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May 20 2014, starting the day with budgeting your own money given by your
parents is hard but thinking what sources or where our parents gets the money they
gave to finance our needs is an amazing one. However sources of finance in business
institution may vary in different aspects. Deciding the right source of finance is a crucial
business decision taken by top level finance managers. Wrong source of finance
increase the cost of funds which in turn would have direct impact on the feasibility of
project under concern. Improper match of type of capital with business requirements
may go against smooth functioning of the business.
At first we didnt know the report or the topic we didnt have the time to have
research by group and have the brainstorming about the topic however when days are
fast approaching the day when we are the reporters we have the rush Power point
presentation about sources of finance. May 20 2014 Thursday we took our report in
front of the 3
year students and 4
year students thus there are hindrances in our
reporting we are not able to start immediately because the projector is not appropriate in
the laptop we have however possible solutions arrive as our professor enters in the
class room. It took us a while before we report. We started 2:00 pm but our class
schedule starts at 1:30 pm however the report is discussed properly by us reporters and
finished it 30 minutes only. The first part of the report which is the introduction of
sources of finance and the components of it was discussed by Ms. Kristelyn Raflores
and the second part and last part of the report was discussed by Ms. Meriza Rivera.
Documentation in the report happened during and after reporting to comply with the said
requirement in Financial management 2.
Reporting in front of the class is hard maybe they will not listen to you otherwise
they have their own world of business, thus while reporting this sources of finance to
them is really such a good one because everyone listens and participate to the exercise
we have given for them. We realize reporters that a long wait in reporting is worth it if
those who listen to your shared knowledge in the topic have cooperation and eagerness
to listen and learn.