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Note: This Guide is made with BBVer 0.8.9.

Forum thread:

The contents of the user guide might change, but I have taken
utter most care to make this mostly relevant to the current
version of the bb wizard. This is made solemnly on the basis of
the version | And the future versions of the program
might contains additional options and features which this guide
may lack in content. Users should keep this in mind that, this
is just a basic guide and the writer wont be able to give
solutions for the errors or problems which the user may run into
during the use of the product and in those cases refer to the
form thread and post your problems there. |

Script by
altef_4 -

Inspiration of
- Razor's IC
- Yener's CIU
- BB v2
Guide by
-Shadow Delta
Part 1
Part 2
Blackbox v2

Part 1 Compression
Lets begin with the compression stage
For compressing the game files, you will have to create additional
folders inside a game folder Like 1,2,3 (or whatever you call them)

Then Move in the Game files accordingly, you can even move in folders
also into these folders. We have to do like this so that upon
extraction the folder and file structure of the game wont be lost.

Move the files into the folders and you are ready to get to the main
part of the stage/

After this is done, you can use the compressor here.
This is the best tool there to do the work exactly and clean,

Select the required compression method and wait for the process to
finish making archives, File extension of the archives are not a

After completing this part, we can move to the main, Black box
wizard part. Which is the main core of this guide.

Part 2 Black box v2
For easy usage I will be referring this as the black box wizard.

To start the process, download and install the Blackbox wizard setup
from the thread.

1. After installation, open up the program.

Stage 1 -=- Game
Stage 2 -=- Images
Stage 3 -=- Internal
Stage 4 -=- Component
Stage 5 -=- Arc & Redist

Application Name = Name of the Game
Publisher Name = Name of publisher
Application Version = Version of app.
Required space = Game size in MB (10240 = 10GB)
Ripper Name = You know this part. ;)
Icon 1 File = The Games main exe file goes here. If its
under a folder like bin or win32 you might have to add in it like
bin\exefilename.exe or win32\exefilename.exe and like that,
else just add in the game exe name like exefilename.exe thats

Enable or Disable icon 2 and 3 (In case you have a DX9, DX10 game
exe and you want to provide both of them) same process as above.

Stage 2 -=- Images

Background, Title, Logo Images and Icon: You know how to read all
these dont ya? Just put in the images and icons for your
installer. And nothing much to tell about this part.

Part 3 -=- Internal

This part is not recommended to new comers, the internal
compression part will allow the setup to create and maintain its
on archives and priorities and not much info or test on this
session has been carried out so I would recommend you to leave it
just like the way it is, or if you know what you are doing, and
got some prior experience with Innos internal compression
methods, this is your turf to check out.

Part 4 -=- Components

Still under active development, and no further info on this session
available yet.
Part 5 -=- Arc & Redist

This is the main part of the whole wizard, as this is where you
add In the external files and the redistributables which your
repack might need to run.
Variables = {src} Source {app} Game Installation path
Compression = Add in those archives you created with the tool on
the first stage.
Click on Add, and then select that part and set these options
Method = Freearc, 7zip, Winrar (The archive type)
Archive name = name of the archive (Setup-1.bin..)
Output Dir = Just press that button next to it, normally its
Component = the priority
Disk = The Disk number
Password = Archive password if it has any
Precomp ver = Precomp Version used in the compression (0.38

Add in the redistributables you want the game to have.

Press add and enter.
Redist Name = Name of the Redistributable file
Redist Dir = The path (redist\directx.exe)
Redist Parameter = set parameter for silent of minimized
installation of the redist.

Variables =
{src} The source directory where the Setup.exe file is.
{app} The path were the application gets installed.

And in the end press compile and save the setup.exe file
generated by that, and you are good to go.
[Make sure to move the setup.exe file to the right directory of
where your repacked files are in.]

Now Enjoy making repacks, and this guide got a lot of errors, Im
not pro in these, so have a nice day people.

All thanks to the members of File Forums and the Makers of these
amazing softwares mentioned above.

User guide for BlackBox v2 by Shadow Delta is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.