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" P e o p l e '5su m m i t s "h, e l d a n n u a l l ys i n c e2 0 0 0p a r a l l etlo t h e S o u t hA s i a nA s s o c i a t i of o

RegionalCooperation(SAARC)Summit aims to promote people to people dialogues
erchangesand linkagesin SouthAsiato addressreqionalissues.Thisjoint civil society
initiativeprcvidesa piatformto act on a "people'sagenda"and helpscivil societyto engage
with nationalgovernments and regionalanstitutions. The participationof Afghanistanin the
6th People's summitwaswelcomedin whichmorethan 200 peopl€frorn8 countries

we th€ people and networksof South Asia - Afqhanistan,Bangladesh,Bhutan, India,

MaJdives, Nepal,Pakistanand Sri Lankahaveassembledin NewDeihi,India from l4arch31-
April 2,2oo7 stronglycondemnthe increaseddefensespendingd€spiterepeateddemands
from the peoplefor a l0% annualreductionand utilizationof these amountsior people's

The summit strongly d€mandsfor the establishmentof a ReqionalSecurityCouncilfor

amendingnuclearpoliciesto curb proliferationof nuclearweaponsand makesouth Asiaa
violenceand nuclearfree zone.

The people'ssum.nitexpressconcernoverthe problemsfacedby the peopletravelingwithin

the reqionand demandthat SAARC Stat€smust declarevisa lree south Asiato facilitatethe
free movemen!of people.A transparentand non-bureaucratic institutionalmechanism needE
to be established
to ensurethe riqhtsof the miqrantworkers.

SorithAsianStatePartiesshouldguaranteebasiceconomicandsocialrightsof the peopleby

sefting rninimumregionalstandardsand by institutingconcretesocialsecuritym€asu.esto
providea minimumincome,unemployment benefits,heathcareandeducationfor all citizens.
j u s t
I t s h o ! l de n s u r e a n df a i r t r a d e
and reducedisparitiesexistingin the region.
The summitdemandsthe stat€ Parti€sfor the immediateratificationand implementatio
of SAARCconventionon humantraffjcking. It urgesfor adoptionand ratificationof the
regionalVictim/WitnessProtectionProtocolto combattrafficking,commercialexPloitation
l b u s eo f w o m e na n dc h r l d r eInn t l ' e r e 9 , o n .
a n ds e r u a d
T h e s u m m i tr e c o m m e n dt hs e c r e a t i o no f S o u t hA s i a nP a r l i a m e ni ot r b u i l d i n gt r u s t a n d
T h es u n m i td e n o u n c et sh e p r i v a t i z a t i oo.f b a s i cs e r v i c eisn c l u d i nw , e a l t he
g a t € rh , ducatio
a n dp o w e ra n dd € m a n dasn e n dt o i m p e r i a l i satn dt h e n e ol i b e r ael c o n o m ipco l i c i e s .
The summit demandscomprehensive policies and strategiesfor achievingthe SAARC
DeveloDm€nt Goals with adequate financial allocations.AdditionallySAARCdev€lopmen
g o a l ss h o u l di n c l u d ea g e n d a sf o r p r o m o t i n gs o c i a li n c l u s i o np, e a c e ,h u m a nr i g h t sa n d
The summitdemandsthe settinqup a SouthAsiaHumanRightsCounciland DefendersCourt
of humanrightsand the rule of law
to ensureeffectiveimplem€ntation
T h es u m m i ct o n d e m nt sh e s u s p e n s i oonf f u n d a m e n t rai lg h t sa n dc i v i ll i b e r t i e isn S o u t hA s ' a
and calls for the restorationof basic humanriqhts and democracvin countriesforthwith
particularlyin reiteratesits demandthat the statesmust not be allowedto
suspendfundamentalrightsand civi' libertiesunderany Pretext.
The summitreiteratesthe urgentneedfor landreformsand landrightsfor indlgenousPeople
with specialeffortsfor the inclusionofthe peopleaffectedby the recentdisasters,Peopleof
the coastaland resourcepoor areasincludlngconrlictzones

The summitalsodemandsthe right to informationin south Asia.

The summitllrgesSAARC StatePartiesto set up a DlsasterMitigationand
Management F;nd to ensureproactivesuPport'nechanismsin disasteraffectedareas rh€
poor;ndmarginalize iid , o m e na n de t h n i cm i n o r i t i €ssh o u l db e a t t h e c e n t e r
c l u d i n qd a l i t s w
;f disasterrnitiqationand management policiesand Practices

, o m e nc, h i l d r e ne,t h n : c
M a n vo f t h ea l r e a dvvu l n e r a b loee o p l eo t S o u r hA s i a ,i n L l u d r ndga l i t s w
l a r m i n ga n dc l i m a t ec h a n g ew e
n r n ; , r i e s ,w i l l b e i u r t h e rd r a m act d r l yi m P a c i ebdv g l o b a w
d e m a n dt l i e o a i e so f N o r t hr o c o m p € n s art o d la m a g eT. h eS t a t e so f 5 A A R C
ert h e e c o l o g i c a
s h o u l dc o m eo u t w i t h c l e a rp o l i c i etso a d d r e stsh e c h a l l e n g e s
The summitdemandsa HungerFreeSouthAsiaand urgesthe SAARC Stat€Pariiesto develop
a collectivesFaiegy for south Asian rural investfients and agriculturaldevelopmentto
T h e s u m m i to b s e r l e si n a d e q u a tree g i o n aal n d n a t i o n apl o l i c i e fso r w . t e r d i s t r i b u t i oann d
managemen l €t a d i n gt o c o n f l i c ta m o n g stth e c o u n t r i e isn t h e r e g i o n W e u r q ei m m e d i a t e
unconditional settle;ent betw€ensAARcStateson existingand potentialconflictissuessuch
as territorialdisDutes,waterdisiributionand management, and hydrocarbon resources.

The summltdemandssuspension or all megahydroelectricprojectsthat adverselvaffectthe

livesand llvelihoodsof milllonsof people
The summitadvocatesfor a compreh€nsive to dealwlth voluntaryrepatriationof
refugees.nd internallydisplacedpersons.
wouldwork towardscommonSouthAsianidentitv
The SouthAsianoeoDl€will work towardsthe settingup or a TaskGroupon ecologlcalissues
the inpact of conflictin the region,the peoplecommitto esiablisha PeoPle's
commisaionto monitorDeaceDrocesses and arms trade

The summitpl€dgesitselfto work for reducingthe inpact ol climatechang€,suchas savins

glaciersand linkinqthe p€opleof the Himalayanwatershedon both sides.

Womenand childrenare majorvictimsoi armedconflict.The summitcommitsfor settins up

of a southAsianwomenSForumagaanst conflict,war and militarization.

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