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Kershaw Ejected, Avoids Suspension

On Wednesday night, Dodgers starting pitcher and NL Cy Young candidate Cayton Kershaw was
ejected !or hitting the Dia"ond#ac$%s &erardo 'arra (no reation to &erado )ivera* on the e#ow with
a pitch+ Kershaw was ejected #ecause they u"pires viewed it as a carry over !ro" 'arra%s ho"e run
antics the night #e!ore+
On ,uesday night, Dodgers reiever -ong.Chih Kuo was throwing to 'arra and ost contro o! a pitch
that went right at 'arra%s !ace whie 'arra appeared to #e atte"pting a #unt+ / say he ost contro
#ecause Kuo has had contro issues through out the season+ Nothing had happened to that point in
,uesday%s ga"e that woud give any "otive !or Kuo to #e intentionay throwing at 'arra+ Nonetheess,
'arra ceary too$ e0ception to the pitch as he stood out o! the #atter%s #o0 and stared at Kuo !or a"ost
a !u "inute+ Later in the at #at when 'arra hit a ho"e run he spent a#out another !u "inute standing
there watching the #a !y out into the stands+ Naturay, the Dodgers didn%t appreciate this and he was
greeted #y co""ents !ro" the Dodgers catcher and dugout (incuding Kershaw, who ca"e to the top
step to shout at 'arra* when he crossed ho"e pate+ ,he ga"e was #rie!y deayed as #oth sides had to
#e ca"ed down+
On Wednesday night, there was no apparent carryover !ro" the night #e!ore through the !irst ha! o! the
ga"e+ 'arra ca"e to the pate in the third inning and got a dou#e+ ,hen in the top o! the si0th inning
'arra was hit on the e#ow on a pitch that taied too !ar inside+ -o"e pate u"pire 1i We$e wasted
no ti"e in i""ediatey ejecting Kershaw+
Kershaw is a tre"endous young pitcher+ -e%s "y pic$ !or the NL Cy Young despite how good Ci!! Lee
has #een+ So where is discretion on the part o! the u"pires2 What happened to giving good payers a
itte eeway2 )egardess o! what too$ pace the prior night, neither tea" was warned and their had
#een no issues #etween the two tea"s on Wed+ prior to 'arra #eing hit+ Where is the intent2 /t%s not i$e
Kershaw threw at his head, his #ac$, or even #ehind hi"+ As Dodgers "anager Don 3attingy pointed
out a!ter the ga"e 4/t was a #a inside to a guy how stands cose to the pate+5 (3attingy !or his part
was ejected as we a!ter arguing*+
A!ter the ga"e u"piring crew chie! ,i" ,schida (which is pronounced, strange speing /
$now* saw it di!!erenty 4/t was intentiona, it was e!t over !ro" ast night+5+ Yeah, ceary+ / guess ever
ti"e a catcher is setup inside and the #a is e!t up over the pate its #ecause the pitcher was
intentionay wanting to give up a ho"e run+ ,he ony thing worse then a person with co"pete
authority is a person in co"pete authority that sees everything in #ac$ and white+ 1asicay what
,schida ad"ited was that i! 'arra was hit #y a pitch in ANY way on Wed+ so"eone was getting ejected+
O$, !ine protect a guy that was a co"pete pun$ the night #e!ore+ 1ut #y the rues i! you are going to
put up an invisi#e !orce !ied around a payer you are suppose to warn the tea"s6 A ot o! the rues in
#ase#a are terri#e, #ut at ti"es it see"s the u"pires are not re7uired to !oow their own rues6 8ust a
coupe o! wee$s ago, 8oe West and Co+ pued instant repay out o! their hat to decide i! a !an inter!ered+
,hat%s great, we need instant repay, ony one pro#e"+++YO9 CAN%, DO ,-A,6 So #asicay not ony
are u"pires not hed accounta#e when they are terri#e, they are aso aowed to "a$e up the rues as
they go+ -ere is a 7uestion !or 3r+ We$e and 3r+ ,schida, i! the pitch was so intentiona, so o#viousy
intentiona to everyone in #ase#a, then why wasn%t Kershaw suspended2 Answer "e da"n it6 O$, !ine
/% te you why+ Kershaw wasn%t suspended #ecause there%s no way to te i! that pitch was intentiona
or not and #ecause neither tea" was warned prior to the ejection+ &uess what, i! you can%t te i! a Cy
Young cai#er pitcher intentionay hit a guy or not, we !ans woud reay appreciate it i! you e!t hi" in
the ga"e+ ,hat%s $ind o! why we go to the ga"e and watch it on ,:, to see guys i$e hi" pitch+ ,han$s+
Loo$ "ay#e the pitch was intentiona+ We% never $now+ 1ut i! it was then that%s one "ore notch on
Kershaw%s Cy Young resu"e !or ;<==, cause that was the per!ect intentiona pitch+ Sidenote, / thin$
Dia"ond#ac$s "anager Kurt &i#son deserves the NL 3anager o! the Year, #ut / woud i$e to see hi"
repri"anding 'arra !or that type o! show#oating not de!ending it+
Chec$ out the videos !ro" ,uesday and Wednesday night and te us what you thin$+ Did the u"pires
get it right2 Were 'arra%s actions warranted2 ,hese two tea"s pay the !ina three ga"es o! the season
against each other, wi their #e "ore #ad #ood2