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Singapore Blog Awards 2014 / 新加坡部落格大奖 2014





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Blogs with focus on beauty content, including but not limited to skincare, make-up, personal grooming,
hairstyling, beauty products/services. Bloggers must have experience writing on beauty-related content
supported by photos and/or videos. Finalists in this sponsored category will need to fulfil the following Terms &
Conditions (/2014/about/terms-beauty.html).
*Note: There will be a mandatory event for all Finalists in June / July.



A Singapore beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger / Jean Gan ( (
Legal Counsel by day and Blogger by night. It is no easy feat to juggle blogging amongst other aspects in my life, but my passion for
blogging keeps me going. I blog about beauty, food, fitness and lifestyle topics w hich are easily relatable to most of my readers. These
topics stem from my personal experience and I like to share them w ith my readers because sharing is caring! Some have even
complimented me saying that I'm an inspiration to them!
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including trips to Seoul (Korea).com/tingje () My passion for Beauty since young has lead me to be a beauty blogger and to explore entrepreneurship by opening my ow n Beauty Shop. L’Oreal & Skincode. Digital Fashion Week. Ena w as aw arded HotelClub’s Best Singapore Lifestyle Blog in 2013 due to her engaging blog personality. Chanel Runw ays & Hermes Art Exhibitions. A large part of the site is also dedicated to her travels. Ena enjoys w riting about her personal experiences w ith fashion. entertaining and no copy-and-pasting of press releases .zhan () Witty.wordpress. Blueprint Fashion Tradeshow .wordpress. even your buns / Cheryl http://beautifulbuns. beauty. Ena has also collaborated w ith notable beauty brands such as Estee Lauder. presented through a balanced trio of (http://www.html?catid=13 2/5 .enabalista. FIDe Fashion Week.myfatpocket. Tw eet 0 Share 46 Jessie's Passion in Life / Jessie Ting http://blog. Most recently. Since the inception of Enabalista in late 2010. travel and lifestyle blog w ritten by a trained journalist w ill not dull your (https://www. realistic dreamer & a child of informative. In areas of food & Ena has been sharing her experiences at fashion events such as Audi Fashion Festival. It makes me happy seeing ladies feel confident and beautiful about themselves.enabalista.This beauty. personal review s & conversations w ith her readers. CoCo Ichibanya and Bunc@Radius. based in Singapore.myfatpocket. Ena w as profiled in Cosmopolitan’s Make Me Over feature in April 2014. :) Tw eet 0 Share 0 http://sgblogawards.facebook. but instead. Enabalista is a lifestyle blog by Ena. Japan. food & (https://www. London & Hong (http://beautifulbuns.omy. Ena has also been invited for media review for Oca Ena Teo Jia En is a real estate agent and w riter of lifestyle blog (https://www. She identifies herself as an (http://blog. sharpen your beauty acumen :) Tw eet 0 Share 0 Enabalista / Ena http://www.5/7/2014 Singapore Blog Awards 2014 / 新加坡部落格大奖 2014 because every part of you can be (https://twitter. A beauty fanatic w ho is alw ays on the lookout for the latest makeup products and trends. I love w riting everything under the sun. Hopes to change the w orld.facebook.5/7/2014 Singapore Blog Awards 2014 / 新加坡部落格大奖 2014 June du Jour / Junedujour http://www. art scene happenings. and. 2. Tw eet 0 Share 0 ( ( My beauty blog is know n for: 1. one w ord at a time.facebook.missrusty. In-depth and science-based skincare review s.junedujour. Tw eet 0 Share 0 Miss Rusty / Rusty http://www.blogspot. she also shares her personal routines and her experience on various products and Asian makeup posts.omy.fong. Here I curate my latest beauty & fashion trends. Love playing w ith colors yet at the same time tries to achieve flaw less skin through experimenting w ith skincare. Accurate colour sw atches.52) () A 20-something quirky Singaporean blogger w hose living out her w riting dream.twitter. 3. mouth-w atering food recommendations and personal interview s w ith people of the moment. served up w ith sides of blunt honesty and sporadic doses of deprecating ( ( ( (http://www. Sharing loads of beauty information on her w ebsite. :) Tw eet 0 Share 0 Of Faces and Fingers / Musicalhouses ( ( 3/5 . most of all.

I blog anything I like on this platform and I also share my review s on products that I've tried so as to help others understand the products I’m mother to a precious little baby boy w ith a full-time desk job.facebook.facebo () I'm Yvonne. Tw eet 0 Share 0 http://sgblogawards.blogspot.5/7/2014 Singapore Blog Awards 2014 / 新加坡部落格大奖 2014 (http://jodulu. "I'm not someone asking for a radical change. but more for a balance. as her blog intertw ines both her pageantry lifestyle and her environmentally conscious lifestyle that touches on topics of fashion.blogspot.Yt) () Get lost in the w orld of Jody Liu. In my heart though.facebook. My heart goes aflutter at the slightest rumble of the latest beauty / skincare (https://www. Experiences & Lifestyle of an International Beauty Queen / Jodulu (http://yvonneandherplayground. beauty and health! Jody hopes that from her posts. and having battled eczema all my life. and i love to traw l the w eb for the latest new s and review s. I don’t see the need for all of us to suffer the same sorry it w ill make you think tw ice about the actions and decisions you make at each turn.blogspot.blogspot. a Singapore beauty and lifestyle (http://silverkis. So Silverkis' World aspires to offer unadulterated review s and thoughtful research on luxe and cult products! Tw eet 0 Share 0 Yvonne and her Playground / Yvonne http://yvonneandherplayground. I’m a beauty junkie. I also believe that living w ( (http://twitter." -Jody Liu Tw eet 0 Share 0 Silverkis' World / Linda Mok http://silverkis.html?catid=13 4/5 . extends to using products and supporting companies that have ethical practices and do some good to the w orld w hich w e live (https://www. But it’s not alw ays easy to get an honest unbiased view .

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