Imperfections . Chapter 1.

I was finishing packing I was moving to forks ,Washington I really didn’t want to go but I didn’t have another choice my parents were sending me to live with my aunt and she has this little daughter named Margaret . She was so evil and annoying she would snitch at you in an instant but she was jealous of me cause of my features I was curvy, green emerald eyes, long wavy black hair , pale skin, and plumped lips. I quickly put some black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and a blue jacket. I went downstairs , said my goodbyes and left toward the airport. I was turning 17 years old in 2 months and I wasn’t really that excited I had to celebrate it with my aunt . I sat down in the chair and hoped to sit alone . Since I lived in new york I new forks was cold but not like new York. My luck soon ran out and this older guy sat next to me he looked like in his 40’ s and was fat . Well luckily I sat next to the window . During the whole airplane ride I slept , I kept having nightmares of this gorgeous guy he was pale skin, and those beautiful hazel eyes but he had this evil smile . Usually if I have nightmares they give me warnings but I hadn’t had a nightmare since I was 2 years old and that was because I saw in my dream , my grandpa die . Which eventually came true. So this defetnily creped me out . We got to forks, Washington and landed. Once I got my suitcases I went to look for aunt natilda. I finally spotted her luckily she came alone . She gave me a quick hug and helped me with one of my suitcases. “ hey darling, how you been” aunt natilda asked “ I’ve been good thanks for asking “ I responded “ well tomorrow you’ll start school ,we already takened care of everything and you’re room is the last one on the third floor “ aunt natilda said I simply nodded . We got to the car and droved off . Aunt natilda is not really rich they actually made the third floor but their affordable . It was a quiet trip back to her home. I was very shy of coming to her house even doe I visited before but now I was going to live with her for a few years . My parents didn’t exactly give me a reason why they sent me here but I was soon to find out. Once we got there I got my suitcases and went inside Margaret was sitting on the couch and uncle George was sitting beside her. He stood up to greet me “ hey Judy , how you been “ George said he gave me a huge hug . He made me sit down in the couch “ I’ve been great “ I said “ well I hope you like living with us you’ll have a great time “ uncle George said “ I hope so too “ I tried to sound excited . It was quiet for a while “ so I’ll go check my room “ I said shyly “ go ahead” natilda said I got up and went upstairs .I finally got to my room it was stunning . It had purple walls and a plasma ,a white rug and a big bed but what catch my attention was the balcony . I opened the double silver doors and stepped outside . It was so relaxing and they were black dahlia’ s surrounding the balcony .it was so beautiful they were my favorite flowers and I had the perfect view of the forest it was exquisite . Later that day I finished unpacking and went to take a shower . I started to get nervous , I was going to a new school I could feel the claustrophobia creeping up on me I tried to stay calm as possible . That night dinner was awkward even Margaret was quiet something was wrong has happened but I didn’t know what it was . I kept thinking it was my arrival but it didn’t make sense at all . They weren’t telling me something and they didn’t want me to find out . I helped aunt natilda with the dishes then went to my bedroom I plugged my I pod and listened to some tunes. ( the killers- shadow play) I eventually fell asleep . When I woke up I didn’t feel that well I guess I was just nervous I kept repeating myself . I brushed my teeth and went to the closet I decided to wear something comfortable so I wore black and red plad skinny jeans , a black t-shirt on top of a black sweater and converse and made a side pony tail and left to school. Uncle George dropped me to school “ have a good day “ george said “ thank you, bye “ I said I got off the car and made my way towards the main office . People stared at me while I got closer to the office I eventually got inside and went to the lady behind the desk . She looked up at me and smiled “ how can help you “ she asked “ hi I’m Judy Celestin and I’m here to get my schedule “ I said trying to calm down , she

quickly took some papers and made me sign then gave me a school map and my schedule. She also wished me good luck . I went outside again and went to find my first class it wasn’t really hard to find I have a. p. literature I sat all the way in the back the teacher gave me a textbook to take home and students started to arrive soon after that class begin. Thankfully the teacher didn’t ask me to introduce myself I could tell we were going to get along just fine . During second period these girls tried to talk to me but class begin . I really didn’t fit nowhere I was better off by myself back in new york I only had one friend but we barely talked to each other I just didn’t fit at all and wasn’t planning to the whole day I got more guys talking to me than girls. By lunch time I went to sit on one of the benches I wasn’t planning to go to the cafeteria. So I took my ipod out and stayed there listening to music but that’s when I saw him the guy of my nightmares and he looked breathtaking he had messy brown hair and those hazel eyes but now they were pitch black . I didn’t understand but he was with company he was with 2 boys and 2 other girls .I quickly realized they all seemed familiar and realized they were the people in my dreams this past night but what did it mean . I quickly turned around I was so confused and surprised this could not be true . I leaned against the wall and just tried to relax that’s when I realized I was crying I quickly wiped away my tears I would not cry in here I would wait until tonight . The bell rang I turned my ipod off and went to my last class . I showed the teacher my slip and he made me sit in the back of the class . I wonder who my biology partner would be . I looked out the window and it seemed like it was going to rain . I heard the chair move I turned too see who it was ? And it was him I quickly turned away just calm down I thought . For the rest of the class I tried to concentrate but every time I peeked at him he would be staring at me . When the bell rang he quickly left I got my things and went outside . I saw aunt natilda car and quickly went toward it . I got inside she didn’t look in a good mood , she smelled like alcohol oh no she was drunk . We made it safely to the house I got inside and she told me to wait there . She came back with a glass full of liquor . “ look since you’re parents didn’t tell you why they were sending you here well the truth is that they gave you away we adopted you , or how I like to say we own you” she said while smiling “ no they wouldn’t do that you’re lying “ I said angrily she stopped smiling she came towards me and pulled my hair “ listen to me don’t call me a liar . In this house I’m the boss and you’ll do what I say to do you understand me you’re parents didn’t want you should thank me you little ungrateful child “ she said mad and let go of my hair tears started to well up . I went straight to my room and cried .I was soon to become a slave I knew it. chapter 2 . Weeks passed by and I was a slave of the house . Every night I cried while every morning I was told to do. In school I was alone like I imagined . The guy of my nightmares didn’t stare at me anymore . I ignored him and continued with my misery Margaret laughed at me and would get me in trouble , even George didn’t say anything ,he didn’t even speak to me . I was on my own and felt so alone after I found out why my previous parents send me here I never tried to communicate with my parents I never would. Today was Monday I quickly took a shower an put some gray skinny jeans and a white long - sleeve shirt and put some black converse also a leather black jacket . I decided to let my hair loose grabbed my book bag and left I didn’t wait for someone to dropped me off so I walked . When I got there know one was there I spotted the gray Volvo and he was leaning against his car while staring at me . I turned away and blushed how can I feel like this ? Just cause he stared at me again since weeks this was not healthy . I got inside and made it just in time for my first period . By the third period I wasn’t feeling well I felt like I was about to throw up . Lunch came around I once again made my way toward the benches but on my way I accidentally bumped someone “ I’m so sorry “ I said I looked up and it was him “ It’s fine “ he said in the most beautiful voice I ever heard . But then I felt the food flowing up and

rising toward my mouth I quickly turned around and threw up ( gross) he came beside me “ are you ok , do you feel well ? “ he asked with a worried tone I shook my head no . he put a arm around my waist and helped me get to one of the benches and sat me carefully. “ I think you should go home , do you have a car “ he suggested I suppose he did “ no I don’t , I cant go home” I said I mistakenly said too much “ look let me help you I could take you home “ he persisted I finally gave up I nodded and helped me get up he was such a gentleman I could not get used to this we made our way to his car we got there I sat in the passenger seat he closed the door and got to the drivers seat . We left school I told him where to go “ my name is Edward Cullen , what’s your’s “ Edward asked “ I’m Judy Celestin “ I said “ very un- popular name , did you feel sick like this “ Edward asked. “ yea I did this morning I started feeling nauseas .” I said “ you shouldn’t of come to school then “ Edward suggested “ I had no other choice “ I said we finally got there pretty quick though . “ thanks for bringing me I really appreciate it “ I said truthfully ( not ) “ you’re welcome I’ll see you sometime “ Edward said I nodded and got out of the car . I waited until he left and went inside luckily know one was home . So I went upstairs and fell asleep . I woke up by the sound of a car door slamming shut . I got up and went downstairs “ there you are tomorrow we have a special guest coming , so this house better be spotless you understand “ aunt natilda said I simply nodded “ good tomorrow you’re not going to school “ she said . I nodded again I had to stay shut she left and I went to my room and screamed in my pillow I stood there the whole day I didn’t even went to eat I quickly fell asleep and slept a restless night . “ judy wake up !!!! “ I heard aunt natilda scream . I got up and rushed downstairs “ there you are I’ll be going to work so when I come back this house better be clean “ aunt natilda demanded I nodded “ good and make sure to wear something neatless “ aunt natilda said and left to work. I went to the kitchen and it was messy I groaned and stomped my feet I went upstairs again to brush my teeth . When I was done I spent most of the day cleaning and cooking . I was finally done by the time aunt natilda came she was satisfied with my work . I went upstairs and took a long shower I got off and went to change : I wore a light blue knee length dress , it was strapless so I wore a black lace sweater and light blue flat shoes . My hair was still wet so I let it down the door bell rang and the guest was already here . When I came downstairs it was a fat , old guy but to my mistake soon realized he was a millionaire . No wonder aunt natilda was stressing out . They made me sit next to him I really had no problem until he kept putting his hand under my dress . I kept grabbing his hand out of there he was literally creeping me out. When dinner was done I was going to clean the dishes “ judy why don’t you show Mr. . lautner the house “ aunt natilda suggested “ sure , follow me “ I said un aware of what was going to happen to me. I first showed him the 2nd floor bedrooms then made our way to my door . He grabbed my ass I immediately turn around and stepped away from him . “ get away from me “ I said venomously . “ what you don’t like it sweetie “ he said he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him “ you’re so beautiful I would like to see what’s under you’re clothes “ he said I tried to push him away but for a fat guy he was kind of strong “ aunt natilda help me ! “ I screamed “ ssh ! Come on baby lets go to you’re

room “ he said “ he pulled me in my room and I fell to the floor I tried to get up but he came on top of me . I tried kicking but nothing worked he pulled my dress up and started kissing my neck . I kicked him in the sensitive part he got off me and I ran to the balcony but he came after me he pulled my hair and whispered in my ear “ I will enjoy this and so would you “ he leaned against me and pulled my dress up I heard him un zipping his pant . I made my move with my arm I hit him in the nose . When he backed away a little I jumped out of the balcony I landed hard on the ground I got up and touched something wet I looked down and I was bleeding something out of my side popped out . “ you idiot !! I heard him scream I new they would come looking for me so I tried running and went into the forest every breath I took hurt the pain felt incredulous but I tried going really far . I started to feel dizzy so I tripped and fell to the ground I screamed in pain . It hurt so much I new I was going to die right here . I started seeing black spots in my vision and the last thing I heard was “ Is she still alive ? “ and fell into unconsciousness . I woke up and sat too quickly , I screamed it hurt so much on my side , but quickly realized I was in a room I’ve never seen before . I looked around and it was very formal and classical . I guessed I was on the living room from what it looked like . As I was observing again I saw Edward and flinched in surprised . “ are you well ? Edward asked concerned “ yes , where am I “ I asked confused “ well you’re at my home , we found you in the forest you were hurt , don’t worry we took care of that my father Carlisle helped you with you’re injury , Judy what happened to you ? Edward asked seriously well that explains I thought . I told him everything from the first day I came here , till the tragedy that had happened . “ why don’t you just leave “ Edward suggested “ I cant Edward , I don’t now where else to go by the way how long have I been here “ I asked cautiously “ you’ve been asleep for 3 days , Judy maybe we can help you “ Edward pleaded “ no I couldn’t , I really appreciated for what you guys done but I have to leave I cant stay here “ I said depressed .out of nowhere this girl came In “ hi I’m Alice , it’s finally nice to meet you “ Alice said cheerfully “ nice to meet you I’m judy “ I said “ well Edward been talking a lot about you , so I wanted to meet you in person . I kind of over heard you’re conversation Edwards right we can help you “ alice said “ I really appreciated for what you’ve done for me but I cant I have to go “ I said pleading Edward finally gave up and helped get up “ at least let me get you home “ Edward asked “ sure why not “ I said I said my goodbyes to Alice and left the whole ride I was scared of how aunt natilda would react when I came home . We eventually got there “ look Judy if you need help , you can come and talk to me “ Edward said soothingly “ thanks Edward for what you’ve done , you practically saved my life I’m really grateful for that , I would never forget “ I said I stepped out of the car and made my way towards the house . I opened the door and aunt natilda was waiting in the couch .” finally I thought you left town , I’m very angry for what you’ve done to MR. lautner “ aunt natilda said I could not believe what I was hearing “ I didn’t do anything to that guy , he nearly raped me how could you say that “ I screamed but realized it was a mistake the pain increased and I had to remember I wasn’t fully recovered “ well , stop lying you should’ve let him and anyways you are going to marry him , tomorrow he would come and proposed to you and you better accept it because if you don’t , I will hurt you and I’m not scared to try “ aunt

natilda said she quickly got up and left I couldn’t believe it . I went to my room and cried , I didn’t sleep well that night . my life was a misery and I knew it wouldn’t get better . I didn’t know what to do but if I didn’t accept I knew aunt natilda could even possibly kill me . I new the real reason why she wanted me to marry him , she wanted his money and maybe if Margaret was old enough ,she would probably do the same to her even if it was her own daughter . Morning eventually came and I heard the door opening I wanted to escape but I couldn’t not with my condition “ Judy come down “ wicked witch of the east said or my aunt . I got off bed and went downstairs and into the living room . I realized Mr. fat , fat or lautner nose was broken I nearly almost laughed he deserves that and more for what he almost did to me I wished for him to be dead . I bit my lip and stood there staring at the ground “ MR. lautner has something important to say too you “ wicked witch of the east said almost happily I looked at him straight in the eyes he leaned against in one knee “ would you marry me “ MR . lautner asked I was at the verge of crying not because of the proposal but what I was about to say “ yes “ I said he happily got up and slid the ring in my left hand . He was about to kiss me but I turned my head , I refuse to kiss him . After he left I went straight to my room and cried the rest of the weekend .

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