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Another Sample Offer Letter Format

Offer of Employment
Variables { } included in offer letter: Date, Applicant Name, Applicant Address, Reply-by Date, Job Title, Salary,
ommencement Date, ompany Name, Number of Stoc! "ptions, Reply-by Date, #R "fficer$s %&one Number, #R
"fficer$s Name, #R "fficer$s Title'
{Applicant Name}
{Applicant Address}
Dear {Applicant Name}:
(urt&er to our recent discussions re)ardin) employment *it& {ompany Name}, *e are pleased to ma!e a
formal offer of employment to you on t&e terms and conditions set out in t&is letter' +f you are prepared to accept
t&is offer, !indly e,ecute t&e ori)inal of t&is letter and return it to us on or before {Reply-by Date} '-e are
prepared to offer you t&e position of {Job Title} *or!in) in t&e {Department, Di.ision, /ocation, etc'} office of
{ompany Name} and reportin) to t&e {%erson Reportin) To} ' 0our responsibilities *ill include {1eneral
Responsibilities} as assi)ned alon) *it& suc& furt&er duties and re2uirements as *e may reasonably re2uest of
you from time to time' %lease note t&at all {ompany Name} employees are sub3ect to a t&ree 456 mont&
probationary period'
T&e terms of your employment *ill be as follo*s:
7' Salary 8{Salary} per annum 48{Salary} per mont&6, paid semi-mont&ly by t&e fifteent&
day and t&e last day of eac& mont&, less all re2uired *it&&oldin) ta,es and any
ot&er amounts re2uired by la* to be deducted or a)reed by you to be *it&&eld'
%ayments *ill be made directly to your ban! account pursuant to our direct payroll
deposit plan'
9' ommencement
{ommencement Date}
5' :enefits 0ou *ill become eli)ible for full participation in t&e {ompany Name} benefits plan,
*&ic& consists of e,tended &ealt&, dental, .ision, disability and life insurance, after
t&e successful completion of t&e mandatory t&ree 456 mont& probationary period'
;' Vacation 0ou *ill be entitled to t&ree 456 *ee!s 47< days6 per annum of paid .acation to be
ta!en at a time con.enient to bot& you and {ompany Name}' Vacation is accrued
on a mont&ly basis 4number of mont&s = 7'9< days per mont&6'
<' Stoc! "ptions As part of your compensation pac!a)e *e *ould li!e to offer you, based on :oard
of Director$s, >'?@ of your base salary in options per year to be )ranted a 5-year period' T&erefore upon commencement of full-time employment *it&
{ompany Name} *e e,tend to you {Number of Stoc! "ptions} stoc! options at a
stri!e price set at close of business on your first day of employment' "ptions are
)ranted on an annual basis, 4anni.ersary date of employment6 and *ill be based on
your t&en salary at t&e t&en a.ailable stri!e price'
A' B,penses All reasonable e,penses incurred to do business on be&alf of {ompany Name} *ill
be reimbursed upon submittin) an appro.ed e,pense report'
?' Se.erance +n t&e e.ent t&at your employment *it& t&e ompany is terminated for reasons
ot&er t&an cause or .oluntary resi)nation, your se.erance entitlement *ill be
calculated in accordance *it& t&e applicable employment le)islation in force in t&e
3urisdiction in *&ic& you *or!'
C' ompany %olicy 0ou a)ree to abide by {ompany Name} company set policies, as t&ey may apply
to you no*, and as t&ey may c&an)e in t&e future'
D' "t&er Bmployer 0ou a)ree to not, *it&out first & obtained t&e *ritten consent of {ompany
Name}, perform any *or! or render any ser.ices to any t&ird party or recei.e any
compensation of any !ind from any t&ird party'
7>' +ntellectual
0ou a)ree t&at {ompany Name} ac2uires by .irtue of t&e employment relations&ip
all intellectual property ri)&ts to all *ritin)s, products, de.elopments or ser.ices
4t&e E-or!sF6 t&at you ma!e, concei.e, or de.elop at any time *&ile
employed by {ompany Name}, *&et&er durin) *or!in) &ours or at any ot&er
time, *&ic& relate to or are used or intended for use in connection *it& any
business carried on by {ompany Name}, and you &ereby une2ui.ocally assi)n to
{ompany Name} all ri)&ts, includin) all domestic and forei)n patents and
copyri)&ts and any ot&er proprietary ri)&ts *&ic& you &a.e, in suc& -or!s'
0ou a)ree to ma!e full disclosure to {ompany Name} of all -or!s and to do all
t&in)s t&at may be necessary to ma!e {ompany Name} t&e o*ner of suc& -or!s'
0ou a)ree t&at you are not entitled to any payment in re)ard to t&e -or!s' 0ou also
a)ree to do *& is necessary to enable {ompany Name} to apply for and
secure any copyri)&t in anada or else*&ere *it& respect to t&e -or!s'
0ou &ereby *ai.e any moral ri)&ts t&at you may &a.e in t&e -or!s, or any part or
parts t&ereof' {ompany Name} s&all be entitled to transfer its ri)&ts in t&e -or!s
eit&er separately or in connection *it& a transfer of t&e business'
0ou a)ree t&at in t&e e.ent your employment is terminated by {ompany Name}
for any reason, you s&all continue to cooperate at all times in t&e prosecution or
defence of any la*suit related to {ompany Name}Gs acti.ities in connection *it&
any copyri)&t or patent in t&e -or!s'
Not*it&standin) any ot&er pro.ision in t&is %ara)rap& 7>, all in.entions, if any,
*&ic& you &a.e made prior to your employment by {ompany Name} are e,cluded
from t&e scope of t&is A)reement' As a matter of record, you &a.e set fort& on
B,&ibit EAF attac&ed &ereto a complete list of all in.entions, disco.eries or
impro.ements relatin) to {ompany Name} business *&ic& &a.e been made by
you prior to your employment *it& {ompany Name}' 0ou represent and co.enant
t&at suc& list is complete'
+f {ompany Name} files an application for /etters %atent on any in.ention made
by you, {ompany Name} s&all pay to you a cas& a*ard of 8<,>>>'>> upon
completion and re)istration of suc& application and t&e formal *ritten assi)nment
of your ri)&ts t&erein to {ompany Name}, and any and all instruments and
documents re2uested by {ompany Name} relatin) to said in.ention'
77' onditions of
T&is offer of Bmployment is conditional upon your a)reement *it& and si)nin),
*&ere necessary of t&e follo*in):
7' T&e attac&ed onfidentiality A)reementH
9' T&e attac&ed Summary of ompany %olicy Re)ardin) onfidentiality and
Securities TradesH and
5' A positi.e result from t&e {ompany Name} bac!)round security c&ec!'
T&is offer of employment is open for your acceptance until t&e end of t&e business day {Reply-by Date} ' %lease
contact me at {#R officer$s p&one number} if you &a.e any 2uestions re)ardin) t&is, as *e loo! for*ard to your
*ritten acceptance of t&is offer'
{#R officer$s Name}
{#R "fficer$s Title}
+ accept t&e terms and conditions as outlined in t&is offer letter'
T&e follo*in) is a list of all in.entions, disco.eries or impro.ements relatin) to {ompany Name}Gs business
*&ic& &a.e been made by {Applicant Name} prior to &isJ&er employment *it& {ompany Name}'
BmployeeGs +nitials
IIIIIIAs listed belo*: