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De Los Santos, Jairus J.

2A Sem 3
Based on the two articles that I have read, Corona: My conscience is Clear and
Impeachment Court Urged: Vote According to Conscience, the word conscience simply
connotes to two kinds that is good or bad conscience. Good conscience is the good vibes that a
man feels when he knows he did what is right in his own belief or he did good what is in the eyes
of man. Good conscience is a feeling of serenity and peace of mind because you know within
yourself you did nothing wrong or bad. On the other hand bad conscience the sad feeling that a
man encounters when he knows he did something wrong or the feeling of guilt or uneasiness
because of his wrong doing. It is a sad feeling that every man encounters because some decisions
or actions are based on emotions and if you did something wrong you automatically feel sad
about it. Some decisions based on emotions are purely based on the hearts desire and thats the
reason why you feel the sadness because deep inside you know what is the right thing that you
must do but instead you have done the opposite. Guilt can also be felt when your conscience
speaks to you. It is the heavy feeling in your heart that bothers you from time to time that makes
you uneasy throughout the day. Guilt is negative conscience because naturally man has the
tendency to do and know what is right but instead they do the other way around.
As of what I observed in these two articles, conscience is described in the 2 scenarios.
One is that conscience within the mind of the former Chief Justice that he proclaims his
innocence and the other is the conscience of the Senator Judges that will try him and proclaim
whether or not Corona is guilty. Corona has good conscience and I think by the way he stands
beyond the people and proclaims his innocence is a great task and a humble undertaking. He has
the very good intention of defending himself from the accusations of the other branches of the
government proclaiming his guilt. While on the other hand, the conscience of the Senator Judges
in my own opinion is bad conscience because their basis of their accusations against Corona is
politically influenced. They rendered him guilty because the consciences they proclaim by
rendering their decisions are too lopsided. Its either they have a hidden agenda or motive
beyond the decision and I think they only wanted to protect their political status and maintain
their appeal to the people at large. For me I were them I would not make a decision based on
what I fell on what is wrong but rather I would make a decision based on the question If I were
at the Chief Justices Position, What Will I Do. Well it seems obvious that nobody wants to be
in his current status because he is being politically bullied by the other branches and I believe
that is not rights since there must be clear independencies beyond the 3 branches of the
government. For me Corona is not guilty and his conscience is clear because in the first place he
would not be sitting there in the Supreme Court if in the first place he is not morally fit for
service. He will not be a Chief Justice if he is not fond about the law and very well educated
about it. I would not render him guilty based on his accusations because the verdict never proved
it beyond reasonable doubt and such accusations are merely politically influences of the other
branches of the government.