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How to install:
To use this visual style youll need to patch your windows first. You need to download and install
Uxtheme Multi-patcher!
To do that follow next links:
For Windows XP - SP2:!et"ystem#"-$nhancementsU%Theme-Multi&atcher.shtml
For Windows XP - SP3:!et"ystem#"-$nhancements"&'-UxTheme-&atcher.shtml
Upon successful installation( )ust unpack and install *eopard-% visual style!
#pen +isplay properties,ppearance( and switch on *eopard-% visual style.
Then click Apply and this is it!
Tips and trics:
To make that window looks same as it is here presented in this promo pictures youll need to do the next:
,ctivate status -ar in explorer .explorer menu: viewstatus -ar/ and check it 0on1!
The -ottom status -ar will appears. Then open display properties( switch on ,ppearance and from 2olor
scheme choose: ,3ua or 4raphite variation!
,3ua 5 4raphite li!ht variations are -uilt with
the thinner frame which means that they dont
support rounded ed!es in the status -ar. This is
recommended variation if you do not use status
-ar! 6f you do( like here in this example( well then
)ust use ,3ua or 4raphite color variation7
+ownload and install "tyler7.
,fter installation youll need to activate "tyler( and you can do that -y callin! the menu from the window.
8ust click near the help menu with the ri!ht -utton and choose from menu "tylerTool9ar7 The rest
should -e unchecked .or hidden/7
Then open "tyler menu and from there hide menu in explorer!
You can also ena-le windows shadow effect from there. 8ust check +esktop ta-7
This is what you should !et at the end!
6nstall %:indows +ock for full *eopard experience and even more!
6t can do next thin!s:
;. <eal-time dock icons reflection
=. <eal-time windows reflection
'. ,pplied dock icons shadow effect
>. ,pplied -lur reflection effect
?. 6cons positionin! inside the dock
@. "tack video preview
A. &icture folder !allery preview
B. ,dvanced stack animations( and more7
,nd what is most important( user can manipulate and set all these elements separately!
For !"ll L#opard loo $c%#c pro&o pict"r#s: L#opard-X a'(p)*L#opard-X +'(p), yo"-ll n##d to
download and install all additional )#ars:
%:indows dock: http:xwdock.a3ua-soft.or!
6contweaker .chan!in! system icons/:!'.htm
*eopard icontweak set: http:anoos.deviantart.comart*eopard%&-for-6conTweaker-A@=C=>A;
T2lock= ;.=C: http:shii.or!tclock
Mac"earch: http:landvermesser.tripod.comMac"earch.html
#ptional items 5 applications:
TT .True Transparency/: http:komku.-lo!;Cwindows-xp-truetransparency-look-
*eopard-% for TT: http:vladimirC?='.deviantart.comart*eopard-%-TT-style-;'@@B?>=A
:allpapers: http:mac.softpedia.compro!"creenshots*eopard-wallpaper-set-"creenshot->DACD.html
*ucida 4rande Eonts: http:isuman.-lo!!rande-fonts-for-windows.html
,dditional search en!ine style for firefox: http:sites.!oo!le.comsitevladimircorp