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Machu picchu

mason fischer
& Cusco
The Heart of the Andes

visit to Machu Picchu, the grandest of all the Inca
sites, must stand out as a highlight of anyone’s The national bird of Peru, the Andean cock-of-the-rock
may be found in the gardens surrounding Machu
travels. It has the most dramatic of settings, atop an Picchu Pueblo Hotel.
Andean mountain surrounded by other peaks. For all its extent
— Machu Picchu has some 200 structures, along with brilliant

stone masonry — it was nearly forgotten until its rediscovery
in 1911 by Hiram Bingham.
Our journey offers you the luxury We’ll also learn about the lives
of ample time to explore Machu of contemporary people, visiting
Picchu, with two nights at the superb Indian markets and enjoying a
Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel — a moving visit with people of the
destination in its own right, with remote Willoq community, with
orchid and birding trails and fine whom we’ve developed a warm The Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel is laid out to resemble
a typical Andean town, complemented by stone
spa facilities. relationship over the years. They paths and canals that flow with fresh water from a
nearby stream.
There’s a great deal more. In and produce some of the finest textiles
around the great city of Cusco and and crafts in the Andes.

jakob leitn er
the Sacred Valley of the Incas, we’ll This combination of elements
explore many extraordinary Inca is something very special, and we
sites, including the mind-boggling hope you’ll join us.
walls of Sacsayhuamán and the great
city of Ollantaytambo.

This journey is available as a post-journey extension to our Amazon Voyage
(p.12) and our Amazon Explorer (p.18); as a pre-voyage extension to our
Galapagos Voyage (p.22); or on its own as a 7-day journey.
r flies overhead.
An Andean condo
why our machu picchu & cusco journey?
• You explore Machu Picchu, recently named one of the “New Seven Wonders
of the World” — an extensive Inca site that was brilliantly constructed in “The Sacred Valley and the
the 15th century. A visit here is bound to be memorable. mountain villages were fascinating!
• You travel to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, seeing the Chincheros Market, I loved seeing the Inca ruins,
with great handicrafts, and the impressive ruins of Ollantaytambo.
Sacsayhuamán and Cusco.
• You explore Cusco, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Western What a rich culture.”
Ann Malone of Monument, Colorado.

• You visit the people of the remote Willoq community, where we have
established some warm, special relationships over the more than twenty
years we’ve been visiting this region. machu picchu & cusco


© Mason Fischer © Richard Ryel Willoq Boys.Machu Picchu. Exploring Sacsayhumán. © Michael Fairchild © Richard Mills . © Jennifer Kunath Chincheros market. Llamas.

language and social Hotel. built to protect the Sacred Valley.L. Machu Picchu and Cusco Itinerary Days 1 & 2 • Saturday & Sunday Day 3 • Monday “It was the trip of a Lima / Cusco / Urubamba Valley Machu Picchu lifetime. Machu Picchu’s remarkable Inca ruins. then drive into stone structures and the plazas. • We’ve made specia l arrangements for you to visit unusual pla ces and meet the local people. not prickly and with minimal lanolin — making it nearly hypoallergenic. michael fairchild The IEDifference • We’ve been exploring this area for over two decades. Massachusetts. We stay at the Sonesta Posada Day 4 • Tuesday Yucay Hotel. and present Peru – its of the Inca Empire and the oldest continuously where ancient temples and fortresses were cultures. virtually unchanged two nights at the Machu Picchu Pueblo in its dress. impressive churches and the mountain to the site. • You’ll spend two nig hts at Machu Picchu. • You’ll travel with an outstanding English- speaking guide. We spend community. We enjoy guide points out the significance of the many lunch in the Urubamba Valley. so you have time to ma ke a return visit to the ruins. where a bus takes us up David and Grace Popkin of Northampton. This morning we explore the stunning in awe of both past The next morning. silkier to the touch. machu picchu & cusco 30 . we board the train Urubamba Valley. dotted with picturesque to Machu Picchu. This beautiful valley was an important agricultural area for the Incas. (Day 1: Meals Aloft. we fly to Cusco — the heart archaeological site of Ollantaytambo. we stop existence was virtually forgotten until its at the Chincheros Indian Market to browse rediscovery by Hiram Bingham in 1911. Andean markets.D) We have some wonderful choices today: to return to the ruins. wh ile allowing you the luxury of explorin g the most inter- esting sites at a relax ed pace. physical beauty inhabited city in the Western Hemisphere.L. leaving us Fly to Lima and transfer to the Sonesta El Olivar. We’ll drive through the valley between Chincheros and Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu Day 2: B.” We meet our guide and drive to the historic Ollanta Railway Station. At the and lovely people. or look for orchids. perhaps to climb the Alpaca fleece is similar to sheep’s wool in some respects. Our and shop for Andean handicrafts. (B.D) structure from pre-Inca times. but lighter in neighboring peak of Huayna Picchu for weight. who will interpret the past and present for you and contribute greatly to your unde rstanding. warmer. hum- mingbirds and other plant and animal life on the trails at ou r hotel. Along the way. and will tell the mountains to visit the remote Willoq you how this marvel was built. Our ex perience enables us to arrange a journe y that makes the most of your time.

26. a Custom Travel area of the Machu Picchu Pueblo picturesque town of red-tile-roofed with IE Hotel. 23. and tips to naturalist guide and paper will not fit between them. We stop at the amphitheater of (Meals Aloft) Airfare Details Kenko. 28. 26. 8. We have Additional international airfare Lima / Guayaquil (For Galapagos Voyage): starting at $300 where the Incas built Sacsayhuamán the rest of the afternoon to relax.L. subject to change the mountains surrounding Cusco. May 10.) — a huge fortress of massive stones Lunch and dinner are on your own. ticketing fee. Jun 14. programs. or wish to add additional days to your expedition. ship crew.D) pages 122-123.000 If you prefer to travel independently garden. Galapagos Islands Voyage or on its own. 23. The hotel grounds are home feet above sea level. 19. 31. 16. and tips examples of Inca stonework. 26. guides. Nov 1. Cusco / Lima Available as an extension to the Amazon Voyage. Oct 4.charlie boyd peru Area in detail Pacific Lima Ocean Machu Picchu Ollantaytambo Urubamba Sacsayhuamán Cusco Journey by Air Journey by Land Nazca Journey by Train At the Chincheros Market we’ll receive a demonstration on traditional weaving techniques. Call for current pricing. 19. meals as indicated. 25. construction in Inca architecture. 11. (Must be purchased through International Expeditions. Jul 5. 9. 12. Mar 1. taxes. Feb 2. see of hummingbirds and the Andean where we spend the night. Our farewell to Peru in lieu of joining our group to exquisite birds including 16 species dinner is at the Hotel Libertador. or just relax. a stunning view. we leave Machu collections of pre-Hispanic artifacts Plus In-country airfare: Picchu by train. Cost Includes: Accommodations. (B. 12. ground mountain. 24. fuel surcharges. Not Included: Airfare. or to explore the We enjoy a guided tour of Cusco. Or you may wish to enjoy the Day 6 • Thursday 2008 Departures hotel’s renowned spa. There’s an afternoon visit Apr 5. Day 5 • Wednesday Olivar. from the Nazca region.L. 29. the national bird of Peru. double occupancy. airport for our departure f lights. Aug 2. Machu Picchu / Cusco / to the Archaeological Museum. (B. (B) For single accommodations add $458. and one of the finest Day 7 • Friday transportation. 29. machu picchu & cusco 31 . we transfer to the passport and visa fees. 22. are cut so precisely that a piece of This morning. 16. cock-of-the-rock. to porters. 17. then drive into in the world. 15. 19. Galapagos will depart for Guayaquil. 9. which zigzag across the side of the All prices are per person. a rare example of curvilinear Airfare is not included in the prices above but available Please note: Travelers continuing to through International Expeditions. transfers for group flights. visiting the extensive orchid buildings nestled in a valley 11. drivers and to waiters for included meals.498 In the morning. Dec 27 Sacsayhuamán which houses one of the largest Price: $2. 8.D) We return to Lima this morning Amazon Explorer.S. including mummies Lima / Iquitos / Lima: $300. and transfer to the Sonesta El Jan 12. Sep 13. They Lima / U. Airfare varies and is subject to change until ticketed.

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