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Abstract of the Study

The Manila Electric Company, also known as Meralco, is the Philippines' largest distributor of
electrical power.
The word MER!C", is an acronym for Manila Electric Railroad nd !ight C"mpany, which
was the company's original name from #$%& to #$#$.
MER!C" is the Metro Manila's only electric power distributor and holds the power
distribution franchise for some '' cities and ($ municipalities, including the whole of Metro
Manila and Mega Manila region.
is to pro)ide our customers the best )alue in energy, products and ser)ices.
is to be a world*class company and the ser)ice pro)ider of choice.
Corporate values
Customer service Passion in knowing and understanding customers and responding to
their needs, with the ob+ecti)e of ensuring total customer satisfaction and loyalty because they
belie)e that customers are their reason for being.
Performance creating and enhancing )alue for all their stakeholders ,customers,
employees, in)estors and the communities they ser)e-. Proacti)ely seeking and implementing
opportunities that dri)e and sustain higher le)els of organi.ational performance and growth, cost*
effecti)eness and efficient deli)ery of ser)ices. "rgani.ational agility, a sense of urgency and
creati)ity are key to achie)ing these.
Accountability/Empowerment accepting responsibility, assuming ownership and taking full
accountability for all their actions whether decisions or beha)iors in the deli)ery of ser)ices and
management of resources, in our public and pri)ate spheres in whate)er le)el we are in the
nte!rity/"ransparency /aithfully and fully li)ing up to all responsibilities and obligations as
employees of a power and energy company0 beha)ing at all times in accordance with ethical and
corporate go)ernance standards.
"eamwor#/Colle!iality 1armonious collaboration, synergy and moti)ation among their people
at all le)els and across all acti)ities0 mo)ing with a greater sense of purpose and sharing
responsibility for the Company2s success towards 3"ne Meralco4.
Malasa#it gi)ing total dedication and commitment to Meralco as e5emplified by performing
their )ery best n e)ery endea)or0 with great concern for the Company, its resources and its
stakeholders 6 customers, employees, in)estors and the communities they ser)e.
Ma#abayan Commitment to making a positi)e impact in the li)es of the /ilipino people by
doing their share in the interest of nation*builting and undertaking high*impact initiati)es that
support and contribute to the economic and social de)elopment of the Country.
1.1 $b%ectives of the study
The purpose of this study is to differentiate the le)el of work related stress in different
departments in Manila Electric Company ,Meralco- such as "perations, 1uman resource and
Customer ser)ice as a basis in formulating recommendations to manage its impact on the
producti)ity of its employees.
Si!nificance of Study
This section will pro)ide brief description on the )arious significances of the study.
To students. The study will enable the students to reali.e the realities of the work en)ironment
and to help them choose the kind of career that they will enter when they graduated.
To business practitioners. The study will be a reference to managers of firms, businesses and
corporations in future decision making and in the formulation of their policies and strategies that
would be implemented which is appropriate in stress management programs.
To employees. , may learn to identify ways that stress affects their work performance and may
enable them to make necessary action to cope with stress.
To future researchers. The study will ser)e as the basis for future researchers as their guide. The
study can also open new de)elopments in the related field7area.
Moreo)er, this study would be a basis not only for Meralco but other businesses in other
industries with regard to their management in deciding whether to consider corporate
restructuring as part of their strategies for the future and as reference for future decision*making.
1.& Ma%or 'ypotheses
8ull 1ypothesis9 :tress at work has no impact in the producti)ity of the employees of Manila
electric Company.
lternati)e 1ypothesis9 :tress at work has an impact in the producti)ity of the employees of
Manila electric Company.
Scope and (imitations
This study focuses on the work related stress of employees in three departments of Manila
Electric Company such as0 1uman Resource, "perations and Customer :er)ice. The study will
be conducted on Manila Electic Company 1ead "ffice in "rtigas, Pasig City, Pasig :ector in :an
;oa<uin, Pasig City, Pasig =usiness Center in :agad, Pasig City with its employees ,rank and
file-. The study is also limited in terms of collecting information which are confidential in nature
and is for the best interest of Manila Electric Company.
1.) Methodolo!y
This study utili.ed the descripti)e research method employing the sur)ey techni<ue using the
adapted <uestionnaire made by The merican >nstitute of :tress to e)aluate the le)el of stress of
the employees of Meralco in different departments such as0 1uman Resource, "perations and
Customer :er)ice. The adapted <uestionnaire was gi)en to the rank and file employees under
study. total of ?% respondents participated in the sur)ey. Mean, standard de)iation, coefficient
of )ariation, independent2s .*test and analysis of )ariance ,8"@- was the statistical measures
used in the study.
1.* Ma%or +indin!s
1., Conclusion
1.- .ecommendations
&. ntroduction of the Study
'.# =ackground of the study
:tress is defined as a particular relationship between the person and the
en)ironment that is appraised by the person as ta5ing or e5ceeding his or her resources
and endangering his or her well*being. :tress can manifest itself in the form of an
incredibly wide range of negati)e feelings and lead to an e)en wider range of outcomes.
n alternati)e approach can also be discerned suggesting that stress can be a positi)e
force and that stress can be utilised to impro)e performance. ,;ones A =right, '%%#-.
Bork*related stress occurs when there is a mismatch between the demands of the +ob and
the resources and capabilities of the indi)idual worker to meet those demands. ,=laug,
Cenyon, A !ekhi '%%D-.
>n Meralco, Employees in the 1uman Resource department are the one who2s responsible
in Recruitment, Training and gi)ing set of benefits for its workers. "peration
department2s personnel are the linemen, employees who are checking and repairing the
sub stations, electric lines, transformers and posts. Customer ser)ice team are the front
liners. They gi)e ser)ice to the consumers by helping them from the application of an
electric line, in<uiries and complaints regarding their electricity bills and other matters.