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My father

I have seven family members that is my father, mother, three brothers, sister and me. We
live in a small house in the Taman Sibu Jaya, Sibu. Our neighbors are good to us.
My father’s name is Chia **. He is 59 years old but still work as a carpenter. My
father really expert in making furniture, I am so admire him. I want to thank my father
because he works hard to earn the money for our family. But sometimes his is very hot-
tempered, I really don’t like about this. Because he will argue with my mother and mother
will be sad.
My father’s hobbies are read newspaper and watch the news on television.
Although my father already at high ages, but he still have good visions. The funny things is
my father will always fall asleep when he was watching the news on the television and we
are not wake up him because maybe he was tired of doing job.
I hope my father can change his tempered and always stay healthy. I love you, dad.

My experience
Today is Sunday. I didn’t stay at home but worked as a volunteer to help at Buddhist Tokong
Teng Hui Ju with my friends. We helped the teachers to take care of the kids which have
Buddhist class later.
At first, I felt scared because I didn’t be in touch with the kids before. I worried that I
cannot be close with the kids. But fortunately, there were also some volunteers who same
ages with us. The kids will gather at the hall before the class. We tried to talk to the kids,
some of them will respond to us and some of them were so shy to talk with us.
At 10.00 o’clock in the morning, they need to enter the Buddhist class according to
their grade. My friends and I were arranged to help in the class of Year 1 and 2. The kids
were so naughty and noisy. At first, I felt so impatient because they didn’t listen to our
words. But with the help of my friends, we can control the class until the end.
After class, all the kids will gather together at the hall again to play some games. The
games were presiding by us too. We grouped the kids into 5 groups and then started to play.
All the kids enjoyed themselves and I felt very gratified too. After finished, all of them will go
to the dining room to have their lunch at 12in the afternoon.
We also have our lunch there with the kids and then backed to home. I felt that
today was a meaningful day for me as it was the first time I be in touch with kids. They were
so cute and I hope that I will have other chance to go there with my friends again.