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Ministry Letter

Voice Of The Light Ministries

In the past two months we have heard sounds not
only made with human hands but with the wings of
We have just returned from incredible times of worship
in Peru, Argentina and El Paso Texas. At each event the
manifestations and visitations were tangible and
demonstrated with miracles, healings and deliverances.
The kingdom of God is designed to manifest through
worship. Therefore, we will explore worship in this letter
to provoke you to a new level.
The throne of God is the focal point of worship
because it is above all circumstances and governments.
The power of worship is outside of time and events and
as a result, not limited to the material world, which is
temporary and corrupt because of sin.
Therefore, worship is not singing, dancing, fag
waving, shouting or anything repetitive. Worship may
include some or all of those things but orchestrated
spontaneously by Him who sits on the throne.
Worship is not a formula but a
weapon designed to change our
thoughts and consciousness from
temporal to eternal.
March 09
N 2
Ministry Letter
Worship is not a formula but a weapon
designed to change our thoughts and
consciousness from temporal to eternal. The
infuence of worship is frst experienced in each
of us then corporately as the body connected to
the Head.
The Holy Spirit is unable to change our
consciousness if we are not connected to His
thoughts. Communication in heaven is at the
speed of thought, which is faster than light. Can
you imagine what it would be like to know
everything at once and see it done before it
Then He said to me, It is done. I am the
Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the
end. I will give to the one who thirsts from
the spring of the water of life without cost.
Revelation 21:6
Declaring the end from the beginning,
And from ancient times things which have not
been done, Saying, My purpose will be
established, And I will accomplish all My good
Isaiah 46:10
Jesus is describing a condition of consciousness
that operates supernaturally to those who are IN
HIM. The common condition of man is to have a
beginning and plan for an end. That is why
religion puts God in a box with all of their doctrines
and theories.
Worship is outside of time and limitations
creating an environment conducive for miracles.
Furthermore, it creates the atmosphere around
the Throne in heaven by which the angels, elders
and four living creatures, can have their way on
earth as it is in heaven.
As we worship, our material substance
undergoes change. Remember after Moses left
the presence of God he had to put on a veil
because of the glory of God shone in his face? We
have experienced that kind of glory as we beheld
His throne.
Beloved, if you will focus on The Throne and
The One who in habits it you will become less
attached to your situation. Someone is getting it
right now. Your attachment to this world is the
method the enemy is using to keep you from
experiencing the freedom you so desperately are
Ministry Letter
Jesus paid the ultimate price in order for you
to be set free spirit, soul and body. Worship is the
vehicle designed to liberate you and create in you
a thirst for more of Him.
Reread the scripture in Revelation 21 and get
hold of the last part of that verse. The whole
world is focused on money, cost and recession.
Jesus is saying, worship me and I will give you
something money cannot buy. In addition, it will
give you access to the heavenly solutions for you
and the Body of Christ.
Do you see it? Worship is the manifestation of
the kingdom in power and dominion over every
situation the world can throw at it. Worship tells
the devil that you are not connected to this world
in any way, shape or fashion.
Come on people, show Jesus where your trust
is and watch Him deliver supernatural supply to
every situation you thought was to big for your
budget or faith. Worship is faith in action.
Emerson & Ana Mndez Ferrell
March 2009
March 5 to 7 San Jos, Costa Rica
For a Greater Glory
Avance Misionero Mundial
March 20 Mxico D.F., Mxico
Compaa de Mujeres
Enlace Internacional Sede Central,
Phone:(506)296-2323/220-3323 Ext.111-112
March 25 to 27, Netherlands
Entering His Glory
Ambassadors Ministries
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Ministry Letter
We just returned from a powerful time of Worship
in the City of El Paso, Texas. Hundreds of people
gathered from Mexico, El Paso and other parts of the
United States, to tear down the strongholds and idol
worship over the city and usher in the Glory of God.
Voice of The Light partnered with worshippers from
across the world, including Frank and Marlou Van
Essen from Dew Worship in Amsterdam and S.O.A.P.P.
ministries in El Paso. It was amazing to see the hearts
of the people eager to bring resolution in a town and
time of desolation, deceit and the spirit of death.
As Ana and her team were praying in the Spirit,
they knew that all the beheadings that have been
taking place in the city and in Juarez had to do with a
legal right, connected to a beheading. The Spirit led
them to a local art museum, where outside was erected
a statue of Pancho Villa.
The history of Pancho Villa revealed his beheading
and an understanding that the head of Villa had
become a source of power; whoever had the head of
Villa would rule next. The head had been sold back and
forth through Mexico and the United States, making El
Paso the connecting point to the head.
Upon entering the
museum, a witchcraft
totem stood in the entrance
of the door as a guardian.
The totem revealed a
picture of the United States
imprisoned behind bars,
surrounded by two
cemeteries, representing
death. Surprisingly, in the
center of the museum was
a head surrounded by
crystal which was a representation of the head of
Jesus. This was a declaration of the devil to destroy the
church, so the head of Villa could rule and reign. (See
Worship and war arose throughout the conference
resulting in a breaking of the spirit of death and
witchcraft over the city in the Spirit realm, stopping
the head of the devil and taking the keys of the City
given by the Mayor. Emerson and Ana led a powerful
time of intense worship, True Worship, changing the
understanding and meaning in the hearts and heads of
the people and re-establishing the Throne of God.
Worship Invasion Conference
El Paso, Texas.US.
Written by:
Tracy Pistorio joined the VOTLM team in September 2008.
She is currently serving as Administrator of the ministry and is training under
Ana and Emerson as a part of the Deliverance Team.