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Candidate Questionnaire

1. What is missing from your current job?

- Stability and the sense that I am helping rather than hindering. Additionally, the opportunity for
growth, both personal and professional, as you and I discussed earlier, is also very much missing from my
current position.

2. What is the job, the role you really want next? In 5 years? What is a good stepping stone to achieve
this goal?

- Remaining in a customer service supervisorial/managerial role with a leaning towards operational
management. A good stepping stone to achieve such a goal? Being immersed in a company that has
upward mobility.

3. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 meaning most critical and 1 not critical, how critical is it for you to move to
a new position within the next six months?

- Since my present company and scaled down immensely, I would say a solid 8 or 9.

4. List the transportable skills, both hard and soft.

- Hard skills: VOIP, CRM, my telephone scripting abilities, lead generation, performance coaching and
support, recruitment capabilities, compliance and enforcing policies and procedures.

- Soft skills: Patience, empathy (especially for those downtrodden borrowers who have nowhere else to
turn), passion, motivational, problem solver, the ideology behind effectual communication,
conversational and listening skills, disgruntled borrower diffusion skills.

5. List the critical factors that make a job fun for you, e.g. industry (i.e.), Challenges, Location,
Advancement, Money and Security. How would you rank them in order of importance?

- Fun is relative. Im more concerned with the overall happiness of my call center representatives. If
they are happy, productive and not watching the clock, then I am doing my job. Everything else just
naturally falls into place. Ive been in companies that paid plenty, but the job itself was unrewarding and
the people doing their jobs were doing just enough NOT to get fired. For these kinds of jobs, waking up in
the morning to go to it was a chore. The jobs that were fun for me and most enjoyable were those
where the employees worked together, worked hard and wanted to be there.

6. Cite three (3) Success Stories, describing situations in which you have made an impact, either by
yourself or in collaboration with others. Focus on instances that have enhanced
productivity/effectiveness, continual process improvement. If creative, list the inspiration, programs and
organizations you are or have been involved with.

- 1. At Turbo Lending, we utilize a decision-engine for our approvals/denials. Dreamt up by one of our
technical gurus, it worked great on paper, but not so much in practice. The engine, in the beginning, just
data mined a potential borrowers income and FICO score. But there are many other factors that need to
take into account when approving a viable borrower. I suggested including the length of time a borrower
had their bank account; if they were on any kind of government subsidy such as Social Security or
disability; if they were frequent users of Facebook or LinkedIn. By utilizing these factors, we were able to
collect more data and get a better global view of the borrowers we were in fact approving.

2. Again at Turbo Lending, after a borrower finally paid off their loan, instead of paying big bucks for
another lead, why not approach the same borrower, especially if he was a good one by making payments
regularly, and discuss another loan with a substantial decrease in interest. Thus, our Retention
Department was introduced. Retain the borrowers we KNOW will pay us back.

3. At Advantage Corporate Training, I was involved with teaching business classes to adults at their
workplace including customer service management, business communication and business writing to non-
native English speaking professionals. It turned out, most of these students also needed help reducing
their accents for internal and external communications. Since I was born in Montreal, Quebec and have
an accent myself and learned to reduce it almost completely, I decided to add it to the curriculum with
great success. It turned out to be the biggest classes I taught during my five-year run.

7. What are some of your hobbies (i.e.), Pets, painting, writing, yoga?

- Website design; writing; working out; skiing; boxing.

8. Do you have a car? What is a reasonable commute for you? How much overnight travel, as a
percentage, is acceptable?

- Yes, I have a car. A reasonable commute would be 60 or less round trip miles. Overnight travel is not
an issue.

9. Describe the ideal environment, people, tasks that would be congruent with your beliefs and inspire
you to do your best and give you joy.

- As mentioned above, an environment where people WANT to be not HAVE to be. An environment
where I was helping, not hindering and making a positive difference.

10. Describe your current compensation package. What was your W-2 last year? What are your
expectations for your next job? Below what figure should we not discuss a job with you?

- Open for discussion.

11. What have you done to date in your current search? Other Recruiting Firms? Internet Job Postings:
Companies / Positions? Have you had interviews yet / titles?

- I have just recently begun the process. I have used use, and Zip Recruiter
so far.

12. List 10 companies that you would like to work for / companies that you would not want to work for.

- Any company that inspires growth and positivity / Any payday loan company.

13. Do you have a Social Media presence? Please list all; Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn, blog, etc.

- I do not. I have some websites I designed, but that is it. Ive been meaning to make a LinkedIn profile.

14. Please list any writing contributions, additional software knowledge, graphics knowledge or whatever
you think applies to the position you are applying for.

- I have working knowledge of website design including HTML skills. I have worked as a resume
revamper/over hauler and know how to match the right CSR to the right position. Since I have been
teaching and training for several years, my patience and empathy for my students and my reps will
allow me to properly teach and train the reps on the floor to be fully functional and confident to tackle
any kind of call.