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As a rising senior at the SZABIST majoring in Human Resource Management,

the opportunities and experiences that the Soneri Internship aforded me

were absoute! remar"abe and "nowedge enriching#
Soneri paces an extreme! high $aue and beie% into its internship and the
candidates in which the! seect# &hen I 'rst arri$ed on the ban"s HR di$ision,
I was astonished b! the cose("nit cuture and atmosphere that had been
estabished at the centra o)ce# A%ter a, I ha$e ne$er seen a di$ision as
i$e! as Soneri*s HR#
I am sincere! grate%u on the in$estment I ha$e made on m! career pathwa!,
I am $er! %ortunate to intern at a ban"ing sector and I get to do a bit o%
TH+ B+ST THI,- AB./T I,T+R,I,- AT A 01A2+ 1I3+ S.,+RI IS THAT I -.T
T. &.R3 ., TAS3S &HI2H B+AR SI-,I4I2A,2+ T. TH+ B/SI,+SS I,ST+A5
.4 TH+ R./TI,+ TAS3S THAT I,T+R,S AR+ /S/A116 ASSI-,+5 T.
+1S+&H+R+# IT &AS A -R+AT .00.RT/,IT6 4.R M+ T. -+T HA,5S .,
+70+RI+,2+ .4 TH+ &A6 THI,-S 4/,2TI., H+R+#
I earnt about the recruitment processes and reward structure that were
assigned and e$auated on a 'rst(hand basis#
&ith the guidance %rom m! mentors and outstanding hep I recei$ed %rom
e$er!one at Soneri, during m! internship were extreme! prodcuti$e and
heped me gain insight into norma business practices# Throughout m!
internship, I ha$e gained great exposure and insight to the word o% HR# I aso
earnt the importance to ead b! exampe and ha$e good reationships with
cients as we as coeagues#
I woud i"e to than" the recruitment team %or gi$ing me the chance in the
best compan! I ha$e e$er wor"ed %or# I met wonder%u peope to wor" with
who ga$e me ad$ice me on the t!pe o% career I wanted to do and %or which
s"is and interests are suitabe#
I reaised that wor" is so much diferent %rom stud! and it rea! re8uires a ot
o% common sense and se% initiati$es#
I am than"%u %or the time and efort Ai, m! super$isor has put into guiding
me throughout a the da!s# He has been a great hep to me during m! time
spent here# He is $er! detai oriented and $er! $er! organi9ed# His "nowedge
and e)cienc! in MS +xce surprise me at times as I am bit o% a sow earn at
IT stuf# He is responsibe, responsi$e, $aues time and possesses good
"nowedge in the 'ed o% HR and 4inance# I wish m! super$isor a the best
and wish him uc" in his upcoming A22A papers and wish him exceence n
his career as we#
The entire team o% Hr wor"s tireess! and independent! manage their wor"
and wor" we within teams as we# I am gad that I was abe to %orm a bond
o% %riendship with them due to their immense support throughout the journe!