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Opening and Closing

Loyal and enthusiastic Naval Officer with a positive attitude and wiliness to
accept any assignment. ENS XXX specific accomplishments include:

Outstanding Squadron Duty Officer. He has my highest recommendation for
augmentation, accelerated promotion to Lieutenant Commander, post graduate
education, and bullets leading to department head selection.

SINGULARLY BRILLIANT! I can offer no stronger recommendation for any other
Officer to be selected to promotion CDR and assignment to leadership duties
of significant responsibility!

Innovative, Methodical and conscientious, his actions are well planned and
smoothly executed. From day one ENS XXX has been a valuable asset to this

Chief XXXs work is complete thorough and accurate. He is a team player with
limitless potential and has established a positive rapport with all levels of the
chain of command.

Effective and confident, LCDR XXX maintains outstanding order and discipline
and responds to stressful situations in a knowledgeable and appropriate

Chief XXX leads the best division in the command, bar none! She has a solid
sense of priority and would make an outstanding CMC.
Example Bullets Submitted
by You!
Thank you for everyone who took the time to submit bullets.
We all appreciate it.
Note: Some of these bullets are a bit rough since I have not had time to proof read
them. When new bullets are submitted I try and put them up ASAP.

Submitted on the occasion of member's transfer to USS Blue Ridge(LCC-19), Yokosuka, Japan.
The best Supply Officer in the Pacific. My number one officer.
- Sustained superior performance in managing over 130 Marines, Sailors and Japanese civilians
in the very diverse operations of the Supply, Fiscal, Mess Hall, Fuels and Property sections.
- Under LT XXX' leadership, the Fuels Section won the 2004 American Pertroleum Institute (API)
Award for Excellence in Fuels Manangement. This Defense Fuel Supply Point processed over 3
million gallons throughput of JP-5, servicing through hot and cold refueling over 2500 tenant and
visiting aircraft.
- Entrusted to manage a $1.7 million Operation and Maintenance, Marine Corps Budget, a $1.2
million Operation and Maintenance, Navy Budget, a $0.6 million Stock Fund Account, and a $1.75
million Mess Hall subsisitence inventory.
- Expertly managed the Mess Hall operation, meeting the vast logistical commitments generated
by the preparation and serving of over 200,000 meals.
- Designated as a Naval Aviation Supply Officer (NASO).
- Selflessly volunteered numerous off-duty hours in support of the Chaplains Religious
Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO).
Limitless Potential. Highly recommended for retention and promotion.
Fosters high morale and a total winning attitude and spirit
Leadership FITREP Bullet
Motivates others to achieve or exceed unit goals

Set high standards for conduct and performance

An exceptional leader, manager and organizer

Provides outstanding results in stressful leadership situations

Achieved 100 percent enrollment in continued education courses within his section

Leading by example has stimulated individual growth and responsibility

Sets high standards and promotes excellence

Demonstrated a can do attitude above and beyond his peers

Superior leadership qualities; leads by example

Led his platoon to achieve a 100% first time qualification on the M16 and 9mm.

A true mission oriented leader

Performed leadership duties in a decisive and positive manner with exceptional

Motivated his sailors to perform to the best of their ability, both as individuals and
as a division

Knowledge, experience and military bearing make him a role model LPO

Set stringent, achievable standards for his sailors