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Textiles and Clothing Pathway

Wardrobe Planning
Apparel and Textiles
Advanced Apparel and Textiles
Design and Merchandising
Wardrobe Planning
CIP 19.090111
Big Idea:
We are all consumers of textile products.
Enduring Understandings:
1. Clothing satisfes social and psychological needs as well as physical
. Textile f!ers are important elements of daily life.
". #a!ric choices a$ect the loo%& feel& and wear of apparel and home
'. A %nowledge of textiles will ena!le the student to develop sound
!uying practices when shopping for clothing and textile products.
(. A !asic %nowledge of construction techni)ues ena!les the student
to ma%e !etter choices when selecting and altering ready to wear
apparel and home fashions.
Essential Questions:
1. What roles do fashion& textiles& and apparel play in our daily lives*
. What information a!out f!ers and textiles do we need to %now*
". What factors related to f!ers and textiles should !e considered
when deciding which ones to use*
'. What are the consumer protection laws related to textiles and
(. What are the %eys to planning and maintaining a successful
+. What criteria should !e used when deciding !etween purchasing or
constructing a textile product*
,. What is re)uired in construction to produce& alter& or repair textile
-. What are the career opportunities in textiles and clothing and
related felds*
Standards Statement:
The student will explore career paths within the textile and apparel
design industry& examine f!ers and fa!rics& analy.e and plan
wardro!es& and demonstrate s%ills needed to produce& alter& or repair
textiles products and apparel.
Course Description:
/n this introductory course of the Textiles and Clothing pathway& the
!eginning clothing student studies& !asic textiles& social and psychological
aspects of clothing& wardro!e planning& and garment construction.
Course Goals:
0ractical application of the %nowledge and s%ills learned in this course will
culminate in the successful completion of garments demonstrating re)uired
s%ills. 1tudents will also demonstrate practical application of math and
science s%ills& and apply reading and listening strategies to directions and
Course Objecties:
During the course of instruction the student will2
1. Discuss how group identifcation and group !ehavior is related to
. 3xplain how clothing satisfes social and psychological needs.
". /dentify various samples of fa!ric structures as a %nit& woven& non4
woven& or felted construction.
'. Map the progression of a textile from its origin to the fnal product.
(. 5ist the natural f!ers and descri!e the characteristics of each.
+. /dentify the most commonly used synthetic f!ers.
,. Discuss the principles and elements of design.
-. Accurately measure and record the critical !ody measurements of a
la! partner after teacher demonstration.
6. 3xplain the proper method of pattern selection after identifying
!ody types.
17. 1elect and use commercial patterns& ma%ing necessary pattern
ad8ustments& as needed.
11. /dentify sewing and pressing e)uipment in the la! and descri!e
the function of each.
1. Demonstrate proper use and care of the sewing machine.
1". Analy.e a wardro!e and develop a wardro!e plan.
1'. 5earn proper methods of clothing maintenance.
1(. 3xamine and interpret consumer protection laws.
1+. 3xplore career opportunities in the textiles and clothing feld.
1,. 0articipate in #CC5A chapter activities.
1-. 1uccessfully construct fve garments incorporating the re)uired
construction s%ills.
Course Outline
Course Outline C!S
$ S%ill
)* Clot+ing and Societ,
a9 satisfying physical& social& and
psychological needs
!9 a medium of artistic perception&
expression& and experiences
c9 in:uences on clothing choices and
d9 clothing statement and frst
e9 the evolution of fashion
f9 fashion& fads& classics& style and
fashion cycles
TA 1+."& C;M 1.'&
C;M .& AD5 1.1
#AM 1.-
35A 1&&"
11 31&&"
-* Wardrobe Planning
a9 elements and principles of design
!9 fgure types and fashion styles
c9 identifying clothing needs
d9 developing a wardro!e plan
TA 1+."& A2 =A 1& +
11 >4"& 341
.* Clot+ing (c/uisition and Care
a9 evaluating )uality and ft
!9 !uying vs. constructing
c9 consumer rights and
d9 the !asics of shopping2 how&
TA 1+.(& TA 1+.+&
C;M .1& C;M ".1
35A 1& & "
M 1417
when& and where
e9 laundry and dry cleaning
products& e)uipment and
f9 routine care and repair
g9 clothing storage
0* 1ature o' !e2tiles
a9 f!er classifcation
!9 sources and processing of f!ers
c9 characteristics of f!ers
d9 yarns
e9 fa!ric constructions
f9 fa!ric fnishes
TA 1+. 35A 1& & "
3* Preparing to Se#
a9 !ody measurements
!9 fgure type and pattern si.e
c9 commercial patterns and pattern
d9 appropriate choices for fa!ric and
e9 small sewing e)uipment
f9 use and care of pressing
g9 use and care of sewing machine
h9 use and care of the serger
TA 1+.'

M 14(
A4=A 1&+
4* Clot+ing Construction
a9 preparing the pattern
!9 preparing the fa!ric
c9 pinning
d9 cutting
e9 mar%ing
f9 stay stitching
g9 seams
h9 seam fnishes
i9 darts& pleats& gathers

TA 1+.'& TA 1+.
35A 1& & "
M 1417
A4=A 1&+
89 interfacings and facings
%9 .ippers
l9 collars& hoods& nec%line treatments
m9 sleeves and armhole treatments
n9 waistline applications
o9 hems
p9 fasteners and !uttonholes
5* Career Opportunities
a9 current interests and s%ills
!9 career profles
TA 1+.1 C 4 A4C
35A 1& & "
6* Opportunities in 7CC8(
a9 identify purposes and functions of
!9 identify roles and responsi!ilities
of mem!ers
c9 examine and implement the
planning process
d9 leadership training
e9 engage in chapter activities
7CC8( add specifc events your students will or plan to l
participate in
During this course the student will !e involved in #CC5A activities to enhance
their learning. 1tudents will participate in nominating and electing their
o?cers& select appropriate community service pro8ects& utili.e the planning
process& and assume leadership roles in the classroom& the school& and the
&esources are these the resources you use all year? If not, put
them in the 4
column in the specifc unit you use them with
1oto& Anne M.& ed. 1implicity@s 1imply the Aest 1ewing Aoo%. Bew Cor%2 The
1implicity 0attern Co.& /nc.& 771.
We!!45upo& Anita& and ;osalyn M. 5ester. Clothing Decisions. Mission >ills&
CA2 Dlencoe<McDraw4>ill& 16-,.
We!er& Eeanette. Clothing 2 #ashion& #a!rics and Construction. Bew Cor%2
Dlencoe<McDraw4>ill& 77-.
Westfall& Mary D. 1uccessful 1ewing. Tinley 0ar%& /52 Doodheart4Willcox
0u!lisher& 166,.
Wolfe& Mary D. #ashionF Tinley 0ar%& /52 The Doodheart4Willcox Company& /nc.&
Media2 =ideo<D=D<A=<CD presentations on #i!ers& #a!rics& 3lements of
Design& ;etailing& Clothing 1election& #ashion& Construction Techni)ues&
#CC5A& and Careers
!ec+nolog, Utili9ation this is just a list of the technology you
have in your classroom ie computers, !mart"oard, projector,
End o' Course (ssessment $hat type of assessment do you
use at the end of the course ie% written test, demonstration, etc#