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March 4, 2008 PATRON: HRH Princess Katherine of Serbia

Issue 2
Mission Statement

Lifeline Humanitarian Or- Christmas for Serbian Reflection 2007

ganization was founded by Crown Orphans
Princess Katherine to provide aid to the Nine Delivery tables for Neonatal Units
impoverished people of Serbia. Since The Chicago Office has sent $5,000 in with an estimated value $72,000
1993, Lifeline has donated lifesaving December for Christmas toys. Every
year HRH Crown Princess Katherine Two ultrasound systems donated to Hos-
medical equipment and facilities, has
Foundation hosts Christmas celebrations pital in Pozega with Value of $25,000
provided aid to refugees and children
without parental care. It has funded and provides toys to 2,000 children.
The Prentice Hospital donation with a
youth education programs, donated food estimated value of $1.5 million
to refugee camps and orphanages and has
Brkic Triplets Kosovo and Monastery Plea
assisted one-third of people struggling
$1,900 was raised plus 53 boxes of do-
with poverty in the Yugoslav region. Very Rev. Fr. Dragan K Veleusic at St.
nated supplies
Sava in Milwaukee and Lifeline will be
Prentice Assets assisting in transportation of donated Shipping of beds and mattresses from
computers worth $10,000, that are spe- Trimedx in Indianapolis 2007 estimated
After building, the new Prentice Wom-
cifically configured for the use by the value of $400,000
en’s Hospital, Serbia received the largest
blind Brkic triplets in Glusci, Serbia.
donation of 373 pieces of medical equip- The Chicago office takes pride in doing all
The family of the triplets has been call-
ment ranging from Chemo chairs to we can to help our country, by supplying
ing the office weekly for they are so anx- medical equipment and items of need.
birthing beds to infant warming units.
ious. They have waited for one year so
Five rail containers will be arriving Feb-
far. We are in process of raising money
ruary 25 to a central distributing yard
for another container that would include
where six hospitals will be picking up
these computers. The Ship of Life
their donations.

Along with the medical equipment, St. Across the shore awaits a boat
Sava in Merrillville and St. George in Though seas are rough, it’s still afloat
Schererville have collected items for the Raise the sails, held up by mast
Monastery of St. Petka and the refugee Forget the troubles of distant past
camp at Grocka. As wave crash down upon the deck
Steady the boat; not quite a wreck
Quote from Lifeline Board
Many thanks to: Duneland Resale, Tend the mast, and fix the scratch
Member Light the lantern with one last match
Barbara Skala, Xenia Jancarich, Kathy
Friedlander, Radmila Milivojevic, Stanja The storm will end, pull anchor and rope.
“I just got off the phone with my old Look up to see the stars of hope.
Djinovic, Bebe Rudman, Violet Seku- parish priest; I requested that he start
lich, Donna Simpson, Deena Galich, helping me get information to people on By Jessica M. Balcom
Kathleen Baroevich, Gordana Gerbick, helping Lifeline. He started to cry with
me on the phone telling me how he just If you would like to receive this newslet-
Dorothy Paunovich, Sonja Mancich,
thought in small terms himself until he ter by email instead, Please contact us at
Donna Nickolich, Millicent Orlich, went there and now understands how we
Ljubica Rokosz, Melanie Sever, Djuka
should all try to work together. He went
Balac, Ruth Ann Bjelopetrovich, and to Greece and saw 200 children from
Michelle Langerfeld. Kosovo at the Greek camp and was so Lifeline Humanitarian Organization
surprised at how wonderful the Greeks 200 N. Michigan Avenue, Ste 502
were treating these children.” Chicago, IL 60601
Tel: 312-781-9300
Fax: 312-781-0913

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