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5/7/2014 Useful Arabic! 1/4

Arabic Phrases
The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters.
In some Arab countries, additional letters have been introduced,
and some use numbers in place of letters or sounds.
Note: ak is used for male & ik for female
Also Note: 7 = h / '7 = kh / 3 = 'a / '3 = gh / 6 = t (Only on IRC DALnet) LoL :)
Yes = na'am / na3am
No = laa / la`
Thank you = shokran
Thank you very much = shokran gazillan
My pleasure = walaw
Thank you to a male = tislam
Thank you to a female = tislamee
You're welcome = ahla o sahla
Don't mention it (np) = mish moshkeleh
No problem = baseeta / mish moshkeleh
Please = min fadilak / argooki or min fadlik (female) or argook(male)
Excuse me = ann eznak / ann eznik
Nice to meet you = sorirt biro'aitak(ik female) / forsa sa3eedeh
Hey man! = 3ammoo (said to a man - who might be older)
Hello or Hiya = salam
Hello = ahalan, marhaba / salam / mar7aba / marhaba
Hi = ahlain (The Reply for mar7aba)
Hey you = walak
How are you? = keefak (for a male)
How are you? = keefik? (for a female)
Doing good = imnee7aa (slang-female) / imnee7 (male)
I am happy for you = ana sa3eedeh la2ajlak (said to male)
I am happy for you = ana sa3eedeh la2ajlik (said to female )
Great or all is good = tamam
Good = mnee7 (for a male or to express agreeance, ie: good!)
Good = mnee7a (for a female)
Goodbye/Bye = ma'a elsalama / ma'assalama / salam (used also)
So long = wada'an
God bless you = allah ysalmak (ik ending for female)
God bless you = Teslam (male) Teslami (female)
Good morning = saba7 el '7air / sabah el khair
Good morning to you, too = sabah el noor (used as reply)
Good afternoon = masa'a alkair
Good evening = masa'a al '7air
Good night = tisba7 3ala '7air / tisbah 'ala khair
- (Reply to one saying this to you = wintee min ahloo or wa enti men ahloh ("enta" if said to male)
Pinky dreams = ahlaam wardia
Good dreams = ahlaam sa3eedeh
Bye Bye = ma3a salama / ma3a al salama / salamah
I do not understand = ana laa afham / ma fhemit
How do you say this in Arabic? = Kaif Takool Thalik Bilarabia?
Hello, Peace upon you = al salamu 3alaykum
Hello, Peace upon you, too = wa 3alaykum al salam
How are you? = keef halak ? (ik ending for female)
How are u ? = kaifak inta (to a male)
And a half (an expression-reply) = wa noss
Congratulations! = mabrook !
So long; Until the next time = ilaa l-liqaa'
How is your study? = keef drastak? (notice the "ak")
How is your work? = keef sho'3lak? or keef shoghlak? (if said to a female .. the ak would be ik)
How is your health? = keef sahtak?
I'm studying = ana badros
What time is your exam at today ? = iay sa3a el2mt7an elyoum ?
Did you do well on your exam ? = 3melet mneee7 elyoum bel2mte7an ?
What would you like to know? = shoo bedak te3ref (male)
What would you like to know? = shoo bedek te3rfee (Female)
What now? = shoo hala2
Next = = ba3ed
Later = ba3deen
What shall we do now? = sho bedna ne3mel hal2
Let's do something useful = yalla ne3mel eshi mofeed
Makes no difference = moo fargah or moo far2ah
Fantastic = rae'e3
Excellant = momtaz
Very good = jayed jedan
Good= jayed
Average = 3adee
Normal = 3adi
Not good = mo mnee7
Cl ose Ad
5/7/2014 Useful Arabic! 2/4
Long time no see = zaman ma shofnak (slang male)
Long time no see = zaman ma shofnaki (slang female)
How old are you? = kam 3omrak?
I am this age = ana omri 20(or whatever your age)
Where are your from? = min wain enta? (male) (use "enti" for female)
I am from America = ana min amreeka or ana men amreca
Do you have a girlfriend? = msa7ib? (said to a male)
Do you have a boyfriend? = msa7ba? (said to a female)
My male partner/friend forever = sadeeky lel 'abad
My female partner/friend forever = sadeekati lel 'abad
What is your name? = shoo esmak? or maa ismak?
My name is .. = Ismi .. (add your name)
Man = zalameh / Girl = binit / woman = niswaan or marah
God with you = allah ma3ak (a pleasantry)
Thank God! = el7amdellah
Take Care = deer balak (if said to a female .. deeri balek)
Take Care of yourself = deer balak 3ala 7alak (ala halak could also be used) (deeri balik 3ala 7alek if said to female)
Reply- Take care of you too = deer balak inta 3ala 7alak or wa inta deer balak 3ala 7alak (said to male)
So Nice = kteer 7ilo or kteer hiloo
Nicer = a7la
Hope that all is okay = inshallah kolshi tamam
I wish you the best = batmannalak el a7san (ik ending if said to female)
And I miss you = wo mishta2eetlak (ik ending if said to female)
Don't forget = la tinsaa (male) / la tinsee (female)
Pretty, Cute, Good = ammoor (male) / ammoora (female)
I love you = ba7ibbak / bahibbak (said to a male)
I understand = ana fahmeh
I don't get it = mish fahim
Understood! = mafhoom
What does that mean? = maa maa3naa haaza?
Where are you going? = ilaa ayna tazhab? / feen raye7 (male) raye7a (female)
Why not? = lima laa / leesh?
Because = heek
Who is there? = meen fee honak?
Leave them = sebhom
I am teasing/kidding = ana daya2tak (daya2tik if female)
What did you eat today? = shoo akalt el yoom? (alkalty if said to female)
What is the news? = shu fe akhbar
What is wrong? = shoo malak
None of your business = ma dakhalak / ma dakhalik (female)
What else? = sho kaman
What else do you know? = shoo bt3ref kaman ? (male)
What else do you know? = shoo bt3erfi kaman ? (female)
Will you do me a favor? = bitreed ta3mily ma3roof
Where are you? = wenak? (ik if asking female)
I am here = ana hoon
By the way (expression) = 3ala fekra
I swear you are great = wallahi ennak mnee7
You too are great = we inti kaman mnee7a (mnee7 if said to male)
Are you sure? = hal anta mutakkid? / akeed ?
I am sure = ana mutakkid / akeed
That's right = hada sa7
I know = ba3raf
I don't know = ma ba3raf
I want to ask... = bedde as2al
I want to ask you... = bedde as2alak (male)
I want to ask you... = bedde as2alik (female)
Is it possible = fee majaal ?
Enough = kefaya / khalas (ie: "enough said, or the end)
Enough teasing me = kefaya day`2ny
Handle it = et7ammal (et7ammali/et7ammalee if said to female)
Okay = mashi / tayeb
My heart can't stand this = albi ma bet7amal
That's too much on my heart = la haik akteer 3ala albi
I will be forever with you = ra7 adal ma3ak 3ala tool
I fell asleep last night thinking of ... = ana nemet mbare7 wa ana 3am faker
Give me kiss = hatee booseh
For you dear = laka azeezy (if female use, azeezaty)
My love = 7abeebe
My heart beloved = 7abibe albii inta (said to male)
My heart beloved = 7abibte albii intee (said to female)
You are the sweetest/one of the beautiful = inta ajmal wa7ad / inti ajmal wa7deh (female)
You have touched/took my heart = inta akhadet albi
Kiss on the lips = bousa ala shafayef
You always make me smile = dayman betkhaleeeni mebtsmeh (dayman betkhaleeeni mebtesem male to male)
Your smile makes every trouble disappear = ebtsamtek daya3at kol elmashakel
This is fun = momte3
Talking with you is nice = elkalam ma3ek momte3 (elkalam ma3ik momte3 if said to female)
You are funny = inta mare7 (said to male)
You are funny = intee mare7ah (said to female)
You are too kind to me = anta lateeeef ma3i (male) ("anti" for female)
Kind to me = lateeef ma3i
I like your lips = ana bahib shafayfak (ik ending for female)
I have missed you = inshta2tellak (ik ending if said to female)
You are a dog = inta wa7ad kalb
I am tired = ana ta3baan / ana ta3baneh (female saying it)
Who the hell do you think you are? = meen imfaker 7alak? (male) / meen imfakra 7alik ? (female)
5/7/2014 Useful Arabic! 3/4
I am happy = ana mabsoutah
I am drunk = ana sakraneh
Do you drink?(alcohol) = enta bteshrab? / inte bteshrabi? (for female)
Drinking = bashrab
Some = shwayet
Wine = nabeeth
Really fine = jayed / mnee7
I am drinking really fine wine! = ana 3am beshrab shwayet nabeeth momtaz
I was drunk yesterday = kenet sakraneh mbare7 (sakran male)
I got thirsty = i3tishet
By the way (expression) = 3ala fekra
I am blind = ana 3amyah (female) / Plural blind = 3omyan
I am bored = ana zah2aneh (female)
Woooooow (wow) !!!! = wal !!
DAMN ! = yel3an !
Yalla = Ok or Come on! (slang)
God knows .. = 3aleem allah ..
God Bless you = allah ieybaarik feeky (ieybaarak feek to a male)
I will go for a walk = ana rayha mishwar
Give it to me = a3teni eyah
I wish it was me (not you) = inshallah ana
Please take care all = deero balkom 3ala 7alkom
You are in my thoughts always = into dayman beafkary (said to many)
This is funny, keep smiling for me = hatha modhik ibkaa mobtasim lee
Damn I can't stop laughing! = al la'nna la astatee'oo an atawakkaf an al dohk !
Thats funny = HATHA modhik
So we can laugh = mshan ned7ak (ted7aki for female)
Why are you laughing ? = malik bted7aki ? (malak bted7ak male)
Smile! = ibtesamah / ibtasem (male) & ibtasemy (female)
A very nice smile you have = ebtisamtak 7elweh
The laughter = al dohkah
Good luck to you = bel tawfee2
God help you = allah be3een / allah y3eenak (male) y3eenik (for female)
I will kill you = ba2tolik ( ending in "ak" if said to male)
A little = shwayeh
Too much = kateer jiddan
Nothing else = laa shay aakhar
Nothing = laa shay
Much more = aktar bi-kateer
Quickly = besur3a
Too fast = saree3 jiddan
Forever = 3ala tool
I = ana
We = na7na / na7no / e7na (slang)
You (singular, familiar) = anta (male) / anti (female)
You (plural) = antom / anto
You = enti (female) /enta (for male)
They = hom (male) / hoonna (female)
What = shoo
From = min
For = lal
Who = meen
More = aktar
Sure = akeed
Not = mish
Stay = '7aleek
Stop or enough! = `7alas
Your orders = 7ader
Not fair = 7ram
Don't = ma
Once = marra (ie: Once I flew a plane!)
Wife = zawjeh
Husband = zawj
Daughter = Ibna
Son = Ibn
Mother = Om
Father = Ab
Friend = Sadik
My friend = sadikie
Married = mitzawwij (male) / mitzawjeh (female)
How much? = bekam? / addesh?
Beautiful = Jameel / helow
Nice = lateef
I don't speak Arabic = ana ma bahkee Arabee
I am sorry = ana aasif (male) / ana asfeh (female)
I swear !! = wallahi
God's willing = inshallah
This is bad! = 7aram (to express)
Exaggeration (slang) = la2allah! (ie: la2allah 7aram! = This is very bad)
I mean .. = ya3nee ..
I am traveling = ana msaafer (male) / ana msaafrah (female)
Where are you going? = raaye7 feen? (male) / raay7a feen? (female)
Going to ... = raay7a lal (place)
I reserved on a plane = hajazet ala el tayarah
Will take off = la7 eteer el sa3a 8:00PM (whatever the time)
When will you come back? = haterga imtaa? or imtaa raje3?
Do you speak ...? = hal tatakalm... (language)
5/7/2014 Useful Arabic! 4/4
Please Note: This is my own collection of phrases of the Arabic Language.
It is Possible that there are many mistakes, as I am just learning the language.
Also note: Some of this is "slang" used in Amman, Jordan.
~To be Continued ...