses p: mx.charts.chartClasses InvalidSWFError() findMember() : IOLAPMember addElement() : void content: Object p: mx.charts.chartClasses k Object
addChildAt() : Boolean kObject addElements() : void locale: String k Istackable IResponder
getChildren() : ICollectionView count: int InvokeEvent ● IOLAPElement ■ addTuple() : void stackAll() : Object fault() : void
getData() : Object creationCallback: Function p: p: mx.olap crossJoin() : IOLAPSet IResourceManager ■ ItemResponder()
getGroupName() : String discard: Boolean k Event dimension: IOLAPDimension hierarchize() : IOLAPSet p: mx.resources IStateClient ■ result() : void
getType() : String factory: IFactory arguments: Array displayName: String union() : IOLAPSet k IEventDispatcher p: mx.core
hasChildren() : Boolean format: TextFormat currentDirectory: File name: String localeChain: Array currentState: String IToolTip ■
isBranch() : Boolean hide: Boolean INVOKE: String uniqueName: String IOLAPTuple ■ addResourceBundle() : void p: mx.core
isEnabled() : Boolean insertPosition: int clone() : Event p: mx.olap findResourceBundleWithResource() : IStroke ■ k IUIComponent
isToggled() : Boolean instances: Array InvokeEvent() IOLAPHierarchy ■ explicitMembers: IList IResourceBundle p: screen: Rectangle
removeChildAt() : Boolean properties: Object p: mx.olap addMember() : void getBoolean() : Boolean weight: Number text: String
setEnabled() : void remove: Boolean InvokeEvent ■ k IOLAPElement addMembers() : void getBundleNamesForLocale() : Array apply() : void
setToggled() : void InstanceCache() p: allMemberName: String getClass() : Class IToolTipManagerClient ■
k AbstractEvent children: IList IOverride ■ getInt() : int IStyleClient ■ k FlexDisplayObject
IMenuItemRenderer ■ int INVOKE: String defaultMember: IOLAPMember p: mx.states getLocales() : Array p: mx.styles p: mx.managers
p: mx.controls.menuClasses p: Top Level InvokeEvent() hasAll: Boolean apply() : void getNumber() : Number k ISimpleStyleClient
measuredBranchIconWidth: Number kObject toString() : String levels: IList initialize() : void getObject() : * className: String ITreeDataDescriptor ■
measuredIconWidth: Number MAX_VALUE: int members: IList remove() : void getResourceBundle() : IResourceBundle inheritingStyles: Object p: mx.controls.treeClasses
measuredTypeIconWidth: Number MIN_VALUE: int IOError findLevel() : IOLAPLevel getString() : String nonInheritingStyles: Object addChildAt() : Boolean
menu: Menu int() p: flash.errors findMember() : IOLAPMember IPreloaderDisplay ■ getStringArray() : Array styleDeclaration: CSSStyleDeclaration getChildren() : ICollectionView
toExponential() : String k Error p: mx.preloaders getUint() : uint clearStyle() : void getData() : Object
IMessage ■ toFixed() : String IOError() IOLAPLevel ■ k IEventDispatcher installCompiledResourceBundles() getClassStyleDeclarations() : Array hasChildren() : Boolean
p: mx.messaging.messages toPrecision() : String p: mx.olap backgroundAlpha: Number : void getStyle() : * isBranch() : Boolean
body: Object toString() : String IOErrorEvent k IOLAPElement backgroundColor: uint loadResourceModule() : IEventDis- notifyStyleChangeInChildren() : void removeChildAt() : Boolean
clientId: String valueOf() : int p: child: IOLAPLevel backgroundImage: Object patcher regenerateStyleCache() : void
destination: String k ErrorEvent depth: int backgroundSize: String removeResourceBundle() : void registerEffects() : void ITreeDataDescriptor2 ■
headers: Object InteractiveIcon ● IO_ERROR: String hierarchy: IOLAPHierarchy preloader: Sprite removeResourceBundlesForLocale() setStyle() : void p: mx.controls.treeClasses
messageId: String p: flash.desktop clone() : Event members: IList stageHeight: Number : void k ITreeDataDescriptor
timestamp: Number k Icon IOErrorEvent() parent: IOLAPLevel stageWidth: Number unloadResourceModule() : void IStyleModule ■ getHierarchicalCollectionAdaptor() :
timeToLive: Number bitmaps: Array toString() : String findMember() : IList initialize() : void update() : void p: mx.styles ICollectionView
toString() : String height: int unload() : void getNodeDepth() : int
width: int IOLAPAttribute ■ IOLAPMember ■ IProgrammaticSkin ■ IResponder ■ getParent() : Object
IModuleInfo ■ p: mx.olap p: mx.olap p: mx.core p: mx.rpc ISystemManager ■
p: mx.modules InteractiveObject k IOLAPHierarchy k IOLAPElement validateDisplayList() : void fault() : void p: mx.managers IUIComponent ■
k IEventDispatcher p: flash.display children: IList validateNow() : void result() : void k IEventDispatcher p: mx.core
data: Object k Display Object IOLAPAxisPosition ■ hierarchy: IOLAPHierarchy cursorChildren: IChildList k IFlexDisplayObject
error: Boolean contextMenu: NativeMenu p: mx.olap isAll: Boolean IPropertyChangeNotifier ■ Iris ■ document: Object baselinePosition: Number
factory: IFlexModuleFactory doubleClickEnabled: Boolean members: IList isMeasure: Boolean p: mx.core p: mx.effects focusPane: Sprite document: Object
loaded: Boolean focusRect: Object level: IOLAPLevel k I EventDispacher k MaskEffect loaderInfo: LoaderInfo enabled: Boolean
ready: Boolean mouseEnabled: Boolean IOLAPCell ■ parent: IOLAPMember numModalWindows: int explicitHeight: Number
setup: Boolean tabEnabled: Boolean p: mx.olap findChildMember() : IOLAPMember IRawChildrenContainer ■ IrisInstance ■ popUpChildren: IChildList explicitMaxHeight: Number
url: String tabIndex: int formattedValue: String p: mx.core p: mx.effects.effectClasses rawChildren: IChildList explicitMaxWidth: Number
load() : void InteractiveObject() : void value: Number IOLAPQuery ■ rawChildren: IChildList k MaskEffectInstance screen: Rectangle explicitMinHeight: Number
publish() : void p: mx.olap stage: Stage explicitMinWidth: Number
release() : void InterpolationMethod IOLAPCube ■ getAxis() : IOLAPQueryAxis IRectangularBorder ■ ISimpleStyleClient ■ toolTipChildren: IChildList explicitWidth: Number
unload() : void p: flash.display p: mx.olap setAxis() : void p: mx.core p: mx.styles topLevelSystemManager: ISystem- focusPane: Sprite
kObject dimensions: IList k IBorder styleName: Object Manager includeInLayout: Boolean
IMXMLObject ■ LINEAR_RGB: String name: String IOLAPQueryAxis ■ backgroundImageBounds: Rectangle styleChanged() : void activate() : void isPopUp: Boolean
p: mx.core RGB: String cancelQuery() : void p: mx.olap hasBackgroundImage: Boolean addFocusManager() : void maxHeight: Number
initialized() : void cancelRefresh() : void sets: Array layoutBackgroundImage() : void deactivate() : void maxWidth: Number
execute() : AsyncToken tuples: Array getDefinitionByName() : Object measuredMinHeight: Number

28 29
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development IUID– LinearGradient

measuredMinWidth: Number getCharIndexAtPoint() : int IXMLEncoder ■ KEYNAME_BREAK: String M: uint STRING_F26: String KeyLocation LegendAutomationImpl ■
minHeight: Number getFirstCharInParagraph() : int p: mx.rpc.xml KEYNAME_CLEARDISPLAY: String MINUS: uint STRING_F27: String p: flash.ui p: mx.automation.delegates.charts
minWidth: Number getImageReference() : DisplayObject xmlSpecialCharsFilter:Function KEYNAME_CLEARLINE: String N: uint STRING_F28: String k Object kContainerAutomationImpl
owner: DisplayObjectContainer getLineIndexAtPoint() : int encode():XMLList KEYNAME_DELETE: String NUMBER_0: uint STRING_F29: String LEFT: uint init() : void
percentHeight: Number getLineIndexOfChar() : int reset():void KEYNAME_DELETECHAR: String NUMBER_1: uint STRING_F3: String NUM_PAD: uint LegendAutomationImpl()
percentWidth: Number getLineLength() : int KEYNAME_DELETELINE: String NUMBER_2: uint STRING_F30: String RIGHT: uint
systemManager: ISystemManager getLineMetrics() : TextLineMetrics IXMLSchemaInstance ■ KEYNAME_DOWNARROW: String NUMBER_3: uint STRING_F31: String STANDARD: uint LegendData ■
tweeningProperties: Array getLineOffset() : int p: mx.rpc.xml KEYNAME_END: String NUMBER_4: uint STRING_F32: String p: mx.charts.chartClasses
getExplicitOrMeasuredHeight() : getLineText() : String xsiType: QName KEYNAME_EXECUTE: String NUMBER_5: uint STRING_F33: String Label ■ k Object
Number getParagraphLength() : int KEYNAME_F1: String NUMBER_6: uint STRING_F34: String p: mx.controls aspectRatio: Number
getExplicitOrMeasuredWidth() : getStyle() : * JointStyle KEYNAME_F10: String NUMBER_7: uint STRING_F35: String k UIComponent element: IChartElement
Number getTextFormat() : TextFormat p: flash.display KEYNAME_F11: String NUMBER_8: uint STRING_F4: String IDataRenderer label: String
initialize() : void getUITextFormat() : UITextFormat k Object KEYNAME_F12: String NUMBER_9: uint STRING_F5: String IDropInListItemRenderer marker: IFlexDisplayObject
owns() : Boolean replaceSelectedText() : void BEVEL: String KEYNAME_F13: String numLock: Boolean STRING_F6: String IListItemRenderer LegendData()
parentChanged() : void replaceText() : void MITER: String KEYNAME_F14: String NUMPAD: uint STRING_F7: String IFontContextComponent
setVisible() : void setColor() : void ROUND: String KEYNAME_F15: String NUMPAD_0: uint STRING_F8: String condenseWhite: Boolean LegendItem ■
setFocus() : void KEYNAME_F16: String NUMPAD_1: uint STRING_F9: String data: Object p: mx.charts
IUID ■ setSelection() : void JPEGEncoder ■ KEYNAME_F17: String NUMPAD_2: uint STRING_FIND: String fontContext: IFlexModuleFactory k UIComponent
p: mx.core setTextFormat() : void p: KEYNAME_F18: String NUMPAD_3: uint STRING_HELP: String htmlText: String element: IChartElement
uid: String truncateToFit() : Boolean k Object KEYNAME_F19: String NUMPAD_4: uint STRING_HOME: String listData: BaseListData label: String
IImageEncoder KEYNAME_F2: String NUMPAD_5: uint STRING_INSERT: String selectable: Boolean legendData: Object
IUITextField ■ IURIDereferencer ● contentType: String KEYNAME_F20: String NUMPAD_6: uint STRING_INSERTCHAR: String text: String marker: IFlexDisplayObject
p: mx.core encode() : ByteArray KEYNAME_F21: String NUMPAD_7: uint STRING_INSERTLINE: String textField: IUITextField markerAspectRatio: Number
k IIMESupport dereference() : IDataInput encodeByteArray() : ByteArray KEYNAME_F22: String NUMPAD_8: uint STRING_LEFTARROW: String textHeight: Number source: Object
alwaysShowSelection: Boolean JPEGEncoder() : void KEYNAME_F23: String NUMPAD_9: uint STRING_MENU: String textWidth: Number LegendItem()
antiAliasType: String IValidatorListener ■ KEYNAME_F24: String NUMPAD_ADD: uint STRING_MODESWITCH: String truncateToFit: Boolean
autoSize: String p: mx.validators Keyboard KEYNAME_F25: String NUMPAD_DECIMAL: uint STRING_NEXT: String getLineMetrics() : TextLineMetrics LegendItemAutomationImpl ■
background: Boolean errorString: String p: flash.ui KEYNAME_F26: String NUMPAD_DIVIDE: uint STRING_PAGEDOWN: String Label() p: mx.automation.delegates.charts
backgroundColor: uint validationSubField: String k Object KEYNAME_F27: String NUMPAD_ENTER: uint STRING_PAGEUP: String k UIComponentAutomationImpl
border: Boolean validationResultHandler() : void A: uint KEYNAME_F28: String NUMPAD_MULTIPLY: uint STRING_PAUSE: String LabelAutomationImpl ■ init() : void
borderColor: uint ALTERNATE: uint KEYNAME_F29: String NUMPAD_SUBTRACT: uint STRING_PREV: String p: mx.automation.delegates. LegendItemAutomationImpl()
bottomScrollV: int IViewCursor ■ B: uint KEYNAME_F3: String O: uint STRING_PRINT: String controls
caretIndex: int p: mx.collections BACKQUOTE: uint KEYNAME_F30: String P: uint STRING_PRINTSCREEN: String k UIComponentAutomationImpl LegendMouseEvent ■
condenseWhite: Boolean k IEventDispatcher BACKSLASH: uint KEYNAME_F31: String PAGE_DOWN: uint STRING_REDO: String init() : void p:
defaultTextFormat: TextFormat afterLast: Boolean BACKSPACE: uint KEYNAME_F32: String PAGE_UP: uint STRING_RESET: String LabelAutomationImpl() k MouseEvent
displayAsPassword: Boolean beforeFirst: Boolean C: uint KEYNAME_F33: String PERIOD: uint STRING_RIGHTARROW: String item: LegendItem
doubleClickEnabled: Boolean bookmark: CursorBookmark CAPS_LOCK: uint KEYNAME_F34: String Q: uint STRING_SCROLLLOCK: String LayoutContainer ■ ITEM_CLICK: String
embedFonts: Boolean current: Object capsLock: Boolean KEYNAME_F35: String QUOTE: uint STRING_SELECT: String p: mx.core ITEM_MOUSE_DOWN: String
focusRect: Object view: ICollectionView CharCodeStrings: Array KEYNAME_F4: String R: uint STRING_STOP: String kContainer ITEM_MOUSE_OUT: String
gridFitType: String findAny() : Boolean COMMA: uint KEYNAME_F5: String RIGHT: uint STRING_SYSREQ: String IConstraintLayout ITEM_MOUSE_OVER: String
htmlText: String findFirst() : Boolean COMMAND: uint KEYNAME_F6: String RIGHTBRACKET: uint STRING_SYSTEM: String boxLayoutClass: Class ITEM_MOUSE_UP: String
ignorePadding: Boolean findLast() : Boolean CONTROL: uint KEYNAME_F7: String S: uint STRING_UNDO: String canvasLayoutClass: Class LegendMouseEvent()
inheritingStyles: Object insert() : void D: uint KEYNAME_F8: String SEMICOLON: uint STRING_UPARROW: String constraintColumns: Array
length: int moveNext() : Boolean DELETE: uint KEYNAME_F9: String SHIFT: uint STRING_USER: String constraintRows: Array Linear ■
maxChars: int movePrevious() : Boolean DOWN: uint KEYNAME_FIND: String SLASH: uint T: uint layout: String p: mx.effects.easing
maxScrollH: int remove() : Object E: uint KEYNAME_HELP: String SPACE: uint TAB: uint LayoutContainer() k Object
maxScrollV: int seek() : void END: uint KEYNAME_HOME: String STRING_BEGIN: String U: uint easeIn() : Number
mouseEnabled: Boolean ENTER: uint KEYNAME_INSERT: String STRING_BREAK: String UP: uint LayoutManager ■ easeInOut() : Number
mouseWheelEnabled: Boolean IWindow ■● EQUAL: uint KEYNAME_INSERTCHAR: String STRING_CLEARDISPLAY: String V: uint p: mx.managers easeNone() : Number
multiline: Boolean p: mx.core ESCAPE: uint KEYNAME_INSERTLINE: String STRING_CLEARLINE: String W: uint k EventDispatcher easeOut() : Number
nestLevel: int maximizable: Boolean F: uint KEYNAME_LEFTARROW: String STRING_DELETE: String X: uint ILayoutManager
nonInheritingStyles: Object minimizable: Boolean F1: uint KEYNAME_MENU: String STRING_DELETECHAR: String Y: uint usePhasedInstantiation: Boolean LinearAxis ■
nonZeroTextHeight: Number nativeWindow: NativeWindow F10: uint KEYNAME_MODESWITCH: String STRING_DELETELINE: String Z: uint getInstance() : LayoutManager p: mx.charts
numLines: int resizable: Boolean F11: uint KEYNAME_NEXT: String STRING_DOWNARROW: String isAccessible() : Boolean invalidateDisplayList() : void k NumericAxis
restrict: String status: String F12: uint KEYNAME_PAGEDOWN: String STRING_END: String invalidateProperties() : void interval: Number
scrollH: int systemChrome: String F13: uint KEYNAME_PAGEUP: String STRING_EXECUTE: String KeyboardEvent invalidateSize() : void maximum: Number
scrollV: int title: String F14: uint KEYNAME_PAUSE: String STRING_F1: String p: isInvalid() : Boolean maximumLabelPrecision: Number
selectable: Boolean titleIcon: Class F15: uint KEYNAME_PREV: String STRING_F10: String k Event LayoutManager() minimum: Number
selectionBeginIndex: int transparent: Boolean F2: uint KEYNAME_PRINT: String STRING_F11: String altKey: Boolean validateClient() : void minorInterval: Number
selectionEndIndex: int type: String F3: uint KEYNAME_PRINTSCREEN: String STRING_F12: String charCode: uint validateNow() : void LinearAxis()
sharpness: Number visible: Boolean F4: uint KEYNAME_REDO: String STRING_F13: String commandKey: Boolean
styleSheet: StyleSheet close() : void F5: uint KEYNAME_RESET: String STRING_F14: String controlKey: Boolean Legend ■ LinearGradient ■
tabEnabled: Boolean maximize() : void F6: uint KEYNAME_RIGHTARROW: String STRING_F15: String ctrlKey: Boolean p: mx.charts p:
tabIndex: int minimize() : void F7: uint KEYNAME_SCROLLLOCK: String STRING_F16: String KEY_DOWN: String k Tile k GradientBase
text: String restore() : void F8: uint KEYNAME_SELECT: String STRING_F17: String KEY_UP: String dataProvider: Object IFill
textColor: uint F9: uint KEYNAME_STOP: String STRING_F18: String keyCode: uint legendItemClass: Class angle: Number
textHeight: Number IXMLDecoder ■ G: uint KEYNAME_SYSREQ: String STRING_F19: String keyLocation: uint commitProperties() : void begin() : void
textWidth: Number p: mx.rpc.xml H: uint KEYNAME_SYSTEM: String STRING_F2: String shiftKey: Boolean Legend() end() : void
thickness: Number makeObjectBindable:Boolean HOME: uint KEYNAME_UNDO: String STRING_F20: String clone() : Event measure() : void LinearGradient()
type: String recordXSIType:Boolean I: uint KEYNAME_UPARROW: String STRING_F21: String KeyboardEvent() updateDisplayList() : void
useRichTextClipboard: Boolean typeRegistry:SchemeTypeRegistry INSERT: uint KEYNAME_USER: String STRING_F22: String toString() : String
wordWrap: Boolean decode():* J: uint L: uint STRING_F23: String updateAfterEvent() : void
appendText() : void reset():void K: uint LEFT: uint STRING_F24: String
getCharBoundaries() : Rectangle KEYNAME_BEGIN: String LEFTBRACKET: uint STRING_F25: String

30 31
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development LinearGradientStroke – LoaderContext

LinearGradientStroke ■ LineSeriesItem ■ itemEditor: IFactory highlightUID: String derer scrollVertically() : void filterFunction: Function ListItemRenderer ■
p: p: mx.charts.series.items itemEditorInstance: IListItemRenderer iconField: String destroyRow() : void seekPendingFailureHandler() : void length: int p: mx.controls.listClasses
k GradientBase k ChartItem lockedRowCount: int iconFunction: Function dragCompleteHandler() : void seekPendingResultHandler() : void list: IList k UIComponent
IStroke fill: IFill measuringObjects: Dictionary itemRenderer: IFactory dragDropHandler() : void seekPositionSafely() : Boolean localIndex: Array IDataRenderer
angle: Number x: Number rendererIsEditor: Boolean itemsNeedMeasurement: Boolean dragEnterHandler() : void selectItem() : Boolean sort: Sort IDropInListItemRenderer
caps: String xFilter: Number createItemEditor() : void itemsSizeChanged: Boolean dragExitHandler() : void setRowCount() : void addEventListener() : void IListItemRenderer
interpolationMethod: String xNumber: Number createItemRenderer() : IListItemRen- iterator: IViewCursor dragOverHandler() : void setRowHeight() : void addItem() : void IFontContextComponent
joints: String xValue: Object derer iteratorValid: Boolean dragScroll() : void shiftRow() : void addItemAt() : void data: Object
miterLimit: Number y: Number destroyItemEditor() : void keySelectionPending: Boolean dragStartHandler() : void showDropFeedback() : void contains() : Boolean fontContext: IFlexModuleFactory
pixelHinting: Boolean yFilter: Number drawRowBackground() : void labelField: String drawCaretIndicator() : void sumRowHeights() : Number createCursor() : IViewCursor icon: IFlexDisplayObject
scaleMode: String yNumber: Number endEdit() : Boolean labelFunction: Function drawHighlightIndicator() : void truncateRowArrays() : void disableAutoUpdate() : void label: IUITextField
spreadMethod: String yValue: Object isItemEditable() : Boolean lastDropIndex: int drawItem() : void UIDToItemRenderer() : IListItemRen- dispatchEvent() : Boolean listData: BaseListData
weight: Number LineSeriesItem() layoutEditor() : void lastSeekPending: ListBaseSeekPending drawRowBackgrounds() : void derer enableAutoUpdate() : void ListItemRenderer()
apply() : void List() listContent: ListBaseContentHolder drawSelectionIndicator() : void unconstrainRenderer() : void getItemAt() : Object toolTipShowHandler() : void
LinearGradientStroke() LineSeriesRenderData ■ makeListData() : BaseListData listContentStyleFilters: Object findKey() : Boolean updateDisplayList() : void getItemIndex() : int
p: mx.charts.series.renderData listData: BaseListData findString() : Boolean updateList() : void hasEventListener() : Boolean ListItemRendererAutomation
LineChart ■ k RenderData ListAutomationImpl ■ listItems: Array finishDataChangeEffect() : void initialized() : void Impl ■
p: mx.charts radius: Number p: mx.automation.delegates. menuSelectionMode: Boolean finishKeySelection() : void ListBaseAutomationImpl ■ itemUpdated() : void p: mx.automation.delegates.
k CartesianChart segments: Array controls modifiedCollectionView: getItemRendererFactory() : IFactory p: mx.automation.delegates. ListCollectionView() controls
validPoints: Number k ListBaseAutomationImpl nullItemRenderer: IFactory getRendererSemanticValue() : Object controls refresh() : Boolean k UIComponentAutomationImpl
LineFormattedTarget ■ LineSeriesRenderData() automationTabularData: Object offscreenExtraColumns: int getReservedOrFreeItemRenderer() : k ScrollControlBaseAutomation- removeAll() : void init() : void
p: mx.logging.targets init() : void offscreenExtraColumnsLeft: int IListItemRenderer Impl removeEventListener() : void ListItemRendererAutomationImpl()
k AbstractTarget LineSeriesSegment ■ ListAutomationImpl() offscreenExtraColumnsRight: int hideDropFeedback() : void automationTabularData: Object removeItemAt() : Object
fieldSeparator: String p: mx.charts.series.items offscreenExtraRows: int indexToColumn() : int init() : void setItemAt() : Object ListItemSelectEvent ■
includeCategory: Boolean k Object ListBase ■ offscreenExtraRowsBottom: int indexToItemRenderer() : IListItem- ListBaseAutomationImpl() toArray() : Array p:
includeDate: Boolean element: LineSeries p: mx.controls.listClasses offscreenExtraRowsOrColumns: int Renderer updateItemRenderers() : void toString() : String k Event
includeLevel: Boolean end: uint k ScrollControlBase offscreenExtraRowsOrColumn- indexToRow() : int willTrigger() : Boolean altKey:Boolean
includeTime: Boolean index: uint IDataRenderer sChanged: Boolean indicesToIndex() : int ListBaseContentHolder ■ ctrlKey:Boolean
LineFormattedTarget() items: Array IFocusManagerComponent offscreenExtraRowsTop: int initiateDataChangeEffect() : void p: mx.controls.listClasses ListData ■ DESELECT : String = “deselect”
logEvent() : void start: uint IListItemRenderer rendererChanged: Boolean invalidateList() : void k UIComponent p: mx.controls.listClasses itemAutomationValue:String
clone() : LineSeriesSegment IDropInListItemRenderer reservedItemRenderers: Object isItemHighlighted() : Boolean bottomOffset: Number k BaseListData itemIndex:uint
LineRenderer ■ LineSeriesSegment() IEffectTargetHost rowCount: int isItemSelectable() : Boolean heightExcludingOffsets: Number icon: Class itemRenderer:IListItemRenderer
p: mx.charts.renderers actualCollection: ICollectionView rowHeight: Number isItemSelected() : Boolean iterator: IViewCursor labelField: String MULTI_SELECT : String = “multiSelect”
k ProgrammaticSkin LinkBar ■ actualIterator: IViewCursor rowInfo: Array isItemVisible() : Boolean leftOffset: Number ListData() shiftKey:Boolean
IDataRenderer p: mx.controls allowDragSelection: Boolean rowMap: Object isRendererUnconstrained() : Boolean listItems: Array triggerEvent:Event
data: Object k NavBar allowItemSizeChangeNotification: runDataEffectNextUpdate: Boolean itemRendererContains() : Boolean rightOffset: Number ListDropIndicator ■ SELECT : String = “select”
LineRenderer() selectedIndex: int Boolean runningDataEffect: Boolean itemRendererToIndex() : int rowInfo: Array p: mx.skins.halo SELECT_INDEX : String = “selectIndex”
LinkBar() allowMultipleSelection: Boolean selectable: Boolean itemRendererToIndices() : Point selectionLayer: Sprite k ProgrammaticSkin ListItemSelectEvent():void
LineScaleMode styleChanged() : void anchorBookmark: CursorBookmark selectedData: Object itemToDataTip() : String topOffset: Number direction: String
p: flash.display updateDisplayList() : void anchorIndex: int selectedIndex: int itemToIcon() : Class visibleData: Object ListDropIndicator() ListRowInfo ■
k Object cachedItemsChangeEffect: IEffect selectedIndices: Array itemToItemRenderer() : IListItemRen- widthExcludingOffsets: Number p: mx.controls.listClasses
HORIZONTAL: String LinkBarAutomationImpl ■ caretBookmark: CursorBookmark selectedItem: Object derer ListBaseContentHolder() ListEvent ■ k Object
NONE: String p: mx.automation.delegates. caretIndex: int selectedItems: Array itemToLabel() : String updateDisplayList() : void p: data: Object
NORMAL: String controls caretIndicator: Sprite selectionIndicators: Object itemToUID() : String k Event height: Number
VERTICAL: String k NavBarAutomationImpl caretItemRenderer: IListItemRenderer selectionLayer: Sprite ListBase() ListBaseContentHolder CHANGE: String itemOldY: Number
init() : void caretUID: String selectionTweens: Object makeRowsAndColumns() : Point AutomationImpl ■ columnIndex: int oldY: Number
LineSeries ■ LinkBarAutomationImpl() collection: ICollectionView showCaret: Boolean measure() : void p: mx.automation.delegates. ITEM_CLICK: String uid: String
p: mx.charts.series columnCount: int showDataTips: Boolean measureHeightOfItems() : Number controls ITEM_DOUBLE_CLICK: String y: Number
k Series LinkButton ■ columnWidth: Number unconstrainedRenderers: Dictionary measureWidthOfItems() : Number k UIComponentAutomationImpl ITEM_EDIT_BEGIN: String ListRowInfo()
fillFunction: Function p: mx.controls data: Object value: Object mouseClickHandler() : void init() : void ITEM_EDIT_BEGINNING: String
horizontalAxis: IAxis kButton dataEffectCompleted: Boolean variableRowHeight: Boolean mouseDoubleClickHandler() : void ListBaseContentHolderAutomation- ITEM_EDIT_END: String Loader
interpolateValues: Boolean dataItemWrappersByRenderer: visibleData: Object mouseDownHandler() : void Impl() ITEM_FOCUS_IN: String p: flash.display
items: Array LinkButtonSkin ■ Dictionary wordWrap: Boolean mouseEventToItemRenderer() : ILis- ITEM_FOCUS_OUT: String k DisplayObjectContainer
itemType: Class p: mx.skins.halo dataProvider: Object wordWrapChanged: Boolean tItemRenderer ListBaseSeekPending ■ ITEM_ROLL_OUT: String content: DisplayObject
lineSegmentType: Class k Border dataTipField: String addDataEffectItem() : void mouseMoveHandler() : void p: mx.controls.listClasses ITEM_ROLL_OVER: String contentLoaderInfo: LoaderInfo
radius: Number dataTipFunction: Function addDragData() : void mouseOutHandler() : void k Object itemRenderer: IListItemRenderer close() : void
renderDataType: Class LinkSeparator ■ defaultColumnCount: int addToFreeItemRenderers() : void mouseOverHandler() : void bookmark: CursorBookmark reason: String load() : void
sortOnXField: Boolean p: mx.skins.halo defaultRowCount: int addToRowArrays() : void mouseUpHandler() : void offset: int rowIndex: int loadBytes() : void
verticalAxis: IAxis k ProgrammaticSkin dragEnabled: Boolean adjustListContent() : void mouseWheelHandler() : void ListBaseSeekPending() ListEvent() Loader()
xField: String dragImage: IUIComponent applySelectionEffect() : void moveIndicatorsHorizontally() : void unload() : void
yField: String List ■ dragImageOffsets: Point calculateDropIndex() : int moveIndicatorsVertically() : void ListBaseSelectionData ListEventReason ■
applyItemRendererProperties() : void p: mx.controls dragMoveEnabled: Boolean calculateDropIndicatorY() : Number moveRowVertically() : void p: mx.controls.listClasses p: LoaderConfig ■
commitProperties() : void k ListBase dropEnabled: Boolean clearCaretIndicator() : void moveSelectionHorizontally() : void k Object k Object p: mx.messaging.config
LineSeries() IIMESupport explicitColumnCount: int clearHighlightIndicator() : void moveSelectionVertically() : void approximate: Boolean CANCELLED: String k Object
editable: Boolean explicitColumnWidth: Number clearIndicators() : void prepareDataEffect() : void data: Object NEW_ROW: String parameters: Object
LineSeriesAutomationImpl ■ editedItemPosition: Object explicitRowCount: int clearSelected() : void purgeItemRenderers() : void index: int OTHER: String url: String
p: mx.automation.delegates.charts editedItemRenderer: IListItemRenderer explicitRowHeight: Number clearVisibleData() : void reKeyVisibleData() : void ListBaseSelectionData() LoaderConfig()
k SeriesAutomationImpl editorDataField: String factoryMap: Dictionary collectionChangeHandler() : void removeDataEffectItem() : void ListItemDragProxy ■
init() : void editorHeightOffset: Number freeItemRenderers: Array commitProperties() : void removeFromRowArrays() : void ListCollectionView ■ p: mx.controls.listClasses LoaderContext
LineSeriesAutomationImpl() editorUsesEnterKey: Boolean freeItemRenderersByFactory: Diction- configureScrollBars() : void removeIndicators() : void p: mx.collections k UIComponent p: flash.system
editorWidthOffset: Number ary copyItemWithUID() : Object restoreRowArrays() : void k Proxy ListItemDragProxy() k Object
editorXOffset: Number highlightIndicator: Sprite copySelectedItems() : Array scrollHorizontally() : void ICollectionView measure() : void applicationDomain: ApplicationDomain
editorYOffset: Number highlightItemRenderer: IListItemRen- createChildren() : void scrollPositionToIndex() : int IList checkPolicyFile: Boolean
imeMode: String derer createItemRenderer() : IListItemRen- scrollToIndex() : Boolean IMXMLObject securityDomain: SecurityDomain

32 33
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development LoaderInfo – MouseEvent

LoaderInfo LogAxis ■ xFrom: Number computeLoop() : void data: Object MenuShowEvent ■ MessagePerformanceUtils ■ setLoopBack() : void
p: flash.display p: mx.charts xTo: Number computeObjectBegin() : Object dataProvider: Object p: p: mx.messaging.messages setSilenceLevel() : void
k EventDispatcher k NumericAxis yFrom: Number computeObjectEnd() : Number icon: IFlexDisplayObject k Event k Object setUseEchoSuppression() : void
actionScriptVersion: uint interval: Number yTo: Number computeObjectLoop() : void label: IUITextField MENU_SHOW : String = “menuShow” clientReceiveTime: Number
applicationDomain: ApplicationDomain maximum: Number defaultCreateMask() : Shape menuBar: MenuBar MenuShowEvent():void messageSize: int MinAggregator ■
bytes: ByteArray maximumLabelPrecision: Number initMaskEffect() : void MemoryError menuBarItemIndex: int networkRTT: Number p: mx.olap.aggregators
bytesLoaded: uint minimum: Number MaskEffectInstance() p: flash.errors menuBarItemState: String MessageAckEvent ■ originatingMessageSentTime: Number k Object
bytesTotal: uint LogAxis() onMoveTweenEnd() : void k Error MenuBarItem() p: originatingMessageSize: Number IOLAPCustomAggregator
childAllowsParent: Boolean onMoveTweenUpdate() : void MemoryError() : void k MessageEvent pushedMessageFlag: Boolean computeBegin() : Object
childSandboxBridge: Object LogEvent ■ onScaleTweenEnd() : void MenuBarItemAutomationImpl ■ ACKNOWLEDGE: String pushOneWayTime: Number computeEnd() : Number
content: DisplayObject p: mx.logging onScaleTweenUpdate() : void Menu ■ p: mx.automation.delegates. acknowledgeMessage: Acknowl- responseMessageSize: int computeLoop() : void
contentType: String k Event pause() : void p: mx.controls controls edgeMessage serverAdapterExternalTime: Number computeObjectBegin() : Object
frameRate: Number level: int resume() : void kList k UIComponentAutomationImpl correlation: IMessage serverAdapterTime: Number computeObjectEnd() : Number
height: int LOG: String reverse() : void IFocusManagerContainer init() : void clone() : Event serverNonAdapterTime: Number computeObjectLoop() : void
loader: Loader message: String dataDescriptor: IMenuDataDescriptor MenuBarItemAutomationImpl() createEvent() : MessageAckEvent serverPollDelay: Number
loaderURL: String getLevelString() : String Math hasRoot: Boolean MessageAckEvent() serverPrePushTime: Number MiniDebugTarget ■
parameters: Object LogEvent() p: Top Level parentMenu: Menu MenuEvent ■ toString() : String serverProcessingTime: Number p: mx.logging.targets
parentAllowsChild: Boolean k Object showRoot: Boolean p: serverSendTime: Number k LineFormattedTarget
parentSandboxBridge: Object LogEventLevel ■ E: Number createMenu() : Menu kListEvent MessageAgent ■ totalPushTime: Number
sameDomain: Boolean p: mx.logging LN10: Number hide() : void CHANGE: String p: mx.messaging totalTime: Number Module ■
sharedEvents: EventDispatcher k Object LN2: Number makeListData() : BaseListData index: int k EventDispatcher MessagePerformanceUtils() p: mx.modules
swfVersion: uint ALL: int LOG10E: Number measure() : void item: Object IMXMLObject prettyPrint() : String k LayoutContainer
url: String DEBUG: int LOG2E: Number Menu() ITEM_CLICK: String _agentType: String
width: int ERROR: int PI: Number popUpMenu() : void ITEM_ROLL_OUT: String _credentials: String MessageResponder ■ ModuleBase ■
getLoaderInfoByDefinition() : Loa- FATAL: int SQRT1_2: Number setMenuItemToggled() : void ITEM_ROLL_OVER: String _credentialsCharset: String p: mx.messaging p: mx.modules
derInfo INFO: int SQRT2: Number show() : void label: String _disconnectBarrier: Boolean k Responder k EventDispatcher
WARN: int abs() : Number menu: Menu _ignoreFault: Boolean agent: MessageAgent
LoaderUtil ■ acos() : Number MenuAutomationImpl ■ MENU_HIDE: String _log: ILogger channel: Channel ModuleEvent ■
p: mx.utils LogLogger ■ asin() : Number p: mx.automation.delegates. MENU_SHOW: String channelSet: ChannelSet message: IMessage p:
k Object p: mx.logging atan() : Number controls menuBar: MenuBar clientId: String createRequestTimeoutErrorMessage() : k ProgressEvent
normalizeURL() : String k EventDispatcher atan2() : Number k ListAutomationImpl MenuEvent() connected: Boolean ErrorMessage ERROR: String
ILogger ceil() : Number showHideFromKeys: Boolean destination: String MessageResponder() errorText: String
LoadEvent ■ category: String cos() : Number init() : void MenuItemRenderer ■ requestTimeout: int requestTimedOut() : void module: IModuleInfo
p: mx.rpc.soap debug() : void exp() : Number MenuAutomationImpl() : void p: mx.controls.menuClasses acknowledge() : void result() : void PROGRESS: String
LOAD: String error() : void floor() : Number k UIComponent assertCredentials() : void resultHandler() : void READY: String
clone() : Event fatal() : void log() : Number MenuBar ■ IDataRenderer channelConnectHandler() : void status() : void SETUP: String
LoadEvent() info() : void max() : Number p: mx.controls IListItemRenderer channelDisconnectHandler() : void statusHandler() : void UNLOAD: String
toString() : String log() : void min() : Number k UIComponent IMenuItemRenderer channelFaultHandler() : void ModuleEvent()
LogLogger() pow() : Number IFocusManagerComponent IDropInListItemRenderer disconnect() : void MessageSerializationError ■
warn() : void random() : Number dataDescriptor: IMenuDataDescriptor IFontContextComponent fault() : void p: mx.messaging.errors ModuleLoader ■
LocalConnection round() : Number dataProvider: Object branchIcon: IFlexDisplayObject initChannelSet() : void k MessagingError p: mx.modules
p: MaskEffect ■ sin() : Number hasRoot: Boolean data: Object initialized() : void fault: ErrorMessage k VBox
k EventDispatcher p: mx.effects sqrt() : Number iconField: String icon: IFlexDisplayObject internalSend() : void MessageSerializationError() IDeferredInstantiationUIComponent
client: Object k Effect tan() : Number labelField: String label: IUITextField logout() : void applicationDomain: ApplicationDomain
domain: String createMaskFunction: Function labelFunction: Function listData: BaseListData MessageAgent() MessagingError ■ child: DisplayObject
allowDomain() : void moveEasingFunction: Function Matrix menuBarItemRenderer: IFactory measuredBranchIconWidth: Number reAuthorize() : void p: mx.messaging.errors url: String
allowInsecureDomain() : void scaleEasingFunction: Function p: flash.geom menuBarItems: Array measuredIconWidth: Number setCredentials() : void k Error loadModule() : void
close() : void scaleXFrom: Number k Object menuBarItemStyleFilters: Object measuredTypeIconWidth: Number setRemoteCredentials() : void MessagingError() ModuleLoader()
connect() : void scaleXTo: Number a: Number menus: Array menu: Menu toString() : String unloadModule() : void
LocalConnection() scaleYFrom: Number b: Number selectedIndex: int separatorIcon: IFlexDisplayObject MessageEvent ■
send() : void scaleYTo: Number c: Number showRoot: Boolean typeIcon: IFlexDisplayObject p: MetadataEvent ■ ModuleManager ■
showTarget: Boolean d: Number getMenuAt() : Menu MenuItemRenderer() k Event p: p: mx.modules
Locale ■ xFrom: Number tx: Number itemToIcon() : Class MESSAGE: String k Event k Object
p: mx.resources xTo: Number ty: Number itemToLabel() : String MenuItemRendererAutomation message: IMessage ACTION_SCRIPT: String getAssociatedFactory() : IFlexMod-
k Object yFrom: Number clone() : Matrix measure() : void Impl ■ RESULT: String CUE_POINT: String uleFactory
country: String yTo: Number concat() : void MenuBar() p: mx.automation.delegates. clone() : Event info: Object getModule() : IModuleInfo
language: String getAffectedProperties() : Array createBox() : void updateBackground() : void controls createEvent() : MessageEvent METADATA_RECEIVED: String
variant: String MaskEffect() createGradientBox() : void k UIComponentAutomationImpl MessageEvent() MetadataEvent() MorphShape
Locale() tweenEventHandler() : void deltaTransformPoint() : Point MenuBarAutomationImpl ■ init() : void toString() : String p: flash.display
toString() : String identity() : void p: mx.automation.delegates. ContainerAutomationImpl Microphone k Display Object
MaskEffectInstance ■ invert() : void controls MenuItemRendererAutomationImpl() MessageFaultEvent ■ p:
Log ■ p: mx.effects.effectClasses Matrix() k UIComponentAutomationImpl p: k EventDispatcher Mouse
p: mx.logging k EffectInstance rotate() : void init() : void MenuListData ■ k Event activityLevel: Number p: flash.ui
k Object createMaskFunction: Function scale() : void MenuBarAutomationImpl() p: mx.controls.menuClasses FAULT: String gain: Number k Object
addTarget() : void effectMask: Shape toString() : String k ListData faultCode: String index: int hide() : void
flush() : void moveEasingFunction: Function transformPoint() : Point MenuBarBackgroundSkin ■ maxMeasuredBranchIconWidth: faultDetail: String muted: Boolean show() : void
getLogger() : ILogger scaleEasingFunction: Function translate() : void p: mx.skins.halo Number faultString: String name: String
hasIllegalCharacters() : Boolean scaleXFrom: Number k Border maxMeasuredIconWidth: Number message: ErrorMessage names: Array MouseEvent
isDebug() : Boolean scaleXTo: Number MaxAggregator ■ maxMeasuredTypeIconWidth: Number rootCause: Object rate: int p:
isError() : Boolean scaleYFrom: Number p: mx.olap.aggregators MenuBarItem ■ useTwoColumns: Boolean clone() : Event silenceLevel: Number k Event
isFatal() : Boolean scaleYTo: Number k Object p: mx.controls.menuClasses MenuListData() createEvent() : MessageFaultEvent silenceTimeout: int altKey: Boolean
isInfo() : Boolean showTarget: Boolean IOLAPCustomAggregator k UIComponent MessageFaultEvent() soundTransform: SoundTransform buttonDown: Boolean
isWarn() : Boolean targetArea: Rectangle computeBegin() : Object IMenuBarItemRenderer toString() : String useEchoSuppression: Boolean CLICK: String
removeTarget() : void targetVisualBounds: Rectangle computeEnd() : Number IFontContextComponent getMicrophone() : Microphone clickCount: int

34 35
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development Move – NumericAxis

commandKey: Boolean gotoAndStop() : void nativeApplication: NativeApplication parent: NativeMenu startResize() : Boolean NavBar ■ pause() : void p: mx.flash
CONTEXT_MENU: String MovieClip() openedWindows: Array addItem() : NativeMenuItem p: mx.controls play() : void k Formatter
controlKey: Boolean nextFrame() : void publisherID: String addItemAt() : NativeMenuItem NativeWindowBoundsEvent ● k Box publish() : void decimalSeparatorFrom: String
ctrlKey: Boolean nextScene() : void runtimePatchLevel: uint addSubmenu() : NativeMenuItem p: dataProvider: Object receiveAudio() : void decimalSeparatorTo: String
delta: int play() : void runtimeVersion: String addSubmenuAt() : NativeMenuItem k Events iconField: String receiveVideo() : void precision: Object
DOUBLE_CLICK: String prevFrame() : void startAtLogin: Boolean clone() : NativeMenu afterBounds: Rectangle labelField: String receiveVideoFPS() : void rounding: String
localX: Number prevScene() : void supportsDockIcon: Boolean containsItem() : Boolean beforeBounds: Rectangle labelFunction: Function resetDRMVouchers() : void thousandsSeparatorFrom: String
localY: Number stop() : void supportsMenu: Boolean display() : void MOVE: String selectedIndex: int resume() : void thousandsSeparatorTo: String
MIDDLE_CLICK: String supportsSystemTrayIcon: Boolean getItemAt() : NativeMenuItem MOVING: String toolTipField: String seek() : void useNegativeSign: Object
MIDDLE_MOUSE_DOWN: String MovieClipAsset ■ timeSinceLastUserInput: int getItemByName() : NativeMenuItem RESIZE: String clickHandler() : void send() : void useThousandsSeparator: Object
MIDDLE_MOUSE_UP: String p: mx.core activate() : void getItemIndex() : int RESIZING: String createNavItem() : IFlexDisplayObject setDRMAuthenticationCredentials() format() : String
MOUSE_DOWN: String k FlexMovieClip addEventListener() : void removeItem() : NativeMenuItem clone() : Event hiliteSelectedNavItem() : void : void NumberFormatter()
MOUSE_MOVE: String IFlexAsset clear() : Boolean removeItemAt() : NativeMenuItem NativeWindowBoundsEvent() itemToLabel() : String togglePause() : void
MOUSE_OUT: String IFlexDisplayObject copy() : Boolean setItemIndex() : void toString() : String NavBar() NumberValidator ■
MOUSE_OVER: String IBorder cut() : Boolean resetNavItems() : void NewObjectSample p: mx.validators
MOUSE_UP: String borderMetrics: EdgeMetrics dispatchEvent() : Boolean NativeMenuItem ● NativeWindowDisplayState ● updateNavItemIcon() : void p: flash.sampler k Validator
MOUSE_WHEEL: String measuredHeight: Number exit() : void p: flash.display p: flash.display updateNavItemLabel() : void k Sample allowNegative: Object
relatedObject: InteractiveObject measuredWidth: Number getDefaultApplication() : String k EventDispatcher k Object id: Number decimalPointCountError: String
RIGHT_CLICK: String move() : void isSetAsDefaultApplication() : Boolean checked: Boolean MAXIMIZED: String NavBarAutomationImpl ■ object: * decimalSeparator: String
RIGHT_MOUSE_DOWN: String MovieClipAsset() paste() : Boolean data: Object MINIMIZED: String p: mx.automation.delegates. type: Class domain: String
RIGHT_MOUSE_UP: String setActualSize() : void redo() : Boolean enabled: Boolean NORMAL: String controls exceedsMaxError: String
ROLL_OUT: String removeAsDefaultApplication() : void isSeparator: Boolean k ContainerAutomationImpl NoChannelAvailableError ■ integerError: String
ROLL_OVER: String MovieClipLoaderAsset ■ removeEventListener() : void keyEquivalent: String NativeWindowDisplayState init() : void p: mx.messaging.errors invalidCharError: String
shiftKey: Boolean p: mx.core selectAll() : Boolean keyEquivalentModifiers: Array Event ● NavBarAutomationImpl() k MessagingError invalidFormatCharsError: String
stageX: Number k MovieClipAsset setAsDefaultApplication() : void label: String p: lowerThanMinError: String
stageY: Number IFlexAsset undo() : Boolean menu: NativeMenu k Event NetConnection NotificationType ● maxValue: Object
clone() : Event IFlexDisplayObject mnemonicIndex: int afterDisplayState: String p: p: flash.desktop minValue: Object
MouseEvent() initialHeight: Number NativeDragActions ● name: String beforeDisplayState: String k EventDispatcher k Object negativeError: String
toString() : String initialWidth: Number p: flash.desktop submenu: NativeMenu DISPLAY_STATE_CHANGE: String client: Object CRITICAL: String precision: Object
updateAfterEvent() : void movieClipData: ByteArray k Object clone() : NativeMenuItem DISPLAY_STATE_CHANGING: String connected: Boolean INFORMATIONAL: String precisionError: String
MovieClipLoaderAsset() COPY: String NativeMenuItem() clone() : Event connectedProxyType: String separationError: String
Move ■ LINK: String toString() : String NativeWindowDisplayStateEvent() defaultObjectEncoding: uint Number thousandsSeparator: String
p: mx.effects MultiTopicConsumer ■ MOVE: String toString() : String objectEncoding: uint p: Top Level doValidation() : Array
k TweenEffect p: mx.messaging NONE: String NativeWindow ● proxyType: String k Object NumberValidator()
xBy: Number kAbstractConsumer p: flash.display NativeWindowInitOptions ● uri: String MAX_VALUE: Number validateNumber() : Array
xFrom: Number subscriptions:ArrayCollection NativeDragEvent ● k EventDispatcher p: flash.display usingTLS: Boolean MIN_VALUE: Number
xTo: Number MultiTopicConsumer():void p: active: Boolean k Object addHeader() : void NaN: Number NumericAxis ■
yBy: Number addSubscription():void k MouseEvent alwaysInFront: Boolean hasMenu: Boolean call() : void NEGATIVE_INFINITY: Number p: mx.charts.chartClasses
yFrom: Number removeSubscription():void allowedActions: NativeDragOptions bounds: Rectangle maximizable: Boolean close() : void POSITIVE_INFINITY: Number k AxisBase
yTo: Number clipboard: Clipboard closed: Boolean minimizable: Boolean connect() : void Number() IAxis
Move() : void MultiTopicProducer ■ dropAction: String displayState: String resizable: Boolean NetConnection() toExponential() : String assignedMaximum: Number
p: mx.message NATIVE_DRAG_COMPLETE: String height: Number systemChrome: String toFixed() : String assignedMinimum: Number
MoveEvent ■ k AbstractProducer NATIVE_DRAG_DROP: String maximizable: Boolean transparent: Boolean NetConnectionChannel ■ toPrecision() : String autoAdjust: Boolean
p: subtopics:ArrayCollection NATIVE_DRAG_ENTER: String maxSize: Point type: String p: mx.messaging.channels toString() : String baseAtZero: Boolean
k Event MultiTopicProducer() NATIVE_DRAG_EXIT: String menu: NativeMenu NativeWindowInitOptions() k PollingChannel valueOf() : Number baseline: Number
MOVE: String addSubtopic():void NATIVE_DRAG_OVER: String minimizable: Boolean netConnection: NetConnection computedInterval: Number
oldX: Number removeSubtopic():void NATIVE_DRAG_START: String minSize: Point NativeWindowResize ● NetConnectionChannel() NumberBase ■ computedMaximum: Number
oldY: Number NATIVE_DRAG_UPDATE: String resizable: Boolean p: flash.display p: mx.flash computedMinimum: Number
MoveEvent() : void Namespace clone() : Event stage: Stage k Object NetStatusEvent k Object dataDescriptions: Array
p: Top Level NativeDragEvent() supportsMenu: Boolean BOTTOM: String p: decimalSeparatorFrom: String labelCache: Array
MoveInstance ■ k Object toString() : String supportsNotification: Boolean BOTTOM_LEFT: String k Event decimalSeparatorTo: String labelFunction: Function
p: mx.effects.effectClasses prefix: String systemChrome: String BOTTOM_RIGHT: String info: Object isValid: Boolean labelMaximum: Number
k TweenEffectInstance uri: String NativeDragManager ● systemMaxSize: Point LEFT: String NET_STATUS: String thousandsSeparatorFrom: String labelMinimum: Number
xBy: Number Namespace() : void p: flash.desktop systemMinSize: Point NONE: String clone() : Event thousandsSeparatorTo: String minorTickCache: Array
xFrom: Number Namespace() : void k Object title: String RIGHT: String NetStatusEvent() formatDecimal() : String minorTicks: Array
xTo: Number toString() : String dragInitiator: InteractiveObject transparent: Boolean TOP: String toString() : String formatNegative() : String padding: Number
yBy: Number valueOf() : String dropAction: String type: String TOP_LEFT: String formatPrecision() : String parseFunction: Function
yFrom: Number isDragging: Boolean visible: Boolean TOP_RIGHT: String NetStream formatRounding() : String requiredDescribedFields: uint
yTo: Number NameUtil ■ acceptDragDrop() : void width: Number p: formatRoundingWithPrecision() : String ticks: Array
MoveInstance() p: mx.utils doDrag() : void x: Number NativeWindowSystemChrome ● k EventDispatcher formatThousands() : String adjustMinMax() : void
k Object y: Number p: flash.display bufferLength: Number NumberBase() buildLabelCache() : Boolean
MovieClip createUniqueName() : String NativeDragOptions ● activate() : void k Object bufferTime: Number parseNumberString() : String buildMinorTickCache() : Array
p: flash.display displayObjectToString() : String p: flash.desktop close() : void NONE: String bytesLoaded: uint filterCache() : void
k Sprite k Object globalToScreen() : Point STANDARD: String bytesTotal: uint NumberBaseRoundType ■ formatForScreen() : String
currentFrame: int NativeApplication ● allowCopy: Boolean maximize() : void UTILITY: String checkPolicyFile: Boolean p: mx.flash getLabelEstimate() : AxisLabelSet
currentLabel: String p: flash.desktop allowLink: Boolean minimize() : void client: Object k Object getLabels() : AxisLabelSet
currentLabels: Array k EventDispatcher allowMove: Boolean NativeWindow() NativeWindowType ● currentFPS: Number DOWN: String guardMinMax() : Array
currentScene: Scene activeWindow: NativeWindow toString() : String notifyUser() : void p: flash.display liveDelay: Number NEAREST: String invalidateCache() : void
enabled: Boolean applicationDescriptor: XML orderInBackOf() : Boolean k Object objectEncoding: uint NONE: String invertTransform() : Object
framesLoaded: int applicationID: String NativeMenu ● orderInFrontOf() : Boolean LIGHTWEIGHT: String soundTransform: SoundTransform UP: String mapCache() : void
scenes: Array autoExit: Boolean p: flash.display orderToBack() : Boolean NORMAL: String time: Number NumericAxis()
totalFrames: int icon: InteractiveIcon k EventDispatcher orderToFront() : Boolean UTILITY: String attachAudio() : void NumberFormatter ■ preferDropLabels() : Boolean
trackAsMenu: Boolean idleThreshold: int items: Array restore() : void attachCamera() : void reduceLabels() : AxisLabelSet
gotoAndPlay() : void menu: NativeMenu numItems: int startMove() : Boolean close() : void transformCache() : void
NetStream() update() : void

36 37
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development NumericStepper – PieSeries

NumericStepper ■ ObjectProxy ■ OLAPCube ■ OLAPDataGridGroupRenderer OLAPLevel ■ getCell() : IOLAPCell Operation ■ Parallel ■

p: mx.controls p: mx.utils p: mx.olap AutomationImpl ■ p: mx.olap hasRowData() : Boolean p: mx.rpc.remoting.mxml p: mx.effects
k UIComponent k Proxy k Proxy p: mx.automation.delegates. kOLAPElement k Operation k CompositeEffect
IDataRenderer IExternalizable IOLAPCube advancedDataGrid IOLAPLevel OLAPResultAxis ■ IMXMLASupport
IDropInListItemRenderer IPropertyChangeNotifier IEventDispatcher k UIComponentAutomationImpl attribute: OLAPAttribute p: mx.olap concurrency: String ParallelInstance ■
IFocusManagerComponent dispatcher: EventDispatcher cubeBuildingTimeInterval: int init() : void attributeName: String k Object showBusyCursor: Boolean p: mx.effects.effectClasses
IIMESupport notifiers: Object dataProvider: ICollectionView OLAPDataGridGroupRendererAutoma- child: IOLAPLevel IOLAPResultAxis cancel() : AsyncToken k CompositeEffectInstance
IListItemRenderer object: Object dimensions: IList tionImpl() dataField: String positions: IList send() : AsyncToken end() : void
data: Object propertyList: Array elements: Array depth: int addPosition() : void onEffectEnd() : void
downArrowStyleFilters: Object proxyClass: Class measureDimensionName: String OLAPDataGridHeaderRenderer hierarchy: IOLAPHierarchy removePosition() : Boolean Operation ■ ParallelInstance()
imeMode: String type: QName measures: IList Provider ■ members: IList p: mx.rpc.soap
inputFieldStyleFilters: Object uid: String name: String p: mx.controls.olapDataGrid name: String OLAPSchema ■ k AbstractOperation Pause ■
listData: BaseListData addEventListener() : void queryBuildingTimeInterval: int Classes parent: IOLAPLevel p: mx.olap endpointURI: String p: mx.effects
maxChars: int callProperty() : * resultClass: Class k OLAPDataGridItemRenderer uniqueName: String k Object headerFormat: String k TweenEffect
maximum: Number deleteProperty() : Boolean addEventListener() : void Provider findMember() : IList IOLAPSchema headers: Array
minimum: Number dispatchEvent() : Boolean cancelQuery() : void headerWordWrap: OLAPLevel() cubeArray: Array httpHeaders: Object PauseInstance ■
nextValue: Number getComplexProperty() : * cancelRefresh() : void cubes: IList ignoreWhitespace: Boolean p: mx.effects.effectClasses
previousValue: Number getProperty() : * dispatchEvent() : Boolean OLAPDataGridItemRenderer OLAPMeasure ■ createCube() : IOLAPCube makeObjectsBindable: Boolean k TweenEffectInstance
stepSize: Number hasEventListener() : Boolean execute() : AsyncToken Provider ■ p: mx.olap getCube() : IOLAPCube request: Object
upArrowStyleFilters: Object hasProperty() : Boolean findDimension() : IOLAPDimension p: mx.controls.olapDataGrid kOLAPMember resultFormat: String PhoneFormatter ■
value: Number nextName() : String hasEventListener() : Boolean Classes aggregator: Object OLAPSet ■ resultHeaders: Array p: mx.flash
NumericStepper() nextNameIndex() : int OLAPCube() k Object OLAPMeasure() p: mx.olap xmlSpecialCharsFilter: Function k Formatter
nextValue() : * refresh() : void formatter: Formatter k Object addHeader() : void areaCode: Object
NumericStepperAutomation ObjectProxy() removeEventListener() : void OLAPMember ■ IOLAPSet addSimpleHeader() : void areaCodeFormat: String
Impl ■ propertyChangeHandler() : void toString() : String OLAPDataGridRendererProvider ■ p: mx.olap tuples: Array cancel() : AsyncToken formatString: String
p: mx.automation.delegates. readExternal() : void willTrigger() : Boolean p: mx.controls.olapDataGrid kOLAPElement addElement() : void clearHeaders() : void validPatternChars: String
controls removeEventListener() : void Classes IOLAPMeasure addElements() : void getHeader() : SOAPHeader format() : String
k UIComponentAutomationImpl setProperty() : void OLAPDataGrid ■ k Object children: IList addTuple() : void Operation() : void PhoneFormatter()
componentInitialized() : void setupPropertyList() : void p: mx.controls renderer: IFactory dataField: String compareMembers() : int removeHeader() : void
init() : void willTrigger() : Boolean kAdvancedDataGrid styleName: String dimension: IOLAPDimension crossJoin() : IOLAPSet PhoneNumberValidator ■
nsChangeHandler() : void writeExternal() : void COLUMN_AXIS: int type: int hierarchy: IOLAPHierarchy findCommonHierarchy() : IOLAPHi- OutputProgressEvent p: mx.validators
NumericStepperAutomationImpl() dataProvider: Object uniqueName: String isAll: Boolean erarchy p: k Validator
ObjectUtil ■ defaultCellString: String isMeasure: Boolean hierarchize() : IOLAPSet k Event allowedFormatChars: String
NumericStepperDownSkin ■ p: mx.utils headerRendererProviders: Array OLAPDimension ■ level: IOLAPLevel OLAPSet() : void bytesPending: Number invalidCharError: String
p: mx.skins.halo k Object itemRendererProviders: Array p: mx.olap parent: IOLAPMember sortTuple() : int bytesTotal: Number wrongLengthError: String
k Border compare() : int OLAP_DIMENSION: int kOLAPElement uniqueName: String union() : IOLAPSet OUTPUT_PROGRESS: String doValidation() : Array
copy() : Object OLAP_HIERARCHY: int IOLAPDimension findChildMember() : IOLAPMember clone() : Event PhoneNumberValidator()
NumericStepperEvent ■ dateCompare() : int OLAP_LEVEL: int attributes: IList OLAPMember() OLAPTrace ■ OutputProgressEvent() : void validatePhoneNumber() : Array
p: getClassInfo() : Object OLAP_MEMBER: int cube: IOLAPCube p: mx.olap toString() : String
k Event hasMetadata() : Boolean ROW_AXIS: int defaultMember: IOLAPMember OLAPQuery ■ k Object PieChart ■
CHANGE: String isSimple() : Boolean SLICER_AXIS: int elements: Array p: mx.olap TRACE_LEVEL_1: int Panel ■ p: mx.charts
triggerEvent: Event numericCompare() : int styleFunction: Function hierarchies: IList k Object TRACE_LEVEL_2: int p: mx.containers k PolarChart
value: Number stringCompare() : int getCellRendererInfo() : OLAPDataGri- isMeasure: Boolean IOLAPQuery TRACE_LEVEL_3: int k Container
NumericStepperEvent() toString() : String dItemRendererProvider members: IList axes: Array traceLevel: int IConstraintLayout PieSeries ■
getFormattedCellValue() : String findAttribute() : IOLAPAttribute COLUMN_AXIS: int traceOn: Boolean IFontContextComponent p: mx.charts.series
NumericStepperUpSkin ■ OLAPAttribute ■ getIndent() : int findHierarchy() : IOLAPHierarchy ROW_AXIS: int traceMsg() : void closeButtonStyleFilters: Object k Series
p: mx.skins.halo p: mx.olap OLAPDataGrid() findMember() : IOLAPMember SLICER_AXIS: int constraintColumns: Array angularAxis: IAxis
k Border kOLAPHierarchy styleChanged() : void OLAPDimension() getAxis() : IOLAPQueryAxis OLAPTuple ■ constraintRows: Array explodeRadius: Number
IOLAPAttribute setAxis() : void p: mx.olap controlBar: IUIComponent field: String
Object dataCompareFunction: Function OLAPDataGridAutomationImpl ■ OLAPElement ■ k Object fontContext: IFlexModuleFactory fillFunction: Function
p: Top Level dataField: String p: mx.automation.delegates. p: mx.olap OLAPQueryAxis ■ IOLAPTuple layout: String items: Array
constructor: Object dataFunction: Function advancedDataGrid k Proxy p: mx.olap explicitMembers: IList status: String itemType: Class
prototype: Object displayNameFunction: Function k AdvancedDataGridAutomation IOLAPElement k Object addMember() : void statusTextField: IUITextField labelField: String
hasOwnProperty() : Boolean hasAll: Boolean Impl dimension: IOLAPDimension IOLAPQueryAxis addMembers() : void title: String labelFunction: Function
isPrototypeOf() : Boolean members: IList automationTabularData: Object displayName: String axisOrdinal: int OLAPTuple() : void titleBar: UIComponent maxLabelRadius: Number
Object() OLAPAttribute() init() : void name: String sets: Array titleIcon: Class nameField: String
propertyIsEnumerable() : Boolean OLAPDataGridAutomationImpl() uniqueName: String tuples: Array Operation ■ titleTextField: IUITextField outerRadius: Number
setPropertyIsEnumerable() : void OLAPAxisPosition ■ OLAPElement() addMember() : void p: mx.rpc.remoting getHeaderHeight() : Number perWedgeExplodeRadius: Array
toString() : String p: mx.olap OLAPDataGridGroupRenderer ■ toString() : String addSet() : void k AbstractOperation measure() : void renderDataType: Class
valueOf() : Object k Object p: mx.controls.olapDataGrid addTuple() : void IMXMLSupport Panel() : void reserveExplodeRadius: Number
IOLAPAxisPosition Classes OLAPHierarchy ■ clear() : void argumentNames: Array startDragging() : void startAngle: Number
ObjectEncoding members: IList k UIComponent p: mx.olap OLAPQueryAxis() makeObjectsBindable: Boolean stopDragging() : void beginInterpolation() : Object
p: OLAPAxisPosition() IDataRenderer kOLAPElement Operation() : void commitProperties() : void
k Object IDropInListItemRenderer IOLAPHeirarchy OLAPResult ■ send() : AsyncToken PanelAutomationImpl ■ createChildren() : void
AMF0: uint OLAPCell ■ IListItemRenderer allMemberName: String p: mx.olap p: mx.automation.delegates. dataToLocal() : Point
AMF3: uint p: mx.olap data: Object children: IList k Object Operation ■ containers getElementBounds() : void
DEFAULT: uint k Object label: IUITextField defaultMember: IOLAPMember IOLAPResult p: mx.rpc.soap.mxml k ContainerAutomationImpl getMissingInterpolationValues() : void
dynamicPropertyWriter: IDynamicProp- IOLAPCell listData: BaseListData elements: Array axes: Array k Operation init() : void interpolate() : void
ertyWriter formattedValue: String OLAPDataGridGroupRenderer() hasAll: Boolean cellData: Array IMXMLSupport PanelAutomationImpl() localToData() : Array
value: Number levels: IList COLUMN_AXIS: int concurrency: String PieSeries()
OLAPCell() members: IList query: IOLAPQuery showBusyCursor: Boolean PanelSkin ■ updateDisplayList() : void
name: String ROW_AXIS: int cancel() : AsyncToken p: mx.skins.halo
findLevel() : IOLAPLevel SLICER_AXIS: int Operation() : void k HaloBorder
findMember() : IOLAPMember getAxis() : IOLAPResultAxis send() : AsyncToken

38 39
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development PieSeriesAutomationImpl – RectangularDropShadow

PieSeriesAutomationImpl ■ yValue: Object lineStyle() : void PopUpMenuButton ■ PrintOLAPDataGrid ■ ProgressBarDirection ■ Proxy RadioButtonAutomationImpl ■
p: mx.automation.delegates.charts PlotSeriesItem() lineTo() : void p: mx.controls p: mx.printing p: mx.controls p: flash.utils p: mx.automation.delegates.
k SeriesAutomationImpl mappingChanged() : void k PopUpButton k OLAPDataGrid k Object k Object controls
init() : void PlotSeriesRenderData ■ moveTo() : void dataDescriptor: IMenuDataDescriptor allowInteraction: Boolean LEFT: String callProperty() : * k ButtonAutomationImpl
PieSeriesAutomationImpl() p: mx.charts.series.renderData PolarDataCanvas() dataProvider: Object currentPageHeight: Number RIGHT: String deleteProperty() : Boolean init() : void
k RenderData removeAllChildren() : void labelField: String originalHeight: Number getDescendants() : * RadioButtonAutomationImpl()
PieSeriesItem ■ radius: Number removeChild() : DisplayObject labelFunction: Function sizeToPage: Boolean ProgressBarLabelPlacement ■ getProperty() : *
p: mx.charts.series.items PlotSeriesRenderData() removeChildAt() : DisplayObject popUp: IUIComponent source: OLAPDataGrid p: mx.controls hasProperty() : Boolean RadioButtonGroup ■
k ChartItem stripNaNs() : void showRoot: Boolean validNextPage: Boolean k Object isAttribute() : Boolean p: mx.controls
angle: Number PNGEncoder ■ updateDataChild() : void PopUpMenuButton() validPreviousPage: Boolean BOTTOM: String nextName() : String k EventDispatcher
fill: IFill p: updateDisplayList() : void moveToFirstPage() : void CENTER: String nextNameIndex() : int IMXMLObject
innerRadius: Number k Object updateFilter() : void PopUpMenuIcon ■ nextPage() : void LEFT: String nextValue() : * enabled: Boolean
labelAngle: Number IImageEncoder validateData() : void p: mx.skins.halo previousPage() : void RIGHT: String setProperty() : void labelPlacement: String
number: Number contentType: String validateTransform() : Boolean k PopUpIcon PrintOLAPDataGrid() TOP: String numRadioButtons: int
origin: Point encode() : ByteArray QName selectedValue: Object
outerRadius: Number encodeByteArray() : ByteArray PolarTransform ■ Preloader ■ ProgrammaticSkin ■ ProgressBarMode ■ p: Top Level selection: RadioButton
percentValue: Number PNGEncoder() p: mx.charts.chartClasses p: mx.preloaders p: mx.skins p: mx.controls k Object getRadioButtonAt() : RadioButton
startAngle: Number k Data Transform k Sprite k FlexShape k Object localName: String initialized() : void
value: Object Point ANGULAR_AXIS: String initialize() : void IFlexDisplayObject EVENT: String uri: String RadioButtonGroup()
PieSeriesItem() p: flash.geom origin: Point Preloader() IInvalidating MANUAL: String QName()
k Object RADIAL_AXIS: String registerApplication() ILayoutManagerClient POLLED: String toString() : String RadioButtonIcon ■
PieSeriesRenderData length: Number radius: Number ISimpleStyleClient valueOf() : QName p: mx.skins.halo
p: mx.charts.series.renderData x: Number PolarTransform() PrintAdvancedDataGrid ■ IProgrammaticSkin ProgressBarSkin ■ k Border
k RenderData y: Number setSize() : void p: mx.printing initialized: Boolean p: mx.skins.halo Quadratic ■
itemSum: Number add() : Point transformCache() : void k AdvancedDataGrid measuredHeight: Number k Border p: mx.effects.easing RangeError
labelData: Object clone() : Point allowInteraction: Boolean measuredWidth: Number k Object p: Top Level
labelScale: Number distance() : Number PollingChannel ■ currentPageHeight: Number nestLevel: int ProgressEvent easeIn() : Number k Error
PieSeriesRenderData() equals() : Boolean p: mx.messaging.channels displayIcons: Boolean processedDescriptors: Boolean p: easeInOut() : Number RangeError()
interpolate() : Point k Channel originalHeight: Number styleName: Object k Event easeOut() : Number
PixelSnapping normalize() : void disablePolling() : void sizeToPage: Boolean updateCompletePendingFlag: Boolean bytesLoaded: Number Rectangle
p: flash.display offset() : void enablePolling() : void source: AdvancedDataGrid drawRoundRect() : void bytesTotal: Number QualifiedResourceManager ■ p: flash.geom
k Object Point() poll() : void validNextPage: Boolean getStyle() : * PROGRESS: String p: mx.rpc.xml k Object
ALWAYS: String polar() : Point PollingChannel() validPreviousPage: Boolean horizontalGradientMatrix() : Matrix SOCKET_DATA: String k Object bottom: Number
AUTO: String subtract() : Point moveToFirstPage() : void invalidateDisplayList() : void clone() : Event resources: Array bottomRight: Point
NEVER: String toString() : String PopUpButton ■ nextPage() : void invalidateProperties() : void ProgressEvent() resourcesMap: Object height: Number
p: mx.controls previousPage() : void invalidateSize() : void toString() : String addResource() : void left: Number
PlotChart ■ PolarChart ■ kButton PrintAdvancedDataGrid() : void move() : void getResources() : Array right: Number
p: mx.charts p: mx.charts.chartClasses openAlways: Boolean ProgrammaticSkin() ProgressIndeterminateSkin ■ getResourcesForNamespace() : Array size: Point
k CartesianChart k ChartBase popUp: IUIComponent PrintDataGrid ■ rotatedGradientMatrix() : Matrix p: mx.skins.halo getResourcesForURI() : Array top: Number
angularAxis: IAxis close() : void p: mx.printing setActualSize() : void k Border QualifiedResourceManager() topLeft: Point
PlotSeries ■ dataRegion: Rectangle open() : void k DataGrid styleChanged() : void width: Number
p: mx.charts.series radialAxis: IAxis PopUpButton() currentPageHeight: Number updateDisplayList() : void ProgressMaskSkin ■ Quartic ■ x: Number
k Series commitProperties() : void originalHeight: Number validateDisplayList() : void p: mx.skins.halo p: mx.effects.easing y: Number
fillFunction: Function getFirstItem() : ChartItem PopUpButtonAutomationImpl ■ sizeToPage: Boolean validateNow() : void k ProgrammaticSkin k Object clone() : Rectangle
horizontalAxis: IAxis getLastItem() : ChartItem p: mx.automation.delegates. validNextPage: Boolean validateProperties() : void easeIn() : Number contains() : Boolean
items: Array getNextItem() : ChartItem controls nextPage() : void validateSize() : void ProgressTrackSkin ■ easeInOut() : Number containsPoint() : Boolean
itemType: Class getPreviousItem() : ChartItem k ButtonAutomationImpl PrintDataGrid() : void verticalGradientMatrix() : Matrix p: mx.skins.halo easeOut() : Number containsRect() : Boolean
renderData: Object PolarChart() init() : void k Border equals() : Boolean
renderDataType: Class updateDisplayList() : void PopUpButtonAutomationImpl() PrintJob ProgressBar ■ Quintic ■ inflate() : void
verticalAxis: IAxis p: flash.printing p: mx.controls PropertyChangeEvent ■ p: mx.effects.easing inflatePoint() : void
xField: String PolarDataCanvas ■ PopUpButtonSkin ■ k EventDispatcher k UIComponent p: k Object intersection() : Rectangle
yField: String p: mx.charts.chartClasses p: mx.skins.halo orientation: String IFontContextComponent k Event easeIn() : Number intersects() : Boolean
applyItemRendererProperties() : void k ChartElement k UIComponent pageHeight: int conversion: Number kind: String easeInOut() : Number isEmpty() : Boolean
commitProperties() : void angularAxis: IAxis IProgrammaticSkin pageWidth: int direction: String newValue: Object easeOut() : Number offset() : void
PlotSeries() : void dataTransform: DataTransform paperHeight: int indeterminate: Boolean oldValue: Object offsetPoint() : void
includeInRanges: Boolean PopUpIcon ■ paperWidth: int label: String property: Object RadialGradient ■ Rectangle()
PlotSeriesAutomationImpl ■ radialAxis: IAxis p: mx.skins.halo addPage() : void labelPlacement: String PROPERTY_CHANGE: String p: setEmpty() : void
p: mx.automation.delegates.charts totalValue: Number k ProgrammaticSkin PrintJob() maximum: Number source: Object k GradientBase toString() : String
k SeriesAutomationImpl addChild() : DisplayObject send() : void minimum: Number createUpdateEvent() : PropertyChan- IFill union() : Rectangle
init() : void addChildAt() : DisplayObject PopUpManager ■ start() : Boolean mode: String geEvent angle: Number
PlotSeriesAutomationImpl() addDataChild() : void p: mx.managers percentComplete: Number PropertyChangeEvent() focalPointRatio: Number RectangularBorder ■
beginBitmapFill() : void addPopUp() : void PrintJobOptions source: Object begin() : void p: mx.skins
PlotSeriesItem ■ beginFill() : void bringToFront() : void p: flash.printing value: Number PropertyChangeEventKind ■ end() : void k Border
p: mx.charts.series.items clear() : void centerPopUp() : void k Object ProgressBar() p: RadialGradient() IRectangularBorder
k ChartItem commitProperties() : void createPopUp() : IFlexDisplayObject printAsBitmap: Boolean setProgress() : void k Object backgroundImageBounds: Rectangle
fill: IFill curveTo() : void removePopUp() : void PrintJobOptions() DELETE: String RadioButton ■ hasBackgroundImage: Boolean
radius: Number describeData() : Array ProgressBarAutomationImpl ■ UPDATE: String p: mx.controls layoutBackgroundImage() : void
x: Number drawCircle() : void PopUpManagerChildList ■ PrintJobOrientation p: mx.automation.delegates. kButton RectangularBorder()
xFilter: Number drawEllipse() : void p: mx.managers p: flash.printing controls PropertyChanges ■ IFocusManagerGroup
xNumber: Number drawRect() : void k Object k Object k UIComponentAutomationImpl p: mx.effects.effectClasses group: RadioButtonGroup RectangularDropShadow ■
xValue: Object drawRoundedRect() : void APPLICATION: String LANDSCAPE: String init() : void k Object groupName: String p:
y: Number endFill() : void PARENT: String PORTRAIT: String ProgressBarAutomationImpl() end: Object labelPlacement: String k Object
yFilter: Number invalidateData() : void POPUP: String start: Object value: Object alpha: Number
yNumber: Number invalidateDisplayList() : void target: Object RadioButton() angle: Number

40 41
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development ReferenceError – Series

blRadius: Number RemoveChild ■ ResizeEvent ■ findResourceBundleWithResource(): RotateInstance ■ ScrollArrowSkin ■ detail: String Security
brRadius: Number p: mx.states p: void p: mx.effects.effectClasses p: mx.skins.halo direction: String p: flash.system
color: int k Object k Event getBoolean():Boolean k TweenEffectInstance k Border position: Number k Object
distance: Number IOverride oldHeight: Number getBundleNameForLocale():Array angleFrom: Number SCROLL: String APPLICATION: String
tlRadius: Number target: DisplayObject oldWidth: Number getClass():Class angleTo: Number ScrollBar ■ ScrollEvent() exactSettings: Boolean
trRadius: Number apply() : void RESIZE: String getInstance():IResourceManager originX: Number p: mx.controls.scrollClassess LOCAL_TRUSTED: String
drawShadow() : void initialize() : void ResizeEvent() getInt():int originY: Number k UIComponent ScrollEventDetail ■ LOCAL_WITH_FILE: String
RectangularDropShadow() remove() : void getLocales():Array RotateInstance() : void direction: String p: LOCAL_WITH_NETWORK: String
RemoveChild() ResizeInstance ■ getNumber():Number downArrowStyleFilters: Object k Object REMOTE: String
ReferenceError p: mx.effects.effectClasses getObject():* RoundedRectangle ■ lineScrollSize: Number AT_BOTTOM: String sandboxType: String
p: Top Level RemoveChildAction ■ k TweenEffectInstance getResourceBundle():IResourceBundle p: maxScrollPosition: Number AT_LEFT: String allowDomain() : void
k Error p: mx.effects heightBy: Number getString():String k Rectangle minScrollPosition: Number AT_RIGHT: String allowInsecureDomain() : void
ReferenceError() k Effect heightFrom: Number getStringArray():Array cornerRadius: Number pageScrollSize: Number AT_TOP: String loadPolicyFile() : void
heightTo: Number getUint():uint RoundedRectangle() pageSize: Number LINE_DOWN: String showSettings() : void
RegExp RemoveChildActionInstance ■ hideChildrenTargets: Array loadResourceModule():IEventDis- scrollPosition: Number LINE_LEFT: String
p: Top Level p: mx.effects.effectClasses widthBy: Number patcher RSLEvent ■ THICKNESS: Number LINE_RIGHT: String SecurityDomain
k Object k ActionEffectInstance widthFrom: Number removeResourceBundle():void p: thumbStyleFilters: Object LINE_UP: String p: flash.system
dotall: Boolean widthTo: Number removeResourceBundlesForLocale(): k ProgressEvent upArrowStyleFilters: Object PAGE_DOWN: String k Object
extended: Boolean RemoveItemAction ■ ResizeInstance() void errorText: String ScrollBar() PAGE_LEFT: String currentDomain: SecurityDomain
global: Boolean p: mx.effects unloadResourceModule():void RSL_COMPLETE: String setScrollProperties() : void PAGE_RIGHT: String
ignoreCase: Boolean k Effect ResourceBundle ■ update():void RSL_ERROR: String PAGE_UP: String SecurityError
lastIndex: Number p: mx.resources RSL_PROGRESS: String ScrollBarAutomationImpl ■ THUMB_POSITION: String p: Top Level
multiline: Boolean RemoveItemActionInstance ■ k Object Responder rslIndex: int p: mx.automation.delegates. THUMB_TRACK: String k Error
source: String p: mx.effects.effectClasses IResourceBundle p: rslTotal: int controls SecurityError() : void
exec() : Object k ActionEffectInstance bundleName: String k Object url: URLRequest k UIComponentAutomationImpl ScrollEventDirection ■
RegExp() content: Object RSLEvent() init() : void p: SecurityErrorEvent
test() : Boolean RenderData ● locale: String Responder ■ ScrollBarAutomationImpl() k Object p:
p: mx.charts.chartClasses getContent() : Object p: mx.rpc Sample HORIZONTAL: String k ErrorEvent
RegExpValidationResult ■ k Effect ResourceBundle() k Object p: flash.sampler ScrollBarDirection ■ VERTICAL: String SECURITY_ERROR: String
p: mx.validators bounds: Rectangle IResponder k Object p: mx.controls.scrollClasses clone() : Event
k Validator cache: Array ResourceEvent ■ fault() : void stack: Array k Object ScrollPolicy ■ SecurityErrorEvent()
matchedIndex: int elementBounds: Array p: Responder() : void time: Number HORIZONTAL: String p: mx.core toString() : String
matchedString: String filteredCache: Array k ProgressEvent result() : void VERTICAL: String k Object
matchedSubstrings: Array length: uint COMPLETE: String Scene AUTO: String SecurityPanel
RegExpValidationResult() visibleRegion: Rectangle ERROR: String ResultEvent ■ p: flash.display ScrollControlBase ■ OFF: String p: flash.system
clone() : RenderData errorText: String p: k Object p: mx.core ON: String k Object
RegExpValidator ■ RenderData() PROGRESS: String k AbstractEvent labels: Array k UIComponent CAMERA: String
p: mx.validators ResourceEvent() headers: Object name: String border: IFlexDisplayObject ScrollThumb ■ DEFAULT: String
k ValidationResult Repeater ■ RESULT: String numFrames: int borderMetrics: EdgeMetrics p: mx.controls.scrollClasses DISPLAY: String
expression: String p: mx.core ResourceManager ■ result: Object horizontalScrollBar: ScrollBar k Button LOCAL_STORAGE: String
flags: String k UIComponent p: mx.resources ResultEvent() SchemaTypeRegistry ■ horizontalScrollPolicy: String MICROPHONE: String
noExpressionError: String IRepeater k EventDispatcher toString() : String p: mx.rpc.xml horizontalScrollPosition: Number ScrollThumbSkin ■ PRIVACY: String
noMatchError: String childDescriptors: Array localeChain: Array k Object liveScrolling: Boolean p: mx.skins.halo SETTINGS_MANAGER: String
doValidation() : Array container: IContainer addResourceBundle() : void RevocationCheckSettings ● getClass() : Class maskShape: Shape k Border
RegExpValidator() : void count: int findResourceBundleWithResource() : p: getCollectionClass() : Class maxHorizontalScrollPosition: Number Sequence ■
currentIndex: int IResourceBundle k Object getInstance() : SchemaTypeRegistry maxVerticalScrollPosition: Number ScrollTrackSkin ■ p: mx.effects
RemoteObject ■ currentItem: Object getBoolean() : Boolean ALWAYS_REQUIRED:* registerClass() : void scrollAreaChanged: Boolean p: mx.skins.halo k CompositeEffect
p: mx.rpc.remoting dataProvider: Object getBundleNamesForLocale() : Array BEST_EFFORT:* registerCollectionClass() : void scrollTipFunction: Function k Border
k AbstractService recycleChildren: Boolean getClass() : Class NEVER:* unregisterClass() : void showScrollTips: Boolean SequenceInstance ■
makeObjectsBindable: Boolean startingIndex: int getInstance() : IResourceManager REQUIRED_IF_AVAILABLE:* unregisterCollectionClass() : void verticalScrollBar: ScrollBar SecureAMFChannel ■ p: mx.effects.effectClasses
source: String executeChildBindings() : void getInt() : int verticalScrollPolicy: String p: mx.messaging.channels k CompositeEffectInstance
getOperation() : AbstractOperation initializeRepeater() : void getLocales() : Array RichTextEditor ■ Screen ● verticalScrollPosition: Number k PollingChannel end() : void
RemoteObject() Repeater() getNumber() : Number p: mx.controls p: flash.display viewMetrics: EdgeMetrics protocol: String onEffectEnd() : void
setRemoteCredentials() : void getObject() : * k Panel k EventDispatcher createBorder() : void SecureAMFChannel() SequenceInstance()
toString() : String RepeaterAutomationImpl ■ getResourceBundle() : IResourceBundle defaultLinkProtocol: String bounds: Rectangle createChildren() : void
p: mx.automation.delegates.core getString() : String htmlText: String colorDepth: int layoutChrome() : void SecureHTTPChannel ■ Series ■
RemoteObject ■ kUIComponentAutomationImpl getStringArray() : Array selection: TextRange mainScreen: Screen mouseWheelHandler() : void p: mx.messaging.channels p: mx.charts.chartClasses
p: mx.rpc.remoting.mxml automationTabularData: Object getUint() : uint showControlBar: Boolean screens: Array roomForScrollBar() : Boolean k PollingChannel k ChartElement
k RemoteObject init() : void loadResourceModule() : IEventDis- showToolTips: Boolean visibleBounds: Rectangle ScrollControlBase() protocol: String dataFunction: Function
IMXMLSupport RepeaterAutomationImpl() patcher text: String getScreensForRectangle() : Array scrollHandler() : void SecureHTTPChannel() dataTipItems: Array
IMXMLObject p: UIComponentAutomationImpl removeResourceBundle() : void setScrollBarProperties() : void dataTransform: DataTransform
concurrency: String removeResourceBundlesForLocale() Rotate ■ ScreenMouseEvent ● SecureStreamingAMFChannel ■ displayName: String
endpoint: String Resize ■ : void p: mx.effects p: ScrollControlBaseAutomation p: mx.messaging.channels filterData: Boolean
showBusyCursor: Boolean p: mx.effects ResourceManager() k TweenEffect k MouseEvent Impl ■ k StreamingAMFChannel interactive: Boolean
getOperation() : AbstractOperation k TweenEffect unloadResourceModule() : void angleFrom: Number screenX: Number p: mx.automation.delegates.core protocol:String items: Array
initialized() : void heightBy: Number update() : void angleTo: Number screenY: Number kUIComponentAutomationImpl SecureStreamingAMFChannel() legendData: Array
RemoteObject() : void heightFrom: Number hideFocusRing: Boolean clone() : Event init() : void renderData: Object
heightTo: Number ResourceManagerImpl ■ originX: Number ScreenMouseEvent() replayAutomatableEvent() : Boolean SecureStreamingHTTPChannel ■ selectable: Boolean
RemotingMessage ■ hideChildrenTargets: Array p: mx.resources originY: Number toString() : String ScrollControlBaseAutomationImpl() p: mx.messaging.channels selectedIndex: int
p: mx.messaging.messages widthBy: Number k EventDispatcher Rotate() k StreamingHTTPChannel selectedIndices: Array
k AbstractMessage widthFrom: Number IResourceManager ScriptTimeoutError ScrollEvent ■ protocol:String selectedItem: ChartItem
operation: String widthTo: Number localeChain:Array p: flash.errors p: SecureStreamingHTTPChannel() selectedItems: Array
source: String Resize() ResourceManagerImpl() k Error k Event transitionRenderData: Object
RemotingMessage() addResourceBundle():void ScriptTimeoutError() delta: Number beginInterpolation() : Object

42 43
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development SeriesAutomationImpl – SoundMixer

cacheDefaultValues() : Boolean SeriesSlideInstance ■ SetPropertyAction() connect() : void sliderThumbClass: Class SOAPFault ■ writeShort() : void close() : void
cacheIndexValues() : Boolean p: mx.charts.effects.effectClasses k Effect flush() : String snapInterval: Number p: mx.rpc.soap writeUnsignedInt() : void load() : void
cacheNamedValues() : Boolean k SeriesEffectInstance getLocal() : SharedObject thumbCount: int k Fault writeUTF() : void play() : SoundChannel
claimStyles() : uint direction: String SetPropertyActionInstance ■ getRemote() : SharedObject thumbStyleFilters: Object detail: String writeUTFBytes() : void Sound()
commitProperties() : void SeriesSlideInstance() p: mx.effects.effectClasses send() : void tickInterval: Number element: XML
endInterpolation() : void k ActionEffectInstance setDirty() : void tickValues: Array faultactor: String SocketMonitor ● SoundAsset ■
extractMinInterval() : void SeriesZoom ■ name: String setProperty() : void value: Number faultcode: QName p: p: mx.core
extractMinMax() : void p: mx.charts.effects value: * values: Array faultstring: String k ServiceMonitor k Sound
getAxis() : IAxis k SeriesEffect SetPropertyActionInstance() SharedObjectFlushStatus getThumbAt() : SliderThumb SOAPFault() host: String IFlexAsset
getElementBounds() : void horizontalFocus: String p: measure() : void toString() : String port: int
getItemsInRegion() : Array relativeTo: String SetStyle ■ k Object setThumbValueAt() : void checkStatus() : void SoundChannel
getMissingInterpolationValues() : void verticalFocus: String p: mx.states FLUSHED: String Slider() SOAPHeader ■ SocketMonitor() p:
getRenderDataForTransition() : Object SeriesZoom() k Object PENDING: String updateDisplayList() : void p: mx.rpc.soap toString() : String k EventDispatcher
initializeInterpolationData() : Object IOverride k Object leftPeak: Number
interpolate() : void SeriesZoomInstance ■ name: String SignatureStatus ● SliderAutomationImpl ■ content: Object SolidColor ■ position: Number
invalidateData() : void p: mx.charts.effects.effectClasses target: IStyleClient p: mx.automation.delegates. mustUnderstand: Boolean p: rightPeak: Number
invalidateFilter() : void k SeriesEffectInstance value: Object k Object controls qname: QName k EventDispatcher soundTransform: SoundTransform
invalidateMapping() : void horizontalFocus: String apply() : void INVALID: String k UIComponentAutomationImpl role: String IFill stop() : void
invalidateTransform() : void relativeTo: String initialize() : void UNKNOWN: String init() : void SOAPHeader() alpha: Number
invalidateTransitions() : void verticalFocus: String remove() : void VALID: String SliderAutomationImpl() color: uint SoundEffect ■
legendDataChanged() : void SeriesZoomInstance() SetStyle() SOAPMessage ■ begin() : void p: mx.effects
Series() SignerTrustSettings ● SliderDataTip ■ p: mx.messaging.messages end() : void k Effect
setActualSize() : void ServerConfig ● SetStyleAction ■ p: mx.controls.sliderClasses k HTTPRequestMessage SolidColor() autoLoad: Boolean
setAxis() : void p: mx.messaging.config p: mx.effects k Object k ToolTip SOAP_ACTION_HEADER: String bufferTime: Number
stripNaNs() : void k Object k Effect CODE_SIGNING: String getSOAPAction() : String Sort ● isLoading: Boolean
stylesInitialized() : void xml: XML name: String PLAYLIST_SIGNING: String SliderDirection ■ SOAPMessage() p: mx.collections loops: int
updateData() : void checkChannelConsistency() : void relevantStyles: Array SIGNING: String p: mx.controls.sliderClasses k EventDispatcher panEasingFunction: Function
updateDisplayList() : void getChannel() : Channel value: k Object SocialSecurityValidator ■ ANY_INDEX_MODE: String panFrom: Number
updateFilter() : void getChannelSet() : ChannelSet SetStyleAction() SimpleButton HORIZONTAL: String p: mx.validators compareFunction: Function panTo: Number
updateMapping() : void getProperties() : XMLList p: flash.display VERTICAL: String k Validator fields: Array sound: Sound
updateTransform() : void SetStyleActionInstance ■ k InteractiveObject allowedFormatChars: String FIRST_INDEX_MODE: String source: Object
validateData() : void ServiceMonitor ● p: mx.effects.effectClasses downState: DisplayObject SliderEvent ■ invalidCharError: String LAST_INDEX_MODE: String startTime: Number
validateTransform() : void p: k ActionEffectInstance enabled: Boolean p: wrongFormatError: String unique: Boolean useDuration: Boolean
k EventDispatcher name: String hitTestState: DisplayObject k Event zeroStartError: String findItem() : int volumeEasingFunction: Function
SeriesAutomationImpl ■ available: Boolean value: * overState: DisplayObject CHANGE: String doValidation() : Array propertyAffectsSort() : Boolean volumeFrom: Number
p: mx.automation.delegates.charts lastUpdated: Date SetStyleActionInstance() soundTransform: SoundTransform clickTarget: String SocialSecurityValidator() reverse() : void volumeTo: Number
k UIComponentAutomationImpl pollInterval: Number trackAsMenu: Boolean keyCode: int validateSocialSecurity() : Array Sort() load() : void
init() : void running: Boolean SHA256 ■ upState: DisplayObject THUMB_DRAG: String sort() : void SoundEffect()
SeriesAutomationImpl() augmentPrototype() : void p: mx.utils useHandCursor: Boolean THUMB_PRESS: String Socket
checkStatus() : void k Object SimpleButton() THUMB_RELEASE: String p: SortError ● SoundEffectInstance ■
SeriesEffect ■ ServiceMonitor() TYPE_ID : String = “SHA-256” thumbIndex: int k EventDispatcher p: mx.collections.errors p: mx.effects.effectClasses
p: mx.charts.effects start() : void computerDigest():String SimpleXMLDecoder ■ triggerEvent: Event IDataInput k Error k EffectInstance
k TweenEffect stop() : void p: mx.rpc.xml value: Number IDataOutput bufferTime: Number
elementOffset: Number toString() : String ShadowBoxItemRenderer ■ k Object SliderEvent() bytesAvailable: uint SortField ● isLoading: Boolean
minimumElementDuration: Number k ProgrammaticSkin decodeXML() : Object connected: Boolean p: mx.collections loops: int
offset: Number SetEventHandler ■ p: mx.charts.renderers getLocalName() : String SliderEventClickTarget ■ endian: String k EventDispatcher panEasingFunction: Function
type: String p: mx.states IDataRenderer simpleType() : Object p: objectEncoding: uint caseInsensitive: Boolean panFrom: Number
SeriesEffect() k EventDispatcher data: Object k Object close() : void compareFunction: Function panTo: Number
IOverride ShadowBoxItemRenderer() SimpleXMLEncoder ■ THUMB: String connect() : void descending: Boolean sound: Sound
SeriesEffectInstance ■ handlerFunction: Function p: mx.rpc.xml TRACK: String flush() : void name: String soundChannel: SoundChannel
p: mx.charts.effects.effectClasses name: String ShadowLineRenderer ■ k Object readBoolean() : Boolean numeric: Object source: Object
k TweenEffectInstance target: EventDispatcher p: mx.charts.renderers encodeDate() : String SliderHighlightSkin ■ readByte() : int reverse() : void startTime: Number
elementOffset: Number apply() : void k ProgrammaticSkin encodeValue() : XMLNode p: mx.skins.halo readBytes() : void SortField() useDuration: Boolean
interpolationValues: Array initialize() : void IDataRenderer SimpleXMLEncoder() k Border readDouble() : Number volumeEasingFunction: Function
minimumElementDuration: Number remove() : void data: Object readFloat() : Number SortInfo ■ volumeFrom: Number
offset: Number SetEventHandler() ShadowLineRenderer() Sine ■ SliderLabel ■ readInt() : int p: mx.controls.advanced volumeTo: Number
targetSeries: Series p: mx.effects.easing p: mx.controls.sliderClasses readMultiByte() : String k DataGridClasses SoundEffectInstance()
type: String SetProperty ■ Shape k Object k Label readObject() : * ACTUALSORT: String
beginTween() : void p: mx.states p: flash.display easeIn() : Number readShort() : int descending: Boolean SoundLoaderContext
SeriesEffectInstance() k Object k Display Object easeInOut() : Number SliderThumb ■ readUnsignedByte() : uint PROPOSEDSORT: String p:
IOverride graphics: Graphics easeOut() : Number p: mx.controls.sliderClasses readUnsignedInt() : uint sequenceNumber: int k Object
SeriesInterpolate ■ name: String Shape() k Button readUnsignedShort() : uint status: String bufferTime: Number
p: mx.charts.effects target: Object Slider ■ xPosition: Number readUTF() : String SortInfo() checkPolicyFile: Boolean
k SeriesEffect value: SharedObject p: mx.controls.sliderClasses SliderThumb() readUTFBytes() : String SoundLoaderContext()
apply() : void p: k UIComponent Socket() Sound
SeriesInterpolateInstance ■ initialize() : void k EventDispatcher allowThumbOverlap: Boolean SliderThumbSkin ■ writeBoolean() : void p: SoundMixer
p: mx.charts.effects.effectClasses remove() : void client: Object allowTrackClick: Boolean p: mx.skins.halo writeByte() : void k EventDispatcher p:
k SeriesEffectInstance SetProperty() data: Object dataTipFormatFunction: Function k Border writeBytes() : void bytesLoaded: uint k Object
defaultObjectEncoding: uint direction: String drawThumbState() : void writeDouble() : void bytesTotal: int bufferTime: int
SeriesSlide ■ SetPropertyAction ■ fps: Number labels: Array SliderThumbSkin() writeFloat() : void id3: ID3Info soundTransform: SoundTransform
p: mx.charts.effects p: mx.effects objectEncoding: uint liveDragging: Boolean writeInt() : void isBuffering: Boolean areSoundsInaccessible() : Boolean
k SeriesEffect k Effect size: uint maximum: Number SliderTrackSkin ■ writeMultiByte() : void length: Number computeSpectrum() : void
direction: String name: String clear() : void minimum: Number p: mx.skins.halo writeObject() : void url: String stopAll() : void
initInstance() : void value: close() : void showDataTip: Boolean k Border
SeriesSlide() sliderDataTipClass: Class

44 45
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development SoundTransform – SubscriptionInfo

SoundTransform SQLConnection ● OPEN: String SQLTriggerSchema ● stageHeight: int StatusBar ■● StringUtil ■ StyleProxy ■
p: p: RESULT: String p: stageWidth: int p: mx.core.windowClasses p: mx.utils p: mx.styles
k Object k EventDispatcher ROLLBACK: String k SQLSchema tabChildren: Boolean k UIComponent k Object k Object
leftToLeft: Number autoCompact: Boolean SCHEMA: String table: String tabEnabled: Boolean status: String isWhitespace() : Boolean IStyleClient
leftToRight: Number cacheSize: uint clone() : Event SQLTriggerSchema() textSnapshot: TextSnapshot statusTextField: UITextField substitute() : String className: String
pan: Number columnNameStyle: String SQLEvent() width: Number StatusBar() trim() : String filterMap: Object
rightToLeft: Number connected: Boolean SQLUpdateEvent ● addChild() : DisplayObject trimArrayElements() : String inheritingStyles: Object
rightToRight: Number inTransaction: Boolean SQLIndexSchema ● p: addChildAt() : DisplayObject StatusBarBackgroundSkin ■● nonInheritingStyles: Object
volume: Number lastInsertRowID: Number p: k Event addEventListener() : void p: mx.skins.halo StringValidator ■ source: IStyleClient
SoundTransform() pageSize: uint k SQLSchema DELETE: String assignFocus() : void k ProgrammaticSkin p: mx.validators styleDeclaration: CSSStyleDeclaration
totalChanges: Number table: String INSERT: String dispatchEvent() : Boolean StatusBarBackgroundSkin() k Validator styleName: Object
Spacer ■ addEventListener() : void SQLIndexSchema() rowID: Number hasEventListener() : Boolean updateDisplayList() : void maxLength: Object clearStyle() : void
p: mx.controls analyze() : void table: String invalidate() : void minLength: Object getClassStyleDeclarations() : Array
k UIComponent attach() : void SQLMode ● UPDATE: String isFocusInaccessible() : Boolean StatusEvent tooLongError: String getStyle() : *
begin() : void p: clone() : Event removeChildAt() : DisplayObject p: tooShortError: String notifyStyleChangeInChildren() : void
SpreadMethod cancel() : void k Object SQLUpdateEvent( setChildIndex() : void k Event doValidation() : Array regenerateStyleCache() : void
p: flash.display close() : void CREATE: String swapChildrenAt() : void code: String StringValidator() registerEffects() : void
k Object commit() : void READ: String SQLViewSchema ● willTrigger() : Boolean level: String validateString() : Array setStyle() : void
PAD: String compact() : void UPDATE: String p: STATUS: String styleChanged() : void
REFLECT: String deanalyze() : void k SQLTableSchema StageAlign clone() : Event Stroke ■ StyleProxy()
REPEAT: String detach() : void SQLResult ● p: flash.display StatusEvent() p:
getSchemaResult() : SQLSchemaResult p: StackedSeries ■ k Object toString() : String k EventDispatcher StyleSheet
Sprite loadSchema() : void k Object p: mx.charts.chartClasses BOTTOM: String IStroke p: flash.text
p: flash.display open() : void complete: Boolean k Series BOTTOM_LEFT: String StreamingAMFChannel ■ alpha: Number k EventDispatcher
k DisplayObjectContainer openAsync() : void data: Array allowNegativeForStacked: Boolean BOTTOM_RIGHT: String p: mx.messaging.channels caps: String styleNames: Array
buttonMode: Boolean removeEventListener() : void lastInsertRowID: Number horizontalAxis: IAxis LEFT: String k AMFChannel color: uint clear() : void
dropTarget: DisplayObject rollback() : void rowsAffected: Number negTotalsByPrimaryAxis: Dictionary RIGHT: String StreamingAMFChannel() joints: String getStyle() : Object
graphics: Graphics SQLConnection() SQLResult() posTotalsByPrimaryAxis: Dictionary TOP: String poll():void miterLimit: Number parseCSS() : void
hitArea: Sprite series: Array TOP_LEFT: String pixelHinting: Boolean setStyle() : void
soundTransform: SoundTransform SQLError ● SQLSchema ● stackedMaximum: Number TOP_RIGHT: String StreamingConnectionHandler ■ scaleMode: String StyleSheet()
useHandCursor: Boolean p: flash.errors p: stackedMinimum: Number p: mx.messaging.channels weight: Number transform() : TextFormat
Sprite() kError k Object type: String StageDisplayState k EventDispatcher apply() : void
startDrag() : void details: String database: String verticalAxis: IAxis p: flash.display channel:Channel Stroke() SumAggregator ■
stopDrag() : void operation: String name: String buildSubSeries() : void k Object chunkBuffer:ByteArray p: mx.olap.aggregators
SQLError() : void sql: String customizeSeries() : void FULL_SCREEN: String dataBytesToRead:int StyleEvent ■ k Object
SpriteAsset ■ toString() : String SQLSchema() formatDataTip() : String FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE: String dataOffset:int p: IOLAPCustomAggregator
p: mx.core invalidateSeries() : void NORMAL: String DISCONNECT_CODE : String = “discon- k ProgressEvent computeBegin() : Object
k FlexSprite SQLErrorEvent ● SQLSchemaResult ● invalidateStacking() : void nect” COMPLETE: String computeEnd() : Number
IFlexAsset p: p: stack() : void StageQuality StreamingConnectionHandler() ERROR: String computeLoop() : void
IFlexDisplayObject k ErrorEvent k Object StackedSeries() p: flash.display closeStreamingConnection():void errorText: String computeObjectBegin() : Object
IBorder ERROR: String indices: Array updateStacking() : void k Object openStreamingConnection():void PROGRESS: String computeObjectEnd() : Number
borderMetrics: EdgeMetrics error: SQLError tables: Array BEST: String StyleEvent() computeObjectLoop() : voi
measuredHeight: Number clone() : Event triggers: Array StackFrame HIGH: String StreamingHTTPChannel ■
measuredWidth: Number SQLErrorEvent() views: Array p: flash.sampler LOW: String p: mx.messaging.channels StyleManager ■ SummaryField ■
move() : void toString() : String SQLSchemaResult() k Object MEDIUM: String k HTTPChannel p: mx.styles p: mx.collections
setActualSize() : void file: String StreamingHTTPChannel() k Object k Object
SpriteAsset() SQLErrorOperation ● SQLStatement ● line: uint StageScaleMode poll():void NOT_A_COLOR: uint dataField: String
p: flash.errors p: name: String p: flash.display selectors: Array label: String
SQLCollationType ● kObject k EventDispatcher toString() : String k Object String clearStyleDeclaration() : void operation: String
p: ANALYZE: String executing: Boolean EXACT_FIT: String p: Top Level getColorName() : uint summaryFunction: Function
k Object ATTACH: String itemClass: Class StackOverflowError NO_BORDER: String k Object getColorNames() : void SummaryField()
BINARY: String BEGIN: String parameters: Object p: flash.errors NO_SCALE: String length: int getStyleDeclaration() : CSSStyleDecla-
NO_CASE: String CLOSE: String sqlConnection: SQLConnection k Error SHOW_ALL: String charAt() : String ration SummaryObject ■
COMMIT: String text: String StackOverflowError() : void charCodeAt() : Number isColorName() : Boolean p: mx.collections
SQLColumnNameStyle ● COMPACT: String cancel() : void State ■ concat() : String isInheritingStyle() : Boolean k Object
p: DEANALYZE: String clearParameters() : void Stage p: mx.states fromCharCode() : String isInheritingTextFormatStyle() : Boolean
k Object DETACH: String execute() : void p: flash.display k EventDispatcher indexOf() : int isParentDisplayListInvalidatingStyle() SummaryRow ■
DEFAULT: String EXECUTE: String getResult() : SQLResult k DisplayObjectContainer basedOn: String lastIndexOf() : int : Boolean p: mx.collections
LONG: String OPEN: String next() : void align: String name: String localeCompare() : int isParentSizeInvalidatingStyle() : k Object
SHORT: String ROLLBACK: String SQLStatement() cacheAsBitmap: Boolean overrides: Array match() : Array Boolean fields: Array
SCHEMA: String displayState: String State() : void replace() : String isSizeInvalidatingStyle() : Boolean summaryObjectFunction: Function
SQLColumnSchema ● SQLTableSchema ● focus: InteractiveObject search() : int isValidStyleValue() : Boolean summaryPlacement: String
p: SQLEvent ● p: frameRate: Number StateChangeEvent ■ slice() : String loadStyleDeclarations() : IEventDis- SummaryRow()
k Object p: k SQLSchema fullScreenHeight: uint p: split() : Array patcher
allowNull: Boolean k Event columns: Array fullScreenSourceRect: Rectangle k Event String() registerColorName() : void SubscriptionInfo ■
autoIncrement: Boolean ANALYZE: String SQLTableSchema() fullScreenWidth: uint CURRENT_STATE_CHANGE: String substr() : String registerInheritingStyle() : void p: mx.messaging
dataType: String ATTACH: String height: Number CURRENT_STATE_CHANGING: String substring() : String registerParentDisplayListInvalidating- k Object
defaultCollationType: String BEGIN: String SQLTransactionLockType ● mouseChildren: Boolean newState: String toLocaleLowerCase() : String Style() : void selector:String
name: String CANCEL: String p: nativeWindow: NativeWindow oldState: String toLocaleUpperCase() : String registerParentSizeInvalidatingStyle() subtopic:String
primaryKey: Boolean CLOSE: String k Object numChildren: int StateChangeEvent() toLowerCase() : String : void SubscriptionInfo()
SQLColumnSchema() COMMIT: String DEFERRED: String quality: String toUpperCase() : String registerSizeInvalidatingStyle() : void
COMPACT: String EXCLUSIVE: String scaleMode: String StaticText valueOf() : String setStyleDeclaration() : void
DEANALYZE: String IMMEDIATE: String showDefaultContextMenu: Boolean p: flash.text unloadStyleDeclarations() : void
DETACH: String stageFocusRect: Boolean k DisplayObject
text: String

46 47
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development SwatchPanelSkin – ToggleButtonBar

SwatchPanelSkin ■ exit() : void measure() : void TextDisplayMode setSelection() : void IListItemRenderer TextSelectionEvent ■ TileListItemRenderer ■
p: mx.skins.halo gc() : void TabNavigator() p: flash.text setTextFormat() : void IFontContextComponent p: p: mx.controls.listClasses
k Border pause() : void updateDisplayList() : void k Object TextField() condenseWhite: Boolean k Event k UIComponent
resume() : void CRT: String data: Object beginIndex:int data: Object
SwatchSkin ■ setClipboard() : void TabNavigatorAutomationImpl ■ DEFAULT: String TextFieldAsset ■ displayAsPassword: Boolean endIndex:int icon: IFlexDisplayObject
p: mx.skins.halo p: mx.automation.delegates. LCD: String p: mx.core editable: Boolean TEXT_SELECTION_CHANGE : String = label: IUITextField
k UIComponent SystemManager ■ containers k FlexTextField fontContext: IFlexModuleFactory “textSelectionChange” listData: BaseListData
p: mx.managers kViewStackAutomationImpl TextEvent IFlexAsset horizontalScrollPosition: Number TextSelectionEvent() TileListItemRenderer()
SWFLoader ■ k MovieClip componentInitialized() : void p: IFlexDisplayObject htmlText: String toolTipShowHandler() : void
p: mx.controls IChildList init() : void k Event measuredHeight: Number imeMode: String TextSnapshot
k UIComponent IFlexDisplayObject replayAutomatableEvent() : Boolean LINK: String measuredWidth: Number length: int p: flash.text TileListItemRendererAutomation
autoLoad: Boolean IFlexModuleFactory TabNavigatorAutomationImpl() text: String move() : void listData: BaseListData k Object Impl ■
bytesLoaded: Number ISystemManager TEXT_INPUT: String setActualSize() : void maxChars: int charCount: int p: mx.automation.delegates.
bytesTotal: Number application: IUIComponent TabSkin ■ clone() : Event TextFieldAsset() restrict: String findText() : int controls
content: DisplayObject cursorChildren: IChildList p: mx.skins.halo TextEvent() selectionBeginIndex: int getSelected() : Boolean k UIComponentAutomationImpl
contentHeight: Number document: Object k Border toString() : String TextFieldAutomationHelper ■ selectionEndIndex: int getSelectedText() : String IDataRenderer
contentWidth: Number embeddedFontList: Object p: mx.automation.delegates text: String getText() : String IDropInListItemRenderer
loaderContext: LoaderContext explicitHeight: Number Text ■ TextField k Object textField: IUITextField getTextRunInfo() : Array IListItemRenderer
maintainAspectRatio: Boolean explicitWidth: Number p: mx.controls k InteractiveObject TextFieldAutomationHelper() textHeight: Number hitTestTextNearPos() : Number IFontContextComponent
percentLoaded: Number focusPane: Sprite kLabel p: flash.text recordAutomatableEvent():void textWidth: Number setSelectColor() : void init() : void
scaleContent: Boolean height: Number commitProperties() : void alwaysShowSelection: Boolean replayAutomatableEvent():void createBorder() : void setSelected() : void TileListItemRendererAutomationImpl()
showBusyCursor: Boolean measuredHeight: Number Text() antiAliasType: String getLineMetrics() : TextLineMetrics
source: Object measuredWidth: Number autoSize: String TextFieldAutoSize setSelection() : void Tile ■ Timer
trustContent: Boolean numChildren: int TextArea ■ background: Boolean p: flash.text TextInput() p: mx.containerss p: flash.utils
load() : void numModalWindows: int p: mx.controls backgroundColor: uint k Object k Container k EventDispatcher
SWFLoader() popUpChildren: IChildList k ScrollControlBase border: Boolean CENTER: String TextInputAutomationImpl ■ direction: String currentCount: int
preloaderBackgroundAlpha: Number IDataRenderer borderColor: uint LEFT: String p: mx.automation.delegates. tileHeight: Number delay: Number
SWFLoaderAutomationImpl ■ preloaderBackgroundColor: uint IDropInListItemRenderer bottomScrollV: int NONE: String controls tileWidth: Number repeatCount: int
p: mx.automation.delegates. preloaderBackgroundImage: Object IFocusManagerComponent, IIME- caretIndex: int RIGHT: String k UIComponentAutomationImpl measure() : void running: Boolean
controls preloaderBackgroundSize: String Support condenseWhite: Boolean componentInitialized() : void Tile() reset() : void
k UIComponentAutomationImpl rawChildren: IChildList IListItemRenderer contextMenu: NativeMenu TextFieldType init() : void updateDisplayList() : void start() : void
init() : void screen: Rectangle IFontContextComponent defaultTextFormat: TextFormat p: flash.text TextInputAutomationImpl() stop() : void
SWFLoaderAutomationImpl() toolTipChildren: IChildList condenseWhite: Boolean displayAsPassword: Boolean k Object TileBase● Timer()
topLevelSystemManager: ISystem- data: Object embedFonts: Boolean DYNAMIC: String TextLineMetrics p: mx.controls.listClasses
SWFVersion Manager displayAsPassword: Boolean gridFitType: String INPUT: String p: flash.text k ListBase TimerEvent
p: flash.display width: Number editable: Boolean htmlText: String k Object direction: String p:
k Object activate() : void horizontalScrollPolicy: String length: int TextFormat ascent: Number maxColumns: int k Event
FLASH1: uint addFocusManager() : void horizontalScrollPosition: Number maxChars: int p: flash.text descent: Number maxRows: int TIMER: String
FLASH2: uint create() : Object htmlText: String maxScrollH: int k Object height: Number measuringObjects: Dictionary TIMER_COMPLETE: String
FLASH3: uint deactivate() : void imeMode: String maxScrollV: int align: String leading: Number adjustListContent() : void clone() : Event
FLASH4: uint getDefinitionByName() : Object length: int mouseWheelEnabled: Boolean blockIndent: Object width: Number createItemRenderer() : IListItemRen- TimerEvent()
FLASH5: uint getExplicitOrMeasuredHeight() : listData: BaseListData multiline: Boolean bold: Object x: Number derer toString() : String
FLASH6: uint Number maxChars: int numLines: int bullet: Object TextLineMetrics() drawTileBackground() : DisplayObject updateAfterEvent() : void
FLASH7: uint getExplicitOrMeasuredWidth() : restrict: String restrict: String color: Object drawTileBackgrounds() : void
FLASH8: uint Number selectable: Boolean scrollH: int font: String TextRange ■ makeListData() : BaseListData TitleBackground ■
FLASH9: uint getSWFRoot() : DisplayObject selectionBeginIndex: int scrollV: int indent: Object p: mx.controls.textClasses scrollHorizontally() : void p: mx.skins.halo
isFontFaceEmbedded() : Boolean selectionEndIndex: int selectable: Boolean italic: Object k Object TileBase() k ProgrammaticSkin
SwitchSymbolFormatter ■ isTopLevel() : Boolean styleSheet: StyleSheet selectionBeginIndex: int kerning: Object beginIndex: int
p: mx.flash isTopLevelWindow() : Boolean text: String selectionEndIndex: int leading: Object bullet: Boolean TileBaseAutomationImpl ■ TitleBar ■●
k Object move() : void textField: IUITextField sharpness: Number leftMargin: Object color: Object p: mx.automation.delegates. p: mx.core.windowClasses
formatValue() : String removeFocusManager() : void textHeight: Number styleSheet: StyleSheet letterSpacing: Object endIndex: int controls k UIComponent
SwitchSymbolFormatter() setActualSize() : void textWidth: Number text: String rightMargin: Object fontFamily: String k ListBaseAutomationImpl closeButton: Button
SystemManager() verticalScrollPolicy: String textColor: uint size: Object fontSize: int automationTabularData: Object maximizeButton: Button
SyncEvent verticalScrollPosition: Number textHeight: Number tabStops: Array fontStyle: String init() : void minimizeButton: Button
p: SystemTrayIcon ● wordWrap: Boolean textWidth: Number target: String fontWeight: String TileBaseAutomationImpl() title: String
k Event p: flash.desktop getLineMetrics() : TextLineMetrics thickness: Number underline: Object htmlText: String titleIcon: Class
changeList: Array k InteractiveIcon setSelection() : void type: String url: String kerning: Boolean TileBaseDirection ■ titleTextField: UITextField
SYNC: String bitmaps: Array TextArea() useRichTextClipboard: Boolean TextFormat() letterSpacing: Number p: mx.controls.listClasses doubleClickHandler() : void
clone() : Event height: int wordWrap: Boolean modifiesSelection: Boolean k Object placeButtons() : void
SyncEvent() MAX_TIP_LENGTH: Number TextAreaAutomationImpl ■ appendText() : void TextFormatAlign owner: UIComponent HORIZONTAL: String placeTitle() : void
toString() : String menu: NativeMenu p: mx.automation.delegates. getCharBoundaries() : Rectangle p: flash.text text: String VERTICAL: String styleChanged() : void
tooltip: String controls getCharIndexAtPoint() : int k Object textAlign: String TitleBar()
SyntaxError width: int k ScrollControlBaseAutomation- getFirstCharInParagraph() : int CENTER: String textDecoration: String TileDirection ■
p: Top Level Impl getImageReference() : DisplayObject JUSTIFY: String url: String p: mx.containers TitleWindow ■
k Error TabBar ■ init() : void getLineIndexAtPoint() : int LEFT: String TextRange() k Object p: mx.containers
SyntaxError() p: mx.controls TextAreaAutomationImpl() getLineIndexOfChar() : int RIGHT: String HORIZONTAL: String k Panel
k ToggleButtonBar getLineLength() : int TextRenderer VERTICAL: String showCloseButton: Boolean
System TextColorType getLineMetrics() : TextLineMetrics TextInput ■ p: flash.text TitleWindow()
p: flash.system TabNavigator ■ p: flash.text getLineOffset() : int p: mx.controls k Object TileList ■
k Object p: mx.containers k Object getLineText() : String k UIComponent displayMode: String p: mx.controls ToggleButtonBar ■
ime: IME kViewStack DARK_COLOR: String getParagraphLength() : int IDataRenderer maxLevel: int k TileBase p: mx.controls
totalMemory: uint IFocusManagerComponent LIGHT_COLOR: String getTextFormat() : TextFormat IDropInListItemRenderer setAdvancedAntiAliasingTable() : void selectedIndex: int k ButtonBar
useCodePage: Boolean tabBar: TabBar replaceSelectedText() : void IFocusManagerComponent toggleOnClick: Boolean
tabBarStyleFilters: Object replaceText() : void IIMESupport ToggleButtonBar() : void UIComponent
getTabAt() : Button

48 49
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development ToggleButtonBarAutomationImpl – UITextField

ToggleButtonBarAutomation Transition ■ TreeListData ■ IInvalidating parentDocument: Object invalidateDisplayList() : void isUID() : Boolean getAutomationChildAt() : IAutoma-
Impl ■ p: mx.states p: mx.controls.treeClasses ILayoutManagerClient percentHeight: Number invalidateProperties() : void toByteArray() : ByteArray tionObject
p: mx.automation.delegates. k Object k BaseListData IPropertyChangeNotifier percentWidth: Number invalidateSize() : void getConstraintValue() : *
controls effect: IEffect depth: int IRepeaterClient processedDescriptors: Boolean isOurFocus() : Boolean UIMovieClip ■ getExplicitOrMeasuredHeight() :
k ButtonBarAutomationImpl fromState: String disclosureIcon: Class ISimpleStyleClient repeater: IRepeater keyDownHandler() : void p: mx.flash Number
init() : void toState: String hasChildren: Boolean IStyleClient repeaterIndex: int keyUpHandler() : void k MovieClip getExplicitOrMeasuredWidth() :
ToggleButtonBarAutomationImpl() Transition() : void icon: Class IToolTipManagerClient repeaterIndices: Array localToContent() : Point IDeferredInstantiationUIComponent Number
indent: int IUIComponent repeaters: Array measure() : void IToolTipManagerClient initialize() : void
ToolTip ■ Tree ■ item: Object IValidatorListener resourceManager: IResourceManager measureHTMLText() : TextLineMetrics IStateClient move() : void
k UIComponent p: mx.controls open: Boolean IStateClient scaleX: Number measureText() : TextLineMetrics IFocusManagerComponent notifySizeChanged() : void
p: mx.controls kList TreeListData() IConstraintClient scaleY: Number move() : void IConstraintClient owns() : Boolean
IToolTip IIMESupport activeEffects: Array screen: Rectangle notifyStyleChangeInChildren() : void IAutomationObject parentChanged() : void
IFontContextComponent dataDescriptor: ITreeDataDescriptor TriangleItemRenderer ■ automationDelegate: Object showInAutomationHierarchy: Boolean owns() : Boolean automationDelegate: Object registerEffects() : void
maxWidth: Number dataProvider: Object p: mx.charts.renderers automationName: String states: Array parentChanged() : void automationName: String replayAutomatableEvent() : Boolean
text: String dragMoveEnabled: Boolean k ProgrammaticSkin automationTabularData: Object styleDeclaration: CSSStyleDeclaration prepareToPrint() : Object automationTabularData: Object resolveAutomationIDPart() : Array
textField: IUITextField firstVisibleItem: Object IDataRenderer automationValue: Array styleName: Object regenerateStyleCache() : void automationValue: Array setActualSize() : void
ToolTip() hasRoot: Boolean data: Object baselinePosition: Number systemManager: ISystemManager registerEffects() : void baseline: * setConstraintValue() : void
itemIcons: Object TriangleItemRenderer() cacheHeuristic: Boolean toolTip: String replayAutomatableEvent() : Boolean baselinePosition: Number setFocus() : void
ToolTipAutomationImpl ■ maxHorizontalScrollPosition: Number cachePolicy: String transitions: Array resolveAutomationIDPart() : Array bottom: * setVisible() : void
p: mx.automation.delegates. openItems: Object Tween ■ className: String tweeningProperties: Array resourcesChanged() : void boundingBoxName: String UIMovieClip()
controls showRoot: Boolean p: mx.effects contentMouseX: Number uid: String resumeBackgroundProcessing() : void bounds: Rectangle
k UIComponentAutomationImpl dragCompleteHandler() : void k EventDispatcher contentMouseY: Number unscaledHeight: Number setActualSize() : void cacheHeuristic: Boolean UIMovieClipAutomationImpl ■
init() : void dragDropHandler() : void duration: Number currentState: String unscaledWidth: Number setConstraintValue() : void cachePolicy: String p: mx.automation.delegates.
ToolTipAutomationImpl() expandChildrenOf() : void easingFunction: Function cursorManager: updateCompletePendingFlag: Boolean setCurrentState() : void currentState: String flashflexkit
expandItem() : void listener: Object DEFAULT_MAX_HEIGHT: Number validationSubField: String setFocus() : void descriptor: UIComponentDescriptor k EventDispatcher
ToolTipBorder ■ getParentItem() : * endTween() : void DEFAULT_MAX_WIDTH: Number visible: Boolean setStyle() : void document: Object IAutomationObject
p: mx.skins.halo initListData() : void pause() : void DEFAULT_MEASURED_HEIGHT: width: Number setVisible() : void explicitHeight: Number automationName:String
k RectangularBorder isItemOpen() : Boolean resume() : void Number x: Number styleChanged() : void explicitMaxHeight: Number automationValue:Array
makeListData() : BaseListData reverse() : void DEFAULT_MEASURED_MIN_HEIGHT: y: Number stylesInitialized() : void explicitMaxWidth: Number movieClip:UIMovieClip
ToolTipEvent ■ setItemIcon() : void seek() : void Number adjustFocusRect() : void suspendBackgroundProcessing() : void explicitMinHeight: Number UIMovieClipAutomationImpl()
p: Tree() setTweenHandlers() : void DEFAULT_MEASURED_MIN_WIDTH: attachOverlay() : void UIComponent() explicitMinWidth: Number getLocalPoint():Point
k Event stop() : void Number callLater() : void updateDisplayList() : void explicitWidth: Number init():void
TOOL_TIP_CREATE: String TreeAutomationImpl ■ Tween() DEFAULT_MEASURED_WIDTH: childrenCreated() : void validateDisplayList() : void focusEnabled: Boolean isDragEventPositionBased():Boolean
TOOL_TIP_END: String p: mx.automation.delegates. Number clearStyle() : void validateNow() : void focusPane: Sprite
TOOL_TIP_HIDE: String controls TweenEffect ■ descriptor: UIComponentDescriptor commitProperties() : void validateProperties() : void height: Number uint
TOOL_TIP_SHOW: String k ListAutomationImpl p: mx.effects document: Object contentToGlobal() : Point validateSize() : void horizontalCenter: * p: Top Level
TOOL_TIP_SHOWN: String automationTabularData: Object k Effect doubleClickEnabled: Boolean contentToLocal() : Point validationResultHandler() : void id: String k Object
TOOL_TIP_START: String init() : void easingFunction: Function enabled: Boolean createAutomationIDPart() : Object verticalGradientMatrix() : Matrix includeInLayout: Boolean MAX_VALUE: uint
toolTip: IToolTip TreeAutomationImpl() TweenEffect() errorString: String createChildren() : void initialized: Boolean MIN_VALUE: uint
ToolTipEvent() tweenEventHandler() : void explicitHeight: Number createInFontContext() : Object UIComponentAutomationImpl ■ isPopUp: Boolean toExponential() : String
TreeEvent ■ explicitMaxHeight: Number createInModuleContext() : Object p: mx.automation.delegates.core left: * toFixed() : String
ToolTipManager ■ p: TweenEffectInstance ■ explicitMaxWidth: Number createReferenceOnParentDocument() k EventDispatcher maxHeight: Number toPrecision() : String
p: mx.managers k Event p: mx.effects.effectClasses explicitMinHeight: Number : void IAutomationObject maxWidth: Number toString() : String
k EventDispatcher animate: Boolean k EffectInstance ■ explicitMinWidth: Number deleteReferenceOnParentDocument() automationName: String measuredHeight: Number uint()
currentTarget: DisplayObject dispatchEvent: Boolean easingFunction: Function explicitWidth: Number : void automationValue: Array measuredMinHeight: Number valueOf() : uint
currentToolTip: IToolTip item: Object playheadTime: Number flexContextMenu: IFlexContextMenu determineTextFormatFromStyles() : uiAutomationObject: IAutomation- measuredMinWidth: Number
enabled: Boolean ITEM_CLOSE: String tween: Tween focusEnabled: Boolean UITextFormat Object measuredWidth: Number UITextField ■
hideDelay: Number ITEM_OPEN: String createTween() : Tween focusManager: IFocusManager dispatchEvent() : Boolean uiComponent: DisplayObject minHeight: Number p: mx.core
hideEffect: IAbstractEffect ITEM_OPENING: String end() : void focusPane: Sprite drawFocus() : void addLayoutCompleteSynchronization() minWidth: Number k FlexTextField
scrubDelay: Number itemRenderer: IListItemRenderer onTweenEnd() : void height: Number drawRoundRect() : void : void mouseFocusEnabled: Boolean IAutomationObject
showDelay: Number opening: Boolean onTweenUpdate() : void id: String effectFinished() : void componentInitialized() : void numAutomationChildren: int IIMESupport
showEffect: IAbstractEffect triggerEvent: Event seek() : void includeInLayout: Boolean effectStarted() : void init() : void owner: DisplayObjectContainer IFlexModule
toolTipClass: Class TreeEvent() TweenEffectInstance() inheritingStyles: Object endEffectsStarted() : void UIComponentAutomationImpl() parentDocument: Object IInvalidating
createToolTip() : IToolTip initialized: Boolean executeBindings() : void percentHeight: Number ISimpleStyleClient
destroyToolTip() : void TreeItemRenderer ■ TweenEvent ■ instanceIndex: int finishPrint() : void UIComponentCachePolicy ■ percentWidth: Number IToolTipManagerClient
p: mx.controls.treeClasses p: instanceIndices: Array focusInHandler() : void p: mx.core right: * IUITextField
TraceTarget ■ k UIComponent k Event isDocument: Boolean focusOutHandler() : void k Object showInAutomationHierarchy: Boolean automationDelegate: Object
p: mx.logging.targets data: Object TWEEN_END: String isPopUp: Boolean getAutomationChildAt() : IAutoma- AUTO: String systemManager: ISystemManager automationName: String
k LineFormattedTarget disclosureIcon: IFlexDisplayObject TWEEN_START: String maxHeight: Number tionObject OFF: String toolTip: String automationValue: Array
icon: IFlexDisplayObject TWEEN_UPDATE: String maxWidth: Number getClassStyleDeclarations() : Array ON: String top: * baselinePosition: Number
Transform label: IUITextField value: Object measuredHeight: Number getConstraintValue() : * tweeningProperties: Array className: String
p: flash.geom listData: BaseListData TweenEvent() measuredMinHeight: Number getExplicitOrMeasuredHeight() : UIComponentDescriptor ■ verticalCenter: * document: Object
k Object TreeItemRenderer() measuredMinWidth: Number Number p: mx.core width: Number enabled: Boolean
colorTransform: ColorTransform TypeError measuredWidth: Number getExplicitOrMeasuredWidth() : kComponentDescriptor createAutomationIDPart() : Object explicitHeight: Number
concatenatedColorTransform: Color- TreeItemRendererAutomation p: Top Level minHeight: Number Number effects: Array createReferenceOnParentDocument() explicitMaxHeight: Number
Transform Impl ■ k Error minWidth: Number getFocus() : InteractiveObject stylesFactory: Function : void explicitMaxWidth: Number
concatenatedMatrix: Matrix p: mx.automation.delegates. TypeError() moduleFactory: IFlexModuleFactory getRepeaterItem() : Object UIComponentDescriptor() deleteReferenceOnParentDocument() explicitMinHeight: Number
matrix: Matrix controls mouseFocusEnabled: Boolean getStyle() : * : void explicitMinWidth: Number
pixelBounds: Rectangle k UIComponentAutomationImpl UIComponent ■ nestLevel: int globalToContent() : Point UIDUtil ■ drawFocus() : void explicitWidth: Number
IDataRenderer p: mx.core nonInheritingStyles: Object horizontalGradientMatrix() : Matrix p: mx.utils enterFrameHandler() : void focusPane: Sprite
IDropInListItemRenderer k FlexSprite numAutomationChildren: int initializationComplete() : void k Object executeBindings() : void ignorePadding: Boolean
IListItemRenderer IAutomationObject owner: DisplayObjectContainer initialize() : void createUID() : String findFocusCandidates() : void imeMode: String
IFontContextComponent IChildList parent: DisplayObjectContainer initializeAccessibility() : void fromByteArray() : String focusInHandler() : void includeInLayout: Boolean
init() : void IDeferredInstantiationUIComponent parentApplication: Object initializeRepeaterArrays() : void getUID() : String inheritingStyles: Object
TreeItemRendererAutomationImpl() IFlexDisplayObject

50 51
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development UITextFieldAutomationImpl – WindowMinimizeButtonSkin

initialized: Boolean UnconstrainItemActionInstance URLRequestHeader isError: Boolean autoRewind: Boolean state: String WedgeItemRenderer ■ menu: FlexNativeMenu
isPopUp: Boolean ■ p: subField: String border: IFlexDisplayObject STATE_CHANGE: String p: mx.charts.renderers minHeight: Number
maxHeight: Number p: mx.effects.effectClasses k Object ValidationResult() : void borderMetrics: EdgeMetrics stateResponsive: Boolean k ProgrammaticSkin minimizable: Boolean
maxWidth: Number k ActionEffectInstance name: String bufferTime: Number STOPPED: String IDataRenderer minWidth: Number
measuredHeight: Number effectHost: ListBase value: String ValidationResultEvent ■ bytesLoaded: int VideoEvent() data: Object nativeApplication: NativeApplication
measuredMinHeight: Number UnconstrainItemActionInstance() URLRequestHeader() p: bytesTotal: int WedgeItemRenderer() nativeWindow: NativeWindow
measuredMinWidth: Number k Event cuePointManager: Object ViewStack ■ resizable: Boolean
measuredWidth: Number Updater ● URLRequestMethod field: String cuePointManagerClass: Class p: mx.containers Window ■● showGripper: Boolean
minHeight: Number p:flash.desktop p: INVALID: String cuePoints: Array k Container p: mx.core showStatusBar: Boolean
minWidth: Number k Object k Object message: String idleTimeout: int IHistoryManagerClient kLayoutContainer showTitleBar: Boolean
moduleFactory: IFlexModuleFactory update() : void DELETE: String results: Array live: Boolean contentHeight: Number IWindow status: String
nestLevel: int Updater() GET: String VALID: String maintainAspectRatio: Boolean contentWidth: Number alwaysInFront: Boolean statusBar: UIComponent
nonInheritingStyles: Object HEAD: String ValidationResultEvent() : void metadata: Object contentX: Number closed: Boolean statusBarFactory: IFactory
nonZeroTextHeight: Number URIError OPTIONS: String playheadTime: Number contentY: Number controlBar: IUIComponent statusBarStyleFilters: Object
owner: DisplayObjectContainer p: Top Level POST: String Validator ■ playheadUpdateInterval: int historyManagementEnabled: Boolean cursorManager: systemChrome: String
parent: DisplayObjectContainer k Error PUT: String p: mx.validators playing: Boolean resizeToContent: Boolean maxHeight: Number systemTrayIconMenu: FlexNativeMenu
percentHeight: Number URIError() k EventDispatcher progressInterval: int selectedChild: Container maximizable: Boolean title: String
percentWidth: Number URLStream IMXMLObject source: String selectedIndex: int maxWidth: Number titleBar: UIComponent
processedDescriptors: Boolean URLLoader p: actualListeners: Array state: String commitSelectedIndex() : void menu: FlexNativeMenu titleBarFactory: IFactory
styleName: Object p: k EventDispatcher actualTrigger: IEventDispatcher stateResponsive: Boolean loadState() : void minHeight: Number titleBarStyleFilters: Object
systemManager: ISystemManager k EventDispatcher IDataInput DECIMAL_DIGITS: String totalTime: Number measure() : void minimizable: Boolean titleIcon: Class
toolTip: String bytesLoaded: uint bytesAvailable: uint enabled: Boolean videoHeight: int saveState() : Object minWidth: Number transparent: Boolean
tweeningProperties: Array bytesTotal: uint connected: Boolean listener: Object videoWidth: int updateDisplayList() : void nativeWindow: NativeWindow type: String
updateCompletePendingFlag: Boolean data: endian: String property: String volume: Number ViewStack() resizable: Boolean activate() : void
getExplicitOrMeasuredHeight() : dataFormat: String objectEncoding: uint required: Boolean attachCamera() : void showGripper: Boolean close() : void
Number close() : void close() : void requiredFieldError: String close() : void ViewStackAutomationImpl ■ showStatusBar: Boolean exit() : void
getExplicitOrMeasuredWidth() : load() : void load() : void resourceManager: IResourceManager createBorder() : void p: mx.automation.delegates. showTitleBar: Boolean maximize() : void
Number URLLoader() readBoolean() : Boolean ROMAN_LETTERS: String layoutChrome() : void containers status: String minimize() : void
getStyle() : * readByte() : int source: Object load() : void k ContainerAutomationImpl statusBar: UIComponent mouseDownHandler() : void
getTextStyles() : TextFormat URLLoaderDataFormat readBytes() : void subFields: Array pause() : void init() : void statusBarFactory: IFactory orderInBackOf() : Boolean
getUITextFormat() : UITextFormat p: readDouble() : Number trigger: IEventDispatcher play() : void ViewStackAutomationImpl() statusBarStyleFilters: Object orderInFrontOf() : Boolean
initialize() : void k Object readFloat() : Number triggerEvent: String stop() : void systemChrome: String orderToBack() : Boolean
invalidateDisplayList() : void BINARY: String readInt() : int addListenerHandler() : void VideoDisplay() VRule ■ title: String orderToFront() : Boolean
invalidateProperties() : void TEXT: String readMultiByte() : String doValidation() : Array p: mx.controls titleBar: UIComponent restore() : void
invalidateSize() : void VARIABLES: String readObject() : * getValueFromSource() : Object VideoDisplayAutomationImpl ■ k UIComponent titleBarFactory: IFactory WindowedApplication()
move() : void readShort() : int handleResults() : ValidationResultEvent p: mx.automation.delegates. titleBarStyleFilters: Object
owns() : Boolean URLMonitor ● readUnsignedByte() : uint initialized() : void controls VScrollBar ■ titleIcon: Class WindowedSystemManager ■●
parentChanged() : void p: readUnsignedInt() : uint isRealValue() : Boolean k UIComponentAutomationImpl p: mx.controls transparent: Boolean p: mx.managers
replayAutomatableEvent() : Boolean k ServiceMonitor readUnsignedShort() : uint removeListenerHandler() : void init() : void k ScrollBar type: String k MovieClip
setActualSize() : void acceptableStatuses: Array readUTF() : String resourcesChanged() : void VideoDisplayAutomationImpl() visible: Boolean ISystemManager
setColor() : void urlRequest: URLRequest readUTFBytes() : String validate() : ValidationResultEvent VSlider ■ activate() : void
setFocus() : void checkStatus() : void validateAll() : Array VideoError ■ p: mx.controls close() : void
setStyle() : void toString() : String URLUtil ■ Validator() : void p: mx.controls.videoClasses k Slider getWindow() : Window cursorChildren: IChildList
setVisible() : void URLMonitor() p: mx.utils k Error maximize() : void document: Object
styleChanged() : void k Object VBox ■ code: uint WebService ■ minimize() : void embeddedFontList: Object
truncateToFit() : Boolean URLRequest SERVER_NAME_TOKEN: String p: mx.containers DELETE_DEFAULT_PLAYER: uint p: mx.rpc.soap mouseDownHandler() : void focusPane: Sprite
UITextField() p: SERVER_PORT_TOKEN: String k Box ILLEGAL_CUE_POINT: uint k AbstractWebService open() : void height: Number
validateNow() : void k Object getFullURL() : String INVALID_CONTENT_PATH: uint DEFAULT_DESTINATION_HTTP: String orderInBackOf() : Boolean numModalWindows: int
authenticate: Boolean getPort() : uint VDividedBox ■ INVALID_SEEK: uint DEFAULT_DESTINATION_HTTPS: orderInFrontOf() : Boolean popUpChildren: IChildList
UITextFieldAutomationImpl ■ cacheResponse: Boolean getProtocol() : String p: mx.containers INVALID_XML: uint String orderToBack() : Boolean rawChildren: IChildList
p: mx.automation.delegates.core contentType: String getServerName() : String k DividedBox NO_BITRATE_MATCH: uint wsdl: String orderToFront() : Boolean screen: Rectangle
k Object data: Object getServerNameWithPort() : String NO_CONNECTION: uint canLoadWSDL() : Boolean restore() : void toolTipChildren: IChildList
IAutomationObject digest: String hasUnresolvableTokens() : Boolean VerifyError NO_CUE_POINT_MATCH: uint getOperation() : AbstractOperation Window() topLevelSystemManager: ISystem-
automationValue: Array followRedirects: Boolean isHttpsURL() : Boolean p: Top Level VideoError() initializeOperation() : void Manager
init() : void manageCookies: Boolean isHttpURL() : Boolean k Error loadWSDL() : void WindowBackground ■● width: Number
UITextFieldAutomationImpl() method: String objectToString() : String VerifyError() : void VideoEvent ■ toString() : String p: mx.skins.halo activate() : void
requestHeaders: Array replacePort() : String p: WebService() k ProgrammaticSkin addFocusManager() : void
UITextFormat ■ url: String replaceProtocol() : String Video k Event create() : Object
p: mx.core useCache: Boolean replaceTokens() : String p: BUFFERING: String WebService ■ WindowCloseButtonSkin ■● deactivate() : void
k TextFormat userAgent: String stringToObject() : Object k EventDispatcher CLOSE: String p: mx.rpc.soap.mxml p: mx.skins.halo getDefinitionByName() : Object
antiAliasType: String URLRequest() urisEqual() : Boolean deblocking: int COMPLETE: String k WebService k UIComponent isFontFaceEmbedded() : Boolean
gridFitType: String smoothing: Boolean CONNECTION_ERROR: String IMXMLSupport isTopLevel() : Boolean
moduleFactory: IFlexModuleFactory URLRequestDefaults ● URLVariables videoHeight: int DISCONNECTED: String IMXMLObject WindowedApplication ■● isTopLevelWindow() : Boolean
sharpness: Number p: p: videoWidth: int EXEC_QUEUED_CMD: String concurrency: String p: mx.core removeFocusManager() : void
thickness: Number k Object k Object attachCamera() : void LOADING: String serviceName: String kApplication WindowedSystemManager() :
measureHTMLText() : TextLineMetrics authenticate: Boolean decode() : void attachNetStream() : void PAUSED: String showBusyCursor: Boolean IWindow
measureText() : TextLineMetrics cacheResponse: Boolean toString() : String clear() : void PLAYHEAD_UPDATE: String getOperation() : AbstractOperation alwaysInFront: Boolean WindowMaximizeButtonSkin
UITextFormat() followRedirects: Boolean URLVariables() : void Video() : void playheadTime: Number initialized() : void applicationID: String ■●
manageCookies: Boolean PLAYING: String WebService() : void autoExit: Boolean p: mx.skins.halo
UnconstrainItemAction ■ useCache: Boolean ValidationResult ■ VideoDisplay ■ READY: String closed: Boolean k UIComponent
p: mx.effects userAgent: String p: mx.validators p: mx.controls RESIZING: String dockIconMenu: FlexNativeMenu
k Effect setLoginCredentialsForHost() : * k Object k UIComponent REWIND: String maxHeight: Number WindowMinimizeButtonSkin ■●
errorCode: String autoBandWidthDetection: Boolean REWINDING: String maximizable: Boolean p: mx.skins.halo
errorMessage: String autoPlay: Boolean SEEKING: String maxWidth: Number k UIComponent

52 53
Adobe technology platform / ActionScript™ Reference / Rich Internet Application Development WindowRestoreButtonSkin – ZoomInstance

WindowRestoreButtonSkin ■● name() : Object toString() : String ZipCodeFormatter ■

p: mx.skins.halo namespace() : * toXMLString() : String p: mx.flash
k UIComponent namespaceDeclarations() : Array XMLListCollection() k Formatter
nodeKind() : String formatString: String
WipeDown ■ normalize() : XML XMLNode format() : String
p: mx.effects parent() : * p: flash.xml ZipCodeFormatter()
k MaskEffect prependChild() : XML k Object
processingInstructions() : XMLList attributes: Object ZipCodeValidator ■
WipeDownInstance ■ propertyIsEnumerable() : Boolean childNodes: Array p: mx.validators
p: mx.effects.effectClasses removeNamespace() : XML firstChild: XMLNode k Validator
k MaskEffectInstance replace() : XML lastChild: XMLNode allowedFormatChars: String
setChildren() : XML localName: String domain: String
WipeLeft ■ setLocalName() : void namespaceURI: String invalidCharError: String
p: mx.effects setName() : void nextSibling: XMLNode invalidDomainError: String
k MaskEffect setNamespace() : void nodeName: String wrongCAFormatError: String
setSettings() : void nodeType: uint wrongLengthError: String
WipeLeftInstance ■ settings() : Object nodeValue: String wrongUSFormatError: String
p: mx.effects.effectClasses text() : XMLList parentNode: XMLNode doValidation() : Array
k MaskEffectInstance toString() : String prefix: String validateZipCode() : Array
toXMLString() : String previousSibling: XMLNode ZipCodeValidator()
WipeRight ■ valueOf() : XML appendChild() : void
p: mx.effects XML() cloneNode() : XMLNode ZipCodeValidatorDomainType ■
k MaskEffect getNamespaceForPrefix() : String p: mx.validators
XMLDocument getPrefixForNamespace() : String k Object
WipeRightInstance ■ p: flash.xml hasChildNodes() : Boolean US_ONLY: String
p: mx.effects.effectClasses k Object insertBefore() : void US_OR_CANADA: String
k MaskEffectInstance docTypeDecl: Object removeNode() : void
idMap: Object toString() : String Zoom ■
WipeUp ■ ignoreWhite: Boolean XMLNode() p: mx.effects
p: mx.effects xmlDecl: Object k TweenEffect
k MaskEffect createElement() : XMLNode XMLNodeType captureRollEvents: Boolean
createTextNode() : XMLNode p: flash.xml originX: Number
WipeUpInstance ■ parseXML() : void k Object originY: Number
p: mx.effects.effectClasses toString() : String ELEMENT_NODE: uint zoomHeightFrom: Number
k MaskEffectInstance XMLDocument() TEXT_NODE: uint zoomHeightTo: Number
zoomWidthFrom: Number
WSDLBinding ■ XMLList XMLSignatureValidator ● zoomWidthTo: Number
p: mx.rpc.wsdl p: Top Level p: Zoom()
k Object k Object k EventDispatcher
name: String attribute() : XMLList digestStatus: String ZoomInstance ■
portType: attributes() : XMLList identityStatus: String p: mx.effects.effectClasses
style: String child() : XMLList referencesStatus: String k TweenEffectInstance
transport: String children() : XMLList revocationCheckSetting: String captureRollEvents: Boolean
WSDLBinding() comments() : XMLList signerCN: String originX: Number
contains() : Boolean signerDN: String originY: Number
XML copy() : XMLList signerExtendedKeyUsages: Array zoomHeightFrom: Number
p: Top Level descendants() : XMLList signerTrustSettings: Array zoomHeightTo: Number
k Object elements() : XMLList uriDereferencer: URIDereferencer zoomWidthFrom: Number
ignoreComments: Boolean hasComplexContent() : Boolean useSystemTrustStore: Boolean zoomWidthTo: Number
ignoreProcessingInstructions: Boolean hasOwnProperty() : Boolean validityStatus: String ZoomInstance()
ignoreWhitespace: Boolean hasSimpleContent() : Boolean addCertificate() : *
prettyIndent: int length() : int verify() : void
prettyPrinting: Boolean normalize() : XMLList XMLSignatureValidator()
addNamespace() : XML parent() : Object
appendChild() : XML processingInstructions() : XMLList XMLSocket
attribute() : XMLList propertyIsEnumerable() : Boolean p:
attributes() : XMLList text() : XMLList k EventDispatcher
child() : XMLList toString() : String connected: Boolean
childIndex() : int toXMLString() : String close() : void
children() : XMLList valueOf() : XMLList connect() : void
comments() : XMLList XMLList() send() : void
contains() : Boolean XMLSocket()
copy() : XML XMLListCollection ■
defaultSettings() : Object p: mx.collections XMLUtil ■
descendants() : XMLList k ListCollectionView p: mx.utils
elements() : XMLList source: XMLList k Object
hasComplexContent() : Boolean attribute() : XMLList createXMLDocument() : XMLDocument
hasOwnProperty() : Boolean attributes() : XMLList getAttributeByQName() : XMLList
hasSimpleContent() : Boolean child() : XMLList qnamesEqual() : Boolean
inScopeNamespaces() : Array children() : XMLList qnameToString() : String
insertChildAfter() : * copy() : XMLList
insertChildBefore() : * descendants() : XMLList
length() : int elements() : XMLList
localName() : Object text() : XMLList

54 55
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