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... through Bertha Dudde

Love for God
is demonstrated through neighbourly love ....
al!ays "ee# telling you the same$ ta"e %are of your fello!
human being in his adversity .... hel# him& irres#e%tive of
!hether he suffers spiritual or physical distress' #ra%ti%e
unselfish neighbourly love and you fulfil the #ur#ose of your
e(isten%e. For you only demonstrate your love for )e !hen you
give love to your neighbour& !ho is your brother.
*m a Father to all of you' long for your love !hi%h should
a##ly to all )y living %reations !ho have emerged from )e. +our
fello! human beings very often suffer hardshi#& and it will
mainly concern spiritual difficulties in !hi%h you should hel#
them& for earthly diffi%ulties %ome to an end but s#iritual
adversity %ontinues and !ill al!ays re,uire hel#& regardless of
!hether they are on earth or in the "ingdom of the beyond.
Spiritual adversity largely consists of unkindness and
therefore the soul-s im#erfe%t %om#osition !hi%h& ho!ever&
should mature in earthly life through love ....
.en%e& if you love your neighbour it %an a!a"en re%i#ro%ated
love and en%ourage the other #erson to %hange his nature if he
!ants to emulate you& if you are an e(am#le to him by living a
true life of love .... Giving love is the greatest hel# .... but you
should also ma"e the Gos#el "no!n to your neighbour& that is&
you should also des%ribe his /reator and 0rovider as a God of
love Who is everyone-s Father and also !ants to be %alled u#on
as a Father ....
+ou should only ever try to im#art s#iritual "no!ledge to your
fello! human being& and you !ill hel# his o!n maturing if you
offer everything to him !ith love.
+et you should also su##ort your neighbour in earthly adversity
and thereby li"e!ise ins#ire re%i#ro%ated love& for love is
strength in itself and !ill never remain ineffe%tive unless your
neighbour still %om#letely belongs to )y adversary& then he !ill
re1e%t you and not e(#erien%e the results of love either.
*nd you yourselves !ill only ever mature through a%tions of
love .... %onse,uently every o##ortunity should be used by you to
a%t !ith love .... *nd noti%e should be ta"en of every hardshi#
suffered by your fello! human being& you should not #ass him by
indifferently and leave him in distress& for then you are heartless
yourselves and do not fulfil your earthly #ur#ose !hi%h solely
%onsists of a%%e#ting your fundamental nature again& of
be%oming the love you !ere in the beginning.
2he %ommandment of love !ill al!ays be the first and most
im#ortant one& and the Gos#el !hi%h tea%hes to love God and
you neighbour !ill al!ays have to be #ro%laimed to #eo#le ....
.o!ever& you !ill never sho! love to )e )yself if you ignore
your neighbour& no matter ho! strongly you are moved by your
emotions .... 2rue love for )e %an only be e(#ressed in loving
a%tivity for the ne(t #erson. *nd thereby you also #rove your
love for )e.
But anyone !ho is half3hearted and indifferent in his love for his
neighbour !ill never feel true love for )e& for ho! %an a #erson
love )e Whom he %annot see& if he ignores his brother !hom he
%an see ....
n the last days the love bet!een #eo#le has gro!n %old& and
therefore they are also very distant from )e Who& as 4ternal
Love& %an only unite !ith a #erson through love ....
*nd this is !hy the s#iritual adversity is so great& for to be
heartless also means to be without faith, without
knowledge and without strength ....
Furthermore& it means to still be sub1e%t to the #o!er of the one
!ho is devoid of all love and !ho !ill al!ays sto# #eo#le to a%t
!ith love .... but !ho also !ants your do!nfall by "ee#ing you
a!ay from )e. *nd he is the one you have to resist& you have to
try to %onta%t )e and !ill only ever attain this through loving
a%tivity ....
For this reason say 5What you do to the least of )y brothers&
you have done to )e ....-
)yself %onsider your love for your fello! human being as love
for )e ....
.o! else !ould you be able to demonstrate your love for
)e6 .....
f you believe in )e that & as a Father& grant love to all )y
%hildren& then you also have to return )y love as %hildren& and
then you also "no! that all you humans are regarded by )e as
%hildren& that you are all the same .... living beings !ho had
originated from )e& and you have to love one another and move
to!ards )e together ....
But one also has to %arry the other& you have to #rote%t the other
from suffering harm& you have to hel# him in all "inds of
diffi%ulties& you have to sti%" together and establish this true
relationshi# bet!een brothers and then strive to!ards your
eternal Father together. Only then !ill you have the "ind of love
for ea%h other !hi%h re,uire of you humans& be%ause you are
the same in your fundamental substan%e .... be%ause you %ame
forth from the divine strength of love.
*nd on%e the relationshi# bet!een you humans has %hanged&
on%e all your thoughts and a%tions are determined by love& your
!ill also be%ome more #erfe%t& you !ill be%ome again !hat you
had been before$ living %reations #ermeated by love !hi%h only
ever !or" for ea%h others beatitude ....
For !here love e(ists there also has to be a re%e#ta%le for this
emanated love& irres#e%tive of !hether )yself as the #rimary
sour%e& or you as terminals of )y strength of love re3emanate
this love ....
there al!ays has to be a vessel into !hi%h you %an radiate your
love .... *nd thus on earth this vessel is your fello! human
being .... the #erson ne(t to you to !hom you give your love&
!hi%h you yourselves re%eive from )e .... For you %annot give
anything that you !ouldn-t have re%eived from )e first ....
nurture the s#ar" of love in you su%h that )y love enlightens
you %onsistently more and ins#ires loving a%tions& and this !or"
!ill a##ly to your neighbour again& for you !ill be in%lined to be
%onstantly of assistan%e on%e )y love is able to enlighten you.
*nd your a%tivity of love for your neighbour demonstrates to )e
that you a%%e#t )y rays of love& that you o#en your hearts and
grant entran%e to )e and )y love .... it demonstrates to )e that
you are %ommitted to )e in love again or you !ould "ee# your
hearts %losed and !ould be unable to !or" in you. *nd you !ill
al!ays mature #roviding you don-t lead a one3sided life but
al!ays %onsider your fello! human being and ta"e a #ersonal
interest in his #hysi%al and #sy%hologi%al %ir%umstan%es&
#roviding you try to lead him on the #ath to )e and also su##ort
him in earthly adversity if he a##roa%hes you and re,uests your
+ou are living together for the #ur#ose of mutual maturing.
*nd you !ill al!ays be given the o##ortunity to %arry out a%tions
of hel#ful love .... +ou 1ust have to be of good !ill and allo!
yourselves to be guided al!ays in vie! of )e& your God and
/reator& Whom you a%"no!ledge as a Father and to Whom you
sho! the love of a %hild .... 2hen you !ill love ea%h other as
brothers and benefit ea%h other .... *nd then your soul !ill
mature on earth and a%hieve its goal$ through love it !ill unite
!ith )e& the 4ternal Love& and then !ill be blissfully ha##y
forever ....
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