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Zach Logue, Moeller:

The senior pitcher was 8-1 with 69 strikeouts and a
1.20 ERA in 52
3 innings. He hit .375 with 33 hits, 24
runs and 25 RBI. He signed with the University of
Kentucky. He was first-team all-state.
Grant Schuermann, Lakota West:
The senior pitcher was 7-1 with 81
strikeouts and a 2.03 ERA in 58.2
innings. He hit .309 with 25 hits, 22
runs and 24 RBI. He was first-team
Shane Smith, Elder: The junior
pitcher was 7-1 with 46 strikeouts in
50 innings. He had a 0.56 ERA. He
hit .358 with 29 hits.
Wes Noble, Lebanon: The senior
pitcher was 7-1 with 66 strikeouts in
46.1 innings. He had a 1.21 ERA. He
hit .388 with 26 hits and 23 runs.
Michael Knollman, Harrison: The
junior pitcher/first baseman had a
6-1 record with a 1.91 ERA in 36.2
innings. He hit .411 with 37 hits, 22
runs and 19 RBI.
Eduardo Rodriguez, Western
Hills: The senior pitcher/first base-
man had a 5-3 record with 50 strike-
outs in 40.1 innings. He hit .550 with
30 hits, 20 runs and 25 RBI.
Zack Shannon, Anderson: The
senior pitcher/first baseman had a
5-1 record with 58 strikeouts and a
1.79 ERA in 39 innings. He hit .440
with 33 hits, 24 runs, seven home
runs and 31 RBI. He was first-team
Ben Laumann, Oak Hills: The
senior shortstop hit .479 with 46 hits,
45 runs, 21 RBI, 11 doubles, three
home runs and 21 stolen bases.
Ty Duvall, Lebanon: The sopho-
more catcher hit .433 with 29 hits, 18
runs, 36 RBI, 12 doubles and four
home runs.
Austin Allinger, Lakota West: The
pitcher/infielder had a 7-0 record
with 64 strikeouts and a 0.64 ERA in
50 innings. He hit .396 with 38 hits.
Adam McDonough, Lakota East:
The junior first baseman/third base-
man hit .489 with 44 hits, 25 runs
and 35 RBI. He had 17 doubles.
Hayden Senger, Lakota East: The
junior catcher hit .379 with 33 hits,
22 runs, 25 RBI and eight doubles.
He was first-team all-state.
Rodney Hutchison, Mason: The
junior pitcher was 8-3 with 78 strike-
outs and a 0.74 ERA in 66.1 innings.
He hit .292 with 26 hits and 28 RBI.
Kyle Orloff, Elder: The senior
shortstop hit .435 with 37 hits, 20
runs and 15 RBI.
Cameron Roth, Milford: The junior
outfielder hit .421 with 40 hits, 22
runs, 19 RBI and 10 doubles.
Mitchell Hogue, Harrison: The
sophomore second baseman hit .419
with 39 hits, 33 runs and 12 stolen
Genesis Hillard, Colerain: The
junior shortstop/second baseman hit
.443 with 43 hits, 28 runs, 25 RBI, 13
doubles and three triples.
Tyler Burdick, Glen Este: The
senior outfielder hit .436 with 34
hits, 22 runs, 35 RBI and six home
Riley Mahan, Moeller: The senior
infielder was first-team all-state. He
hit .337 with 31 hits and 26 runs. He
signed with Kentucky.
Amelia-Mike Diana; Anderson-Justin Hop-
kins; Colerain-Jacob Murray, Spencer Henn;
Edgewood-Zach Smith; Elder-Brian Guck,
Sam Hauer, Johnny Lammers; Fairfield-Travis
Rowland, Ryan Ziels; Glen Este-Peyton Bur-
dick, Jake Neeley; Hamilton-Jacob Stewart;
Harrison-Luke Bowman; Kings-Jacob Beard,
Josh Woody; Lakota East-Andy Almquist,
Kyle Lepper, Max Minniear; Lakota West-
Brandon Giltrow, Dallas Hall, Aaron Bruch, Ike
Cloutier, Blaine Griffiths; LaSalle-Nick Board-
man; Little Miami-Grant Christman, Austin
Hinds; Loveland-Brian Bullock, Darren Sack-
ett, Luke Waddell, Jay Wilson; Mason-Connor
Bryan, TJ Dunn, Chris Martin, Tyler Krabbe,
Joey Thomas; Middletown-Andrew Burton,
OJ Davenport; Milford-Andrew Minton, Kyle
Ruehlman; Moeller-Nick Bennett, Josh Hol-
lander, Joe Vranesic; Northwest-Danny
Hentz; Oak Hills-Matt Baas, Jake Collins-
worth; Princeton-Brett Bosel; Ross-Drew
Dietz, Shane Naegele; St. Xavier-Chris
Daugherty, Nate Winning; Sycamore- Ethan
Beck, Greg Simpson; Turpin-Zach Hemming;
Walnut Hills-Cole Murphy; Western Hills-
Tommy Steadman; Wilmington-Chad Rob-
erts, Adrian Young; Withrow-Raheem Hassan
Ohio teams selected by Mike Dyer based on season highlights,
postseason performances and input from area coaches.
Batavia-Dylan Glover, Austin Sammons, Collin
Sammons, Ty Wolfe; Fenwick-Will Steinmetz,
Matt Tunnacliffe; Goshen-Paul Collins, Kyle
Decker; Indian Hill-Colton Conn; McNicho-
las-Michael Reidy; Monroe-Cheyne
Carpenter; New Richmond - Damon Abner,
Jake Hauke; Norwood-Jared Peters; Taft-
Tamerick Washington; Talawanda-Dakota
Byrd, Tyler Hibbard; Taylor-Hunter Gillespie;
Western Brown-Eli Crall, Trevor Lind, Nick
Osborne, Devyn Wood; Woodward-Andre
Christopher; Wyoming-Henry Moore.
Levi Simpson, New Richmond:
The senior infielder hit .441 with 45 hits, 30 runs, 37
RBI, 24 stolen bases and 15 doubles.
Bill Dreisbach, Lakota West: He led the Firebirds
to The Enquirer Division I area coaches poll title.
Lakota West was a district finalist. The Firebirds
finished 23-5. Dreisbach won his 300th career game
early in the season.
Bob Hunt, Monroe: He was the Southwest Ohio
Baseball Coaches Association coach of the year.
Monroe was a regional finalist.
Kyle Schmitgen, Batavia: The sen-
ior shortstop/pitcher was the South-
ern Buckeye Athletic and Academic
Conference National division player
of the year. He hit .550 with 33 hits,
23 runs and 31 RBI.
Jason Cash, Fenwick: The senior
infielder hit .411 with 39 hits, 28 runs
and 24 RBI.
Jacob Forsythe, Fenwick: The sen-
ior pitcher was 7-2 with 39 strike-
outs in 55.1 innings. He hit .333 with
24 hits and 19 runs.
Isaac Hart, Goshen: The sopho-
more pitcher/shortstop had a 3-1
record with 59 strikeouts in 35 in-
nings and a 0.60 ERA. He hit .451
with 16 RBI.
Tony Alford, Indian Hill: The sen-
ior pitcher was 4-2 with two saves,
58 strikeouts and a 1.87 ERA.
Casey Howell, Wyoming: The sen-
ior pitcher was the Cincinnati Hills
League player of the year. He was
7-2 with a 38 strikeouts.
Parker Chalmers, Wyoming: The
junior shortstop hit .385 with 38
runs, 20 RBI, five triples, three
home runs and 24 stolen bases.
Will Marty, Wyoming: The senior
outfielder hit .409 with 12 doubles,
32 RBI and 28 runs.
Chris Lawrence, New Richmond:
The senior pitcher/infielder had a
7-0 record with 37 strikeouts and a
1.14 ERA in 61 innings.
Dylan Kirby, McNicholas: The
senior pitcher had a 6-1 record with
29 strikeouts and a 1.75 ERA.
Jordan Whitmore, McNicholas:
The junior outfielder hit .424 with 25
hits, 18 runs and 16 RBI.
Jesse Peters, Goshen: The junior
pitcher/first baseman had 45 strike-
outs and a 1.25 ERA in 28 innings.
Josh Heiden, New Richmond: The
senior infielder hit .404 with 40 hits,
42 runs, 17 RBI, six doubles, two
home runs and 15 stolen bases.
Sam Bell, Taylor: The sophomore
outfielder hit .357 with 25 hits, 20
runs, 19 RBI and 13 doubles.
Troy Beck, Monroe: The junior
pitcher had a 4-1 record with three
saves and a 0.70 ERA. He hit .448
with 20 RBI and 39 hits.
Zack York, Monroe: The junior
pitcher had a 5-2 record with 44
strikeouts and a 1.80 ERA.
Jake Mitchell, Monroe: The junior
pitcher had a 6-1 record with 50
strikeouts and 1.48 ERA.