Minutes from the open meeting of Residents Association

(DRA) and Neighbourhood Watch on Monday 14
April 2014
at 6pm in the Old Crown restaurant.

1. Roll Call and Apologies
Present: Manjit Panesar, Bal Chohan, Rosie Pocklington, Lucy Cattel, Dervla O’Mahony,
John Gordon, Lisa Zdravkovic, Elisabeth Hewitt, David Barnes, Gurshinder Sohal, Pamela
Apologies: Tim Franklin, Richard Trengrouse, Ian Winkles, Glenn Howells, Trevor Pitt, Mike
Hopkins, Joe Holyoak, Gail Maynes.

2. St Patrick’s Parade
The parade was deemed a roaring success, with good weather, good spirits and good
policing. There were only nine arrests for the gathered crowd of 80,000.

3. Shisha Lounges
DRA is campaigning to improve the regulation of shisha lounges, in light of the recent
fires/arsons. Our next meeting in June will focus on this subject, with input from colleagues
in planning, environmental health, fire service, and police.

4. Environment and Litter
There have been some improvements in litter recently, particularly on Warwick Street, but
there is still a long way to go. Colleagues from Maverick and Ember Television pointed out
issues on Heath Mill Lane. John Tighe of The Spotted Dog and Michael Dadra of Nisa Local
both sweep the footpaths outside their businesses daily - they were commended and held as
an example of good practice.

5. DRA Response to Birmingham Curzon Masterplan
Our response will be submitted by the deadline of 24th April. Overall, the plan seems to be a
good blueprint, but fails to address the digital future of the city. See more on our website.

6. Police Report and Neighbourhood Watch News
The Digbeth Police are also working on a winter initiative to coincide with the clocks going
back in the autumn, and have started patrols on weekend evenings to support the night time
economy. Nechells Tasking Group meetings will take place on 30 April, 28 May and 23 June
at 18:30 in the Paragon Hotel.

7. “You Are Here”
More information about the "You Are Here" series of events is available on our website.
Residents were warmly encouraged to take part.

8. Any other business
a. Hyperlocal Conference
Pamela attended a West Midlands Police conference aimed at engaging with Hyperlocal
websites (such as DRA). It was well attended and useful conversations were had.

b. Active Parks launch at Eastside City Park
All residents and supporters were invited to Eastside Park on Monday 5th May to join in the
planned activities such as rounders and croquet. More information on our website.

c. Peaky Tours
With renewed interest in Peaky Blinders, DRA was encouraged to announce dates for the
new Peaky Tours.

d. Typhoo Factory Event
Elisabeth visited the Typhoo Factory recently, and invited comments from residents who
may be interested in using the space for community-led events.

e. Rainbow Beach
The Rainbow has opened a beach in Digbeth, half covered and half exposed. DRA have
been invited to use it for a community event.

f. Dissertation Support Request
Dervla O'Mahoney is currently writing her dissertation on Irish Migration and wanted to learn
more about its impact on Digbeth.

g. Council Award
DRA was recently presented with an award recognising our community contribution by
Birmingham City Council. The award will be circulated among our active members in
appreciation of their hard work.

9. Date and Time of Next Meetings
The next committee meeting will be held on Thursday 8
May 2014 at 8pm in the Spotted

The next open meeting will be held on Monday 9
June 2014 at 6pm in the Old Crown
restaurant, High Street Digbeth.

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