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Word Questionnaire

To assist us in evaluating your current skill level in Microsoft Word, please complete this
questionnaire. This will ensure that individual training sessions can be tailored to suit your
requirements or that you are placed on the most appropriate training programme.
How to fill out the form
The cursor will be place in the first bo! "#ame bo!$
To move from one area to the ne!t % use the T&' key on your keyboard or click with your mouse.
To mark an ( in a checkbo! % click into that bo! or hit the space bar to tick ) tick off a check bo!.
#ame Type your answer here
*ompany )
+epartment Type your answer here +ate Type your answer here
,--- ,--. ,--/
What 0ersion of Word are you using1
2es #o
Have you had formal training in M3 Word1
4f 2es, please specify the course level, location
and appro!imate date
Type your answer here
How long have you been using Word1 Type your answer here
5lease list other Windows 5roducts you use. Type your answer here
5lease *heck 6ne of the numbers beside each statement to indicate your level of knowledge
according to the scale below. 6ption 7 can be circled on its own or in addition to 6ptions , 8 98
: ; High , ; Moderate . ; <ow 9 ; #o knowledge at all 7 ; #eed to know
:. Word 'asic =eatures
This section details the basic features of Word which are essential for all users
: , . 9 7
a. *reate a new +ocument
b. >dit te!t, +elete characters, words, blocks of te!t, 4nsert Te!t
c. *ut ) 5aste to move te!t and *opy ) 5aste to copy te!t
d. *opy Te!t from one document to another
e. 3ave +ocuments 8 ?sing =olders ) +irectories ) +rives
f. 6pen a +ocument
g. 5rint a +ocument "&ll pages, 3election of 5ages, #o. of *opies$
,. =ormatting Te!t
This section details the facilities available in Word for enhancing the te!t in a document and for
changing spacing in lines and paragraphs
: , . 9 7
a. 'old, ?nderline, 4talics, =ont *hanges
b. *hange the +efault =ont for all new documents
c. &lign te!t 8 <eft, *entre, @ight
d. ?se 3mall *aps "3M&<< *&53$, 3uper3cript " :-
$, 3ubscript
e. *hange <ine 3pacing "3ingle, +ouble, : A <ine 3pacing
Word Questionnaire 5age : of 9
: ; High , ; Moderate . ; <ow 9 ; #o knowledge at all 7 ; #eed to know
.. 4ndents and Tabs
This section details the Tabs and 4ndents available in Word
: , . 9 7
a. 4ndent paragraphs e.g. Hang te!t in paragraphs in from the left
b. *hange Tab 3ettings 8 <eft, @ight, *entre, +ecimal tabs
c. 3et 3pacing for 5aragraphs
d. *hange Margins 8 <eft, @ight 8 for the entire document or for a
section of the document
9. Tables
Word has a Table facility which creates rows and columns. This is useful for any tabular work,
Minutes of Meetings, =orms etc. <ines, 'orders and shading can be applied to parts of the table
: , . 9 7
a. *reate a Table "specify number of columns and rows$
b. *hange the width of columns in the table
c. &lign te!t in cells "left, right, centre$
d. +ecimal &lign figures in cells
e. &pply <ines ) 'orders ) 3hading to cells in the table
f. Boin ) Merge cells in the Table "useful for table headings$
g. @epeat rows of the table automatically over multiple pages
h. +elete ) 4nsert rows or columns in a table
7. Typing Tools in Word
: , . 9 7
a. ?se &uto*orrect 8 facility to automatically correct frequently
made typing mistakes
b. ?se &utoTe!t 8 facility to store and use frequently used blocks
of te!t such as addresses, opening or closing paragraphs of a
letter etc.
c. @un the 3pell *heck on a +ocument or part of a +ocument
d. &dd words to the +ictionary
e. ?se the Thesaurus for alternative choices for words
f. &pply 'ullet points to lines ) paragraphs of te!t
g. &pply numbers automatically to lines ) paragraphs of te!t
C. 5age <ayouts "5age 3etup *ommand$
: , . 9 7
a. *hange Margins "left, right, top, bottom$ for the document
b. *hange the 5aper 3iDe "envelope, <andscape, 5ortrait$
c. 3elect different trays from the printer "top tray, bottom tray,
manual feed$
d. 4nsert 5age 'reaks in a +ocument
e. 4nsert a 3ection 'reak "needed when both portrait and
landscape are required in the same document$ or "when page
numbering stops and starts in different parts of the document$
: ; High , ; Moderate . ; <ow 9 ; #o knowledge at all 7 ; #eed to know
Word Questionnaire 5age , of 9
/. 5age #umbering ) Headers and =ooters
: , . 9 7
a. &pply auto page numbering to the entire document
b. *reate a Header "repeating te!t at the top of each page$ or a
=ooter "repeating te!t at the bottom of each page$
c. ?sing 3ection 'reaks can you apply different headers and
footers to different sections of a document "useful for long
d. 3how ) Hide *odes to identify the position of page breaks and
section breaks in a document
E. Mail Merge
The Mail Merge =acility allows the user to create data files containing records of names and address
and create main documents such as letters, catalogs, labels. The main document is merged with
data document to produce personalised letters, catalogs, labels. The data file can be sorted by up
. fields.
: , . 9 7
a. *reate a +ata =ile "#ame and &ddress file$
b. *reate a Main +ocument "<etter, *atalog, <abels$
c. Merge the two files to a new document
d. 3ort #ames and &ddress
e. Query the +ata file for selective merges
F. +ocument Management in Word
: , . 9 7
a. ?se the =ind =ile =acility to look for a document
b. 3earch for documents which match a criteria set by you
c. +elete documents
:-. 4nde! and Tables
When creating long documents ) manuals, headings can be marked to create a table of contents,
words can be marked to create and inde!
: , . 9 7
a. Mark te!t as Table of *ontent ) 4nde!
b. Generate a Table of *ontent
c. Generate an 4nde!
::. Templates
&ll documents in Word are based on a Template. #ormal.+ot is the default template. Templates can
be created for standard documents such as =a!, Minutes, Memo etc. These templates can be
automated with +ialog bo!es to prompt the user for entries into the document.
: , . 9 7
a. *reate a Template
b. 3ave the Template in the correct directory so that the =ile, #ew
command list it
c. &utomate a Template with Macros
Word Questionnaire 5age . of 9
: ; High , ; Moderate . ; <ow 9 ; #o knowledge at all 7 ; #eed to know
:,. 3tyles
& 3tyle is a named collection of formats. & 3tyle can for e!ample store a font siDe, style, alignment
etc. & 3tyle can be applied to te!t by simply selecting the style thus saving a considerable amount
of time when formatting a long document. *ompany standards can be easily adhered to if a
number of pre defined styles are set up for users.
: , . 9 7
a. ?se a style
b. *reate your own styles
c. Modify a style
:.. Toolbars ) Macros
The Toolbars in Word can be customised to include some of the commands you regularly use. =or
more comple! operations a Macro can be created and run. Macros can also be created and added
as buttons to the Toolbar.
: , . 9 7
a. *ustomise the Toolbar
b. *reate a keystroke substitute Macro
c. @un a Macro
d. &dd a Macro to the Toolbar
5lease list below any comments you believe are relevant, specific problems you have and)or areas of
Type your answer here...

H This Questionnaire may not be used, copied or reproduced without prior permission from 6las
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