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Estimate cost Rs. 110.

00 Lakhs
Total Population of the Village 539
Vulnerable Population=60% of total Population= 0.6 323
Carpet area required=2 sft/person 2 646 sft
Carpet area Provided 967 sft
Hence Type-B (Stilt with 2 rooms of 6.705*6.705 m size and Kitchen) is sufficient
Construction of Multi purpose Cyclone Shelter at Kothapatnam (Type B- 10T)" " in Kota Mandal of
The Population of KothapatnamVillage as per 2011 census is 539
out of which SC & ST Population is 292,88 is existing.The existing soils are sandy soils the for
estimate purpose the SBC of the soil is taken as 10.00 t/sqmsince the same value is observed for
same kind of soils executed under NCRMP ph-I programme.
1. General: It is proposed to Construct Cyclone shelter ( TYPE - B ) at Construction of Multi
4. Specifications: Following specifications are adopted in the estimate.
i) M30 Grade of concrete is used for all R.C.C items
ii) 225mmthick Fly ash Bricks are proposed in CM (1:6) prop and 100mmthick partition walls are
proposed in C.M (1:4) prop
iii) Doors :Sal wood Frame with Solid bond wood block board type Flush shutter, Windows: Sal
wood Frame with Panelled Shutter and safety rods, Ventilators: Sal wood Frame & Safety Rods
are Provided.
iv) Plastering: a) External :In two coats I.e 1st coat 16mmthick in C.M (1:5) prop and 2nd coat
4mmthick in C.M (1:3) prop using Recron 3S. b) Internal : 12mmthick in two coats inside with
purpose Cyclone Shelter at Kothapatnam (Type B- 10T)""in Kota Mandal of NelloreDitrict
2. Type of structure: The structure is designed for Stilt +Two Floor with R.C.C columns and
beams. The analysis and design of frames are done by STAAD - PRO 2008. The structural
designs based on limit state method using tables and charts of S.P - 16 a
3. Foundations: The S.B.C of Soil is adopted as per Soil investigation report enclosed. Open
Isolated footings, Combined & Strip footings are provided
vi)All internal walls and celling paints are proposed with Plastic emulsion Paint Grade I in two coats
of approved brand and colour over primer coat
a base coat of 8mm thick in CM(1:5) prop and top coat of 4m
v) All the external faces are proposed with Trump or other equal approved cement paints brand
and shade in two coats over primer coat ( total three coats )
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xii) Weather proof course is proposed with 20mm thick in C.M (1:3) prop with water proof
compound at one kg per one bag of cement and Recron 3S fibre.
xiii) Grade of steel is Fe - 500 (HSCRM).
vii) Flooring with 40mm thick Cement Concrete in CC (1:1 1/2 : 3 ) prop. with neat cement
plastering on top is provided for stilt floor.
viii)Flooring with polished Tandur stones slabs of 15 to 18 mmthick (457x304 mm) set over base
coat of CM (1:8) over already laid CC bed / RCC Roof Slab for upper floors
ix)Skirting proposed to internal walls to 15 cm height/risers of steps with 15 to 18 mm thick
polished Tandur stone with base coat of CM (1:3) 12 mm thick.
x) All toilet rooms are proposed with 7.3mmthick Ceramic floor tiles of approved brand colour and
shade and design of size 400 x 400 mmlaid over floor bed /VRCC slab set over 12.0
CM( 1:8 ) prop. base coat.
xi) Dadooing to walls with a glazed coloured tiles of approved colour over a base coat of
C.M(1:5)prop. 12mm thick is provided for toilets up to height of 2.10 m.
5. Water supply & Plumbing sanitary items of standared make are proposed as per SSR - 09-10
Provision is made for solar lighting installation on roof of cyclone shelter with requisse.
VAT at 5%
Preparation of Estimates and Bid document
Provision for contingencies @ 0.50%
Provision for unforeseen items
xiii) Grade of steel is Fe - 500 (HSCRM).
6. Electrical items including ceiling fans,tube lights, exhaust fans are proposed in the estimates as
per SSR 09-10
7. L.S.Standared specification Provisions: Following L.S provisions are provided in the
Provision for Investigation, Survey and preparation of
Project reports for road work
8. Rates: The Data rates adopted in the estimate are based on Common Standard Schedule of
Rates for all Engineering Departments for the year 2013-14 . The rate for cement and Steel is May
The total estimate cost is worked out to Rs. 112.00 lakhs including estimate for Water
supply,Sanitary Plumbing and Electrical Work, approach Road and other Lumpsum Provision. The
work shall be executed as per I.S 456-2000 and other relevant codes.
Rates for all Engineering Departments for the year 2013-14 . The rate for cement and Steel is May
2014 rates as Communiccated by Board of Chief engineers,hyderabad.
Superintending Engineer
PR Circle,Nellore
Deputy Executive Engineer
PR Projects Sub-Division,Kota.
Executive Engineer
PR ,PIU Division,Nellore.
Asistant Engineer
PR Projects ,Kota.
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