Solons seek creation of goat/sheep center for the development of small

ruminants industry
Two lawmakers are eyeing the creation of a center dedicated to the development of the small
ruminants industry to encourage farmers to raise goats and/or sheep to increase their income.
Rep. Estrellita “Ging” B. uansing !"st #istrict$ %ueva Eci&a' said the raising of small ruminants
is synonymous to improved livelihood and general well()eing of the people in the rural areas.
“*t will not only improve the farmers+ income )ut also enhance the revenue of the agricultural
communities in the countryside$” uansing said.
uansing and Rep. ,agnolia Rosa -ntonino(%adres !.th #istrict$ %ueva Eci&a' filed /ouse Bill
.012$ which seeks to esta)lish the 3hilippine mall Ruminants 4enter with the %ational 4enter )ased in
the 4entral 5u6on tate 7niversity and with satellite centers in 5u6on$ 8isayas and ,indanao.
-ntonino(%adres said other satellite centers in any region of the country may also )e organi6ed
and operational whenever there are state colleges and universities in agriculture in such areas.
7nder the )ill$ the 4enter is tasked to formulate research activities geared towards the
development of appropriate technologies$ which would increase productivity of the goat and sheep in a
simple$ cost(effective and practical manner.
The 4enter is likewise mandated to formulate the development of goat and sheep with improved
performance as milk(meat shall )e the main focus in )reeding.
*t shall also )e responsi)le for the development of feeding )ackyard and semi(commercial
production$ nutrition$ improving reproductive efficiency$ physiology and schemes to reduce losses )y
parasites and diseases as well as for the development for dairy meat$ fi)er and hide production for
domestic and/or e9port market.
The measure provides for the creation of the 3hilippine mall Ruminant 4enter Board$ which
shall )e responsi)le for the formulation of policies and oversee the implementation of the 4enter$ in
consonance with the %ational Research and #evelopment policies.
The 3hilippine mall Ruminant 4enter Board shall )e composed of the 3resident of the 4entral
5u6on tate 7niversity !457': #irector of the #epartment of -griculture ; Bureau of -nimal
*ndustry/Bureau of -gricultural Research !#-(B-/B-R': E9ecutive #irector of the 5ivestock
#evelopment 4ouncil: E9ecutive #irector of the 3hilippine 4ouncil for -griculture$ <orestry and %atural
Resources Research and #evelopment !34-RR#': farmers+ representative: and E9ecutive #irector of the
3hilippine mall Ruminant 4enter.
To fund the 3hilippine mall Ruminant 4enter$ the )ill provides that the amount of 3=1 million
shall )e appropriated )y the #epartment of Budget and ,anagement from the une9pended )alance of the
%ational Treasury and thereafter$ shall )e included in the General -ppropriations -ct. !>1' mvip
NR # 3520B
JULY 7, 2014

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