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Motion (Crossword Puzzle


3. the rate at which an object moves
4. mass of an object times its velocity
7. a force that is opposite to the direction of motion
8. the measure of the force of gravity on an object
9. speed in a given direction
11. a unit that measures force
1. the rate of change in velocity
2. a push or a pull
5. a change in position in a certain amount of time
6. acceleration is 9.8 meters/sec/sec
10. the tendency of an object to remain in motion or at rest

Simple Machines (Crossword Puzzle)

1. Bar on which a wheel turns.
4. Cylinder with a ridge winding around it. It's a simple machine.
6. Strength or force that can be exerted on other bodies.
7. An instrument of work.
9. Something that produces action, a moving force.
11. plane A plank or plane surface put at an angle to a horizontal surface.
12. To move, usually with force or effort.
14. Any device that applies or changes the direction of power force, or

2. A bar which rests on a fulcrum.
3. To move something away by pressing against it.
5. A round frame that turns on a pin or shaft in its middle.
7. A force that causes rotation.
8. Exerting pressure or influence over object or substance.
10. The act of a surface or an object rubbing against each ot her.
13. Amount of work a machine is expected to perform.

Sound (Crossword Puzzle)

Light (Crossword Puzzle)

Across Clues

1. The hight-point of a wave
4. The thing that waves travel through (can
be liquid, air, etc)
5. The (horizontal) distance between one
crest and the next
9. Gives objects their color - we are seeing
the colors of light that are reflected
10. The angle that light hits at a surface is
the same angle it will bounce back
12. Tells us how closely waves travel
14. When light goes into an object and
15. Absorbs the most color
16. Blocks all light
Down Clues

2. Allows almost all light to pass through
3. Light bending
5. Reflects all color
6. Allows some light to pass through, while
some light is reflected
7. When light bounces off an object and
continues to travel (what you see in a
8. When light goes through an object
11. This type of lens spreads light out in
many directions
13. This type of lens focuses light on a
specific point
14. The distance that the wave moves from
its resting position to the crest

*** Word Hunt ***

Electrical energy is widely used because it can be converted to other forms of
energy. Study the mind-map carefully and fill in the rest of the boxes with the
useful forms of energy produced by each electrical appliance.