Grammar: 2

Type Conditionals
Topic: If you were…

A. Read the following text:

If You Were a Millionaire

What would you do if you were a
millionaire? Well, that’s an odd question to
ask, isn’t it? Traveling? Partying? A luxurious
lifestyle? Perhaps, these are just few of the
things that come up instantly to your mind.
However, there are plenty of other
opportunities in which you can spend, or even
increase your money!
Regardless of whether you won the
money from the lottery or your business grew
and you made your first million – you should
always think about investing your money. In
this way you can be sure that they won’t
finish in a couple of years. There are plenty of
opportunities for you out there and if you are
unsure of what’s the best investment, you can
always consult with professionals.
First, consider investing in real estate.
Even though with the recent recession real
estate sector was hit hard, this won’t last
forever. Moreover, now you can buy certain
properties or land cheaper, exactly because of
the recession.
Second, try to run your own business.
Okay, this is not for everybody, but with the
right attitude and some professional help you
can always achieve your dream of having your
own restaurant, hotel, bar, shop or whatever
you have dreamed of.
Additionally, you can invest in things
like gold or in the stock market. Gold, for
example, is something which price rises
constantly, so investing part of your money in
it will only increase them in the future and
you don’t even have to do anything more than
keeping it somewhere safe.
For investments on the stock market,
however, I strongly suggest to use the help of
professionals and to never invest the full
amount of your money – otherwise you might
lose them faster than you think.
There are many millionaires and
billionaires who spend some of their fortune
on charities and charitable events. Although
this might not necessary return much of your
investment (unless you establish a huge
charity organization) you can spend some of
your money for those who are less fortunate.
There are many charities that you can
sponsor, from kids organizations to cancer
research ones. It all depends on what or who
you would like to support.
Of course, whatever you decide to do, it
would be wise not to spend all your money on
it. Instead, keep some in the bank, and if you
have kids, consider opening college accounts
for them. And do spend some on the things
you always wanted to do, but never had the
money to. Also, don’t forget your family and
close friends and help them out if they are in
need. Be careful, though, because some
people might try to take advantage of you!
And even though it sounds like a cliché,
money will not necessary make you happy, so
even if you become millionaire, don’t forget
your roots or change your attitude – just be
yourself and try to enjoy your new life

B. Find in the text:
a) a word meaning “a temporary depression in
economic activity or prosperity”;
b) a word meaning “the shares of a particular
company or corporation”.

C. Based on the text, say if the following
statements are true or false:
1. If you were a millionaire, you would have
money for the rest of your life.
2. If you invest in real estate now, you’ll be
able to buy properties cheaper.
3. If you were very rich, you would be very

D. Name three things you would do if you
would win 1 million euros by playing the

E. Second Type Conditional Sentences
(Type 2 If Clauses)
We use the Second Conditional to talk
about an action or situation in the present or
the future that is improbable, hypothetical or
imaginary. Note that after I / he/ she /it we
often use the subjunctive form 'were' and not

FORM: IF + S + VB. in Past Simple – S +
WOULD + VB. in base form:
If he trained hard, he would be a very
good skier
Possible meanings of the sentence:
a) He doesn’t train, so he won’t be a
very good skier.
b) I don’t think he’ll train, so it’s
improbable that he will become a good skier.

More examples:
If I was/were overweight, I wouldn’t
wear tight jeans.
Would you reduce taxes if you were the
Prime Minister?
The modals COULD or MIGHT can be
used instead of WOULD:
If we went in Tom’s car, we might arrive in
Paris early in the morning.
If he trained hard, he could break the world

Other linkers (replacing IF)
the good weather holds, the match will take
UNLESS = if not (+ affirm. v)
You’ll get burnt unless you use some sun
IN CASE = if it should happen
In case I’m home late, take the dog out for a

 Exercise 1
Rewrite these sentences without
changing their meaning, as in the
She is rather shy, that’s why she
doesn’t enjoy parties.
If she weren’t (wasn’t) so shy, she would
enjoy parties.

1. I don’t know Mary’s telephone number, so I
can’t ring her up.
2. We can’t afford any of his paintings
because they are expensive.
3. Fred doesn’t listen to the teacher, so he
understands nothing.
4. My friend is rather short, so he can’t play
basketball in our team.
5. John spends hours watching TV, so he
never does homework.
6. He isn’t feeling very well because he can’t
give up smoking.
7. He makes many mistakes because he
doesn’t work carefully.

 Exercise 2

Complete the Conditional Sentences (Type II)
by putting the verbs into the correct form.

1. If we (have)________________a yacht, we
(sail)________________ the seven seas.
2. If he (have)________________ more time, he
(learn)________________ karate.
3. If they (tell)________________their father, he
(be)________________very angry.
4. She (spend)________________a year in the
USA if it (be)________________ easier to get a
green card.
5. If I (live)________________on a lonely island, I
(run)________________ around naked all day.
6. We (help)________________ you if we
(know)________________ how.
7. My brother (buy)________________ a sports
car if he (have)________________the money.
8. If I (feel)________________better, I
(go)________________ to the cinema with you.
9. She (not / talk)________________ to you if
she (be)________________ mad at you.

F. Read the following text and answer
the questions (

Four friends, Alex, Lucy, Sam and Jo
were sitting outside a pub and chatting, when
the subject of their own faults came up in
“I must admit”, said Alex, “I sometimes
use the company’s phone for private calls and I
often steal office stationery from work when the
boss isn’t looking. If my boss found out, I’d get
“Well, I guess my greatest fault,” Lucy
told them, “is that I gamble too much. I play
online poker and I buy lottery tickets. My
parents are really strict, and if they heard
about it, I’d be in trouble.”
“I don’t gamble, said Sam, “but I’d say
that my worst fault is my drinking habit. I
drink far too much. If it ever got out, I’d lose my
Joe had been silent during the
conversation, so Sam turned and asked him,
“Well, Joe, do you have any faults, then?”
“Oh, yes,” said Joe, “and mine is worse
than any of yours. My greatest fault is that I
just can’t keep a secret.”

1. Underline as many examples as you
can find of conditionals type II.
2. What would you do if you were Joe
and knew so many things about the others?
3. What would you say is the worst and
most serious problem? And the least one?

G. Comment on the following quotes:

“If God didn’t exist, it would be necessary to
invent him.” Voltaire

“If there were no bad people, there would be no
good lawyers.” Charles Dickens

“If women didn’t exist, all the money in the
world would have no meaning.” Aristotle

“If God lived on earth, people would break his
windows.” Jewish proverb

“If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the
impersonators would be dead.” Johhny Carson

H. Read the following
ecological/humanitarian dilemmas and
try to give an honest answer:

1. If you could be a
superman/superwoman for one day, how
would you try to save the Earth?

2. Would you cut down a tree if it grew
in front of your house spoiling your view and
making your house dark?

3. If you could be one extinct animal for
one day, what animal would you be?

4. If you could help countries suffering
from drought by taking a shower once a
month, would you agree to do it?

5. If you were the president, what
would you do to protect wildlife?

6. If you were dying of hunger, would
you eat an endangered species?

7. To fight overpopulation, would you
let people have only one child?

I. Read the poem below, first slowly,
than faster:

What I'd Cook For My Teacher
A poem by Bruce Lansky

If I cooked lunch for my teacher,
I would start out with rattlesnake stew
Then I’d serve her a centipede salad
And a tall glass of milk mixed with glue.
Next, a seaweed and jelly sandwich,
For dessert, an a-chooberry pie.
When she finally finds out what she’s eaten,
I hope the old bat doesn’t die.

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