Welcom to use wirless usb adapter instruction book for the

1. this instruction only be used to study and communicate. If you want to
test it , pls use it in your AP, and do not use it in illegal mean.
2. Pls install driver first, then insert wireless adapter.
(Notice : Before you install driver, pls do not insert wireless adapter)
1. Install the driver
①Put the driver cd into CD-ROM, then open the CD file,click the “3070
driver ”,then choose the the corresponding system
②Double click ,then to install。(Notice : Before you install driver,
pls do not insert wireless adapter)
③Choose , then click“Next”:

④Choose the automatic icon ,then click “ Next”

⑤Appearing the following picture,then choose the icon and
clich “ Next” :

• ⑥After seeing the following pictures ,then click “ install” ,(Notice:If the
driver couldnot be setup,pls close your antivirus program before
installing,because some antivirus maybe influenced the the installation)

⑦The driver is installing ,picture as follows :

⑧After installed the driver ,then click “ Finish” :

You will see an icon in your taskbar of computer after installed the driver,it
means the driver installation be finished.Then insert our wireless usb adapter to
you computer ,after finished the automatic updates ,the computer can connect
network which donot need any password。

2.Preferences of Network

①Double click the icon which in the lower right of Taskbar,appearing the
following picture:

②Clink the buttom ,appearing the following picture,then click the the
buttom “ ” ,refresh the network (The more you refresh ,the more networks you
will see )

③ Click and choose the network (SSID ,which you should know the
password .here ,for example ,TYY ) .Then click the buttom which in above
picture ,appearing the following picture:

④Then click the icon (Next),appearing the picture as follows:

⑤Click the icon again,you will see the pictrue:

⑥Enter the password in the blank area of “ WEP Key” ,then click the icon
,appearing the following picture:
(Notice :you should enter the correct password ,or else you wouldn’t connect
the network and get the IP )

If there are several networks ,you can click the “ Use Pre-logon
Connection” ,in this case ,you can pre-connect this network.
⑦Click the icon :

⑧Click the network “ TYY” then click the icon :

The softeware can get the IP address automatically ,after connect it
successfully ,then you can share the internet .

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