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The Pictorialist

June-July 2014
Newsletter of the Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee
Established 1904
ffiliated with the Photo!ra"hic #ociety of $erica
%isconsin rea &a$era &lubs 'r!ani(ation
nd the %isconsin Print &ircuit
)ichard *ehl+ President, -athy .raun+ /ice President
0i1ie 2owin+ Treasurer, .ert 3artin!er+ #ecretary-Editor
Meetin!s are held the first Thursday of each $onth+ fro$ #e"te$ber thru May+ e1ce"t for "r4 9+ at 5"$+
in the 2uther Manor &onference )oo$+ 4646 N4 92
#t4+ %auwatosa+ %isconsin
Club Picnic July 24, 2014
-athy .raun a!ain is hostin! our "icnic at her
ho$e+ 700 2ake #hore )oad+ 8rafton4 Take 9-47
north to E1it :9+ !o east until the road turns north+
then another half $ile to her house4 &o$e as soon
as 4;70 to sociali(e4 .rin! a "otluck dish to share
and be<era!es of your choice4 nd re$e$ber it can
!et chilly near the lake+ so brin! alon! a coat or
sweater =ust in case4 Maybe brin! your ca$era too4
Planning the 2014-2015 PPM Year
"lannin! co$$ittee consistin! of )ichard *ehl+
#andra %eber+ Pauline .eck+ Phil .lock+ -athy
.raun+ Michael Jeske+ Pete -oeni!+ 2inda 2ee+ and
.ert 3artin!er+ $et June 2>4 0eliberations were
hel"ed by ha<in! results fro$ the sur<ey "re"ared
by 2inda as to "references of club $e$bers4
E$"hasis will be "ut on hel"in! us !row as
"hoto!ra"hers by facilitatin! co$$unication
between club $e$bers4 'ne way to do so is by
$akin! use of ?lickr for "hoto sharin! and criti@ues
there4 nother way is by usin! the *ahoo 8rou" set
u" by Phil .lock+ so if anyone has a @uestion or a
"roble$ or solutions to "roble$s they can be "ut to
the club $e$bers who are usin! the *ahoo 8rou"4
lso+ e1"erienced "hoto!ra"hers a$on! us will be
willin! to co$e in early before $eetin!s at >;70 or
use treat breaks to assist less e1"erienced ones4
Meetin!s will be started "ro$"tly at 5"$4 They
will start with Abusiness+B to take no lon!er than 16
$inutes $a1i$u$4
-athy will $ana!e our club co$"etitions and will
find the =ud!es for the$4 #andra will continue to
run our web site+ and she "lans to buy a "lu! in for
a""ro1i$ately C60400 to i$"ro<e the "hoto
!alleries on the site4
Planned Program Schedule
#e"te$ber 44 .rin! three i$a!es to tell of what you
did durin! the su$$er break4
'ct4 24 8uest s"eaker+ to be announced+ on "hoto
No<4 >4 &riti@uin! i$a!es4 .rin! in i$a!es of two
sub=ects showin! choices+ such as <ersions of the
sa$e i$a!e+ or as taken and after "ost "rocessin!
<ersions of the sa$e i$a!e+ by con<ertin! fro$
color to black and white+ or cro""in!+ saturation
chan!es+ etc4 9$a!es can be di!ital Dif so+ send
the$ to #andraE or "rints4 Each "hoto!ra"her will
ha<e 6 $inutes to e1"lain the choices $ade and to
answer any feedback @uestions4
0ec4 44 .rin! in 4 holiday or winter acti<ity "hotos+
which can be either "rints or di!ital4 9f di!ital send
the$ to #andra4
Planned Program Schedule, Contd
Jan4 >4 John 2owin "resentation on frica4 9f ti$e
allows+ sharin! of tra<el e1"eriences4
?eb46 .rin! 6 "hotos of fa<orite "hotos4 'nes
fro$ outin!s would be !ood4 .e "re"ared to talk
for 6 $inutes on why and how the "hotos were
taken+ and to answer @uestions4 sur<ey
@uestionnaire will be handed out4
Mar4 64 %isconsin Print &ircuit =ud!in!4 fter
=ud!in! is co$"leted we will criti@ue the "hotos4
Entry for$s for the May 5 co$"etition will be
distributed+ to be turned in at the "ril $eetin!4
"r4 94 nnual business $eetin!4 Note that this is
the second Thursday of "ril4 &ollection of "rints
that will be entered in our May 5 club co$"etition4
.rin! in di!ital i$a!es on a $e$ory stick Dbetter
yet e$ail the$ to #andraE+ and also brin! in all
entry for$s4 0iscussion of the sur<ey @uestionnaire
handed out at the ?ebruary $eetin!4
May 54 &lub co$"etition ni!ht4
May 214 End of "ro!ra$ year ban@uet ni!ht4
!"hibition Schedule#
Michael Jeske will be in char!e of club e1hibitions
at 2uther Manor and elsewhere4
?or our e1hibits+ "re-cut 11114 $attes will be
"urchased+ with a"ertures 5-1F2 1 9-1F2 and )ichard
"ro$ised to $ount "hotos that fit4 nyone whose
i$a!es are not of those di$ensions will be
res"onsible for cuttin! his or her own $attes+ but
the $atte boards $ust be off white and i$a!es not
double $atted4
The ne1t club e1hibit in the 2uther Manor %elco$e
&enter will be of our 3arley anni<ersary "hotos and
of club co$"etition "hotos4 9t will !o u" so$eti$e
in July4 Those "hotos ha<e already been collected4
fter that e1hibit we will ha<e =oint showin!s of
"hotos with no one "erson bein! res"onsible for all
the "rints4
?ro$ No<4 24 to 0ec4 6 we will ha<e an e1hibit in
Milwaukee &ity 3all of "hotos de<oted to
Milwaukee &ounty sub=ects4 %e will need fro$ :0
to 90 "rints+ so be "re"ared to brin! 10 "rints each
to the No<4 > $eetin!4 Put your na$e and the "rint
title on the back of the "rints4 9f your "rints will fit
the 5-1F219-1F2 di$ensions of the "re-cut $attes+ do
not $ount the$4

$he %
&nnual '&CC( !"hibit at the )eu##
*ederal +uilding ,the +lue +uilding- (ct
Mary 0u$ont is runnin! the e1hibit4 3er e-$ail
address in $aryldu$ontG!$ail4co$4 #end her two
="e!s si(ed 5>:11024 G 100 d"i for acce"tance
a""ro<al4 9$a!es can be color or $onochro$e4
#end the$ to her before u!4 714
9$a!es to be shown $ust be $atted and in a fra$e
1>120 or lar!er+ ready to han! with a wire strand on
back4 Put your na$e and i$a!e title on the back of
the "rint4
)e#ult# o0 the S1ring 2014 '&CC( Com1etition
&olor nature "ro=ected4 )ichard *ehl+ #il<er Medal
for A2unch Ti$e4B -athy .raun+ 3M for A8oin!
fter a Meal4B
Mono '"en Pro=ected4 )ichard *ehl+ 3M for A?ull
&olor '"en Pro=ected4 -athy .raun+ 3M for
A#tea$y #unset4B )ichard *ehl+ 3M for A0usk
Tableto" '"en Pro=ected4 -athy .raun+ 3M for
A&andleli!ht and %ine4B .ert 3artin!er+ 3M+ for
A?lower in .lue /ase4B
Mono '"en #$all Print4 -athy .raun+ 3M for
A#ha!!y #hee"4B
&olor Nature #$all Print4 2eena Meyers+ 3M for
AEa!leHs 3ead4B
&olor '"en #$all Print4 -athy .raun+ 3M for
A2u"ines and 2i!hthouse4B
S1ring Com1etition )e#ult#, Contd
&olor '"en 2ar!e Print4 -athy .raun+ .ron(e
Medal for ATeton #now #tor$4B -athy .raun+ 3M
for A.arn in #nowy Tetons+B and 3M for
A/er$illion 2akes4B
PPM 2mage# 0or the 2014 PS& Council#
Monochro$e Pro=ection4 -arren Jeske+ A#"ider
with Pearls4B )ichard *ehl+ for A*oun! 2o<e4B
#andra %eber for ATeddy )oose<elt Park4B
&olor Pro=ected4 Michael Jeske+ for A#andhill
&rane4B Phil .lock+ for A'ld .ike4B
Prints4 -athy .raun+ for Autu$n #tea$4B John
2owin+ for A#aint MarkHs &athedral with
2i!htnin!4B .ert 3artin!er+ for A#et for a Meal4B
PPM May Com1etition
&olor Prints4 2eena Meyers+ 8old Medal for
A&reated 8arden+B and 3Ms for ATri"le ThreatB and
ANew *ork &ity #unset4B .ert 3artin!er+ 3M for
AMuseu$ of %isconsin rt4B 2eena Meyers won
the Proficiency ward4
Monochro$e Prints4 John 2owin+ 8old Medal for
A9n!elstadt &athedral #ide ltar+B and 3Ms for
AMonu$ent /alley #cenic+B AMitten Throu!h the
.ristlecone+B and A)ed .illed 3ornbill4B John
2owin won the 2an!lade DProficiencyE ward4
Photo Journalis$4 Pau /ashol(+ 8old Medal for
A3ot uto4B .ert 3artin!er+ 3Ms for
APhoto!ra"her in the Milwaukee rt Museu$B and
A3arley Parade4B .ert 3artin!er won the
Proficiency ward4
0i!ital Monochro$e4 .ert 3artin!er+ 8old Medal+
for A9nside the Milwaukee rt Museu$4B Phil
.lock+ 3M for A'il .ottles4B )ichard *ehl+ 3M for
A?ull #tea$ head4B John 2owin+ 3M for A%hite
Tailed 0eer4B John 2owin won the Proficiency
0i!ital Photo=ournalis$4 John 2owin+ 8old Medal
for AEa!le with ?ro!4B 3oward /rankin+ 3M for
ANick of Ti$e4B -aren Jeske+ 3M for A3eadin!
into the 2a!oon4B -athy .raun4 3M for A8lidin!
o<er Palouse4B )ichard *ehl won the Ta$$s
D"roficiencyE ward4
0i!ital Nature4 )ichard *ehl+ 8old Medal for
A2unch Ti$e4B Jerry 3arders+ 3M for A8reen
Ma$ba4B #andra %eber+ 3M for AMother and Two
?auns4B .ert 3artin!er+ 3M for AJellyfish4B .ert
3artin!er won the Pa!el D"roficiencyE ward4
0i!ital &olor4 .ert 3artin!er+ 8old Medal for
A3oly 3ill #unset4B #andra %eber+ 3Ms for ATwo
on a ?lowerB and A3un!ry .ids4B )ichard *ehl+
3M for A)ider4B #andra %eber won the &as"er
D"roficiencyE ward4
PPM and the PS& Youth Photogra1hy Sho3ca#e
-athy .raun re"orts that our club is a stron!
s"onsor of area students in the P# 2014 *outh
Photo!ra"hy #howcase4 #he writes;
A'ur stron!est showin! is by our own 2eena
Meyers of %hitnall who has three acce"tances in
the showcase4 3er i$a!es are the Photo!ra"herHs
&hoice cate!ory "rint A&hance Meetin!B and the
di!ital i$a!e ATower of 2i!htB in the architecture
cate!ory and A?orce of NatureB in the sca"es
9n addition two students fro$ 8rafton 3i!h #chool+
two fro$ %aukesha 3i!h #chool+ and one fro$
&edarbur! 3i!h #chool also won acce"tances4 The
&edarbur! student+ Irsala )eid+ also desi!ned the
i$a!e that is on the state "ark ad$ission sticker4
Club (uting# and Photo (11ortunitie#
Pauline .eck is or!ani(in! club outin!s to
Manitowoc on July 12 and to downtown Milwaukee
July 1> Dlate afternoon to duskE4 #he will be e-
$ailin! details4
lso note the "hoto o""ortunities "osted by #andra
%eber on the club website4
& reminder about .ue#
&lub dues DC20400 for indi<iduals and C70400 for an
indi<idual and fa$ily $e$berE $ust be "aid before
or at the #e"te$ber $eetin!4
$reat Schedule
&ontinuin! al"habetically fro$ last year+ the
rotation will be;
#e"te$ber J 8ene Newlin
'ctober J .ill #toneci"her
No<e$ber J Paul /ashol(
0ece$ber J 3oward /rankin
January J Jan %a!ner
?ebruary J &heryl %alkowiak
March - John and #andra %eber
"ril J )ichard and #andy *ehl
May J .rin! your own
!n4oy Summer5