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W elcome to English & Certificates

for Internationals (ECI) at the
University of California, Irvine –
your resource for success! ■ THE MISSION of English &

I invite you to explore our wide Certificates for Internationals (ECI),

selection of programs especially a department of University Extension,
designed for you—whether you are
is to offer life-enriching academic,
a student or a professional seeking
to improve your English or gain professional, and cultural experiences
state-of-the-art knowledge in your field. to international audiences in environ-
A typical learning pathway includes an intensive English ments specifically tailored to their
language program, followed by a graduate-level professional needs. These experiences include
certificate program and an internship in the dynamic business
environment of Orange County (The OC). After successfully (1) superior English-language and
completing your studies at UC Irvine, you will receive a highly professional-content instruction and
respected professional credential from a world-class university, (2) a wide variety of support services,
which could open the door to the next opportunity on your
including housing and organized
career path!
cultural activities to foster interna-
I hope you will take full advantage of the educational excellence
available to you through English & Certificates for Internationals. tional students’ adjustment to
We are the resource that can assist you in achieving success in and competence in participating
today’s competitive, global economic environment.
in American life. ECI serves the
With best wishes, I look forward to meeting you!
University of California, Irvine by
promoting the internationalization of
Sincerely, the campus and providing language
support services to the university

Angelika P. Volkman
English & Certificates for Internationals
University of California, Irvine (949) 824-5991

Enriching Your Global

Experience and Success
Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2, 3

Program Dates & Tuition Fees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4, 5

English Language Programs Overview . . . . . . . . 6, 7

English Language Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 – 11

Certificate Programs Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . 12, 13

Internships, Optional
Practical Training (OPT) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14, 15

Accelerated Certificate Programs (ACPs) . . . 16 – 25

Evening Certificate Programs (ECPs) . . . . . . . 26, 27

Student Services & Resources,

Summer Session. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

Student Life & Activities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

Housing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30, 31

Custom Designed Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32, 33

How To Apply . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

Tuition & Fees Checklist. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35

Cover photo:
Laguna Beach by
Arthur Wheelan
UC Irvine The Perfect Destination to Live

Welcome to the University ■ ACHIEVE ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE

of California, Irvine • Become proficient in speaking, reading, and writing in
Founded in 1965, the University of California, Irvine a business or academic environment, or in everyday
has become world-renowned for its strength as a situations.
major research university nestled in a dynamic U.S. • Apply professional and global business skills immediately
business culture, and as one of the most beautiful, to your workplace. A dynamic learning experience that
vibrant regions in Southern California. combines theoretical and practical training applicable in
the “real world” will help you expand your professional
knowledge, enhance your career potential, or obtain
LEARN AT A TOP-TIER UNIVERSITY practical training.

• Recognized for its superior academic programs • Learn from instructors who have Masters degrees and
and major research accomplishments, UC Irvine are leading experts in the fields they teach.
is ranked by U.S. News and World Report among
the 12 best public universities and 44th among all
universities – public and private – in the nation. ■ BENEFIT FROM THE INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION
• Three UC Irvine researchers have earned Nobel
• Receive guidance and support to help you adjust to
Prizes: F. Sherwood Rowland and Irwin Rose in
learning and living in Irvine from our attentive staff.
chemistry and Frederick Reines in physics.
• Join small groups of students, ensuring individual
• The Paul Merage School of Business is ranked attention from instructors.
among the nation’s top business schools by U.S.
• Experience valuable opportunities to network with peers
News & World Report, BusinessWeek, and the
and instructors in a shared learning environment.
Financial Times.

English & Certificates for

English & Certificates for Internationals, draws on
the considerable talents and resources of UC Irvine
to complement our program offerings. Celebrating
its 30th year, ECI has provided students accelerated
university-level English language skills and
professional knowledge from nearly 40 certificate
programs designed to help students succeed in
today’s competitive global business environment.

Our team
welcomes you.

Quick Facts
and Study about Irvine


• Benefit from professional and cultural field
trips integrated into your academic learning ■ ONE OF AMERICA’S
experience. SAFEST CITIES
• Participate in a variety of campus activities,
sports teams, and clubs.
• Embark on many exciting field trips with your
classmates to local cities, theaters, beaches,
and more. 23-27°C

Safe and Beautiful Irvine ■ TECH-SAVVY

“For the third straight year, Irvine is ranked COMMUNITY
America’s safest city, topping all large cities
in the nation …”
– FBI Violent Crime Ranking:
Cities over 100,000 Population, 2006

• One of the first and largest master-planned

communities, Irvine enjoys a Mediterranean
climate in a very safe, clean, and family-oriented
environment in the heart of The OC (Orange
County). New York
San Francisco
• Home to some of the nation’s most dynamic
growth industry centers and many of the world’s
largest corporations, most of which conduct Los Angeles Irvine
business internationally, Irvine offers you San Diego

abundant career-related opportunities.

• Near our suburban sanctuary, you can enjoy a

wealth of activities including spectacular beach
resorts, Spanish missions, desert and mountain
recreational activities, theaters, arts, and more…

The campus park atmosphere is an extension of the acres

upon acres of natural land to explore in Irvine. Hundreds
of kilometers of trails for hiking, jogging, horseback riding,
or mountain biking give you abundant opportunities to relax
or get your exercise in these beautiful, preserved natural

Program Dates & Tuition Fees

Enter any ACP or ECP with a 10-Week Intensive ESL $2,775 Oct 3-Dec 13
minimum of:
■ 71 on the iBT 4-Week Conversation & Culture $1,485
■ 530 on the paper-based TOEFL
■ 710 on the TOEIC
or other evidence of advanced
English language proficiency.
4-Week Business English $1,485


Take an optional internship course Business Administration $6,000

after completing a business ACP. Internship $1,350

International Business Operations & Management $6,000 Sept 18-Dec 10

Internship $1,350

PATH TO OPT International Hospitality Management $6,000

Apply for OPT and work for up to Internship $1,350
one year anywhere in the U.S.
Marketing $6,500 Sept 18-Dec 13
■ 9 consecutive months
(3 quarters) of full-time study Internship $1,350
and completion of at least
one ACP or ECP. You may
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) $6,500
take a combination of ACPs,
internship, and ECPs.

Fees are subject to change Choose from nearly 40 ECPs. Approximately Sept 12-Dec 6
without notice. Quarterly tuition consists of International $3,500/qtr
Student Fee ($1,100) and individual
course fees.

2008 2008 2008 2008 2009 2009 2009 2009

Jan 9-Mar 20 Apr 2-Jun 12 Jun 25-Sept 4 Oct 1-Dec 11 Jan 7-Mar 19 Apr 1-Jun 11 Jun 24-Sept 3 Sept 30-Dec 10

Jan 3-Jan 30 Jul 2-Jul 29 Jan 6-Feb 2 Jul 1-Jul 28

Feb 5-Mar 3 Aug 4-Aug 28 Feb 6-Mar 5 Aug 3-Aug 27
Sept 4-Sept 30 Sept 2-Sept 29

Jan 3-Jan 30 Jul 2-Jul 29 Jan 6-Feb 2 Jul 1-Jul 28

Feb 5-Mar 3 Aug 4-Aug 28 Feb 6-Mar 5 Aug 3-Aug 27
Sept 4-Sept 30 Sept 2-Sept 29

Jan 4-Mar 26 Apr 4-Jun 24 Jul 3-Sept 23 Sept 19-Dec 11 Jan 7-Mar 31 Apr 3-Jun 23 Jul 2-Sept 22 Sept 18-Dec 10

Jan 4-Mar 26 Apr 4-Jun 24 Jul 3-Sept 23 Sept 19-Dec 11 Jan 7-Mar 31 Apr 3-Jun 23 Jul 2-Sept 22 Sept 18-Dec 10

Jan 4-Mar 20 Jul 3-Sept 17 Jan 7-Mar 24 Jul 2-Sept 16

Apr 4-Jun 26 Sept 19-Dec 16 Apr 3-Jun 25 Sept 18-Dec 15

Jan 4-Jun 12 Jun 20-Dec 4 Jan 7-Jun 16 Jun 19-Dec 3

Jan 3-Mar 20 Mar 25-Jun 12 Jun 17-Sept 11 Sept 16-Dec 11 Jan 5-Mar 19 Mar 25-Jun 11 Jun 17-Sept 10 Sept 15-Dec 10

As the continuing education arm of the University of California, Irvine,

UC Irvine Extension offers over 4,000 university-level professional and
personal enrichment courses, including 37 certificate programs and
13 specialized studies programs, each year.

Through English & Certificates for Internationals (ECI), Extension

serves over 2,000 international students from over 40 countries
per year.
in English is a vital skill for
everyone who seeks to work, live,
and succeed professionally in the
global community. Where you learn
your skills is critical in shaping
your level of language proficiency.
Choosing to study in the English-
language programs at the
University of California, Irvine is an important step towards
reaching your individual goals.
At UC Irvine, you will learn from highly-qualified, caring
instructors with graduate degrees, international experience, and
lots of enthusiasm. Our program prepares you to understand “We look forward to helping you
and use English in a variety of of academic, professional, and achieve your goals and making
personal situations. TOEFL- (including the iBT) and TOEIC- your experience in the United
targeted study is woven into all our classes. In each course, States of America one that you
you will experience intense, dynamic English language study will never forget.”
and an array of successful, interactive teaching methods.
Brad Gilpin
All of us at UC Irvine look forward to helping you achieve
your English-language goals. Welcome! Assistant Director
English Language Programs

Denise C. Babel
Associate Director

P r o g r a m s
10-Week Intensive ESL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8, 9
Prepare for university-level study, career advancement,
and personal goals for learning English as a second
language in this academically-oriented program.

4-Week Business English . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

Improve your American business English communication
skills to advance your career or succeed in one of our
Accelerated Certificate Programs. Learn more about the
American business society and way of doing business
with different focuses available in Finance, Marketing,
and Import/Export.

4-Week Conversation & Culture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11

Learn and practice using English for everyday
conversation in a fun and interactive way. Explore
our communities on cultural field trips for an
integrated educational experience.

Our highly-skilled and

dedicated ESL instructors
bring you successful
English language skills
in a supportive learning
Sharpen your general/ 4-Week Conversation Culture or Business English
business English

Improve your academic 10-Week Intensive ESL Program Choose one

English proficiency over or more ACPs
10 weeks or ECPs.

Improve your English 10-Week Intensive ESL Program 4-Week Business English Business ACPs
and then focus on can also
business English over include
14 or 18 weeks Internships!

1 0 - W e e k
Intensive ESL Benefits
STUDY in a respected language program set
on the campus of a major American university.

LEARN with dedicated, highly-trained teachers

with an average of 16 years of teaching
experience who are committed to maintaining
the highest standards of student achievement.
Tuition $2,775
ATTEND small classes—usually 15 or fewer

Schedule BENEFIT from engaging, interactive classes with

a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes real-life
FALL 2007 Oct 3-Dec 13 language use in academic, business, and social
WINTER 2008 Jan 9-Mar 20
PREPARE to succeed in your future career
SPRING 2008 Apr 2-Jun 12 or studies at an American college or university.
Advising is available to help you with the
transition to college or university.
SUMMER 2008 Jun 25-Sept 4
ADVANCE your skills in upper-level elective
FALL 2008 Oct 1-Dec 11 classes, including idioms, pronunciation, American
film, business English, vocabulary building, and
WINTER 2009 Jan 7-Mar 19 advanced grammar.

SPRING 2009 Apr 1-Jun 11 PRACTICE your English and get to know campus
life with an American conversation partner.
SUMMER 2009 Jun 24-Sept 3
PREPARE to score higher on the iBT TOEFL
and TOEIC tests.
FALL 2009 Sept 30-Dec 10

Level 6 students demonstrate

their English skills giving a
class presentation in one of
our many technology-
enhanced classrooms.

Studying with students from around the world and a very supportive
staff helped me advance my English language skills to pursue my goal
of receiving an education at a University of California campus. I am
currently studying and doing very well in my major – thanks to the
excellent training I received working so hard at English in the
10-Week Intensive Program.

Rashed Alqubaisi – United Arab Emirates

8 10-Week Intensive ESL

Class Schedule
Classes are held Monday through Friday at various times between
08:00 and 17:00, with a minimum of 21 hours of class time per week.




* Tuition covers up to $350


Watch your PBT TOEFL score soar 25 points for each

10-Week session you attend!

At all levels of the 10-Week, develop skills that are

not only vital for success on the new iBT TOEFL,
but also essential in your real-life use of English
long after the test is over.

The enthusiastic and inspiring instructors from the 10-Week

Intensive Program helped me keep up in my classes with
American students in my Evening Certificate Program (ECP) in
Business Administration. The ECP has given me a deep under-
standing of not only the foundations of business administration,
but also of the American values and culture.

Chihiro Watanabe – Japan

10-Week Intensive ESL, ECP Business Administration 9
4-, 8-, and 1 2 - W e e k
Business English Benefits
ENROLL in just one 4-week session or study for
8 or 12 weeks.
GAIN knowledge in finance, marketing, or import/
IMPROVE communication skills through
examinations of management types, advertising
Tuition $1,485
and presentation skills, business etiquette and
customs, and business ethics.
(per 4-Week program) DEVELOP your business-oriented computer
skills and learn how to use PowerPoint and useful
business Web sites.
Schedule COMPLEMENT your learning with case studies,
guest speakers, and company visits.
WINTER 2008 Jan 3-Jan 30 STRENGTHEN your English skills before entering
(Finance) one of UC Irvine’s many certificate programs.
Feb 5-Mar 3 ADVANCE your skills even further with free
(Marketing) elective courses in topics such as American film,
pronunciation, English for specific purposes, and
SUMMER 2008 Jul 2-Jul 29 iBT TOEFL preparation.
Aug 4-Aug 28 Requirements
(Marketing) Classes require a minimum of intermediate English
Sept 4-Sept 30 skill level and active participation. To attend this
program full-time, you are required to obtain a
student visa (F-1).

WINTER 2009 Jan 6-Feb 2 English skills requirements

500 450 45
Feb 6-Mar 5
(Marketing) Sample Schedule (up to 90 hours)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
SUMMER 2009 Jul 1-Jul 28
(Finance) Business English Classes
08:30- Business Concepts
Aug 3-Aug 27 10:20 (Reading & Writing Focus)
(Marketing) 10:30- Business Communication
Sept 2-Sept 29 12:20 (Speaking & Listening Focus)
(Import/Export) Optional Electives (at no additional cost)
13:30- Class#1 Class#1
14:50 Free
Class#2 Class#2 Time

My goal is to be in international business or finance. UC Irvine’s

4-Week Business English has given me the foundation I need to be
able to learn business concepts in the certificate programs. I have
more confidence to express myself in a business environment.

Alexander Zamora – Germany

4-Week Business English

4-, 8-, and 1 2 - W e e k
Conversation & Culture Benefits
LEARN to speak and understand authentic English
with more confidence through classes that focus on
real-life communication in lively learning activities.

IMMERSE yourself in American culture as the

focus of your listening, speaking, reading, and
writing practice.
Tuition $1,485
REFRESH your language skills before attending
(per 4-Week program) an American college or university.

GET TO KNOW classmates from different

Schedule countries and gain an international perspective.

VISIT a nearby spot of historic and cultural

WINTER 2008 Jan 3-Jan 30 interest on a class field trip.
Feb 5-Mar 3
ADVANCE your skills even further with free
SUMMER 2008 Jul 2-Jul 29 elective courses in topics such as American film,
pronunciation, English for specific purposes, and
Aug 4-Aug 28 iBT TOEFL preparation.
Sept 4-Sept 30
WINTER 2009 Jan 6-Feb 2
To attend this program full-time, you are required
Feb 6-Mar 5 to obtain a student visa (F-1).

SUMMER 2009 Jul 1-Jul 28

Aug 3-Aug 27 Sample Schedule (up to 90 hours)
Sept 2-Sept 29 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Conversation & Culture Classes
08:30- Reading & Writing
10:00- Idioms & Vocabulary
11:00- Speaking & Listening
Optional Electives (at no additional cost)
13:30- Class#1 Class#1
14:50 Free
Class#2 Class#2 Time

I liked our Idioms and Pronunciation classes most of all. You can
make lots of friends in this program, and get to know more about
different cultures. So give it a shot and go for it! It’s worth doing,
believe me! Everyone was on the edge of their seats!

Irina Glazunova – Russia

4-Week Conversation & Culture

WELCOME to the University Internship, OPT. . . . . 14, 15
of California, Irvine’s English &
Certificates for Internationals
ACP Business
department where achieving a
higher education opens doors Administration . . . . . 16, 17
to new opportunities for both
professional and personal growth.
ACP International
Whether you choose one of our
accelerated certificate programs Business Operations
with a professional-level internship or one of our nearly 40 and Management . . . 18, 19
evening certificate programs, you will gain the academic
distinction from one of the top public universities in the U.S.
and the expertise necessary to rapidly advance your career. ACP Marketing. . . . . . 20, 21
You will also have the opportunity to experience the diversity,
economic vitality, and beauty of Southern California. ACP International
My staff and I look forward to helping you achieve your Hospitality
educational goals. Once again, welcome to the English &
Management . . . . . . . 22, 23
Certificates for Internationals!

ACP Teaching
English as a Foreign
Language (TEFL). . . . 24, 25
Kelly L. Oto
Assistant Director
ECPs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26, 27
Professional Programs

Certificate Programs
Accelerated Certificate Programs (ACPs)
ACPs allow active professionals to complete the required courses for a
certificate in a minimal amount of time. We currently offer ACPs in Business
Administration, Marketing, International Business Operations and Manage-
ment, International Hospitality Management, and Teaching English as a
Foreign Language (TEFL).
• Attend daytime classes
• Study with students from all over the world and build your
global network
• Complete a business certificate in three months of full-time study
For those students wishing to gain practical experience, all of our ACPs
(with the exception of TEFL) provide the option of participating in an unpaid
internship (refer to page 14).

Evening Certificate Programs (ECPs)

Our nearly 40 ECPs offer qualified international applicants the opportunity
to study in classes designed for local professionals.
• Attend classes in the evening Requirements
• Study with American students • A university degree and/or
• Complete a certificate in six months of full-time study substantial academic or
Visit our Web site for current information: and click on professional experience
• A minimum score of 71 on the
iBT TOEFL, 530 on the PBT
Certificate Program Benefits TOEFL, 710 on the TOEIC, or,
ENHANCE the value of your degree and update your knowledge and skills other evidence of advanced
in your area of specialization in a short time. English language proficiency.
(To increase your fluency prior
GAIN practical work experience and apply academic theory in an internship
to enrolling in a certificate
related to your area of study (selected Accelerated Certificate Programs
program, consider our ESL
only; see page 14).
options; see pages 6-11.)
ATTEND a Professional Communications Seminar to gain a deeper under-
standing of your courses and to further develop your English communication • Consent of the Admissions
skills for greater success in your profession. Committee
RECEIVE academic advising.
• Additional
PARTICIPATE in educational field trips to observe American professionals requirements for
in the work environment. some certificate
DEVELOP a professional network of American and international colleagues. programs (please
USE UC Irvine’s library, language and computer labs.
CONSIDER Optional Practical Training (OPT) after nine months of full-time
study in a certificate program (see page 15).

P A T H T O I N T E R N S H I P 6 months of full-time study

Accelerated Certificate Optional Internship

Program 3 months 3 months

P A T H S T O O P T I O N A L P R A C T I C A L T R A I N I N G ( O P T ) 9 months of full-time study

Accelerated Certificate Accelerated Certificate Accelerated Certificate Program (ACP) OPT

Program (ACP) 3 months Program (ACP) 3 months or Optional Internship 3 months
Accelerated Certificate Evening Certificate and earn
Program (ACP) 3 months Program (ECP) 6 months U.S. $
for up to
Evening Certificate one year!
Program (ECP) 9 months 13
I n t e r n s h i p s
INTERNSHIPS are supervised professional
positions which give you the opportunity to work
in a real-world setting, take on workplace projects,
earn academic credit, learn new skills and concepts,
and make professional contacts. Internships are
unpaid positions lasting from 3 to 5 months; most
are in mid-sized firms in the growing high-tech
business environment of Orange County, as well
as in the greater Los Angeles area.
Tuition $1,350
After enrolling in the program, you will attend
an intensive resume-writing and interviewing
workshop, and you will be guided by UC Irvine
Internships are currently staff in locating an internship position that
available in: matches your career needs and interests. Interns
perform a variety of tasks at their host companies
for approximately 20-30 hours per week.
ACP Business Administration
ACP International Business Students are eligible for the internship course
Operations and Management after the successful completion of an ACP
program, attendance at all required meetings
ACP International and workshops, and good academic standing.
Hospitality Management
An internship will help you:
ACP Marketing
OBTAIN valuable business experience.

UTILIZE opportunities for building business

relationships and contacts.

IMPROVE communication skills.

Allergan Sapporo USA
IMPLEMENT new ideas and concepts in
your home country.
Billabong South Coast Plaza
Bozell Starbucks GAIN practical experience in dealing with
Christie’s TBWA - Chiat Day business situations.
Four Seasons Hotel Universal Studios
GAP Virtium Technology DEVELOP new skills and competencies.
Hilton Hotels VOLCOM
EXPLORE and develop career options.
Interplay Young and Rubicam
Merrill Lynch 7-Eleven Corporation

The key to successfully face the challenges of today’s global business

environment is a top quality education—this is why I came to
UC Irvine. In my courses and internship I found the opportunity to
interact with local and international marketing professionals, all
of whom created great value for my future.

Ilke Tunali – Turkey

ACP Marketing Intern at Allergan, Irvine, CA

14 Product Manager, Allergan, Istanbul

is an opportunity for F-1 international students
to participate in temporary employment that is
directly related to their major area of study. OPT
allows students to gain a maximum of 12 months
of paid practical work experience off campus,
while expanding and enhancing their business
experience in the U.S.
You should apply for OPT early in your final quarter
of academic study. Our student services staff
offers regular information sessions that include
details on application procedures, advising,
deadlines, and USCIS (United States Citizenship
and Immigration) requirements.

Students are eligible for OPT after nine months
of consecutive full-time study in one or more
certificate programs.

At the heart of The Optional Practical Training

California’s Tech program will help you:
Coast, an expanding
ACQUIRE skill sets vital to your career path.
dynamic global
business center has CONTINUE to use and refine your English skills.
made Orange County SEEK an opportunity for full-time employment.
the 32nd largest
ENJOY financial rewards.
economy in the
world. Diversity INCREASE your self-confidence.
is a demographic NETWORK with local employers and professionals.
reflective not only
WORK anywhere in the United States.
of the population,
but the range of AUGMENT further training in graduate or
professional schools (e.g. MBA).
professional services
to technology to
the sciences.

Pursuing the Oracle Program at UC Irvine has been a great

learning experience for me. I got hands-on training with the
help of excellent instructors and cutting-edge technology.
It enhanced my professional profile and started my IT career
to work as a Business Analyst for The First American Corporation
through the OPT program.

Sunila Marlapudi – India

ECP Oracle Database Administration 15
Accelerated Certificate Program
Business Administration Benefits
PREPARE to enter an MBA program.
BUILD effective teams.
BECOME an effective manager.
OBTAIN a strong foundation in business
functions and analysis.

Tuition $6,000 GAIN a competitive edge in the global job

market through an internship in a U.S. company.

Internship $1,350
Gain an overview of the American higher-
educational system and acquire the academic
Schedule skills to ensure your success in an ACP.
Now Offered Year-Round
WINTER 2008 Jan 4 - Mar 26 SEMINAR (PCS)
Understand American business culture, sharpen
your communication and presentation skills, learn
SPRING 2008 Apr 4 - Jun 24 professional etiquette, and improve your business
SUMMER 2008 Jul 3 - Sept 23
FALL 2008 Sept 19 - Dec 11 Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting new
organizations or businesses in response to an
WINTER 2009 Jan 7 - Mar 31 innovative and new opportunity involving new
ideas, approaches, and styles. Learn how to assess
SPRING 2009 Apr 3 - Jun 23 market trends and risks, understand customer
needs, implement value-based marketing, and
pricing programs to successfully create a new
SUMMER 2009 Jul 2 - Sep 22
product for launch. Examine issues impacting
both small and larger businesses through case
FALL 2009 Sept 18 - Dec 10 analysis and a market plan project.


In this time of increasing economic complexity,
understanding what goes on in the world of
business finance is no longer a luxury but a
necessity. This course will enable non-financial
managers and entrepreneurs to learn the basics
of business finance. Topics include accounting
principles, financial analysis, ROI decisions,
and cash flow.

Acquire an in-depth understanding of the basic concepts and theories of
management, while exploring the manager’s operational role in all types
of organizations. Gain insight into the manager’s responsibility in planning,
organizing, leading, staffing and controlling within the workplace. Learn
how the best managers manage for success!


E-Businesses today are not immune to the demands of building a business on
a solid foundation, responding to customer demands and maintaining a strong
supportable distinctive competence in the face of competition. In this course,
examine the key strategies necessary to make an e-business successful and
how to apply proven lessons in each area to existing or start-up online ventures.
Topics include the importance of branding, community building, revenue
generation and processing, security and privacy issues, customer service,
and content development and management.


As managers and supervisors, how well we communicate in large part Internship
determines how successful we will be on the job and our level of personal
job satisfaction. In this course learn to develop verbal and non-verbal ■ As an optional last course and
communication skills in formal and informal settings. Through interactive for an additional fee of $1,350,
discussions, role plays and activities, focus on conflict resolution, giving and you have the opportunity to
receiving criticism, defensive communication, assertiveness, and focused
apply academic theory and gain
practical experience in a variety
STRATEGIC PLANNING of businesses and industries for
Gain insight into solving three questions fundamental to strategic planning: up to three months. A research
1) Where are we today, 2) Where do we wish to arrive, and 3) How do we project provides additional
get there? Explore several approaches to strategic planning and compare training. Also included in the
their advantages and disadvantages. Learn to set short-term and long-term
internship are the Resume
objectives, and how to implement a strategic plan. Review planning tools and
business models, tactics and action, and other advanced strategic planning Development and Interviewing
techniques. Skills workshops. (See page
Course content is continually updated. Please check our Web site for updated
information at

ECI gave me the chance to refine my teaching skills and acquire

fundamental knowledge to perform in the business world.
Today, I work as an International Programs Coordinator and am
able to use both my teaching and business skills thanks to a
state-of-the-art training at UC Irvine!

Albane Ariza – France

ACP TEFL, ACP Business Administration

Accelerated Certificate Program
International Business Benefits
Operations and Management EXPLORE career opportunities in international
business management.
DEVELOP specific skills in the areas of interna-
tional marketing, management, finance and
business negotiations.
IDENTIFY the strategies, policies and norms
Tuition $6,000 necessary to conduct international business.
DESCRIBE specific business strategies for
conducting business in designated international
Internship $1,350 markets.
GAIN a competitive edge in the global job
market with an internship in a U.S. company.

Schedule Curriculum
FALL 2007 Sept 18 - Dec 10 Gain an overview of the American higher-
educational system and acquire the academic
WINTER 2008 Jan 4 - Mar 26 skills to ensure your success in an ACP.


SUMMER 2008 Jul 3 - Sept 23 Understand American business culture, sharpen
your communication and presentation skills, learn
professional etiquette, and improve your business
FALL 2008 Sept 19 - Dec 11


SPRING 2009 Apr 3 - Jun 23 Assess the impact of “globalization” of products
and markets, as well as the various opportunities
SUMMER 2009 Jul 2 - Sept 22 and challenges it presents for a firm engaged in
international business. Compare major theories
FALL 2009 Sept 18 - Dec 10 of international trade and their relevance towards
economic development, competitive advantage,
and strategic implications. Measure the
advantages and disadvantages of various entry
strategies firms can utilize based on their
companies’ organizational capabilities, their
products or services, their markets, and their

Examine the challenge of carefully balancing the firm’s characteristics and their
marketing mix, product, price, placement and promotion, against external
environmental dynamics such as cultural, economic, competitive and legal and
political forces, technology levels, and geographic infrastructure. Discriminate
between marketing products and services to both consumer and business
markets based on branding, international marketing channels, integrated
marketing communications and pricing strategies.

Discover the role and impact of international financial markets. Focus on the
forces that drive exchange rates as well as international trade and investment;
international financial risks and the protection that can be achieved through the
use of financial derivatives. You will also examine some of the most important
financial techniques used by multinational firms to manage their international
financial operations.


Both large and small companies, whether marketing to just one country or all
over the world, need to know the distribution systems of their manufacturing ■ As an optional last course and
locations and their target markets. This course surveys the field of international for an additional fee of $1,350,
physical distribution and supply chain management as essential components you have the opportunity to
of a global strategy. Sessions focus on the differences between domestic and
apply academic theory and gain
international physical transportation, infrastructure, and the availability of
modes. practical experience in a variety
of businesses and industries for
Learn how to manage cultural differences to achieve successful international project provides additional
business outcomes. Learn through interactive simulations the different styles training. Also included in the
of communication, value systems and beliefs, and organizational structures
internship are the Resume
across cultures. Learn to plan, work, and negotiate successfully in the global
marketplace. Development and Interviewing
Skills workshops. (See page
This course is taught in a real-world business setting incorporating key skills,
information, and sources learned in the International Business Operations and
Management Certificate Program. Working in teams, you will select products,
research and analyze relevant information, develop an international marketing
strategy, and specify financial requirements along with expected return on
investment (ROI). The outcome will be a formal business plan and a
presentation of the plan.
Course content is continually updated. Please check our Web site for updated
information at

UC Irvine Extension has given me professional skills, cross-cultural

knowledge, and a multinational social network with classmates and
professors. I began applying the practical skills and knowledge I
gained in an internship at a local international logistics company.

Jiqing Liu – China

IMBA, Institute for Executive Development – Spain
ACP International Business Operations and Management,
Internship, ACP Business Administration, OPT 19
Accelerated Certificate Program
Marketing Benefits
EXPLORE new career opportunities or develop
specific skills in marketing.
INTERACT with local and international
marketing professionals.
ENHANCE your knowledge and skills in the
various components of marketing, consumer
Tuition $6,500 research, presentation skills, creativity and
strategic planning.
ACQUIRE practical and theoretical knowledge
Internship $1,350 from instructors who are working professionals
and leaders in their field.
GAIN a competitive edge in the global job
market through an internship in a U.S. company.

Gain an overview of the American higher-
SPRING 2008 Apr 4 - Jun 26 educational system and acquire the academic
skills to ensure your success in an ACP.
FALL 2008 Sept 19 - Dec 16
SPRING 2009 Apr 3 - Jun 25 SEMINAR (PCS)
Understand American business culture, sharpen
your communication and presentation skills, learn
FALL 2009 Sept 18 - Dec 15
professional etiquette, and improve your business


Being able to present your ideas clearly in meet-
ings and business presentations can be critical to
your career success. Gain a professional’s grasp
of acquiring stage presence and captivating your
audience; learn to speak more persuasively; gain
confidence and poise; and, learn to organize your
information for the most effective delivery.


With an understanding of the four Ps–Product,
Place, Price and Promotion, you will be prepared
to develop a dynamic marketing strategy. Learn
how to monitor the environment, conduct market

Studying in a certificate program was a wonderful opportunity

to improve my knowledge. The teachers were great and student
services provided everything that I needed – a great help. This
experience was an important step in my career to prepare me
to face a new market. But more than that, studying here was a
"complete life" experience: learning and sharing different things
of different cultures.

20 Marcelo Ribeira – Brazil

10-Week Intensive ESL, ACP Marketing
research, choose customers and suppliers, and develop product positioning
strategies while improving your company’s profitability.


Explore the most advanced market research methods including usage of web-
based tools. Learn how to analyze research data to measure the effectiveness
of your marketing program, determine what changes are needed, and imple-
ment a competitive strategy. Explore the factors that impact consumers’ buying
decisions and learn how to affect demand for your product or service.


Learn how you can use your web site as a research tool, selling tool, and
communications tool to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your overall
marketing. Discover how to develop and use your web site to provide customer
service, test new products, and obtain marketing research information.

Business-to-business marketing is changing the model from the traditional
Four Ps, as we knew them to a new set of Ps: Place, Presence, Personality and
Privacy. Understand what’s different about “new economy” business-to-business
marketing and explore the effective use of channels, revised pricing strategies, ■ As an optional last course and
targeted media plans and schedules, and buying cycles for online and offline for an additional fee of $1,350,
products and services.
you have the opportunity to
CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT apply academic theory and gain
Customer relationship management is a business strategy that provides the practical experience in a variety
enterprise with a complete, consistent, and integrated view of its customer of businesses and industries for
base. This course focuses on customer satisfaction and retention using the web. up to three months. A research
Understand the strategies for first-call resolutions, customer loyalty programs,
project provides additional
customer interaction centers, and productive marketing automation.
training. Also included in the
BRANDING internship are the Resume
Acquire a working knowledge of how to develop a brand process and strategy Development and Interviewing
within your own company and integrate it into your communication plan. Skills workshops. (See page
Discover brand lifecycles, how to build a brand, and the distinctions for branding
your product online.


Understand the modeling and mechanics of preparing a marketing plan. Learn
how to analyze marketplace dynamics, identify customer and business needs,
prepare a creative strategy, build an action plan for implementing the strategy,
develop budgets and financial projections, analyze the plan’s effectiveness, and
how to “sell” the marketing plan to senior management.

Course content is continually updated. Please check our Web site for updated
information at

I decided to study marketing at UC Irvine. Here I learned the

most current information from both high-tech communication
systems and the most informed teachers, and was able to apply
this knowledge to my professional career with much success.

Rosesukon Pattaraluck – Thailand

ACP Marketing

Accelerated Certificate Program
International Hospitality Benefits
Management EXAMINE the fundamentals of global hospitality
LEARN to use marketing and branding tech-
niques to capture and retain the hospitality client.
ANALYZE revenues, expenses and resources
to help make important budgeting decisions.
Tuition $6,000 BUILD event management and project manage-
ment skills necessary in the dynamic hospitality
Internship $1,350 MANAGE customer satisfaction.
LEARN how to develop an integrated service
culture that supports employee retention.
DEFINE event planning strategies necessary
Schedule to meet the needs of the global customer.

WINTER 2008 Jan 4 - Mar 20 Curriculum

SUMMER 2008 Jul 3 - Sept 17 Gain an overview of the American higher-
educational system and acquire the academic
WINTER 2009 Jan 7 - Mar 24 skills to ensure your success in an ACP.


Understand American business culture, sharpen
your communication and presentation skills, learn
professional etiquette, and improve your business


Focus on key aspects of the hospitality industry,
including a brief history and interrelationships
of key hospitality industry segments from an
international perspective. Analyze the current
operational and marketing challenges faced by
senior hospitality professionals. Topics include:
business planning and marketing, reservations,
front office, food service and housekeeping
Photo courtesy issues, the growth of the greening of hospitality
of the Montage, environments, hospitality law, and service
Laguna Beach, CA.

Acquire the cutting-edge decision-making skills necessary for effective strategic
marketing initiatives designed to reach specific markets and establish brand
identity. Examine effective strategic marketing and branding practices in the
hospitality industry; including ways to manage double branding opportunities,
electronic sales, distribution channels, and brand dominance. Review the
strategic marketing plan elements through sample detailed cases studies
and examples of various hospitality models.


Learn how to integrate customer relationship management for providing effective
customer service and support. Address the importance of how you handle your
customers and how that can directly affect your individual goals, as well as
your team’s and company’s performance. Topics include: delivering better,
faster service and increase customer satisfaction, learning how to achieve
repeat business, and motivating your employees to provide seamless service.


Understand how to develop a realistic and comprehensive accounting and
budgeting system that serves as a tool for department managers and general ■ As an optional last course and
management in the hospitality industry. Develop an accounting and budget for an additional fee of $1,350,
system focusing on revenue and expense estimating, calculation of break-even
you have the opportunity to
point, and return on investment.
apply academic theory and gain
HUMAN RESOURCES AND LEADERSHIP FOR THE practical experience in a variety
HOSPITALITY PROFESSIONAL of businesses and industries for
Examine the difference between a Manager and a Leader and learn what up to three months. A research
effective leadership means. The importance and benefits of appropriate human
project provides additional
resource management techniques in the hospitality and travel-related businesses
such as employee selection, progressive counseling/progressive discipline, training. Also included in the
termination, employee motivation and employee training are explained. internship are the Resume
Development and Interviewing
PROJECT AND EVENT MANAGEMENT Skills workshops. (See page
Successful event management requires excellent communication skills and
coordination of many individuals and departments, and frequently, outside
vendors. Making certain that projects achieve their objectives, meet their
deadlines, and are within budget can be a daunting but rewarding challenge.
Discover proven tools, concepts and ways of thinking about projects that will
considerably enhance the positive outcome of a hospitality and/or special
event project.

Course content is continually updated. Please check our Web site for updated
information at

The International Hospitality Management program launched my

career in the hospitality industry. Through my internship at The
Ritz-Carlton, Dana Point, I received professional training as a
Quality Analyst to execute projects to improve the hotel’s guest
experience. Now, I am excited for the opportunity to return to
The Ritz-Carlton through the OPT program.

Jarco Schmenger – Spain

ACP International Hospitality Management 23
Accelerated Certificate Program
Teaching English as a THE TEACHING ENGLISH as a Foreign
Language Certificate Program combines the
Foreign Language (TEFL) latest teaching methodologies with an appropriate
balance between theory and practice.
Whether your aim is to teach adults, children
or both, our course content addresses these
unique audiences.

Tuition $6,500
PREPARE for or enhance your career as an
English teacher.
DEVELOP the skills you need to succeed in
Schedule further post-graduate studies in TEFL and
related fields.
WINTER/SPRING 2008 Jan 4 - Jun 12
LEARN the latest methodologies from
distinguished teacher-trainers.
SUMMER/FALL 2008 Jun 20 - Dec 4
ATTEND local and/or regional professional
WINTER/SPRING 2009 Jan 7 - Jun 16 conferences to explore the most recent trends
and developments.
SUMMER/FALL 2009 Jun 19 - Dec 3 VISIT American schools to observe and
conduct a lesson.
PRACTICE your teaching skills in a classroom

Gain an overview of the American higher-
educational system and acquire the academic
skills to ensure your success in an ACP.

This class is academically and culturally tailored
to enhance your training in the ACP TEFL.
Students will attend special lectures from
experts in the field about various aspects of
teaching English as a foreign language, have
the opportunity to participate in local teacher
Photo by Leonard conferences, and network with current
Myszynski Photography. ESL/EFL teachers.

Find out how people learn languages as you compare first language and second
language acquisition and child and adult foreign language learning. Understand
the learning theories that are the foundation of various teaching methodologies,
and develop strategies that you can use in your own teaching situations.

Study effective techniques for teaching English learners. Learn a variety of meth-
ods for teaching listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, vocabulary,
and grammar. Develop lesson plans and materials for your classroom.


Expand your knowledge of the system of English and learn to help your
students overcome difficulties associated with interference from their first
language. Clear up any confusion over troublesome grammatical structures.


Learn and practice strategies and activities to help your students improve their
speaking skills. Understand the differences between accuracy, fluency, and
communicative competence, and learn methods for developing your students’ ■ A minimum score of 71 on the
proficiency in these areas. iBT TOEFL, 530 on the PBT
TOEFL, or 710 on the TOEIC is
required for admission to this
Improve your own pronunciation skills while learning how to help your students
improve theirs. Study effective techniques for teaching vowel and consonant program.
sounds as well as the rhythm and intonation of the English language.

Learn and practice formal and informal ways of assessing your students.
Discuss, observe, analyze, and practice the evaluation of speaking, listening,
reading, and writing skills.


Use your knowledge gained throughout the program to select a field-specific
research project. Learn a variety of research approaches and techniques, and
learn to read and analyze field-specific research articles. Present your research
in a written report and share the project with classmates, teachers, and others
in a final research symposium.

Learn the practical aspects of teaching, including writing lesson plans and
classroom management. Observe a teacher in an American classroom, plan
and conduct lessons for your classmates and at an American school, and
receive feedback on your own teaching.

Course content is continually updated. Please check our Web site for current
information at

I am grateful for the excellent English education I’ve received here.

Teachers’ encouragement and students’ cooperation have guided
me to learn English easily and comfortably. Now I have more
confidence in using English. I also had a great opportunity to get
to know students from different countries and to share our various

Hui-Mei Chen – Taiwan

10-Week Intensive ESL , ACP TEFL 25
Evening Certificate Programs
UC Irvine Extension offers nearly 40 ECPs led by instructors with extensive
industry and professional experience. The courses integrate you, the
international professional, with American professionals and offer the latest in
cutting-edge research and technologies, while utilizing the collaborative and
practical approach in the classroom that you can apply immediately on the
job. Many ECPs can be completed in six months of full time study. Visit our
website for a complete list of ECPs.

Tuition ~$3,500 Increasingly Popular ECPs

per quarter ■ Embedded Systems Engineering

International Student Benefits

Fee per quarter
GAIN essential knowledge of embedded systems design and programming.
($1,100) is included.
LEARN how to program an embedded device.
BECOME more expert in programmable logic design and analysis.
INCREASE your understanding of real-time operating systems.
LEARN about the latest embedded technologies.
Clinical Trials
A certificate is awarded upon completion of nine required and six elective credit
Business Analyst units, with a grade point average of “B” or better, in addition to the Professional
Communications Seminar.
Database Management
Six Sigma Lean C Programming for Embedded Systems
Medical Product Development Introduction to Digital Logic and Hardware Architecture
Microsoft.NET Technologies
Fundamentals of Embedded Systems Design and Programming
Human Resources Management Embedded Systems Architecture
Real-Time Embedded Systems Programming
Communications & Networking
Engineering ELECTIVE COURSES (Choose 6 units)
Introduction to Verilog and Application in VLSI
Systems Engineering VHDL Design and Modeling of Digital Systems
Paralegal Getting Software and Hardware Working—Co-Development
and Co-Debug
Finance Writing Portable Device Drivers
(Coming January 2008) Designing Embedded Software Using Real-Time Operating Systems
For a complete list of ECPs visit Fundamentals of Embedded Linux Programming Embedded Systems Design Using ARM Technology
Communications SoC Design
FPGA Design with Hardware Description Languages
Real-Time Embedded Digital Signal Processing
Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems

I came here to study English and computers, and now I am doing

both effectively. ‘One stone kills two birds.’ Isn’t this the proverb
that best fits this situation? Now I am completing an internship
where I converse with my co-workers everyday in English while
learning the atmosphere of an American company. This is the
most precious experience I could acquire.

Tae Hoon Hyun – Korea

26 4-Week Conversation & Culture,

ECP Embedded Systems Engineering
■ Project Management

OBTAIN a proven, practical body of project management knowledge
and skills that will help you avoid making costly mistakes.
LEARN techniques for effectively coordinating and managing all aspects
of a project including team leadership, project risk and financial analysis,
evaluation and control techniques, project planning and decision-making.
EXPLORE the international dimensions of project management.

A certificate is awarded upon completion of six required courses and two
elective courses, in addition to the Professional Communications Seminar,
with a grade of “C” or better in each course.

Introduction to Project Management Principles and Practices
Management, Leadership, and Team Building
Project Procurement Management
Project Risk Management
Earned Value Project Management or Project Monitoring and Control
Project Cost Management
Project Management Using MS Project 2007
Advanced Project Management Techniques Using MS Project 2007
PMP Preparation Exam
Managing Business Process Improvement Projects
Lean Project Management
Management of Multiple Projects
Project Management of Information Technology
Systems Engineering for Project Managers

Course content is continually updated. Please check our Web site for
updated information at

UC Irvine offered me state-of-the-art knowledge in many fields

that is helping me meet the challenges of current global business.
UC Irvine is a world-class university, and I am a more successful
international business advisor because of that.

Naser Aljuryyed, MBA – Saudi Arabia

10-Week Intensive ESL, ECP Global Operations Management,
ECP Alternative Dispute Resolution, ECP E-Business

OUR staff is dedicated to We invite you to take advantage of the following resources and
services available to you at UC Irvine:
making your stay in the U.S.
a complete success. We offer Counseling
assistance with housing, health
■ Academic and cross-cultural counseling services are available to help
care, and student visas, as you acclimate quickly in a foreign educational environment.
well as academic advising.
■ Multilingual staff may assist you by answering questions related to
student issues and university life.
■ Advisors can help you with many college placement related concerns
(e.g. choosing majors, transferring to local community colleges,
applying to graduate schools).

■ UC Irvine Extension is an official test center for the Institutional
TOEFL and TOEIC, as well as the iBT TOEFL.
■ The Institutional TOEFL test is offered free of charge to all students
enrolled in ECI’s ESL programs.
■ TOEFL strategies are practiced in all of ECI’s English language classes.
■ A TOEFL test preparation workshop is available each quarter for a
nominal fee.
■ The TOEIC test is offered each quarter for a nominal fee.

Additional Campus Resources

■ Self-Access computer lab for individual study
■ Campus libraries (which hold over 2.2 million volumes)
■ Lecture series, special interest clubs, and campus-wide events
■ Volunteer opportunities

UC Irvine offers international students the opportunity to experience a
true university undergraduate learning experience with local students.
During the summer, visiting students can learn from distinguished
faculty, meet students from all over the world, and experience
American culture firsthand by enrolling in undergraduate courses.
10-Week Summer Session, and two 5-Week Sessions. Students may
enroll in up to 10 units per session (visit
to see course offerings).
AT THE SAME TIME, students can complement their studies and
improve their English language skills by enrolling in one of our English
language programs (see pages 10-11 in this brochure).

“Our goal is to bring balance to your Field Trips and Activities
American experience both inside and ■ PRE-PLANNED Enjoy city tours of Los Angeles, San Diego,
outside the classroom by integrating San Francisco and Las Vegas, as well as visits to Disneyland,
Universal Studios, Sea World, cruises to Catalina Island, snow
you with other students, the campus,
skiing, and beach bonfires.
and the surrounding culture and
■ SELF-PLANNED Let us help you with your personal trip
community.” planning. We provide assistance with transportation, directions,
ECI Activity Staff lodging, and points of interest.
participate with UC Irvine students in regular, on-campus
recreational games such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, and
Some trips and activities require an additional fee for admission and transportation
(provided by bus or UC Irvine van).

Cultural Adjustment
■ Receive advice on how to adjust to life in America. Several workshops
are offered discussing topics such as how to join a UCI student
organization, the application process for getting a California Driver’s
License, and how to navigate The OC’s public transportation system.
■ Join The Communication Club for language and cultural exchange
with UC Irvine students. Share your language and culture with a
UC Irvine student while practicing your conversational English.

“Meeting international students through the communication

club has been a meaningful and priceless cultural experience.
It increased my desire to learn about the different cultures
that international students bring with them.”
- Ryan Trinidad, UC Irvine student

Airport Pick-Up
■ $70 from LAX; $30 from Orange County John Wayne Airport (SNA).
■ Available for flights scheduled to arrive between 09:00 and 15:00,
one-to-two business days (Monday through Friday) prior to the start
of a program.
Specific dates are listed at
■ To request airport pick-up, please submit the arrival information
provided in your Welcome Packet at least two weeks prior to the
start of your program.

The dynamic coast city of Huntington Beach is internationally

known as Surf City, and draws large crowds each year to watch
professional sporting events such as the U.S. Open of Surfing,
AVP Pro Beach Volleyball, and Van’s World Championship of



Near Campus 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms/ Rates per person/
for 4 students per program

10-Week Intensive ESL $2,750

Accelerated Certificates Varies per program.

Evening Certificates Please refer to website:

4-Week Conversation & Culture $1,050

4-Week Business English $1,050

W E provide a wonderful
housing experience to
complement your studies.

Cindy Lefmann
Housing Coordinator


HOUSING CHECK-IN (subject to availability) 1 bedroom/2 students Rates per person/
• Available one-to-two business (ages 18-25 only) per program
days (Monday-Friday) prior to
the start of your program. 10-Week Intensive ESL $2,500
Specific dates are listed at 4-Week Conversation & Culture $1,050 4-Week Business English $1,050

HOUSING CHECK-OUT For all of the above: Housing fees are due during registration week. Signed
• Available day after program housing contracts are binding for the duration of the program. There are no refunds.
ends from 09:00-12:00
• Leave for LAX Airport 5 hours prior
to flight departure HOMESTAY OPTIONS
Worldwide International Student Exchange (WISE)
• Leave for Orange County Airport
4-week or less Placement Fee: $195
3-1/2 hours prior to departure
All other programs Placement Fee: $295
Quarterly Continuation Fee: $95

Rates paid directly to the family by student:

$795 per 30-day month: 2 meals daily, 3 meals on
weekends ($26.50 per night)
All students are placed with above selection unless
otherwise requested and agreed upon by family.
WISE Contact Information:
All rates are subject to change
without notice.
Based upon availability, placement may be provided through Universal
Student Housing (USH) Homestay. Fees may vary.
USH Contact Information:
• Close proximity to campus
• Share with three other students of your gender
• Live in a fully-furnished apartment (includes bed linens, towels and
an equipped kitchen)
• Local phone, cable TV, and DVD are provided
• Prepare your own meals and/or purchase a meal plan for $4-8 per meal
See for additional information
• Jacuzzi, pool (basketball, volleyball and tennis courts are additional
features varying by apartment)

Photo by Chris Lee

• 10-15 minute walk to classrooms
• Group style housing/co-ed building/same-gender bedroom
• Live in a fully-furnished dorm house (includes bed linens, towels,
and an equipped kitchen)
• Cable TV and DVD provided in the common room
• Prepare your own meals or purchase a meal plan for $4-8 per meal
(see for additional information)
• Basketball and volleyball courts

• Live with local families
• Learn about American culture while developing lasting friendships
• Experience American families made up of a variety of racial, ethnic,
and socioeconomic groups

CUSTOM D E S I G N E D Programs
Types of Programs
■ Executive education/corporate training
■ English teacher training
■ Professional development
■ University/college preparation programs
■ Conversation and culture programs for adults and for youth
(in-country only)
■ Business English and corporate culture
■ English for Engineers
■ Government-sponsored education
■ Federal, state, and city government structure and practices
■ Specialized occupational studies: travel and tourism, fashion
design, biomedical, as well as a variety of other professions
W E are committed to designing
custom programs that meet and EVALUATING YOUR NEEDS TO PROVIDE YOU
exceed your group’s special needs WITH FULL-SERVICE PROGRAMS
and expectations. To determine your group’s needs, we follow a comprehensive
four-step process:
1. Needs Assessment
2. Program Design
3. Program Implementation
Michelle Ryan 4. Program Evaluation
Custom Designed Programs

Brazilian students from

the 2007 Executive
Business Program.

for Groups
EXPAND your professional skills.
BUILD your English communication skills.
ATTEND programs in a convenient location of your choice: your workplace
in the U.S., your home country, or at UC Irvine.
INTERACT with Americans through seminars and educational field trips to
local companies, public works, schools, and museums.
EXAMINE new perspectives in your particular area of interest with American
ENJOY recreational field trips to such Southern California attractions as
Disneyland, Universal Studios, and local beaches.

Sample Programs
We have extensive experience in providing custom designed EFL teacher- ■ REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
training programs for groups such as those sponsored by the Japanese, French, To request a proposal that meets
Korean, and Chilean Ministries of Education. Participants may study language your group’s specific needs,
development, cultural appreciation, and effective methodologies for teaching please contact our Custom
English, as they work closely with our ESL instructors for maximum benefit. Designed Program Manager:
Our programs provide the latest management training to executives and mid- E-mail:
level managers. Programs include traditional classroom instruction provided by Telephone: (949) 824-5991
distinguished faculty and/or business professionals, case studies, guest speakers,
Fax: (949) 821-8065
and visits to multinational companies. Interpretation is available for non-English
speaking groups, as needed. Web site:
Improve your group’s conversational confidence and sharpen participants’ Mailing address:
listening skills while they learn about American culture. In addition to a variety University of California, Irvine
of academic field trips or cultural activities that help students experience the English & Certificates for
best of Orange County, programs may include informal conversations and Internationals
activities with American UC Irvine students, or “Conversation Partners.” P.O. Box 6050
(also known as Hybrid Programs) U.S.A.
Combine English language with separate courses in areas such as Embedded
Systems Engineering, Information Technology, Project Management, etc. Typically
designed for more proficient English learners and often short-term in nature
(4 - 8 weeks), hybrid programs may include either fully customized English
courses or existing full-length 4-week ESL programs in which your group
integrates with other international students. In addition, specialized on- and
off-campus site visits can be arranged to complement coursework.

A bridge between campus and the University

Center allows students to walk to an array of

shops, restaurants, and a movie theater.


To apply to our programs, send in a complete application form:

You may download a PAGE A: Required for all applicants. Mail the application via express
1. Personal Information: Complete ALL items in this mail to:
PDF application form English & Certificates for
section. Write your name exactly as it appears in
at your passport. Note that the birth date must be in Internationals
month, day, and year order. University of California, Irvine
international Building I #238, Lot 19A
2. Selection of Program: Which programs and for
Pereira at Pereira
which quarters/years do you intend to study?
Irvine, CA 92697 USA
Indicate all programs that apply to you.
Mail the application via regular
3. Health Condition & Insurance: List any health
mail to:
condition you have. Every UCI student must have
English & Certificates for
health insurance. Once you arrive, you will be
asked to sign an Insurance Waiver Form and to
University of California, Irvine
provide proof of health insurance if you do not
P.O. Box 6050
enroll in the UCI health insurance plan.
Irvine, CA 92616-6050 USA
4. Educational Agency/Embassy Sponsor Information:
Or fax the application to:
If you are being referred by an agency or sponsor,
ask him/her to complete this section. Sign on the (949) 824-8065
line. Coming soon! Agents and
5. Visa Information: Answer numbers 1, 2, and 3. sponsors may apply online!
Follow the directions.
PAGE B: Required for all applicants. APPLICATION HELP:
Required to receive an I-20 for a student visa. 1. We recommend that you apply
6. Financial Information: at least eight weeks before the
program start date to ensure
a. If you plan to bring your spouse and/or children,
enough time for you to apply for
complete the dependent section.
an F-1 Visa at the U.S. Embassy
b. Complete the Certification by Bank Official or consulate in your country.
section. Remember to get an official bank/seal
2. Enclose a copy of your TOEFL or
TOEIC score report if you are
• If you cannot complete this section, provide a
applying for 4-Week Business
bank statement in English (checking or savings
English, an ACP, or an ECP. A
account) that shows proof of required funds.
TOEFL or TOEIC score is not
Please note: Time deposits cannot be accepted.
required for our 10-Week and
• Either the bank certification or the official bank
4-Week Conversation & Culture
statement must be dated within the last 90 days
at the time you apply.
3. After we receive your completed
c. Fill in the dollar amounts in the box for total
application, we will e-mail you a
proof of funds required.
confirmation. After we process
d. Sign in the Statement of Financial Support box. your application, we will send a
If you have a sponsor, please ask him/her to sign welcome letter and your I-20
■ FOR MORE this section. via DHL express mail. Please
7. Payment Procedure: Please include the non- note: Your application cannot
INFORMATION: be processed until all required
refundable $150 application fee with your completed
application form. If you are paying by credit card, information has been received.
(949) 824-5991 complete the credit card information and sign.
If you are paying by check, make it payable to REFUND POLICY: UC Regents.
Prior to program start date:
a. If you want University Housing, include payment 100% of refundable fees for $150 housing placement fee and $300 housing
Prior to the end of the first
reservation deposit. These fees are not refundable.
week of classes:
international b. If you want Homestay, payments must be made 50% of refundable fees
directly to the Homestay company.
After the end of the first
Remember to sign in the Student Signature box. week of classes:
PAGE C: No refund.
Complete this page to reserve housing Non-refundable fees include $150
accommodations (if applicable). application fee, $150 housing
PAGE D: placement fee, and $300 housing
Complete this page to apply for a reservation deposit.
certificate program (if applicable).



(Non-refundable fees to pay at the time of application)

Application Fee (required) $150 $150
UCI Housing Placement Fee $150 $__________
UCI Housing Reservation Fee $300 $__________
Sub-Total: $__________
(Fees to pay after you arrive)
Student Services Fee (required, per quarter) $175 $__________
Airport Pickup (one way)
From Los Angeles (LAX) $70 $__________
From John Wayne (SNA) $30 $__________
Health Insurance
10-Week Intensive ESL $325 $__________
4-Week CC or BE program $140 $__________
Certificate program (per quarter) $350 $__________
English Language Programs (ESL)
10-Week Intensive ESL $2,775 $__________
4-Week Conversation & Culture $1,485 $__________
4-Week Business English $1,485 $__________
Accelerated Certificate Programs (ACP)
ACP Business Administration $6,000 $__________
ACP Int’l Bus Ops & Mgmt $6,000 $__________
ACP Int’l Hospitality Mgmt $6,000 $__________
ACP Marketing $6,500 $__________
Internship for the above ACPs $1,350 $__________
ACP TEFL (2 quarters) $6,500 $__________
Evening Certificate Programs (ECP)
International Student Fee per quarter $1,100 $__________
in addition to individual course fees ~$2,400 $__________
Books and Supplies ~$200-400 $__________
Sub-Total: $__________
Housing* Fees (per program)
*UCI housing is optional.
UCI University Apartments
10-Week Intensive ESL $2,750 $__________
4-Week Conversation & Culture $1,050 $__________
4-Week Business English $1,050 $__________
Evening Certificates $3,000 $__________
Accelerated Certificates Varies $__________
Please see
UCI Campus Dormitory
(June-Sept only; for students aged 18-25)
10-Week Intensive ESL $2,500 $__________
4-Week Conversation & Culture $1,050 $__________
4-Week Business English $1,050 $__________
Housing Sub-Total $__________
For WISE Homestay, please send fees to the homestay company directly.
For more information and specific fees, please see pages 30-31.
Total Fees $__________
Fees are subject to change without notice. 35