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Appointment Letter

For Designating Group Administrators for WAWF

Enter the GAM First and Last Name
Enter the GAM E-mail Address
Enter the GAM Phone Number
1. You are hereby appointed as Group Administrator (GAM) for the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)
application. Your span of control includes the followin !"!AA# or (#AG$) codes. %&ist of
!"!AA#(s) or #AG$ codes must be listed here'
(. As a GAM) you are a critical part of maintainin system security because you ha*e the ability to
rant+deny access to users.
,. You accept the GAM role as a trusted aent for !-.A !$## "den. You will comply with all
!-.A policies reardin security functions performed in support of !-.A !$## "den.
/. You are responsible for the followin acti*ities0
a. $stablish orani1ational e2mail for each !"!AA# (or #AG$) code and submit these to
the WAWF23A $42".5 at or call 89929182:;88.
b. Acti*ate+-nacti*ate users in your roup. -f you are a Go*ernment aent) acti*ations can
only occur after a *alid !!2(8<: is recei*ed.
c. Any GAM acti*atin another GAM must maintain an appointment letter for the new
d. Any GAM acti*atin a =endor as a GAM must validate Vendors identit! by *erifyin
information the =endor has entered durin the reistration process (i.e. security >uestions
and answers)
:. When determinin pri*ilees and profiles) you will comply with the prin"iple of least privilege
(Grantin minimal access for that which the user needs).
9. As a GAM you will verif! the identit! of an individual b! validating the DD-#$%& for
Go*ernment and all re>uired sinatures prior to acti*atin the indi*idual.
<. You will maintain all a"tive Government users DD-#$%&s in a secured lockin cabinet to be
easily recalled if audited by WAWF ?M" or third party.
8. You will re*iew user accounts at least monthly and disable (archi*e) user accounts for the
a. When user account is no loner needed.
b. When a user lea*es the orani1ation.
c. When a user@s access has been re*oked or suspended for any reason.
d. When a user has not accessed the system after ;A days.
;. You will immediately report any suspected or known security incidents+*iolations to the $4 B".5
at $42".5 at or call 89929182:;88.
1A. You aree to ha*e your first name) last name) phone number and email address as contact
information for users under your administration listed on the WAWF web site.
4y sinin and datin below) - acknowlede my appointment. - ha*e read and understand my
responsibilities and accountability as contained in this Appointment &etter.
- ha*e also been briefed on my specific roles and responsibilities as defined in this Appointment &etter. -
further understand that this appointment will remain in effect until re*oked in writin.
.inature of Appointee !ate
WAWF ?"# Dame (?rint) ________________________________________
WAWF ?"# (.inature) _________________________________________ ____________________