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$e%board shortcuts
&oo at the list of e%board shortcuts for 'indows ( and 'indows )*+ including
apps lie ,alculator+ -aint+ and 'ord-ad.
Shut down (turn off)+ sleep+ or hibernate %our -,
&earn how to use the -ower button in Settings to properl% turn off %our -,+ mae it
sleep+ or hibernate it.
.ouse and e%board: 'hat/s new in 'indows
&earn about using the mouse and e%board shortcuts with new features in 'indows (.1
and 'indows )* (.1.
'here is the Start menu?
&earn how to get to the Start screen+ open apps+ and pin contacts and websites to Start.
*ouch: Swipe+ tap+ and be%ond
&earn about 'indows gestures and touch interactions+ such as swiping+ 0ooming+ and
1ow to use Speech )ecognition
2ind out which spoen commands %ou can use to control %our computer with %our 3oice.
4otepad: 256
7et answers to commonl% ased 8uestions about 4otepad+ including how to turn on word
wrap or change the font st%le.
1ear te9t read aloud with 4arrator
&earn how to use 4arrator+ a screen reader+ so %ou can ha3e te9t on the screen read aloud.
7et the best displa% on %our monitor
5d:ust %our displa% settings+ mae te9t larger or smaller+ or restore the default settings if
the% were changed.
Sign in to or out of 'indows
Sign in to 'indows+ or sign out of %our user account without turning off %our -,.
;l ";l "
1elp home < =rowse help < ,ontact support
Shut down (turn off), sleep, or hibernate
your PC
'atch a 3ideo about how to shut down (turn off) %our -,. (*o 3iew captions in %our
language+ tap or clic the ,losed captioning button .)
*here are three wa%s to shut down %our -,>%ou can turn the -, off completel%+ %ou
can mae it sleep+ or %ou can hibernate the -,.
Turn off your PC completely
?f %ou don/t plan to use %our -, for a while+ %ou might want to turn it off completel%.
=efore turning off %our -,+ close all open destop apps>this will prompt %ou to sa3e
%our wor.
Some -,s ha3e a power button ( ) on the Start screen. ?f %our -, has a power button+
tap or clic it+ and then tap or clic Shut down.
?f %our -, doesn@t ha3e a power button on the Start screen+ there are a few possible
reasons wh% not.
*he power button on the Start screen is a3ailable onl% in 'indows (.1 Apdate. 1ow can ?
get the update?
B3en if %ou/re running 'indows (.1 Apdate+ the power button won/t appear on the Start
screen for de3ices running 'indows )*+ most tablets that are able to wae up instantl%
(those that use ?nstant7o)+ tablets with screens smaller than (.5"+ or if the hardware
manufacturer has disabled the button.
?f %ou don/t see the power button on the Start screen+ here/s how to shut down:
1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen+ and then tap Settings.
(?f %ou/re using a mouse+ point to the lowerCright corner of the screen+ mo3e the
mouse pointer up+ and then clic Settings.)
!. *ap or clic -ower+ and then tap or clic Shut down.
1ere are some other wa%s to shut down %our -,:
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\l " \l "Shut down from the Start button
Menu showing shutdown options
\l " \l "Shut down PCs with Instanto
*his uses 3er% little power+ %our -, starts up faster+ and %ou@re instantl% bac to where
%ou left off. Fou don@t ha3e to worr% that %ou/ll lose %our wor because of %our batter%
draining because 'indows automaticall% sa3es all %our wor and turns off the -, if the
batter% is too low. Ase sleep when %ou@re going to be awa% from %our -, for :ust a little
while G lie when %ou@re taing a coffee brea.
2or a lot of -,s (especiall% laptops and tablets)+ %our -, goes to sleep when %ou close
%our lid or press the power button. 1ere/s how to chec if this is what happens and to
change it if it doesn/t.
\l " \l "!a"e your PC sleep
5. shortcut:H!5s%stemrootH!5;s%stemD!;control.e9e /name
.icrosoft.-owerIptions shortcut:
H!5s%stemrootH!5;s%stemD!;control.e9e /name .icrosoft.-owerIptions
*his option was designed for laptops and might not be a3ailable for all -,s (-,s with
?nstant7o don/t ha3e the hibernate option). 1ibernate uses less power than sleep and
when %ou start up the -, again+ %ou@re bac to where %ou left off (though not as fast as
sleep). Ase hibernation when %ou now that %ou won/t use %our laptop or tablet for an
e9tended period and won/t ha3e an opportunit% to charge the batter% during that time.
2irst chec to see if this option is a3ailable on %our -, and if it is+ turn it on.
\l " \l "#ibernate your PC
#. shortcut:H!5s%stemrootH!5;s%stemD!;control.e9e /name
.icrosoft.-owerIptions shortcut:
H!5s%stemrootH!5;s%stemD!;control.e9e /name .icrosoft.-owerIptions

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