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C o mpi l e d B y: Mr .

A nki t S ha h, C K S V I M, V a do da r a

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1. Tell me about yourself.
Good morning sir/madam,
Its my pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Ankit Shah; I'm basically from
Vadodara, Gujarat. I am pursuing my M. B. A. in Marketing from C.K. Shah Vijapurwala
Institute of Management, Vadodara. I did my Schooling from Vidyakunj High School
securing aggregate of 65% with commerce stream.
Regarding my family background there are only four members including me. My father
is a businessman and my mother is house wife. My younger brother is doing his
My strength is self motivation, very punctual, good listener & follower and I can adjust
any situation. I do anything with full dedication and with a firm determination. I am good
net surfer and enjoy doing it.
My weakness is that I take any type of work too seriously.
My short term goal is to get placed in a reputed organization like yours and enhance my
skills. My long term goal is to see your organization at the peak position where I am one
of the persons responsible for it.
During my free time I like to play cricket and watch programs that brings new innovative
ideas especially in the field of business. I believe that even the sky has not the limit.

Thank you sir, thats all about me.

2. Why should I hi re you?
Sir/Madam, I hope I am suitable for this job because as I have good communication and
marketing skills. Apart from this, since I am a fresher and I am flexible to learn new
things. You can mould me according to your needs, and I will give an additional value to
the organization in the form of commitment. I am keenly interested to learn new things. I
have interest to work in banking area thats why I willing to join in a reputed company of
yours. I can assure you that I will try my level best to fulfill your expectation if you hire
Compiled by: Mr. Ankit Shah, CKSVIM, Vadodara

C o mpi l e d B y: Mr . A nki t S ha h, C K S V I M, V a do da r a

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3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
My strengths are:
Hard worker
Quick learner of anything
Effective Listening
Self confidence
Self Motivation
Sincere in Completing Task
Ability to communicate well
Patience and positive thinking
Team Worker

I am result oriented with pleasant communication and assuring you for my best efforts
and results. Say at least 4 or 5. And doesn't say making friendship is my strength
because every interviewer wants goals and results not chitchat. So don't say making
friendship is in your strengths.
And sometimes interviewer asks why I should trust you so say your past experience.
My Weaknesses are
Tend to be impatient with people who
are not willing to pull their full potentials
I can't get sleep until finish my work.
I can't trust anyone within short of time
Can't relax until a report or assignment
is done
Take little more time in planning
Straight forward
If anyone cheat me then I never believe
him/her anymore

I am too much of a workaholic. Thats why I lose track of time when it comes to
important work due to which at many times I am not able to give enough time for Family
values, but now I am trying to work out that issue.
Please note Weaknesses are your weak points so try to avoid adding more points. But
we can say indirectly strengths for example like this Straight forward. I can't get sleep
until finish my work.
You could also add, I feel that strengths and weakness can't be defined. They are the
skills of a person that define him. A particular skill can be your strength at some point
and your weakness at some other. For e.g., one may say that talking too much is a
weakness but at the same time this habit helps me mingle up and adapt to new
environment and win people's trust.
So, its not strengths and weakness, as such but your ability to use your skill efficiently
that makes it either your strength or weakness.

C o mpi l e d B y: Mr . A nki t S ha h, C K S V I M, V a do da r a

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4. Why do you want to work at our company?
Sir, what makes your organization different than others is the opportunity to learn new
things. If I say something other than this is a person going to join your organization will
not only get reputation but also has a better future ahead. There might be more money
outside but the positives of your organization are still much more than others. Second,
the growth which your company can provide other than respect is also very noticeable.
Last but not the least, an opportunity in your organization is not less than a blessing for
someone who is going to get this.

5. What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?
Confidence: Believe on ability to do the work.
Overconfidence: Believe on only yours ability to do the work.

Ex. "I can do this" is a confidence "Only I can do this" is a overconfidence.
Confidence: knowing your abilities.
Overconfidence: boasting about your abilities.

6. What is the difference between hard work and smart work
In a text editor if we want to rewrite something then typing it once again is hard work.
Using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V is smart work.

Hard work: Finding an unknown word after searching every single word in dictionary
and encyclopedia.
Smart work: Google it.

Difference between Hard work and Smart work is...
Hard work - Work and Think
Smart work - Think and Work

Hard work is more efforts and less use of brain.
Smart work is less efforts and more use of brain.

A person should be expert in both these ways depending upon the situation and time

I think these two terms are not opposite. Smart worker is always a hard worker.
With out hard work no one can gain experience, and smart work does not come without
experience. These terms are not opposite. They are related.

C o mpi l e d B y: Mr . A nki t S ha h, C K S V I M, V a do da r a

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7. How do you feel about working nights and weekends?
Sir, every company wants the projects to be completed within deadline and I know how
important it is for that company. Since I am a fresher to your company I may be little
slower in doing the work when compared to others already working in that company. So
without any second thought I will do my best working till late hours for the improvement
of our company and after I pickup fastness in my work then I reduce that late hours as
much as possible to spend the rest of my time for my family.

8. Can you work under pressure?
Yes why not, this is only what we learn in whole MBA, and really I could say working
under pressure explodes our hidden talent from within, we work faster and efficiently at
that time.

9. Are you willing to relocate or travel?
Yes. I will relocate if the company requires and it is beneficial for me to learn new things
and to come across different cultures of people and it elevates our internal skills how to
adjust to different mindsets of people and environment.

10. What are your goals?
My short term goal is- I want to get a job in well reputed company.
My long term goal is- I want to settle in a good position in my life, and I want to bring a
good fame to my parents and make them happy up to their end of life and the people
who extended their hands in success of my career.

11. What motivates you to do good job?
The dreams in the eyes of my parents to see me at the top, motivates me to do a good

12. What makes you angry?
I am not a short temper but being a human its natural to get angry but also being a
professional I can control my anger and never allow it to appear on my face and
attitude. Honestly speaking when anybody cheats me I really feel very bad.

C o mpi l e d B y: Mr . A nki t S ha h, C K S V I M, V a do da r a

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13. Give me an example of your creativity.
Creativity means creating something which is different from others. For example I love
to play drums but dont have drums to play at that i used to play on my college benches
and blackboards which given me happiness.

14. How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
I want to be a part of this esteemed organization and want to grow with this organization
by contributing my skill for its betterment. If I think till the time that I can achieve that
here, I don't have to think quitting.

15. Are not you overqualified for this position?
Not Overqualified, I would say well qualified, my qualification will just help me to do the
job better, and it will favor me to handle more responsibilities and help me to rise up to
your expectations.

16. Describe your ideal company, location and job.
Ideal company - Which deserves me.
Ideal location - Which I deserve.
Ideal J ob - Which makes me a deserving person.

17. What are your career options right now?
Right now, I dont want to generate options but have just one goal to work for a reputed
organization like your and become an integral part of the company

18. Explain how would be an asset to this organization
Sir, apart from qualification what a company expects from their employee is punctuality,
honesty and dedication towards the work. I accept that my qualification shows that I am
an average student not the best, but still I can assure you that you will never have
complain about my punctuality, honesty and about my work. Moreover I am a quick
learner. If I can get a chance to serve you, Sir I can be the asset for your firm.

C o mpi l e d B y: Mr . A nki t S ha h, C K S V I M, V a do da r a

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19. What are your outside interests?
My outside interests are to spend time with friends, walking with them on roads, playing
games, listening music and also sometimes to search new words from dictionary.

20. Would you lie for the company?
Sorry sir, but I will not lie for the company because it is my ethics and moreover I don't
think telling lie can help in growth of any company. It might be beneficial for a particular
moment but it will affect the company's reputation in the long run.
Its like you are asking a plant to stand and grow, by cutting its roots!

21. Who has inspired you in your life and why?
To be very frank I will not use such a great word that I am a self motivated man or
anything of that kind. But yes I always learn from my mistakes and still learning from it.
According to me every person get inspired by someone its not necessary that it should
be some great personality. Even sir Newton was inspired by an apple that why it has
been fallen down. So I get inspired by my life and my mistakes.

22. What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?
Toughest decision I had to make was after my graduation to go for further studies or
start a job. Finally I chose to go for further studies and pursue MBA in order to enhance
my skills, talent and qualification to become more contributive for job of my desire.

23. Have you considered starting your own business?
As a fresher I did not think much about that one right now. I just want to improvise my
skills and build my work experience. Later I will think about that. Because a good
business man must be a good employee then only he can run the organization

24. How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own
Success is the journey and not a place where you can stay. You have to move further
for the growth.
In my own definition when I see the tears of happiness in my parents eyes then I can
say I'm a successful person.

C o mpi l e d B y: Mr . A nki t S ha h, C K S V I M, V a do da r a

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25. If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?
$10 million lottery gives me money only, it doesn't enhance my any kind of skills, which
is useless, whereas only my job would sharpen my skills and gives more satisfaction.
Lottery money gives me comfort but not satisfaction. So I would put that lottery money
in fixed deposit for my kids to come and would work to keep myself abreast with the
dynamic world.

26. How much salary do you expect?
As I am a fresher, my priority is to learn and enhance my knowledge; Ill be comfortable
with the package you will offer me as per the companys norms. I feel that you are
having transparent HR policies so you will correctly value of my potential.

27. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
After 5 years I would like to see myself in a position where everyone in the company
would recognized me for my achievements in work and where my company would not
loose me in any case/circumstances. And you can also feel proud to say like that this
candidate is recruited by me before 5 years.

28. On a scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer.
Sir, as I m a fresher, I should not rate you but without being diplomatic I would like to
give you my feedback that you made me so comfortable and your way of asking
questions were quite simple and understandable.
It at all its required, I will rate you 9/10. I will cut one mark for tax because nothing is
free in this planet especially in India.

29. Do you have any questions for me?
Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Well if everything goes fine I would like to
know in which area I need to brush up my skills, so that it will help me to contribute to
you organization from the day one.