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Lesson Plan 6.

Unit 6. Energy in Information and Communication Technology
Topic: Deelopment of communication technologies
Time !rame: 3 days
I. "#$ECTI%E&:
'eneral "()ectie:
1. Trace the development of communication technologies
2. Demonstrate how developments in the field of telecommunications
exemplify the STS approach.
&pecific "()ecties
1. Speculate on how the lives of a typical family is affected by developments in
communications technology
2. Gain a historical perspective of the application of science and human
endeavor to satisfy a social need
3. xamine how the rate and substance of change in communication
technology has accelerated
!!. &U#$ECT *+TTE,
+. Lesson: Deelopments in Communication Technologies
#. ,eference
"inistry of ducation# $ictoria# %.&. "odule on Telecommunications#
Science and Technology 11 &urriculum Guide# 1''1.
C. *aterials( See attached data sheet
!!!. LE+,-I-' +CTI%ITIE& .Day 1/
+. *otiation
Give an overview of the developments in communication technologies citing
not only the ma)or events in the history of telecommunications but also the
ma)or science concepts*principles behind the technologies.

#. +ctiity Proper
1. Divide the class into small groups of about e+ual si,e. -ave the class
identify a range of significantly different time and location# such as
.re/civili,ation 0ancient times1
!ndustrial age in urope
2estern society at present
3 rural society in a developing country li4e ours
Global 0future time1
5nit 6. nergy in !&T 7esson .lan 6.1 Developments in communication technologies 6 / 1
2. 3ssign each group one of these time and place locations and let them
brainstorm on the means and methods of communicating specific
messages. 8or example in the pre/civili,ed society# messages are sent
using smo4e signals# beating of drums etc. !n the future# people around
the world can send medical and other urgent information using the
information superhighway.
Groups should identify messages particularly appropriate to the
specific time and location. xamples are re+uest for traffic updates# for
weather information# information regarding family matters# business#
etc. Give the class 01 minutes for the brainstorming session.
-ave the groups share the results of their brainstorming and ma4e note
of commonalities and differences.
3. Discuss with the class how the development of the technologies were
triggered by scientific and *or technological advances as well as by the
needs of society.
C. 'enerali2ation
8rom the class discussion draw out the understanding that as
technological and scientific advances occur# the previous technologies no longer
meet the expectations of society and they become obsolete.
I%. +&&I'-*E-T
9ead about timelines and how to prepare them. 2hat can be gleaned
from timelines:
5nit 6. nergy in !&T 7esson .lan 6.1 Developments in communication technologies 6 / 2