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Journal Entries and Final Reflections 1 Running head: JOURNAL ENTRIES AND FINAL REFLECTIONS

Journal Entries and Final Reflections Argosy University R7103 Solutions Orientated Business Research Methods Professor: Dr. Alfredo Herrera August 19, 2009

Journal Entries and Final Reflections 2 Abstract An abbreviated overview of thoughts and considerations contemplated by the author during attendance of R7103 Solutions Orientated Business Research Methods as each relates to course work, and journaling activities.

Journal Entries and Final Reflections 3 Journal Entries and Final Reflections Final Observations Solutions Orientated Business Research Methods is responsible for a methodology change in this author’s thinking pattern related to examination of the management dilemma. As stated several times in journal entries “Understanding the management dilemma from the audience perspective is critical.” Lessons learned: theory to application- the objectives of the research project need to be understood in order to construct a study that will measure the dilemma correctly. It is helpful to understand the objective and possibly reverse engineer solutions through the use of study on the feasibility of each. Also stated before, “Selection of the right variables is critical to measure correlative effects if one or more is altered to create a predicted “what if” result. Additive to this, validity tests may be helpful but not conclusive to the test outcome. In other words a researcher may expect a distribution pattern or a range of results but may experience outlying indicators if the test constructs are in error or the subject matter study may produce unexpected results. To revisit: the constructs used in the study, selection of the right variables, very important to understanding the best way to analyzing the results. The professional obligations of this researcher are related to expenditure of money to purchase large ticket items. Studies can be constructed to indicate what risk the expense reduces. In other words the amount of money to spend to purchase a new piece of equipment may reduce the probability of damage or production stoppage from failure of the replaced piece of equipment. Professional efforts continue, the approach of “dollarizing” the possible impact to man hours from production delays and use a , often self-defined, parametric from historical data that contains damage to equipment / product and injury dollars paid. This author is departing from traditional methodology, the mindset of Return on Investment (ROI), to produce / evaluate

Journal Entries and Final Reflections 4 business cases to substantiate the expenditure of funds to reduce risk. It is this researchers personal opinion that careful consideration and selection of the right dilemma to study is the best way to focus your abilities and resources. BUT departure from the traditional may be necessary in blue water situations and proper research methodology will provide the confidence to share the results obtained. Proper research methodology and documentation, journaling is one, are critical to reproducibility and explaining what you have discovered to others.

Relevance and Journaling In future academic efforts, such as the preparation of a dissertation this lesson will be remembered. The question that comes to mind: “Are researchers collecting data for a research project aware of the possibility of the importance of how it is to be presented-the audience?” If this is given too much thought, could it interfere with objective collection of data to provide a balanced conclusion? This researcher initially considered qualitative methodology for the preparation of the doctoral dissertation. But quantitative methodology provides numerical data to substantiate the researcher’s conclusions. Numerical valuation, after much thought, seems the clearer path. As this researcher’s dissertation approaches one thing is clear, the expense of hiring a satiation to evaluate the study construct, the variables selected, and the best format to provide the study results will be money well spent. Balance of study methodology and an understanding of the audience is necessary for effective research. As further academic classes are taken, further evaluation to mixed-method will be considered and evaluated. Additionally daily journal entries, even a quick note, have helped this researcher capture thoughts, sometimes at random. Review of the journal entries have

Journal Entries and Final Reflections 5 proven invaluable and fascinating. It seems the mind can work on several items at the same time and often produce a conscious stream that may make no sense at the time but later the relevance is striking. Journaling is a practice that this researcher will continue as an aid to evaluating and identifying the correct management dilemma, variables, study constructs, thoughts, patterns, and observations in an effort to become more effective personally and professionally with the management of the most precious of resources-TIME. This researcher has extensive professional and academic obligations that leave very little time for even sleep. It is critical the right dilemma is solved without over allocation of time devoted to evaluating the wrong parameters-an exceptional class, thank you all.

Eric Punt